The Baltimore Sun from Baltimore, Maryland on October 21, 1959 · 23
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The Baltimore Sun from Baltimore, Maryland · 23

Baltimore, Maryland
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 21, 1959
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CANCER END IS FORECAST Research Worker Predicts Disappearance In 75 Years jsew York, Oct. 20 Wt-Death from cancer will virtually disappear in the next 75 years, a cancer researcher predicted to-dav. ''Long before the year 2,034, the mortality from most if not all kinds of cancer should be zero or near that figure," said Dr. Paul Steiner of k the University of Pennsylvania. "Diseases are controlled in populations either by prevention or cure," he told a cancer cym-posium honoring the seventy-fifth anniversary of the Sloan-Kettering Memorial Center for Cancer and Allied Diseases. "If cancer should become controlled by prevention, hospitals for this disease would go the way of pest houses and tuberculosis sanitaria. . ." Can Help Point Way Cancer statistics and the behavior of cancer as a disease can help point the way to prevention and lead to the causes of cancer, Dr. Steiner said. An important problem for cancer scientists now is just what constitutes proof that a certain agent causes cancer. Once an agent has been identified the problem remains what to do about it. In small isolated groups, the agent can be banned by law. But the problem is more complicated when it deals with a mass cause of cancer, especially when the hazard is embedded in the social and economic life of many people, Dr. Steiner said. Opposition Noted Opposition to legal measures in the case of tobacco and alcohol is based in part on the view that their usage is voluntary, Dr. Steiner explained. Opponents say all that society owes the person who exposes himself is to make that person aware of the risk. "This ignores the fact that these substances are habit-forming in a certain percentage of users and that the addicts, also, cannot exert free choice," he said In outlining the importance of cancer epidemiology, or the study of the disease behavior of cancer statistically, Dr. Steiner said: "The promising problems are Innumerable. For example, about 1,500 miles southwest of here flows the Rio Grande. The inci dence of . . . some other cancers is about the same on both shores. Breast cancer, however, appears to be six or seven times as frequent north as south of that stream. "Think of it! Eighty-five per cent of the problem in the con quest of mammary cancer van ishes on crossing a river." Roanoke Paper Held In 'Lottery' Roanoke, Va., Oct. 20 Uft-M. W. Armistead 3d, president of the Roanoke Times-World Corporation, is to appear in Municipal Court here November 4 to answer to charges of violating Virginia's anti-lottery laws. A criminal warrant citing the charge was served on the Times-World Corporation yesterday, and is in connection with a newspaper advertisement for orange juice. C. E. Cuddy, Roanoke Commonwealth's attorney, was complainant in the warrant, which was signed by Municipal Court Judge James W. Flippin. In a statement on the action Armistead said that such promotions are "commonplace" in all advertising media and have been held not to be lotteries by the United States Supreme Court and the Post Office Department. The same advertisement was published in other 'Virginia newspapers, he said. r THE SUN, BALTIMORE, WEDNESDAY MORNING. OCTOBER 21, 1959 PAGE 23 Mass Is Planned For Ex-Judge A requiem mass for Judee Leo Joseph Cummings, who died Monday, will be held at 10 A.M. Friday at St. Joseph's Catholic Church, Texas, Md. Judge Cummines had hppn nn the bench of the Orphans Court in Baltimore for twentv chief judge for the last eight of mose years. He retired in 1954. His wife. Katharine Havd Cummings, died in 1953. Judge Cummings, born in Balti more in 1886, attended St Jeromes parochial school. Citv College and the University of Maryland Law School. He is survived by four children Miss Ann K. Cummings, John Leo Cummings and Leo Thomas Cummings, all of Baltimore, and Mrs. Robert Dulany Hunter, of Springfield, Va. Prayers for Judge Cummings will be ottered at 9.30 A.M. Fri day at the .William Cook Towson tuneral establishment, 1050 York road. Burial will be in New Cathedral Cemetery. Ex-Iran Premier, HakimiPiesAtQl Tehran, Iran, Oct. 20 W Former Premier Ibrahim Hakimi died today of pneumonia and a heart ailment. He was 91. His unsuccessful attempts to clear the Province of Azerbaijan of Soviet occupation troops, who entered the area during World War II, led to his resignation as Premier January 21, 1946. After Soviet troops left the disputed- territory under United States prodding he was renamed Premier December 22, 1947. He resigned June 8, 1948 and had no public office since. E. H. BERTCH DEAD AT 49 Police Reporter's Funeral To Be Held Friday Funeral services for Edward XL Bertch, Sr., who died yesterday at Union Memorjal Hospital, will be held at 8 A.M. Friday at the Charles E. Schimunek establishment, 3331 Brehms lane. A requiem high mass will be offered at 9 A.M. at St. Clement's Church, Rosedale. He will be buried in Holy Redeemer Cemetery. " Mr. Bertch, 49, attended. St. Patrick's Parochial School. In 1932 he joined the staff of the News Post and Sunday American, taking the place of his brother, Joseph, who died unexpectedly. 1 . Reported Police News .For the next 27 years Eddie Bertch was known by Baltimore newspapermen to be one of the most capable police reporters in the city. .During the .last two years he had been plagued by illness and worked only occasionally. He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Lauretta Bertch; two sons, Edward, Jr., 20, and Lawrence C, 14; his mother, Mrs. Veronica Bertch; five sisters and a brother. Loring Buzzell Dies At Age Of 31 New York, Oct. 20 UR A heart attack today killed Loring Buzzell, 31-year-old husband of television singer Lu Ann Simms. The couple were married in 1954 when Lu Ann was a singer on the Arthur Godfrey show. She was fired by Godfrey in October, 1955, shortly after the birth of the Buzzell's first child, Cindy, 4. Lu Ann expects a second child in December. Buzzell, a music publisher, had complained recently of chest pains. But he blamed them on a stomach ulcer for which he was hospitalized two years ago, Just before dawn. Buzzell awoke In severe pain. Lu Ann called a doctor but his ministrations were in vain. A native of Long Beach, N.Y.. Buzzell was the son of a lawyer who specialized in musical copy rights. The younger Buzzell was with ASCAP the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers. Later, after serving with Mills Music, Inc., he formed his own music publishing firm with Harold Hecht and Burt Lan- caster. German Actor Dies Vienna, Oct. 20 W) Werner Krauss, one of the German stage's leading actors and star of the Burgtheater, died today. He was 75. r "THE GREAT IMPOSTOR" Now Coronet Magazine brings yo an exciting condensation of his current $3.95 best leller. Hero it the rollicking, wacky, witty and incredible tale of a nan wbo successfully poaed aa a navy aurgeon performing operation on the high aeai ... a ' prison warden in charge of one of our country' toughest cell blocks ... a doctor of applied psychology who ran a college . . a Trappist monk and many, many other preposterous characters. Read the hilarious true adventure story "The Great Impostor" in Nov. CORONET row on sale J IHPROVE blood: CIRCULATION 4 wtti MASSAGE nature's cwa tranquilizer World's foremost body rub! Gently cares V lor ow skin as It Mips stimulus ( "sletpinl" muscles, sootbss cramped r limbs and (efts. NsMleahslie, can't f I stain. ti ana st ami wwneri. HARD OF HEARING Is he . . . or isn't he? Is he wearing a hearing aid or isn't he? Don't ask hirn he's forgotten! Became this man is wearing the miraculous new Audivox "Phantom" ... e tingle unit, ear-level hearing aid that's o inconspicuous, so llqht, you actually forget it's there. Now you can hear the way you want to hear ... with nothing but a slender, curved shell nestled behind your ear a shell that cannot slip out of place because it has been . custom-molded to the contour of your head. .FREE TRIAL Come in for a Free trial today, of phona or write for a Free trial i the privacy of your own home. audivox Asdlvox hurln aids are licenwd andw patent of tht American Tale phone and Telegraph Company. W uteri) Electric Company, ud Bell Telephone Laboratories, Incorporated. AUDIPHOHE GO. Serving the hard-of-hearing for 18 yeart. 204 W. Saratoga St. Phone MU. 5-0495 I THf INSURANCE CORNIR NO. 303 ' "y' FOR PARENTS AND I GRANDPARENTS OF ! YOUNG. CHILDREN Parents and grandparents of young children, concerned with their future financial well being, should realize they can give them tremendous financial advantages, all through life, simply by taking out life insurance for them at an early age, Here are figures proving the point. A $10,000 policy (paid up at age 65) will cost $208 yearly at age 25. Its total cost will be $8,320. The value at maturity including accumulated dividends, would be $14,161.20, with "profit" accruing of $5,841. This same policy bought for a child of 10 years would cost only $133.70 annually. The total paid in would be only $7,353.50. But its value at maturity would be $17,091.20 and the "prfk" $9,737.70. This comparison shows financial advantages really worth while. The early buying of life insurance assures lower annual cost when your child must take over premium payments and family responsibility, probably on a modest salary. While at" retirement time, the policy will have much greater value. NIXT WtiK: Mora Undir-lntvrent: 1 K. 3.R -I EiiITII r-xj l 1 a. Established 1898 E I 213 St. Paul Place g SAratoga 7-7172 MARYLAND TRUST CO. SAVINGS ACCOUNTS note earn interest at the rate of per year, credited semi-annually on October 1 and April 1 Take advantage of this new high interest rate . and open your account now at any of our eight offices Main Office and Trust Department Northwest Corner of Calvert and Redwood Streets Other Convenient Office Eataw and Fayetta Gay at Fallsway (Drive-In) Pratt at Market Plact 4416 Park Heighta Ave. 7725 Eastern Avenue in the Eastpoint Shopping Center Randallstown Bank Office, Liberty R(L, Randallatown Woodmoor Office, 6929 Liberty Road (Drive-in) Fre Customer Puking Member Federal Reserve System and F. D. L C Professor Ilonnard Dies Lausanne, Switzerland, Oct. 20 i Prof. Andre Bonnard, interna tionally known expert on Greek literature who received the Stalin Peace Prize in 1954, died here after a long illness last Sunday. He was 71. Professor Bonnard, became a member of the Communist-led World Peace Council. IJraithwaite Dies London, Oct. 20 wv-Sir Albert Braithwaite, a long-time Conservative member of the House of Commons, " died tonight twelve days after he was reelected to Parliament. He was 66. His death reduced the Conservative majority in Commons to 99 and will mean a special election in his district. ULUfl-P B.Q 0 BBa008OOOBO8BO000O0OQ000OaO000Q00fl0a Schuster's -Specialty of the House ROCKERS EVERYWHERE Wood, Colonial, Upholitered, Platform, Gooie ' Neck, Boston, Salem, Windsor, Hitchcock, Boudoir, Child's and many more. Rockers our specialty there is one here for you. Choose it today. "Since lltt" Quality Bedding 414 NORTH HOWARD STREET lExington 9-3083 Open Ihvrtdoy Night 1137 19SI Baltimore Towson BOTH STORES OPEN THURSDAY EVENING The Lohmcyer Young Executive Suit The finest selection of fabrics, tailored to our exacting specifications on our own natural shoulder three button model with center vent and slim line pleatless trousers. A variety of patterns and colors. 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This offer expires November 18, 1959 m ik YOUR NEAREST AUTHORIZED BRUNING DEALER DOWNTOWN: Roy Miller & Company, Inc. 212 W. Franklin Street NORTH: Belair Road Faint & Hardware 6108 Belair Rohd C. D. Benson Hardware Co., Inc. 2013 York Road, Tlmonlum, Md. Cramer's Hardware 1102 Oreenmount Ave. Edward's Hardware 5116 Belair Road Fred C. Schuchhardt 1003 N. Central Ave. Feller Paint tc Hardware 2220 Harlord Road Idlewvlde. Hardware SherwTxd & Overbrook Roads John G. Maier's & Sons 153 N. Gay Street Kenwood Paint & Hardware 4407 Kenwood Avenue Lewis Hardware, Inc. 7208 Harford Road Maryland Paint & Wallpaper Co. 2108 N. Charles Street Northwood Hardware 1556 Havenwood Road Paramount Rug it Linoleum Co. 6519 Harford Road Rex Hardware 5408 York Road 8. E. Hoover 3601 Chestnut Avenue Seller's Hardware, Inc. 7033 Liberty Road Valley Hardware Lorn Rldze Shopping Center Wilson Brothers 126 W. 25th Street York Road Hardware 5924 York Road EAST: A. Bauer & Companv 2301 E. Monument Street Al's Hardware Store 1833 Goueh Street Bernstein's. Inc. 619 E. Baltimore Street Butt's Hardware 2301 rail Avenue Casper Floor Berrlce 7179 Holablrd Avenue Chester Hardware 608 N. Chester Street Fritz Paint & Hardware Co. 3831 N. Gav Street Globe Wallpaper Company 4015 Eastern Avenue H. M. Harberts 2229 Essex Street Harrison Lumber Co. 2033 E. Chase Street J. Frank Hoffman & Sons 3229 Erdman Avenue Josenhan's, Inc. 1527 Eastern Avenue Ken's Hardware 43 N. Pattprson Park Ave. Kurek's Hardware Store 3242 O'Donnell Street L. V. Miller 3300 E. Baltimore Street Middle River Supply Co. 2130 Eastern Avenue Repp's Hardware 2709 Old North Point Rd. St. Helena Dundalk Hdwe. Co. 24 Dundalk Avenue 60CTH: Charles Irwin Hardware "Battery Ave. & Cross Street Westport Building Supply, Inc. 2924 Watervlew Ave. WEST: Arbutus Hardware 5415 East Drive Bean's Hardware Store 2702 Washington Boulevard DAW Hardware 4720 Gwvnn Oak Avenue F. Hoffman Hardware at Supply Co. 1105 Pennsylvania Avenue F.berhart Service 5202 Windsor Mill Road Georee C. Bast 2700 W. Baltimore Street Hughes Lumber Company 5012 Relsterstown Road I. R. Lilly 3520 Edmondson Avenue Morris J. freed 1325 Fremont Avenue Ralph's Radio Shop 5511 Washington Boulevard Robert S. Green. Inc.. 3232 Frederick Avenue Zalk's Hardware 2828 Edmondson Avenue MARYLAND: Annapolis Paint Company 159 West 8treet. Annapolis, Md. Arbutus-Lansdowne Co., Inc. 3905 Holllns Ferry Road Lansdowne, Md. Belt! 141 Delaware Avenue Glen Burnle. Md. Belt! Decorators 360 Harundale Mall Glen Burnle. Md. Bouzarth Sales Route 40. Pulaski Highway Aberdeen. Md. C. D. Metz Union Brldire. Md. Cumberland Paint & Glass Co. 165 N. Centre Street Cumberland. Md. Farmer's Supply Company Dorchester Ave., Cambridge, Md. Fork Hardware Fork. Maryland Fred E. Beachv Lumber Co. Oakland. Maryland Heled's Reese Hardware R F.D. 4. Westminster. Md. Jacob's General Store Ridge Road, Hanover, Maryland Jordan Lumber Company 1101 Old Annapolis Rd N.E. Olen Burnle. Maryland Kefauver Lumber Company Forest Hill. Md. Kefauver Lumber Company Bel Air, Maryland Kelley's Rovel Tile 15 Fort Smallwood Road Pasadena, Maryland Kemn Hardware 100 Riverside Drlva Eases. Maryland L. H. Corderman ft Son Haeerstown. Md. Lock wood Hardware York & Mlddletown Roadi Parkton. Maryland Love's Hardware & Supply Cn. Edsewopd Road. Edttewood, Md. Michaels General Store R.F.D. 1. Route 40 Aberdeen, Maryland Pasadena Hardware & Supply CO. Mountain Road, Pasadena, Md. Polan's 5c to $1 00 Store 24 E. Bond St.. Bel AIT, Md. Reisterstown Lumber Company Hanover Rd. at Glen Morrla Reisterstown. Md. R. J. Jerman Feed Co. Gambrllls. Md. Rossville Hardware Philadelphia & Ridge Roaite Rossville. Maryland Sfliaefler Lumber Co. Liberty te Green Streeta Westminster. Maryland The Talbott Lumber Company Elllcott City. Maryland Thomas Lumber Company- Shadvslde. Marvland Tucker's Hardware North Beach. Maryland Wallet's Hardware - Havre de Grace, Maryland Walsh & Company Stemmer'a Run. Maryland Wehlers 5 E. Main St.. Frostburg, Md. DELAWARE: D. F. Quillen & Sons, Inc. 57 Susst-x Avenue Rehoboth Beach. Delaware Milford Wallpaper & Paint Co. 117 N. Washington Street Milford. Delaware The Paint Pot Park fi' Shoo Center ' Newark. Delaware WEST VIRGINIA: Crim's Paint Wallpaper Store 255 N. Oueen Street Murtlnsburs. West Virginia

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