Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on February 14, 1942 · Page 2
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 2

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 14, 1942
Page 2
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NAUGATUOK DAILY 14, TIRE BjOARD REPORTS 1 FOR FEB. 14th fho lrn.H fo.ur UCOM Now and Mid wo<'l< cndlntf Krh. 12, folio wl/iK I'l'-OM nnd Mihw \voro 'hy l)lMlrlnt (lullnnlnK Uoartl Hallway & Main nlroot, Dorhy, Uircui Soyinoiir Auto Co,, Ho.vmour, llri'H and I'iMir tuhoH, ohnnlntd nnil tulxm; Voolior HI-OH., aw) lluviui nvonuo, Horhy, hnlldorM rnofru'H, I'our'tli'cn and four Thondorn F. AnKlano, M Kill Aiwonla, two th-oM, ohMolo(« tlras; HKJhui-d J. SporllriK, «M Meadow Ht-ront, Annonlti, nirnl rnull (jurrlor, 1,'wri Mro.M nnd two tulH'Hj Henry I 1 , Knlly, Dorhy nvonu'. 1 , iwA tlroH and ' tlr«H and tuho«; «»• ?< ^ * Ihrno luboM, huH: ,Jnhn .1. Htriu'l, N m, ,hwph niook, IH nsonla, wliolu- tlnm UP)— isvoluhoH, Mary A, , one Urn, f.lro.M and l I (Uinimn UI-OM and and tiihun Central Htrcnt, H»lor and It-lo man, IAVO VVfilnii-n, MUHH,, fW(utp(Hl lo inirly today •jilurm \\?n w«KMlcn iiuiiilh-old NMiolaM A hl» -pareutH ntuuipantM, ob, In Ihroo Iho HtrontH unliunuod when a $10,001 (AVO- thron-Hlocy of l'i- Murray, ,M',, who The llnil Hod n hiiyni 1 mmlliim, If or rni'iillnpo yon U.MO..UIO KO EXTRA .CNAR0C ByA.W.'WALKEE at J IB ANK *T; at CENTER MKKTINCi Thn VounK People's KulloWHhlp of St, MichaoI'M KplHOOpal ohuroh will mod toiriorrow. ovonln^ at 7 O'clock In l-lio parlHh hoiwo, ,Iain,oH Parker, announcor at .VVATll, \Va- t,f«rhiiry, will lie the w>oftkov " ncl will dlHOlOHd IntnroHtlnK fu.ols (jon- curnliig radio work, ' • UIIUIU'.II 1IKI..IMCHS' KOOI) SALIC MI-.M. ,lohn P. .IOMOH IH nhalrman of Iho t'uod Halo lo bo held by thu Uhiiroh llelpern of SI,'mJl'H c.huruli, Krlduy, i (1 t'l). 2, slui'llntc ul 11 a, in. I'iNr.lSTKD I.V NAVY Willlafii M. O'Connor, ,'U, of r>42 MlKh Htroot, was cnllHlod In !ho United SlatoH navy yosloi'duy ut tho Now Havon reorull-lng sUillon, Ml Hue Hr(»\vn, Gholimt'd, Alhlna vlaii Smith uiul fci'ftlT, MinploycOH olTIco ol 1 U»» I- 1 - K, urn Hnu'ntlliiK Liu 1 . VOHK CITY ThnrnHu Hul Donno, TUith Morln' MuShorry, I«O!H Vli'Klnla OlulToy, J.rono Kogul, MPH, VI- Mra, Doris W«ir- 'nl' Iho f-lonti'ul UiihhLM 1 company, \voi-k-CMUl In Now York, svhnro they uro Lho llolol Abbey. . DOHCAS HOCIIirry AllOKTINfi The iKH'caH Hoalnty of Uio Sulorn 'UUhoi'UM (.<liut'oli will moot TUOH- day nvnnlnK at Iho hotno of Mra, ,1, Hnda ,lolm«cni ( OH Ploa.sanL Hlronl. MPH, P, VolaK" and Mrs, ! J MI)iip Swaa-son will he Miss KusLar, daughter of Mr-M. Mary KiiHlnr- of VVaLnrbury and William W. MullonhoiT, HOU or Miu JuHOph.Inu Aoody.oar of HUls!/,^ avenu<\ wero marrlr.fl thin rnornlnK at 8 o'olnuU In St, Kraiuils 1 Xavlor'H SVatorbury. UHlAl, Wt;O.U'J'H' IN A lui'Kn niiiubur ol' local Hoy Snouts ulUiiuUHl tho annual bun(Hint of ' Maltatuok' . ooiwioll, 'Jiolcl I'hui'Hduy ulrtlii'al'TornpIo hall, \Va- ttirbury, A »klt, ontltlocl "Our-Qiibs" jt ( llio dlrncMon of John Hayes, WUM pt'OHnhtcf! with' the follow- HoruilM luklng imrl: Jftinos Hovu.v, Clirt'orcl Teci»lo, John Kl«- Maiuf, Hobnrl. MOUHH, Uloharfl i\ob- hlns, Harry Kruldol and Slowart Uahllri, NO SCHOOL MONDAY Thoru will bo no HOflHlons oC tho public ^iiioolM Monfluy, 1 Fob, 10, UoglHlrallon day. Many of the Umoh- oi-M will (mist with the draft roglfl- VALKNTJNK OANCIfl Thu Alemlilo'uBsoolallon will span- nor a Vaion 1.1 no tlanco and party this ovrmlriK a,t Lho Hop Brook club..Tho coiumltloo uoiiHlHlH of .Ciaorgo Carroll, chairman, Osour niomciulst, Mary Ualofl, Oladys 1 IIIoKoy,' Alox NoJdo, .\Villlam Korando}!,-Julia Dillon and lOclward Haummor, ADD B13AGON FALLS SOCIALS Sergeant Ernest A. Canty has-ro- turfied to .service In the United Stales nnny after spending a.fur- io.ugh visiting with ttjs .pffrfints, Mr anO- Mrs.' TJiomas MoOulr.e of Burton road and his sisters, Mrs. .p'. 1 Slg^pre find Mrs. L, Basil of Nau- Kuluok, FLOWER SALIC A SUCCESS . Tho Hale Mrs. S. Gar of artlhclnl flowers hy -Plsohor-at the oJTIoc of tho Connecticut'Light and . PONVcr Co. on Thursday and Friday .netted local organlnations .the neat of $10, 'j'wolvo clollar.s was-roall'/ecl 'for Iho Rotl CrosH on ^.hursday and 5>7 fo,v the "March of Dimes'' on Friday. Tho. flowoi'.s ':wpre;;)nad.o by -Mi's- FlHohor who do,nat,od her time-.and' tho nialorla) fo.r'-.,lho no.wcrs. ?. DKMEHS-MAHON MiHs 13ll'/uheth Mahon, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Mahon of fUibbor Avenue and Adrian Dowers, Hon of Mi 1 , and 'Mra.'RUe p.ern.era ,of \Vaturbury, >vcuio •. .rijaiylftd-. .= this morning at 0'o'clock in St. Fran- olH ohuroh by Hov. George Dunn. Tho attending couple was Mr. and Mry. CJharlos" Allaire of Rod Bank, N J. MJsp'.-M'ahon is a graduate nurse of St. Mary's hospital train- Ing school, Watorbury. OBITUARY Funeral of Patrick Nash » ' ,.• **« The funeral ,oC Patuiok jjash, -\vh.o clkui .\Vecinuaclay.'-.aftwjioon at his homo, a« nivorHlde drive, was held this, morning at !);<)0 o'ol.oek from Iho McOai'thy . runw'al . homo, . £1 QQclav p!trod;i, ,l,o'SI, -Franc.lH' ohuroli, wiibro n" solemn 'high Mass was culobratncl by Rev. John MoBrcarty asfllslutl by Roy, Joseph Koohunas as ileaoon and Rev." George JOLitin ) ,aub deacon, • Boaroi-H wore: Krnost Callanan, Wai tor Ooragtity, Joseph -Garrlty, Jofm Gat-rlty, Fi'an.k Weaving, and Edward Butler. . LUirial was In St, Jarnos 1 cemetery. -—' ^T +Americans, Japs Artillery (Gontlnuod fro.m Pago pn.o) . over such' a. long supply lino would almost certainly preoipp- tatn an.p.utrlg'hi tost .gl 1 American and- Japanese' naval strength. /Plum MacArthur's heroic men, holding out on ,tl,io Jungle-like and rnountfthxpufl I3ataan-pe.nlnaula agaist (it-lopt-10 to one odds, faced the prospect', of probably. (IghUng on InrlOflnltoly' wittiout. large-scale aid. The ' question, ^frelnjorcaments was ralH.qql in tho soh'nto yostcrclay by;S.(ih,'Mlllard x :i3.-,T.y(I|hgs f (p) Mr., wlio' demanded 'immodja'tc' dpspatch oi'Tresh'ops for the,'"bravo'.Hglit- orH-of )3 ; a ; Laan."'i.t Yvould-bc'a .trav- FOR PEOPLE WHO BUY THINGS 1. Can you read? 2. Do you read thte 'advertisements? 3. Pp y»u chuckle at shoppers who rush frantically from store to store and counter to counter looking for bargains when they might have saved time, energy, and their cheerful dispositions by sitting in a comfortable chair for ten minutes and scanning the adyertis.emen^s in a newspaper? IP YQUK ANSWER TO EACH OF THESE.QUBS- TIQNS I§ "YES," YOUR SCORE JS lpO%. JN FACT, YOU ARE WHAT IS KNOW^ AS: "A WISE SHOPPER" A ' IfeeTodflS.found in hi 8 ,Home. :E e uohi )u. .lived in Cahforn.a i*?**™. p ^ e> osty, hc'snld, If their stund proved "but a sham due to a political approach to the greatest struggle, in nil history." ' •• . ' •-;. • ll l would like to- see a convoy- with sulNcilonl shins, airplane onrrl'urs and arms to malic, a fJghMng effort to j.o the Philippines or to save Sl pore," lio said. "You. can't wi.n 1.1 10 ;wnr on the defense. Japan is on tlm olTcnse and .-she is' winning ; H 'Miou'tfh thousands of ml'los fro in 'Her lioine bases." '• . ;; ' I . Hut military and naval .;.... cxper^ agreed ' that the lack of a. •neai-by "i'roo" major naval, bns.o, from which to start such .a convoy, miulo s.ueJi. a I'oaL virtually Impossible. -... They pointed out that .such ,an effort would call for .running the Jjloukndo ol 1 Japanese naval and air forces/now operating around the Philippines. ; Possible supply lines from .the United' States, Australia .anc.l^ the Dutch Indies . have been made hazardous, if not untenable by Japanese successes at Guam, Wake, ; ;Npw Guinea, the Celebes Islands, B'prneo, the;. Malayan Peninsula, -and. Hong Kong.' ' •' ••••/-. -•/;'. Exports .n,rlm|ltcd thai, ,the osc blockadn was not air-tight, but ad(,l.ed that any attempt- to .break |.li rough' it .would .call for major naval action. --With the. Navy spread over the Atlantic, and Pacific,-. tluvy doubted that the possibility ..-oJC-.-.un "all out" naval battle- Avoulcb, b.Q risked by the high command. ;=. The possibility" of -reinforcing MaoArlhur by air. hns b 1 Qcn•-e.l.i.];u> "little!" workers., said a" two " per "cent cut in living" cusLs would be of more value.- to l,ho Xyork'CM'si '.To. Increase wages without liiurcnslhg '"l.h'a 'quality ' of '• consumer, goods, .now impossible be- oail^e'i/'Oi: 'liie Avar ' efforl.,. he said, woulfli-sihiply .ihc.roase the pressure inward Inflation. •'•'•'The -'A Kb; would substitute the li.v- /Jng. cost ..-In'.lox formula for hogotia- ilons on,. wage ..disputes. Domfinrls for \ynge 1 - 1 ricrcasoH • Lo •balatuuj In' uroaHfui." living- coKl-s are Involved in 'more" than 40 dlsputos bnfnr.u the '.War Labor -.Board.- Those demands. .represent: more than. $250,000 a day liv raises. •. Spokesmen, for manufacturers and other employer groups expressed op- .position to the AFL proposal. They ai'guiid that . it ..woyld aocolorutn the spiral of increasing wages/ living cos. Is- and ••p'onsoquenf; inflaLion. CIO", repeatedly has 'adopted . .rqsol.u.tlons.. at Us ...national conven- VLIO'IIS-' pipp'QsiJ.n'g.aJi'e- ity'ing/of wagos lo. 1)iyiiig;.costsV U coiil.Giuls Unit, lo ' " "''' so . because of his lack of . to fioc.ommociato. the. large p lanes -ihat could do' sucli a job. In addition, big bombers thai, have the rnn.t r « to fly from .Dutch Indies fields .to l,ho' Philippines 'would require, .escorts of fighter ' -planes and ;thoy., .do. not have "sufficient flying range to go so far, .... • -, ^ ' - . ' .» « » - : — :. - •• .•••••• Opinions On Wage Increases Differ (Continued . from ^ . conference that' surplus' earnings, bstlm a led bcawo'en : $14 ,000,000,000 and .915iOOO}000,000 might 'Upset' the coon- oinio apnle-cart' and •c.ausoV u.ncon- irollcci Inflation, ..'.• ' \lV/v. -"• 'tii 'discussing, a .Congress V',0^;' Industrial brganlxa'tions' dprritjind. .'.for $1 a clay wage- ..Increase Jtfr-vWlQOO fib woii If! 1 ' proven I." "ol'iminalion of ;•;; inequalities now in exislcnc.o. A--raa,)orJl.y. of Lhc..,Nyai i .Labor Doar'd signed u'report on Iho, Aluminum Company of America dispute, '•svrjl/l-en-iby vjpubilc member Wayne •],/, Mdi'po/ opposing the 1,'ypinp of wages''to living costs. Thd report >v'rts Rlgncd-.liy all pub.lic'and labor member^'but not,''by o.'nploycr rep- rbfienLa-tivcs-.'.' '••-:• ;• '' .". , ., . The Majority opinion rioclnrod Ihnl. "labo.r,--ospecially workers in the liigli.'.'paifl •bj-a'c-kels, have no right to 1 expect; .-that .Micy should- recGiv.o wage Increase.? during iho war period which'v/iJ.1 onable them \o keep d.ay-1'or-day paco :.wll.h upward c'ii'tingcs'- in l-ho 1 cost• of 1 ivirig." •. ITANO Micldlo'ibwn, Conn., Feb.. J4— (UP.) — Vlohn Stan!, 30, Glen .Cove, -.1. I., was recovering today 'at' Mlrldlesu?:, Hospl'ta'l'from' a skull fracture suf r fered'-wlich struck by a towing 'hawser'. •Stnnl,, 'a deck hand on the Lug O'PCO, was iii.iuj'cd. as the tug was leaving-, the clock ,Q.].d Saybrook late yeslerday. for New .York. ' ' . ' ' - : - •* »'»"' KILLED BY AUTO 'Chelms'ford, Mass., Fob. 14— (UP)-r John 1^0' 5Q, was led instantly .vhcn .sLi'uck by an auto- I Van Hefljn, who has-contributed first-class pcrforrnances to some 1 of thc ; Benson's first-class pictures, ; ^ f .iO tt ^UUVJ*. WJ4W";*T C*p recruited" from, the Broadway stage. He has risen•.rap'idlyi'isiiice he tintered Yale's draiYiaticVschodl o, few years ago and : i$'• clirre'ritl y one of Hollywood's most sought alter .players; •• . •'*•' • ; ^-^v,i'.v^' v :-':' ; - v ..In ."Johnny jE.ager" he,app|ea;rs , as ' Robert 'Taylor's only./,friend 1 and confidant in a story clppictih Taylor as a gangster, Lana Turner has the leading feminine role, ' ' . ' ' ' ••••••Born ,in Oklahoma Hoflin -was born in Walters, Oklahoma,' the son' oi'-.p.r. -E. li! Hoflin, but before he was a .year old thie 'family mo.y.ed to Long Beach', California where Yah s.ub- . SQq'uently attended, Long' Beach' Poly High, the>same school whici'. „.- - "gniduhted Laraine Day a few years later. . Being an adventurous'youth, Van tojok a^.ijdfiff *t> ithe s ( ea and before he'was' graduated, during sumriier Vacations) 'he.'r'h'iid shipped Wu't to sea - ; : ipn vessels having ppji'ts in'•''Me>ci.'c'o, ^.u^^fi uiiij. ou.uwi Aijriurica. . •His voyages Svere c'ohclivded,"-briefly\vhe'n'/he entered the .University : of'.Oklahoma, but before he'd, graduated he -.took • time\opt to "join the , crews.of ships bound for Alaska,'Central and South America and even the,South Seas and the Orient.'; • "•'".' : ' ; .= : ;.- •;•'•• --A • i Goes Jo Yale ., , ,' After getting his degree at pWnh.oma ,h.e joined the The- : ntre outside Philadelphia where"ho obtained h'i.a.-early theatrical train- mivtvjv.1 tv jvu ti.^ u in.i>-i o vu\ij in .v^jcuivji jju .>T n Jl.C ' \Jl •"A number of plays followed ihcliKJIing,"Midwest,""Night Remembfrs nnd /'End' of Slimmer." Ho Hyas called to..Hollywood 'iifter "End of •• Summer-'to appear opposite Katharinc^-Iepburnlin "A"-Woman Rebel« r ." Other pictures h'e'appea're'd in'.at: this timei wei-o "Annapolis S'alute " ''Flight ' Glory"• and' "Saturday ; 's, ;Herpes.'': : ' ;., . . • - ' -.•• ' , -. " v '"' To Hol.lywopd ' .•'•' .. '."..:" ' ' : •" ' ' « Ho, returned .to Bror^way-' to play'in "Western Waters," .'/Casey Jo.nes" and 'the stage pjriy ."TJhe:Philaqclp)iia : Story?' in which /Katharine pdp.b.urn starred.'It'Tan for .two -years, 'and .brought He'fiin ; .h.i£h' : personal tributes^ Wheiv Miss I-Iepb.urn went to^^ Hollywood' to'appeal'in'the 'scre'en versiori 1 'of.the play, Hefliii followed'and wbri'a; roje as-'he.avy^in "Santa iFeTrnil'."' ' • • ' : •' /''..-//.,,: >: ' :-;i-/,-; •;"••'.: -.Vfr' : - •'•-'•''.';' : *-.-v .-..'.' - •" .:..••-•-, Ho is ncf\y. im^eivlong-ternV^qon.tractvtb vM-G-M;arid ; is one of Holly- .wood's ;most popular actors',.H_e:,say.$,'that he is some'tinVes.hpstalgic'for .t.ll'f* ' Rf>n 'llllh i"ll H f' IMC nnH«rv« no'ToA» Irnrir-io .\\ "•* V *',-V)11 KV ' ft Y\(\ '• •JlATlTiHT' ' mobile while wallving'pn North road near hi$ home. The car was"opcr- •al,cd by Glenn Hunt, 40, oJ' Ncwt.on. Aylip. reportedly told police. 1 he >>yas Jilinded by, lights from an approoch- •Ing-aulomobilc. Hunt was not, hold. , . . ;' "• —•» » » DEMOCRATS ASK RWBLICANSTO ..Hnrtford, Conn., Feb. «— (UP- — Democrats OiToriMl doubU'nl' -solace Loclay to BopublUmn Icadois wbo fear (ixtiriction of Ibc twa-parly. poll U oal system. ' • Stale Trcjcsure-r . Prank M. l.nsio handling Iho rn-rfing for • 'the • numofcriillrt. Birthday HhYnor 'l^obruary 23, pealed Lo .HmHibliuins .to a (-tend pay .- tii e cu s forn a ry $25 cover •pointing out -I ha!,: . •'•<'By raising the mortgage of Democratic- 'party.- \vn-wll I' coritlnue ihc two-party systom lhat has made th is 'dern'ocrhcy who t i t 1's. " Th is JS not 'only -a- political b.ut _«. .patriotic scr.vicc. 1 ' .' ' .; Republican State Chairman Dradlcy oautically commented .that he was '"glad 1 'to see' the ']D«?m;oorats/ have 1 finally •; recognised Mi o. -necessity of a two-party system. " find Jhat "wo •will' try' to -brinff-. tliat '• j\o In U closer home to 'them next fall/' ., ap- and ,, the mm IS NOW BOOMfNfi Boston, Fo-b. .J'i — ; {UP) — Bctail trade, is booming in Now Eh,?)rind .un- itpi 1 '"ijie.spur of national 'l.i'vll.y", 1.110. Federal. Reserve Bank of Boston repoi'ted today. " Rclurns from' 115 representative s lores in- th o H i x s tales - sh owed' Ib at Ihc .sales volume last montli. wa.i? .'4'2..'J per-oent'greater than in January •lair,, , '"" ' .'. '..'."• Gains by states were as follows: Massfif-luisetts ; U.G per cent," ,Connecticut 43.0, Maine 5.1.7, .New H amp- Vermont 3/1,7. ' • . ":;.'. Made Rear Admiral 5 <, "<< << NJ ^ ^ «^A V V; •^ f ^ * £-' && - The.United States Senate confirmed the promotion of .Capt. Howard L Vickery of the U. S. Maritime Commission to Rear Admiral, U; S'~N Vickery supervised'., the - Commission s war.time c.onstructi.on '^program of eighteen million" tons : of .new-cargo, vessels since'1937. At the age.o^f forty-nine, he is one-'of'the youngest men to! hold his new rank'. _ . •• ^ (Central Prets) ' ^HWh^^Teo-nl., .ohem!- ffuW»l^£SS- • * » '«' ^ i lAonnpll i^Ol'CG^ il^ ^ ^-U- i]5rjtJS/3 .^nfJ /rl. j. , i • nucein HO ir'pv fiie Caucasus, aim m nupout.. <i^ >lirsoou take-over an important post; at the' Edgcwood Arsenal in president .Of JJxc . schoo class or 1905, during so oo days had a flourishing news- pnpar Business which brought him an lhcbJne:' .large,- for 5?ose days that he seriously oonsid- ; ei'cd wlUHlrnwingi.Iils application to. enter Colgate uniyorsi.ty 'Shed High schftol.-:. od'oider counsel, prmcipaUyahal the ' tale henry G/ Bills' 'of Torrl ion, wont to Colgate.. for onp. y and then entered the United States Military academy at. West, .Point -on nii •apiDointman!' ' • llhc al .--i Go ~'. rlng- essnn . ; .••.;•. • Appointed' a second' 'lieutenant of infantry in 101,1, he served with lh,0 jst "infantry .at' ,Vancpuyer -barracks, Washington ,aJia "5iV;. Hawaii,. As, a nrst''lieutonaiH-hc : wenl into Mexico with General Pershing. He became a captain in .19J7 ..... ami' 'a major the £o»o,wJng year when lie. was assigned to" the general staff anf -.ordered ; to d u ty ' w ! th" th e "All ied' ; n r m I es 'in in e •Orient. - ... ., .. V General Sh.cker.JJan \vas .with.^nj,- -isji' and' -French ^troopS'- in Turkey nnd Russia, and boca.use of ,l.he nature bfius .'m/ssidn/.lV, had. an opportunity Vo :trav.el JJH.o jtei.npl,e and li file-visited areas. In Constantinople in 1919 he joined a mission headed by -Major General James .0. Harbord. l.o make a study 'as to the advisability of the UnJ ted States accepting a mandate over Armenia. : A to.ur with the Military Intelligence division,. . Wai- department, followed his return\ from Russia early in 4320. He transferred to the chemical .warfare- service hi 1923 after he had been graduated, .with distinction, from the command and genera] staff school. Gen. ShokerJJa.iv then served successively as chief of l,he' Planning division and assistant commandant of the Chemical Warfare school and as' an .'instructor at .the Command and General Stan school. .'•.:•'• Following his graduation. • from i>!inlii- Corps .Area in .San ... i'rom 'i' 1936;••-executive offjd office chief of chemical warfare J vice, chemical officer of di c JJ army<and.execulive officer a! ft 'wob'd. 'tin 'January 4, 'jg.^ })e ca^ie cYiernicaJ, officer of\} ]Q < army!'' At Edgewood, ho will b e ] n c| j of military activities al Hint sj and wJll also direct all lnsU'iicj| 0 chemical warfare a.l I he schools WivHinn defense , workers /.», ' civilian defense,workers, C ||<J \yarfare scryice .oJT.Icers, office*] other arras and services ^ • OOmuxisB i one.d. .0 ff i cars. ' General Seeker j I an has been* q u e n 1. ' c 6 n Ir i b u to r.. 1 o' tii o AW; and British .service journals ^ articles" for 'the Encyclopaedia the last AVC -years lias ^j 1,'annica and the., Hritaunica ti 'Bgok.'ln <i$21 Ixe married MissiJ Bain.,';. of. Seattle, .Washington. iij . a member ,of the. Colgate chaptj the Phi, Gamma Delia college ternity. ^Driver John Phillips of Uio Hre department responded 'phone call n(, U o'.clock this ,.foi£ ,to .fight a brush fir e .in njj 'terrace, .'The Jlre .was e\iing u J in about an hour wilh ih c US J chemicals. FOUM) Panama, Argentina, Feb.-14-.'i —Gregoi'io Solis, 71, entering _ folks' home, found among t/, c " mates this ..mother, Bzcqulcfe $* JOi, whom lie hfid not' hoardof' iirany .years. -. . - For COUGHS , ,, m DUE TO COLDS '<******" Take USED as YEARS Essential Vitamins A i A CLEAN SWEEP OF After-inyentory always ;brings to light many lengths of-material which m.ust Be cleared away noli Sipend a littl^ixne at |dur remnant counter. Lay away, a-nd Sjave, if not needed 1 . They will save you dollars later, - \- ^ :;: ^ ver To Rent WANTED— ]\I»Jds..for Hartford, Conn. 'Age between ' 2Q . and. 45 years. Hospital, experienco not necessary. Myst live.-in/ Good salary and Hvl'jig. conditions-. In , reply, slate age, married or. single, and .where last employed, Address . Box U G" in. care of The News..., ' ' ' iM'cnced shicsladics. .Good for right/..'person'. Apply Monday morning al Ibe B ( on, Ton Slxo'p, J71 Church St. WANTS!)— Pinb.oy.s. AppJy JS, berg, phurcii .slreet. 2-10d.. )VANTED— Maid /o do j)Iain"cook- ing and ' " general- ' • Jioiisework. Laun.dress employed. Excel.lent NvorlUng and .living quarters.' Address 'Box''"J,"' care of -'News QJTic.c. ' . • • . 2-13-dff WANTEl)— Experienced soles Indies 'for'dresses and millinery. -Fine future for right .persons.'- Apply jiiahager, Bon' Tori Store, new Pasho. Building, .Church street; ' 2-iO-d3 VVANTJlilU—Experlcnced female cook. Preferably ' German or Swedish' extract} on. References required. Address Box "0" in care of The News. . • ; . • ; • • .>-i4~d'G.. WANTED— Cap aj)lc and experienced typist and stenographer for diota- plrbiie arid general 'pflflce'WorJx: \vith' liianufaoturing concern. Good 'salary, excellent opportunity.' Write, giving lull details to ,Box D in of The NlJ!>Vs. 2-3-d6 : CAIIMEN'S, Custom Tailor: Coats shortened, 'GO; cents.'; dresses slib'r- ftpned 30 cents. Top coals anil . -overcoats 5pf6'.50-=.up.'' Plion'e,' 4957 147 South Main street," Naugatuck.. ' ' ' v FUEL OILS AVJE DELIVER *"' RELIABLE GJ(I^|!V & FUEL V CO. COAL . COKE -.FUEL OILS ' '•''"''• ' : '" ;; •'" ' "" .. 5-7 CUURCJJ TEL. 3C7C \ . f o r 2 or 3" gen l\ e m on. Centrallj "cated.'-'PhonV 5858.' Lost LOST — Bnnk Book No. ' Naugatuck' ''Savings been lost. Any person cl-aims on said, book is . on to -present the same (o .'ban)c within two months or I ...same b.bok : will be declared . collfid 'and. 'extinguished, now - .pn<i : " issued, in WJ ' FjorSale FOR SALE/— 1 /2.-H,P. Klectrlc Oil Burner an^ a l.^u'" Albert Meyers', ; l(j Oak FOir ^ALE—BEAUTV sell : of consider inking a. • good opportunity for rlgm P .Call. .a,L .Central Bcauly .^ 1A ' 'Oak 'strict," .'NausalucK. ' ••'.• 1 '• - 5- FOR' SALE—New : , house \vllh two unfinished \ , bn'sccond Jioor. .Garage *\ .•J>iUcc.^:$5,250: '/Also 6-roqmj faipijy. Ail Improvemcnls- lii." A-i-. .cphdition- A . A. Sbcpley, T(iV. 2-i33. F.OR SALE-^A 1040 Hudson, 'sedan;'Has radio,' heater /.frosters.': Gall 5093. A 10-rooju •house,"location High, '1 A" ia^Oom' 3-family house, ,'6.\y street, $8,500. A 2-1* , on Mea'dov/ streci, •room ,3-faiiiiiy TIOUSC on '/s'ircet, ,$7,8C^.. A 7-room boiuse :ajid garage o" *' n ,,s(re,et In tojwn, $7,500. K >'J -tip Inly,.'bul.ld or sell, sec ''Labrlola, 'your realtor,^t .or -Tel. ''. -- Metal Ceilings Gutters, leaders, Tlnnino, ""•""•. : wid iFurnac.e WojJ' ,..- : ; : . JAMKS BAKER '"•' Telephone 2555 31 BrWIey ^JU •:

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