Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on February 16, 1942 · Page 1
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 1

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Monday, February 16, 1942
Page 1
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1 V 'if Japanese Infantry Slashes at Gen. The Weather i glowing' Rising Tempera- turo With Rain Tonight,' Circulating In Beacon Falls Bethan Bristol Terrace (Joiion Hollo\v; Millville Platts Mills 'Straitsville- Union City If It's News You :€an Find It In The NEWS XLVII, No, 39 NAUGATUCK DAILY NEWS, MONDAY, FEBRUARY 16; 1942 Price Three Cents Many Naugatuck Men REPORT STEADY FLOW OF REGISTRANTS HERE I Volunteer Clerks Greatly Assist Local Draft Beard In Hugo Task isl'Ti'd men bul.sveon Iho vii and -i,") yuat'H roportod to- tin; four MlutloiiH In tho I" ri'Klsli'r for soloi'tho undi'i 1 llu- now trnll by the Slalrs KovormiK'Mt and (ill d t'hiMM'l'idly and riMicllly. Hi" lui'Ko numbnr of nion I'"' 1 H' 1 ' now d |<tl ^ ; n° l one With l''h a^HlHlanee of a large huinboi 1 »'f voluntfei'M, many of U'uuhers In tho schools I;" .vumaluuk, Hide confusion ,1 and all soloi'U.'OH wore up and rnoorck'tl with no Iliitknliy. tllf-rUa In the station In L IIHV'II hall building, under tho .M'vUlnn or • Borough Clock lOwrli's K. t>al.v. 'vviu'o obliged t«i i) tho Jump the greater purl 1)1 Du 1 day us tho nuijorlly of ih" I-H.MI i-lkibU' for tho drul'l roHlclo In >ct!<>ii of tlio borough, AI i long lino WUH fornu-d v limit 1 opportunity lo TOK!«- fcr. KnrolhnnnlH in Iho othw thru 1 <, WUH not too brisk, nl- there WHM u sluady llosv of Ivi-vtslnHi.s all Jliy up lo .press 1 " ' NVhlUomori', .Ir,, eluilrman M iwitl /Iran,' board 1-i-A vvti.s In of roM'lHtratlon at rlral't Kead- 4 In Ihe lUM.'ho si rout school; ||.wy fllcHlesvskl, oV Iho high lifl'il funnily, (lli'eoted op oral km* HIM Ih'klMu Uortlaurant In Union Illy, anil Hay i«'oloy, also a mnnmi-r [Mho faculty at tho -high Htihuol In ohtii'Ko at flood year hall, |(1 in estimated that well ovor [in I'oHldnnls ol 1 Nuiitfiilwsk aro i for rriKlHlratinii loclny. Jthi- rntflMlrallun • HUUOMH oponed I; o'clock UilH-inornlnft' and will iipnn until 0 o'ulouk this euHlorn svar time. | Tin- major requli'ometitH for n a»i HUNliUHPtal by <>'!. AviM'lll, Hlulo (HrooLw of ('['vice, are: (Coiitfntind on Pago Two) /MY PLAYERS REHEARSING FOR BENEFIT PLAY iM-ml.i'Cs or HIM east of Ihe play i* <>t Ihr i- f r.vlM« Pan" which will l»r»':o'ii!iTl iii'i-fl on February ^r> Ui»' Mi-will of the bimolll of the. I'Tkui H"d CWHH are svoi'klnK ivi'iitiy at rohi'iu'.HulH Imld In the (' 'if ihi- Maple .street flm IJOUHO lii'liniilDii.i are that thf> Valley •'•i 1 -* will htivo another out- Kliiiu hit In their orodlt svhon I- I'l.iy "hits tho boai'dH," I Tin- «-,mi is under llin dln?ollon of Stanley U. fMborno who was I .I Known 'fur tlu-lr drainallo notlv- •^ it .iLiiinu WIMlY In Watorbm-y ^'V"nl veteran playor» ' of tl> n ii"<uiM'K K'nip will portray Mm 'n-'iiui 1'iiirs and Momo nusvtiornui'H 'I! »lso take part In the profluu- "i AIIKIIIK tin- cfist -will be f'JIIxa- !| i <ii'»'i'ii, Margarel Gurlln, llolori "i iiMMi-, Ciene Klclorofl 1 , .fames '"". l.-u-ry Hrur.e, Anno UrbollH, i''l Ki.^owlcx, Kvoi-elt Kood "• 1,-iwtun and Harold Uobert- lUCKOUfRULES 10 BE ENFORCED IN NAUGATUCK wurnldK lo I'OflUlentH of l hut any and all efforts |'"i»-illoii.'ii defence and Mfifoty iruiHl '1'ikt'n st'i'lmiHly and co[iipll f ' r l with ll|(1 uluiost Is Klvffii with Iho nn- ''''fiif'di hy \\'/u'f((!n lino .L Urf>- Ihul llioso who fall to •ul'-K mid iviKiilalU'iiH In il'e Hl|l)J<M'l (O pPIHllUOH. Mrnpliy MlaUul that nn I n legally pnl'orof. 1 Atlornny Junii'H ( } . |l >'. Dim ID |.| lf » JUWH' I'egai'd- '^ ucdliianccM II IH pOHHlblf 1 will nnl he. olllulally 11111 ''"''"re the fli'Hf, mi Murc-h 1st, After I") Hoard of Wnrdnn and Mm 1 •'"id Ilien juivfi'llHOd for i M mimlifr of BE GIVEN AFTER REGULAR MEETING TlH! regular meeting of Lhn American Legion imx'lllnry- will b« noki Wednesday evening, February .18, in Pythian hall, Mrs. Hazel (Jiiimoud, president, has cailod Iho mooting for 8 |>. in. A National Defense and Ainnrlouiiism party and entertainment arranged by Mrs. Mary Uatklewlch, Amorlonnlsm chairman, ami Mrs. Mary Novell, National Oe- foiisi! cJinlrman, will follow Iho rni'OllMK, Tlmy will be assisted by Mrs. Allen Robinson, Mrs, Kthel Simmons and Mrs. lOdlth Lalor, The program will consist of lalks by Warden Leo Hrophy and Miss Hi-Ion Miu-onoy, vice-chairman ot I In? Civilian Defense committee, and Miss Uelty Ryan ami .John Ferguson, high school Htudonls, and members of Iho Golden fame Dramatic club/ sv'ltl present, u scene from the life of Abraham Llnroln. Refreshments will be served. • ^____ EMERGENCY WAR FUND HERE NOW TOTALS $20,730 The . NiiuKntuok --Iflinoi'^MUiy War Kund was -$90 nearer to its goal of JJ' with additional con-, U;Ji,)iitioii9 announced by. Wprnia.i. Wood, (inanplal chairman of tho. drlyo In Iho' borough, Tlio total. 1 amount suhmji'llJed in Nuuyatuck to date Is $20,7^0,^1. Previously acknowledged Mr. /i.U'i. ..-.-- • , ; Now Subscribers are.: Mrs. mclr- ard N'oat-y, *<: W, D- Merrill, $5; Hortlifi Henslell, SI; MISH Lucille •\florno, $'2; Mr, and Mrs. ,7. P. Moim-. han, $5; 1C. M. fJarroll, 5; Mrs. Alex Kosa, SU; iMi's. James King. SI; Mi's. Mnl-'orcst Mart, J?l; Mrs. Poler Ro- tfil.oi'1, $11'NnugyettOH club, $0; Mrs.. •MHhcr, $7; Total, $20,7, r J0.2-'i. Total of above lint 93C. Two Sons—-"Two Generate TELEPHONE CHIEF . .'/.' \VeuvlnK ';iui,ivp u noes' .that'. he ; , lias 'appornteclvMrs,. Cl'ar-; onuo ''•• P. '• nua'cknnbushv ;J34 Ael-na street, incssage plerk for UK;,, Chief Air Half| Warden of th.e : Naugaluiik. defeiies'• nouncil, Mrs, . Qi.iackonb.usl.i will bo: in charge of-, the /telephone squad at tho. Council, hca'cl.quur.tcrs,- 2?i Mnple sti'eet. Slie -Is ^yeil-qiKiu'- flod for this po.sHlon.' hayingvb.non Identified -w!Mi 'the lolophon-o : c6nv pany in Now York, tlliy.'-ih ;i'eispqn-; slble positions ' over' u period'.• of- yours. • . . . • ; • '•'.•'•':••• • ' : 4-* » — • "•'' ;' ' Cn PEAHL II/MUHtH! t 'finc da an rv ' Late News Bulletins GERMANS HIT FOUR TANKERS jlVWMSTA'D, CURACAO, Dutch West Indies, Feb. >) A OonnHii submarine deoyj in tlio American Zone oast of the Panama Canal lias torpedoed i'onr <ors and shelled the great American-owned oil. re- 011 the Dutch Island oi:'Arnba, it was disclosed 1 to- The Netherlands Indies' News Agency said the. ••"of. 1 Aruba'marked the first land" attack on -any i hemisphere territory in World War II. SUPREME COURT RULING WASHINGTON, Feb. 16 - (UP) - Tlio. Si.preme "JoLirt (oday ruled in ilavor of the Bethlehem Shipbinldmg Corp in a'suit in which the government sought to recover wliat ii charged were "unconscionable" profits made by the firm on World War I shipbuilding contracts. . , ' . WILL GE'TOUESTIONNAIRES ^ . WASHINGTON, Feb. 16—(UP)^Selective;.S| L ^oe headquarters announced ..-today that detailed -ques'i . niin.Au nn vocatlona'J experience will he sent to .cver t v- & , l who Ins not already been called into service, Ihere lu-rapproximately SS.OOoioOO- such men, including .those registering today. ' . _ _ /.'• : ,-;,;; . >, M»»., »i" torn- Onteno^ , loan. KHOX PKKDlOTS VIOTOEY • VA., Pol). in-(DP)— aocretary ul N»vy "M^Trn > \ viv., r u j. J.' ; —\ ^ j - / '---•-- . ... Knox^id today that tho Mod SU.tjj^p^ • *, fiio "war era", in the production ot - buppltf?, .ana srw.«,»«... -^;«'Stfo,S' SS er Will Be By JOilN/ M.'-MIOCK'UN ;'.'.•' '"' I (Unitur.1 - IM'tiss-'-'St/irf iJori'e.sp'piifle'iii,}'. Washington,. Feb.. tJO^CUP).— A -.lottery K-oriKi. time' next:inonth probably wll'l Ucterrniiie -the. order 'irv/wliicb tlio- class i-A' nieif- ahion'g-'-the ! 9;- OOOiOOO who registered .yostorday. and tdciriy.." will' bei caHtd vinto 'millta'ry< service: ' '••••• '•• ''.•-'•;'.•!' '•' .- •'. ';. "•'••• ' Olllcva Is •• gave ' tliis .liidl. qiil,lo"n -• us they registered : l imeh.' • Ijiitwticn. - ; the ages, of 20 to ^''i, inclusive, -who-' did; not register' In 1 •phey-'bl.' 1 - '-'tlm ' two'/ p're-; vi oil's di'a-l't calls. •••':. •• ' -','• • ' : ' . . Registration, centers, in Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico vand ''.all .the; 48' States opened -.their 'do'prs* a'gaiir :• at; 7 a.m. They vvill roiiudrv -open until ',) 'p.m. '-' " - ; . •""•• "•' ' ' Some' states .began registering' men^ as early ; as' a week ago,: and: In- .nl-' •most every •• state' .draft; officials. opened tlieir doors SunrJay or. SnLur- clay--nlghl'-to acco'mmodate those men; wliosc jobs made it impossible for them .. to app.enr -. dui'ing •• the regular hours,' , . • • '• . ' . ' Men of the' now registration cmssi-. flotl I -A will not be- inducted unLH existing. lists are exhausted... V •• -;. • Tlui lottery next month will 1 de• termine ; th'6 -order -In wh'ich flic new, !-A men arc -inducted.:'' 'The/ rate- of deferments will be high 'because of dependents .and •physical, ihnpair- military service, will -'IVp -boosted- to -around 20,000,000. ...-Thai,, figure' in• (Continued:. on; Page F.iyc) Since: Year 1845 , : ,JVoi.'lli: :ilnnVtoii',\.N. . H.',' 'Feb. .•jjfi.,--^ : U'l»; ,-r The < .' LILtJc ;• -Hi vci- Christian <!inu ; ch' \vas: ;lnilU".,hi ''1845', • InU ; i . ..-- -. po'rrorni or! "-'LlfM'o ii nj II " y'csi(p|'«l«.Y \VJuMi '' ilo.scphiMc' MouHon, . IKMIU; . • jo- vvcd . -.I?niiL -•Vyesloii' -./of: - ii Hosion If S NAVY Ua U«. lilt f i WASBURNIN^UP • Severn! , Nfiugatnck.. ypung>. Indies are keeping rnurn concern ing, an: in- 'liident thali-"happenR : <jl\..tq.: them .recently .whi'lfi' in .AtVsonia,;The,y. : ;. : had ,'ittendod a'--.iir''lilie, '6lt.>-.-.find- entered . ti" res tan rant .for- a- snack-, of lunch. When they., emerged from the eating place they •• discovered tholr auto' enclo'sed in a cloud, of, "smoltof'.. One pf'teh'-.ladies hastened back'to 'the restliurnnt to _place a call for trie -Hrn' department. Tho i-all did "n'ol/ -go through'• however., as a native of Ansdnffi who. Jhyesti- gatcd ''lie '-'/Ire 11 - l > ounfi : .;t!i'al,':l.hc-;-pJU 1 had been, parked, over 'a manhole through Which, steam from a nearby factory was escaping; ;,•,•.,•; ' ' r rh>. girls were '-greatly .relieved when the fire 'was / solved;;;;b'u.1;- needless- ,to ' ;say—s!iyh}ly^.;,; : .embarrassed. •; ,'.'.:' •' ; ;''- : ' : '-';' ;.' : ;•'•.'-'•'.;•-."; ':'.' ' " KIEV SUDDENLV7 >'•;-•• l! Hartford, •/Coriri., '• Feb-: ; :tG--(UP)" Mi-s. Kathorine.. S. KCll.y,"'sister--o.l Mayor • Thomas 'J, Spella'cy. .v;die.d suddenly: home, '•-.' . W i 11 i am : .1 -.•••" K i n g!-'. : B (js t, n r s t • .class .boatswain's--' mate,' -who has been ^pending'' a .furlough, with .his par- -enlis; -Mr. and Mrrt-.- Roboi'l, J. Bost, .Sr. : pr'22 Ooen strobt, U'l't yesterday .to. rcppri.'for duly.-with- the .United •States mwy, - , ...-'• . .."Bosum" .Best has been a member 'of our"'hayy Cor ' I,Ho. past 14-years •and..-served with.-.J.he .United. States army -in.-'World War No. 1. Me. has sailed the seas to practically every n'oi'l. "in",-J.n'c . world and speni/.sev- eral years.on duty in' China. He -was in '-charge' of' the .gun crow, on- the Standard. Oil.tanker, u Pan.ay n a few months '.before IL was. destroyed, by a Japanese ' bomb which, anipng nther 'casualties .on 'that occasion •l.o'bk'Vlic life of'LieuI; Carlson., cp.m- rnander 'pf .the Panay,' a brother of A>iei W." ! '; Carlson, local; insurance broker; ; ' -• - t ', ; ' . , 'Rev. ^George •Dunn, adviser of the Thirtv Club Leonard Conlln, its president; '"and William- J, ..Baxter were the speakers at the Communion ]3reakfns.l/ of the"ciub held yesler- rlay...mprni)^ in liin St. . Francis Pa'r.och iiil •"'• school ' -. liu i Id I ng .-• . Nearly fifty members .attended and received 1-foi.y : o6mmunion in a group at- the 06 ' Mass in St. Francis'- Church. • ".lolin ''McCarthy a hd Chai-les T.icr- ney "were v cp-cli.aJrji]en of the; oom- rni'tte^'Tn ciiarpfe "fvnd were assisted ••iiy. 'Bern/ird'-: J: -••.Oai'rick.. ''Russell Hughes ofllciated as tonstmaster. 'The waitresses were, Palricia Robinson. Evelyn .Honan, Jane 'Harriett, Phyllis Mor.iMs, Eileen 'Cnllahan and Marie ,-Lbu'ise Lalo'r,' • ' /. -' •"•'•• • • • •" PEARL HARBOR I May Be Prelude To Big Assault On Defenders Of Bataan JAPS SURGE TOWARD STRONGHOLD OF JAVA They Have Seized Main Su- ,.matra Oil Center of Palem- bang ; "By' JOE -.ALliJX . MOBttiS . • . 'u. P. Foreign Editor. ,' Under 'a 'devastating hail- of allied bombs,-Japan's air. and. sea' invasion surged southward through'the oil- rich Dutch ISast •. Indies -island of Sumatra today toward, (he stronghold of. Java. , .-... • - American, Dutch -.and British air squadrons scored ^direct liits on ten Japanese .transports .vand warships •repeatedly strafed • enemy, Lrpop- laden barges;.in a week-end of •heavy .nghting -along. • the- .Sumatra, coast and. up,-tlie Musi:river. •.;••• . • • •' '.But 1 the--Japanese-.added to .their capture \of SUigapor.e the sei/urc.of. •'th<rnviftin: Sumatra : : oil center; .of Paiembang; 'Which -.the Dutch -had destroyed in line with .their, scorchr 6d earth :pblicy,'. and pushed the western-, prong of-, their pincers ^through- stubborn /Dutch'resistance •to--, wi thin' almost: -200 • nill.efe-, of Java on! the.'west..-.•; .-; ;.-••! •, .\ '. ;./,-• ' • • .: •v "\Tlic enemy offensive was seeking to close' two;h'ugo- amis around Java —bn'e by' way of.-Sumatra .-on the west and the other-by .way, of Borneo- on -the-north'.' and, east—and there were' some ,axis-inspired reports that landings already had been: made-on "the" Java' island. Axis-controlled broadcasts by radio '(Continued onl^age Eight) ON SCOUT DRIVE The ouplai-ns uml.tlie .members of their- teams in the financial drive for Muttatuek Coimci! of, the. Boy Scouts,, which started last 'Thursday, will hold their first report meeting tomorrow afternoon at- fi. o'clock In tho V. M. C. A. Another report meeting will be held in Stratton's Restaurant in Park pi ace: Thursday evening at C o'clock. The dri've will be brought to ft close one week from today. . , ''..• FORMER BURGESS, DIED THIS MORNING Richard P Ryan of C> Cu.lycr slheet dl'Cd this morning : at,SI, Mary's Uos- pitnl Walei-bury, -after a,lon^ 111- noss" He wns horn, ln : Ireland and had. resided in Naugatuek for.^:)8 •years. . >/'"- .'' .. 'Mr. Ryan wns employed ny inc hoi'ough'strcot'depar.tment arid wns active In politics hore - for many y'cars v )mving served four terms as Democratic burgess In Ihe second ward He wns n member of Nauga- lubk- Aerie, P. 0. 13.- Many local residents expressed, sorrow at news Of Ms death today as he wns well- liked and admired by all who knew 1 One daughter, Mrs. Peter Gibbons, of Water town, survives, also several nieces and'nephews. Tlio funeral will be held Wednes- day'morning at, 8:30 fro f m the Buck- mi'ller Funeral Home. 21 Park place, to'St.. Francis' Church, where a solemn high mass will be celebrated at n 'a.m. . , „ Burial will be in St. James' Cemetery. Friends at Ihe Mineral. Home this evening after 7:00 o'clock., ' , .. Mr. Ryan entered tbe locnl .political. Meld official in 1920 when he served on the board of selectmen. He served on the board of relief in 1927-28 and 20 and was n member of Ihe board of warden and burgesses in 1925-26, 27 and 28. In J92G and 27 ^lie served as. senior burgess on the'board. NAUGATUCK NEWS INCORPORATEDFOR $50,000 CAPITAL Miss Mildred 'Holland, Of Sweeney Street, One Of Incorporators Rudolph M. Ilcnni'ck, publisher of The Naugaluck ' Daily News, is named as one' of the- Inco'rporators .of the Naugatuck News GoJ l p. according to-papers'filed with Town Clerk Raymond St. John -here today. Follo.w.lng. the filing of n-ceKifl- cale of incorporation with the secretary of-state. Other incorporalor.s .of the new firm arc -lithe! 0.- Mennick, of Watcrbury . and Mildred' Il.ollauO of Sweeney street, Nauga- tuok. The •cortlflcal-e slates that the company was .organised to; .conduct a.' business in "jS'augn.tuck. with a capital stock of $50;OOQ. The stock .is divided into 2,000 shares of common stock with a par value of $25 each. The amount commencing Ihe business is $25,000. 7ch—nn YOUNG MEMBERS OF COUNTY G.O.P. MEET ON FRIDAY Plan To Confer Honor On Cong, Joseph E, Talbot Of Naugatuck President Albert Mai of the Naugatuck Young Republican club announce/1 today thai, he is negotiating with the O.O.P. state central rommitloe for a well known speaker for the county meeting of Young" Republicans which will lie hold on Friday for this week of St. George's hall in. Linden park, Union Clly. Delegations from every club In New liaven county will at-U-nd and it is expected that Cong. Joseph 10. Talbot, of Naugaluck, will lie named honorary president of the county clubs at this session. William Alilomii, of Seymour. new county president, will preside for the first, time since his election to the office. TIG business meeting will be followed with entertainment and dancing. - o »•+» - — BOARD OF RELIEF IN SESSION TODAY Richard Durkin, Oeorge hamberl and Will him Mariano, members of the Donrd of Relief, are holding another session In the town hull building today for the benefit of taxpayers who disagree with the assessments laid n gainst their property by the board of assessors. The Aboard will hold sessions on Wednesday and Saturday of tills week. TREASURY BALANCE Washinglon, Feb. J.'J-UJP) -Government expenses and receipts for the current fiscal year through Feb. 11} compared with a year ago: -THIS YEAU- -LAST YEAR- Kxpenscs $ 1 5,385,8 '.8,^)0.37 Sfi.SOfi.STS, 1 40; I r War Spend I n(j U, ,'300, 127,000.77 2,<i02,iHJ:» f .W7.0S Heceipts 5,122,000 MI .88 .V81 ,078,087.82 Net Deficit Heavy Artillery Fire And Enemy Aviation Activity Are Reported ^ By 15V12HBTT H. UOLLKS- (United t 5 ress Staff Correspondent) Washington, Keb. JO—(UP)—Aided !jy heavy .artillery llro and aerial attack, Japanese infantry is slashing ^Ooiv. Douglas MacArlhur's Bulaan Peninsula defense lines iil, several ])oinls, a communique said today In describing \vhal, may be the prelude of a big Japanese offensive. ' * Today's War Departmenl, com- munique, describing- progress of the Philippine rtghLfng as reported up to 0:30 <i,m. . 1CWT, said "There was heavy enemy artillery Ore in ttatattu during the past 24 liours." : "-Intermitienl, Infantry lighting was in progress on several sections of the front. . • • .• "Enemy, aviation .. was acllv.'O througliout the day."• •-.-•••• •• | The unmu^llng of Japan's arlillcry along the mountainous nnii Jinvgic- like battlefronl---sl.rulcbing ;aoro^s- Uic Peninsula, 'after;.-ft \vcok.-of.vlr- tunT silence,- indicated to •military- oxperls tb'at the Japanese commander-in-chief, Gon. Musabaru Homma, might- be almost ready, to uiileusli his threatened all-out assault. .. :, • MacArtbur's arilllery s wa« prc-; sumed to • be answering the Japanese bombardment. •-•: • -'"'<" M Today's oommuniaue, number; ; l(w., of Uie wur, did'not reveul .the"outcome of the nghting,,lncj|lcating»U^t i l, sti11 :*• iii : 'under, • way . nor,- dld,-ifc disclose whether the-iiKl)l,ln* front had 'shifted, ' . ' " ,_-_,-_ l^atcwt information indicaled -Uiac MacArlhur's lines remained ,anchored in. the region of Bagag -on Ihc China sea- coast and Pilnr "on Manila Day, about 17 miles north 6C Corregidor fortress where- Iho dc- . fenders will make their last stand if. and when they arc driven from the Philippine mainland. MacArthur's reports l.o, Ihrt, War have carried a'repeated warning UiHl; !,he all*out Japanese) offensive to '(Continued on Pago Two) . NIGHT SCHOOL CtASSES WILL Mrs, Oertrude Cudlgnn; director, of adult education in Nougutuek, an- nounccrl today thai, night school classes will, be held tonight as usual' at the Salem and Hop Brook schools despite Mic fad. I hat oil of ™\° t schools in Ihe borough wore closed today for Registration Day. The classes in Spanish, nutrition and .safe-driving will -also niccl at Mic usual time'this evening in th* High school building. . i IDENTITY OF BABY'S PARENTS STILL MYSTERY , Cash 2',875,107,Wi.OC v 1,980,080,183.03 Body Of Prema/ture Infant Found Near Old Arch Saturday Afternoon No new ^developments \vcrfi. nn- nonnccd loday by the Naugntuotc police department In the find I rig; or a six-months premature. baby on the wosl bank of Hop Brook north of the, Old Arch on North Church street Saturdny afternoon by Henry Furs, 18, who discovered the body 'of the infant ( as he wan walking along the banks of the brook. Learning of the discovery of Ihe body Chief John J. Gormley ami Patrolman Edward Gnlvln, of the locnl police,' drove to the scene : nacl after a prcllwlnnry Investigation noiilled Dr. William 13. Hill, locnl medical examiner. Or. Hill thnt the baby's body had nbnndoned between 2 -1 and ^B previous to its discovery. Trooper Kdward DooJing, of gatuck, who was passing the ; «pot, whore ihc bodyw^ foun/1 on lil« ; return from duty In Mlddlcbury, as- slslcd the local police In the investl-; gallon. . '••'. "- -. -•"- :" : » statca been hours State

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