Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on February 27, 1942 · Page 5
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 5

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Friday, February 27, 1942
Page 5
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Program Showing* Now , At The Gem ,„,.(,,.,.,• fili'ls About Town," fin-. ,^ nt-w i-uiimnMo t'tii'cn, now (!,-(,. Ihnnlni- hud (Uldl- Ion huls Iho I'amouH comedians' hit- tr now. ooniody hjgh In thoh-Cutest/ (wimuly Hwi.sHllqn "Hldo 'JSrii Co\y-'' boy," oun'onlly ul -WaiMioi-'s iSlutiv\ Hi ou Lor. ..-., Kvory liulhmUon points to rp'corcl- bi'ouklMK (lUmiduMCOH f.fml. wll'l surpass tho sonstttlonal audlonoo •» 'I'",.,, I; „« wim luHKlilor «l Vu «o«.0't of "Buck Privates." "Hold I.\|HISI' of' whuf !<H 01) 1)0- doors— I, IHnnlo ,,7,M^';m«l .lunM Hlulr, wild Hohci't j'.'.jil.-.v and .lului Howard, Iho sllai slrlkc oom'nn'iH'i', a " lnvcfdlKiHIon and a inoi 1 - rniM'luvc,' as svcll as Ihn |nvn llasiu) ol' Ih(» season, •\ a t'cspltc {'com howling. Fallh Banner (Juan and lUnnlo Harnos) woi-k to onaldo Ihul. 1 (•.hliiM 1 srhool, VN'lion llopn the proposal of Tnai tlliost" and- *'Koop In^ 11 "l\lilo l!)m Cowboy" Is- by far -and wide Miu iiuwl'Di-olunllous and bust of. Minlr rlol-lous ve.hlolOH. Jt. has an ovnn mnt'o diverting; .story thread than Its prodnoossoi 1 , more Imprusslvo HOUK numbors, a stronger uast, and Ki'oatoi- production values, Uauktfi'oumhMl agal|st an Arlxonn dudd rancii, l.he. ne-sv "jhd.uro is said lo c.ontaln everything nouossary in the way of parade, grounds for tho antlos of the two stollar '/anlos, in- eluding (nrllns, rncllo' acns lironcos, wild steei-s and fond nine. inilohrlUido, Among Uio pltiyora nro fi hovy of buthing boautlos and the Hopkins (John Howard), Sf , m , mnH i j )oau tH' u i cowgirls .nnliti'H lo K''l hoi 1 Urnd HU tho world. r'll In 1 I'Ol'tM'd U) I'(.M!Onsld(!|'. ' t't.-ud I'onvoi-ls Mm i:\ln a vorllaldn mad house jl^ inanaKi'i 1 , VYHlHiiTorc-o 1'iul- It.ihrrt lit'iK'.hlny) Into a vi-ry •|- 0 hrliditen t il Hi- ,-rihli Tho ud- Manners'. I'VaHuK a ii, the girls call in Tommy carl I ho "i-adavtM 1 " lo a ;dley. 'I'ommy, hosvevei 1 , HIP body UH Ihn missing IH.MK overdue ut Ihe (''inference and betrays tho y phoning Iho story to his iMHOplloallonM multiply <u» , v/lio lied so 1 100 1 I'oi 1 a lllu^ in Ihe lilK tdly, dovtdops n mi Tommy, .-nM-iuul lead Is "Superman." Abbott-Oostello Starred Now At State, Watorbury [Ui'l Ahhotl ^vc ddiip I! i <[iiir-)>"di'<d<nd and Lou (.lostello Kaln. (Jlad In ohaps, binds and UMI-KIII- lUmnlng throughout tho offering are tsvo ronmnthi Ihroads. Ono f«a- turo oye.-dlllng talontiul Anne (lyynnc with Dlok Koran. and Johnny Maok Hrown, '1'ho otlior Is highlighted by tho how-nnd - arrow wedding of the uhorublo Oos'tollo and (ho plump ,/ody (tilhnrt. DllxM 1 nolabhis In tlio oast olndo Sainuol S. Hinds, Tho Merry Maos anrl Klla .Kltx.gorald. Musical specialties are oontrihuted by Ill-Mnl ters, the Huokaroo Hand and the' Hanger ("Ihorus of -U), Next in tho State's big lineup of new season lilts Is tho long-awaited Walt Disney technicolor triumph "Immbo," opening Wednesday at the Slate. "Kour Jacks and a Jill" with n large east of favorites .wi ho (ho seoond nig hit at Wednesday's show. Other attractions coining soon to tho Stato are '"Sullivan's Travels/' - "Hod Time Story," "Pa- clllc Hluekout," "Louisiana Purchase," and "To He Or Not To He," starring Carole Lombard and Jacl; Uoimy. ^ Tlint odd piece of furniture u.Ifihl find n buyer It 1 you use tho Cllussi- ilod medium. GEM TODAY SATURDAY 9 delicious lovilies the loose.,for la?4£/ts! t FOUND \TOM- T»4« ALU v^ SOMfe BOOTIES By Mill AM RITT and CLARENCE GRAY MEANWHILE, 1M THE. HALL ualionidly . I'uo* p^sonV,,,$ H'K SAID.' 11 TEH !•), rot--lift) 1 STEAL' 1 THE. Iho jilitH 15 AKKA'5, inUM'unlionnl GHOST 'HAS LONjS ' WAIT HtRE, MILORD, AND I WILL MAKE KNOWN YOUR PRESEMCE MASTER. Shir No. '3 on ol' Iho I'uinou.s slnfjc wiUrhls^. in siioh picdui 1 ^ Hlfl. Store," and orclii'slrn ol' Slar No. !! ••^•••M YES L-lTTLE. FEL-UOVI. I WA« Great Sta Bar, Today l,unll,y l.o /p'bw and hnr outstandli Hqllywooc all-nialu ' \vlil,uppf 1'ornianoo a chancf show. T COI'VHICHT, 19<J. K1NQ KEATUHKa SYNDICATB. Inc. .WARI By PAUL ROBINSON \NHATtL--1-DO/ AW, NO.YA DDNH PAL J I^AT VIOLATES CLAUSE THIRTEEN IN THE CON TRACT.* I'M'-THEONl^ ONE WHO CAN BREAK THE' NOSE VsJITH- ourHV DAILY CROSSWORD 2. Ireland 3. Guide 4. Salty 5. Part of loan BI.ONDELL Biimie BARNES • Janet BLAIR with Robert BENCHLEY John HOWARD EXTRA ADDED SPECIAL V? AMAZING! ... EXCITING I I'u mod Ihe list Miss •'ill here. Oi and bt.'sl "GiisMe To lor,- Wholan Presoi ducUon 1 taken (W bnr Ll-io l.o the OptlMH for lo provus as a ' Span GALLEY ND SEE. ! VOO VANT CHOW.T&O? JO<pT GOT PEEDIM'A ™ ; - I'M OFF QUtV NQX BOV AM I PRBH NO!--- I'VE GrOT It)TOIL AN' AM' oTA^r COOK\N X ALt OVER AGrAlM FOR TH/<r CAT:" 24. Hindu garment 27. Network 29. Wcathcr- , cock 9. Region' locomotive 30> Greek letter 10. Symptom of 6. Colors 31. Intimate epilepsy 7. Papalacarf 32. Pause 11. Persian coin 8..Small . 35. A foray 12. Shaggy . parrot 39. Concord mammal 13. Bend 41. Bombards 14, Tax 42. Weight of 1Q.'People of India Wales 44. Deep ravtnr 19. Boast 48. Part of 22. Skillful window 50. Glacial anow 51. Tidy . 53. Nothing By R.J. SCOTT BOYS AND GIRLS, YOU CAN JOIN THE SUPERMAI^S USE OUJB! BE HEEE THIS WEEK!! ^ yiM * ^ HtlR ALSO EDGAR KENNEDY 2-REEL COMEDY AND HEALTH R^EL DANCING NIGHTLY 8 'I'O 1 A, mil Sim. -Mon.) COPPER ROOM HOTEL ELTON THE OLD^ HOME TOWN Registered U S Patent Office By STANLEY (LUKE SENT IT HOME A SO'OVENIF? "TMis IT IO 14- Its i •55 "54 •56 13. Outlaw 15, Cabbage salad 17. King of Bashan 18. Head (slang) 20. Piece out 21. Marry |; 23. Old length [ij.v., measures 2$, The (Sp.) 26/Noree god 28. Molded masses 30. Proffer . 33. Rage 34. To be of importance 36. At home 37. Type measure 38. Isaac's eon 40. Large worm 43. Two-wheeled carriage 45. Metal 46. Pronoun 47. Drooping 49. A meal 52. Persia 54. To blind 55. Vedic god 56. Elliptical 57. Stagger 58. Meshed . fabrics DOWN 1. Building for : ; *'' <J automobile* CRVPTOQtJO'ftE—A crypto^rmm quotation OAX CRO I-PAS VZRS TM VJTSSQa LX8 SZQ MNABQG VAJH KRG GQEQJ LQJQKRPPQH^-ZAJRKQ. Saturday's Cryptoquote; THE GREATEST THOUGHTS ARE THE SIMPLEST; AND SO ARE THE GREATEST MENT- Diatributcd by King Features Syndicate, Inc. 44- GO FACTOGRAPHS , Transplanting antelopes as a mean? of • restoring-'thi$ animal to former abundance is now^being carried on-in' 1 -three western "sAates^—New'• Mexico, Texas and Colorado, according to the fish and wildlife service of the United States department of agriculture. . ' * . * * . If red is a favorite color, a .person is" probably impulsive, with strong desires and a liking for action and emotion. Fickleness and a lack of perseverance are such a person's greatest handicaps, according to an ama- •teur color psychologist. .-i * * * •' The Navajo Indians of New Mexico believe that .the earth i« flat, and that the sun, moon and stars revolve around it The weaver bird is so named from its habit of weaving straws, and grasses in .and- out to make a firm home. Both male and female asilst in the building of the nest; . * * •' * Byzantine, Moorish, Spanish and Mexican Aztec influences are combined in Arizona mission architecture, as demonstrated by Mission San Xavier del Bac, near Tucson. * * * The city of Benin, Nigeria, in ^vest-central Africa, was once called the "City of Blood" because of the many human sacrifices held there. 1 * * * The largest towel factory in the world is at Kannapolis, N. <X, _ U. S. ^'

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