Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on February 27, 1942 · Page 1
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 1

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Friday, February 27, 1942
Page 1
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BEACON fALLS FALLS 10 HOLD SPECIAL MEETING TONIGHT WORLD WAR i BE SALVAGED •on ill*, I'Vh, V7—A f „.,.,.mix will I"' iwM thin ovo- l^ n ,!, MI.* town bull ut 8 o'clock, ^"' 'nn provldluK «u;iilpmont Tor <•''' |,'ivitru« aellvltles lioro and ,1,'vei 1 ui-lieles would ho ttff w> '" (<)>M(< ul ' ' iMn'i 1 bilMllieSM to e.Oliie. '"'• ' \,,|j M i- will be traiiHiuUed, it Ljmrlaiit III"! U I«'W' I'nplM'HOll- ><"t ,i,..LI tin 11 HittKiii i iii flu 1 rirst A III (l to ho spon- I ! - un i|.-r (he aUsploey of • the 5',„,,»'-« iiuxlllnry to thn AmoHoau f , whleh will Hlart thlH ovo- ^ 'lull I..- hel<l at iloiUor Holiool ,' 7 uVlurk lu iMJKi u'olooU. Thn IK< w.-i-< originally scheduled to [ivju'l'l .it Itie town bull, •,i jfif .1 j• i » i*,* • will l>e eonduclod at (..( l^wl Tlmsn IntereHted III ^ 'rv.-nlnK ut I ho McltooL MlHH • Nnlmi, In.HliHiotoi 1 In Lbo Nu\v Invcii hl«» Moliool, will bo In W- "f Hie TnrkiM 1 will n OH ton, Kpl). 27— (U I 1 )— Tanks, rtiKl.oUio'v ociuipriidiit 1 captured In World Wat- I, and' now ,iiscd an inoiivorialH will be salvaged, for use lu World War .,M, tlio,. Masaaolni" HtittH ptibllo 'Hiifety ooninUitoo atlid today, Thn uomniittoo'.H salvage division pluna u cuvmpulgn \\\ which .niiinlol- pal.Ulos, Aiucrloah JjOglon' and. Vet- oruriH of Korolgn Wars posts and uuiHoums will ooptrlbiilo Uio-sou- vonlrn to n' scrap pllo Jl'rom which valunlilo inotal .dfur bo rtUrlevodi Tho ooiiiinlttoo said It hp'pod it could nrraiigo to obtain new HQU- von.lrs from thl« war for organlxu- llony whloh contributed old relics. Gen, MacArthur's Forces Advance (Conllnuocl from Pngd One) Huld, It lory bay [,,.,', ; |u s nVlorU to I'ee.elVd |Ui,V' H mi Ihc did awe aMMlHtaneu lax, JH ni-xl In l.he lnnt payuiont ,kc I'liic" at any publlo HCS- If'piV. (in Monday evening, tho t M h'nllr('liiiii sesMloii will bivlinld.. |f-..i- MundMV lln« addlMoiuil rin« or ,,i niiml he paid by (U<lliir(Ui'»lM, Voluuli'iM 1 'I'o Sew I.UM! W(Min»u who volunteered •.'„. \,-fvli'i'H yesterday for Mod ;.,« I'l-lii'i 1 Mi'Wlng, lneltid«Ml Mrs. i-ilMir Aii'lrew. Mi's, Helen (il'lmm, oxilelh Klenian, Mrs. fllms- ,. li.irvln, Mrs, llul'old Wllcnx, j^ \nfiiia Cednrlioliii, MrH, M(i- |,nl ilruhei', Mrs. John Cook, Mrs, ,|,n Kill. Mi'H. Hurry hobdell. Mlsn V llnl'K UlUl Ml'H, TIlUMIU OHtOI'- .lllnr Sui'li'ly To Mroi - Altar Hooloty nl 1 St, M nrrli will hold UN I'i'KUlar mouth "Our IroopH arc bolu^ Hiibjuiil-cd to u rolullvoly llKhl. ouomy air and fy . utluok," Uio oommunkiuo \vlthouL elaboration. notod'that hlddon enemy B ar Illon tho Clftvlto Bhoro of Manila has boon silent "for. several days," ThoHO KUIIH havo on several oocaHlons laid 'clown heavy barrages on Amor'looiMiolcl Island i'ovts.'ln- cludlnK For I Mills on Corrcgldor Island. two-clay old pft'on- was a pu'/xlo. to military here, aK.hough It was uKfoocl that 1 the advance SVUH for the pui-poso of' plans and up', udvuncod Japanese taan peninsula! They have been thrown, ^aak, 1 , on. thq defenslvG arid . ; ao.cir Mai\l ia . . bay by. MftoAi'.tH.ur''8 surprise .Ihruats. • ; : Not 1 since < FobiM2 i wiien tlvc fall of Maabato J.slancl in the heart of the'' Islands wa's rbpprtcd'.' by the War department/ Im'y^ , the Japanese boon able to extend l ,t,hcir,.poiiqucst or .unleash' "their threatend all-out assault against .MaQArUuir, despite vast, superiority -in .manpower. , The Inorea'slng-ajtd savage, resistance of. the. •Fill p.inoH,. the:, guerrilla Nyari'aro few •wlU.cli. Uicy hay^ been famous,"' rpiv. gen'Qrations, '.was' sdkl l>y. tiiO;>Vat%dQpa'{,' ofi'iclals to bo ' aic^ihflf.; MacAi'tluir ^nd . hls\ m,on; In. sha.i.terlng, tl'io .pians.'^.p'f GO.utscal '. llpinmai;, '.tlid ,. .:,Tiipanese '' iu. the Philip'-' . . . ... ... , ... ; Tlio; odniblnaUbn' of u>e Filipinos 1 , 1 i.n'.suruoQ't.ion , again'si', the ..invaders aiul; MaoAVthur's taotlQal' brilliance,. sam.,Lp 'ha/ye dct'eatqcl pbyio.up. ' ' ., cuio!my pUins... to 'aoliioVc ;' av-.'swift, "Kn'oqkbut" .pi 1 ' resis.tarlcc.,, .- in the. , Pliillppinoa ai.H^relouso.;. large forces. Cor t^io st.v'ljg'glp'' oi 1 .' the .putdlr'.Bas.t ,. 1 2,000; inllqs t.q; i thd;soi.Uh\vdst; Roosevelt Said To Favor Wage Law (Continued from Page. One) still luollolans jiilfiK at l-ho home of MI-H, Wil- j.n lirennon on \\'oh'e avenue, at 8 .•!.)!• U, The annuiil eleellon ol' ofl'l- [^ will take plane, Members ^>C inilnallfiK oomiiiltloe, Mrs. Md- IHifiK, «MrM. John 1 Ionian und |M LoulM iMalher, \v'lll |>reHo'nt a' Hi.', nf ol'I'ltM'i's to l»(? voted upon. [OWN WANTS FINANCIAL AID svhosr l'iiil)"i's an.« iK'Vi-iiM, wlli 1»« barred from Monday nnlcMM I In- Kf'V» I»U,VH a proiulrtnjl ullolinont !, Sr-linol Hiipnrliil nald (nday, , Haiti, IUIH iicd A.VIM- -a losvn of M,(X)0 urd In pay I'cr extra io it wan started nt'lor aovorul days of HllonW on. tho part of-Japan's nuinni'leully-t'ar superior army In Ur/on, at a time when an all-out JapanoHo usflnuli was expected mo- iMonlarlly. . , Military officials, saSrt» Hghtlng was under way In numerous scat- ku-od part nf tlio Archipelago—on IUit«wi\ an bohlnd tho Invaders 1 , H n( , H _. \vhnro tlio Japanese are sli'UKgllng to hold their costly galas and oi'Kftnl'/.n for an attomptocl "Unockoul-. 11 assault, Al' Hourly Ihroc-montlis of hit- ler (Ightlng, tho JapanoHo aro try- Ing to bolster their linos across Bu- mllllons of defense Industry workers. . ' ...'••' ,''.'..: .-.:, v .. ^leantlirio, tho/l^hpslderi.t said .at,a pvotts' c.o'liferenco that; .ijc regardo.tV tlio pructicq of' nttaclilng riders to nOn-ve : toabie loglsla'tion'' such as appropi'lallqn bill?}' ns-.roprohensil)lc, He did riot spool(IctOiy mention Smith's ..offQVt to attach' the no- : makUnum~w'ork-\yooJi .nieasur.Q .1-0. tho war powers bill, but lie made it- plain that his' (lcn.unolal.loh applied, to a,ll ndn-gormane .riders... ,. Tho source pointed' 'out that the \vago-iiour..Jn\vvdqes--'not ban .work In' excess of 40 hbuf's a, \veclc, but inei-Qly p'rovldod^.for.' 1,1 mo-and-a-halI 1 ovoi'tlme pay 1 , for oxociss hours. , Mo repros.ented' the Chief. liixoou- tlve as Co!oHng,.that:hc would not .relax the'slpr.oyislonH-r-Dvcn H ho liacl-'.suoi.i .poNver—in flic race oJ rifting -living .costs,' . . . Ho pointed out, that, rrrvnjii 7 worker* \vbu|cf not be affdo.led .Immc.diatoly by al){ind6mneo.t of/the, .>vorlc-weok limitations because .they aro pro* looted by' union oonti;ucts with 40-' hour wooU clauses.. Rut many um.on contracts,' he noted, loave the (I»»'P- tlon of hours anrl overtime pay up to Federal law for enforcement. Mr, Roosevelt was nsked at tho press conference If he had board. , of a 108-hour war ,work, we el; sug- gostecl- In 'a :petitioh by.^a; :gro.upV; pf : Rhode •.''Islanders';.! Suoii-j-a^S^ho.uF 'day..;, spyon" '-.'• day'; ,vyoek/ J "\vo'iLild^noV even give the ^vpl^]cei;s; time to jijaty tlie Presldbnt ohseryb^,^':' '.'• . ['•'. !;,". . The !.Sinitli propb'sal^^ias'vv thr,p\v,n the House into anotiier o.f, H's heated discussions of, New-.pelii;! i.iojajA. islutJoii! It. was'..qxjiopicscjl"4?. XP^ 'iatier in iho'' day ^p^ShjWh!s'''am_c;ri^-. mcnt, which \ypB. x LAV>;pr-.;'.Dire ; ct9r Sidney K-Iillman. 1 ..dcnouric ( eU last..n'JSjBfft. as ! a move ,-wiio-li'V'AW result/in "confuBjon, j i lowering of • GET : Hartford, .Cpmv^^V^ State Defense' Ad.mi.nifitr^toV Col. Samuel H. -.Fishov sajrUpdiyy v . arf rangeri.ionls were being; made' with the office for Civil jafi ; 'Defense /,at Washington to ' cut cities'and town's. ; •;••.;< ,•,.:;." V'•; ^ Tim distribution; Col. -Fislior .^id; would bo on a loan-basis. In addition, the administrator, said, requisitions were being.made for atr.. raid warden equipment, pas,^nasKs,. ; an..d surgical.'.arid medical .equipment; •;., ; Col.' Plshor said''Civilian^pefense' In .Gprinectlciit. l>as now ; b,(jcp>set',ijp, but aii intensive tvaih(ng pei'ipd'now-. T T ' * • ', _ . _ \ •. •_' i ,* j " . ' • " ' , ' " -' . * I »_ _ A. > M U y CA14 A*". VMM'- 11 T ** ,. v .^ v*« yvo *T". •[ i"i >•" ' m us t' star t '/lib.toro >yo;'"can.^; i?'ay.. that; •out 1 state a,nt| I'obaV .p'r^anj^tion'S; arq competent' arid, roii.dx . t fpr. ,,any; •attack*'tlxb''cnooiy' may vy'aga .upon, us? 1 ' ' ; .. •-..;.',...;'.... „ : ( >We have sat .one. month" a,s ;.tbei vovy longest iri'which this second.; stage of our work can be comnletr? ed ( -" Col. Fisher said. "We arc,working against time.-And l'cali ; 'upon;, every locnl Defense CbUnoil..chair-' man', every chief air raid warden, ; every chief ' aircraft 'observer,: to; spqcci the : p.f-Uiie. men ; •and .womeiV ,in" their Organizations,^ through' tes.ts, do Id-, trial?; ^ud.spcplal maneuvers:" . .• : • •;' ,»'? '•'.. V^ ; — .» • » ; ' " ," ' Enters Army As A First Lieutenant (Continued from .Page One).', ... ward Sftimders, Edward Rung','Qscar W'irth,' Harry Ande'rspn,. George Bnchr, Hugh McSherry, Joe'.. Casey, Marie R^an, Stella MoGann' Victor P.eter$ph,< Warren ; Abel, ' Aii(l|'ew; F. ' '' ' Mosy, •'•'• Mel. Messer, Jack' Delanoy, H.oss Dpnleyy Abie' Jean Quick, Hoy ••'Rlchaudsbn;.'. Ernie Anastasio, John WrinnV Bill Me.jak, .William Lalor, : Robert, Lowell, Robert Ford, Edward •'Retrupclii; John .'Simmons;,: Loo Cody, Virr..'; Hastings, ,dniar Gibbs Dick .Ellis, W.rMcquigan, Perlcy. Brown, «' .J'..:,Gruner; .Lcs Bushncll, .Robert SiiMnfie'rSr- Frqd Nawrcith, Fred pctm, AValtei-: 'H'. ..Nprton.iVlluiTy L. Carter, ; T. . E. ^Fitzgerald, Charles Weaving, ••Staritpiv .Glo.yer;- Walter S. Poasoi •:!,?. el ice,; Mopney, H;. N. Barrett, Mrs. ? j'.,;,- iG.ray. C6mm.ins ( - Mrs. J. Louis, Jplinsbn and Mrs. R. Howard Hack' ' OMMNY IN Bridgeport, Conn.,. Feb. 27rr-(UP}— .Score's-ot- rcsidcnls in tlic'Park City Hotel • were; ;.drivcn to the s.trcet in 'night clothcis early .today when flro :t.l)i:cfttened .the four-story structure :• The .bkwe s.tartod' in, the -kitchen 'of-llio Qupng Hlng Low Ghiribso- .Anicnlcan resla'iirant'and, for a time, Lhrcal-encd to spreacl through .tho' entire building'; Several roomer?! \vere ,taltei> down • ladder^ by fire- :mcn" .from th c tli i rd and f o u r Ih floors; . ' Origin of: the Hre was not deter•'mined 1 immodlatel.v. New!I)rU-aln;-Conn:, Fob,.27—.(UP).; '—The ,nrsii theft of defense, bonds' in Connc,ctic^'' w^ reported; today.. Tlie" bonds' valuod at $75; .>vere taken f^vpin; t\vo apartments which.; wore ransacked, U 3, authorities said the. bonds were valueless to. the thieves, ..who would be unable to : cash tHeni: ' . . ' • ' ' " '4 < » —— NEW STQHE OPENS TOMORROW The new Town Shoe Store will open tomorrow morning at 160 Zurich street, in the fw- Pasho buiUltiig with a complete and up to-inc:minute. line of women s smart shoes, hosiery, hand bags, etc. Here, .you will .find the, smartest styles in women's shoes at mod- crate prices; •''..'••. SMALLliilNG BOATSBANNED ON ATLANTIC COAST Philadelphia, Feb. 27—(UP)— Fishing for sport off the Atlantic ;ooast went to the bottom of the priorities list today. Coast guard officials placed a ban on the movements of all small craft in ocean- waters, excepting coinmercial Jlshing boats which have received special licenses. Capl. E. A, Coffin, director of coast., gmird activities for the port of. Philadelphia,-'Indicated, tho or- der'followed reports of small craft 'carrying heavy, oil .^cargoes being found in off-shorn waters. , The ban on small boats will bring to'-a temporary halt Ihe lucrative sport flsl)ing business operated along the'New Jersey and Delaware coasts. FOUGHT HIS'WAY INTO THE NAVY Boston Feb. 27—(U' P)—Manuel naptlstc, .2/1,- Taunton light heavy, weight, bad fought bis way into the Navy today. Rejected because he failed lo pass tho eye tost, Bhptistc entered two boxing tournaments; won both limns and used'tho priisc money to 'Ouy' a' pair, of glasses. He was a'o- ceptc(r : by the navy' yesterday. - — ' : .'::,' +'••»— ACCEPTS CALL !. Hartford', Conn., Felr, 27—(UP) : —Hev. ,lohn P. BankK, former Hartford resident, tot.layaccopi.rid a call to become pastor of Plymouth Con- 'grogat-ional church, Omaha, Neb. Row. Banks, who has been'associate minister at Union Congregational church, Richmond Hill, New' York oily, for the past year, will take over bis new post April 19i —: .»-.<.» . Try a Class!nod Ad lo dispose of odds and ends. Tii- Ki't'iH-'i . , , /Co I'DiiinlM of Idlmooo AVlih'u f U'leanM «-. Drh-rlfiriillon, Jiowever, Is Miiin In I" here lu Ih" Wounded in Duel Danmnto Tahordti, WOMEH'S SMART SHOES (Moderately Pricea). AT$2.45 — $3.45 — $3,98 ; ; .... ;...;:''.. HOSIERY AND HANIDfeAGS in the local retail field. Town Shoes will be : h msffor Naugatuck' s Miss and Mrs, ' «ctivltlos In in n yuixu- duel, IIJB dhl opponont, Col, Knrlf|uo '. Itad n ««bor Mtnb. in tho <uul tsvn othor wounds in his n», Tho colonel had (lonuiml- on for an election c<«in* 169 CHURCH STREET (New^PasKo Building) OBITUARY Wilfred A. Straw Arthur Straw, GO, ill oil Thursday morning nl. his home, Fermlalo avenue, Mkkilcbury. Born in Union City, i.lio .son of. Wilfred and Nellie White SI raw, ho lived in Middlobury for the past 27 years, lie was employed by the Mix Clock Co., WiUcrbury, Survivors arc his wife, Sarali Cable Straw of Mhtdlebury ; two daughters, Miss Marion Ella Straw and Mrs. Thomas McVeigh, b.olh of Middlcbury; three brothers, Joseph C. of Middlcbury, Walter II. of Devon and FnuiK A. oi' Waterbury and several nieces and nephews. he funeral will be hold tomorrow afternoon at 2 o'clock at the Clark funeral homo, 20 Stale street, Wal.erl.niry. Rev. W. II. McCanco of Middlobury officiating, Burial will be in Evergreen cemetery, Watertown: Friends may call at the funeral homo today from 3 to 5 and 7 to 0 i). m. Funeral of John Norton The funeral of .lohir Norton, of GO South' street, Walerbury, and well known in Na'ugaluok, will take. place tomorrow morning at t):.'W o'clock from bin late residence to St. Francis' Xnvler church, whore a solemn high Mass of requiem will be celebrated at iO o'clock. Burial wil be in old St. Joseph's cemetery, Watcrbury. NEWTOWTO HAVE€URFEWFOR GIRLS AND BOYS FUNKIUL MRS. ELIZA SACIC The funeral of Mrs. 131ix.a A. Sago, who died at the homo of her son- in-law, Pnlriclt Hognn Oft Coon street, Monday night, was hoid ibis morning from iho. McCarthy Fu- norat Homo, 21 Codnr sl.ivct. 'The pallboars woro: Leo .1. Brophy, Joseph L. .lacksoiY, ,1r,, Goorge Froelir.b, Walter Llesowiiw, .John Wood and Alphonso Cignati', Seymour I. Zonn, MJD. ANNOUNCES T1IR N13MOVA1, OF HIS OFFICES TO 178 Meadow Street To). 5414 NAUCSATLICK, CONN. Hours: — Afternoons — 2- 3; Evenings — 7 -8 Excepting Tuesdays and Sundays Conn., Keb. 27— (DP)— Town court authorities" today JnsU- tutcd a JO p.m. curfew for girls and boys under It) "lo.puTan end. to this carousing t around and using up tiros." Judge Harry R Bradley of town court, announcing the ouj'few, said "ti^e youth here do -.not eooporoio. with the Defense Program ami spend valuable' time riding around In automobiles, burning up valuable, HI-OH and gasoline." v If the curfew is successful, .ludgo Bradley said, "it may. do much io improve the morals of our youth.'*' Jlo emphasized the curfew did not 'apply to youngsters under 10 if they were chaperoned or accompanied by thoir parents. Constables have been authorized to enforce the. curfew, he said. If anyone under 10 is .found outdoors after JO p.m., Judge Bradley * ox- plained, he will be asked to go homo. If objections are raised,. a charge of breach of peace may be imposed, Judge Bradley said pnronts would have to boar much' of the responsibility for enforcement of tho new rnlc. Tin 1 A cuxsstFiicn AD IN THIS NIOWS FIIOM IIUMHUCnS Ol»VSMAHT SIMUNt; nilKSSK-S — USIC YOUli CKKUIT — DORIS souiH GITTS UXCUC SAM ^ CHURCHILL TOB10Y .1UOS STRISIK'S CENTUM' S'l\ - DIAL :i-27fi2 GLASSWARE STRATTOIVS RESTAURANT 18 .PARK PLACE STEAKS — SEAFOOD COCKTAIL BAR ;=£55S^ 1 > ' Photoflash And ' K Photoflood Bulbs All the Popular Sizes Films Chemicals Paper Kodachrome — Kodacqlpr Castle Films — •• 8 mm.—16 mm; KODAKS-BROWNIES • You'll always find the latest Eastman cameras featured here. Capable folding Kodaks, versatile miniature Kodaks, inexpensive Brownies. Tell us your picture needs, We'll, show you the camera that meets them at your price. SWEENEY'S STAIIONKHY The Card and Gift Shop of Naugatuck. ^-..0--0—0—0—0- Murphy's Paints and Enamels for exterior and interior purposes o—o—o—o—o> GANS, Inc. MAPLE STREET TEL. 3607 Naugatuck-Made Footwear Serves You Better S, Rubber Company Naugatuck Footwear Division (Central I'rwt)

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