Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on February 28, 1942 · Page 3
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 3

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 28, 1942
Page 3
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NAUGATUCK DAILY NEWS,,SATURDAY, FEBRUARY; 28,-1942 Pag* Thire* BEACON fALLS BEACON FALLS EVENING SCHOOL HOLDS EXERCISES a I, )>y or ti Ihwonii KnllM linld last ovonliiK wllh a vory bohi/r iH'iiHonMid MI ||u> adult iiu'inluM'H •Iraid'/allon .Hium. Kilwln of rural odu- tnlk to thn class, II, Ifuopui 1 , chairman n.ii-ii of I'duoaUon, piiiM Tor perron ml allriidaiion w.'iilllmilOH, i, Kavn llio ad- and llio uhiHH "AwtTloa," A nu\lt.allon Ami'i'loa," wan-Klvwi by Mary Xnpko, Followed by thn ill 1 "AnuM'lna, Tho HoauLI- jiv Ihr mUlro ohiHH, Anol-luM 1 t'ltiitloii. "The Awnrloim Ul<wl," iiltul by Mrs, Anna Mis, i,l| l)W ni by the Hinging or "Hod AiiH'Hca," by tin; class, „« AinorlmiM (li'mnl" wa« ru- l,y tin* rluMM I'ollnsvwl by tho iic'm 1 "Thn Slur Spanglm! Han- juiil walulo lo tbo t'lan by llio tuid luidlriioo, fiu't (dt'Midanoo pupils Tor ono Ini'ludi'd Mi'H, Anna hlpoliln- Slct'unlu Illpon and Mrs, il MM. /Mix' WasnlPHkl ,',v MTM Iwo Si'., Y/aUw» Vlolorla HdaknWHkl, Anth- OUlu- (uul Have (if a t,i<;,liam v,< lh<' nrib, and i's of Ccnloi 1 HC-hooI, Joint profcrani ycMt.or- obHlH'VlltK MlO blri.ll- i'Oi'K" Washington and lilnooln. Thi^ program nn (if llio blrlbdayM i American horoiw and It wa.-i untlor fllrno- Mrn, Margaret Honaliuo, r.fM IUiM»uill ami Mlsn Mar- .Suntlay Nl{;lit 111 s Kails i-OHldnnlH' aro ro.- {' tin? total blruikoul \vhlob idac.n lomon'ow uvonli iO o'otock. Tho Urn Mlron i'U U.M llio wlilHlh'H of tho local i,*r frtolory Nvlll bo soundod HO everyone .In Llu» oorninunlly HI heal' tho blnokout Hlgnal, All lights tiro to bo uxilngulHhod ftH tho Hlrcui Ift hoard, and U> be put on again until thn po- whlnb svlll bo about ono halt 1 ir la tor, Soolnl Afl'nlr HTM of llio CJhrlHllan Kn- Hwloly of llio IJnllml church ,1 invlUul HiiriHlM enjoyed a social t'v.'tiiiiK In Ihn (wi'loi'fl of Lhu oh Mov, find Mi'M. Mlllai-d Slov- tbo group, Tboso Hotly ..fann Hill, Mll- Koou/., HoviM-ly and,.Juno V/ll- Murlhfi Clauipboll, JS'alallo iwloi'OH Uuppn, IiOJ'OOii '<> Donald and r,oomu'd Mltoh- UK'Imrd OHloi'hfmrll, AusUii jr., Kdsvai'd MuiiK, Clll'lorrl Donald (Illlollo, Karl U wero and l/n'yn acrvuuiH -will bn uomluotod I'nlU'il nhurrUi Sunday cvo- T:i. r j o'olook, llov, 0. f^o |!\i,<l Moody of WoodinonL will ho t Hpt'iikm 1 , fii-unuo AullvlUofl l?h« Juv'iiIlM fWiiiKu of town will, a nodal gatborlnK on noxt 'N,iy iivt-nlMK at Pythian hull at |-» oVKic-k for U.M inowbors and « lnli-n-Hlod In tbo Juvonllo a m'i'Ml mnotlriK of Nouk IUm- |m Ki'iuiWH, four or H.H mnmboi'H Installed Into olilco by Mrs, \ TuckiM 1 , Tbn olTloorM woro hble lu Im prOHont whon tbo iUr liHiallatlon ooi'oraony WIH ftviM- ono wuuk UKO, 'J'MoHn In>v| Included, William How as ta-d; Hoi-tlm Tuthill, UH litonl aii-wiu'il; Arthur r^";r nnd Mi'rt, Kinlly Ktu'r UH IM, . ,,+,* »•• — IBAHHKHS SKUVICM AHON FUKF. , t .Kob,.28—(UI J )—AH |<C')ntrlhullon lo national dofonnfj, .''ll» fiohl, a harhar, advortlHOS IK- will glvo I'roo Horvluo to all i!ttlNI lo arms and all uion mi 1'iii'loiiKliH In unlt'orni, lady .HINTSFOR il»0}) and panu In whlcli boon cookod or oorvod will moro onHUy If Honked flnit in Witor. Tfot wator cnuwoB OK^» und Hllck to tho cllah, * * * . 7 th(H fot- cloltGlodH ftrvlad ctroHfl- l) ruln off Homo of tho aupor- w flyrup from ghuifiod portiuKoB, « or uny .fruit and u«o it to Proimrod mayonnulHO. pvor plio nllvor 'flatwiivo or r fv '"K dlnhoH on u rubber drain l - nvon for a nhort tltuo, Choral- roi\oUot\ tomlfl- to tarniflh-lUo ^ ^i ^ lJhoi\ tho njolno c«i\l» for Hour |"<iaiul tlicro'H nono In tho IIOUHO, tno roqulrnrl nmount of mlllc your luiiull-cjuai't bofctlo Into K oup^ A'Ul a UtUo vino- l^mou Juioo to BOUT tho Personal and Social . 1 - "> i .If.' '. ' \ •• ,' •' •' ••;• . ; 4 ( •> L TAVE you any old 1 .* don't know what to v clb"SvU}i? -H'H Just tho tiling for.---Btuning hmttroHHos, according to:a household hint of 1852, and/hoUBowlveH woro advlaecl at that time, that -f?it la,woll to chungo tho «traw ; at-loaat onoo a yofti*,". Thoao are atrango •wordH ;of -advloo to tho modern homatnakor who la acouatomecl .,to buying hot 1 mattrossea Bcientifloftlly iloHighod for hotter sloop, I-TouBoholtl hints have always boon d reflection of contemporary tlmoH and ouBtomfl, Horo's another ono on tho Btorago of furs from about tho aamo porlocl. Tho suggestion waa to "lay a tallow candle Jn or^noar" tho fanilly collection vof fiii'H to "obvlato tho danger of wbrnui," Nowadiiy'a, coino' warhl woathor, winter fura aro whlakocl .•>ff to oold.fitorago, : •• • •• Teat 6y Fire About :ID17, hduHowlvoa woro told how to toll whether woolen gooclfl contained any cotton, "Biihi n oam- pie of the goodw" was tho rocora- mondatlon "and tho flarao will run along the lino whoi f o-tho,cdtton:ia," Today, of aourHo, wo havo-thd Wool itbollng Law which requlroa that (\bro content bo tiotod on-'the garment, • There's ono bit of advice to tho hornomalcor, however, which has al- \vnya boon and probably always \vlll romali\ the name — "Prevent Coocl waoto." • = ; • When war comes, tho peacetime idriionttioh to prevent waste is In- fmalflnd a thouauncl times, At onco It booomoa' patriotic, as woll as tneroly thrifty, to got the highest nutrition value and tho most attractive serving out of every penny's ivorth of food, . Modern Packaging Tr'tfHcf The alort, who always hnjj'htrr cyo»-6pon for'hints that win raakty housekeeping, more. efficient and moala more appetizing, lo conscious those days of a jaew trend in food packaging. She has noticed row after row • of glassed fruits and vegetables on'the •tractive'packaging,v,b'utiti *efl'eotlpji •of'; our- : own. itimeiB, ',-f div, thie./number iof • .producta ;;-u ; pp,earIrig • in 1 ! ; -newly :(teslgneti-'duraglaB jaot'8 is^cphtlriual- 1 -ly ihbreaBin'g'A;--',).!----;;'--.'-.^^'':. 1 ;' ;i ; ; ; - •••• ''V , y>.'.... '. :'\, V,'., , ', 1 . ; !-. l -.' ;>;,,/,;. j :.'.•.•.;••,•.:,. iiVif .. • ';;• • :•?,-." •..P.H.r^.fl'.' 83 Convenient She flmls the. duraglafl.- ioocl jar,' wlth 1 ts 'wltle' v mdu'tn' v> ami ^ Vacuum' lid, lighter in -weight tha'h' old 1;ype jars, easy''to open, and easy to' sci-ve from'.,; And in keeping with her "waste-not" prb^rara, she flnda she is not troubled, with the: annoy- 1 ance of. left-over bits of .fruits, or- vogetables—for here's a container that was made ta keep its : contents' fresh',and edible until the last.-bit. 'has ,boeri consumeci. ^he J eaves any remainder in the original jar', .pressing . tho convenient lid ..bacli. orii until > she is ready, to use the leftover portion In another appe-. 'tizlng dish., '• And what 1 about -the nutritive vaiu'6 of glafesetl fruits and vegetables? It may bq-Well-appreciated whon It is realised that the prodess! of preservation'is simply cooking— j which in nmiiy : cases . makes ...the | product more/easily digested. More- s over; research; has;^showri- that iim-1 .por'tant vitamins'-are'.retaihed'^dur- ing. thevcooking proceafl;V -!.•>! -: ! ', Glassed •) Foods .Handy ; ! Glassocl fruits arid vegetableg are a cpnverilorit answer to the family's favorite recipes' ( whiph • r.e a^u i;re cdokocl foods as ^ingredients. JThe fruits can be utilized for attractive rialatls or sorv,ed ; as: thby;come from the'jar as appetizer or clesBert/-Tho vegetable .iteni .on. .the dinner -or hihcheon menu is quickly prepared by-, iiea.ting the contents-of a jar of glassed peas, beets, corn, ; or.•• any o'tber of a wide-variety., --. . . 1 It's tlie boniemaker's responsl- 'bllity- to v k'edp up' 'morale ' on. the home front, ••and'the wise housewife dverio6ks---no new developments that' will add.- jn.te'rest, variety.;and nutritional: value /to thfe family's men MR../ ENGAGEMENT; • ANNOUNCED Sood olicy ies THOMPSON Tlie <;n^nfi«3monl of iilis« Phyllis Hull) Thompson jo JEn'ri -Hurry Hanslow has h'titen aunoiiiioc'd \\y M.iss Th6mp.son's .parents, .Mi', and Mrs. .TunKis VV. v rhoinpson of. 11 Itrn'dtoy -,street. • Mr; Hnnslow is Iho, son of Mr. and 'Ilitri-y •!;. Ituii.slo.iv, of' GL>0 Wh.sliin0t.oii- aveinio, WnltM-lniry, Vornior of. Nn'itfliitiick, .He is Mi ft (jt'andson -of .Mr, and Mrs. .Imiies il. Hurislow of Phoeiilx hvehiie.' . . • ...!•• '. . Miss Thompson is a jfiwhiale of the, class. oF -1931), Nnuiiahiolt. ilifjh School, nhij Mr,• Itmifilow is n'ti hliihiiius of 'Crosby Hljih School of \ hs.s of 1!)!M. -..--...'>' ,,, : . .'•-,-. ;•.. ; ' Social arid Personal '•4 •'+. Latest Glasses Feature Aniusiiig Movie Characters C? •-.••• s . , • :." . x • • ' ;. •'•-.- ' v ' : •»•• ••• '••""•,;'.;;; ,:•;'.••• . .:.; j ;" ( ..vV ,;;'••.'..'• Designs and Safedge JRiins' Help to Mothers At Children^ Mefal Times PLANS ..MADE FOH CELEBRATION " The • 'board'!of -'ttdminlstratlon ' of ,|TC;...Salem Lutheran Church; '-will sponsor a 'veecption -;and party-.Moh- lay -evening at the church Fiall at 8:J5.- b'-to'lo'ok- In- .honor•• 'of. Mr. • and Mrs. August. Swanson. of New .'Street; who will bo celebrating their'50lh wetidlri's. anniversary,, ; -.The couple' was mdi'i'i'ed , at the So.Jerri LuLlicrtth',Church- on'•March 2, 1802; by ' the Inic-'.Rcv; Dr; . L.'-Il. Beok; who was pastor-at. tliat lime.. Aclolph Nelson ; h'as::nmilod a large one boy, born to local residents. Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Miggins are the parents of a son, William Joseph, and Mr. and Mrs. Louis. G-. of. Ne\v\street, .Mi 1 , and Mi's. .Gerald McMalion of Highland, avenue and: Mr. .and Mrs..-Harold Sl.auffer or New Haven road have announced the births of baby.girls'. WILL ATTKNI) i)1NNE« TONIGHT Member's', of th'c American Legion Auxili'ary. of- 'Naiigatuok, • who wii attend the All-Americah Conference Bright now clocpmtlvo schemes for chllili'oh'a .drinking glftfiaos-are today- provlng"'ft boon to haraaaecl unothorH, • ....... , . . . . Dooa Junior balk at drinking his milk? DOOB Slstor rpfuao her orange juice? .Thoiy hero's tho -way to -rip- ply. u ilUla'.-'chnd paychology at u low oout in rnono'y find effort; 33xp6rtB on child behavior advise mothers to servo b overages In some of tho now tiimblors dp'coriited with ulmractorH from tha animated movie foaturoH br comle strip's. Bright vdrncfs ftdtt to tho filh of .drinking /roin those Elephants Are ; Feature' In'thb series of decorated for chllclron bear closlgns from a popular animated movie feature, The nrtlfltlb designs aro of elephants/ crows; storks, trains, Timothy Qi Mouse fthcl other amufl- Ing cluu-ftotors, Designs are applied by «n Jngonious flilk-scroen prooesa which allows artistic; vivid designs to bo applied , to the glass, Other designs for children are In flowers, nnlmuls and patriotic motifs, A typlc'al"decora'te'd,glas^ fot children is adorried'w-itli ahiinat'ed.piiik and • gr&en • elopliants-,in.. : am'using postures-T^-riinning afteip a.toy train, being, chasdci \by. .-a croyrr through the sky. The .verse' in..;appliedt color lettering; reads:; ''bumboes.floating up. in the sky, for Dumbo's-an elephant who .can.flyi: 1 ' Others! are-in similar, vein... • ; . ;. ; . •«•. ••.. - yr ... • ' -•',•:•• •;, . . Safedfle Prbtectii ... The.hevf. glasses have other'but standing' advantages' for children. They are thin-blown- and.'therefore ,light, 1 Centuries., oil .rpBeafoh•: and . millions•. of« dollars ^in . laboratory work have gone • thfe> achieve" ment of economic thin-blown glass, •'Science has also-madeHhVdrlhk- •Ing rim 'of tlie; 'glass, safe/ Banitary arid smooth* The Saf edge •process makes the rim ; slx to^eight tlm'eiB tougher than' the felde, walls, and results In a satln^smooth .finish :whlch is easy on the mtfuthB of children- ana; aduits. ,The edge is guaranteed agairist •chipping.— -A comfort to careful mothers;:'....' .•^.«V.- .*»«.^--*-. Y . — -. --. -• V^ . HrWllVjlll-l U I I. \_l Jfcll .* \|I|1-'I 1VI1JJ *_J \_Jiillrf* VX»**^1 niimbor oi 1 Invitttlioris-to 'friends a'ncl.j and Dinner this evening at, l,he Hole 61"Mr. and Mrs. .Swanson rp^ ^ ew Haven,./arc '. Mrs.-. Mau.lo Lewis, vice president; Mrs. Mary RayUc'wich, Am'erjcanism chairman. MJ:S. KaLhcririo Radcliffe, Pan-American . qh'Ai-r'man; Mrs. Esther Hoadlcy Colonial- American chaii'man, . and Mrs. ELhol Weber, secretary. ! relatives >'and it' is planned to/mako the cele- i'brtUiori a mohiorablo -occasion .for ;;i!iem. -Manno Lorenlson and'.ioscph - Nbyack-comprise the of :-v nrrahgemorits ror-the-:'evening. Rev. 'William Frendberg and .Herbert Bolillh are liV charge of the entertainment and i.-.Vs Olson 'and -Rudolph Nelson .compose', the refresh-, ment committee. ..There will' We•-a fc^v speakers, and Die Church choir and orchestra, will render selections. • BIRTH ANNOUNCED - Mr. and Mrs. John'Zonas of'Aetna-' street 'announce , the' .'birth; of. a' 'daughter on Sunday,' February 22, at 1 ' St-, 'Mary's' Ho'spltnV-Walerbury. ' • HOME' FKOM SCHOOL Miss Dotty. Brennan, a student nt the College..of .-.New.' Rodhe.lle, .New Rochelle, N. y,,. is .spending -, Ihc- week T ond with her father^ Carl Brennan of- High street, . • FIRST AID CLASS A meeting of the Red Cross first aid. class of Beacon Palls will .bo held at 5:30 o'clock this afternoon .In . .the* town hall ; in Beacon Falls. The class' -will ;l3e in charge of J-amos JVlcCarthy, • • ItESUMES STUDIES Miss Dorothy Behlman, who.; has. been -.visiting-'her parents,. Mr. ami: Mrs ; Henry.. Behlman' oC-..-N T eagle\ street, has,-resumed' her /studies .as- a student nurse in St. Francis Hos- pita), Hart-ford...... .- - -•- . • ' Newest Recipes Use Syrup Replaces Sugar; Bottled Milk Basis For Cheese Simp Hero'fl news fpr. patriotic house- wlvoo, , . ..-.•.. Are you concerned about iwgai rationing? Well, hbrb'B a dressed up party cake that .'UBOB- only one- of a cup of sugar, ?e8,U« . . ihasUed bftiuum aro, used on tho cako along with n chocolate And hbnoy-fhxvorocl AV hip- pod orcaiix lor tlio flllirife and -top. ping, "... .-••,.'• . „,' .. Thlo edonomyiri the use oC sugar iBihaae.poa.Blblo.prlmAriiy^ Mm iiso'of ayrup— •tho.k-liul tliat today obmtfa • filuBflo'd in';iu<iuly : cdn. t Inora rtmclo by tho now. jluroglad toohniaifo whlcll insuroB.llghter but iitronKor boltlofl, This. .baniina. cake oi! KranulfttO(l, ft can bo iniide Of. oC fliigfti 1 . For a Military Decoration* birthday celebration set a the,,qalco and and. blue ,trtbloololl} AnV^^uifi?^-^' huh'gry for homo on l\Ml.'Vi —-- ,1,1... fUi'lougu. .aba 860)5 The old reliable .handy quart . DANIKL DOOL1TTLE.. HQiNORED Daniel A. JDoolittle of Bethany was honored, last;nigh.t,.at. a, meeting of. the Beacon.. Vall.ey Grange : when he... .-was. .presented. wltii...d-.-golden aheaf certiHcdtc as a reward for ;bc-. ing a member of the Grange'.for 50 ycnrs. Mr,- Doolittle is tho fifth member to receive this certificate. MRS, Ar. SEARS HOSTESS Mi'£. 'Mohl on 'Sears of Pond hlill -he i Jiqstess' to the, Past Poca- lub. at her, home, Tuesday evening,- March. 3; at 8 o'clock. . . milk provides the basis'for this ae- iiai uvy t .. llcious cream of cheese soup. 'Now f r0 m il- u.jTi.-to that the housewife is placing, added amphasis..o.n the.nut^Uvp. yalue of iier daily, dishes,, Boups, . m^de -yrifc .are ' ati imp l ortaii.t >part of .any ' ' ' ' cream of Cheese Soup (Serves ,5 : to 6), qupe bplH er .water •• , -^ .... cup oh fcda6u- carrot cup choppod vcelpry -bwf bouillon c.ubcfl 8-:ta6lc* 1 po6ns.butUr;. 3 -• tftblospbbns onion . • . :• ./(flnoly-; chopped )1 . ' ' '''' . pound 'sharp, American " (grated.). -. f . 3 , sprigs parsley : . . - . chee»« !Place /water Irv,saucepan., -Add>,Ba|t, ^ratocl carrot and chopped .celery. ; "over, Bring to boiling and cook .about- 5 minutes. .rh(Jn drain -hot Uqu la Jin to . i -bowl and = .dlssolVe boulHon; pubcfl^n-. ft' -IWtiovo vegetables /from »auc«part and nVolt butter- in-it- Add ,'pn}on> to,, in .^ic^boulLog^g?C.i®^. ; : IIOM I N.G /REGISTERED New K'Bh'ty.lo^^ I/ff Picons '•iVaY.ovrPglstero'ci 1 ,. -tl'xeii; b I i'tlfi aiid ^ iof tH > WI th " tho'.'.-aVmir. : f'br . possible war use.; "Abtfui ; A\<X&: rilAndhs •nqwVnro aviiilabHivand; ao- obrcllh« : ":w--.'tho; owners,;: : Don ^pt'obably. • : wlli; Ufa "doubled. -,. by LADIES' AID FOOD SALE the Ladies' .Aid society -of .the- Hillside Gongp.egational 'church has- selected. .-firlargq oommitloe to take; dharge .of the .food-- sale !,o . be held. on-. Friday, March, .6, at. the Hawley Hardware -store; ; Ghurch.- street,. p. m. A variety- of,, •h'ome-cpoked . -food ••'. will he- offered foe,: sale. and. public patronage Is-., invited. . ;" "/•'•.• /.-..' tlie, committee consists of- Mrs. : Paul,. Johiisan,-, .-chairman, Mrs. Dp- natiis Anderson, Mrs. ( Garl . Eric'k- fioii, .lyirs,; .Roy ..M, Johnson^ Mis : .i : Philip. PC tors on, "Mrs.- Chester 1 Burl,-: nctt, ,Mrs, - Arthur 'Swanson, Mrs;- Arithuu Johris,on, ,Mr,s. jay Hoy Land Mrs'. I-ieiiry v Peterson, ,..;<: ... •-. ; BRIDGE: TOUMNAIMENT SUCCESS ThcrC ' ; wa.s ' considerable • Interest shown by tlie members of. the Naug- 1 rt tii ok Woman's -Club .this -year in the Bri'dge . to'urnam'ont which closed-' recently. All sessions of the tourney were held' -at the home of Mrs. Gcorcjc'-'R. Croh.iii, of 56 Rockwell tivcriue;.- The, final, scores were an- noimc.Qd as .follows i • North- .••and.-: South —.Mrs. Charles Andersen,' Mrs. Samuel Lyons, M6; Mrs. Rober.t V, ; Anderson and Mrs. Hikllng: Olson, ,421 W;.' Mrs. Norman Hqvcy -and ..-A-Ir's, FrcdcvJck Melbourne, 389. .' East ahd!.' West — Mrs, Clayton Houseknecht * and Mrs. Frankly n Hubbell, 389: Mrs: Martin Lynn and Mrs, Edward Fitzgerald, 389;-. Mrs. Woslic'.Goc and Mrs.- Maxwell Bloom, FELLOWSHIP DANCE ENJOYED 'The Young People's Fellowship of' the Congregational church held -a dance at the parish house last night. A iarije number of young people attenclcd-.Muslc. was furnished on- records and .dancing was enjoyed to. the Hiythhi of many out-. standing'' 1 bands. ncqn Designers .See In". V'^crecrsmg". Pan • American , Fashion 'Solidarity- ..Leading 'American designers are '»day stressiug,' again and again, ,iie\ important part l D an-Ainericaii .'ash'ions will -be playing oh our side )£-the,hetnispuere this.season. With -ihe inspiratibn/ of Europe niid the ,^ar. East cut' off, for 'an*-, indefinite •period, .with-tho trlendshirMjeuveen ibe- two -American•.•'continent's, ever Increasing, arid -with the current •braving • of". America for y bright, .spirit-lifting' colors—this-influx ol Good . Neighbor styles Is very .logical;- . ,Oue top-f light dress designer, Neijy Don, .was so impressed with this' source'of"inspiration- tliat she ;(SvU9jlng.It lavishly in her new'spring line—had Her 'designing* .hea^d Lour South America searching for'orig- inal and unique interpretations. T 1 'TTlid •restllt"-wasv a.'.whole- collection ,ot South^.of the Border-iVvspired dresses and playsuits—festive, ro- ,manti'c: ; sty Ies; that have a. definite place, in -our' color-conscious play ,world;- . ; • ••"••'• -•'•.. •.• • .' • v - . • Nelly Don -borrowed legions pi their gay.uinrestraiued colors—brilliant, unbridled shades all new tc the North' American public. She 1 reproduced their exotic accessories— Jewelry, belts, scarfs — discovered :iiew .approaches to. skirts, sleeves, ,waistlines. 'In her new collection dirndls are running riot—are':youhger, fuller, richer looking than their ; Northern Bisters. '-Border trims,' copied from the/ costumery: of .tho Brazilian 'peasantry, are evidenced In several styles. .ORicV eye-stopping,'.-primitive' colors are ' every single outfit;, ^VjOoden neck'I aces and gaucho beltSvwith hammered silver- like orndrherits aro .trim accents. Apron effects descend: from the mountains of Peru. There is an exciting derivative of ,Bn' Argentine Gauclio's coatTime— gallan.tly colored the hue of the sea near Buenos Aires—trlfnmed with *;>, hip-length • chartr e u so' s c ar f, fringed with black. A Gaucho belt circles- the iwaieV is worn over the scarf, r. Another Nelly Ddfi; South American: adaptation is "an"'.exotic Peru- vian'print—brilliant with red,- green an'd',black equatorial flowers. v- Of .Brazilian origin-- is a particularly ' attractive model made of a crisp, 'loosely:woven,;linen-like fab- riCAcalled Samba cloth—brilliantly colored—featuring ono of the festive, bright border'trims they use BO fluently In the fiesta-costume*. NE,W YOrtii citV Miss HeIeri,.Mai,;of/ ,t}ic woe>-end .. Mil]yiiie.> .Is at the Hotel. Ne>v Yorker, ls T ew York city. : . ; ', ,. MISS SCULL Y- ; HOME ,/ V ''' v '.v' ,".. ; A'llss Virginia 'Scully, daughter : .of •Mr . ' and Mrs. If rahcl s / . ,Sc u 1 1 y . of • Ndr'Ui Main' street,.. , a studcri t;, at Al- ijc'i-tus Magnus Go l.icge,. Now Haven , is " spending .tlie, week-end. ; ,>yi'th . 11%; pareiils. /Miss Sc'uUy'is a junior- this year, and .lifts . becil.;actiye.;in. li l;he i '6litr- fLihciiohs of the c'Oliege, fiince: her 'freshnian. days.'.;.'. -Tills. year she \S;as elected a. niembbr -df-'tlio' 1 House o.ommHtcc.-.ftri'd! 'se'ryed : on- the com-. mi'tteo's annual : junior; tea-,". at the s'cho'bf,'. as.,>Veil as, -, taking., part $c'ye'ral ;scli;qt)l '' -'' •' ' ; M r. ;a'n cl' Mis, - Aii th' oriy- A. Sal i n ar d i. and .tamily-;' :>yhp--'have -resided . in Co ttpn I -IpllQw f or •: th c • past : nine yefirs,' are mbVlng,-';to: Tori 1 ing ton .•'.16- day> .where.,'.they.: \ylll :make their fipine in the fu'lurc.,.,,- •- :./V : v-.T^..; V • -hrtvTHS -/ANivpuivc]Eb- fiirs ;.WKEK AnriQuncQment;, .• : >„'.','..• made . .this week--of the birth ofvlhi«ec: girls-.and on Mqn- , has an- ji rograhi. .Mrs. A."- H. .Nelson, chairman of Ih 6'' music clepariment o.C the Naug'ftluok -Woman's club which: will sponsor ,tho 'program for the mecLing of, th'e club' in. the Con-' gi'csaljonal parish .house day, -March''.?.2,; at-3. ; p.., m no u n ced tli c foil b\v i n g- for the "occasion: Ij .Glibi'us: Naus-aluck Chorrri Club ".(Miss. Mary ' Gil.kcsbnv- dli:co.j:pr) • ,1 Dream ; of Jeannic,... .'VFoslcr In- Silent Night ....;...Brahms '.' Grad 1 e • Song ... .... .'B r a h m s . ..:Danee Song ... 2; .Piano: Selections Mary Prelude in .Brahms 'Gilkensoh G-sharp Minor.... ' ., .•.':..............' Rachmanlhoff The•Little•.'White' -D'onltby. Jbcrt . The ,Giddy Girls .,...,..-..,, -Ibprfc Under, the Table- : .......... .Ibert Valsc ;in E-Minor ..;... .'.Chopin J\'?ading ..-, .Mrs ; Leon' R._ GorJlss : iiarp '•' Selections .-.,...,,.'. .,.-. .- , ,.''.../..,'.MiAs.-'Sylvia KloviVian v (3), ChlnesovSong... • Grahdjany V(l.v);' Solfegs'ietto • . . -. , Bach . (c) -; 131 iii'd... Plough man. Peruvian A^tph Dress Nelly Don's colorful adaptatloE of, a . Peruvian .Bative costume, Bright borders acliieve'a charming Rpron .Illusion ; . . harmonize with tho slibiilder yoke. Brazilian Bead Dress Adapted 1 by 'Nelly Don from tlie cos.tumery..' of our : ; Pan-American neighbors . . .'highlights important bughman... .jGlai'Ue /B^rdejf^r'P! 1 ^^^*'^^-^^?^: dirn1d *-. - ,;..,....'... Wilson..: Wdoden/nockiaco,strung with;yarn. KAPLAN ItKATS DEAN Worcester, Mass., ifeb >v ,28—(Ul?)~ Mike Kaplan, J50, of' Boston, Now England, .welterweight' UMIsfc; ; scored a technical Knockout over Irish; ( lohnny : 'Dean, 151; : of; Scran ton, Pai» in the fourth round'of a 10-round overweight bout; + • +••• ' ;— , i READY. TO PIUCTICI5 Boston, . Feb. 28—(UP)—President 'Bob Quinn o.f the Boston 'Braves pre- nnred. today to start south Monday "vith his battery men for the club's -new s])rlng training site, at Sahford, Hln. Ouinn received th.e signed contract of Pi teller Tomi--Barley yesl.or- Seymour L Zonn, M.D. •••ANNOUNCES THE REMOVAL OF *: HIS OFPlGliS TO 178 Meadow Street Tel. 5414 NAUGATUCK, CONN. — • Office 'l I ours:' — •Afternoons — 2- 3; Evenings — 7 - 8 .,,Excepting Tuesdays ami Sundays (Jay and wp ; i;tf,; that,'.-, .'lohnny Codnoy, was satisfied wiih hlv; contract but ". the • illness of /his .wife would delay his .reporting'at Snnford until -March 10. " 'V rilOM HUNDHICDS 01^ SMAHT St»HINO IMKSSfcS — USE YOU« OHKIMT — • DORIS III SOUTH GENTISU ST.' -. DIAL, {J-2762 GLASSWAlltt, STRATTON'S RESTAURANT 18 I'AUK 1'tACE STEAKS — EAFOOD COCKTAIL BAR KODAKS BROWNIES , ••You'ft;always, find the latest Eastman cameras featured here. Capable folding Kodaks, versatile miniature Kodaks, inex- pepsive Brownies. Tell us your picture needs. We'll show you the camera that meets them at 'y° llr price. -. Photoflash And Photoflood Bulbs All th'6''Popular.. •Sizes- Films Chemicals Paper Kod'achrome — Kodacolor Castle Films — 8 mm,—16 mm. SWEENEY'S s ^ r ,oZ ( v STORE The Card and Gift Shop of Naugatuck. —0—0—0—0—0— Murphy's Paints and Enamels for exterior and interior purposes —- o—o—o—o CANS, Inc. MAPLE STREET TEL. 3507 Naugatuck-Made Footwear Serves You Better US. Rubber Company Naugatuck Footweat ibivf sion Old Age Assistance Tax ENROLLMENT OF OCTOBER 1st, 1942 • Thc-Conncclifiiil Slnlo. Liuv presume nil pcrsotis from- 21 to GO ycni-s of iiflfi, Inclusive, rnsHlinrr in this'Woroiiflh-ph Octolicr 1st, lOiJ. ns chrollAd for this tax, whether or not their names aro on thn oillcinl list; nmV nt any tlmo n nines which have liccn •omlttc'd moy be added and names-which .should, not he laxeu, erased. . »'»••' 11 EXEMPTIONS'from this U»x aro nrnntrrt only in honorary discharged veterans, disabled RS a result of service to a coin- nensahlc doorcc* »*^I»T ,AI1 persons'so enrolled and Included, WHO HAVIp NOr QUAIJI^IKO FOIV BXISMPTION AS IMIOVIDKO n\ < LAW, A«fc IIBRBItY NOTiriKI) AND WAHNKI) TO PAV '11112 OLD AOL ASSISTANCE TAX OF rtA ; THREE, DOLL ARS — ($3.00} on or beforo. 2nd " 1!J>ii>; nt the- Tax Colfeelor's Office, in the Town Hall Biiildinff, between (he hours of 9 o'eloek A, M. n '« 5 o'elock P. M,, except Saturdays, and on Saturduys between mt hours of 9-o'clock A, M. and 12 o'clock Noon, War I inc. After Mnrc.b 2nd,. 11M2, all unpaid Old Afio, Asslslance l OM.» on this enrollment are-by, law, raised to Four Do.lnrs ^i.uu;. AU time stated, above cm Standard War Time.,, .,„,„,,..,„„ Dated at Nuugaliick, Conneetieut, this l*(li.:UAy of I'Lluiiniy. 1M2. : i^«»i»n .TAMES F. rn/C.MlALD, TAX COLLECTOR, IJOHOCX5H 0! MAKE CrfECKS PAYAHLE TO TAX COW OF NAUGATUCK. Mapoh ,.

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