Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on February 28, 1942 · Page 1
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 1

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 28, 1942
Page 1
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"" The Weather Little Change In Temperature Tonight, Beacon Falls fol. XLVII, No. 49 Bethany >—- Bristol Terrace—— Cotton -Hollow- — Platts Mills Straitsville— Union City If •W Can Find It In '.The NEWS ' NAUGAT^CK DAILY NEWS^;SATU 28, 1942 Price Three Cent* Fighting Has Eased Off ^^^^^^ ^^^B^^. . . . ...••'••,•••'••••:. • ••' ••'•••''-.. A "4 * »• TEST BLACKOUT HERE AT8:30 P. M. TOMORROW ELKS TO NOMINATE OFFICERS AT THE MEETING MARCH 3 lll Start With Signal Of Two Short Blasts On Whistle For Two Minutes STEADY BLAST FOR ONE MINUTE MEANS "ALL CLEAR" SIGNAL III Lights In Stores And Storo Windows Must Be Out During- Test ! H. IN'ri-y, olilnf air wurdon r (in*, borough of NuiiKulutik, un- iiHji'i.'il today Unal Instructions nl tin- di'tallM of UK* loHt bluokout lildi will l>n hold liuru tomorrow <ht. Tim HlMlUil for thi) hUickoilt Iwo HOI! liluslH on lourtl fuo- ry wlilHlh'M for two minutes. Tho II clear" HlKiml will ho u Hliwrly wt ni 1 factory whlHlloH for onu iiuiU'. CWof Pon-y'M. instruct Ions to rosl- ol 1 iNauKt'ituok follow; T/wo-'-Tlu''. blackout limt ivlll lit \>l t'uitw(!('ti .»:<'«) p. in. and U:lf 'n, The. lioroiiKh IM to bu blacker when tin 1 public alarm signal Is •n, and IM to Voimiln blacked out l.|,io "all tilcur" Hlnnul l».''KlvcMi 1-*TliM Hl^nul I'or thu black wfll : !>o yjjort- blanLH, for ,lw( .lien on ffinlocy whlntlcH. Tin Hear 1 ' signal will l»o a st of fac'bi'y whlntlos fot nut' 1 . • lomcH—At HI/I iuuirul or .Uio whl«- oxoiM'»l IlKlitM In a QIII jiirpari'd to pruvuiil the (JH- of IlKht. lo the. oulHldo. HTM Miul'Slfirn Windows — 'All A In MiorMH and Hloro windows u*t lie I'XllnKUlHhcd whon llir? a.-knii! alarm HOiuulM. The ii«iial 1'mlil may Im loft on II' 11 l« nrl mi IlKht rays show r (hrou^i nv«*. fi'oril dnfir,-back door, or yllxhl. • , .,',•) TavoniH and Dnw ono l)e<l;iuiMnK hivi-rnH and dru 0r intiv nnnllnuo to oporah' a Miu'kou! I'mi-Unl, provided i prpparalloriH Jnivn l»'""' o that no IlKlit Hho\v.M lo thr. . ArranKfMiinnlH must br kcop doors'd clurin;-? kont or lo provide i. (hat no IlKlil f(\ ;t door IH O| ^ns and HlllboardH! blllhoai'dH, H, and all other liirlillnir iiuiMt bi> cxtln- <h"«l dni'liiK Iho hlai'-koul. Own- i'if Hiii-li JlKhfM ai'f; ro.HfioPHlblt? i blackout U on- llghlrt cuntrollud •ink- its In the it U i's[n-clally provided thai. \x Mils lest, Iho railroad nnd '1'nliiil plimt.H will not hlaokour. IralTIc signals nut In- turnocl 'nut, TnuTh-; (fi'ic must b«! stopped Inuuo.- ly when HIM Hli'c.iiH Hound. r vdiirU'H pull a.M- far lo Hio "f tli" HtrcMl as poHHlhln (irnl cniMTi-tiy. in an actual raid, must loavo tho uor. |n . uHHoiigoi'd i any !l »-'«ln in llu'-lr dai'H, : . ; l>l'. i .strlHn < s---At Iho blackout nltf- should walk slowly n l»lari! m 1 saix-ly and rnihuln tlioro ^ Un- "all ulcar Hlgnul," - No : 'l'.'!*trlHn will In; ponnltt(!d on thu and slduwalkH cxocpl Mi OHO I in Civilian lujfcnso Work ,- ( M"'i ( ly idontlllod. Joy SiM.uis— ThoHf! Hoy SoonlH (ion asHlgnod to various (flonlhiund on AGENTS MAKE HMDS IN CITY OF PORTLAND, ME. ? l|! JK"iHs uiuloi' Spor.lnl Agonl V. J»y louul . — .,,,.o.s or onf'tny ulluiis n '«'ii In I'oi'tijuul, SnulM J J oiM- ''""' MiiiiKor and Hol/«d "(ion- A . (i fiiuiniiiH'.cd Mini In "nil' lf )iis" ihvi'Hiu^s nnin' J)ofonftf •JJlx, Hi-Mivhi-i-H fnund ftlKhl. Hliort- )fs " Julius, five i-KloM, tliron Hhol- ||| M|ll) '«tiM ni'niniinltlon, NS.SIM ; , |H | )i| no( , l ,|(,,. H| St, Patrick's Danoe WiU Be Held At The March 14 Home On Nominations of ofllcor.s for the on- SLiluy year will laku plaoo at tho regular mooting of iNaugutuok Lodgo No, %7, H, P, 0. lOlks, In Ililks, Mall on Tuesday evening, March .'.ii-d. The oloiHIon of thu' now olTloora will bu hold at the mooting on March :l7tli and (-hoy will bo ottlolally Jnyfallod In th'olr, rospoollvo -ohulrs in April The annual St. Patrick's danoo oi Iho lodgo will bq liclil in tho I'JI. homo on Saturday evening,. March i'Uli, Hdgar Loaoli, aiicl Kdmund D\No] ( l aro co-oluiirmon of thu'ooin- rhllle.b. of. u'-vangomonts. . . 200 ALIENS HAD REGISTERED HERE AT NOON TODAY Postofflee , Will - "Rtjn a i,n ...^.•»»v.'r r .x.^. •,..•;• -..>.,-v;.—v..--riul" : .--..-•-.• Open Until 6 Tonight For Late Comers Poslmnstur. Frank. T, Oroon nn- noumjod 4his noqn that thu post orfluo will ['fiimiin .'.90011 until 0 o'clock (his (ivonlng ;for tho cpn- von'lonco of iallnifa oi s ' ••.••! Liiljftiv -and wjioi h.av.o iiO:^as,ypt .Tod with him in u«oorcinno6 .with Iho law. Tho '28l-li of. Fohru- ary is tlin last day I'or registration. Mr. f,Sruon statod tliat approximately 20(1 'aliens' had roglstorecl up to noon today iiiyl iiumbr«r was conshlei-ahlj ostimato of tho .number Of tllOSl) tWO IHltiOllH in firm, uKocl or 'allons who aro pa- tionts In institutions or those who aro physically unable to travel aro oxcuHod from registration ho said. that this under his of aliens town. 1 In- MAINTENANCE IS STRESSED BY CARL ERICKSON uir btjsl mulnlenniHJO stM-vloe In (tic hlHl-ory ol 1 SLndchHUor Is "o\v ivallnliln Miro'iitfhoul Uic nuLIpn I'or owuors ol' wu'H bfuii'lng MIC woll- Unosvn nlnisly-yuar-olrl Stndcbakor lrad«' naino. This Is Uio slatoinonL of Konnolli ^ Klllol.l, tho c.orpora- UOU'H vlcn nrnsidoiH, and Is pai 1 - lloiilai-ly true of l.hl« conimunlly, 3 Cai-1 lOrloUHon, hoad oi rciiuHimi™ Mutloi'y and Auto Scrv- loo, local SturUilJUkoi 1 ilnfthjp whoso j arc located on South Tl'iV National sll.nal.lon so bonofUiiul to osvnors of SLudohakor cars Is ro- looLod In- Naugal-uok, auoordlng to VI ''V)ui' 1 survive station is In tip-top \sald lin-. •• "Wo huvo a good nlook of parts, (jxptirl, ... •Uandai'd fuul-ory procoduros ot inak- 'rs and adjustments ana n tit-Mlrn, Lo KOH Min-t (1 - VC!I '- V kor Is Unpt In run- "(ioiullUon. We hnllcvc that M ono way In whloM ^ cnn nukr-"a HO^Jiul and UHoful «oiUrll)ii- Inn to national dc.nmso. M,. KrlokHon said that, ho hoped Sludobnkor ownors will h™ »jc idvluo of c.oni UK at i-ogidai' intni to llm shop that knows most thin ..r,, |lfl nilli v «u, to kopp an nil o- 11101 o Ti top opnniMnK condition ' ,o bav U ..spooled and sorvlcocl lay Uio , il'toi- 1'roin '.1UIKS13 JOINS NAVV 'ovldonco, H, T-. l'^ 15 ; 2 ^"7,^' V7 •inr ludKO Uoboi-t K. Qulnn./i , ,' gomnior of Rhode Island, lod I'oi 1 aoLlvo naval duly loss n limilonant-oommandoi- In mlKo advooato'H •dopni'tmcnl- 1 " ftnliUiW .loftvo 01'. alwonoo Harold R. Perry Issues Final Instructions For Blackout ... .. - .: .. •.-..• •-,"-•••• i^.-• i, -,> • •.'••'• •.••-••' ...•••••.•: . . • - . . TORPEDOED TANKER BURNS OFF JERSEY COAST —P h b to • 'b y Ar) n y A i r , If or co as s n'ro;' : •'from 11 M Army bonihiiVfj pliuic • .pliolo : i slio\vs• I ilic-.:n«rfi«.I.V-l» | Vi > «» 11 «/ Ainprip/tiri oil.;WuikiM'i.B,-1.' w slowly sc'lliofl/jnlo Uiiv'xVaUM- Hvo.miles--oir-As'hury l»»rk, N.,.,!;:. ;TIi<Y vessel .wns 1 torpcdood ami . Thmv. was n.-ltti'jjci.; or Jife.':' 1 ••.••.'. •.:•:•:••. *•••". ; -':''y' ;: : . '. •..''.• ?..V(-? ;''.•'•'••'•.•'*• "I. ".'•'- -..•• /: --'"/.'• '-•'•"•'•'- •.•'••'-..•. 38th ANNIVERSARY Banquet At Stratton Res : taurant To Feature The Event x Tpnight '• ' • -<i V • .__ IViy P. MoHJh'oy, -of 'providonoc, R. ['' gi-a'nd' wor'thy oonfliictor of'the FraUM-nul Order of 'ICaglos, .Wllhain F Kelly, 'state organl r /.or ; - of the tingles and sevnr.fil .national 'and slate o'rricors ol 1 the brdei-- will- attend tho celebration, of tho 38lh 'anniversary of Naugatuok.',,No. 010, this evening In ••SLrntlon's PCS- taiu-ant In Park pln,cc..Pi'fi3idont iul- wai-d Garland of the local ,aerie an- 1 nounood today that,', plans -Kayo boon completed for tho occasion .and tljat ovor JOO members of the;• H-aglos htivd-slgnlflccl their intention'to attend. ' .'.;'• A. K.'MoCSiilro, vice president of Iho. Nautfftliick • nor lo,- Is. clmirmun of the corutnittbc oi u - ruiiA'Ciuonl-H. Otlior incmbcrs ai c > d luokinillor, .lo.sophNcHil -lobn Cornlsb, Liu-ry Oulflold, Joseph Ktuio and John . IJll[on._ • MANY PERSONS HURT IN BOSTON Boston, Fob. 28-(UP) r Morc a -,0 pussonKnra on a Boston olnv lo t-ailway surface car worn shaken ncl two were hospitalized.when-a- 1 ls . . _ I 1 1 . 1^ .-1 • 11 nn ll l-< AC— ruck and the car collided near Hos- indalo Suimrc oarJy today. GCO .-fie Wyatt- ,2?;. anM.Onorse 3fi, bollv of noslindale were tnllssail wIWi head injuries and onluslons. Anolhor . . passenger, ranK Morris '. of nosllnddltf,:- was treated at Uio soone, ^ ' . , . Pox , __ : ••;-,_.;• ;o Position •> Of -Vichy;; Regime Is: ; Not :Saitisfactbry To Our, Government . ' : . .13 y J-i. 0. TH OM PS'O N . - •'. -. U.'.R Slalt Gorrosp.onddnl . /Washington; 'Fob.', '2.8— (LJ P)—Important'- issues., still, .cjoudecl. .relations 'beUvecn Vichy, France'-and ;the United'States .today, desp.1 to written assurances tliat., .'the , tench ,.1'l.oot would 'be kqiJt\out'pi 1 Axis hands. linl'M these arc clariiled, 1 the govern ni en t- considers its examination of---Lite- French 'Situation., as: ;incomplete/ and tho-.position .of the •/Vichy regime as not satisfactory to, the United States.-. • • ; ; ••..-••••.•.• Vichy'H'renewed assurances .oi- an- intention- to' maintain neutrality were given'.In written for'm in reply to a' personal'nt/'Jyy President- Roosevelt • to Marshal 1 'Henri Philippe PoUilri on Fob. 10.. The exchange was revealed by acting : Secretary o I- State Sumnei 1 Welles yesterday a- short 1 time before he received tbj? .French ambassador, daston Hcnry-Haye, -to re- mo discussion. pi' the problems threatening relations. • The Welles statement, disclosed ,hat 'the United' States, is 'counting upon 'the French people to keep ,lu3ir leaders from-guiding them in,o outright mi'll'tary and -naval col- aboration \yith Germany and Italy. Prcsidonl 'Roosevelt ini'ornicd Pe,ain, in i-ho"Feb.' 10 message, he was confident thai French assistance to ,ho Axis powers Vwoukl , be • contrary " to' the' wish'cs"of 'the'-people of Franco and' disastrous lo their ispIraUphs ' and ' to''their ( 'final Jesliny." •"..__-. ' . . , / ' , (G o n I. i n u oil- on. Page Two) , • • • • .—: *-*-*• NAMED; ('LUIS PHO Framingliani, Mass., Feb. r 28—(UP) —.lack 'Hel'dy,: ; prol.'oKsloiiaI at --.the 3 akachoag doll 1 - Club rour years and /ice president'e Now England •Ti'A, was named -today' MS Framing- lam Country Glub -PrOj succeeding •farry Nottlcbaldt, who. has- accopt- ?.d LI.IO post at the ; Avon (Conn.) Country Club. •'••••• " ' ' ,' _ *-^-»— -. . : •''• TREASURY BALANCE Washington, Fob. 28—(UP)—Gov- MMirnent 'expenses', and rticcipts i"or he cm-rent fiscal year ; through fob. 20. compared with n year:ago': -THIS VEAR- -LAST YEAR- Expenses. «Jl(5,53b l G93 l OJfl.r)7. ;$7,29J,295,054.04 Wnr Spending j 2,208,^2,092.3!. ; . ' 2,878,540,782.90. Uecelpls • 5,^3 ) 745,:15(),03 . . / ' 3,77i;388,l'87.12 NetiDcflcit •.-,-..'•, • .M ,012,855,060.54;^ : "•,'3,477,202,517.52 Cnsiv Bnlanito 3 J (ia5 f OI2 1 924,4G . 1,738,473,877.4* URGESCAREIN Brush Fires, He suiting-;, Are Serious Menace To Nearby Buildings •],. V;ij- John J. - Sliei'ldap;- chief'., of -the Naugatuck .'. Fire .Department,, today '! housbwiveis in the bqrough ,j,b. vise' • PI e u tm os t care wb o n ; - b u r n - lup'-wast'c: nunqr or rubbish and to remain 'Close to-lhc.'/lre until ,-it is exllngujsheih -Chief- Sber'idan :said that February and March .are par. tlcularly \ u /lre, nionths" owing to the dr,yihg grass al'ter the winter iho'nth : s- : anU the'liigh winds prevalent at.jthis- time of tho year. Sev- r»iml : s'rnall- fires have .resulted .••recently J'roin rubbish fires which have'ignited buildings ... in the vicinity, and iTiiglH cause a serious con/lagratjon if not closely 'watclied. ••I-lc-requests Mill 'citizens to call' the Fjre' department immediately when .a b I axe shows, the first signs of getting, beyond control. . ' . ,-,The.: local fire department was called out l-b five -11 res. yesterday. A small rubbish fire in the rear of Daly's ^Restaurant on South,.Main sf.rcct called the firemen- out at G:15 a.m. . They responded to a cqll. for a brush-, fire on Cherry street., at j0:30 aim-., a brush fire on Field street'at H::JO p-.m., and one at 0:J5 p.m- at;.39 Word street.' .. A wooden garage owned, by Al- t'ons'e A. Slogcris on Muple Hill road \vns darnagccl by fire las I. nigh I.' The flrpmcn-were called by telephone at iOiJO. ' - • .'- • % ' ATFALCONHAtL TOMORROW NIGHT The-,Polish. Relief commiLtpo will' sponsor a moving picture show In alcon hall in Union City tomorrow iffhl,' at 7. oVJock. Films of the countries now occupied by:: Germany and tho Japanesn attack^ on Pearl Harbor will .be shown. > The fcommiUfifi In 'charge consists of -Mrs. L. KIslcIcwHkl, 1 clrair'man, Mrs. -F.- S55cxe.suI, Mrs. " S. Kobylen- • .'-Mrs.-,. W. Lubowiecki, 'Mrs. Tomaszewsld, Mrs. W. - Krzy- ,'• Mrs.: R. Polalco.wski, Mrs. Bislecki,- Mrs. W. Wodkiewicz, Mrs. M. LiUis, ^ S. Operations of Last 24 Were Limited To " Minor Patrol Skirmishes { S BRITISH RAID THE FRENCH NORTH COAST Allies Take Offensive Against Axis At Sea And On Land By JOB ALEX MOHHIS ' '.' ,(-Un i Led •• Press Foreign -Bclltor) American and' allied air.f naval* and paratroop forces .struck' smashing offensive blows against Uic Axis today in -defense of Java and prcpara- li.on -for the. possible opening of a 'new Hgh ting- front in Europe. , Th;'ce' actions .in which United Slates 'and Dulclv forces turned- back the first Japanese sea (lii'Ust toward" Java and • cari-iorl the war -to .'the .enemy "at Wake island tirid 'in the. .direction, of the Japanese " islands, -'-were, 'reported 'ar East-: • . , : In ^Europe, "BiMilsiy p.araU-.bops and comiTuutdos,'- -aiapd ; .Jj'y the British navy, made .' wl^at, \vas ;:dcs'cribed as j , a , •'.'.'' veiiy - successful" 'big 'scale invasion • raid against the ' Ge.nmm ;iiuigiy^ ; op .iiiife. ^ nbr.l,)3.ei'.n^:,;.coas L. ; .. o f 'Phincc and. Air Minister Sir. Archibald . Sinclair.- '.indicated that new fronL" might be opened' against liio Nazis. ' •'•' : '. -. •'"••' .',' ••'• ' ; . 1 '-We in" u B I- ' ta ke ' G cr m a n y . by .the throat,".. Sinclair,', -a'aJ'tl; ..presumably in reference to recent di3i)iands,for a-E'ui'O.peuii 1 ' offensive. American expeditionary forces in the JBril.ish Isles would probably aid if any such operations, are.- attempted; in order to take full advantage of the continuing -Russian, .'drive on- th 1 -' eastern front. . Everywhere, at least for Uio moment, ' the allied forces were struggling to ; tiikc . .and : hold the offensive against powerful Axis forces at sea ; and 'on ; land and fighting; appeared to have blazcoV on an ^unprecedented .scale over worldwide fronts. '.(ConUnuecl on - Page Two) ALPHONSE NOBLE CO-INVENTOR OF FLUID MEASURE Alplions'c Noble o* Naugatuclc and John F. Ind'erolinen, of Milwaukee, Wis., are ,'co-iiivqntors of devices .for measuring 1 '. ifliJii.l "pressures according to. an announcement made, today by Harold, G. Manning, palenl, aLI,orncy, of Wa- torb'ury. Tbc patent was issued by Mie'U. S. Pntcnl, Ofl'icc and assigned l,o. l,hc Brisloi,. company oi'.\Valer- REV. A. R LEWIS PRESENTED WITH AMERICAN FLAG Rector Of St. < Michael's Episcopal Church Honor Guest at Party Last Night A large American Hag WQ.S presented to Rev. Arthur F. -Lewis, rector' of ;"''.Sl'.'• Micbtxdr.s ''"' Episcopal church, last evRhingr'-oiv the "occasion of a birthday party given in his.lionoi: in the parish, house by l,hc members*-of his congregation under the sponsorship .of the Church Helpers and a general committee, of members of, the parish. Mrs. William J, Nbblb, -Jr., president of the Church Helpers, officiated as master-of-ceremonies and the presentation speech wns delivered by Miss'.Emily Sophie Br.own. The entertainment program included violin selections by Miss Barbara .Anderson,- accompanied on the piano by Mrs. Ellen Cooke and vocal numbers by the glee club of St; Michaers 'church. DEMOCRATS TO FETE JOE DINNENY AT PARTY TONIGHT Will Be Tendered Farewell Party By First Warders In A, 0. H, Hall Members of fJic First Ward Dcmo- cralic Club and friends, will gather in ; Hibernian • Hall < tonight "• -al.;- • -8 o'clock to honor Hu'i'Kesa .l.oscph V- Dinneny a^' a far.ewell party. % " The event will also be the annual celebration .of ^tbe club and is expected to attract 'a large attendance. Mr. Dinneny, .'.who is vice-president o£ the First ''•'•Wfti'd CM),. )]jfi8;J)cniu'»<ir t1 vo - j n " t Ji"6 v • if ffa'i r's* of li is %1 'po 1 1 tied 1 party for a number 'of years and served. . -as. cli.airmun of the democratic town committee in Xauga- tuck .for -several years before )ns resignation from the olncc-last -.your. Mr. Pinneny will lenvc to .join- tho. military -'forces of- the United Stales with In a short Mine. Tin has passed all examinations for the service and was placed in class JA.. •' HACK TO TIIIHI) Sarasola, Fla., Fob. 28— (UP)— -Urn Tubor returned today to his tliird- base berth with the Boston Hod Sox after 'bis J5-minutc career in left Held ended when Ted Williams became eligible, to play by order of President; : -Hoosevolt. • Return, of Williams .probably also will relegate Manager .I.oe Cronjn .lo the bench. Cronin, shortstop last season, planned to play' third and shift Tabor to the outllold if Williams were drafted. Japanese, Apparently, Were Caught Napping By Phil. lippine Defenders GEN. Mac ARTHUR IS STABILIZING ADVANCE LINES New Lines Are Few Miles Beyond Point Where Offensive Started By MACK JOHNSON (United Press Staff Correspondent) Washington, Feb. .28— (UP)— Fighting' has cased, off on • "IJu.laim peninsula with Oen. Douglas MacArthur's forces stnblllxlnfe..'. Uiclr. advance lines . a few miles ' bcy.onit the -front which existed prior lo their recent .' exploratory ,v attack, .the w;ir do^ar.tment, reported i l/bduy. . Operallons- of'-the last 24 hours wc/rc ]i;niilccl to "nolttU'veiy.: lUihor 'paj'rpl .skknvilsliei?,". ilUb,. dcpUrtinen|;' said ,ln. a communlquo l bnset{ ; on'ad- '/\v;. is he hew. front -of ' the npIn:o.,. defenders roni four, to, ;/ivp v ;in!lo^ : lii co"'' 'of'fI)e J 'front Nvhlijli' tliey oarly this week whnn M)ey their exploratory attack, to ^fecl qu(i • lhe''',.enchl_.Y positions;,, ; . • '..: : 1 1, 'oxfeiicl.s from ..sllgJJ t|y .north of Ab'ucny' on" Ibe Manila- bay side of the penlnsiihv- to u point otr tho Hh'ina sea midwny l)eLSVcoh)Bngac-^ the western anchor point, of Mi'o old lino,— and Moron, which is about 10 miles north of Bagac. Tli'a new lino Is- well in. advance of- the. trans-peninsula highway ex- timding from Bagac to Pihir%^ Presumably the defenders now/ enjoy free use .of 'Mils highway— <v factor which undoubtedly , would be -of considerable aid. The communique noted that Mac- •Ar.lhur/s troops 'nre holding advanced positions, taken during tho last fow days of combat," but added that "the ."Japanese are still holding their main bnttle positions." Observers believed Unit MacAr- (Gontinucd on Page BJ«ht) t Late News Bulletins RUSSIANS SPEED UP OFFENSIVE . MOSCOW, Feb. 28— (UP)— German planes attempted to.parachute munitions and. food to the beleaguered' 16th Nazi Army at Staraya today as Russian troops sped up their offensive from, the Baltic to the Crimea.: Military dispatches from the northwestern front said.Nazi resistance at Staraya was weakening rapidly- in the face of batterin' Soviet attacks. , , BRITISH REPORT LONDON, Feb. 28—(UP)—The London Star reported from Batavia without confirmation today that Japan lost several warships and about-five transports in sea fighting with American and .Dutch, forces off Java:; • U, S. BOMBERS SCORE . AMERICAN VOLUNTEER ..'GROUP- HKADQUA1K TJSRS, CHINA, Fob, 28—(UP)—American fliers today were credited witli destroying approximately 88 Japanese planes in 48 hours of fighting over Burma. BRITISH SHIP SUNK GUIDAD TRUJILLO, DOMINICAN REPUBLIC,. Feb. 28—(UP)—The British merchant ship MacGregor was sunk Friday off the Dominican coast by two enemy, submarines, it was announced officially today. One man out of the crew of 31 wa's kilted,'the announcement said. MRS, ROOSEVELT'S STATEMENT . NEW YORK, Feb. 28— (UP)— Mrs. Eleanor Roose-. veil said that she would never take another government office as long as her husband is President. "I can't take a government position because of, my being the 1 resident's wife; I found that out," she said just before boarding a plane for Seattle, Wash, to visit her son-m-law and daughter,, the John Boettigers,

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