Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on February 14, 1942 · Page 3
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 3

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 14, 1942
Page 3
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LECTURE COURSE ON GARDENS FOR FEDERATED CLUBS |.ViM'»f("l liui'dt'M r |U'Ul, Ihl'OUKll "" '0 fun r ttu 1 iSfi'H, -John H. WttllwHi o H;ivi'ii, uiiiKHinooH a NoMos o iirturi'M upon "Growing Foi Hloitt Gtir-cluMM" us -lit OOUI'HO, rowing For Ylntory/ •a lecture, will .Liu Klvnu |jj II, KvtM'olt of tho HltUTorLhr 1 K.ilMMlt'Hl tlurdoiiM, Now York 11() W n! tulk upon Kimlon »H.OH, yoll )|U jl(ioii.M and pluntlng, ( -nil. second 01' Hut M<u'U>.v "Homo L« OO( | production" dlMtuiHNlng how to nuiki' I'i'Ull « n 'l votfotu'lilu plaut- Lsjin inl'-Ki-al imrt of Uio landMoupo K<iuii, will (HI by Mr. .lamoy lUtsh- m-ovvi). Mi 1 . MuHh-Hrown IH an an- jl,,,,.|jv from tho Sohool of Horlioi I(] ,M for Women uL Ainb'lor. Ponn- .Mr, Nirly Tdrnor of Lhn CionmuUI ,,i'l UTlculUin' •I'lXpurlmonl Station, ftw llaviM, will tflvo tho, third lc«- j, m , inu.ii "Control of 'PnsU In tlio lloiDi! Yi\k"'lublo Uardon,' 1 Tin* fourth Inolurn, VHrylng and ,-iim Krnitn arid- VegainblcM," Mr! ililH problem from tho LEGAL NOTICE Hoard of Tax Hovbnv of lh/> and HoroiiKli of Nuli^Hl-ui'-i* -i>( «f (bo Town Hall, Churnh XiiUKultiok, (Joiin., i'or Iho " of lu'urlnK appeals from tho of IfU 1 Hoai'dl Of AHMO.HHOl'8 Of "own and Hornutf!) of NUUKU- on Ih' 1 I'nllnwlnfc dat<\s; (''ebnwry 2, l.o a 2 to Monday, p.m. Fobruary II, iO-V,>. ruary 10, jp-12, a, to 5 February 18, lo i p.m. Saturday, p.m. and 7 21, 1U-VJ, } 2 lo to .S j»,rn, , Slcc/U'd MF TAX iii William Mariano, Hloliard Inirkln, Chairman fo^K^I^^ 1942 -March 2nd and 3rd .standpoint, of u, nation, at war,, Thaso lootiii'OM- uru opoii Ala' Hi •public as well as "to Federation 'mom hory. The BOHHlons. .opcin at 10:a( a, in, nnd 2 p,m, Tho dates nro folio WH: N'ow ITavon Y,- W, C, A, Stain ('on I—March 3rd and 4th .Stamford Clan uiul Elootrlo Company Hurlforrl— March 5th and (, Con .lonnlal Hill [(all (Vox's Dcpartmon Sloro). , •' TluUols may bo 'Obtained Mrs, Frank ,[, m-alncrd, 405 sli'tsot, Porlland, Connootioul, (Von Mail Japs Launch Attack On Sumatra Today 1 (Contlnuod from Pago One) whlob was .Huooossful In Malaya — or I'jico disaster, in this connection, tho • British Imporlals Hllll iroHistlnK • bol'oi'o Slngaporo, tho Dutoh 11^11 Ung the aastern arm of tlnvonomy plncors on Hornoo and Oolohns islandSj tho Amorhum foroos of Clon. UIH MuoArthur In tho Philippines woro maintaining a grave Llireat UKJiliisl. tho .lapiuioso MunUs, At ShiKaporo •iUoll 1 . tho B'ritisli linpoi'lals woro lighting an epochal bul.tle UKulnsI, ovorpowurintj Japa- UOSQ LuiiUjs, infantry, artillery, lil^'b lovol and dlvo bomhors. '1'ocliiy'H British oommunlqito -ialrl tliat ovcry onorny offort to advance toward Hho heart of Singapore) town" was bolng dlspulod by Iho dofonso li-oopH and dla- patolms auknowlodgorl thai heavy llgb I Ing still, was in progress. Bol.Ji sides Indicated that the baltlo was raging now In,- tho edge of tho town, which was sill! under heavy nlr and artillery attack, Clio British also reported heavy fighting In tho Paya Lcbar seoto' 1 , about ttiroo inllos north of tho oily, Miparonlly aftoi 1 losing tho roser- ••oirs'in Uio con Ira I suction of tho stand. The Japanese clalnwi lo" uivo caiHiti'ocl I lie naval base on ho A north coast. niunbor of tipponi'cd lava and Hie hat thoy had lapanoso aerial .way. Tho hat other British nrllish ovnountlon' to liave roaohod refugees reported. been under heavy, bombardment all of Japanese reported K) boon vessels, perhaps bomhed'ln Sin- In all, had gapore harbor, Northward In Burma, tho British wore aided by Trosh Chinese troops and by arrival of. .United Nations Old Age Assistance Tax ENROLLMENT OF OCTOBER 1st, 1942 The Conmuillru'l Slnln l.nw pi'usuuu's n'll .poiwons ii-om liJ Ni GU yciiCN of Mfjp, IncJuslvP, ri'.sldinn In tills Hormiflh on Odtobcr J\l, UJll, HN /Mii'ollrfl for Mils lux, wlinlliur or. not Mioir nnintss urn of) tljp olllnlnl; nud id nn.v llmo hnmns xvhioh'hnvo hoc'-h nmlttf-M tnuy \n> nildtul und •names wlilch should Hot I.»o 'taxed, cm.scd, . MXK.MPTIONH I'rom Mil* l^x nro nrnnUvd only to' ImnoiMUily illsuhlcd us u result ol' soi'vlco-lo u coin- All pi'i'souM MO onvolh-d nnd Included, WHO HAVIG NOT ()|?AL1KIKD KOH MXKMI'TION AS PHOVIDKD UY LAW, AMIS fjKUKHY NO'IIFIKI) AND \VAH.\F,D TO PAY'TIIK OLD AGK ASSISTANCE. TAX OK THREE DOLLARS — ($3,00) on or lirforr Mui'dli., 'IHiU, al iho Tux Councilor's Otllco, in (lio Town Hull Uu/hllnf/, bciwnnii tlio hours of D o'cloc.k A. M, i\ud 5 (j'cloolc P. MM cvrcpf Snlui'fluys, nnd on Snliirdnys, l»it\v(!on tho hours of \) o'olork A, Al. nud -1U o'clock-Noon, Wnr Time, . ; Aflcr March,' IJML 1 , all unpuid .Old A'pc Assistanco Taxes on (his cnj'oKntc/it lire hy |>i\v, rnl.scd lo KOMP Dollurs ($4,010. AM Unto sln/cd nhovo on .Slundard War Time, Oulcd <it i\HU{/aluck, (JoMiiootiout, tills 14th dny of Febi'unry, iTA'MIOS F, KIT/fJKHALO, TAX (JOU.KCTOH, IH)]l()l r (!U OK NAIKIATUCK, MAKK CHMCKS PAVAHfJO TO TAX COUJCirrOH, JiOHOUftll ..aorial .roinforoomc.nts, inotudiivc,' _ -S. -flying fortrossos, in Ihcir battle li'lorig-th'o t,hr(?atonca Salwopn ^rivoi ulot'onso'sllno!-.. .'.'•:- '.'•• •.--...;"..-'•'•..'vjj!,'.. ; ,^ Tho . Ji'ipancso were . atliaclfinE strongly at b'oth oncls of the 30- mllo tnain'• dcfonyo section,^'jrroiT Martaban to.. ; Pa-An, on 'thcv.;i)iv/ir jind had broken, across the •tftj'odtr HU both .points, Thoy threa^nod the British with cnolrolornchl, b.ut worq being strongly • .opposed hi •'oonl'iisoci lighting with' tlie'.(;oui- oorno still unocrLain. . , ..-',. In London, .the . goyprnmon't. of '•Pnlhip Ministor, Wlnaton .Ghii'nohfll Was in .grave/danger as a rcsfuiit'of the, set 'baokut Singapore arid tlVe successful clash ,.pf s a -German--'-Jbalj- tlo.fleet through Ihe Strait of D.pver, but 'clovciopments were expcot'o'd to .await a speech ilj.y- the "'Prime Miri- inter in the J-Iousc , of- G.onimons next week, . ••. ' .. .."• '-' ,: ; , , In Russia Ihero •^yaR no • de(lnlt ; e d e ve 1 d p in e n t jj n . ca riiioc tio iv -wi tl'i tl ib Rod army 'drive ••.tliat piish'ocl.v'.intb White ,'RUssia, .but miltary:sourcoB Burl 1.1ml the .Gorma'n .pOHiiiinnb al Srnolonslv . appeared. - ( to be more scrl.o.UHly 'jncnaeo'd. ;V ' v'> , .. , 4 »••»• MEETINC TODAY Boston, Feb. .l/ ( —(Up)—Qwno'.ife of fioslon's long-idle /iKhing il1.qol,. i'tibotl with possible governmentjbp-: ernUon of l-hcir 1 vessels; reeonvenccl l,orlay to eonsidor further nn ,'ull.I-; rinlum under which they mny,.iosc t.hclr botitsi unless orders of tli labor hoard are heeded. During'an all-day conference !,ei i flay the owners, organized a federated Fishing Boats . of .-New England and New York, Inc., failed .0 agree Lo the WLB's orders ,that .hoy return the fleet to service' and >ay premiums on war risk insur- inoo policies as demanded-by AFL Ish'brmcn pending arbitration of .tho lisp utc, Tho WLB has announced.- -.that President Roosevelt 'could -soize' the Meet under the national emergency asvs.' WAS mm IN South AVindsor, Conn., FoV). 1A— (UP)— Gnlviiv V. Chapman, 18, a dc- J'onsn workocl in a Hartford arms plant, was killed Instantly last night when a -car In- \vhlch he was a passenger left the highway 'and hit a tl'UC; . nopbVtocl 'in a .serious condition at Manohostor '.hospital ,wasi .William u'lEi, clrJvor .of .Iho car. Hc-'auf- in iposslblo.'skiill -fracturo. -. Pol'ioe, said dhe oar .sldosw.ipcd a polo, want down a three-foot cm- fo'iinlcmcril and -hit '-thd only i/ree -iri a vacant lot; Cleanliness Next to Godliness The quotation,. "Cleanliness next to godliness," i§ taken from, by John Wesley on dress. is trucks .produced by Chevrolet' I'or the army mount six. lamps which develop a total 'of. ,'1,000,000 candlcpower. It takes 'only four such trucks to illumln- •ato an -omorgoncy landing field.. Suhoontractors in 178 different oomiTHinitlos are making parts' for Diesel engines built in the Glevo- .luntl Dcscl .Knglno Dvison plant of jGonoi'ftl Motors,' . 'The Alison liquid-cooled aircraft engine wns designer! to be no ; thnn tho 'pilot seated behind it. in ttaie tines Everyone heeds diversion. This is jsarfcicuiarly trn'e in times of strain as at present. One form of diversion that is accessible to all is the movies, Going to the movies,Is • -splendid antidote, for tension. The choice of scfeen cntertainhicht is'so varied as to provide just the-pick-up you need/ When nerves are tense, go to §e« * movie show and relax.- You'll find the current shows listed daily in the Amusement Page, of the Naugatuck Daily News i,,.(i (^1 '^"'" v '' li ' , ..Eke:Inside NorriMtfiie Thrift* This .phbto.shows.fireTYien running through the debris-strewn prand ballroom of the Normandic during th6 battle. aga*rist;the'iir,e:that;sw.ept the great liner'at her-Nqw York pier;: This -picture \vas made.before'tho ship 'turriea over on 'her side 'from tlie'weight 1 'of- water poured into" hereby fire fighters. ..-'••"•. .'••''•':'•,-...'"•'..;'.;•'' '••'" ' ; '-' ; "•.-•'••'" '•/••'''• : '.'' ' ; ' "• ' ' '.''•'' '• (CentralPress') 40 AUT(MWOBItES Concord,-Mass., Feb. 14—(UP)—. Forty now and used ^automobiles were destroyed -early--today when a two-alarm . fire raxed : the one-story brick : 'Bonott garage, causing $25-,000 damage. •".-. .••••• -' : '••' ' '•' Embers from the burning build-; ng, • which also housed 'bowling- illoys, thrpatened | nearby names and business structures. 'Among the cars ruined were -two' new cars which 'had : been purchased by the 'Concord' police'de :,-. . ; . • -' . ; LEN1HANWINS a ,six Mia-mi, 'Fla;, Feb.. l/i— (UP)— "Boy 'Lenahan^ Providence, B. 1., shirt salesman' who' pitched ' briefly for Detroit in J9J7, won • the- baseball players'. -go If championship yesterday breezing home, with strolvO-'lead in 1 the. annual tournament.'. ' . ; Lena' him "finished six - strokes ahead: of. defending champion Mcrv Shea,' Dctro'it/ couch, with. a.2i8- to: 'Shea shot ' a,tw,o-under par 70 for a.v22/i total- Oath Of Office Is Given To Volunteers (Continued from Pago One) high soliool- faculty will direct tho registration in Goodyear hall and Charles 1<\ Dnly, borough clei'lc, \\l\\ be In charge at the borough court room. Hegistratlon at the headquarters of the draft board on Beobe street will .be directed b,y Mr. Whittcmorc. The registration places will 'be open, from 7 a. m. until 0 p. m. After taking the oath the volunteers received -instructions from Chairman Wnittcmore .on : the " BAY'S CHILD FROM THE OLD RHYME: "THURSDAY'S CHILD HAS FAR TO GO" SYNOPSIS : M Life to .lovely, young Leslie •Sonny) Richardson was just irudgery in her foster-£ather!s- lunchroora^on the Dixie Highway iear Monroe t ;Michigan. She longed lor the day when -she,, could .get iway from it all. So, when oppor r Hmity in the form of Tom Hollis- ';er, .young college 1 student .arid. ;cion of, a wealthy New^York family^ appears, she grasps it. Tom and ais .friend, J-amie Hicks,, had been couring. in a trailer. -One niglit, :hey take Sonny to ,a dance .•hey' are. about, to. .return , home, ihe 'stuns -therii with the announcement that :she won't go back. Tom prevails upon heir to change her niihd but Richardson ' : has locked the -girliout, so the .boys reluctantly agree-to.ta'Ke'.'her with them. Fear- ihg;;Sonny.'s foster-father may have set. the police, on .their trail, they head for the state line. Iri.BowIing^ Green,.. -Tom marries 'Sonny to';outwit,the law. Jamie is worried over the consequences when the'T36Ilis- ter, family, learns .the .-hew-s. He insists .upon being dropped off at Akron. After four days of leisurely' travel, the. honeymooriers .arrive in New York State. They park on ^a. wooded countryside. The 'surrounding peace and quiet brought Sonny a contentment she had never .known. But her-happiness is short- lived for a state trooper suddenly, appears and arrests them. In jail, iSbnhy meets Tom's brother, 'Kirk. His heart -goes out to the'pathetic ifigure in gingham with toil-worn hands and tear-reddened eyes. You're Leslie," . Kirk's . voice 'was gentle. He sized lip. the girl. Not what he had expected, by],any 'maaris, •Ybiing'or. : '-I'm" sorry; v this .had to happen." - •: ' •:v'^ ; She'coulfln't.answer'hirh. , ,;' ' "My father shouldn't Have .had the police'pick, you up. I told ? him that. I flew in as soon as. I •.could." He tried to put her at her ease. "There are .some^. things I;want;to ask'you. 'Do you love my brother?" . Sonny : raised her -head,;for-:, : the first time, .Something in Kirk's .candid :/dark eyes made her "answer 'truthfully ::• ^.don't; know^" :••;/;;;.;,; .' '•"£)o ydu. want to: s cay married,,'co . . Kii ; k' smileci .grimly ' 4orataTi •ittpsbt."'.. can -un- ,,.Vye3, : r:..:.-..--,. .-.:'-, ,;Ki?ikvV ; takfeh;i'aba>k,;^ia: not 'know where i' to go'f.rom: that point;/ but he. ' ' ;u ' ': lo . plunged' alie'ad ; :V u ;VVe're ^illirier': lo do anything. ; -If you'll agree' to an anhulment, we'll, see you are properly taken care of ." : •Sonny looked confused. .-.-. ... "J mean money, real money," Kirk said frankly; " •' . V ~ . •:. - ; ' '• . ' "I don't want money,'.' 1 she .do- clarcd, "I can wor,k;" • '•••:-.. Kirk patted the -girl's slim -shoulder.- He felt-Borvy for her.' , . • ' "You see, we love Tom', so much \ve don^t'waht hinv to make 'a mistake. '-He's .so 'impulsive. He's—" . "I know." '".. ..;.. • , . { ' "Will i'you agree to give 'him his freedom.?" . .- ' ' ... . ' ' ' . "Jf.:ho:wants it. '',.;.-• ,,;',.' .'.-.••• ; "That's -just 'it.,. Ho doesn't. : It ; s' ,(^/.v.>.,j'"v».. . > .' ; •.,•..• i . tr* ' 1 '' Sonny nodded: vaguely and.-.Kirk ;;' " Please -'.think 1 i t,; ; over;--' I'm . 'to .take ;you .both .away from '' ' | K %>$&>& M^^'^^f; -iS^ac^risiwhite, Th'cn Q'Regan.ied Sonny back to her eell. .Thi'ougl'i.the night she was foviT'sli • sleeninf? "• fitfully .• i n --nci' -,—--„ - , . ' cotton dress: It seemed' shirt Ir6nt:as'he;talked. morning-/ would never ,come. She tried to W braVe, to'remember that Kirk had told her everything would .be.all-right.' But she was too ill.and scared/to do anything but lie there in misery.: . • v ' IJVi , When the; matron brought, her breakfast, Sonny.: managed to drink the weak'coffee, but eat she'could not. About 10 o'clock, O'Regan came for her again. "This way, he said not.unkindly. Her abject misery was so patent, he added: "You're all. right, kid. You've got a swell .husband.". ' . / -She was in the office again. Kirk was there with his attorney. "Tom-won't-.agree to anything until he sees you," Kirk began without .any preface,'then, turning to The attorney interposed: "In that case, we'd better not interfere any more," he 'said, . Kirk gave up then, but declarea after a pause: ."We'r* going home. That is the only condition on which 1 accept this situation. You're to come with me. I brought Jules; He U drive the trailer home." "But we .want to go on with our honeymoon." .-, .-. •-. . • Kirk stood firm. "You heard me, Tom. You and your wife arc going home." , , ' « i v • Tom finally agreed to fly back with Kirk. . "I told you everything .would DO all right, Sonny," Tom said jubilantly, as they drove to the airport. P'Regan led Sonny back .to her. cell.., OfRegair, . asked, : >."Will--you Abring •Soon-a., strange .Tom,'..unshaven arid untidy, 'appeared. -/He/.made a dive, for : Sonny; ' she...clung.' to him desperately.':, Over 'Sonny's ;,flaming red head; Tom faced tile two >men with,'"That's your answer. You're not:going to/take her away from me. We know .our own >minds and you can't do a thing," ,Kirk -held up his .hand. "You Juiven't. a lot- of money, Tom,, and .Dad means what he says." ,. . - "O. K. v with us'. Sonny's not used td any^andvl can get: along.- WeVe .got our. trailer." . Kirk. 'shrugged .his shoulder's, "but he came 'over and put his hand on.his brother's ; arm. "You „ Jmowr how I feel/Tom." : ;: . • v^ "'Sure, ^you're O.,K. It was Dad and-. Mother!". - -' ; ' You mustn't blame them,: Tom. Th'ey-love .you*" • ' - . . but .they'll • love - Sormy , when, they- know. her. . And besides, Dad has always wanted a grand-. ., . "Isthatthe-truth?" ^"Certainly! ; V•*-,,. •':-.,>. Sonny!'s f ace '.-was; buried on Tom's' i i»f '-f-r'n-h f '• n i*'hA '"hal kfifl. ' ' ." •" •"What, about •• my foster'father:?.* Sonny asked. • •'"'••'.•" ^_; '.'•• '•-.'" "Oh, he\made.a^row, Kirk says, , VfJ.1 * 11V3 ti*l*AV*»— * •* • *.^* "/ • — ^ • , but, when ;he:i^arned ; you : were'mar- *: •ried;.that was'that." , / ;_; ^.v' 1 •.;. Tom wasvhis old-gay self. He.ftati got his way and the world was^ron.^ derfuL again,. -..-.•« • • ' "We'll come back m our trauei and go to Montreal as we .planned, darling. You'll seel" he .promised.. : Then .suddenly the airport waa ahead with, the Hollister -ship and pilot waiting.. But. there was still another hurdle. Newspaper photographers were waiting. ;' .:.. 'Between; Kirk and Tom, Sonny made a dash for the ship, but .the ca'mera men were quicker.. .•:' 'fLet's . have, a decent ^picture 1" .begged one of them who'knew Kirk. "You might just as well get it over with." v -..-, . .-.::.•.- i"J:USt.rone;" Kirk-Gaid, there was no use arguing,;. iSo that is, bow'th'e .picture of ;t wirtd-blo,wn,' -rumpled ..girl^ and -the 1 twovmen appeared in'the papers the next /day; ,The stories were to 'raakci .much of her gingham dress, the little girl from.a-restaurant who had married millions. , , -.;.'.. (To b'e continued). . CoprrfgliVby'Veri Brown; ../"^ opcraf.ion ' of Uio regifiJral.ion ro- qulrements;. Each •rcgisl.ranf. will )ro given a card : for'idcnl.iflciil.ion'. pui»- ' poses nnd it-must, be carried • by 'its owner a I, all. times. No ImUons will bo. dlsl-ribuicd as'.in Hie original, draft, JTJic .chairman advisor] the. volunl-cers to J)rI»V .Micir own .fountain- pens to assure no delays. 'He said pens and ink- would be provided but co.uld -noI assure the workers that the- pens wdnl-J be the typo they arc accustomed to. Mr. Whit.tcmore estimated that .'there would lie approximately J,300 registrants on Monday and that H. •wns possible that- more ^volunteers would bo needed. There are several on the reserve list and if more arc needed the men in charge al, the registration places have the authority to swear- them in. Those who were sworn in as volunteers and signed waivers of •remuneration are: Louise Granger, Broni M. Papauskas, Marjoric Squires, Marguerite D, • Commins, Manuel Henry, Katherine IS. Kam• erxcl, Estelle M. Hohbs, Minnie Baxter, Elizabeth 0. Ncary, Aniia ^D. Holland, Mary 10. Ncary, Alice A. -Quish, Kdwarcl 1^. ICelioe, Mrs. ' M. /Barrall., Lauriston F. Noyc-vGardner P. Wood, M. Gcno- vicve Campbell, Clarence- 12. Ponni- man, Kathleen Kane, 0. V, Dinsmore,- Ann Wells Gihhud, Dora Campbell Papc,' Henry W. Pope," Martha \ 7 . .lohnson, KalliorJnc -L.- Mail, 'Dnnisi J'. Walsh, Marie Mo, Guire, 'Teresa 13. Daly, Irene R Milleiv TJierbsa M. \Vrinn, Cather-i ine A. Brooks, Ma/.ic Callahan, Hu-. V.el G. Payne, Mrs. .losephine A. 'Shea, Miliccnt M/ Sanndcrs, Anna ; K, Lynch. And,' Mary H. Emerson, Mahel M. •Llngcnhcld, Mary M. Teeple, Gertrude -10. Peck, Prances ; N. ••Moss,.'Eleanor. M.- Welles, Mary T. Ko'lcy, Lois Y. Merrill, Blma G. Nyb'crg, Ethel M. Honan, Dorothy 'Moss,-Mrs. Wiillnnv Vest, Helen 13. 'Dinneny, Nellie F. Nyherg, Charles P. Daly, Frances D. Burns, Mrs. G IF T S PYHKX ROWLS Set-of STRISIK'S CKNTEH'ST; - DIAL ;j-27«2 GLASSWAHE thy F.. .Helen Brownj Stanley 'B. Dibble, Mary JD. Dot\o- hue Lenore. V. : pcary, Margaret B, ',- 1 ' Helen G. Moroncy, 'Doro- Oalvin, Julia C. McGfirthy, W. llling, . .:temily. r ,.Scphio Florence 0-^ou'ghlin, Lois S. Hayes, Mildred 'Bales Hair, Myrtle R. IlotclVktes,.- Catliovinc F. Duffy, Gertrude. M. Madlgan, Eleanor B. Broadrick, Ruth G.-Schoncklj Also, Irene G. ;Coon, Alice MJ Mickey, Krina K. Yocius, Helen Yb- cius, Melon U McDonough, Estclie M. McDonough, Madclene T. Caine. Margaret M. Nolan, .Kallilene "M, Brennan, Colette Daly, Forcria Bcilly, Cecelia G. Reynolds, .Sarah L. Bcardsley, 'ICthelmac Kcnney, Elizabeth F. Cass, ISsthcr' Dal toil, hcon R. Corliss, Julia . A, "Casey, Florence M McCarthy, Pauline T. Smith, Antonio Soares, Genevleve Gornian, Mary E. Smith,. James T. Leary, Mae T. Cullen, Edward .T. Duff, Carolyn A. Isbell, Agnes M. Jackson, Archie D. Hyde, Louise R, Mill, Raymond K. Foley and Henry Gieslewski. • . , Apples «s Kleat Gtrnlshea Apples cnn be rimdc into delicious and attractive meat garnishes, such as -glazed npple ring's with pork or ham, mlnt-flnvbreii upple jelly with .lamb, or apple stuffing witii . ducJc or goose. • ' ; Thomas Bros, ii II 1G9 MAPLE ST. , IM»on« 5184 || 11 II II || I Auto Body and Fender Work II - Auto Painting: - II 24' Hour (I Wrecker Service i. STRATTON'S RESTAURANT 18 PARK PLACE STEAKS'— SEAFOOD COCKTAIL BAfe £S3=MPS«PS=SP^ Valentines For Wife, Mother, Sweetheart, Friends, Etc, N Valentines from Ic up. Full line of Children's Valentines. Buy and mail them early! ! SWEENEY'S sn, STORE The Card and Gift Shop of Naugatucfc. ^=^^^^=^3^^=^^ • • — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0- — Murphy's Paints and Enamels for exterior and interior purposes — o — o — o — o — o — o CANS, Inc. MAPLE STREET TEL. 3507 Natigatuck-Made Footwear Serves You Better U, S. Rubber Company Naugratuck Footwear Division % DANCE To the Mush) of JOHNNY BURKED ORCHESTRA FRIDAY NIGHT'and SUNDAY, 6 P.M. to 10 P.M.

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