The Kiowa Journal from Kiowa, Kansas on July 17, 1902 · 2
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The Kiowa Journal from Kiowa, Kansas · 2

Kiowa, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 17, 1902
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gganmn 1 1 mm v n ?HE KIOWA JOURNAL H, E. Gmsnic, Editor and Proprietor lllKli-tt.OCptryatr.tnTRritbhtDldTanof ftateradatthapoatoSiotatCUwKlowa.Kanlai 0$ aondoUit matter , THUIWUAY, July 17, 1 ItKI'lTllMl'ASi TICKKT. ' Hinte. For Justices of Snprrme Court: ' J. 0. POLLOCK, Cowley eonuty. A. H. ELLIS. Miloltell county, H. P. MASON, Fiuney county, A. L. GREENE, Harvey county. . W. CUNNINGHAM, Lyon county. For CouerenKrtiRu nt.lnrge: CHA8. F. SCOTT, Allen county. For Governor: W. J. BA1IEY, Ntmaba county. For Lieutenant Governor: p. J. HANNA, Graham county. , For Secretary of State: 3. R. BURROW. Smith oounty. For Troupuier: ' THOMAS T. K EL LEV, Miumi co. For Auditor: BETH O. WELLS, Neosho oounty. For Attoinnv General: O.C.COLEMAN, Clay coiiDty. For State Superintendent: I. L. DAYHOFF, Reno county. For Ineurunoe ComuiiBBiouer; CHA8. H. LULING, Sedgwick co. For ConereEseniHii,7th district: CHESTER I. LONG, Barber county. Forjudge. 21th Judicial district: P. B. GILLETT, Kingman county, Comity. For Representative: E. H. NIXON For Ooupty Clerk: 0. W. WILSON. For County Attorney: 3. N. T1NCHER. For County Surveyor W. T. WHEAT. For Sheriff: F. M. LANE For District Oierk : CD. RAGKLEY, For Treasurer: E. 8. RULE. For Probate Jtldae: C. 8. GLEASON. For County Superintendent P. L. LAKE. For Register of Deeds: W. L. BRAGG. For Coroner: W. H. MOORE. For Commissioner lt,t District: B. E. WAD8W0RTH. Tow n ft hip For Trustee: Wm. GE8NER, For Clerk: C. D. SAMPLE, For Treasurer: H. I). RECORDS, ForJustio of the Peace; A. RICE, for Constable: N. W. HOCKETT, For Ronddverseerer: II. C. MeCOY. Its Naino It Independent Representative II 0 Wulkr Sheriff-W H Haun. ; County Clerk M 8 Gray District Olerk-A W Smith Treasurer-0 8 Ueskett Register of Deeds Geo W Nelson County Attorney Seward I Field Probate Judge-T M Kidd 8iirveyor--W P Gibson County Superiutondeut-F M Shell Coroner Dr 8 Kooieil C'irumisBiouer, 1, diet J D Bpnngler Last Saturday tlie jiotmiists snd democrats met at the county seat and ratified the slate agreed upon sometime ago by the "boHses" nominating the nbove ticket, lorecist liy the Journal a month ngn, with tho single excpptinn of probate judge. We are told: That in attendance it wag the largest gathering that hag Httaeni bled in the county tor years, That the candidates for sheriff did not get a square deal. That tlivre was 219 voted at the mass meeting.' That Mike Gray made an impos in? figure upon the judges desk. That VV. C. Alford went to fight the "machine," was run ovrr by the wagon earring the brass instruments and had the buse drum pushed cli nn down over his bond. Two Pnut'hoM At Foiu!iHHi, How do the t'opulislg of Kansas like the lone ot those two telegrams received from lh East by ugh Parrelly this week? Here they are; From Hill of New York: "Eastern Democracy njoscos that Kan-Baa Democracy has triumphed over Populism at last. Accept my hear-ty congratulations." From Gorman oLliaryland:"Hav ing wi(ied out populism and all otli bt cranky 'isms,' the Kansas Democracy is now entitled to a seat iD the councils of E'iKterii Democracy'. Congratulations." There are some old fashioned Populists left in Kansas; a few. What a bitter mess this must be for them. Topeka, July 35, Special (K. C. Journal.) , h, M. Axline, of Medicine Lodge, today declined the option ot duet deputy United Stale marshal ot the new district in the Indian Territory, recently tendered fiim by A;irhal D trough. Every state that has held a Re publicab convention this year lias indorsed the administration of Pres jdent Roosevelt and declared for iim as the candidate of the party in J904. The only states iu whioli he frill not be indorsed is where there re no conventions held and they ore finding other ways. In tne lan guage of Congressman Long: "The best way fo be for Roosevelt in 1904 is to be for him in 19,02," and that can only be done by standing by the men upon whom the president depends to carry out his policy The defeat of Congressman Lon would be taken and right I v, too, as J he expression of the pi-ople that Ihey were uot for Roosevelt;- that bey did nut indorse his policv. The eo;ile ot Kansas are with Roosevelt and will indorse him at the polls, as the party did nt the state convention, and return the men to Congress who will best help luni to carry out his policy. Hutchinson J)ws. O ,V O X. X White JHan Tarried Yellow ' Great ooneternation was felt by the friends ot M. A. Hugarty ot Lexington, Ky., when they saw he .was turning yellow. His skin slowly changed color also his eyes, and he suffered terribly, His malady was Yellow Jaundice. He was treated by the best doctor?,, but without benefit, Then he was advised to try Electrio Bitters, the wonderful Stomach and Liver remedy, and he writes: "After taking two bottles was wholly cured." A trial proves its matchless merit or all Stomach, Liver and Kidney troubles. Only 60o. Sold by W. J. Cattell, Druggist. J.l lite Not 91 ordered Last Fnduy our citizens were thrown into a state of excitement over a report that reached this city that J. F. Lee, wile and child had been murdered in cold blood uenr omestead, Oklahoma, That night a meeting nt the various lodges to which he belonged was held and a committee appointed to go and investigate, but on Saturdav afternoon another message stating that Sheriff Pat Oats of Woods country had been to thesceneof the reported murdered and could find no evidence of a crime being commit ted. J his last report relieved the community from its great, anxiety and all are glad to know that J. F. Lee nod tnmily are still enjoying the best of health. The following letter explains it. self: Driftwood. Okla, July 12 1902 Mrs Muchmore, Kinwa, Kansas, Dear Friend and Sister Your letter received this evening and I very glad indeed to be able to tell you that the report is not correct, at least it wna not our folks They are still here end I think they will stay all summer I have an idea the way the re-port got eturtedfis that it got mixed Up with some, trouble his brother Georjje had George lives about 27 mileB from here near Carwilo; on the night of the 5, his wife was taken siok and her nephew bud just returned from after the doctor and waa sitting by the bed, and her husband on the bed on which she was laying, when a bolt of lightning atrnolr. and killed the nephew and injured the husband and wife Ma and I were down m their neighborhood that night and there wes a terrible stotm lightning and rnin We saw four horses that were killed by lightning, they were all together Yours Fraternally Cathie Conneb j It I7,zi- The World. No Discovery in medicine has ever created one quarter of the excitment that has been cnused by Dr. Kiner's New Discovery for Consumption, It severest teats nave been ou hopeless vietims of Consumption, Pneumonia, Hemorrhage Pleurisy ond Bronobitis thousands of whom it has restored to perfect health. For Coughs, Colds, As thma, Croup, Hay Fever, Hoarseness ond Wboopiog Cough it is the quickest, Barest care in the world. Ic is sold by W, J. Cattell who guarantee satisfaction or refund money. Large bottles fjOo and $1. Trial bottles free. Attention t A, O. U. W. All members ot the A. 0. U. If. are requested to be present nt th hall next Jtonday night at 8 o'cloc sharp, Installation and other bus iness of importance to be transacted Come. E". G. Popkkss, Af. W, She Didn't Wear A Slnek. But bar beauty was completely bidden by sores, blotohes and pimples till she used Buoklen's Arnica Salve, Then they vanished as will all Eruptions, Fev er Bores, Boils Ulcers, Carbuncles and Felons from 1,6 ui e, Infallible for Cuts Corns, DurnHj Scalds and Pile's. Cure guaranteed. 253 at Cattoll's. Teachers Examination. The next regular examination for teachers certificates will be held in the school house in Medicine Lodge Monday and Tuesday, July 28, and ?0, 1002, commencing at 7:10 a. m No other regular examinations wil m held until the last Saturday o: October, and no temporary cettifi cates or "permits" will be issued ex cept upon written examinations, P. L. Lake, County Supt, A I'oor Millionaire. Lately starved in London because be could not digest his food, Early use of Dr. King,s New Life Pills would have saved him They streugtben the atom acb bid digestion, promote assimilation improve appetite. Prioe 253 Money obck it not satisfied Sold by W. J Cat tell, druggist. Advertised Letter. - July 13, 1902. Parties calling for these letters please say advertised. Geo.GCline ' AIP Garden J. H.Niohols, P,M. Real 1 Mate Transfer. Deeds filed for wee ending July 12, '02 vr u uuoe. u. JNourse et ux Geo. W Hawkins nneswneuw e 13-30 14 $14 WD OH Stewart et ux to O. O. Perry ioib u Bnu vi blook 34 Hazelton 95 WD L T L Burns et n w n iir.j - " ' w 4K.IAUm block 19 Hurst &, Smith ad dition Hazelton 820 TIT TV v v iuary Best to v ti'. worth, s w n w 14 1 1 u e 15 32 12 $300 W D Wm Rule et m W it wuib,o - nmiUD lota 22 a 23, blook 21 Hentons ad dition Sharon 825 WD IB Gordon and husband to Ri T..,W . . '"j w s n;2 s e, b e n e i ny, n e 15 31 14 SluO W D Andrew Drurain et ux James M, Vooatta Ont lots 2 3 18 19, Ki owe, 82400. QCDC. P Armstrong et ux Sunflower Hereford Cattle Co. o e 7-30-12 830 w u John Huruor to Charles S Page b w t w it w a e 21, wne 22, n w 23 and nw s w n e 28 81 Q C 1) E A Callism et ux to John 8ur ber a w t w s e 13, s e s w 14, n netnwne&uenwl5 33-12 n J S liunjan et ux to E H Nixon X n w t ni s w 27 31-11 5800 W D W D L, Moderwell ot ux Caroline E Waite v out lot 87, Kiowa 8350 Q C D J K Holmes et ux V M Much-more s e 14 oat lot 34 Kiowa 8105 It D Rupert & Chalfant to Stephen A D Martin 8r taeu e, 24 30 11 SUJUO W D A J Brown et ux W E Ellis lot 1 block 17 Hentons addition Sharon $10 w u ijeuella M Brown and husband to W E Ellis, lota 2 and 3 block 17 Hentons addition Sharon 83: W D R D. Harold to J O Vungundy Jot 12, Ulook 45, Kiowa 810 a w U A. U Jiates et nx to Mary Best a w 34-30 12 8800 Prohibition f invention. The prohibitions of Barber county will hold their nominating conven tion at the court house iu Medicine Lodge. Tuesday July 2gnd 1902. at 1 o'clock p. in. All who favor the enforcement of law afe requested to be present and aid in the selection of true and tried men for the various office. VV. L. Coryell. Chairman W. T. McLaIS, Secretary, AcIh Immediately, Colds are sometime more trouble-some in summer than in winter, it's 90 bard to beep from adding to tbim while uuoling off aft tr exercise. One Minute Cough Cure cure at ouoh. Absolutely rufe. A ota immediately Sura cure for vingbe, noldu, croup,' throat end lung troubles-.!! I) KoeOrd CVMMinujticatcd. Ed Journal: I have resd with astonishment Mr Robert B. Campbell's leoture oil Mason-ry nt the MnEooic pi,n;c ou the 24 h of Juno as publitbod in the Journal of the 3rd mst. I have waited 011a week hopisg that some one would answer his brood aesertionH and blnsphemy and as none his replied I will only make a few aesertions that I can prove, when it be-0O1Q89 ueceeeary. 1st. Masonry does not, teach the truth, for ull its teaching about its great age is all false and nearly every thing eti e. Speculative free Masonry is only 185 years old; its first organization was in a dram shop at Apple Tree Tavern Covenant Garden, London, In A D 1717, and I defy any one to find any; mention of Speculative Free Masonry in any history prior to that date. Let the friends of Masonry try it. 2nd Speculative Prse Masonry is founded upon falsehoods, teaohes false hoods and compels its members to tell falsehoods 3rd I can prove by the Bible and Jo- sephus that the three first degrees of Masonry is founded on 67 positive lies. 4tb Masonry has adopted a very old relegion, for Albert G Maokey the great apostel of Speculative Masonry says, "Its relegion is the development of the ancient system of Sun worship." The Lord bus showed ns a lodge. See Ezek- iul VIII, 7-14, also see verses 15 16; the Masons have a degree they oall the 'Nigh ts ot the Sun" on these verses . 5th That Speculative Masonry is the autitype of thegreot "Godia Diana" that "oanuot be tpokeo against," but a Bible christian has no choice he must "cry aloud and shall uot" and in Joins so have not a word to say against Masons only the system that I oppose and hope that I may cause some at least to be ved. N. B. Buntoh Kiowa, Kansas, July ijth, 1!M)2. KIOWA WINS Excitiug UauittOriittll Willi ' lugsrpoll. lleanlt Of flame 3 to 7 ""The Kiowa and Ingersoll Milton's Maroons bane ball nines crossed bats on our diamond yesterday The game whs the mont exciting game played here this seasou, and we say with pride that with the absolute fairness ot Umpire Smith there waa no wrangling or hard feeling, which is tJiithoita NervleA SUV, MALONEI, PABTOH There will be Oatholio services twioe a moutb on Saturday , before first and third Sunday of eaoh mouth. UongreBHtionnl J tenia. There will be preaching at the Con gregatioual church Sunday both morn. lug and evening by Rev Unger Sunday Sohool at 10 o'olook am AM re cordially invited to attend Christian Endeavor Sooiety at 7 0 olock p m , It ( desired that there be a full attendance of the members and friends A renort of the Distrint non ndeed a pleasure to the several hun- vention will be read by one ot the del dred spectators who had gathered egates It you are interested in the to witness tile game. In the first worlt ba ur ' attend Bring your Ulbles and come tilled wtin the dew re to inning Ingersoll was let down with out a hit and this waa administered to the gents in the red' suits until the 7th inning when Fraizer scored, There were several double plays made during the game and one of particular note where 2nd Baseman Streeter handled a yery clever infield ball and put Johnson out. Sample who is ulwavs on the right track reached out and took in u beautiful liner retiring the side. obtain some good from the meeting N. !. tte:n4. BY BEV. J, W. DIDDKN8. cnuacu SERVICES. SUNDAY Bnnday Sohool 10 a. m, PrcHoliinu 11 a. m, China Muetina VI m. Junior League 8 p. m. lipwnrth I.chkub H:M p, I'ronohiDK 7:au p, m, Prayer meeting, Wednesday, 7.30 p. m. Choir practice, Thursday, 8 p, m. Young penplos moeting, Friday 8 p. m. The Sunday School convention held in Kinwa Kunditv. vaau una nt f.liA tnnaf He was made a present of a large LothasiaBtio and inopiring conventions llavaoa filler right on the spot we ever 'attended. S. R. Willan, the In the 5th inning short stop county president is the right man in the Roherts made a nlav whinh in- riKut P"l0e- 1118 ,DteDSe zeBI eP eed clever. After catching o fly L, , 4 ,r n,J. 0"i... viriln Dnma nirtiAiiltn 4iit.tioH n in. v. I n . . m A uiiuvuivj .u.ucu a limn- aonooi worKers, omcers ana teaonerB, plete somersault without loosiDg the who missed this convention lost a graoi ball and retired side. Amid cheers and screening Mr. Ewell and Mr. Records succeeded in raising considerable money during the game to help pay the expenses and no doubt the ball play ers feel very grateful to the spectat or opportunity and a blesned inspiration, At the close of the convention O . P. T. Ewell was elected district president ana Mies Ada Herr was elected district secretary. Professor O. A. Kent was eleoted teacher of the Normal class. This class is supposed to take up the study of the Bible in such a way that the individual members will be prepared to . , rn ors in ineir generosity, i nere was teaoh a oUss in Sunday school at aov enough goua plays and good feeling time they may be needed. Every Sun in this game to insure several other day School superintendent has learned o-ood irames before the season in nv. th9 need Ior 6a0ti claM , Sunday evening Bro. Willan preached C. I . 1 l ... i ii ' n i .. . , inn earnest ueipiui sermon ou -ine ew riicnera vvooaara ana f ora are Birth," Come again Bro. Willan indeed a credit to any bae ball club TheLeigue service Suuday evenir g arid we can say with pride that was an inspiring service. Miss Bit y there are more eood hall nlnvew in Wheaton is always an interesting leader hio !,.;; ha., u tu ...;n Have you been to prayer meeting re, . i . v u mj t s. ui ou luwuujq faa nina;o a irrinuiiaijirj uimauuu, V nr)qnr( I iniritufll bflD let Ingersoll down with only 0 sute Thew will be a ten days camp meet. hits while Ford was pounded tor 11 1 ing at Byron, O, T., beginuiig July 17. aonrl nnea. All are invited The score at the end of the game The stood 3 to 7 in tavor of Kiowa, score is as follows: hillings 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 0 Kiowa 01000222 x.. 7 Ingersoll '00000011 1.. 3 Summary Fanned, by rPoodurd 8, by Ford 11. Error, Kiowa 7. In- g-ttoll 3 Boosts vaaz you eati SPECIAL RATES VIA MO. P, Ry. To Glenwood Horinire 825.90 round trin. To Ogden aud Salt Laku Citv. Utah, 5:J0,!M). Sumo dates of Bale and conditions that govern ticket above ra ferreJ to, on Bale tn Pueblo, 0'iloriido, uitun, mi nun weet wi 1 do we I to on 1 on nr iiihlivtK IJati cries, Kiowa, Woudarr! an 1 the unVlerHiguo-t. Annual rneetiuir Grand Lodireof Elk at tsult Lake Citv, Duih, August 12 to 14 tickets on eal" AoKuat 7, 8,9. nml 10th, tiiial return limit September 3l)th, Htop ov, rs allowed enrout, rouuj trio rates 2715. Summer Sessions Educational Insti Long; Ingersoll. fcord and Fraizer. roiKonlny; 'I li Kyatein. It is through tbe bowels that the body is clennsed of impurities, Coi'Btipiitiou keeps Iheee poiBous in the system, cans. tntionf; S' Lnis, Mo. and Chiongo, III, ing beadiiche, dulness and melauoliolio Jn oto S. pt., 1902. Uonud trip rate to at tiist, then unsightly eruptions and fi nally serious illnebs uulees a remedy is spplied DcWitt's Little Early Risers prevent this trouble by stimulating the liver and promote easy, healthy action of the bowels. These little pills do no', aot violently but by strengthening tho bowels enable tnem to perform their own work Never gripe or distress H I D Record Ht Loom S17. 15. To Chiongo 822.65. 1 l:kets on Bale June 16. 17. 21. and 22. with a final return limit of riept. 10, joint agency fee of 25 cents collected at titno ot return. On June 22, to 21, inclusive, July 1st to 13, inclusive, August 1, to 14, inclu sive, August 23, to 24, and August 30 to Sept 10. inclusive, the Mo. P, R'y will nell round trip tiukets Kiowa, Has. to Pueblo, Colorado Springs and Denver Colorado, at the extreme low rate of 815.90 for rourd trip tickets; good retumiDg until Oct. 31, 1902, Stopover allowed at any point after reaching Pueblo. Special one way rates from Kiowa to Colorado and Utah points: The Mo. P. will sell tickets oue way to Pueblo, Colorado Spriiigs and Denver at rate nf 816.15, Glenwood Sprinus Colorodo S26 Comity CuminiMHioiier. Emm Index. The July meeting of the County Com missioners was shorter than usual. The Bonrd completed their work by Friday, The most important busineRs is as fol lows. The proof edings will be publish ed in full next week: T n T I 1. .. .. . . .... o r uioD was nuowea to onua a briJge on the publio road south of the' Bibb farm, at his own expense, at tha U5' 8li,t Lake City 831 15, except ou An- xii 0-31-14 gust 1st to 14th rate will be 826.15 dat Wm Wurd who was annotated nWb nf "f sale. June 22ud to 25th. July list Sun City tOWUBhin failed to nualifv r.,1 Win. Angnst iBt to 14tU. ZJrd JHiu aUt . i j Louis Bissuntz wa-i aonointed Ttw ncrmpcl in fiooo i v. Biennial Meenn unigtitR or ryt-iua v-v, u . nu P.i,A,.Hb. I.-J - . V!"i"ruii auKur, u ii, ' " " v"" lai'ji. Kate 845.90 fur the round tri premiuras ior mo ran exniuii dotes of sale August 3rd to 8th. with FM Shell end T L Lindley were ap- final return limit of September 3Utb pointed to assist the Drobate iudsa in "P over ""oweu, examining tbe treasurer's bookd for next i quarter. Tbe Board controoted with A M Blod- gett of Kansas Citv to build 2 new bridg es and to repair three, There were 7 Aocount annual meetinrr Tonne Peo pics (Jnristian union society, tbe Mo will Bell round trio tickets to Portland Ore., Seattel and Tacoma, Witsli', at the low rate of 47.15. Dntea of sale July 16, to 21, inclusive, Final roturn limit Phone 52. E. G. Popkeoi. A?" bids submitted by foreign concerns but Sept 15, 1902, 8topovors allowed after tbe Blodtrett bid waa the lownnt nnil hA reaching Qrst Colorado common point 4k. .4 ri ..... Purties going west will save time and - .u , I"""! I I IK . .),J, .!. . u.,u,cui,u,o 10 iu uo o,ojiiw. annersigiied Ihis is considerably lswer than the bid For any information relative to travel I be commissioners succeeded in getting I dont fail to oall on or write the figures reduced One ot these bridg es will be a steel bridge of two spans each 90 feet long west of town near the BOYSI GIRLS! lieutimger plaoe, with 10 foot approach-1 Kacciasausa An nna mil ho a mla ItHid rtn n,.. Af .1. . I poor farm 840 feet lonir. Those to h . Any boy or girl who will secure pairedare theElip Creek bridge south iot us TEN SUBSCRIPTIONS tor of town, the Lake City bridoe and tha he Kansas City Weekly Journal at Kiowa river bridge 260 feet in all tlie rate ot - cel,ts encn. making a total ot tui ou, and send the monev vacation Mays. . to us with a LIST OF T7E Vacation time is here and the child- NAMES, will be sent postage pre. ren ore fairly living out of doors. Ther I P"id, A BEAUTIFUL WATC eould be no healthier place for them CALLED THE ECLIPSE! Send Yon need only to guard against tbe ao mnnfiv hu P. O. order ne drafi- J j - j . . - ... .UM oidents incidental to most open air sport No remedy equals DeWitt's Witoh Baz el Salve for quickly stopping pain or removing danger of serious consequences For cuts, scald and wounds "I used DeWitt's Witch Haxel Salve for sores outs and brulsoB," says L B Johnson, ot Swift. Texas. "It is the best remedy on the market" Sure cure for piles end all skin diseases . Beware of counterfeits. H P Ueoords mail all orders to The Weekly Jour nal, Kansas City, Mo. Boys and girls, here is your chance! . ESTSend for samples to be used in oauvoMiDg. ' . OABTOniA., 4 Tfiaf7 JtOcAvM Free After June 15 '02 DECORATED DISHES You must see them to appreciate the beauties of their shapes and designs. We invite you to our store to inspect this new assort-raeut of Queensware and learn how to obtain a Dinner Set with NO EXTRA COST TO YOU A 4,25 purchase getsa 7 in plate 3 75 pur gets a 6 in plate 8 00 pur gets a 5 m plate 2.00 pur gets a sauce plate , . 1.B0 pur gets an Ind butter 5.50 pur gets a cup aud saucer 6,75' pur gets an 8 iu platter 12,00 pur gets a 10 iu platter -20,00 pur gels a 12-in .'platter 8,00 pur gets a 7 in baiter 12 00 pur gets on 8 in oaker 24,00 pur gets a cov butter & drainer 1.0,75 pur gets a gravy boat 8,00 pur gets a pickle dish 5,50 pur gets a 80' bowl 5,50 pur gets an oyBter bowl 8.00pura7incoroji nappy 12,00 pur gets a 8 in scoi'op nappy 6.75 pur gets a cream pitcher 9.25 pur gets a quart pitcher 16,00 pur gete a gal pitcher 21.00 pur gets a tea pot 16,00 pur gets a sugur bowl 3.75 pur get an oat meal saucer 32,00 purchase obtains a covered vegetable dish The most complete stock of Staple and Fancy Groceries Flour and Feed in town O-OOOOO QO-OOOOOOOOOOO I fV'WMV ooooooooooooooooooooooooc Farms I Farms I you want to buy a farm; you want to sell a farm; you want to borrow money: you want a square deal with a square dealer in Real Estate, SEE A. B.HAGUE, OHEEOSIEE, O.. T. $000000000000000000000X000000XOOO0040000000 Ipgi if fl difi H sfl MmmmmmmmmM 1 i 1 1 lltll'il'il.. , t,..i.ili:m;.,n.i,:, iitn. , u.'.iln ,'.. Vegetable Preparalionfor Assimilating tlicroodandRegula-luig the Stomachs and Bowels of Promotes Digcslion.Checrful- ness ana Kest.contatns neillier Opium,Morplune nor Mineral. Nor NARCOTIC. MKtfif VOMDr SAMUEL PITCHER fltmpAut Seal' Mx-Seiuta ftfpumiiH -Bl OuiututlrcJt Sugar WintuytwetL Flavor. Aperfecl Remedy forConslipa-Ilon, Sour Stomach, Diarrhoea Worms .Convulsions .Fcverish-ness and Loss OF SLEEP. Facsimile Signature of NEW YORK. mm For Infants and Children. The Kind You Have Always Bought EXACT COPY OF WRAPPER, IttiaMIMHttll Bears the t ( All 1 Niamntrirfi 0 J iVf 1 b IJW 0Sw 1 d IF 1,1 jJr For Over I Thirty Years m THt eUNWUR OOMMNV, N MM VMM OfTV. Grain, Seeds, Feed, Coal PHONE 43. KNWA. KAN DR. G. M .RICHARDS01T OFFICE UP STAIRS in Gregory Bid.. OFFICE HOURS 10 a. in, 4 p m. KIOWA, A. RICE, JP Special Attention Givon t All Mutter Cominir Unde ! the .Turisdiotinn of a Justice of the Peace KIOWA, KANSAS. VV. F. SMITH. Notary Public Insures nil Kinds nf Property lu Khiibhh A Oklnhom neniDit FIRE, LIGHTNING and WIND Storms. Aobnowleding soldiers papers a 8Deoilty.ja KIOWA - KANSAS, William A. Briggs, Land Attorney. OFFICE 1t DOOR EAST of LAND OFFICE. Woodward, Okla, OKLAHOMA HEED F0 WW POLAND CHINA HOGS. and MAMMOTH BRONZE TUSKEY8 Heartpd by the Great Boars. Sioith'a Modnl 2593G; Good Enouuh 26421, a grand son of the 85,100 Clew,. Model, mated to a lot of Choi K.l,l. ed Sows of the most Noted Priw Wio mog rami lies. A FINE LOT OF SPRING AND FALL I'IGS FOR SALE. Inspeelinnor Com spondenoa Inrita ED PRAY N. A. PRAY, . Farm 2 soitb and 4 mils west at KIOWA, KAN$Ai,

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