Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on February 28, 1942 · Page 2
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 2

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 28, 1942
Page 2
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MARINE CORPS THANKS "NEWS" FOR COOPERATION >om £U«iUi8 u>'> M» HI SprlnKHold, Kob, '.47 Tho dlly Kd! I or, NaiiKul-uok Dully Mown 11 North Mnln Slrnot, NiuitfnUiok, CSonn, In Ki-aloful rcoofmlllon of In tho holmir < Marine . flon* , ' U to (jommundant. ot United fltuUirt Marino Corps ofcpvoHHod MM (loHli-o thai you civ HOd of lilH doop apl. f , vour Hplnmlld Mhowlr.K "I alrlo'tlHin In roMpon»« to roUUOH H for oo(ipnnai..ii within - r mion or »«» t( "' UHM|HUIM<M' i">iv>iod ^ an olll.M-r In o K' i, i r<M,i 7'"'' 1 oontlmto to woi u o bnst IntoroMtH (>l tin* r that YOU wl li i M N on i of my Itio (UiMi'H will In t «mi ' l() ^oopo > ( ' U. S, Relations With Vichy Still Clouded Tli» o,| to In Vlohy on l-'nh N HlKiilHount iM [hut tlrun thuro Hof that fUirnuni from PW °^ llfU'ifl ' 1 worn SVIUlan, \> Pliftry.a-l, ' lhl umtiHO uvun h had bcu-n )H, HUHM-.HMUH I -I a vIotorlcM In Ih o ll»o I o rulWlod«iul ooN and ,fnpan«H I.JHMI inlKht iovoi-Minont toward luhoratlon wlt(i .M^' xH, MrirlY IhlH niontli Mi" matPH wan dlMt.irh.ul by HrlllHli roniiatlou tliat Kronoli "Jd liarl to tlio Axln ronuiH In North AtrHu a id tho prnnnnt doHoatn Hltuatloi was brought about l.y Mtoni Amor to ropoi't Hint by Vlc.hy' liv ' thai. Im Information ' at f rcKi'" '»< prov do, onllro n ° ti|loH would not l»o r arm IK o l u- frmn I » i , y !»K roronM l» • , tlm British Kaid ^ French North Coast ri'oni Olio) "lTlrtimlnh«.'H Hhowod that IMVU-A Jupanoso Inva.Hlon a ,„ a of "tons or Hlil|w"-prnha «ly Im hlK^Hl- «'f lll(! war-was aLt- k , H.y [I. S. mid lml«U Pl«i»w ( l .waril.ips In Ihn -lava Htm an. ,,,-ivun nc.rlMward In I'otrnal, M ...Hulls worn unknown but bolh Hli'loM HUl'lVrcd oafluallU'H and dam- lK o (o warnhlpM. It WUM poln to. ut. (hut tho allied vU'-tory did ; not m(inll ,,| ull \.\ w .Inpannsn drlvo toward -lava had honn Htoppnd «» ,,,-w atlai-.kH WITH rxpoutocl b L o hndlnUM had ynt bnon rnportnd. T v , broadoaMls olalnio.l llui one ( l "J ttd llalavla l.nnn and and ll»r«'» <l ( ' M Hi.nk In Min ,luva Socra.baja naval bnn.bod b,v pl Wakn iHland-AllhoiiKh ,,„, wan Hllonl, radio Tokyo rnpor- „, ,. ha |, oa Ti.^day a strong at ad wn" mado on Illlln Wnko aland f rU |,Uirod by Japan early » ^ war) bv H, S. airplane and wai- i n M, Inrludh.K an alroraft oarrlor, lw« or.ilHo.-H and Mix. doMtroyorH. ! r ,, 0 .lapunoHo ad.nltlod cuiMUal los o H U ,||. I'orrn.M and damago to lullltary nHtalhillouH but Hakl Ihnlr ooas a ImltnrhtH and alrplanoH had Hot onn Amorloan orulHOi- allro and tUuiuiKO u doMlroj-nr, Klvu U, S. pianos wore I'dhtirtwl dowhod, l( - Pa«ino wators-'I'okyo radio alHo'rnporind that Japanc.^o pianos had InlnmM'tod ««»! ( , lliu ; ok ^ , " dnit.ul Slati'H naval torod wliiUi wa.M (UVflorlbnd as hoadod for Japan Tim Tokyo liroadoant olalmod thai 10 AiiuirUmn plants wro downod •• (I S alrwafl oarrlnr Hnt aflro am wreckers ^dispose-' ohVj'to'Jiglp aiding in the dci'cns.eV.and.U, b, Fortresses *lmve taken. • a tollflp'f . Royal Banksman' HatlHfactory, Readers Otfi'k ! Ark,. Feb. 27— •(\^P)rr~- •tain' fblk:'in ; -;Frankllh Bounty :vir>ml today:''what '.-.pvovokod; uaifoer ' slidp, ' gu.n, duel_;._lrr: v/hicjv ibolli' participants,' their/sheriff, anc|. his political rival, wore killed: . • The sheriff was Champ Grawiord, /,| who won fame,,three years ago when he disguised himself; as a (iKlinrman and captured tiro kidnaper and murderer, .Jack Ryssell. • Crawford was in the King and Jacobs'.bau.bor shpp .P'V^^/n- 0 ^ '.yesterday 'being 'shaved by -bollard Crown Prince Olaf of Norway, wearing tho coveralls •and. helmet of u tank crewman, is shown as he wont aboard an American army tank at tho Aberdeen, Md., proving grounds, Tho princo was >taken for * rough rldo over the ,test.course,, vlso tthown.sonio of-the'new guns being tested, (Central Press) .38, former ^county ti-oasLlrcr and, unsucoessfuU.candi- date for sheriff in .4W -Jcfl the hardware' store : whore ,no.. :yvq and sauiilcrcd',across'the street ddr^P'la^r^ 1 ^'^^ — ,;',;„•.»'"\vilson ''.Btild. 1 ' . Naugatuck, Mi-. Frederick Mrazik, ' •341 Grove Street, , . - Watprbury. KV Conn, . . (In Care.Bdilor Naugatuck, : ; ,,. • npiir Mi'. Mrazik: \. . , 9 W Public-: letters < vcoi that you advocate,, nations should seek th'o-,advlSG qf-, ;iy>me U v & that Ihe^miglU solve.several P^blems./'l'vP^ i ail' nations to seek adv. icj? trom Mos- ; •cow, I'\open\y, dis-; (•uss oiir dilYererchcc : of opinions. ' >n- Mrazik. .YOU speak as,'irRome; advises following, the teachings of lesus Christ. I offer .•for.your consideration facts;:that prove »cyond any and -all reasonable .doubt that ' Borne loaches anti-Christ,,At the, s'ame tlmGj-LwIll-'.p'iwnt facts that/ bod's ^llxireil";,|l$ng;; .in": Soviet' Russla ; i,': l .t,lio : ;tr.ue teachings .ol Jesus Glirjst; . ' ' :'. "' ' ' Mr ' Mra/Jk. You '.are .of' the opinion that la.GQd lives, • in Home, 'a GodV'wiao for, a, price,'wiU ,prevent' any"")tarm' coming , unto, you whon.ypu disobey your Creator' YOU|IS . verr truly, Edwin C,Barringcr, COX WILL BE OPEN TO THE Lhik:'fio!cil Wsonsi. JaoobH' 1 HlsjS^;jL.hQ^aQk-p.l,:,tnp; ! t>?.r-. hnr clULlr and,Raid^'-Po.n.'t do tiny.r, i,iii|ig/raB]i;:.;,iini.;'-,.•:;.•.',';, ?/' '•"•",„.,; "This Ts 'jiionp of.. y..pu.r..;. .affajr r , \Vilsba'ai?^yQ'\oci;^ji ; n>yin.5^»'''A«VP. r . ma'llfa. ftoni 1 ; iiis,;.i)pukot VjV -.-....: Go'cl drcatedUhis' earth; ' tlie,',scas ; ,and; JalUnWii.;'^ 1 '^ nmll.b. fi'bni 1 ; his.,.. ( . ... ,. Jacob's , and his partner, King, He'd "the ,s|iop,.'awy and:inf.orma- 5 all -tJioVflin J-IQ! ,))^ : seas': ani; lUlVnrci n, lh.q ; powe charges were to J "will bo 'a public, 'hearing, •i erred i ted mcmbcrsrof .-the •tlie " slate, and to , such. J.njui parties as' the mcilitics will oriimenr is'' their* '.gbvcninuMH, I.'; have done all in my po\Vov ing nfy administration '• to! provjrtJ the. fuel: for just' such a rofncH n J J"8 Pasii >onnec|j^ as-you desire. The day is long "3 wlicn.'-llie government of Connect'I cut can be regarded ns belong!^ lo anyone else than the people of the state." press .per- ipjrf Ingloh HUH ifot'oornmontccl. (This may bn tliti' samo action, as the WiiUo 1 Island reports,) . . The Japanese propaganda bi'onf 1 ; casto, however, made only sligiu montlon of Japanese losses,..which Java reports indloatod were cons d- orahlo In'the naval and air ba tic north ot Uittl Island base and which oLIioi- axis roi'ioi'ls Indicated were heavy at Wako .island. Tho Dutch, standing- firm under continued Japancso aoi'lul attacks, oxprcsml oonlklonco that Hicy could deal punishing blows, aguins . tho ( | tt In clofonso of Java. Amori- can, J3rlL|8h. and AuHLrallan iorco.s AVO tills'-.jlhVml.Qill/'v/-.-.' ";'- : :•'•.,"'•'«'••'rt'TV- No' pne Av!tnb£iscd ; ,;the l .gun.flght.. \VI\en.' : the barbers. i'Qtm'nefl;, a <J Q ^ rnliiutos;. }al'or\ witii.Ji'clj was 'cjcad. .on,• .the..floor, bullets . lii'.iii.s\b.h.est: .and• o.qe m .^,.. heart: Hls ; ';38\.callbpr: I' >vas In !i'ls''hand.\>VlJs6n lay, bpsldeJihii,:' fa tail Y wou nd^dV.'',\vi tii, .tvyo* :,b,ul.lct.s, in ills "body an.d, one,. in\h,is., head,. Pour .bullet. Doles'..w.ere -found .in .the''Avail.'.;Iialr.;,tpnlo 'was Gripping WlVsoiV .cllccrivyp liour|,•.later.,ati. ; a ; Port''Smith. ).iospltal. ,„*•;,'• . : V.=•••;•• .^ Marie 13,-\Volsey 1 , /deputy prosecuting' attorney,' said the cause;:pf ^the dispute bad. : "not . been, learned.. r;i-av>Tpni:;and: WilsQii. ,mm, bpen friendly'He, '6incd lhe.194Q.elep.-, lion campaign, Crawford, .recently had' announced' ^i's.p.iinrtlda.oy .for »• nrtli two-year term, but -Wilbon ,Tha Following Statement Has Be'en^ Issued by Samuel H» Fisher/-Admlnlstrator/ 'State Defense,.Council AN URGENT MESSAGE TO CONNECTICUT RESIDENTS .. . • - <> . • f "When you air raid warning DO NOT USE YOUR TELEPHONE except for serious personal emergency. '• :' . •• *• • ' .• • '• '• • ' »•.-.'!'•* .i".' 1 "Durina an air raid test or in the event of an actual %^ . • ' (H • . \'' • i K s ' » emergency, TELEPHONE LINES MUST BE KEPT FREE FOR URGENT OFFICIAL CALLS .. ..CALLS WHICH ARE BEING MADE TO PROTECT YOU AND YOUR COMMUNITY. / :. |.' :••! .'<> •.•-*.»jvV ' •?"* ..'.'• .''''.'..'•' ''"• ' ^\ ask everyone, when the air raid warning is sounded, to remember that the telephone jines must be kept free for defense purposes. PLEASE REFRAIN FROM CALLING UNTIL YOU ARE SURE THE 'ALL CLEAR' SIGNAL HAS SOUNDED." THE SOUTHERN NEW ENGLAND TELEPHONE COMPANY pii aps , e'i.-food •" cloth pg.,, ;: ,aod ah o}t h, ^l-iby ,oaX^P ^ l^ 11 ^" 9 - wVl8-,iiayi. i4V, ; God:,alsp,,Qroat i: pno' Tje; name::. . 1'is Adam; Hiio .name.; .o',C ihe lv flrs,t, lc^ im'a'te bhria,;:'-,ls EyQi^Itys ..-repo^Q history- •'tha^.' iana..-. nd Ee ' ' :. icliiklrcii ;i.lie: .pov^cr , ; y ; ; : 4mri ahd : rdo: : : assist, God: iji- bilging. .'His' ci-iildre.n v iipon;tbis. t .carlh. ., ifuture a tiujfi^^Hv,y-r,-:^T.:,.,.. Jtivities^-,aml i v ; nicet g^^t : ^ - iu i- • ^i.-i. .a-,v .-li'iS- 11 ^^ 0 rS'dec^hS^ ),tlxciv';8',eckihg;. to, be .Cods U)-,,u of ' /lj,t,i,iji/,, ';.—" . -S',. . i. • fP ne .Sup.remc ; ,3?ower;.' the ..-,--. M'ethpcis. ;of bur' God. RccprdecL History:'^ dbnhiteiy,: reveals, that UIQ. fiv'ng' Rxampio' 3p?us. .Christ ..nevci • .a'sk'ed '.a •perso.iv. his .'.or. her .method ;or^vprshlp; vl Wheji, the: ; pcrspn w^; ioiir '.Gpd; : ". Jesus,' : 'pured. i)y : words "and simple pr.o'cessps, Jesus i also : raided' several.-- ...p.e.rsops..- f rom IT...' - '-'^ i'.'.i. i 1 .'• t '"'fJl- •'«•-•.j-i|>/Jr? *li"W1 't'hcir'death -couch,.'.witn woiun. auu simple'- : 'processes. Jes'iis Christ did not at any time demand a fee, nor. did Jesus Christ 'claim that he , was a'Gocl in iiis owh-right. 'Jesus at/al times made it definitely clear .that our God and our God alone directed every wont and .action of Jesus Christ.'.When our God raised Jesus. frbm'"°deaihi bur,- God revealed the giWtriess'of God^.s Suprpme /Power.. 'When' our God took Jesus from, .this, earth, Jcsu's. .was : aliye-and ac- -llvc/ 'thcrefb'rp only; -.Jesus Christ •has,''the honor' of .being the only 'Begotten-Son bf. bur God. All other •sons of our God, they like Adam ^and, Eve', have Iheir body returned ito d'ust"i m rom. whptnsUb came. „ . ; Mr 'Mraxik. A'.clergyman making the claim 1 'tliat'-ho-,has-' in himself the Supreme Power,of:,our.. God is oithov.a fool or a. liar ,and very likely he is a great ,,deal • of botl \ Beyond any. all reasonable , douht,, Jesus .c'lirist '\yas tlie .greater ap- ppaser'evc'r. to .liye upon 11}|s.. earth, Jesus cleilnltoly.: taught that. it. is. not only bii'r right to forgive, .it-is -our "duty tb fpr^ivc the . wrath , of otJiers.' Tlie greatest: teaching ot ; Jesus'is that we must .not cause our brothers 'to insane: by our .acti:bns..AVralh. Is cldnnlliely; a :form of insanity; 1 • ,',. • ,.,. :: . .; • ' "Mr. MrazikrAdam and Eve were •dellriitoly.'.guilty of theft,'and. per- haps'murder. It is very likely that when they.ate thai which was for~ biilden;.,they :ate. that which would Imve :given ; .our .life unto , v a seed which in due time, would-.have been aVliying .child ..of pur ..God.. Very definitely .they, wcro no,t guilty of !adultery'. Recorded history-,reveals 1,1ml Jesus"Christ so .^liyed^as to-be oloor'• of u^n'y.-eiiarge , oi', ^dqltory, ajief'C o.r murder. Of.,a greal t mony oU'-rgyi-jicn who .c.l.aiiVr.ihonisqlvns ns ))eing God i'rriJi'eir own right, the same can not bo said ; ,of. thorn as. was said' of. Jesi^s,, .Christ,,: Adam and EV.C.- ..,...', • ,.;' . v-.,,:...,. 'v..V- • . • ;•• • ' Thprefore beyond, any and .all neasbimble,, doubt,. ; bur, :Gpd )V would lie 'iiopelcssiy; insane- were,,put 1 Qod • lo .deny, ' Christ , the ,righ>, of libliig a- God in his. own name. Anq at,:the same-time;giye .thousands of men .the',right.'of. v b.cirig a. God. in Ihcir own :name r ,, f rhe same7is, also ti'iio of. •Adam., apd ,Eve. ; ; ., ; :•;,;.' - No';- pblitical '•. leader : ,of,'i Soyiel^ Russia claims' hims.elt a" GpcLNeilh- eV do. they .consider any*, clergyman a God. They -'have • fouhdy..;f50mc clergymen :to : bo the'.Sons' of Satan. -Yours-very .truly^;;,;, ." , ' . 'Lawrence'J. Corcoran,: •. • .: 33 ( .I-1J11 : Street,; . ': ;: : •:•' NdUglituck,-Conn. Mcilnl -Will :.Win Wai' To,-the.-Editor: Naugatupk J3aily News.v,,' , ... Naugatuck, ;Conn;- ,.. , -. ••,•.- - - ••;•'. Pear Sjrt-r- .•:.-••.' ,.-•-• V: -..TV- \ •.' -••••• 'We appreciate the elTo,i!ts.and given by your urban, and,,rural" reader's in Ihe A'arl'ous. programs that arc helping out iron and steel scrap so .that IhVsteel: mills, an|J foundries of tho country .may continue to operate at. capacity.......- ... .,-. .--. . Approximale)y: 28,000,000 gross toils of iron arid steel- scrap arc needed frpm the scnip.yards . tq ,-niako- HO,000,000 tons,of stoel'liigbts 1 arid-over 20,000,000 tons, of iron castings in j942. .-That-\yiii' mak.P'-guns, tanks, sh i ps; JD 1 ancs an d;, anjnl uii iti o n to •.beat ,t)ip Axis, .aild also., pro vide, -for 'a minimum of,, our civilian needs-.. , We'..>vant, to":• assure., .you ; ..and = through. you..your many - readers tha.t-pui- Jndustry will .prepare'.jand expodl'te - the' pcrap-' to the cbnstim- prs..;wilh'out. delay. . , . The.-' scrap yards'- md'y^. Jbc counlecl chorgos, the governor -^'W^-','. T ••"You may rest, assured-.that J «&^^Q^K3 ptopj^s conviction 'that the. EVES''.EXAMINED h WALKER nt ANI) , -: and, Burgesses ?W^^^^^ m u!r! v^i^r^ c pn '^ l fK in' said' JB.orough at ^ucb.,um -^ ancKfor;;sueh: per^ is ^ u ^ e ^ ,. tliev Wacko.ut:.ancl a Action: ;measures v ahd life-and pi;oper,ly .. . ; iDeridfis.; prov,5ded.. ; .llmt said, brs mics and regulations shall nclude: trtffflo 'movemen s of or other vehicles,, of. residents,, congre- on ,. pub o ROSE, AMERICAN BEAUTY AND BLUE Sizes 12 to 20 i Thomas Bros, nlacus or bo. this taken . othoi. r.. , propel ^ , do buildings,, shall, not tlie , HO tj, j 11*1 • «v. [• .. , -I , promulgate, orders^ .rules, liiatiohs; governing .any -subject,, 1 persons must be'..i ,. tb.'insure the proper can- out, of- any, d^ly au.lhqi; ae ' •"... or .air .raid protection ™s3n2. The Warden .may appoint for. a-special, as. ,-nany,. 'ci-villa^ ,pol)op,. ,>ylUiout iiaY, ; from among resident ol-tne of Naugatuck:as may be advisalDlc for.' rfei'vice ot such civilian --police'and they shall possess all the powers and privileges and -perform all the duties:, of..,,reguhir : ,members i of the -po.lic.e. department pf., mo Borougli ',»bf .Naugat.uck,.., bajd civilian. police.,must wear,.8uch identifying, emblem as, may e prescrib«d .by, the. Warden and If shall, lie unlawful ..foivany oi said .civilian policemen., to .attempt, ito , carry out, any order, riiloWor regulation . promulgated inidcr the'authprity conferred,by th i s • • Or ti i nap cp., wh.on : b c, -1 s; n ty \vearing 'said .identifying emblem. • Sec,t[on 3. This Ordinance Is .an the Bprougiv of ite- Kovcr'nmcntal ; functions "for the protection of the public peace, health.'and safety, and.neither the Borough of'.'Naugatuck nor any individual,subject, to,regulation^ lawfully : included.-herein .. and promulgated pursuant..; to au r thori-ty h,erqii> confcrred,,shall ; be liable'/for any: damage sustained to .person or property during, or usv'thc,.- an. author »pd blackout ; or, air -. raid .protection measure.- .v • - -:- : ; ••.'•.. •?, ..-• '. . Section.4,. >yiien ..deemed necessary .'- i n .order to p i: p tcct li f e or property^ during a,b!ac.koul or/air raid,- tire., police,, or- policp ^authorized licircin, are.,au- thorised-'-and .directed to. enter upon 'any .premises; within the Borough o'f.-Na'ugatu.ok:antj.-cxtl.n- gusih.lights .or,tako ; other; necessary a'clion--,to: makc-. effective'-any order;•.; : .r.ule li i or'.• regulation;;pro- rhulgated' / l! under \ ; llie .Authority cpttferrcd-.-by,'this Qrdinance; •-, V;sect,Lbn -;5.: Any .-.p'orson,i.'.flrm;.- o r c'orporalibn yiolaling,.any ; ,'9f-;llic p'rbvisibns-'of ; lib is Ordinance, -or any-,order, rule-.:or ; sued •• purfeudht:.- thereto", shall' he deemed; gu'i-lty of' a . misdemeanor and;.--upon • .conviclion lhej\eof, sliallv-be.ipunishp.d by. n.,flne ,qf not Exceeding.,J (1 ifty. Dollars. . '••Section'; '0.- ,lt. .is-the. intcn|.io,n of the.; Board ,:Of- : -,-Wardcn .and 'Burgesses . .that.: .P.ach . separate provision of thifi. Ordinance shall be deemed; independent-..,..of, all other . ; pro>M's.j'bhs',hepein-, and '.it is further - tlie intention of this Board.....that if,, any, provision of •'••this. Ordimuice. be declivrecr to be 'invalid ; jill other provisions.there- of^ shall remain valid .and enforceable. ...... . At the. Spcoj-ai','m'cc'ilng' -of .the .Board, of v \Var'den .and JBui'gftsses lie Id.... on, .the.' 2(5 111,- day, ,b f • Fpb r U T aj ; y,:' 1942,:-.]^:;•was :vo.tcd til at : .the abdve; .Ordinance. )>e published :iji . accordance:..with tho prbvisfons of the;,Borough ..Charter pertaining to..the odoplibn , of. Borough ^•Ordinances'. : ', Attest: .CHARI.;Efi.;F. DALY-'• • ; . . Borough Clerk., t i Fender Work IB II - Auto" Pointing - l§ || 24 Hour II Wrecker Service OXFORD MILK -T CREAM E6CJS— CHOCOLATE MILK POULTRY Delivery to AD Parts of Naugatuck Telephone 5049 vert is ing TO RENT— Five room tenement, improvements, first floor, at Lewi's -'street;;, 'Apply al ^-^ e .street. -.;• •.--. -2>2i nil .51 TO R1SNT— Comfortable.. roo'i» J«U .1 . or 2 people.. Apply .at 150 -North • Main street, v.; .... , , .-.., . 2.-27-d2x.- Wanted, WANTICD—Wonuiii lo do" ciioklrifl. ' Good wages.' No laundry. Liye in or out. Reference^ .rcquirQd, Address Box'Gi iii care oi 1 The Ncws. WAlS'TI'il) — Kxpcj'iuiieed saleslady, full. time. Apply Bon Ton store, ' 471 Church street, 2 : 2/i-d3. : \VANTKi)—A copy of (lie Nnunntuck News, dated Sept. 12, lO/d, for use ' of the public,,Information, division of the local Defense'Council. . WANTED—Tlu'ce or -4 room apai't- nicnt or, tenement, by .adult couple. FOH- SAFJC— Eijjlil room, two-f ily house,, practically new, laU jinprovcmcnts, "also 2-car g monthly incoiiie $.SO. bocalcn Swede Hill- sect! on, rcasonablj price. Also a JO-room. 2-f house located • on North street, Union City, across from J Mary's church. If y«« wynt buy" or sell,, sec. Palsy Realtor, 172-High, street. Pnon 3.Vo8. : .•• . . . •• FOH SALE—Now'.' 4-room modffl bouse with two unllnislJcd.r on second floor, (.iurafic Price $5,200. Also G-rooin family. All iniprpveni'Miis. uar?. In A. A-l- coniliUon. Tel. Asliing , Address Ncws Box "Y". in-care' .of; The FOR SALE—jl • -Truck, used, as show car o. Driven J/^uQ miles. Perfocl cor, lion throughout. Also othe P.- buys Jn used cars, all ^iH) tires. Naugatuck: Hultcry A Service,- • W* South Main ^ tclcpbonc 4838. ITOU SALE-A To-room 2- house, location HIgli street, W A 13-r.oom 3-family, ; o\v s.trcet, ; .$8,500. A (H'oom H DONE LOVINE iSLEOrrRlC CO. 8 Church: Street Dial 5024- Fov Pr'oViipt, Service. 6n % Mettd'ovV robnV. '' 'Strco,t. house "Unci-ganigc 'on 3treet; : i^to\yn]^7^00. I: tiabrjola;"..ypur ~realtor, street v or T^l. -MW. ^ Tailor CARMEN'S, shortened, - Custom 60 cents; di esses COAL AND FUEIi OILS WE 08t.ivER RELI AfiLE GRAIN •'& FUEL CO, COAL - COKk i rt T EL QILg •GRAINS' -...'• :. 5-7 CHURCH STREET TEL. 307f> overooats. '$16.50 "P- 147 South "Main street, LOST — Bank «ook No. 44,362 ou Naugaiuck '.'Savl'hga \Bahk has been 'lost. . Any person havijig ol-aihis oh .said 'hook is. called upon- : lo 'iVresent : ,'41iG' sanie tb' .tlie bank 'within- Uvo '.months oi' tlie - same . bobk \viili be declared. 1 'c'ail- cclied .ami extinguished;, and--a , hew one issiicd in lieu there- January 30, .- ,. ..v. .- .rj^ihirirf ^0* Gutters, Lcn'Hcrs, finnino. and Furnace JAM&S " ^Tcleptiono:^55' M Bradley St. WILLrAMSPOIlTKHS .Rqail's -moving -van Naugatuck Tuesday, If-, you are' planning back by return, load p.h'one £-7553 during Inc nights,; Williams-port, Trucking '• Ser^ce, 30 Williamsport, • i • i I SKATING is Arena, Field Street,

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