Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on February 27, 1942 · Page 6
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 6

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Friday, February 27, 1942
Page 6
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} . light ii v fl v r ' '[ 1 DAILY NEW8, FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 27, DR. TOWNE CONCLUDES MEDICAL DIV. REPORT , o Caaimlty Station Will Send Medical Team* Closer T( Disaster If Required ; Towno'w report, a* tho lOmortfuiivy Modi- t)r, N. A, chairman of . . c,nl Sorvloo DlvlHlon of tho Nautca ,-trlok DofoMHM (Jonn'oll, whloh \\RAS uppoiK'nd In provloun odltlonfl of' Thn Dally Now» LhlM wook, Is ror,-; cliulod In lOday'H Installment, '• whlnh h« OaHually HMitlon will: , Hot'vo a« a (.u»nlor from tnaniM may ho HurU to tho dlflartlor If rrxinlrod, 1 Claro 'foe poi'MOfui with IriJurluH and for thono from nbi'VoiiH Hhouk and hyNiJM-lH ,;ihtll they may ho pormlttud-to ro- Uiri!' to thalr homon or to tflinpor- •ipy HholtorH, Thin will protect )IOM- fi^om tho hucflun of inlnor whloH would lulorforn with tho -work of oarlnK Tor tho tiurlouHly. Injiicod, ,'f, Koop « rouord of all porxoin tnmlod.ut UIH fjtntlon aiUI H«O thai- nil nanualtlo* tranHfurrnd to a IIOM- pltal arn lawd« • Tho (HUiualty nuaion IH to h« finp- pllod with HlrulohnrH, oollapslhlo outs, and hlanKulH from mod lea I. dopots la(;atnd at Hltos from which thu transportation of (imoi'fcom;y mddloal Horvlou lu dorlv^d, Mlxhl HlhJlohorH, twnnty-foui 1 ool« and Hlxty-fotiP olankola Hhould hu avall- fthlo pur 10,00» population for I.HMUM to oaHUulty MtallonM HM tin- nood (U'lHOH, NaiiKaluok ha« Mfloim 'utrruolnM'H, ono hundrud i;l(inkotM, fifty-Mix \Vo aro fortunate 'olenl tabjOM whloh ho plaood 1 upon for in Id OH, KlJ'Ht Aid POBtH! Tho (h'Ht aid post will oomipy u tornpot-ary location imually clom) lo th6 «J()(I(H> of dlHnfUur and svlll ; ' ii '(Jnl'trfop tho morn Huvaroly In- Jtirod, preparatory t6 tludr tram;for u oaHiiolty HtaLlon or hosph tut, No MurK'u-y other than nrn^r- llPHt aid 1^ uonUmiplatud, tila'HHlfy tho wwualllUH so as tho transfor of tho Injured to' a omumlty tjla- or hospital, a most lm|)ortanl rowpoiuilhldty whloh rociidreH- .sur- Kloal judKnio/il, •U; -Ulruot tho ttlroam of amhi|la- ^017. and 1 .of HllHhtly Injuwl Htretohui' pallontM and thOrto-Hiifrur- Injsf fcorn norvoun nhook or hyn- thrift t</ « paHiialty H tall on, ', /4, TU^ 'all ; t tmHuallloH Immodlato- • jy, Maintain onlrlon 1 In (msually ' took 'Of all, puj-Homi rooulv- lli'iit aUI, 1 A.nui'Ho or nurao'H hu I'OBpotiMlhlo for cuminl (IH fol« in havlnw miffl- Hlrotohni'H may IIHO an to whloh they have beon directed hy llui oontrol oontor or Iw HUD illation and nut up llrst aid Hta- UOMH. When Indicated, Uio Hmmd loader In o-hai'iio of a casualty .station may dlnpnloh ono or' morn toaniM of phynlolanH, IUU-HOH and nui-Hlng auxiliaries to oHlabllHli /Irst .lid pOMlM at HllOft. 'OlOHlH 1 tO tllCi dlHiiHtor, Tho oHlabllNhmonl,' of first aid .POH(H IH not at pronont oonloriH plat yd, . ' CALENDAR OF DEFENSE COUNCIL FOR THE WEEK Foe tho oonvonlonoo nnd Informn- llon of all eltanH .of NauguUiok and rnomliurfl of tho Hovnral divisions of thn looal Civilian Dofwiso Council The Dally NOSVH inihllHlioi-H hei'tnvlth a calendar of all l-ho uutlvJUoH plaiimul by tho oounoll for tho ro- mahulnr of tho wook. On Monday of oucsli wook 1 In Uin fuluro a complete calendar of Uio aollvlllt'M a/id meeting ol 1 thu oounoll will appoar In that day's l.MHiiu of Tho NOWH, Tho mihodukt svilt bo prlnlod dally Tor o.iiuh HUO- ndlnK day of tlio wook, " • Tho romalmlor of l,ho Hohodulo 1'or Lh'lM wook follows: Today's Sports Parade •[flog, u; S, Pat, Off.) . By JACK GUIilNTMlCn U, -IV Sin IT Gon-usponclenl. Hy JACK qUENTHER, U. IV. Stan" Corrospondont Now York,"-Fob. 27~(U p)—Th« National league schedule. 1» bc- Ing -pnssod ajong'lo tho oustornors tqddy, and tho neighborhood movie tycoons throughout, .eastern Am- orloa aro Hiiooumblng to a . mass opldomlc of apoplexy. Som e of thorn aro. brandishing the -bill. ..ol. rights and others are shouting for tholr lawyers, Tho romalndor .havo alroady .swooned.. ' < t\ glanco at the schedule will provide tho oluo to 'this.wave of an-; gillsli, Indignation and .alarm whlcn. has ongulfod tho hlokolod.oon -pro- prlotbrs. This document, prepared under emergency conditions, . If stookod with doublo features, load-, od with bank nights and docorated with ovorythlng but olootrlo bingo and 1'roc crockery for the house-. J , ;'•„ ;;',;,•...' .Be iJeaAeA Today Question Will ...Join Is Baseball He Or raid, war-. ('-.OnoruHon or l-'lpkl ClaMualty lob: • .',.-.• •";• y.'Phtt OP^'fHIbn of v tlio Hold , ly'Vorvloomay bo'Hkotohud lows;' ' . - , 'Alr.hUd warning*! will"oomo ic tho lotml control oontor from the military ojitablhilimoiilM In tho arua and will bo rolayud to »lho pi-opor OlvllUW Dofoniiw Off I no I'M, Information oonoornhiK Uio loontlon and oxlont of kxml (Ifti'iiugo will he traiuunlllod promptly to tho control oontor hy air raid .wardonn,, K »pot in'ftp HhowliiK Uio lo 1 of ho«plta(H and nllim foi tatlonH, ihp oontrol con« ,'II.M hub Htatfon will oall oui nurnhdt 1 o'f 'nnkl'-unltrt. u'nftH, svhloh liftvo svlll prouwid U) 7,'MO p, m. UffufiHu Content ('.imlc.r lulnpliono, >r fluid dlvlnloiiH, deputy ah arrluMH and Hdollun air raid luns, 7i'i'M) p. m,— Mod OOHH houHrt— Homo uii'HliiK (iliiHH«-MlH« Mary tl. (llaffoy, 7;!H) |i ,m,— (lonnmitlcmt MKht nnd >owttr Coriipany auditorium— lUid, .'Ji'OrtH mil rl lion oluHH— MlHH Dor- olhy MOHM, 7:MO p, m,— Kirn IIOUHO— Heel fii'oas Mi'Ht aid ulJisw— MlHH KvnlyiH*. .lonofl and MIHH Uortlm 10, flohfllur, 8:()0 p, ui,— Klro housn, suotlons II nnd H or Auxiliary polioo division. Important, . 7:!{0 p, m,— Ofl'lao of Harry L. fJartcu 1 , uhalrman of IndUHtrliil rll- vlHlon, lo plan plant activities- In oomiootlon with UIH!. blackout Hohnd- uh.-rl for March 1st from 8:00 to Urlo p; rn, • • ' ...... 7 to 10 p, in.— Hefonso Council olTluo; olTlolalpholoKraphor to Uiko phptowraphH • for 1 all .out-of-door worktu'H in any war omorgonoy, Snlnnluy , 2 lo f) p, m,— Oft'lol«l pholOKi-aphpr 10 tako photOKt'uphM rcr|Ulrc(l ,of all otil«of-doora workuru In any .\vur - . lUmoon-FallH town hall aid oln«H— JnrnoH T)!, r )0 Mod p, m, RAYRlDDieK NAMED COACH llunovor, N, II,, l«'oh, li7- Mny Illddlok of I;owoll, Mass,, moin- hor of tho Oroon Hay PaokorH 1 pro- I'HHMlonal roothull UMUII and I'qrrjuir Foi'dluuit V/ul, has b(M>n uppolnlod Kiid Coach ut Dartmouth, II was an- ouno».ul today'. • . llcatl Ooaoh Dn Orinond Mol^uiflfhry «Kld UiddloK will 'ropo for UMI Hlnrl of Spring pi'atilloo. l Ki'udtwU'd from Fordham .In liViO, It Isn't a normal National league Bohodulo In any. sense because 1942 Isn't a normal year. H was produced only after long hours of weary manipulation of algebraic formulas, railroad schedules, calendars and stop watches. Tho source .of all tho difficulty Is a little something originated a few years back by ^Uirry . MaoPnall — the 'night When . President TloonavalU gave baseball permission to continue ha spool fled that tbe number of night games should bo Increased so tluu additional (iltl/.ens would havo an opportunity to relieve their dally gi'lndH In tho factories with a few hours of evening relaxation, ,ludgn Uuulls harkod H fow orders to tho owners and tho suggestion was grudgingly approved. ' That part of tho routine was easy onough, Once agreement was voted il. hooamo tho problem of tho mappors to arrange the To this end President Kord Prick, tho owners and their Yoliucll- llkrv assistants wcro forced to double up,,on.datos to an extent unappt'oached anywhere since Rob- nrl. Taylor graduated from Pomona college to Hollywood. Tho results aro truly startling. Unless 1 havo completely lost the ability to count /on my fingers there will bo 70—better check 'om voursolf and make sure — doublo header- program on .lap this sum-, mur, Tho llguro represents an. In-., crease of 3-V ovpr-10/il. In .19:11 only -'t2 -light opgagornehts were played. This year.84 games will be offqred, ':','•'.. • TUeHO facts -aro hardly .world j 'shaking,' Asidb from a-few career 'me(i, fovv. ftUiH know or care .anything about the schedule'so long . 'an there Is a soheduld. Yet,. It always" has boon Indisputably import- nhf factor-in .the success or J'all- ui'O 1 "of ypur favorite 'team and If you'will permit mo to expert a. mo- mont'l.niay add' that this, year It will hfc doubly so, :.' • A' schedule : doeHn't help, or hurt a Yankee team ; .which • -finishes 18 ,gamos on lop hut.ft does'abet-or blndor .u Brooklyn in a. photograph llnlsli, A. homo, gamo .hQre... a nigh.t yuino' there .and a . double-beader somosyhnre else can easily fleclde.a ponnnnl race whtin the pressure .gaugo starts, having up.'This year tho complete unorthodoxy will affect more/than theater owners. .'.I have placed tbo schedule,under my '.pbrtnbln 'microscope and am now able -lo stale that ln-.J041.lho advantage'will'be held by the, teams w'llli ^strong pitching "staH's. ';Tlio well stqokod 'olubs-can survive'ox- Ira .'doublo , headers; .the ' ones whloh roly on India•• rubber arms and nothing'but balls .will be hard leading 'bitter learns »o- da.y"whother uo.,vyill;go Into iralnlngj this -spring xyJili^.'-fch'tf.;-. 1 Boston .Red. Sox-or. tho Ar.myl' -: >",.'' ' • ' Minnesota selective-- service head- quaiiei's disclosed that, tho l-lQimcpin County- .(Miriiieapol'ls).' draft;- : . -jjowrl No. d'woulfl:-have v ri(v announcement;' toddy 'about the . nnal-.draft classification, of -Lanky- Tod-. 'Williams, 23-yeai\-o)d Boston .outneklar svbo r liitViM last year. ;••••• ;' ; • ' ; Williams faces, eltber; rc-classin- oatlon as 1A—subject- to immediate induction In -the- Army--o'r -as !3A— wblcb would .al-joSv,.blin- to return- to baseball,- where ho: mado .a• re- poi'tefl. IjJlS.rioO salary, last yoa'r. The draft board's annbunonniRht presumably deals witn -ait appeal fro'm' Williams' previous .classification Ji) -1A,: - ; . ; . ,'.;„• ,..","• • Williams,' wjio spends tei-s -In the Minneapolis area, hunting and fl'shlnl? at M l n ri., (50 ni lies no r tb , o f • lie Husband a Hero his. .\ln- lioro .. . It- pr.qbably will' be . next June before. she . can, return to golf. .Stye gets : claily -attention .from-: scvora, doctors 'and. two ,. nurses, ,.Evci:s morning^ nor. injured limb- is mas- sug-ed and ii'Qiited .with, hot packs; Then she hobbles to ..'the' doctor's 'office, "for; further , treatment and curative 'exercises. EIGHT TEAMS IN IN"Y" . ./, VTAiLISHID IMf C. I*. Phoncphoto cajpturing many more, is proud re- ex- Calif, ola'Hslflnd In 1A and ordered to port for a preliminary physical amination hore. ' : - , , , Ho nafltiod tho' physiphl oxamlna- t.lon .lanuar.y. 8, the draft hoard .phy.slolan prommcing 'him • a "h'oal- thy , spnc.imen." Two: <liiy.s he ford his scheduled Induc-t-lon examination at Ft; Snolllnff, •,lanuary--2r),-,-. William Prion, of th o • IJ en n'pp in County dr/ift, board. No,' M 0,'.;anrtoiinced,,that Wll- llftms' cose had'- been ..appealed nnd Induotion .had been' postponod in- doflnltely.,.;.. . • .•'. V-." ; •-:•••- •• Price said l.he-draft.'boarfrfi nppe.a) agent took Uie'ciiiostlph of -Wlllinms- status Jo • the State appeal board l.o determine whether 'Williams 1 m'olb- or would be. left without ^support !f ho wore inductpd, . ; f| ,\ .'di'd-'hrd, ';ap'lieal' the caso ''' ' ; - ' ' " ; ' aurgical nurse, is employed nt Ardmore Hospital, in Fe'rn'dale, Mich. . . Wllllamfi,". who, bas ,))edn described by HccL^ox MaTinger.,Rddle GoJlljris as tbe '"greatest 1 'naj-ural'' left-handod h.ittp.r .I've' ovqr ?RGcn; JI --\yas ..the-! first. major league 'hitter ; to cflmb above the ;400 'ma rlc since Dill 1 Terry, lijf, ,4oi in m<). : !>..- •;• - ;;- • '*. ' 'Bo-stdn's .-basqbft'U" writers, . with whom Ted has-npt been. too friendly, pqt.- TlmL Is .because' -the pitcher, must .carry-this ynusual load. ' The. m'ounds'mfliVXvilr be : fectficl . but/'ithore' \vill- 'be ptlier slight ob'angos' Iili-t|ic:-spo.rti too.- -A- staggcred : '8chedui6 Vvpn't add fuel to any strcajiisr-lndlvidual batllhg or pitch Ing.,,^U'&alcs.;Or !.club \yln- .Ing streak*?. 7t- will f be,-quite diJTlcuH: for a bpt cjul) to s.tay^hot .because tho continuity' will be 'missing.' Tbe work week ha's- : bcen'- broken, up. ,TbC' tc'airiH • wltli '4 •maximum' numbpr ,pf. jrlayprs '>vbp are emo- t'ionally phpgmailc sbauitl bear up best, but eveir-tl-).ey"wlll;- find •much of the old J5|p-.and-Hp'ar.kJe. gone, Baseball-• Is .only a : game,-of 'course, but it Is work J'pV l;be players. And . How' d p y p U' : fee 1' -\ v I) e n,' -y o u \v ork » night trl'ek'-today, a-"day shift .to-, morrow, and "• thoii lake : ' over two ^ 111 f ts 'o n iPr',1 day -?> •• '. •'.'. - ^ ,•' /•. •li'onorhdi iilrn last month at their 'flLnniiifi banquet by awarding him thq Jacob .0. Morse- Mbrnocial Trophy .as "Boston's "mosvL valuable player. 11 , ..'... • • '• FATY DREAMS THEREDCROSS '-Minneapolis, Minn.;, Fob. 27— (UP). —Patty 'Bfirg-, who-has -.played goK bo;lh .for furi and for • money ,-* now hopes": to play for hor country; . jf she ^recovers .from--in,juries--received in . automobile -accident by- siJiTimer, she -\ylll return to Uie 1 In k'p on ;n n a' I, I o n-'\v 1 d e to u r .b f ex - h'ibllion .mal-olics\.to promote sale, of''Defense, .bonds.'' •'••• • •'•• . ' ; • Between .now and "'then- shb.- •!!•:• going 1 to; make-,: a- series • oi' public; announcements "to urge, .-the .sale of 'defense .fronds and, ask. eont.ribu-, lions- to; the -Bed -Cross- war - I'unti. ' Aces Again Held Hawks To No^ Score—St. Hedwig-' Team Missed 'Basketball: galore, 1 :.>vas the word at 'the NaUgatuck Y; M. 0. A. las night when eigjit Ujams played ii the Junior Tournament. Again the Y. Aces and the Y. H.-uvks wa? tops with the Aces'winning 8 to 0 The "youngsters played several for- mer'games with the Aces always coming to., the. front,, 8. to 2,,and 5 'to 0. Last night provicd the Aco.s were Aces. •-.-'. The second gam'6 saw-flic Y. Indians "play a- stel.iar game at I lie expense of St; 1 Frdnbis, winning to 0. The Healy twins worked'like twin Viribtors, and-'"the • spectators were ; fieligbted. to waLch their fust pass ;wo;i ; k''a : nd dribbling, while Johnny-Mojitanari 'played' about the hardest-''game of' any • individual of Hie 'evening. ,- ' . • .Central was a little too strong for Prospect with a- win 25 -to J.3. Ralph • Domlnano.. topped the evening' Ayith scoring 14- points being high scorer. .-• .-Srilghi. tlircw a .scare ,'Into 1 . Hop Brook Iii-the nightcap, game when they took an 'early -lead birt .tho pressure was top £roat --for Salem and, they 'withered down to a score of Hop Brook 28' and'^alem 42. A good crpwd .. witnc.SHecl. ,tbc ganics'and' are set to SCQ the semi-, finals •-tohight":"TS'ith' v the Y. Aces iind 'Centrals...mixing It up at 7:li! jiiid HOP Brook and tho Y. Indians- lit 8:00 o-elook. ., i Where , is St. Hedwig was the jWord'last.night .aVmriny spectators expected to sec the Scliool winnevif )n -foi 1 • an • easy- trophy \vlnnciv ' : . ' •' ' •• . Y. -Aoe.S Aquavla, SpVicioJa, Pointo'rv Roland, If rf c , .. .Miss Berg-Is'hobbling about \vilb .bac; leg.;in ..a. cast.. ... '•.','1 want to get : out of this bouso and ."d'O dy'erything- I can '.to,, help,-' ''Sh'e , r tlie firm which•• employs her, -""I've' Had about'ail' the sitting 'arpuri'd; .•l i ':'Syan;t,v- ..',.',;;-•'. : ;: : ; •''So her'.em ploy or arranged. • Lhe pub I i.o. a-ppenrance.- tour, *'s tdr'tf n'g • its '.soon -.awf Miss 1 -Berg.' _. .'Since'' Dec.' 8 'the.,2^-,ve<ir-ol,d golf s If t J • , V; - - sV 11 o •': W 0 n - '.v I r I, u a i I -y.! e v p r y'. j n a- joi i: wpmen.'s';-champipnMliip . she ".bccumG;''a ; -" pi'o.fessionai • in-' 1040,' liafl; .^Qen.;''cPn(hie(.l, -'.by the 1 '-'injuries; slre •r.c.coivdd ; ln :Vm ;au.Lom^blle r; nc~ t in Texas, Yfer : kne'ecap : '-was B.. 0 .-1: . 2 , 0 .0 Totals Y. Hawks B. Williams,^' rg'' 1 ;..';..'..\v. 0 u n n .oil 'd," T£. ; v,...'. •.. > Koy, Ig :': .'.'.-1*:\ ',-.,. /if; ;i Klon'oski, Ig '• V".... ...?.; Packer, c ';.,....; Donovan,. c ........-.-...... Hackett,-rf- -.... r.-..- v.-. Markov!Ci >f .....'..... pwonsj 1C- 1 . -v.'.V..' Tcita'fs"'.'.',"."!'."'.".'.".'...;..' ,' Score at .bull' 'time: Referee:. Asbiinore, (Second! Ganie) F. 0 '0 9 0 0 0 0 - 0 0 G 0 0 0"-0 00 0 0 6 o V ..I. T . -, i < •• < ' i" .' , . •( - * * • /.'!.>;.•'• ' '' '', ::•' * ;/. NAUGATUCK DEFENSE COUNCIL !>»' l ' • C OHTR OL CENTER WATER. GAS & ELfeCTWC -MESSENGER. 1 .. [COMMUNICATIONS CHTET AIR POLICE MEDICA FIRE ^V,t ->*VlCf3 CSULY MEDICALFIRST AID POST STRETCHER TfAHS FIRST AID PARTIES RLAC E ' R E liIEF CE NTE INCIDENT C L : O^H1;N O, BLAfi KEfTS' ET C. DETACHMENTS HOSPITALS Heal*',; 'If, Coary', 1 ' If Leary, |f Mq']Huniii ; y :i r Cuddy,.' c ; . i- J. HoKTy,. IK B. . 4. . 0 . 0 . I . 1 . 2 '..-I ; 0 : F. .0 .'0 62 0 d •- o o p. i, 2 h 1 0 8 P. Q d .. o. o o " 0 ...p. 0 0 b' 4-0. p. 9 P 0 ..4 '0 Nr ''-- What this Prep Shop*, second floor—can do for yoti at $17*75 and $19.75, sizes to 4O, is something for the book. There's one and two trousers suits -—there's outercoats, zip in lining topcoats and inside outers they're wonderful values, good looking patterns, good fabric? and streamline tailoring attuned to the tempo of the age. A fe\y all wool slacks — 12 pair, formerly $5.00. DEATH PENALTY IN SING SING PRISON TpLairi 0. • -;2 .20 - St. Dow]ing, • i?g -,; GaronjTrf?--.-.-.-;. L. -Mascola/ Ig-: Wljcox-, B, ' Lynn,, .c...,.,.... Walsh; c'. ;..-.,. NV. Mascola, rf N'olan,.'"!!; 'V.\.'.','. ....:... 0 .-v.-vi-.v.'-O' ,..,--,.;. 0 .2 i...••;;...o. o o Q 6 -l 0 o o Osshiing, N. Y., J?ob. 27—(UP)~ GcoVgo Cvek who sneered about tlio 15 housewives ho murdorcd, .raped or robbed and sneered and spat at the iudge who, sentenced him, couldn't quilc sneer last night when he sal down in the" electric-•chair of Sing lnir prison. I3ul ha tried. A cynical' smile -placed about his lips wliMe > atl/c7KlanT.s''nd.jiisi.erl hen find leg electrodes and'buckled bin n. During the seconds between time they, stepped back nnd 'th switch, was 'thrown; . ^witnesses. - ii [he hot. little-.death chamber sav u's smjlc fade and his lips move. He' was repeating- tin prayer),-being said •' liy 1 the pris'or ill up lain, 'Hi e Rev.; Bernard Martin Three minutes:* after be enteret ha death •chamljer, 'he 'was pro- lounccd. dead. ; -.'• - • Not even 1; his mother,., Mrs. Bar- )ai'a Cvek, of. Brcssler, Pa.,...console.r lim in 'bis' last Jiours. .None bar is] ted: him. since he was ins tall cX in death row InsL'.Mny 1 21, and he had written no leltcrs and, bad.askei for" nobody,. , ' ; ' ' He looked at. the sun • streaminp through the bars yesterday afternoon, and fold the guard;. VU's'a nice day- for- some people; He was executed for the murder of pretty Mrs. KaLherine' Pappas, r Sunday-school teacher, whom be strangled wilb a necktie "and-robbed Officials, \ynntcd; him. to confess the mnnler of Mrs'. IjJMznbeth .len- sen—the circumstances were almost- iflcntical with those of l|io' Pnppa.p case—but he refused •. to sep them He confessed that he had killed •Mrs. Pnppas, : and raped or robbed— sometimes boLh—IV other women.. JO AN FONTAINE, GARY COOTO ARE GIVEN AWARDS Totals ....-...,,.,.. 4" 1 f) Score, at-half tlrno: Indians JO-2. Rofoi-ee: . Marlan'b-Lftbrl'ela. Time; four G-mlnuto quarters.', (Third' .Game) Central Avc; • . ' -..'"•• '- )3l. P. P. ! Aslimoro,.-• If. ......... ;\ . • 4 . ; 1 9 Bottes'e'r, Ti', .;..-......•.. 0 d . 0 Dorninano, rf .. /.-....-...'. G : .Mariobti, i'f .-.....•;-..;.; 0 jAlbcrta/ c . .-, 1 . ..;-...•:.•...-1 JPcck-, c .'....';...;,;..;.. Q 0 -2 0 0 -0 ' 0 jDlnhariiah,' Ig•••.. /..•;.',.-...".. iSweenpy,' rg..-;;,;.,-; 0 . 0 • 0 iAoi'dkiTi^'re 1 :...v';;. ; .. ^;.,.; 0 ' 0' .0 ;. Tqtal.s '!.',.. ;••„..•_....-.11' Prospept • ''.'.- "•-.-•': •'•: - : '-" B. Sbcpack, rg. ....;,.....; l Cardinal, Ig. .......-,,. .!,•. b' .8 '25 ;Gonsalves, 'rf ';.','.,;.;;; o i StaJTel', 1 'if:'".'.'...'.....-..'.'..: 3' .' 0 P. 3 '0 3 Hollywood, Ifcb. 27—(UP)— Fifteen hundred movie 1 makers obeercd .loan .Fontaine and .Gary Cooper as the best actors of JD.41 early lodpy at, tlio '14th' annual Academy Awards dinr ner. ••••-. - .. .. . Miss Fontaine, in black" like most of bp.r banqueting sisters in the glamour gjr] business, and Cooper i'n a business suit -and a wide grin won th'olr'gold-nlalwd Oscars' for their performances,, rbspncl^vcly. in "Suspicion 11 and "Sergeant York." "How Green Was My."Valley" was Snowflakc Biscuits' Hoston . Ounnv Pic.s : .folly Rolls Clioeolnfe Kclnirs U'hipprcl Crenn> Pnfl's Custard, Cream Pud's Haspnoi'i'y Tnrts Whole Wbcnt. Hrond llnisin Brood Kuhn's City ISakery MAPLE; ST. TEL. 3C78 oas. ..",.;';'.!;.:;•..',...;.'. d '-'-s 1 ! is' i- Score -at- -half time] -dentral' Avc-..- •Euferces: .. .-'Ashmore-Labripla, • ' "..(Fdu'rUi -G'aoi'e)^ : ./ ,'•'-.' .'••Hop Brook ; named best- picture, \vhiio Jolm Ford', who .(llreoted it, nnd wiio no\v is serving \vilh ; Mio-Nnvy n t- sen in the Far' East, received Die ])n xo ; 0) . the b^t directing.' Orson Welles, the man from who bad been nominnled in .., all l.bc award classillculitms, v p'. cp-ivcd only'balf an-Oscjiv,, as eo- author of bis - ono-man movie, "Citlxon Kane." Best support Inp player was Donald Crisj), for }^ part in "llow .Greon," \vhilo. bo s | supparting . actress . was Die rej. beaded Mary As tor—she of, diary fame—for ber work-in "The Grp«t Lie." The movie manufacturers got s particular kick ' from Miss POH tain's award.-Pour • years ;igo 'sljj was flrcrl by . R-K-0,. because tin at that time said slic'd never be a first-class actress. Try a Classified .odds and ends: Ad to disposed Have You Saved for your INCOME TAX? It will fce ; due March 15th; » > Sav ings B ank The Old-Time- "Mutual " 1 ' — FOR SALE- Brick Building and lot on Woodbine Street, Suitable for Small Manufacturing Business Naugatuck Insurance Agency, Inc. 9 Neary BIdg. Phone 2080 B. • :-.., -.-• . Curtin 1 , If .;.,;...',,.-..; r 3; '•' Hcriry;,:lf :--•.. ' rf- •:; Faduke, 'c ' '. . Y.. Paiteri, c' Joe's,'- Iff. 1 - .;. Patten, ,. rg ' .' Sam,; rg ....• i Totals :;';;. IforlsJi,. -rg. ;.';• Kane, "rg•••'..;'• . Vaughan, Ig --. te . ScHyliiVcer,.' 'c • San tor,',- c 0 . < : F... 0 0 d ' o'. 0 • 0 Salem G . 0 2 10 0 .'/, 'V .2 o: : : o; .28 o 2 : o .0. ;•....-. .0, F. 0< o 0 P.' -00 . 0-.' : 0 0, Q , ........ ., , Nardyc.0!,- rf ' '. . .'.V /.;... ; i '0 ' : 9 s.tafreiv ; rf:..:.,;;;../.;..;-/i.v. 0 - .'o' • Totals •••-••'•--3. ,0 ; ; -,c; ":. -Hop .Brook . llll 'SffeSSS^; ;. Score;.;a 1 1 half. tin)e,~: -Hop I3r IS-S.VRcfci'eei ;Labriola-Ma;riano. This company has been appointed an official Tires Inspector in our district by Tire Rationing Board No: 6. If you are in urgent need of new tires bring your car in to us so we can inspect your present rubber and assist you to fill out your application to the local Board* atuck Fuel Co. ,^.i;l:;; r ': " ; Tel. 2219, FORD — ME5RCU ^Y — LINCOLN

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