Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on February 14, 1942 · Page 8
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 8

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 14, 1942
Page 8
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"V'- ; ^ :; '>v'-'- v J'^>" V-"'"' \r '' • ' itY : *vvy-,'-, •-•?:;•..'/ ••..,.. • ; '.- r • ' '' \ '': ''• .'. . -I •':•(•.' *ii "''••''''''•('•••:.'I '•••' light . • i.,. ..t...'.'.. -.' *'•(.'•'.- | *. : "V IJ r * ' """•''.' NAtJGA*UqK^Al^ Call* Four Disciples ILLUSTRATED SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSON Scripts-Matt 4:1842; Mark 1:10-30; Luke 5:1-U JBy ^Alfred J. Buescher AT «U» UP 'Joui, wftlklng by the »o» of Galileo, HUW tw0'tor*thr«m, »lmon called Peter, ami Andrew,; Nil brother, dating ft not Into in* ««*: for thoy wore n«hor», JoaUH said to Simon Potor and his . brother, Andrew, fishermen, a». He saw them .casting tholr not Into the sea, "Follow Mo," and they followed Him, soeine: James and John with their . father Zebedee. in a ship, mendlnfi their, nets Jesus called them, .and they left their father, and went with;Him,;- These four, men were His first disciples, and He told them that : He would make them fishers:'bit men instead of fishes. (GOLDEN TEXT—Mark 1:17) . Jetu* Calls Four Disciples ON THE SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSON (Che Crolftett <Ce*l I (Th« Intwnfttlonftl Uniform ' on ,«»• above toplo for llii Matt,- 4118-23; Mark -i-uke cu-ii, tho aouion T*xt boinjf Mftrk 1:17, "Como yo Mt, Mnd I will mako you to fUher* of'mon/') vTWIchK, AJtlQ/.Uvo (llatlnot c\o- flduhtt-'o'f thc'-OftlUriitf-of four cil.s- )>y JfoAUil, '-which i* tho atory •'' •' mon, -»:«St.. Mfttthow Jo«u»,,,wu)klnp by av/H v», vi^invi •»"••. •»••- t,r., aimon, okllecl Potef, ftncl An<\Wi 0«stlnK'thulr not Into llio '», for thoy wore n«hora, "And 1 Ho «riUl unto thorn, jfol- M«,' H<K! 'twill mftUo you fl»h- „,„ of men, . AnU thoy Htrulgnt- Way -Uft their not» untl followoci "Mitn " ' >' ' '' ' , W on from thftt plrxoo, Joaua Jumew, *on of .i'.oboclco, nml .brother, John, With tholr fu- tn*r in .their bo*t). nml Ho ct\ led ;hijn r »nU-th«y Immediately loft ihWr father and tho boat.imd-.fol- 1ow«ct -Wlm," flt. Mark-tolls tho $to*y ;> «ppi'o]«imixtoiy \i\o •jjldi \''*toiid 'by, tho'luko of Clon' V und *ayv. two ahl'p'* atand- lake; but tho h$hormon oviK of tKom, uiul woro ••'v'iEhnlr ni(t», Ancl Ho on- irito ono-(?f ,tho »hlp«, whloh •aimon'iri *ml-)[>r;«iyod.hjm that fOimrihi'MMt but s a little from f i,AW;W«>fttV c !°, w nv? n i *hd .pp}« out of .tho ship," ^,. V , Y ,. mpottlclng m |pfoM«' ( ">^ -told ,^>mo" to ih'out 'intp'Ooop winter und i..j^: N *t.'.:. ''\qtjj,' • sirn'on ' doll Mofl't<ir, \vo hftvo And hcwo tftkon o,vofa,, Thy lot clown tho, not," •• ^; Authority , k'6 tjUhx of Jbaua «s - bcoauso Ho lavcj'and Sympathy,, but. Ho ;booau«u when L« j» ^ m^t. -^'•1 muit . So ;, the? : nHi'dbwn • into tho cuu- 'ipftrtnovo Woftry )>(*• not way HO full -of n«h that t broke, and they bockonod to tholr pnrtnor* who woro In ^othor ohip, to conic and holp thorn, Both Hhlna woro HUod with n«h, ao that thoy bogtvn to aln-k, Simon Potof vvua HO ovorcomo that ho. iou on hiti knocii before tho. Savior, ami «akl, "Dopftrt from-mo; for I am, n sinful man, O Lord." Simon realized that this was no common man, but tho Lord, and a WQIUJO of his .osvn unwprthlnowJ ovorciimef him, Josus unsworcd him "Fear not: from hencorortn thou flhalt catch mon," Tho othor throo mon also woro amazed at tho proat catch of fish, and "when tho Hhlpa woro landed ,(for thoy did not alnU, It aoema) all four o< tho younger mon followed Him. ^ atudonta of tho acrlpturea thin., that thcso four, Simon lector, ms brother Andrew, Jamoa and John. Jiad boon with Joans soon.after Hl« temptation In the wilderness; that thoy had loft Him or boon uont back to tholr homos to resume tholr occupation of fishing-, ao that when Ho came and called them thoy.woro ready to follow Him and give tholr' Hvos to HU work of saving souls, Those 'four woro 'tho first *n JooCwV dlaclplea, and you KiVpw that eventually Ho added eight more, so. Ho had 12 apodal friends .Who shared His labors, and yvhon HQ was crucfflod'and carried up to heaven,'to carry on His work;and found tho church, Twelvq were appointed, alluding probably- to; tho 1? tribes of Iimi'ol, At thlH tlrno Joaua -was well Known throughout tho Holy ; Land,-and was much talked about, A)so Ho- hacl 1 already Incui-rod, tlio i-c-, sentmont of tlio priests and.load- ers'of the established-church;. Who woro dctoVmlnod that this now ro- ll^lon-should not gain a foothold nnd taKo . rtway tljolr prlvllogos, and authority. 1 Jesus-had need, therefore, of ftloncla about Him, not only to fight tho good fight with Him. but to talk svlth Him, and by thllr sympathy and understanding, to holp Him, It, la a wonderful thing to bo God'a helpers, Each one of us haa> our own work to do, althpugh wo nover had tho glorious.; privilege of bolng In personal cdntact svlth Josua. K wo do our part .faithfully, wo too can\fecj ;wo ,aro co-workers with Him, oven (\s. syeco those men whom. Ho. por- aonRlty oallod while on earth, , iNCERTBYRE. Mr at the Pbno Whitney 'Oym- r^s'-^ffi^^S ;!UlV t'O f "Come ve nftor Me, mid I will make you to become fishers of men." • ..—Mark 1:17. ' ' • .'••'.-' -i • '.^_ . street). Host fumlly-I. V. Olson SpoAkui'-DwIght Downs of Now- 1 lu von, Saturday, 0 a, m., Confirmation: olUHH (HCUllOi'H), ' • ' : Naugatuck Metriodist \V, M. Nefiblt, Ph.D. .10- to -ib:55 a, in. Sunday soliool (Wo Hook knowledge drood). •. iru;'m, lo 12 in, Public worship.. Sf.u-.fnoh, "Tho' lOvcrlastlng Arms. Tuesday, 7'P- in, tipworth 'league * tftte'wM'thftt l-holr aonally oiuloa vviuio vpUU'ItHitotVby Kin* FoaUii'os Syndicate. Inc. ,; wuu.^uay.TiMp, m.Tlic-roBUOi.. mobllha of Llic official hoard,/whlc- was postponed.from February O..on account, -of weather. . Thursday, 7:30 p, m. Choir 10- U TluirHdny, 8 p., m, Mooting of tho ' KHrlily 8 P. m.'Union Observance or tho World Day of Prayer will be hold In Iho Congregational church. Prayer Is our greatest nocd today. Lot all endeavor to bo P^onl. Tho Mothodlnt Homo In V/obL.Ha- ven IH n HplonclUI niul descrying on- UM- H'IHO It 1» now time -to bring In your' thiB worthy •• Planer hand your gilts, to l.qon Clark.'; .' .'•.;= .' ,Conventional St, Franciis 7 (Roman Catholic) Kev.-J. J. Fitzgerald, Pastor. Masses' -w'iiV'.'b'o.Celebrated- in . St. Francis 1 •choirc.11' Sunday morning at 7, 9 and 11-;.-o'clock. • j. ' Holy- Saviour (Polish National'. Catholic) ixnils WrzesihsUi, 10:30. a-m. ' ' : Boston, >ob : , U-Thc 751,'h anniversary concert -of tho Now England Conservatory of • Muslo wl-Lli -Jesus Maria Sariroma; prominent conceit nianisi as'sololst, will bo broadcast exclusively via I'Veiiimnoy Modiija- tlo.n lo New England listeners Thurs- day'evening, _ ••:\Vallace Ooodrich, director of tin. Conservatory, will conduct the orchestral concert, which also observes 11'ihUOlh anniversary oi' the rounding oinhti Conservatory Orchestra', from Jordan -Hull-in; Boston. . AV/I3B, B-ostoiv and Wrf'JU,, ...Mi'. Wash I ng ton, Frcq uency M od u la 1,1 on .stations' of. the. Yankee nclAyork,>v.ill ijrbarlcasi/ tin; concert from-8:.JO lo •lOiJT) p.m.-:13WT. . ' . -Chosen as the opening .selection on'Thursday's anniversary broaflcasi, is Menciplssohn's Overture The 1-lob- iMtles - : This- riLiiuber' was the nibi seiection-:',on-. the' initial • V™er&m o the. .-: first Conservatory . Orchesliai Goncert:.-ln:1807.' ... n ,• .= As- hifii-soTo presentation,• .lesuR Sani'om.a^tas. chosen. Rachmani.nov ? S^'anV-arches'tra. .'omclal^plnn- i-a t : -• o D •••' tii rr- B o n S y m u h o n y < > i .- chUtra'.ancl -member "of- ,the. ; Conservatory 'Ka'culty, Sunroma wime lo the •CohscVvatory a.^stu- Thc Wili?y quintet,has bad n'dls-- eason .-bul- ''^^J^nd Rftvc j?S : mi lh a^rf"w^^ ijs ?±ir ^ «. a »s r?ho%^^°dlo salyatoro and L potent offensive .threats in Red Wallejv and-.J3llly Over ton. rMVoieymen-.on the other sulc^f t.hc river are prepared lor_ ^ c Valentine Day's -get ^ogcthc are conOdcnt;; of rnakrng the cats blush after, the, game; and nol. rrom Valentines, but fro m Inc Ig nominyof a crushing defeat. Jho 'Naugatuok array- report, in ate'st-..communique Ihat nili Is nn Iho Naugatuck front and to as s re n.eir i^bid fans .that they are ^ady'TliVhlBh-SooHTigllnoorBm \eilly;. Buddy Dunn and Frank -Miis will make their final appearance on MP chummy Y 1 court, as will MIL second trio 'of-^oug.Thurston, Cap- ain Mariano, and Charley. ^°S fir ';' 1 The'"little. Garnet, 1 '-led by the o- vial Charley Fogarty, will swing into nMirm agai'nst the Wllby ?'i J"S%iesC Valentine's trcAt between Wllby and Naugatuck will commence . around 9-:00- p.m. The- probable starting line-ups are below... NAUCATUCK- '. -^101! n linn / «^ '- rf" -Overtoil Furs ..(18)...... .-; ..-J.1- .- • Col .; n i: nrG Roillv (7) ' o - . SfijA.atoic. ii^iii,) A '/ ...... ,..•.- ,. m^or n r^^: > ^ 'kalOBkV jump into thi* »«"•»« Uned |4» fKtff iH JftCKCt 1^5 .** m mr . xipper front $10.75 "ait* enjoy winter. In i£m**AM dioti* PBB^SCCOIICI "•^••CD \9*M*Jmr * * ^*mr , :, • ' floor. it will keen you as snug as a bug in aTug - it^s ideal for skating, skiing, tobogganing or hiking. Great also for young^studfents SnS^of a short jacket Masses jj THY -A 'CLASSIFIED. AD >, '• . IN THE NEWS. . . 'Sti,-Anthony's , (Roman .Catholic).) Prosiwct,' Conn; «««ae3- v/AU 'be celebrated -at St Anthony's church in. Prospeot-Sun. ay morning at 8 and 10 o'clock. <^ > O • St, Paul's Evangelical 0 aim, Sunday scho'ql. , . 10 ; 00 r a.nv. Service and Sermon,- •;•« /. p.m. Ghlldren.-'wlll pi'osent; i-am 'of ChristmrtB';uarQls and rooi- atlqns.. -' ; !.';','•::'.• .-^•'•.'.'i^__'- '••'' ;. • '' First Churcji :of Christ,; y->•••,-»•<» '.•fO.- 1 "!;, 1 ; -,)- 1 -" 1 ,,,01'lH will bo proHLMitod, 'I'horo will o tho nluotlou- of oltlooi'M, An -lin- 'rti'tant Hcsin of now.l,)U Hl ' U!HHi 'V}"'. 11 " ^V^ u hoHpllalUutlon Plan, will bo : The' - Junior, '.vlntonnocllntr. = Honlo. ..dopurimonla ;of Iho chuj;oli Holiodl''will- meet .at-0:45 a,., m., Iho bcfdnnoi'B'-and 'primary, department svlU'ineot ut-'iJ o.'ftlook, ' . • •-.- • MornjiiK worship' 1 Will .bo hold^at ^l^o'Cloulc-.v''!'!^ mlhlHtor', -Roy. -K •'-'-" 11, HatuiO.'-AvHl 'Preach---i liuxurlbs .P,Q. n ' • .•. •• • s iron's-. •-Buhjopl:- ;• ;Tlvo ,M THoiiJi'and.-Dollar /Violin. , '•.• ^'. <t Mn^lir 'IntroduoLory- voiuniao, l\l LloU) • • . ii i v> Y , n ,-i Hi nm •. •nholtiberger; .anuioiii Do; To Oocl," MuttlVews u l-lour '.. Our, Prayer,, 0 , ( \Vl\im (\t ftt, li)'»*-tn, Aiuto'nwl »oi)ntrtOH wii\a«,B.,-^ Jtt$l \[ '(iff(60., (li,U» HOI'ltU'M' »"'" r of MUldlol^^'i n,. Troop 7,' M ,rirM,i ".V,>V7,V','-i'*^t',' f<« •j);(^;. it \J (> m, .Holy, uo f'auio 'hrihp'Wi 1 •i-,u> -iii-m ol 1 u Hpoolul aorlOH o nid-wooU Hoi'vkuu. .foi- l.ont will bo Thursday ovonlnK at -8 J1 "A°Ohuroii NlKlU" with a I'vod l*v Iho liiulU'H 1 - AUl • »lil dn'^iiMirdny' (WOMl'iu? tit '!' u Will bo pi'OHiwt lo hiMir an '"'•!J}. 1i '^" nK.r'npm-t by f.lnrl'AiulopHou Ttiorn n nuifllofil .iH'OKrunt, I'uiU. Ni \vlll 1 lur the 1 hiuslor ol %1 uoro- Ini'Vi.-' Tho 'Young «. vw,..w ... -.-.., . wl moo-fat 7 P,. m, A*^ ^^ m- will bo tho Hpoakor and '"" " Homo of hlH UU^tl^oxpoi Immanuel Lutheran HOT, H. F, Lucas, raster 0 u- Lutheran mcnt spiiplarshlp. . : He „ 1^0. and 'has-.Bince studied frnd^Dorlih .and ; has giveii many re citalsv' : thrbugho'ut, Europe, it- *" be Sanroma's, eleventh appearance wi'tii' .tlie Coiis^rvatory Orcliestra. Other selections'on the anmversan ni-ogranv include ICrnest Ghausson t Adagio'.,from -the.'.Symphony In .1 Flat/Major, u ln Memorlum"; Mote foV Chorus.and, Orchestra ''Kxsullal " J s, and .0. W. from Ills-£ RICE MAY HIS MATCH IN BOSTON TONIGHT n Y TOM NOONAN . lj; P.''SUIT Correspondent, Boston, Poll. 1^"(IJP)— A chested little.fellow with who has compiled the ning slrenk- In modern I.L«»» .despite the-handicap, of a .hernia may meet his match in the sard'Boston A. A: games Every ody knows.Greg Rice, two- m ek?ng who 'has Avon W.conseou- Uce races against all comers. But Boston Garden spectators wll vatcb Gilbert Dodds, 23-year-old -•ufoologlcal ;student. ->vho threatens Rice's rule,;i:or the Hrst time events in the long program. Iho season's standouts-Leslie Ma \ntHicll vouthful-master milcr, wt pole vauller Cornelius Waiwrdaj 1 ore expected to concentrate d record (bracking at the. expense mediocre opposition. Mac Mitchell only two nigh s HP. won the metropolitan mile at V' vmk in -4 minutes, 8 sccomte] fastest indoor clocUIng Sl - a' 'second-rate Held. If 1 KCIS pushed by siioli . runnm Walter Mehl and Jim Raffarl/ 'boiikl smash the Boston mark J 09 7 easily in the: Hunter m.Uv Warmerdam, California Mho teacher, already has set a ncvj door'record of 15 feet, .1-8 inch v^th a borrowed pole and oxpcc »l ALSABFAVORED It may' ; seepi.; strange - to •. say a iDoard-track: novice-^an- excellent chanceM.o : trip..the New V»k. accountant: who .has swept eve i nice since winning the B. A^ A. B lings two-mile event, nr ^ n/ ' n h " 1 already 'has .-j—- 1 ' two selections, arc espo-' JHIIY suite'd'/ror the occasion, ".lubi- .^''^Avritten in J895 by the late G WQhadwick.,who, held the dircc- J ' ' '• . ... •, > _ ' /-i _., ^. ,^.nin I r»T'-\r- I I'Hin \j- YV .'• VJHUI.I » !>-"«-,.. .,.--,-- ,„.„ toish'lp-ol'.-/the. Gonservatory- i oin l 'V.' .'*•: .'. • <. • i rinri u nK»cn 111 n P 1)PO iQnrf Ihiiniicrh -lOSO..- l?j\SUl.LuiiL> .uv-u w.f : '^i?£M.p>^ .,,••»'*!_„'.n^o-iV/vi. \\/ n/ihlels-oC. Boston, or-Miss-Mabel. W. Daniels ; n ; n-un!l of•'- Chaclwick, io 7-;30 'p. r im'•.;;.. : -' X" i ' _ • .• r • ..!_••_ J i..- :'jri . Tli o 'cihlidrbn 'ot 1 Wsunflay; schopj Formal" .0:30 o'.clbW,.' V'n^r'. Uio_ai- i or.-lliovSu«c|ay;school• teaoji^. hrv ; .10 18 ai-'-rriHesLdnB'i'n 1 llie; growth of ihc/Now.-'lilhglnnd ^J}^^ 1 ^^ ES-Sir u1 Z'iu« t?fe^ tt o^«on h ^^- hW ghon nrtirly-'-lwo -hprrdrod oon- onrlsr'nnti siucicnts who owe Uioiiv ?nlire .preliminary .Iralnlng lo Uie •'x,i,,n lima eninotl -are- now pvlTLM ICnCC 1 '' ul' Lift f^uiiii'*.' ii inonTb'oVs of 'the Boston Symphony, Orchestra 'and Opcmti'c orchcsLnis ugho'ut l,Hc country. ^ , Hiaicah-,-Pla.,- : FdW: 14- UP)--A1- sab', ..wlllx-.pne...strllco..;asalnsl.,- rnakh^: His second start nsa Ihrce-- Ycnr-old'-:todny In-.tho $1,500 .-Mh- cavno- nurse ni Hlalenli imrk—ninl ^infivip- for-'the •••$25-000-.Flamingo slakes^-iiriri . Iho Tuns- ha-vc : once •again baolidd-Him-.inLp-tno;favorite's rolo •'-...••'?''••'•'•' Albert, Snbalh's bay • oolt, a bargain ^uy. at :-?OP" in' the Saratoga sales, Nvoh:i5 of 22'Btarl.s last year and -became., llic'.qutslandlng .l>vp- '.vcar-bid-.-NAw he-'-sqcKs .Ihe P^sllgo JIB lost -in'"his-."!9/i2. ; debuf la-ot M- lie-raiv-slxth to Amen- Mie • handicap. liUcrcfif. was . so' keen ..In .Alsab's comeback ..hllcmpt-J,hat llic •• minor ^acc-ovei>shadoweU,t,hc "allure of Ihe 'day, the '$5,000. Evening h.andl- •SpV-R ? R Collins' .-awcelv-.'-wniow, winnor' orHiaieah 1 s,lMack Helen and four : New .England ^^GsJaBt y*w was arAd i,, ,iis 1 fourth pine-surfftce outing at Now Y.o/k's.Millrose A. A. meet last Saturday, the sor.ious.-minded Nobraskan lost by.only two strides after holding a • 20-year -advantage with three laps to go, and he forcer.!.. Rice lo the second fastest two miles "in history in the process. ' The Rice-Dohbs' duel draws top billing, but individual .thrills and .'.new" records may come fronjMHn^r »,. . { •*-|-_-- L r ,--if~~ ^——^ Fillings of. All 'Kinds. PhfSn and Frosted- ColVcc Cakes. Ordei' a Delicious OolVctt Cake For Sunday's IJreakfnsf, -. i% City Bakery MAPLE ST: TEL. 3078 plenty of '-attention is l>re< or, unheralded -Mrtnliallaiv who conquered Campbell Kane Indiana In a half-mile test, nl Nc York. Sinckinger rules favoi-ilc 'thc-'HolHSvfiOO over a field Ilia I eludes National Tilllst Jimmy Hcr eiM defender Charlie .Bcethnm ^ .ROY Cochran of, Indiana-; IDusky Jbh'n IBorican;- world rccoj bolder a'nd:rialid'nal .till 1st, rates l call in tho-Lnpliain.lOOO over Kail veteran 'Gene .Vonzke and ,llin KchJ 'last year's winner of. this ever Barney'(The. Bullet) Bwell ami Freddie-Wdlcott are sticHouts In IB dash and hurdles events^ Try a Glass!He'd Ad to dispose odds and ends. . favored In. a meld"oC--.U mil's R. •F . • • Holy .t:oinniunlot\ •y (.Mark .U.Hllur« ' .loliMOn [.onion floiwi'oo. 8:30 p .m Full Goapel Tabernacle 90 .Prospect Streofc, Union ••City,. itcv. R«yU»sdorfcr, raster. 1) :;H) ». 'in,'Siindny school. .. •', 't fl' * i( I'M |l||iiil*.'li'jMri)','. . '.*' fi'MO-ivni. -Young Pooplo's .meet- •Wodnosclny mooting, H, Soloist, Mm M, 10-ft. in,,. H"»l«." ; ,J. I' inll A AtllllD" /MlHi'i-fV" •••">' • <•' -Honlpv « ll0ll> Hlng ' Sl rfololHL ' Ml ' 9 ' Jo " St, Paul's Bvangelical , Henry S. Bnistat. F»stor The" ^vhiVnVan^-';Bll3le lli class..Vl'li X .. i . .••"' •" <J ' f- «' :A .»n '. r\ln (i^/i u" , •flt'.'jtl.lO ;C with Prosldoiiu- -.-I",. • chargtV-of Hie meeting, Nov. t ens -will 'address the class. , Morning hour oC worship sorvl.w will''he coiuluctofl at 10 '.5 o clock, with' Bov. Mllliml Stevens, the p;wt,or ( : omolutlng and delivering the ^livThe'ovonlnR Hio Ohristian Kn- •clcfivor' sonloly will meet Jit. ino church at-7 o'clock.' ; (Roman .Catholic) Rev.; Jerome Cook, Pastor. Tho. mnssaR',t'or thr • parishionorR uf' Si. ; iMlchftorfe church -will '»o colchi'Jitnd ,nl 8" o'clock, 9:15 o'c and -11 -o'l'loi-U 'on'Sunday morning a I .ibhii^on'H „ Hull on Main street Tho children ol 1 Uic parish arc urgcc io'nltonU tho OH5 o'clock MabS and t-omain: : for religious Instructions .follo\ying / Grains In fc Bushel ' There are approximately 1,000^000 grains'ol rye >o a bushel and about 608,000 gratns of 'oats, ' : '•• WRESTLING RESULTS •"Hartford; Conh.:" Maurice {me iAn'gei)--Tlll6l,, t,hrcw Lee Hcnnlng, •.Buffalo., -N.-Y.;, Bill Hanson, Sail Lake GityT pinned'.Ucs-.R-Yun,.New York city 'Wild Bully Curry, Hartford throw Pete - Baltram, Montreal; Steve Passas./^slon^nrd- od decision over Joe .Tasker, peg, Manitoba, (roughness^ American Sub on Patrol Duty \ ,. s ^ . ,^TV^" • "^ TO? W* »^ [l ^^»4lil^ ^ ^^^^^ M ' 1 ^- ,... i'y,' H p, 1 nu. i\\ '8' p. in., horouM (r>8 , — , IrtUJt), HOHlOHHUH—Ml'S. P. VO- iMi'H, -PlillllP Swanjion, WoclnoHday ,,,-'. ,. .. • j •' i ^ t^ .*,. ^.* * /ll\fI• conmihod oholvJi, fe ,>..- hi;, "OoiVlU-mcillon i 1 , 7^0...p,.'m,, Senior oa.m, Sunday Bclyool, lOft.m. Mornln* worship with sormon-toy Bov, Henry S. BruStat. pastor. ' ., St.Hedwig's ,,,,l»li Roman Catholic) Hov, S, F, Nalnwajk , . Tho Maasoa at St, Hodwlg's .church will, bo celebrated at 6:30. 8. 9.30 and 11 a.m. • . "'' '•••_^,.J_^ Tho regular weekly vesper service will,-bp-at 3 o'clock Sunday "" f *- w noon,.. • • ;. .-.' : - , ' .-SPEAKING OF ^LOGANS V'ctoyi 3M>" P- ' m "' CihlUlronV fti/olr 7 P. m.i. Junior oliolr;-ft p:m, OIlPlli.l I'- '"• „„..,,,„ /liU) 1>JaW liooil mooiiiiS : ---St' . <Ronu\n Eov, Thbnifts M. Grtffhi , mawios 1 : a»t St.. Mary's church ,wlir : bo.'celebrated at 7:30, .0:30 and " " (Minneapolis ,..,-.Wo liked, and pass along, the story about tho follow; ^P-^f "* *^ Cross 'headquarters, a luck his head Inside'the door and ^dliUo the kmi*- tlMff'Incl-los: 1 ' ' '"' --,--„. Boniemhcr Pearl Harbor ancl-pui border I" ,' . J •»* <.' ^ Thcii'• there 'Is "tho Chinese restaurant proprietor in Toronto whose 'nien'u reads: '' '* j ± . i< •''.''Pi-'cc': French-Fried Potatoes. 1 •::'•'. V v ' ; l>OLlTICAI,^ONrjJ^ON^ i( ^ (N 7 e\v Orleans Times-Picayune) ' • .Counties in southern Oregon talk ol' '-joining up. witlr counties <in northern i California., to sol ,up a 4. i n 'state ' Are'we 'to ; .infor, that incllylcl- unls noV:yot;idanl,lf^^ crave .seals, -In: -UtoV;l?etlCi J ar SeflaW ; .•ancl-lTou'sc-?! 1 .."; ••^^••^^ j:;.-, 1 ;. ' v . —v^' 1 \, — FOR SALE — Brick Building and lot on Woodbine Street. Suitable for Small Manufacturing Business ',V' i Naugatuck Insurance Agency, Inc. Room 9. Neary Bldg. Phone 2080 Great Oak Farm "OOXFOKD 110 AD MILK — CREAM CHOCOLATE MILK POULTRY Delivery to All Parts of Naugatuck Telephone 5049 EVERY TUESDAY Is Bank Day at school, About 1,100 pupils have School Saving* Accounts, Naugatuck Savings Bank The. Old-Time " Mutual" | An American submarine, patroling on ^the surface, keeps a large American flag flying from her conning towerl She is taking no chances of being mistaken idr an Axis "rattler." The machine giin in the upper , ',' left has been painted out of,the negative by the navy censors.'.. 'i'^"/••i/: v.-••.:.••.•; '-.. •-.'.' : .. •' ;-. • •'•".- '• '/' ,'.. (CentralPrett:^ :••."]'•>• '••'•-.' '.•' £ This company has been appointed an oi- ficial Tire Inspector in our district by Tire Rationing ^oard No. 6. If you^re in ^ gent need <6f new tires bring your car in to us so we can inspect your present rubber and assist you to fill out your cation to the local Boar d* • -.- ; •.;- ' '-.-••^r /* The Naugatudt Fuel Co. 87 Church Street Tel. 2219 PORD ^MEIWU -;' v-;->V'-,-:, ,-:•:• :.-•.. ; ' : :••••,- •..-•>£>:..- ':•.-.•:/:•/:•• ;:;;; '. V.>,:;y- : :::^V-:V.-,r::•,)•;'-,•;-• r.V'.i.:.•;.:'ii:'i:'i-.:--->•..-.*.v';VifV ^|l@v^li^^' : .V'"; •'^^^^^^:^^.

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