The Baltimore Sun from Baltimore, Maryland on June 2, 1958 · 10
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The Baltimore Sun from Baltimore, Maryland · 10

Baltimore, Maryland
Issue Date:
Monday, June 2, 1958
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PAGE 10 THE SUN, BALTIMORE, MONDAY MORNING, JUNE 2, 1938 Television Highlights Of The Day DOUGLAS FAIRBANKS "Grsmi the M( of 105. she leels It's time lor tome privacy nd rebels against publicity. Channel Z .IS AM. TOVR ROMANCE "Men in White," ttarrlnt Clark Gable and Myrna lAiJ. tmnnei u i i r... IIATIXEE THFATER "Love Ont of Town." A critic sets out to show leading lad? what is wrong with ber romantic technique ai an - f hm nn the nnninr of her plat. Program will be tele- . . . . i I i , D U Tlsea la color. t,nanaci 11 iv-r:i7 BmrR nf the Fran tier." The Range Rider changes places with an honest judge to break np a gang of outlaws. Chan nel z at s.J r.m. ripir ennur "The Whin Hand starring Ravmond Burr and Eliot Reed. Channel 11 at ( P.M. WATERFRONT "Yacht Race." Cap tain JOnn ana LWUVnain rami . f tn tab AIM the niVlF tion of a yacht in a rare when tne snipper is ukco hi. vuuuca . Z at .ju rjn. rtrira viTirv niviL'Pir nirt The true story of when a swindle boomerangs on two never conn dence men. Channel II at 7 P.M ROBIN HOOD When Robin's chi? hfnbM him frnm f i irr i n t ; noblewoman to reveal the whereabouts of a gold shipment, Maid Marian comes to his rescue. Chan nel 2 at 1.30 r.M. BURNS AND ALLEN SHOW Grade stirs up a stew when, for a dinner partv, she adds Ronnie's date, a dash of one of George's business deals, and then blends In a vanishing house key. Channel 2 at S P.M. RESTLESS GUN When an old lawyer loses faith in law and order and takes the law into his own hands, Bonner goes into action. Channel 11 at 8 P.M. WELLS FARGO Agent Jim Hardie uses his fast draw to cut short a hold-up man's career tn "The Thin Rope." Channel 11 at 8.30 P.M. ' BOLD JOURNEY An adventurous canoe trip along the Gulf waterway from New Orleans to Boca Chica, Texas. Channel 13 at S.30 P.M. DANNY THOMAS SHOW Confusion reigns when Danny and his father-in-law help Rusty build a soap-box racer. Channel 2 at S P.M. HOWARD BARLOW CONCERT Lisa Delia Casa and Cesare Val-letti will be guest soloists. Channel 13 at 9 P.M. DECEMBER BRIDE Fred MacMur-ray finds his career hanging In the balance when Spring Bying-ton runs him as her candidate for mayor and his opponent turns out to be a dog. Channel 2 at 9.30 P.M. NBC TV THEATER "The Clock Struck Twelve," starring Charles Boyer. A man, stunned with shock of seeing a murder committed, knows that he must report the murder but cannot communicate with the people he encounters. Channel 11 at 9.30 P.M. STUDIO ONE Franchot Tone, Kim Hunter and James MacArthur star in "Ticket to Tahiti." An executive, restless, due to the routine of his Job, looks forward to an extended vacation. Channel 2 at 10 P.M. SUSPICION Edmond O'Brien and Janice Rule star in "Death Watch." A turn of events Jeopardizes the life of a detective assigned to protect a murder witness who knows too much for her own cafttv fhannvl 11 at 10 P.M. LATE LATE SHOW "The Arnelo affair ctnrrlnr John Hndiak and George Murphy. Channel 13 at 10.40 P.M. CHANNEL 2 THEATER "The 1m ring Michael Redgrave. A comedy lHVUlVUIg l WW WCrtllllJ HfltlluuiB and two popular laaies. tnannei 2 at 11.15 P.M. Washington Television Programs 6.35 (4) Today on the Fans, .50 (4) Look to This Day I. 00 (4) Today. (Until 10 A.M.) (9) Morning oiiow. 7.25 (4) News. (9) Loral News; Morning Show 7.55 (4) News. (9) Local News. 8.00 (9) Captain Kangaroo. 8.25 (4) News. 8.45 (9) Ranger Hal 8.55 (4) Today with Inga, 9.00 (5) Kitrtoon Klub. 9.25 (4) News. 9 50 (9) Mark Time. 9.55 (4) Inga's Angle. 10.00 (4) Dough-Re-Mi. (5) Ten O'clock Movie. (9) Garry Moore Show 10.30 (4) Treasure Hunt. (9) How Do You Rate? 10.50 (7) News; Living Faith. II. 00 (4) Price Is Right. (7) Romper Room (9) Arthur Godfrey. ' 11.30 (4) Truth or Consequences. (5) Ltberace. (9) Dotto. 12.00 1 4) Tic. fee Dough. (5) Looney Tunes. (7) Pete and His Pals. (9) Love of Life. 12.30 f4i It Could He Von (5) Life With Elizabeth. (9) Search lor Tomorrow. 12 M ()) Gnlitine l ight 1.00 (4) Feature Playhouse. (5) TV Reader's Digest (7) Trouble with Father. (9) Theater of Stars 1.30 (5) Late Lunch Movie. (7) Beulah. (9) As llie World Turns. 1. 00 (7) Our Miss Brooks. (9) Beat the Clock t.30 (4) Kitty Foyle. (7) My Little Margie, (9) House Party S.OO (4) wMatinee Theater. (5) Chance, Choice and Fun. (7) American Bandstand 9 Big Pavolt 1.30 (5) Grandpa's Place. (7) Do You Trust Your Wife? (9 The Verdict Is Yours. 4.00 (41 Queen for a Day (5) Pick Temple. (7) American Bandstand. (9) The Brighter Day. 4.15 (9) The Secret Storm. 4.30 (9) Edge of Night 4.45 (4) Modern Romances i.00 (4) Comedy Time (5) Milt Grant Show. (7) Superman (9) The Early Show. (.30 (4) Footllght Theater. (7 Mirkev Mouse Club. 4 00 (7) Sheens, 6 15 (5) News; Weather; Sports. 4.30 (4) News; Weather; Sports (5) Popeye. (7) Charlie Chan. (9) Spotlight 4 45 (4) NBC News (9) Douglas Edwards: News. T.OO (4) Death Valley Days. (5) City Assignment (7) Backstage (9) Mama. 1 05 (7) Sports and News 7.15 (7) John Daly: News. 7J0 (4) wPrire Is Right (5) Federal Men (7) Top Pro Golf. (9) Robin Hood. 8.00 ,4i nestles ;nn ' ' (5) Baseball: Wash. vs. Balto. (9) Burns and Allen. 840 (4) Taies ol Wells Fargo. (7) Bold Journey (9) Talent Scouts. .00 4) Twenty one (7) Howard Barlow Concert (9) Danny Thomas Show. 4 920 (4) Television Theater. (7) Lawrence VVeik (9) December Bride 10.00 (5) Boxing Main Event. (9) Studio One in Hollywood 10.30 (7) Amos 'n Andy. 10.45 (5) Sport Lights. U.1MI (41 News rte-.nei Spurt (5) News and Weather. (7) Headline. (9) 1 1. on P.M. Report 11.10 (5) Starlight Theater. 11.15 (9) Late Show. 11 ia (4) Sam and Friends 11.30 (41 Jack Paar Show (7) News and Weather. 11.45 (7) Favorite 6 tori. Look and Listen nith Donald Kirkley Those Wilkins Coffee "muppets," Will and Wontkins, who are funnier than most live comedians, came into being by design, not happenstance. They were picked with the assistance of 500 televiewers, and no mini- ature sketch goes on the air unless it has been approved by a majority of this group. The brief, hilarious and prosperous history of the little creatures was described by M. Belmont Ver Stander, the president of the Washington agency which devised them, at a forum held in the McCormick Auditorium, by the Baltimore chapter of the Academy of TV Arts and Sciences. He was one of five men, three of them New Yorkers, who talked about commercials In general. Mr. ver Stander told how the muppets (a word derived from puppets and marionettes) have caused a sensation in ad vertising and television circles, since they were Introduced in Washington last October. He confessed that he and his associates had been "flabbergasted" by the repercussions. The American Research Bu reau, for instance, asks its diary-keepers, among other things, which commercial do you like best?" The answers for April gave the coffee advertisement a rating of 50.1. In May, the muppets leaped to 66, and the commercial in second place drew a five! "Wilkins Coffee, our client, is the only regional firm which has been able to withstand the onslaught of the giants in the ( ? I) ". J ' ' t WILL the Muppet Commercial Star trade," Mr. ver Stander explained. "This poses a special problem for us. One of our national competitors spends $6,000 a week in TV, and we can't hope to equal this. "During the fifteen years we have been in business, we have always been believers in the consumer panel. We tried blind fold tests, and found that, apparently, 50 per cent of the people thought one brand of coffee as good as another. We came to the conclusion that people don't believe there's a heck of a lot of difference. "So, it was our task to get emotionally close to the con sumer; to make him like the product because he likes the commercial. People like what amuses then? makes them laugh, and this was the goal we had in mind. "Investigating our consumer panel, we found, to our surprise, that many low-rated commer cials and shows had a terriffic recall and were paid many compliments by the viewers. There seemed to be a connection be tween this and. the face of the announcer or cartoon per former. We had noticed the muppets, which had been on the air several years in Wash ington, and we called in the two young art students responsible for them, and asked them to draw us a . 'hundred faces "Well, they turned in 24, and we submitted these to our panel. More than 70 per cent liked the ones out of which Will and Wontkins grew. James M. Young, creative director of the agency, went to work with them and wrote some scripts, then we hired a small camera studio and made some films. We again sub mitted these to our consumers panel, and chose the ones they liked for our TV campaign. "Thirteen weeks after we went on the air in Washington, sales of the regular coffee went up 30 per cent and sales of the instant kind increased by 40 per cent." Baltimore Television Programs - WMAR ( Ch. 2) WB'AL ( Ch. 11) WJZ (Ch. 13) 4.30 ' - 4 45 ' Down To Earth -' WJZ Preylews; Inspiration T.M The Early Riser; 8tu Kerr Today with Day Garrowaj Jack Wells CIose-TJp 1.15 News & Weather: Early Riser - Jack Wells: News dc Weather ' 30 Sports & News: Early Riser " Jack Wells Show T.45 Early Riser; News; Weather JackWells:NewsA Weather 100 Captain Kanearoo " Jack Wells: Pow-Wow g lj m u n m j;,, wells: News & Weather 1 35 mm mm jack Wells Show V.45 Cartoon Funnies Today: Today In Maryland Jack Wells: News Weather t oo " " Stu Erwin'i Show Jack Wells Show I. 15 wDouglas Fairbanks, 4t. - " " 9.30 " " Good Housekeeping Terrytoon Theater 4 45 Dialing For Dollars " - - 10 on Garry Moore Show Dough, Re, Ml The Romper Room 10.15 mm.- - 10.30 How Do Von RateT Treasure Hunt " " 1045 " ' - " " II. 00 Arthur Godfrey Tims The Price Is Right Movletime: "Honolulu' 11.15 - " .... .. 11.30 Dotto Truth or Consequences . " 11 45 - m 12.00 Love of Life Tic, Tae, Dough -mm 12.15 44 " m m - 12.30 Search for Tomorrow, serial It Could Be Von " 12.45 Guiding Light, serial " . 1.00 The Woman's Angle, Ann Mar The Quiz Cluh wYour Romance: "Men In White" 115 " i4 m . 1.30 As the World Turns Midday Hews; Moyie 11 " 45 mm h u mm 1.00 Beat The Clock " - 2.15 " " " " i ' t ' ' mm 2.30 Art Llnkletter's House Party " i H Buddy Deane Show 2.45 " - -lib m m S.OO The Big Payoff . Matinee Theater (color) 315 " ,,' mm J.3 The Verdict Is Tours r 3.45 " " I m m . . 4.00 Tho Brighter Day Queen For A Day a 15 Secret Storm, serial " i 30 The Edge of Night - " 4.45 " Modern Romances Popeye 5.00 Get Together, Sylvia Scott Comedy Time . Superman , 5.15 m U mm., m m ' 5.30 Range Rider My Little Margie , Mickey Mouse Club 5.45 mm., ' mm 4.00 Amos 'N Andy Science Fiction Theater - Early Show: "The Whin Hand" 415 mm 6 30 Waterfront Newsheat: Weather m m 445 Waterfront; Sports Picture NBC News 100 7 O'clock Final; Weather Death Valley Days , mm 1.15 Douglas Edwards A the News " " 1 i Early Show; Dateline 7.30 wRobin Hood Strikes 'n' Spares . Casey Jones I. 45 - " " " 8.00 wBurns A Allen Show -Restless Gun 1 . Ton Asked For It 815 H u u m - mm 8.30 Arthur Godfrey's Scouts Wells Fargo wBoId Journey 8.45 " " - " - t oo wDanny Thomas Show Twenty One wHoward Barlow Concert 9 15 " " 41 M M 9 30 wDecemher Bride -wNBC TV Theater Lawrence Welk Top Tunes g.45 " " 10 00 Studio One In Hollywood Suspicion " 10.13 " 10.30 " . " " " News; wLate Show 10.45 - ' II. 00 News; Weather; Sports . 'ews; Weather; Sports . 11.15 rChannel 2 Theater Night File m 11.30 " " Jack Parr Show 11.45 " " " m . 12.00 " " " " mm 12 15 ,".. 11 News; InsplraUon; Previews 12.30 Movies: Late News .ft. lid Bible Reading; Sign Off " 1.00 - Program Previews 1.15 130 2.00 Waterfront Sidelights Bv HELEN DELICH Maritime tutor 0 The Sun The critical situation regarding the ship channel leading into Baltimore was emphasized over the weekend by one of the world's leading supercarrier owners. C. M. Lemos, who has all of his ship repairs done here and would like to have all of his bulk commodities unloaded in Baltimore, and whose supercarrier Dynamic was in port Satur day, predicts the loss of the "supership business" to this port within two years if something is not done about the channel. With the present 39-foot channel, Mr. Lemos said, ships of the Dynamic type lose $25,000 per voyage by coming to Balti more instead of Philadelphia. Four To Seven Years More And yet, even if Congress and the White House should approve the 42-foot channel in this session, it would be at least four years and probably six or seven before that 42 feet is attained, according to the Army Corps oi engineers. That means eighteen years after the project was first sua gested in 1947 as a necessity for tne port of Baltimore. Because the Army Corps of Engineers, Congress, and even the White House have said this depth is important to Balti more, the 42-feet is considered as good as in the bag. (But the actual signing by the Presi dent will not be until the Balti more project is freed of "pork oarrei ' items in other parts of the United States. 45 Feet Seen Just Ahead Meanwhile, Colonel Johnson. district engineer for the corps. says his worry now is not so much the 42-foot channel, but what Is going to happen to Balti more when a minimum of 45 feet of water is going to be a must for any bulk-cargo port. No action has been started on this yet, he said. , It was suggested in this col umn at least two years ago that application should be made im mediately for a 45 to 50 foot channel for Baltimore. Philadelphia applied more than two years ago for 50 feet. San Francisco is seeking a 55-foot clearance. Baltimore, which boasts of being one of the nation's leading bulk-cargo ports, can't even get 42 feet of water so that the supercarriers already on the high seas can come in here fully loaded. Bigger Ships Being Built Bigger ships are under con struction. Ports which cannot accommodate them fully loaded are going to be penalized with extra charges or by being by passed. The shipowner pointed out that the deeper channel is im portant not only to Baltimore's economy but also to the nation's defense if this is to be a leading port in times of emergency. Mr. Lemos not only is a ship owner and operator of 40 ves sels, 20 of which are super- carriers, he is a certified skipper in both the Greek and American merchant marines. The Lemos family has been ship owners for six generations. Repair Yards' Need The ship-repair industry would benefit if it could just restore the prewar relationship between employment in the naval shipyards and that in the Eastern Shore TV VDenotes program Is described tn TV Profram Hlfhllfnts WBOC-TV. SALISBURY. CHANNEL IS S.OO Beat the Clock. 2.30 Art Llnkletter's Eouss Party. 3.00 The Big Payoff. 1.30 The Verdict Is Tours. 4.00 Brighter Day. 4.15 Secret Btorm. 4.30 The Edge of NUM. ' S.OO Superman. S.30 Mickey Mouse. S.OO Auction City. Cos Poultry Market News .IS Checkerboard Hews. .20 Telesports. .30 Eastern Shore Today. 7.00 Eastern Shore News. T.OS Weather Fashions. 7.JS Douglas Edwards The News. 7.30 Robin Hood. .00 Famous Playhouse. 8 30 Television Feature. 9.00 Danny Thomas Show. 9.30 December Bride. 10.00 Studio One. U.oo Boons, Weather. News. 11. IS Feature Pllm Theater. 12.30 News Final. Radio Programs MORNING J.00 WBAL-On The Farm. WCAO-Ray Moffett. WCBM-Mornlns Show 5.30-WFBR-Md. Morn. S.OO-WCBM-Eye Opener WBAL-Perry Andrews WWIN-Jack Dawson. WEBB-Glory Train. WAQE-Btlly Kaye Show WAVE-A1 Stevens Show. WSID-Rhythm A Blues. WBMD-Joe Powers. t.30-WCBM-Moralns Show '.OO-WFBR-Bulletlns. WBAL-Press Bulletins. WEBB-Buddy Young. 7.15-WBAL-Perrr Andrew WFBR-Mornlns In Md. 7.30-WBAL-News; Musis. WFBR-Mora. In Md. WAQE-Prk. Hennessr WAYE-Pte. Hennessj. WBMD-Peter and John 7.45-WATE-Publle SerTlce. B.OO-WFBR-News; Music WBAL-Perry Andrew. WCBM-Mornlng Journal WCAO-Lee Parker Bho WBAL-Perry Andrew WWIN-Jack Dawson. WEBB-Glory Train. WITH-News: Wake Op WBMD-Pinebrook Praises. l.lS-WCBM-Mornlnt Bhow. WFBR-Mornlns In Md. WWIN-Jack Dawson. .30-W8rD-Onity Vlewpt WAYE-Ron Wllner. WAQE-Bllly Kaye. WBMD-Joe Powers. S.4S-WSID-Gospel Train. S.OO-WCAO-Les Alexander. WCBM-Moralns Bhow. WFBR-News; Carnival. WWIN-Breakfast Club. WBMD-Wlngs of Prayer WEBB-Coflee Time. WAQE-Johnny Mlchels. -15-WBMD-Hymn Time. .30-WBAL-Mol!ie Martin WAYE-Wlnnle ft Harry .45-wCBM-Dlallns Dollars. WBMD-Allen Revival. lO.OO-WCBMArthur Godfrey WBAL-My True Story. WFBR-Tune Inn. WWIN-Hi-FI For Wives. WITH-Melody Market. WSID-Wlth Mary Dee. WBMD-Rellgious Hour. lO.lS-WBMD-Bread Por Today. s . 10.30-WBAL-Don Ameche. WBMD-Gospel Hour. WBMD-Bread for Today 11.00-WWIN-Students View The News. WCBM-Whlsperlng Sts. WBAL-NBc Bandstand WEBB-Hlghway to Heaven. WAQE-Tradlng Post. WSID-Mldday Matinee. 11.15-WAQE-John Mlchels. WWIN-Jack Dawson. WBMD-Llghted Window 11.30-WBMD-Llvlng Word. WCBM-Lucky Basket WAYE-A1 Stevens Show. 11.4S-WOBM-Noon I Services. AFTERNOON U.OO-WCBM-Preu Bul-tlns WFBR-Md. Matinee. WCAO-Allen Drake. WBAL-Bulletlns. WITH-Melody Market WWIN-Jack Dawson. WAQE-Ed Graham Bhow. WEBB-Live tit Op. WAYE-AJ etevens Show. W8ID-Midday Matinee WBMD Back to the Bible. 12 1J WBAL-Open Lns WCBM Backstage Wile U.30 WCBM-Helen Trent WBMC-FoUj Dorsey. l2.4S-WCAO-Uie Parkar WCBM-Our Gal Sunday l.OO-WFBR-Md. Matinee. WCBM Nors Drake. WBMD-Muslc Jamboree. WAQE-Bllly Kaye Show WEBB-Pay Day Today. WAYE-Tha Muslctbon. LIS WCBM-Ma Perkins WBAL-Jlm West Show. 1.30-WCBM-Dr. Melons. 1.4S-WCA0-L. Parker. WCBM-Road el LlXe-2.00 WCAO Lea Alexander WCBM-Happlnen Right WITH-Rus Hall Show. WBM1) Jamboree WFBR Matinee in Md. W WiN-Vines Basil Show WEBB-The Big Beat. J.1S-WCBM Mrs. Burton 2.30 WCBM Peter ft Mary WBAL-i Man's Family WEBB-Llve It Up, a.45,WCBM-Entertaln . trent. WBAL-Dr.Dentry. . 3.00-WCAO-Too 40. WAYE-Muslethon. WWIN Vtnce Basil Bho WBMD-Clark West WBAL-Confesslons. WCBM-Hou.t Party. WBID-More with Lenny WITH-Afternooo Bpec'l. WAQE-Ed Graham Suow. WEBB-Buddy Toung. 3.30-WCBM Godfrey Road Show. WBAL-In My House. S.4S-WBAL-Young Family 4.00 WFBR-Melody Room WBAL-News; Jay Gray son. WCBM-Afternoon Show. WITH-Covlng ton's Corner. WBMD-Jamboree. WAYE-Broadw'y Melody 4.15-WAQX-Dlxleland. 4.30 WPBR-Melody Room WBMD-Jamboree. WAQE-Ed Graham Show. S.OO-WBMD-Clark West WAYE-On Your Way. 1.30-WBMD-Ray Davis. EVENING (.oo-WBAL-News and Weather. WFBR-Melody Ballroom WCAO-Alan Drake. WCBM-News: Sports. WITH-Russ Hall Show. WWIN VInee Bagll 8ho. WAQE-BU1 Jones Bho. WAYE-Musle For Dining. WBMD Roger Qrlswold WFBB Ring the Bell. WSID-Chop Chop's House. HS-WCBM-Bvenlnt Show. WWIN-John MacLeaa WBMD-Jamboree. WBAL-Sporu Program. .30-WKBR-News. Stocks. WBAL-Businesa, Md., Report. WWTN-John Dalyi News. WEBB-Chuck Richards. 4S-WCAfAlan Draka WBAL-3-star Extra. WCBM-lwell Thomas. WFBR-Melody Ballroom WWIN-Sports Prsra. 7.00-WCBM-Nght Service. WEBB-Rlng The Bell. WWlN-Ed. P. Morgan. WITH-News: Bird Show WAYE-Sunset Concert. WBAL-6 Star Theater. T.iS-WWIN Pulton Lewis. 7.30-WWIN-Roiary for Peace. WBAL-News of the World. T 4S-WCBM Ed Murrow. WAYX Bereasda rot You, WWIN-Don Anthony Show. WBAL-Dugout Chatter. .00-WCBM-Amos 'n Andy. WBAL-Baseball: Orioles vs. Senators. WCAO-Alan Ford. WWIN-Don Anthony. WFBRMlke Lawrence. WBMD-Publle Benrice, WITH-Rocket Ship. .30-WCBM-Night Service WAYE-Slgn Off. WAQE-Slgn Off. WEBB-Sign Off. WBMD-Sign Off. WSID-SIgn Off. t.OO-WCBM-Roeder Reports. t.lS-WCBM-Night Service. 10.00-WWIN-Chuck Richards. WCBM-Newsi Mystery. WFBR-8ports Pgm. lO.lS-WFBR-Moonlight Music. 10.30-WCAO-Ray' Moffett WFBR-Muslo To 12. WBAL-Nlght Music. 11.00- WBAL-News; Sports WFBR-News: Musio To Mldnlte. WCBM-News Journal. H.1S-WCBM World Tonight. WBAL-Nlght Wire. 11.30-WCBM-Harley Music. WBAL-AI1 N1U Show 12.00-WCBM-R. Q. Uwts Show. WCAO-AU Msbt Show. 1.00-WITH-AU Nlte Show WCBM (CBS) 680k WWIN (ABC) (MBS) 1400k WBAL (NBO 1090k WFBR 1300k WCAO 600k WSID .. 1010k WAYS S60k WITH 1230k WBMD 750k WEBB 13S0k WAQB 1570k FJl Programs WITH Channel 282, 104. J im. 1.0o-8ymphonle Matinee S.OO-Twlllght Concert 7.0O-F. M. Recital. 7.30-Muslcal Marquee. 8 00-The Showcase. S.OO-Chamber Music 10.00-London Muslo. 11.00-Audltlonlng With You. WCAO Channel 274, 102.7 met. (From S 30 A.M. to 1230 A.M.) (Program same as standard radio.) WBJC Channel 201, 88 1 meg. T.OO-Child's Corner. 7.30-chamber Muslo. S.OO-Concert Hall. Oo-Meners Before 175t 10.30-Llturglcal Muslo. H.00-61gn QU. private ship-repair yards, L. R Sanford. president of the Ship- Duiiders Council of America, wrote Senator Butler (R., Md.), recently. Mr. Sanford's comment was the result of constant effort by the Maryland Senator to obtain a fair share of naval repair and construction work first for the shipyards of Maryland and then for the private yards elsewhere. . Naval Yards After War "Actually, the naval ship yards were never demobilized after World War II to the ex tent that the private ship-repair yards were compelled by eco nomic conditions to demobilize," Mr. Sanford said. "That fact destroyed the historic prewar relationship between the two groups and it has never been restored. "Some small progress had been made, but the advent of the Korean War destroyed that. "Arbitrary" Job "Levels" "Since that time again some small progress has been made, but arbitrary employment levels set for the several shipyards at a relatively high level naturally dictate the assignment of work to the naval shipyards in volume commensurate with the assigned levels of employment." Baltimore shipyards have had almost no naval repair work in two years except some assigned after the congressional delegation complained to the Navy. But it appears that constant needling must be maintained if any naval work is to be routed here. Police And Coast Guard Belated thanks to the Baltimore City Police Department and the Coast Guard for their work during World Trade Week. The city police were most cooperative to help in every way possible when asked by the committee for assistance. And the Coast Guard was helpful in providing vessels, tow ing boats, and performing other jobs that made the week a real success. A certificate also will be given to the Fidelity-Baltimore Na tional Bank for its display of tools manufactured locally from imported ores and exported In finished form. Maryland, Virginia Cargo Both the Maryland Port Authority and the Virginia State Ports Authority claim cargo increases of 31 per cent Maryland's claim covers the five-year period 1952 to 1957. Virginia's is for the year 1937 alone. In 1957, Baltimore had 6,089 ship arrivals. Hampton Roads bad 8,986. Despite the statistics of growth, directors of both authorities emphasized the need for modernizing and expanding port facilities in order to accommodate business now on hand and anticipated. Potential "Can Be Realized" David H. Clark, executive director of the Virginia Authority, said "The vast potential of gen eral cargo commerce available to Virginia's ports at costs competitive with other Atlantic coast ports can be realized if the authority's program for port 7 f Moderate Cost r Terms ill CALL Home r Office TODAY ml 7 I PL 2' V 1515 Aoko SEWARD "! 324 Park Av. facilities modernization and ex pansion is undertaken, and u those whose livelihood and interests are identified with tht commerce of our ports will un dertake the promotion ana saies efforts to meet the challenge of competitor ports. "The future for Virginia's ports will be as bright as we in Virginia, both industry and government, make it." Th Virginia State Authority is pushing for the development of Alexandria, which couia ne much more competitive with Baltimore than anv other nearby port, for most of the freight of that area now moves through the Maryland port. The New Rug Service CLEAN RUGS LAST LONGER LOOK LOVELIER r HERBERT A. 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GENUINE FIBERGLAS INSULATED I m u - ' J ' t. i ... I ' I! II ' I V ... a I UTILITY BAG KEEPS FOOD AND DRINKS HOT OR COLD FOR HOURSI So useful for: PICNICS BARBECUES CAMP-OUTS BOAT TRIPS BEACH TRAVEL Not an Imttetlan kiit t- original Skotch Kooler utility bag. It's a big 17"xll"A1A. I. ....j" plastic, with hsavil. ititched "wrap . around" handles for easier carry. ina. Lid km . ----w ipr tor easy access. GET YOURS NOW! JUST OPEN AN ACCOUNT WITH $10 OR MORE That's all It tales to get this Skotch Kooler Utility Bagl And you'll be able to take advantage of the many "plus values" In a savings account at Capital. HIGH DIVIDENDS SAVE BY MAIL Funds in by the 10th earn dividends for the entire month INSURED SAVINGS FREE PARKING APITAL OPEN TONIGHT UNTIL 8 P.M. FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE imS I flirt I IflHT CTDI 1 WArt BAITilinnp nn. i.n wiv .win mi. il i-ww DM.iimuRc oy, rAu. Open daily 9 A.M.-2 P.M.; Monday 8 A.M.4 P.Mj closed Saturday

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