Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on February 27, 1942 · Page 4
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 4

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Friday, February 27, 1942
Page 4
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Page Foin NAUGATUCK PAILY Hath? j PublUihod Nvory Mvonlritf (Mxcnpt fluruluy) l»y •' ' Till.'! NAIMATIK'.K NI'IWH OOMPOllATION at II Noi'lli Main Htroet, NAIMATIKJK, (JONNWlTlttU'l ™ MTTTTTi i-; N N i « :K Publisher ITEMS TAKEK FROM 'THE NEWS' 20 YEARS AGO CALIFORNIA, H ERE, { WE COME!" Toiophono S'JJH* AH DiM'i I month ,* ,75 yeitr Pftyul»to,.'ln Hy (U Advance ho u,\- United PnotM IWM right ID UMO for i oatloii Id any form, all new* dK patohriH fi'odlLed In UilM pnpnr, It . IH alMO exclusively onlltlml lo usn for ropublkuUlon all the ioeal or uruliitiu! nnwM puhliMhod linrulit, A prelly sveddlng SV«H solemnlxed at St. Mary'-t church Ibis morning when Miss Helen Uushowskl of Union Oily, and John Homanauskus of North Main street were united In maiThiKo at l» o'clock by Iho pastor, Itnv, William .1. Kannlng, The bride was all.ended by Nulllu KamoiiMUy as bridesmaid, Victor M, a brother of tho was best man, lo local A Mo Ml 4 (official •ii I r inonl. linvo olwrtfod that moaHiii'o '\voiilcl pi'uvout ru ami privato liicllvidualH o!»(;aiiiinK inl'orniation public- iiiloro.91/, ;i(!M cioiUomi that svoddlng of liitoro.Mi lo took |iliw« ul SI. In SVului'liiiry Salui-day ai 1 - icrnoun ul 'JiJin o'c.look whon Miss Marlon ThwnpMon ol' Woodluwn l-drnuHn Walcrhury, and Alton HcollKif'M, son ol' Mr, und Mi'H, l-'runk (iroHirrH -of flivi.mutnt HlronC, Wahu'hury, worn murrlod hy Ihu pastor of St, Margarot's, iu*v, Kd- ward J, lircnnan, Tim hrldo was al- Inndod hy h'M 1 cuMiHln, Mrs. Charles TiintiT of Now I la von, und Frank l(. Mi'oHmi'H, aUmtdod hln as host man. Mr. and Mrs. arc well known and popular young people, Mm hrldo ImliiK oinploynd /is sUuingcuptiei 1 at Iho prnhato olTlon In Wul.erhury whllo Mr. lii'oHmrs Is ntanuKor ol' M, iV: Sons' iniiMlo sl.oro, lie ec nl 1 Mrs, (looi'gd K, Uulvnr o.oiirl ,!hls h IH u hrolh- Hahholl of OITl of (l Li 10 would ItUMI that any or IOMH • t f i ity ol I withhold ii|. iho hill would ho HO (( no id <l Opart- ' hoad, ro )(' tho I'OHpOllMlhii- H position, c.ould ii Formation hy do- it an '/.official «o- AMonioy Gonorul liiddlo IIHH, U iwstal- od, adndltod thai aitthoritios i inn tlioir, proposed dp poworH to avoid oillior i'rom IIOWH- tho public, I, it IB or 'Tho O 0 S hat ho bo (he ndorniatioti, t r) that iho information, to (ton.sidorod socrol, muni bo ot 1 Ihoorotidnl valuo to airon- omy, and it is also tfuid thai tho mo'aMuro placon no definition on what tho JunUoo Dopartniont o.onsidorM an official Moorot, In tho opini(»u of Sonator 'Cohort A./Paft, <<iy<m rnomhors of OOH^TOHH ho hlookod; from <wll- I'or prornpt^ information from, government H#OIIOIOH, 'Tho ol)jo(j|. of the? propound It^'iMJation in t(V provont Iho onomy from'''-got ting infor- ination which might HKHIHI it i,n tho offod; it in making to dontroy our domooraoy, Tn- t'ormaiion of lhal. kind should ho kopt MO(U'ot, and a law which will inwuro wnch Htjorooy may bo absolntoly noc.OHsary at HUH time, Bui it should not ho iwidu HO that il will provonl public from gotling log- to whicl Mr>i, Henry Allen of I street lias returned from Nesv York rlly, win-re shu attendnd the funeral of her nlnliM 1 , Scc.relary („ f,, Anderson of Ilio lllniiiilxT of Commerce Is confined In his home by Illness, For MO yi'ut'M, 1, hreyer, Hie well- known Maple slreet mei'ohant, has bee/i In luirtliiiiMH In iS'miKiilur.k, On February '^7, lMii'2, (be oluthliiK store still j'ondnnti.'d by Mr. Dreyer, was ojiened on M<i|ilo slrenl. and to- flay NiuiKaliU'.k's second oldest es- luldlslied inoi'ohant was Hie ro- rl|i|ent (if many conKratulatory mdMMUKii.M, He camn to NauKatuck from Port .let'fnrson, f/, I. He had. received a Hioi'oUKh business train- IIIK In IradjilK Now York mercantile t'staldlshmenlH and was hlKlil.v «up» able of UllliiK Ihn position \vlilcli he assumed as manim'er of his Mafile Mtf-cH, Hl.oro. In llm yoars that linve (lapsed since UK; store was llrsl opened, many marked changus have been wrought In iNauKaUiok, At Unit time there were only about li.fjOn persoiiM In Ibis horoiiKh. sidewalks were a rarity and people often carried lantonis when thoy ventured out of doors at nlKht. v |)Mvld Mulihe Kdwurd .lultn S wllh |.h ^ „. ^-.•.-.i..; - ^ • ..^.v-^ .FEBRUARY 27, 1942 ••••••• —^—^~— < '. -<v S<uily l-'uhry n nourl, o!' ProHpiwl., of HlKli Mlreot and of ,lnlmH<iu M|.r(i«t, MlMSfiM Voru KmidMon, Anna Mary SUiiilofrxi ol' WaLerhury, ti/tcfi(|(M-| i!n> l,'l(li animal hall held lawl ovciiliw In I he Hotel SU'utllold hi HrldKeporl hy I'ark (Illy ouunull, No. Hill, Ktd.nlilM of . At tin 1 (iliiimlxtr of alleys Mm avcniKes ol 1 lhe for the three -Kiunos rolled hy cnoh or Hid iilnytn-n lanl svisek havo IICMII pcmUul, \V. '\\ IHivlH und A. Anderson .euoh of whom has an uvoni.u'n of (AH, aro lldd ror llm lop plaen with liuoi'K" l-'ollut In third plfKMi ()[' 1)7, Supl-, of Schools II. K, Chlllcndon lel'l. Sul in-day for chliuiK" .HI., to nll.nnd dm annual eonveiiUon of the iJeparliiiMiil f>l' SupcrlnUunlentH ol' ill/' National Kduonllnnal Letters Prom Our Readers •o can wl in rn-nr- at tlm lo llm now in hoing (h(t. hold will rosiiil I'ullv 'roin a law which will prolpot n official HO hut which will not provon tho prowH printing will .not,, bo helpful to any of 'our onomi America's Piano Production Nouto wgoks ago l KoosuvoH ' -o'xptiJja^wl tho ho- lioT tlwt AriU'n'ioa would prod noo fiO,()()() plauoH thiH yoar, A I, Hartford, .Wwi-Hdriy, lit, (.Ion, -William' S, Kniitlyon, dirootor (>f "fJ, H. war prodno- lion-, HaiV'f "'that ''lutmhor o(! pianos would l>o produced within .tho tirno limit, Ho rnaljing an Inspoc- aircraft plaiita, and in natiwdod lion o a[)parontly ho with th, f way aro pro- His roport IN ho highly nood .on- for rvullon OIUMHCM at whlc.h will he laughl, and MOIIM K!V«I/I lu I'l'inodnlliix nl' wi'iirliiK apparel will Im Kjinl/.ed Idmrtrrnw aCLonioon IliMl (JlMlMH 1UH1H(,< Oil (llUlt'ell MIHM l.iic.y lliunpHou will eliarwi' ol 1 llm r.ouMiM'vaUon «}|HH:K!H. Slio svlll IMI «nNlMl(Ml hy the I'ol low- lug Wfiinmi, who hi lioluill' of the that tMnnlnul.(Hl In Doc.emlKir, Kavn nl' their Ume und el 1 work; M!HH -lulla An- Harry K. Uonlimn, Molnn, Mi'H. iSlalti(\ K,' Alton Clark, MI-H, Mi'M. I, (Mils CHirl.lHH, huvK Mrs. NVilliam «l«'lni W, UayeH, Mrs, llownnl iHholl, MIsM Allm» Johnson, ,\(i'H. JiiHdpli Kldln, Mi'H. lluni'.v Ki'cll, MIHS Julia hum, Mr«. II, \\ McCarthy, Mrs. (IHOP Mi'H. William II, Minor, I' 1 , Nohlc, Mrs, Trac.y MI-H. I'alrloU (Vr,oiiKl»lln urd ()WCMI, Mrs. Wallor 'riiomus Ittuioluiti, Mrs, Sludn, Mi'H, II ,-N, Ida Slanlun, Mrs, Uai-ry MI-H. , MTH, fllui'U Mark Men. N. Wllinol. Mt'H. dlonn W, Noi-th, , Mrs. Mluli- I'IUIHJI, Mrs, r.lwrlii.H l>. omlhiHOti, Miss S, A, 'rhoiupson, NVlHiiiot'd and Mrs. II. a WAR IN EUROPE A YEAR AGO, FEB. 27, 1941 Hy United PI-CHM announce 'on all 'points 11 A.XlH svlth of o MM.) tllli; 'KHITOR, NaiiMaluck IJall.v, News. Hour Sir: Wo are at -wai 1 , wo don't reall/e effectively the Kravity of our tliuiKCM 1 . our •men are lighting doHpunildly; Mil with disappointing results hecausi; of lack of materials und equipment. 'Wo are lighting on land, on UK; sea, and In the air. Wo .only as we produce • far tho shops at liome. The nation \Vas profoundly shocked hy Ilio .rooonl happenlngH in Iho Illyoi 1 Rouge plant of Llio Kurd (',0.1 n fumy.." Kijr a- perfectly trivial cause, to iOO.flyn men lost nri.nw man: hours of lahor in live days In tooljng up machines vitally necessary to 'get Ford-bombers Into Iho air.. The company was operating under -a closed shop.oon- n iirovlslon for the of Hiich disputes wllli- out interrirplion of v ,profluctlon, The union leaders a/id'.'government.offi- cers present apparently did \vhat •thny could to prevent the. loss. The men • were utterly - 'Irresponsible and had no respect for a contract arrived til. hy collective bargaining under the Wagner law, even under a olOKOd shop ( procedure. This Is by no means an unusual occur-, ornee. Wo are convincefl that Micro is lltlle public understanding of tho condition of Irresponsibility svblch exists In the negotiation of collec- ovll bargaining contracts, bet us .re-examine tlm subject and soo if we can trace the causes and suggest some i 1 o in e d 1 o s for the troubles that aro HO vitally handicapping our support of our lighting men. lly declaring certain acts "unfair labor pniolleos, 1 ' tlie use of which subject I he employer to very hcuvy penalties, tho Wagner Act lins aimed to secure for employes "tbe right to collective bargaining through representatives of thoir own cboosing.'^ a necessary meatiH toward this- mid,• rilic right to self-organlxatlon." Leaders eleclcd. by a majority of •the employes of a particular unit are designated as the, exclusive representatives of all the employes for negotiating "in respect to wages, hours and other conditions, of employment." Any aggrieved lo the Nnt.lonal y )0 par, . .- tig tho exe.ciitlori of; \\lw\t ;iwus^sup-- osed to bo" 1 -'.a•'••cohti v ao.(, ; ^ ar.riyc.d at;' y -ft "\yilling iiioutliig'.cif '.niiiKis." - (H)lllhlOIHH' AllMll'ttl/ll lUllllUllIll, Xonuii'a V!H||.H Wullo.H vi'ii unuiilinous vole t\t l»rt»«l(M Off I'C lull OILS NVlUl inoro and irlbro lig' ()lanoa.i,»t in'g'out *uul iho 1*0- ponso which Iho producers havo mado to tho Army's demands f o r ^ratiTying 1 ! UK! Navy'8 11 on I IH 'HI 081 person nuiy bring Labor I'Uilatlons' Hoard complaints 'as to violations of I'lghls granted to employes. If violations'of the Act are found, tho IKwrd lias power to order the employer "to cease and desist" from these acts, and in curtain cases to order tho reinstatement of om- ployes with payment of back wages. This penalty may become so severe 1.1ml. few employers can risk Incurring II, without endangering their solvency. The employer Is forbidden to use any form, of discrimination or coercion against an employe In tho exorolso. of the rights created by tho Act. .Tho employes aro under no such ro- j stralnls. Tho immunities ami pro- • led Ion of tho employes have been ' enlarged by the decisions of the Supremo court under tho Clayton Act which exempt labor unions from federal injunctions or from other penalties 'Of the Anti-injunction laws. They aro furtboi- pro- teotod by tho Norrls-LaC.uadla, Act which permits them to picket employers without i'enr of Injunctions \vhlIn engaged In union activities; Tho combination of these laws Juts resulted In allowing, labor unions to resort to almost any form of (Kinrclon, with Immunity from penalties except for Ilio commission of criminal. acts. At the same time the employer ls : deprived' of any protection against Mntlmlfln-. Ho find against organized •• union conspiracies In restraint of trade which had previously ex Is loci,' Full responsibility without immunity attnohoy to ,the'employer, Jrrospon- siblllly with practically unlimited immuniity attaches to the, employe. Legislators .deolarqd .'thojr'. objective to be the •prevention- of-strikes and stoppages, of .work which might affect commerce. The.y sought to accomplish this by removing obstacles to N tlie '.organization of labor unlonn. Employes at', tlie same time were left free .to 'exercise agailist,, fellow' cmploy.eH' .almost , : any.' for.m -of.- discriniijuiljan.; sliort of aclunl *crtm.iiHii .acts, '. • In the • enfo'rcem'ent ; bf ,.thc'.law,, the National bailor 1 .Illations.lipai.'d and fl'ie courts liaVo'addcd ; md'tei'i'hil- ly to the e\l;ensio!V;:' : Ql r its'';mean-. Ings by tiieii" interpretations'of'tbe act. Thoy have found that the ^process of "Collective' bargaining 11 ".:requires both parties : ,to 'ondcayoi' s .:ih all good I'aitlV to '.reach ah^a'sree-.- ment; and fur.ther-'-that 11.-VI ft .an, evidence of good faith" thai; ii;£r,co- nients urrive-i ;tit 'sliould . bo reduced'' to writing ..and .formally accoptpd by 'both parties,' '.th'ero'by comple.t- ing posi While tho'^Suppfinip; court;, stated, In tlie first case .'coming lie.fbre .it under (he- ucL, that, ;/tlierir is'- o.otb- > Ing in Ibc law to I', co.mpcl" -cl'ther, party to agree to; anything;'" the iiir, torpretation.s .of tlie V.qoui'ls. and'• tbe. hoard have held \that -good: faith lies In tbe honesty • of, inten-: j tlnn of botb partleH to -roach un.j agi'eomcnt. The ovirlen'ccH of good faltb are tbe basing' ' reason; minds open Ub. weigh all'of llir; cvhlonoo .presen.ted ; and'a willingness to baliinco', ; one claim ugulnst another.- '- ' '" ; ""',':': : ! - .',• ' r riic rights given to , ' enYployoa' \\'ere granterl in order, to ••prevent strikes and plber , I'qrina of Industrial' unrest •' wh-lch"' obstruct c.onr-. mercc. '.'''•"•'•'.> •••.'•'"'-' ' ' "'•'. ' Unfortunat.eiy,'" tlio;: results,.... liayc been I'nr fllltereni; i'j.:.c)rn":tliosc Intended by 'congress' Svlibn enacting , tbe luw. Nevnrjn tbe lii.story' of 'in-.;- dustrlul disputes ' have .tbej'O••:: HO many strikes which Jiave'seri- ously nffected - tbe Commorco of war.My such an aggregate loss of. man bnurs of labor. In uddition.'to this, the, turmoil and., bitterness caused by '.unionizing .activities have consistently reduced war production by an untold .amount. It was a mistake fatal to H,S;.success that the. word "bargaining" wns used In the. Wagnor Act. It; presupposes -that the negotiations bo-7. tween employer, and employe, arc to lie carried on-.In' tlie 'spfd.t ; '-ot; sharp "borso trading" eacb.; -side, trying to' drive' as shrewd and hard a'bargain as it can. We 'should thing in terms of a conference for the oonimcm interest, in wliicli tlie effort Is to find a'liit'ion' of.,.tbc inaximurn equity and mutual'hone- Ill, to.emplayor and employe.,-Until we can get rid ' of •;the. downright stsirishnoss of ' "bargainln.g"., V'wo: cannot expocf; :to. got j,justicc,\;;Cp;^ ope.ral.lon' or mutual bon'DiJl"ouV;,ol'.!' negotiations ijc.Uyocn • • ••.voinplpyc'l^ and nmp.loyos. This-points.'to; ; i;ciTt-' cdy NO. i:> .: • .•,••.'••;•'.••• • •^••^' , VS'I i y i HIS , (j'o 11.0'o 1.1-vo'. ' bai'^ai n i ii^ ; failed ,'to Justify \ltB; ; piirpbses'r-TI;ic:i re.fisons In mor'e 1 tlutail will JVo'.llo^ veloped in oui-'next i'ortnlglitly Je.l;- u-.r. . . • •'-•••.. .••';•;: •••'-••'•• • Connecticul, VCcondmic 13y: 11 owoll Olien'ey, =" Treasurci'.. L '_ .;' •'•',", '\.t' SOUSA 'NAMESAKE Kmrneryvilio, —,lohn" Philip, city, a namesake dant of the two other facts' ,Sousa. Ho. toots a'liprn toots it In a marihc .-•' band'' Diego. roai.1 . thi'nc ! ti')e busy.??'; ^"••' , :/,i'-. Futlier—Isn.'.t -.Wjui.t. makes you [•m traveling is il; down lii IIV Many .'liien.'havo 1 as. inn'ny minds ' As: ti'.i rjii ['road' yarcL .lias tracks ; Bu l,:;all ;C'nVpLpy-: tfi,c' 'one-truck kind - : About. tboir .-income tax. ' 'A., 'local inan ' ad'mits -bo pinye,;] 'around with • Ilappcji'H, but when il. came, <• to -.marViage. he tried to pick out, a girl- \ybose , vacation, wouldn't be. . a. |fai I : .1 IV. tl ip; •• scenery' caine up to'..licr expecfation.s. l.c-TrYou isay the officer arrastcd .yo.ii- w'liile .-you, wci-e quioL-; ly m i i'nciing.:yoUr.''own business? . • • • l^r'i'^YesV 'y'our' wpr,sliip. .iMagistrate ^r;You wore • quietly • .to. .yp'iir'- .own. business, inakjhg tiq, iioisG' or dlsUirbnnco of any kiiid?'^ ..„...;,.;,:. . • '.'•.''Prisonur~-Nori ! o wbatevcr, sir. Ma^i, ( ?j,ratci74l.l,;sccms ver'y strange. Wnalr'is your business? Prisoner — I'm -a burglar, • A i, t IVe f« i r o'n e • '01 L! N eg i • o bo d tnk'o'n '-JX 'grehl.' 'fancy /to Ihc rnerry- y-o-roun'd.; '. Round . and;; I'ound be wont; 'no.vpr ; sepming to : tirc," until air.-iils.\rno'noV;">v'a's gone.'. .Then, only, did: Vb'e.^VliVihoun't . a' • rejoin !ii,s \vl fe,. ; w| i o ; h A'i:i '.been' wa.tcl.i ing him wi|.h, jnipntient.eyes. - lli \Vil!l i /.'10b.on(j}!OJ >f ''-'.si.LC. said, "you s.u re.; v.-'b a vo.; '•'.. s p.en t'. ;.y p.u r'' ,i ii o no y n 11 d 'liad ' ivvgpd rlcle','/But .whei-c you been,.. Ebenc'/.cr, where you been?" '-'. An ,anuithui\'g'arclper:'i}T! : .(iltlicr sur- coss'Tut' ; ::'or'.''''"Jias i; ' : -a. ; neighbor who keeps' -eh ickens. .or dogs, 'fjet's^disarm' tlio bimbo who pTcks -his .'teeth „••, with: his pocket knife suggests "a local woman. Mr, lioinshouner—Ah, yes, my wife is versed in the cullnery art, Mr.. Stein—Ach, nein ! Mliic is pv ffir de verst! . /Money : isn'.t qycrything- .. '. . il's good 1 ; to. ; "lrave- money u.nd -all the tilings-','tlVatVmoney can' l:M.iy, hut it's good.'.too, to check up onco in a wliile, :,to make sure you luivon't lost r/; 'tlie filings ;;t ; !mt money, can't buy,- - >••'-' • ,. ;- ..;:'.'• Mii^ist,o'i.'-7-My dear :lady, aViV • itblri-fn.lstakciv,. bu t. t. iiKio(-a"ikIn.g.klin.ilrig , 1 hope l.boii^lii the seir- •Stra-y;; Lan ' . . You surd y are 1 ••'hey'tV- talk in m ; : : 'A'-'/clcar .uncloi!statiding;a|. the time' i]ncVo'rsj;ahrlln;g«;T':arb'' duo liolps tn a void'V'-- svJbscquon 1 ., niiHunderstaLid- "''' ''"''''' C.VIJ..S HIKIC . . let's, try. to s/UihTnk we've been Stewart Says: Turn of Events Boosts Cripps To High Post Strated the Japs J Sir Stafford Cripps By CHARGES P. STEWART '.:•••. Central Press Columnist ^ IT'S AtL very well to say that Sir Stafford Cripps is Britain's new lord privy :seali but-what th.e heck are the governmental duties of a -lord privy seal? 'Ask .that question at:the British embassy, up on Massach u- setts avenue, in Wa shi ng ton, and. they'll ex- ; plairi and explain, but all their explana- tJonff won't 'njean a darned thingV" : Once it seems to have been a real job. It was that of custodian of the great seal, which it was essential to affix to state documents, to give them validity. Back in the 1600's, when his subjects rebelled against King James II and he had to scoot for continental Europe, he took the seal with him and chucked It into the River Thames. Lack of it nearly stalled the incoming regime until a. substitute could be .provided. Naturally, taking care of it was a responsible stunt in that era. Now it's nothing much but a symbolic sort of an office. Yet it classes as; highly, important in a'hereditary kind of a way. That is to say, it's important if its incumbent is an . outstanding personality. If he isn't, it doesn't amount to anything considerable, but, if he is, it gives him ; additional eclat, so to speak. Well, Sir Statford Cripps is. Besides being lord privy seal, for whatever that may be worth to him, he also becomes the Winston Churchill administration's party leader in the house of commons, and that's, a post of genuinely capital magnitude. , Accordingly,'he is due for a bit of analysis. .> Joined ILabor Party As a son of the first Lord Par- moor, he sought to rate as an aristocrat., He'<was .only a "younger soil," however, and nobody can tell in advance how younger sons will turn out. Instead of remaining aristocratic, young! Stafford,, who hadn't had the >( Sir H .prefixed to his monicker then; tied up with the British labor party, got into parliament and soon became so prominent that presently King George V knighted him. .Hence the Sir. ' In due course the labor party ex! pellecl mm .as "too radical." amj anybody who is too radical. fo» those- British laborites, must be a radical in capital letters. The labor- itesv-thbugh:..said that his radicalism had a'communistic tinge.' and communistic tendencies aren't included in their philosophy '•..'Be that as;.i..t; ; may. Sir Stafford •was a-lawyer, independently of-his political activities, and. as a lawyer, he made so much money that he retired from his legal practice, saying he was tired of trying-cases between mere "capitalists and capitalists." Possibly it's noteworthy that he didn't tire of it until after he'd accumulated his own bank account . " • Anyway, on the loose again and being entirely too industrious ar individual" to fin/d unqualified leisure any fun, he got himself named as British ambassador to, Moscow Anglo-Russian relations U'crc pretty strained at that juncture and the probabilities are that Lon •don considered the Soviet capital [ good place to -.dump him into, get ting rid of him at homo. He was i pest to his home government ever there, though, with his everlasting clamoring for better terms bctweci it and the communistic crowd. Then.' all at once. what, shoulc break out but war between tht Nazis and the,Soviets!—and Rus sia. automatically, became over night, Britain's ally. , . His Stock Soars The Soviet aggregation alrcad; liked Sir/Staff personally, for he'< been sympathizing with them, nn was the ideal chap to fix things-up and he did it in classy shape, Bo tween sunrise and sunset • h bounced from,deuce to ace high ij London's, estimation. . He was so valuable to John Bull in 'short, that he couldn't -be- spare/ any longer as far away as Moscou and, as. sbon t as he'd/cemented th* A ng 1 o - Ru^s.lsi a.n tie; had to b 1 brought back v to headquarters fo his present lord privy sealershij: and the Churchill the Chouse: of commons. The bet ting is that he'll • get the peerag. shortly—vvill become a, viscount o an.yearl or a duke or some sucl title; O ;. ; ,: • •• '".- ! - P|ime .Minis^r Churchill mad several other changes among hi- adviaers,,. simultaneously with hi. appointment of Sir Staff to his lor< priyy sealership. Some were c lively interest in Washington. Som weren't especially so. One in thi former, classification involved Ma) Aikeri, alias Lord Beaverbrook, bu he requires a chapter by himself. Kl }" " our «i»s now ifi o Bot'koloy; Gal;,' Fob. 27— (UP)—Dr. WllllanvR. Dcnnos, • profcspr ;'of philosophy at the ".Unlyersl.ty--»-of. Call fo i.Mi I a, Is ..oonyjnp'dcl ' v 'that tho bloyclo w'ilP becQnio^l|l:ie,' v big'.H.rans-. pot'ta'];lon ''inodiu'ni'.l'6i % - the duraWoiv of\t.hc..\waj\ ; ;JJ(vVsu£g^^^ '.i|]iu ; '.victonj'^w -• ' ' . •. •'• '»'-''-,..: ; 'i'- '/""'i'vii'V'-'j': on ','farnVin'g, ;( u P) — in Ihc ;i :;mcet : in ;ahcl '"il' : .for a . study -on in-iga- ll.ycstpcK feeding and •m'e'th'o'cls. ON-HONEYMOON !• i Portland,' Rf.u'.,' Kcb 1 .. 27—(UP) ''.sliipmal(CS :in the Navy woro JjrioT honeymoon today with .brides—Lwp-: Cambridge, MUSH. nvhom-.'.-. tboy- : . .mnrricd hi a double •'.cercnrony yes.LcrcIay-. Leo W. ,)ones of' Memphis, Tcnn;, married Miss .Cai-melia De Cario and' 'Dennis R •.:13no'w.n.,b:f -PrcntQr, W. Va., married' , ; Miss'.;Elizabeth M. SHva. -Two on. a tlioir girls Thn it .odd pfecp pt Hi i nlture inlflh I | ; 'flmlv^j[bii^^;if'. ; ;yoi^ PEARL News of the Day Newsrocl Vice Admiral William F, HaJsey is •pictured aboard his ship as he directed the,brilliant raid on the Jap bases on the Gilbert and Marshall Islands. His headquarters is an aircraft carrier. (Central Press) From Other Newspapers 'SYNTHETIC KUKiHSK' r Polcgr;im) j ' Tlic' quesl-ion of syiHhcMc rwb- ' l bcr is certainly one whloli Is pulling l,o MIC ordinary mortal. IK Clormaiiy cnn -supply lioi-sclf as sho lias been doing for • some years, and il' \vc have (.lie worlds greatest natural resources of nm- lioi'jiils from which arUHcial rub- lu:r is made,,\yliy eannol, wo sup- lily ourselves quite as well us OernmnyV .The 'government lias given orders for the construction of.syn- l.hel-fc rubber fnci.ories t,o produce, an output of ahout one- l-.roui'Lli or one-third of the nation's normal consumption. Why not douhle on , treble these factories •{iI. once and for 1-he duration of 1,1 ie war at least attain nn output eriual to our normal consumption and thus end the need for rationing or any !'ear of a sliortag'e?.' ApparenUy tlie answer is IAVO- fold. Tin* administration j n w inglon has boon "playing ,.1! '' sn>Mhollo rubier for iv m . 0 , Wl1 " ing ol'fonbo io other iiiiiions Ilio early .slopes of the ],CUSM bill, synUiofic proihuMjon"" fi'owned ." on to make lease- paymonl.s in rubber. Today wilb such nf tho -fjiiastlon -.since tlu bave all the .Nlalaynn Mieir possession, it is too' .much stress'on .synliu'ni' ,','!?' bor will olTonVl our Soul!, .\ii -' (jan- J'riemls who ai'o now ^oinJ' 1 , 1 ' see .\vlinl they can do | u p ro j ° an imm'ciliatc supply n-om n° ( Amazon jungle. lle . There is still a third cui,^.,., tibii. . New Deal eeonomisis " extreme--stripe arc said ( tlie tire shortage and lo sistent upon maintaining JU'Snlly, pi'odueing' only rubber to lake care of |j and navy, on the Theory i|] ; ,| wilt prevent over-speiKling |,'y civil inn population and force vestment in defense bonds. Thai, is ^ long way around in Hood's ham and amount of rubber enforced hardship families 'dependent tire transportation of time entailed workers, 51, is shallow j'casonj nB .If there is any pos.sih) ( » Wfly j-' get synthetic rubber, in quan'ilu K suffieient to keep iho n aljon .* wheels revolving, wo oiiRiu | 0 have it nnd no fooling about j|. ] JC ID. Iho In. for Iip 0 s Boston, I'^b- ~~ —i*i;p)—.1 was- en route to Prosidem veil, today fj-om • Night sn; Joseph Ciuaragna of tin Hospital suggesting 1) Stamps" of one or' Iwoeoni nomination be aMac.heil in ;>u ^ ma tier in addition to i-opulav age to help raise war fniuls. Bingo Tonight St. Mary's Church Hall — ^ Union Gity 8: Adm. 55 cents. (Tax i THIS NEW O'f i UXf n -PIECE :SET OF COMPLETE FLOOR TO CEILING CLEANING EQUIPMENT IN HANDY WSO-rOOt KIT LOW DOWN PAYMENT EASY, TERMS Cash Delivered Price Including Excise Tax Generous Trade-In Allowance Handy VISO-TOOl KIT A place for every- thinpj , . . each tool clearly visible . . . quickly removed »nd replnced. Hangs on closet hook wi th sturdy strnp or cnn be stood upright on convenient shelf or, floor. A genuine space-.ind- time-saver. A BRAND NEW EUREKA DEVELOPMENT An amazing new idea of a cleaner shouW be and can do. A combination of function;/ beauty and revolutionary new features that will make your home a deaner, more healthful place. to live and add hours of leisure time to your day, See this new marvel today—ask for FREE HOME DEMONSTRATION. ' SWAN ELECTRIC CO. ff cmwai srmcKT - - - - ,N.\ur.ATi;cK, CONN. Your Electrical Specialist Old Age Assistance Tax ENROLLMENT OF OCTOBER 1st, 1942 The, (lonneoticuf, Slalr, Law presumes all persons fro to GO years- of iifff, inclusive, res-ulhif, fn this Itoroiifjh on 0«: 1st, .Hi/if. lls enrolled I'm? this .fax, \vhelher or not names aro. on (.he oltlcinl list; and nl, any time names which linvc 'i«' f11 'tied niay he. added and mime* which should not, he (six^i KXK.IfPTIOiVS from Miis- (,u\ ni-o. nrnnjp.rl only-In honorably ilmrned viMcraus. disabled as a insult of service to n ^° m ' pcnsahlc dcfjrcc. - .... , All persons so enrolled and included, WHO HAVK UUALU/IFCI) KOH ICXICMPTION AS PHOVrDKl) 11Y LAW, J I'ljiiiiijM .'»iNll »\/\l\;\li(I/ JO 1 J\.\ iillli \JiJi' ASSIS'I'/VNCK TAX OF THREE DOLLARS — ($3.00) on rii> hnforo. Aliirc.h Uiul 1i)/,'J» % nt (he Tai,;Cotlcclor\s 1 . '" <' |C . . , si, e ax oeuoJ's . Hie Town »nH Iluil(!in( r ,'i;ct\veohM.he hours ol\9 o'clock A. SI. «" d o o clock I>, M., except .Satin'days, and on Suturdays hrtxvecn Hours of !) o'clock A. M. and 13 o'clock Noon, War Time. AI'k-fSHarHr 2nd, Wi- nil unpaid Old Ajio Assist nun? on this cnrollmo.iit an-, hy law, raised (o; JFour .Dollars ( All lime staled above on Standard Wai-Time. " ' 19/o OF {I " l lNnu » nUl " ck f C , this day of JAMKS' F. FiT/CiKltALI) or.LEC'i'ort, rtououGH OF NAU« PAYAHLE TO TAX COLLEGTOH, ; GU Pcb. , 20, 23, 25; 27, 2P nnrt

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