Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on February 27, 1942 · Page 3
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 3

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Friday, February 27, 1942
Page 3
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^ Page TPftrw FALLS FALLS 10 HOLD SPECIAL MEETING TONIGHT WORLD WAR I BE SALVAGED VI >, V7--A Hptwlul bo hold thin (wo- hull at 8 o'olocl;, (.(' HIM MitHilliiK IH to IJf/onVnv 'K r' 111 ^ 11 ^' l '° (l i 1 I, iii iii d 1 '! ''I'.*" mil ' • \ ( ,vr arlloh'M would ho in nisi' Of , v r will lu» transacted, It ;;',; il it ||,ul a law nipi'oson- ,,,• i ,M.HVI'M ho proHinit at first Aid I'.WH'Nti tll , iiiNl td'l i-mit-MO to ho spon- TW [,.,• |Mr iiUMplncy of • tho •iu\IM"i i y I" lnn Amorkmu '|,i,.|, will shirl this iwo- n<|ii iii, Cmilor school lo ii; ( 'lO o'clock. Thn dually srht'duh'd lo I"" ,j Ll1 --' ,-id Inwn mmHWK. Uu» | l( < cnnduolcil al Oonlw ,,m< Inll'l'i'Mti'd til IMU'Oll- iiiulxC Illl'll 1 NPPW LI i.'svnliiK Inslruotor lu tlio Now sclmol, will I'D In ,« uf Hi' 1 ()|il Ailr (.1 S o uk'i 1 In th»' Tax H'kiM' Will evening !vu pay- lax, ust payment uiiblln SCH- HV.> iin Munilny t" L,r, 1 -,||,.,-M..n S.MSI.HI will luvhntd L. M.M».|.I\ Hi" addllional IVo ol To S<MV , j,-,.* yi-slrnlay for lUUl .,-<< ivh-'f srwlng, included Mrs. .(Mir ,\ii'!i'''\v, Mr*. Ih'liMi (it'linm, " u.Hi.'lli Klt-rnan, Mrs, ClK'M- 'ti.ii'viii. Mrs. llnruld Wllrox, H Ndi'iii.i Ci'ilni'hnlm, Mrs. Kd,1 linilii'i', Mr-*, Inhii (look, Mrs, ,, Hill, Mrs, Harry l.uhdnll, MiMH ; ii,'l',iM'if and Mr*. Thomas uslut'- .illni 1 SnrlHy To MrH AUiir jMM'lrly of SI. Mli'luuM's i will held Us rrmil'ir mi>n»h- ullH'fU llMM'llll.lC IH'Xl Tt!''H(luy i,t Hi" Ilium 1 of Mr*. Wil,n liri'iMKUi <iii NN'oltV uvi-iUH 1 at S •!ivk, Tin 1 annual rh'i'Mnn "f ci't'l- \\-\\l lnk<< c/acr, AfcjnlHTS ( i'f iiumlimMnw riMUMillli'i 1 , Mrs. Kit,-i| Hiiinr, Mrs. John hnnlan and Is, j.i»iil-< MallM-r. will piTMcnl. a I|,' of MiTit'prs I" I" 1 voted upon. WANTS FINANCIAL AID Av.-!-.\lii-H., i-vi», «7-fUP)— Ninety 'i;ilr-». wluHi- 1'iilli'M'M urc HlaMnnOfl .furl lifvi-fH, will In- hiUM'cd from rvhuuls Munilay unh'MM I he K flV i-'ii'. ii;iy-« a pmmlMw! allotinonl. K;JD, Srliiml Sllp x 11, Johii-uin Huld today, fV iiidii.'y, lie HHlfl, lin.M lii-en l" .-ui'l Ayr -a lown »!' M,(K)0— .V 1 . Ufupii In' puy I'm- extra lonch- rnn<l siipi'li-'H. -f*-^ • 'cu i IM UK, SMOKI-JHS TIUOUK [t'.l" hvur'l K (1 Vi'l'llllU'nl. OWI'H '!,i imiiiiiiM of l.nhacco which IH |,H In a NI-W firl'-fifiM \\''U'"- IH'Tlnl'jillOM, hoSVPVlM 1 , IH ., ,-••! 1.'^ limn In lol»aoM<i «ln»- hy <|IMMI|H| here In I he mat V >«>, if tin- Kreneh HinnK'Jl' lit Wounded in Duel m '••Kf ^ •>:•('.. s ^l^i^P iillli. v.-tf KA< ^ : ^i;. : ; !$&: SM :»>i ; III, aiss^ m m ' t I - toi- Invostltfutloft' wubvor- ' »n n a sftlior tluol, H!H Wty- i'-oltl opponent, Col, Rnrlquo. - «"l a naboi' «Ub, In tho ,, k , m) ( 'l ] w wounrlji In }»ls !? u ,) lllocolon ol hud domaml- l «ruclinn fur au oloctlon cwn« (Cvntrul Proa*) HoMlon, |.V)1>, 27— KUJIH mici.oj.ljpr Ofiuipmpn't 1 oaplm-pcl In World Wu'i«. I. uiur'h'bw-.iiHOcV'aa luomorlulH will bo MiWugbtl. fbi 1 ' use In NS'oi'U! >Vur n, tllQ iMasHUClni- Hotl-H luibllo Htit'oly oommiltoo sftlrl loilny, Thn oomnilllooV anlvufjc.' dlylalon u oumpulKu Ih, \vhloh mu«loi- An^uMoaii 1/ogloiV.and. Vot- of Foi'olKM Wui'H pOHls anil uuiyowns will oonli-lbiito Iho-Bou- vtu\lrH to n Horap' p'llo fr'om 1 \vhloh valuahlo inoliU .t/nn 1 lio .roti'ldvod* Tl\o oaitinilttoo sale! It ho'pnd it oould urrango to obtain now HOU-. vonh'H from this war I'or organ!KCI- Hoiw svliioh uonli'lbulotl olrt rolluw. ^^> Gen, MacArthur's Forces Advance (Gontltuiocl from Pago One) u ()ur IroopH arc bnlng lo u rolatlvoly llnht enemy air and artlllory attack," thn communlquo said, without elaboration, It notod'that hidden onomy B arlil- lury on tho Cavlto ahoro of Manila hay ha« ho'.ui Hllont "for .several days," Tho.Mn f?ut\H havo on several laid down heavy barrages on Aniorloon-hold inland fovl-s, in- eludlnK Koi'l Mills on Corrogidor Islfind, MucArthur'9 tw.o-dtiy old offon- *tlvo Hlllt wart a puiwlo to military luolloluns luM'O, although it W'aa Konorally aKi'eod that' tho ndvanoo was for tho purpose of onomy plans and up advanced Japanese conoonlrallonH, II wan Htarkul al'tor .several days of Hllonmi on tho part, of Japan's numerically-far superior army In al a limn when an all-out assault was expected mo- inonlai'lly, Military officials 'said was under way In numerous scat- toroil part or Iho- Archipelago—on Hainan an behind tho Invaders' — thn Japanese aro to hold their costly and oi'Knnlx.0 for an attempted "knockout 11 assault. After nearly throe-months of hit- ler (iKhllnK. tho Japanese aro try- Ing to bolslor their lines across Ha- UVa'n • pohlnsula.X Tlvoy iiavp," ^beon 'tlirown l^a'ck. on. tho dcfonBive and flrijyo.n • Jl>ack ''several • -ili,-ll x ometpr.y' • noAr Manila, 'bay by. •MftoAr'th'ui^ surprise thrusts, • Not since 'Feb. 12- when the fall of Masbate, J.slana Jn .lti,o- licart of the islands was reported 1 - by the War .department, have., the Japanese boon able to o^tend ljj)0ir . conquest or unleash their Uireatond all-out assault ngai.aat .M.aoAl'thur, despite vast superiority ; jn manpower. Tho Increasing,and savage resistance of-tho -Kill pi nos, the.i guerrilla \yavfaro for: 'WUIcli, Hioy ii?ive : . been famous for,. gcnQratipns, was . saUl \W Iho^y/ar dppavtme'nt Qfi'Jcial.s tp bo alcUbg/MacArtiuir t^hd his', m,on';, In, snaUcrlng, tjl.i.d .plahs.',o'f Masarabii' - .HQihcna,, .tlio' Japanese oo'mniahdeiNin-oble'f in'' the PhilirJ'-'- pine's, . • ; ., . ;; '.. .. ,, , . • . (i Tiio',. opmbinaUbn,' of ilic F-Ul.plrio^; irisurrflo'Uoh against, tjie jnva.dcrs' aiul; MaoArthur's. laotiijal' brilliance,. \ya3 saUl^td .have defeated obvious.; plans to aclilo'vc ' a ; . swift. u Kn'ockout" ' .of ; resis.t'ancc.'; . in'- the Pljl.1 lpp|uo« and reloa'so ; ,largo .force^' for thc stv'ug'gl.c; Q!" tl^e p,u ttiii '.JSn'st ,.'2.QOO; miIqstp., the" southwe'st. Roosevelt Said To Favor Wage Law (Continued from Page One) at ,f\. millions of defense Industry crs. . ,'..-.;., ^, tho' pYo's.lden'.t 91 pvess cbnfereriQO that he regardo^d; tho practlccj of'attaohing riders' to npn-vc.toabi.e logislullon" such' jxs' appropriation biU$ as reprehensible. He did hot spbiilUoally mention Smith's ,.effort to attach', th'e no-' majclmum-^York-vyoQjk: measure ..1.0,' tlio war powers bill, but lie.'zxirido'it plain that Ills' de'nunclftUoji' applied, to 0,11 non~go'rmano..rklers. .The source pointed' out .that the \vago-lioiir. law dqcs .'not bah work hi excess of-40;hours a week, Jnil inorojy pr6vkled : ror/time-and^i-imll! ovdrtlme., pay. for fixcesjs hours. Mo repros.enled' the Uhio.f ,'Kxcou- tlve as .Cooling.,thai-, be would not, relax the statute^.proylslons--*^^!! if ho liad ..such, .power—In' tlio face of riAlng living .costs. . ' , Ho pointed out ttiat. Vrr^ 1 vyorkor.y wouUl' not bo' affe'cacd immediately by. abandpnmeat of. 'Iho, work-wpeli Uin,Uatlons .boeausb Ihey 'arc PVO- lootcfl by union conknols with -'jQ-' hour wcok cluusqs. Diit inl,uiy un.ion oontrncts,' he noted, leave Iho ijiifs- lion of hours and overtima pny up to Federal law for. enforoumcnT,. ^fr. Iloosevclt was .asketl at. tho press conference ii he' had heard of a .'iGSriiour • Avar\ \york^\yeelv " gesttjcl- ln' ;; a petition ;byi ; U Rhode Islanders. Such ^ a day : ! seven - day^-Aveek^wr even gjve ; tlie \y.orke>;s- time to jtat'; "' "' : - '-'•' 1 ' . . The ' ; SmiUi . proposal.--::' has;. : . : thrown th ; b Mouse into another -of its . hea discussions of New poa-l, labor ;^ isl(\tioh. It was; exjiecte.d ; to :vp,te 'lal,cr in the' da.y W 'Bmijfch's: rfmencl- mont, which W1?B La^;br-,,Diract9r 1 Sidney |-Ii 1 Jm'an .denpuric.ecl - last. n\'$i\ as, 1 a move which: ''.wQuid . resul^ in "cpnfusjoni de^li.pVaTlzu.lJPn' an.<i ! 81 lowering' of '..moraie.;'^'';-,'':- ' Uni'tford, .Cpnnr^.^ol.^/jSy^ State Defense; Administra'tor Gpl ; Samuel II. Fisher; fi'Qiiu/'^P'cla'sj...;^ir- r'migemcnts were "being ! ; niadc'' wiUi the -office•' fo,r, Glv!Uan ; '. i J5efense v;at Wash ingtoii to cl Istrj.bu.^ : aUdi ti pnftl flrc-Hgh ting cciuipjiient'; ty/^Cprtpecii- cut cities and towns. ;;.;,/..:' .'• i : .'.,' Tlio distribution',' Col. Fislior : sftid; would be on a loanjbasife, Iii a'ildi-. tion, the administvntpr said| requisitions were b.olng.made for air rai.u 1 . warden enuipment., g.asi,'.masks, .and surgicaL.arid mcfjical eqiiipmbnt.-.. ! Col/ Fisheiv .said 1 ' GlviUari^Deferisc' n .GQripec-tlcut. l^as no\v,beqp,set. up.' 3U^ an,intGnsiye^tr^inlng; pcrip.dMipxy; mist 1 sth'H. ''befol'o .>yp' v; 'can5^ay..,thatj our state and local'..organisations; are compe'le/n'tV^a^ attack 1 ' tlxe./• eripniy' may'.wag'a • upon; •IS.." ,' " .',,'., .., .'..: -, • ' M Wo have set., one mdnt.h' a,s' ; .lhci very longest in'which' this second- stage of our work-cnn-bo-compiet-; •d," Col. Fisher said. "We.arc ; work-, ng against, time. And 1-calT upon, jvery local Defense Council;.chaii'-: nan, every chief ale raid warden,, wq'ry .chief ' aircraft, 'obscrver;- ; to; ;]30cd thV actual .training pf, the mejv and-wornen Jn' their arganizations, hrough tcs.ts, field it-riaie; aud spepis^l nancuvors." ••.'.;;. - ; '. ;li .|',.'' ^Vj | Enters Army As A Fitst Lieutensinii (Continued from ; Page' One).'; ,vnrd Saunders', Edward Rung',-'Oscar 'irtli,' Harry Anderson, Georgo ; Lihr, Hugh McSherry,. Jo'd. Casey,. Wli Baehr VJctor iv; Barren;. ^Vbel,': And|'evv' ; F. • Mosy, :>: ' TyT'el'- Messcr, Jack. Dclancy, '.Boss Dpnleyv, Able ; Jean Quick, Hoy Richardson,. /Ernie : Anastasio, John Wr'jqnV Bill . Me.jak, William , Lalor, Robert: Lowell, Robert Ford, Edward JPelrucclliy John Simmons, Leo Cody, yin;.'. Hastings,' Omar Gibbs Dick ;Ellls,' W,-v McGuigan, .Pcr|c'y- Brown, JW-.-J'.; ,Gr'urior, Lies' Bushnoll, Robert vSa.Undergf,..,Fred Nawrath,. Fred Dean, v\Valter Hv;MPrtpn; ; Harry L...Carte)', ,T, ,E, .Fi.tzgerald, Charles Weaving, .-Stantoil Glover,: Walter S. Pease, c : FelIce. Moo'ney,, II.. N. J3arrctt, Mrs. yJ., ,Gr.ay Gommins,V Mrs. J. Louis Jpianson and Mrs, R. Howard Hack- Bi-idgepdrt, Conn.,. Fel). 27 .Score's of res id.en ts hi the Park CI ty Hotel..were,-driven to the s.trcet In nigh.t clothes early .today when llro tljHOfttoned .the four-story ^structure I'.Thc hlfizc started 1 in, the kiiclien of • tl.Ui Quong' HLhg Low Chinese- American restaurant and, for a limp! threatened to spread through the; entire building: Sc'voral roomers Avero taken down ; ladders by fire- meiv'from the third and fourth floors; .-'•...•••• Origin of. tire Ore was not deter- 'mirierj"lninio(lifttely. • ''"' New Britain; : Conn.:, -., ^The ; first theft of, bonds in Qon.fec!-lc^t v >vb:V : ^ported; today. The" bonds'; valued/ at .^75, were taken frQin'.t\vp apartments whioh: wore ransacKed, U -S. .^ulhorities said the. bonds were valueless to. the thieves,. who would be unable to : cash" them: ^.^_ : ___ NEVV STORE OPfi^S TOMORROAV The open will new Town Shoe Store tomorrow morning at iw " street- in the new Pasho building with a complete and up- to-therm.inute- line of women s : smari, shoes, ; . hosiery, band- bags, 'etc; Here', you will .findMho,smart- est styles .in women's, shoes at, crate prices. .•; BOATS BANNED ON Philadelphia, Feb. 27—(UP) — Fishing for sport oJT the Atlantic coast went to the bottom of the priorities list today. Coast guard officials placed a ban on the movements, of all small craft in ocean- waters, excepting cojnmcrcial fishing boats which have received' special licenses. Capl. E. A. Coffin, director of coast. gutti-d activities- for the port of Philadelphia,-•'•Indicated the- order followed reports of small .craft 'carrying heavy, oil ....cargoes being .found In off-shore waters, ; The ban on small boats will bring to/-a' temporary halt the lucrative sport listing business operated along the' New Jersey and Delaware coasts. FOUGHT HIS WAY INTO THE NAVY Boston Feb.. 27~-(U P)— Manuel naptistc, 2-'i, Taunton light heavy, welglit, had fought his way into the Navy today. Rejected because ho failed to pass the eye test, Baptistc entered two boxing tournamont.s; won both times and used" the prize money to ouy' a' pair of glasses, .He was accepted' by the navy' yesterday., •"•'- ' ' ' ACCEPTS CAU/ Hartford, Conn., Fob, 27— (UP) — n'ev. .lohn.D. Banks, former Hartford" resident,, today' accepted a call to become pastor of Plymouth Congregational church, Omaha, Neb. Rev. Banks, who has been associate minister at Union Congregational church, Richmond Hill, New' York city, for the past year, will take over his new post April 19i — : - .» • » Try. a Classified Ad lo dispose of odds and ends. WOMEH'S SMART SHOES (Moderately Priceid'). : AT $2.45 —$3.45— : $3.98;: ; .;V: ! HOSIERY AND HANDBAGS This up to^e^nute store d<?aiin ff Delusively; iii fbQjw^g; in the local retail field. ,;, . ' ^;. A risit * Town 169 GHURGH STREET (l^ew Piasho Buildingr) OBITUARY Wilfred A, Straw . OA'ilfrcd Arthur Straw, GO, died •Thursday morning al, his home, Fcrndulo avenue, Mlddlclniry. Born In 'union 1 City, the son of -Wilfred .and Nellie While -Straw, he lived in Middlehury for the past '27 years. He was employed by the Lux Clock Co., Waterbury. Survivors arc his wife, Sarah Cable Straw of Middlebury; two daughters, Miss Marion Ella Straw and Mrs. Thomas McVeigh, both of Middlebury; three brothers, Joseph C. of Middlebury, Walter 11, of Devon and Frank A. of Waterbury and several nieces and nephews. The funeral will be hold tomorrow afternoon at 2 o'clock at the Clark .funeral home, 20 Stale street, Waterbury. Rev. W. 11. McCnnco of Mlddlebury officiating. Burial will be in Evergreen cemetery, Waler- town'. Friends may call at the funeral home today from 3 to 5 and 7 to 0 p. m. '' Funeral oT John Nor! on The funeral of Johir Norton, of (50 South street, Waterbnry, and well known in Naugaluck, will take place tomorrow morning at 0:,10 o'clock from his late residence to St. Francis' Xavier church, whore, a solemn high Mass of requiem will be celebrated at .10 o'clock. Burial wil be in old St. Joseph's cemetery, Waterbury. ^UNISRAL OF MHS, ELIZA SACHS The "funera) of Mrs. Elton A; Sago, who cllofl j>,l- ihc bomo of lior son- in-lnw, Pnlrick Ho.gan % Coon sl.rocl,, Monday nigh I, was hold this morning from llnv McCarthy Ku- noral Home, 21 Codar slrool. The pallbcars woro: l>eo .1. 13ro- pby, Joseph L. Jackson 1 , Jr., George Kroolicli, Waller Llcsowlcss, John Wood and Alphonso Cignnli', Seymour I. Zonn, M.D. ANNOUNCES THE REMOVAL .OF HIS OFFICES TO 178 Meadow Street Tol, 5-il4 NAIJOATUCK, CONN. — Office Hours: — -' Afternoons — 2- 3; Evenings — 7-8 Excepting Tuesdays and Sundays NEWTOWN TO HAVE CURFEW FOR GIRLS AND BOYS Ncwtown, Conn., Fob. 27—(UP)— Town court aulhoriilos" today instituted a 10 p.m. curfew for girls and boys under 19 "to put" an end:to this carousing around and using up tires. 1 ' , Judge Harry F. Bradley of town court announcing the cuH'ew,: salfi "the 'youth bore do. not eoopoiMto with the Defense Program and spend valuable time riding around in automobiles, burning up valuable (iron and gasoline." • • If the curfew is successful, Judge Bradley said, "it may do much 1o improve the morals of our youth."' He emphasized the curfew did apply to young ft tcr,s under 10 if they were chaperoned or accompanied by tholr parents. Constables have been authorized to enforce the curfew, he said. If anyone under ii) Is found outdoors after JO p.m., Judge Bradley , explained, he will bo asked to go homo. If objections are raised, :ii charge of breach, of peace may bo imposed. Judge Bradley said parents would have lo boar much'of the rosponsl- 1 hility for enforcement of Iho now rule. 4 • »'—: THY A ChASSIKJlCl) AD IN THE NEWS FROM HUNDREDS OF SMART SIHllNtf DRESSES — USIC YOUR CREDIT — DORIS • oul M rwi AI ry GIFTS UNCLE SAM A CHURCHILL TOB12Y JUOS g V STRISIK'S CBNTEU ST.". DIAL 3-2762 C.KASSWAUK • STRATTON'S RESTAURANT 13 PAUK PLACE STEAKS — SEAFOOD COCKTAIL BAR ifS3&S&3&&5:^^ Photoflash And Photoflood Bulbs All tlie Popular Sizes Films Chemicals Paper Kodachrome — Kodacolof Castle Films — 8 mm.:—16 mm. KODAKS-BROWNIES • Vou'JI always find the latest Eastman camcrru featured here. Capable folding Kodnks, versatile miniature Kodaks, inexpensive Brownies. Tell us your picture needs. We'll show you the camera that meets them at your price, S WEEN EY'S STORE The Card and Gift Shop of Naugatuck. TTnv f^/JiM fluff *\ JJ Uf jLlAflttl/t''t>*l't£ • • o—O—0—0—0* Murphy's Paints and Enamels for exterior and interior purposes o—o—o—0- Inc. MAPLE STREET TEL. 3607 Naugatuck-Made Footwear Serves You Better Naugatuck Footwear Division

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