Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on February 28, 1942 · Page 5
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 5

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 28, 1942
Page 5
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NAUGATUGK DAILY NEWS, SATURDAY. FEBRUARY 28, 1942 droat Stage _ Show Now At State, Hartford , ,|,,,w that dwarfs fury othur , A ' In.NV 1 1.1 IS HfJHHOII Ji,V I'.OIUpm'l-. 11J! vlnuHM It. lion*, JJ.nulloiuilly Of Ml,UKC, W-l'CUm KlUUl. I. til IH HOW '" !;,„„ ' ' „„ r 11: "l'ii UK .'•' In- paradt in person WaU'rs, .-, screen NIL M UK- will «' p|.»m> Ihrougli today M8-Maroli .1, of idUl'M NVllfi IH the OIK* and International radio. Yes, •SH who madn her rendition and other of 1-hlH mighty slago hilarious pUuilsl-ooim 1 1 of Ihn famous Marx I'llildO Marx, who u " H'° staKf- wllh Ills lit* own groat. band. with NYunthiM' GEM You'vo laughed at'Mils noo oomcrll'ai In Hiioli well rornomb'orod pictures as "Ilorsefeatluu's, 1 -' "A- Nigli'f At The Oponi," "0 Uay At The llanos," ll Tlu Big "Slow," iiid' many 'otliers. Be sides being a groat comedian 01 stage and screen; GIUoo-ls an accbm pushed pianist, and brings his owi great orchestra'of outstanding musical entertainers. SU\r No, \\ of this triple-header slugo revue Is the famed 'double- talk 1 ' comedian ,of stage, screen anc radio, CIII.T Nay.arro, Thorn are late stage shows Saturday and Sunday, at 10 P.M. u Bahama Passage" Next 3 Days At Gem Theater Madeleine Carroll certainly gets around! The lovely blonde, Paramount star has done some tall worln traveling In hor personal life, bul elnomathmlly she's outdone even SUNDAY MON. —. TUBS. MADFlEINt mm PASSAGE /N TfCMMCOlOR! WITH F(OJ?A ROBSOV MWANmSON^, CFCIl KELWIVAY ALSO zzie Nelson Musical, Donald Duck Cartoon and Picture People THREE GIRLS ABOUT TOWN" and ' 'SUPERMAN" 11 ALCAZAR TODAY ^^^m., ! A UNIVERSAL PICTURE Coming Sunday For 3 D a y«L nii , nN ROSALIND KUSSELL and WALTER PIDGEON In "Design For Scandal" _ Of Tho Most Interesting And Amusing- Films Of The ', Year!! DANCING NIGHTLY HIM'; AT TMK KIMi'S KITCI1KN ' <<f Cdl'I'KH MHMI Mil 1 iiHi'i'.s iii'n HID 8 TO I A, M, OOPPEE ROOM HOTEL ELTON . NO COVttll - i.'HANCm DI'X l'"INO. iwlUUf l'Hrt£Niiin i'«" And Ills -OrolHwI-ra Next 3 Days At Gem NOW AT LOEW'S POLI IIOATS ItRACIIK.S mid .HKAL1T1FUL HLONDES is tluv.siory of "llal»nm a i'ai'ainonnt's T«(!hiii«olor film «o-sLni'riiin. Mwleleiiifi Carroll Stirlinn Hayden. . , ... '•.'.-•' At i'sL'If. In "Thn'-pcneral Died, Dawn" she wont '. to Glii'na; Jn -Hohcynioon In Bali " the land of the n'ali dancers claimed her; in "Norili 'Wcsl/. Mounted Police 11 she traveled to Canada; in "Sal'ari". to Africa Hn- "One. 'Night -.In .'Lisbon ' to. .England and, -Portugal.., ,. -. Hoi- most' re'cent : -actual .trek was to' the "Bahamas, -British-. >V f ast k .-In- losr'lQ 1 inuke. |lin-' mount, .Tech- liQOlbi 1 I'omanc.b.^'Bahama Passage, hjoh' ope'iiH •Sunday/ for 3 days,. at ie' 1 . Com .•TJiqa i Lni\' -\.\\\'s .picture VI Iss •Rarr.ol l, :: toga tlipr wi tlv. •co-star. SLirilln'g 'Mayclen: and • the Paramoun.t irow.-'hled 'Ihymsolves. to the' little sill t-p'i : 0flu(jliiy; 'island o!" Salt ; 'Cay '''''-" 1 - • •--:•' "Bahama' Passage",\is 'a ' gripping, intei'talnin'g"and- r.oni'antic -motion ilcturcv "Miss-.CaVrolt and.Jfayden re. •-.Ickml'ly.'SuUocl to-play opposite .aclr other,'-"as M.t(6y .': proved -• wILli -laymen's' nirii--'del)ut '-In Miss Carroll's ;ta'i ; r!rig mrn>^Y{> M - -Now 1 they ippoar.'-'in 'a '-illini 'which for background, story .'and stars is a' roman- jc hrtlicfay; • ^Bahama Passage 11 will laveUhe' ladies..: wild" uhout Stirling, uul 'the -men "iriad' 1 about Madeleine. The-story;''brlefly'r concerns the ^ohig's-oT) when the 'lovely Made- girl 'who has boon around, ionics';'U>' the desolate ,s a It-pro d-uc r ngi island of'Salf-Gay. •' The 1 Island )elong's t'6--Mayden;' Madeleine, takes one l&pUViiL-HljQ sim-bronxed -llay- [' 'frofn.'thitt: moment - things to happen. ."Ma'ydcn, -whose eedom of ••notion' ; I.H ' hampered '-by m the mainland, is. loath to fit into M ad n I o i n'e 'a • r.o iyi a n I, I'e '.pi fins, . • B u t Madeleine who . Knows, her .way Into 'and around a man's heart, proceeds to move In'and take over, . Great Laugh : . . Film Now At State, Waterbury ]f you want to laugh — and we mean really l-a-u-g-h, .>vo suggest a visit to--Warner's State . .theater wliere Bud Abbott and Lou Costcllo are cm-rently rolling audiences in the aisles witli their antics in. their antles in tlieir latest . sensation "Hide MOm Cowboy 1 ' lias boon "Hide ' MSm Cowboy" lias been held over for an extended engage- ment'of three days, ending Tuesday evening instead of' Lonight as prcvl- ously ..scheduled, so -better' take ach 'vantage of this 'unexpeo'tcd opportunity and see It'.! over, the ..weekend. Besides the famous' oomcdy> team "Ride Em CowboyV .boasts :,a ,large cast.' of," heacl!ihcrs^'''}ncluding D'ick l^orah/'-Anne, 'Gwynn'e-;: J'obhnV; Mack > 13'rown, Samuel S..-VU'ii'clsVVllieV^Ce'rry . Macs : and;: - : Kl la ,FH,z&ei'al.d;.^Featured 'musical .and dancing,:i aggrcga^jbna ' i ncl ude : -Hic •.II i-Ha.t;tei ; s', ; :-. th'e '/Buck- ,aroo. band •' and' the ,Chorus .Backgrounded' t against''%n.'Arizona dude - ranch;•'' 1,-ho- .pictiv'e' .is v said -to co n tai n e^ very tli i ng n ecessary... I n•-;. th e •way 1 ' of • pa'rade gi'puiKls; >; fprUlie ,an- tlcS' 1 o'f;• Uic.' t\yo-fstellar ziihies.,- In- cludihg' Indiang, ''rodcpi aocSoliuck- ing ' broncos,--^vlj'd'/'steers:- and,;.t;em- i n I ii o: IDU 1 pi 11: i l,u d e. 'A m o rig. th p-. .p.lay- ors. are-' a • boyy. .oi. 1 . 'batlring beuUt'ies an d 'the seven' m ost-. 'beau ti Cul"' co w- g-irls iir the.'world. •- „•' ."-- 1 '«'.;-.'.': v Bomantic - interest.' in ; ' "Ride ; 'Em Cowboy" is Carried, -by 1 ;' beautiful Mlss'..'0wyhi1o, : ' F-oran .. and; '.Brown. Miss. Gwynnc. 'poi'trays/a 'rodeo s|.ar and daughter of: the''.du'd'e;.,ranch o W 1 n e r:. 'K o ran; is • th o ;: tiuth b r''.tfrb'es t- sellor ' AVcsteni ' nov'e'Is;', wh'qV.'-.has never' licen .'west .-"at :' ;Brpa'dway ) •while' Brown is'-'t'li'ff-rancl? ^ijeinaii. ti\ : h\'' im/g6i:ald,' : A"meriha^^een of f|ucen v.vocdlixlng, •^liAKos^^lier screen dubut as 'the.rtmqh i: 'cp61^vShe sings her own:'6ne-l;Sjji6^bil/. tune' "A Tlsket, .A'-Tftsknl:." 1 -; • r •/v!. % '.- •-.":;.''.*. : • lV Sealc'd' Lips" wltli"'Vyrili,am > pa.r- gan, ,'Iu'nc Clyde'and jQhV.Iiitcl is i.ii A - K'nn.o'n'd li i t o f ' til c • program :' -o"' '*« "k ">X % ' % *AX v ..W - --V •>< £i >' 4J ^.*< e ColiHM-t, slni'i'od with John Payne, in " The. Dny. 1 ."' who .pi'oves onoc again that she is top's as a -clramatio actress. Span- ni'ng -some, of the most exciting years'of our ti'mes,,the story shows Olaiidcttc as the inspiration of two n i en ; one d es ti n erl to b o oal 1 cd 1 to the- service- to defend his ideals— the,,other [,o become a presidential nom'inoo. To divulge the fascinating details. oT "Remember the Day" would be to .spoil its -entertainment value; John Payne has the romantic lead, and he. comes through with a. sincere and'moving performance in the role of the young lieutenant, Dan L ilo'pkins. ' A- carefully chosen supporting cast contributes to the performance..'., included arc John Sliepp.erd,;Ann- : T6cld, Douglas Gi;of(,, .laheVSpymour,'., Anne Revere and PriedaKlnescort.'., \ . .• '..,..The' 'second .liig bit on .the prb- gram^'isv'Ties'ta;' 1 ,; a.'- '.m'usicftl- bit witih,' Ariii.-Ayers, : who... scored ,'re- cetTtiyvas" "Cookie," .t'he slamour debrin l 'Dr';'KiVdarb's Victory.'' ; • Coming-- to'^Wie Loew.' Poll, stage in 'personVn^t'.Thursday :.;.and Friday, -for- ,thro : e performances' daily is '"Wee,"'Bonnie' 'Bakci:"-:' of'. .'.'Oh; ,] johnny n ^famd.:'V/itH: her. is '-Teddy iPowellS'anci'his .'orcliestra, one of thc'-'risihgVbands"of today,' a.nd -on ill e'' sani e ; b i ] 1 : "iii.ariy p th er : b'i g n c t,s .ofj'i'stage; screen-and' radio. Make- a•:ciato- now' to/attend ! On ' th'e screen .ne;- w.ill' v bo ; ;ah outstanding .pro- '':'hea(!e^^ by > Lyn Bar!" in 1 :''Before'^the Divorce." hit of -•the• program:; "Walt Disney's technicolor.' '"triumph "Dumbo" is oiv : its way to;:the State and begins a Tour-iday ,'eng<igc- nuuit at thai, theater''starting Wednesday next. I'Pour-Jacks; Van'd; a ,1111'.-' is- the. second ••bigVliitVoC;,the program. ' Remember ,The ; Day" Is ' .Pi'osorvlng ' ill '• the. ;. cmrrn ,, artistic inl.egril.y -.of "the ; st^ge'V. production, 20th Contury-'FoxNias* taken tho: Broadway, hit, /"Remember 'the Day," and ti-anslated .' it- : : into the stirrlng/'drnmatio '"niiii ': -which opened a live day engagement today at the Loow' ; Poli \theater. :: ; -The picture is- a personal- .triumph i'OL 1 lovely. Glaudet.te NOW PLAYING Lovers •- Riotous- Lautjht FIEST .: .w.ith. . . : 'r... ,-..- ; Ann Ayars-George Negrete Armida - George Givot 'ard Baummei 1 reports i\ ncv .^kathig.,al; tb'e" ri'nrclR.n 'A'renn:. on ers;" b e Ing;' on- .1) and" las t n i gh. t n I. 1 h e Are]iJK"';'an<l : hundreds are expected to t' today and .Sunday. • • ••'/ '} • - ; :-.' •/' '•'' • .'.-''. That od<l piece or rurm'hirc mi find- a ;l)uyci' if. you use the Classified .medium. SAT.^SUN. HARTFORD FEB.2728MAU ; CUy ; ' . \Vc iJuyVScil-:KxeJi.antfc and Hcpnir : vAil'-. Kinds OP lnsi,i;iinnsnis , Violin,, :Eirtnos;,,,.iniadios, Clarinet, Truiiipot,'-.\ccordi6ns, Saxnplunics. AVhn^i Winds — Musicnl Supplie« Wooil Wiiids>-, Musical Supplies* THUS SAVING TIP Los Angolcs, Gal., I?ch. '28—CUP}— Dr. G. Ross ttobci'tson, professor of 'organic clicmislry a I. Llic Unlvcr- 'sity of California, gives this Up to Lire-savors. Glean' all rust from tho. center of your stool rims as msl, causes a chemical disintegration of the inner lubes. . '•". .', AUTO BATTERIES AS "PERISHABLE" AS FRESi FRUIT obvious that the increase : lrii the purchase of car bat- Ceries.. that has been noticeable tho Vast two months has not been for immediate needs. This is indicated by the fact that, many of the: purchasers took such Imtterles away 'in the luggage compartments of their cars. Some have even purchased two or three at, one time. If a car .owner has purchased o battery to put away in anticipation of using at some future date, ho should bring 'it back to tho dealer for recharging every 30 days. Not all of trie car-owning public realize that a battery is a "perishable" just as much as fresh fruit and vegetables are. perishables. 01 course, you can readily notice wheh .fruits and vegetables become bad but, a battery, left idle for months, looks all right externally, but, its utility may have utterly vanished A battery left In an inoperative condition deteriorates and becomes discharged. U becomes sulphured merely through standing Idle, IJnv less a person buying an exl.ra bat-. I.ery has charging fncllltres or re- ! members 'to have the battery re- charged .at, regular intervals;, it Jtfj waste of '' are quite yiUvi^for' 6ur\ war cftorij*. Eyep^brtUary '•'• dealers cliArgc 1 th^jT ' -jiioxy^baLterics: every -30 ;day8, / hfwiers'.\vhcn s\icli cars f malii: on;• IhcsJiv jiremisfes for a >>cr longer thurr a month.' fiut/llicy'ilrir -demand .this,; and battery chariui.hfc Is done on a systematic bagls.- Ho\y- e-voy, a car owner Is apt to TorijM»r to keep his ."extra" battery•:'•; 'rfr charged. And tho bltirnc;>fbr stich failure- cannot be laid; atvthci^tlQ^r of the dealer that sold .the;• battery. It is Ijotli good .cbmnion sense;..'All well as patrloti.o not. to purchaj»«: ; a battery until ids' actually ricodcjrl : for your cur—and then to,have.;tli.e battery placed In operation in ,th« car. It'is .IHunvise wfcll to remumf; bcr that a car battery. Is-a.- u pw**^ able, 1 ' but if you liavc such'an.eXr tra buttery on hand, mako sure ^ have il recharged periodically; t.0 ; kqep it "alive." •" .'. • - vl Department Store W A T F, K R U n HELD OVER ^ ENDS TUESDAY! 2ND HITI • ipfe"— \yjw. COM I NG ,WKEK WALT DrSNEY'S TKCHMCOLOn TIULJMPH 11 DUMBO" Com-pla-cence (kom-pla 7 sens), n. tranquil self-satisfaction,^ tt}* com-pla' cen-cy. >^-V r , M/ "-" : :, : Something.'the; lioys m the; servic^; don^^ know exists- — that^ too many ^poopic;MU'/-. :v, this" country of outs have' confus^cl;^ith-; confidence! .' ( Gree, Helen, there : is a lot. of news in that column, /'Around Tlie : Clock," : , ."Yes, Jim, that ',* Jerry^ ;Dp^ heny sure knows his Naiiga tuck, and it's all so i ing, too!!! Around The Clock" by Jerry Doheiiy an exclusive feature on inside Naugatuck Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday f •" . . - '- •» . '. **•*.. • • • . . ' . . '. •-'.•'. - • •-" 1 -'" ' " '. ' . ' in The Naiigatuck^News •'• • V. y :_•- ..-;'• •/ ' . "'• ; ^^ rf ~ft?-" •'•'-••"•* " ', '.% ",f^ ' ' ' '.,'-,-. )6n't rniss a.i tations tht newsy It. , - know. Ordei^oiir Subscription of THE NEWS Today! "-. ' '•'"• '•••''.' • . '. : -- /:,'-/ ; -'x;;/:':^ v t-^i.'-r 1 *i^^v

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