Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on February 13, 1942 · Page 8
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 8

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Friday, February 13, 1942
Page 8
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1 m T^ATTnA TTTfiTC DAILY NEWS; FRIDAY; FEBRUARY 13; 1942 Oroploy- iTiftri\ I Hfu6t.u 1 l l fii'H', > -'..tlio U, S. ''drvk!*; :aiul common - lJo-'tfi,Uorr ; now .to ftllovla'tci ln,•bound to ,^r :5>-l.l«riror(l; Fqb^Or^T.loO .nil.l *M\[ off oft I ,th(}:ltNuiHp6rtnl.(oii' o'l 1 'ijjiim •?$ pfli'-bndt bt \<'0Pk<irk aw mni'rt atul svtll 'irivcwUlnliy NfwipQr w(ir .promotion •• i 'iufoJUlUito ; Conn of •!,«:> -Ctu'iiI'Mluul noon, . tho 3, /flrnployrriurfl' 1 Sorvlon" wild- lo' Mr. tho rcH fk&Vof h\n .survey -Yooontly •»HP<W. 'Mintf 14 rliu'Kn IwliiHli'lcH In aoutjon .'<\ft .fi tuHtluK Ki'ouud, llio ,of 77H8 Individ- "• Htiidhul, Mr. Htulud,- 'utjd lt'"wliH round 2MO. (it Ui<»" VvrtPknrH 1 wwo jib• jftlutoiy. (loiiMiUlqiH on pel vnlo IrnuH- !ppriatlo(i,/U/ilM« In till Mty private <tyr>' i to Wot' 1 . to wol'R ft tul fioinu apafn. ;»-?' M /S|! 'wdi'kuiM'VjV -Uif> v Hfmowl and i jn'i. MlUflw Mii'i '(topondimt •frjli jn'i. MlUflw Mii'ij '(topondimt , -/Ofii^ Wcfti V>'r ',ti'«»l«p(»c i{ (:atlfJfi ',Jj)(iM .' that' prnvldmlity '^onun .'/(ci'ri," Mi',,. ; Mrifrtnif>y ''Htittod, JfrhUiJ iiouvly ' (100 ." irrl v«t(» <« ' cuir (100 ." irrl v«t(» miibbot' Uin <«U'H fti-u - Mi 1 ,.' tMrtlon'oy alalucl Mint olroacly worluu'H••' iVom the DarilulHon •v'lii'bft' hfivir.ciuit:-jcilJMMri. Hartford duo to the .Inability of.tho driver to obtain UroAHHWqti'badH,'and that tran',spor- .-tailoii' wafo/.lk'tffn'fi'liiK to aHHunVi) an l.fiipo.rtant' (•pjn.'lji.Mio plaoomo'nt of (vorka't'H, ••''Ofo'vlbuMly, 11 IH no\y,do-' '.slrablo •!for man'iifabtururH to-, orn- jiloy IIH-trjnhy-.fount pi/oplo UH POH,M>!p, but tlllH la oiily upartlul;solu~ tlbiiY'rh'ure.'mu'Ht. bo a Herloiw TO- ylHlon of out 1 -. Ihuispoctatlori ' I with InofoaHlnK dependence on puh- llo.wu'rloi'Hi ..If unemployment and hnpmlod production aro to bo "avoided," • V ''• ; Tor tho purpose; of tho purvey, Mr Malonoy .said, only workers: living mow than t.wo inlloH from/ their jilftuo of urn ploy tnon I worn oorisUI- ered an .haying u. • transportation Aotual 'oount of workers. wivliiK'plants' by.uom- waHjnadf),', and actual payroll ohcokH' .shbsvlng. MID 'real- rlunoo of all,' workerH 'In tho l-'i P/an(H,- and Iholr method of po'i'ta'tlpn wiiH also' made, 'I'hfi-lJanldlHOU'juii'voy; MtvMaloho'y Htatnd, wan inot'oly-a'aampllfiK. juit y lypiunl of uomlltlonH prevailing Kdnerally throughout tho fllfitfi', ''U IM a problem that will h'aW to' bo ' mot ' on : a stnlo-wldo 'Jin oonnludwl, "bwwuHirwork-;' fesv yimrn, rn- P[yhi'K :oir H'poodi' prlviilrf traimpor- talloh, havo: or'oHHod and ro-croHHod I'ronr O(H! ( lU'ou.'of 'Mio state to 1 ;' another, • „ . ' . . Me,'y Hlalod that he ,.wa.s Mid' (WjtH'lo IMn altontlon of Mj'o'rH'ibllo Uf.llltle.M CofnmlHHlon, llur Sl'Mlu'lJofniiHo'tlpuholl and thoManu- NAUGATUCKIANS HONOR "JOE' TALBOT department, on '. -- * •» tho second floor.' Sparkling,-jaunty, brimful of galoty and charm Sorln|f'fj ;iYi6flt- interesting- hew fabrics and hues in young; <byQ catching--faahiona you'll wear clay in and c|ay out. They'll-rub shoulders with dresses that ed»t much' more, Those most exciting r< Cay Artley," impeccably tailored frocks are here ready for you, today! Kvary n lo 20, ' 38. ^3.98 „„„ $4.98 & ni?r'i7' n rttK to. Cheshire nro • prbtmo'tlOn Cay rt ley's ' *. COLORFUL? SMAflT For Spring for clash Inmb.skln clvoaa whtto clots''on n colored ground with border of larger • clots on ploat- ocl aklvt. Sizes 12 to '20, ON THK'-HIGJII 1 • '.' »,»''><". •'. -•• t '':. A i-nttvKon • wu g on of ainty ray oh Jn print— skirt ' l.ol't 'lo I'hMit—front row—Hdwunl .!, Aluirn. Hocc.o IMni'lnno, Mrs. fii iifjcnssmim 'I'alhot, Undoljth Hcnnioh, puhlishei 1 of the Nmifjuluck fVtt.y,, Thomus (NV.m'.NYlC. Louis ('y mid Mat'ous WtilS'iiian. .. •; " ir'-i'osvr-ltift lo i-lffht—(ieoi'ffo A, Wiu-hci', Alhert ID. Mni, -Jahn Horn. Adums, ll(uii'.v S(ihlldfi«in ,'liul; Sniniif'.l L, I^VOMS, Hwii'y 7wi<;k. Tnlhol, Victor N; Prl^rsnn, • y News, Miss; /Vilcluide, 'DlM ' ,!os*>pli <'.. FlnyUavinJi'. ,!r ldn, Gunnnrd Peterson, — Daily Nevvy -.Photo ., Mrs. Curtis Iliisscll, Mrs. Ihomns Ncary, . •, . . • , • becker, VVHJiujn A. l»aiiil.«i-, Vonion Hall, ' Josiipli IS. Idiccio, Austin Talbot Paved Way To Victory In Fall (Continued from I- 1 age One) Without exception the speakers declared that tho decisive victory of (lorip. Talbot last month augurs we'll Tor tho 8U00CS8 of the Hopublican parly at the |)0ll,s next fall and that although ho IH the only republican nJKM 1 of Congress from Connecticut at present ho will have plenty' of company from the Cl. 0. P. ranks whun the voles arc counted In iNo-. VIM n b or. Tho Kpn.akni'fj donlod tho. claims made ,by" Joe's opponents In the spticlnl olectlon In January that - a nopLibllcan congrossman would not give his' wholohourlod' support to President. IVoosuvolt's war pollcloH, Thoj'i slated that'every American, no matter what his political iaITlllulions aru, ; miiHt ancl will. 'siipporL the' pre.Mldunl. In tho cinorgeiicy to the bent, of, tholr ability but ovury cltl- '/on has thn right and tho privilege to cloij|aro. himself when ho slncoro- ly believes that tho policies are not sound and. aro ftetr.lnn.MiLat to the poo pip of the; nation. Knoll address hud'a-decided serious tout! and warned tho gathering thnt all mii-sl roall'/u'that we arc ill war tind that,,every man, woman and child has his or her part to i'ul- but- tho speakers .I'rocjuontly brougjit forth a bi|rst of laughter and applause when'they referred Lo the movlo actors and Clancors who havo :boc!i)-- given govorn'tnent posl- tlon.s rooontly in- tho Office .of Civil-. Ian I.Kjl'cnse, • • Konnnlh Bradley, chairman of !lic state Jli'.puhlltian iJOMunl.'t'teo'Wiis in- trocUiuud by' Judge'-rldriway as tho; man • who ' taUns the "damning foi 1 defeats and''C['odils for llur -victories," Mr. I i rue! ley declared that ho was wlllhig I.o take the ilurnrilhg bul, vyould not take Urn crodlt Tor tho victories, Ho sum 'that credit belongs to tho worlcors. Thn, Tnl- bot victory Is duo tn.thrnii things: tho Ht(3i'liug cluu-acter of Llm liiindi- dato; the fact that wo had an or gunl/.atlon and that we Had u plan. Wo had' the plan'to wock.und we worked the plan." : lie said that this policy must be followed by the party In the.future, "Joe captivated . the Iniaginution of the cltl'/.cns In tlie cities and held tho normal vote in the rural dis 1 trlcts." % y. S. Son. ,] A. Dunaher, the next spoakor, .paid'a tribute to Lincoln, tho emancipator and q.uo!- ocl Lincoln's ,, reply to•'• a question- from one of his friends as to when the Civil war would, end. Lincoln said,'"we entered the war with' an object. It-will not •-end-until thai' object Is 'attained. 1 ' •; ".: ' \ •" ' Tho .sonnloiv warned Mr. Talbot that It was a posIUvO'V I'aul, that' even ..In tlif-sb drying :• times there': wore members of the -'Congress who. attempt to put throdgh bills that' lhavo lilddon- 'words' and -that, if .passed, -would create havoc in the nation.''tic referred' to .the Johnson 1 amendment also' in ••'wliich he; claimed thai the passage, of the bill', to allow the'men In,.'/tiro serylco. free mfilllrig' privileges would ;bpost- : .1,1 io salaries'of tho'postmasters on, the additional iwioynl, • of rnaii- handled Uirough'-' their i'especLive stations. . • • : ';..'•-. ' , iyi ' tix-Gov. Ruymo'nd .lO.MBaldwin, 'In his tribute' to "Cong". Talbot, "recalled .Uie.' businpssllkc 1 .conduct oj I.IHJ office of 'the stato treasurer 1 'byV Joe during the Baldwin- admln'lstra-; tlon and said'"We-gave'the people, arid the sLate the best;-two years- that It has had in many' a day." l-hr called attonl.ipn to some -of . the aiicomplishmorilS' of -his adm.ini.sira-- .1,1 on -including . tli.c state defense' councils, the trade' traJning schooisX • 1.1 io 'stale, guard and ; to the llirec. million dollar'surplus croated dur-, Ih'g his .teriii of .office.-; Ho. said' tltaU Joe Talhol,: would trot -bo '.u ll y(w^ man or a' I'ubbor .stamp -bu.l, would? vote and 'act-according to Ills best; judgment and conscience and that' he knew Jou right at a If, times, .".'." .''•'.. •JCathryn liyi'nos,' yice-chaii'inan cj' 1 . the state Rcpul)llca.h ./' cniniuittoe.V added her praise to Joe Talbot upon 1 his excellent record and said "that.'Jils •. victory had taught tho .AVhp'le'; st;\Lo.a "lesson. She said Mia •'liis' : victory had'"defeated featism 1 •in the .Republican party. She sail that every woman ' in ,1,110 natioi 'was doing her bit to support MH ^President In Ills efforts to dol'ca 1'pur common enemy but a-ll of then ''clenoiuVcod the "foisting of a on'o- ,'party sysiom on the nation." '('Jongrossnjnn Talbot, after receiving MIC token from- Publisher \Villian J, Pape, responded, by thanking a! of .the-.workers. In Mio district am sla'to for their wonderful support He classified 'himself as a "greenhorn" In Washington and ruiater several amusing 'incidents which happened to him during tho few day? thai-.'ho. has. resided in the Nation's a'pitol. M r. Ta 11 j p t • s a I d, • "I a m only a H e - DUblican niornl)er' of Congress I'rom .G.onnccticut now, -but I bop'e. and ox- ;noet _. |,p' soo 'five ni'oro. Tlopubli'cans in the Jlouso next' year;-" Mo said .that a tui'ho.ver in-'tlui House -of T>0 votes.'would- give ( tho Republicans ioontrol' .of 'Mio. lower house.' " Ho spoke of'Jiis meoting with Joseph M 'Martin.' ; : o't 1 / .Massachusetts, who lu-'ougl'ili ; Him Lo .the,'..vice-president of; tliO:"Unit.od States to take his oath oi' oll'lce; and-'.to be introducod to his now!-colleagues; He reip.rrcd to Mr. Martin -as. "the greatest 'man in i>VashInstp.n.kIfl.iy. M . •,,|l-Ic^ tofd' bis aurJion audience that his first Svas on the bill to glvo dancers anrl actors -jobs with the OVH. l-lo, said;, ".1. guess you all know how I voted on thi'at one.". v-afi 1 . • Talb o I- oo nol udod • wi Mi "1 wi 11 .fiivo-nty support, to -tlio.'administra- .tion In .its.conduct of..the .war, but :I*'))clieve..! ; V-havc, tho right to differ MIC n.dininlsl.j'alion CHOPPED STEAK , . 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Bai'llull,, fonnoi- n'; profusyor of physics at Yale .iinivui.'.siiy, will become Jioad- inasLC! 1 of Gunnoi-y sohoo! in Angus I., II. was unnoimci'il Today by 1,1 IG 'boai'd of l.t'iislcns. Dr. narllc.M- will Mov. TcrUus Van Dyke, who has boon liuatlinuslut 1 wince PKAHL IIAItllOIU. SIGNS IN BOSTON Boston, Fob. -13— (UP)— )3lccli'!6 eyes will' bc.'u'sed to oxtinquLsh advertising signs during Boston's practice blanikbut. 'J'uosday. The outdoor adyorMsIng division of I.He public safety .^.ominitteo announced last -night that each billboard will'bo equipped with an clcc- oyo 'that will bo focused on tho nearest street light. When th'e'si'rcct Light goes out, the' eye will extinguish the lights on the sign.: It will turn them on again' when the 'sirecl-Iiglils -arc illuminated. '••••• The /-mnehine' tool industry of Canada has • cxpnndod 000 per cent com pa roc) \vith the pre-war period, the Department of Commerce says, Singapore Fights On Against Odds (Continued, from Pago One) shelling and dive-bombing Singapore town indicated .clearly that .ro- oorLs.-lnc 'enemy has • entered the town aro thus far more propaganda. The.-Vichy radio claimed that ^ritisb • warships wore aiding in iholling Japanese positions and tliat loavy lighting is in progress- in the •ubber '"plantations north and cast of Singapore. The Herman rndio asserted that :IG ships of a. British evacuation fleet have boon sunk by lie Japanese. British fittnntion had shifted >liarply from Singapore to the ting- isb Channel naval action. in Ibis action tho Gorman bnttlo- ihips Scharnhorst niut 'Oniosenau, (j,000-ton naval greyhounds armed with 11-inch rifles, and tho equally 'osI, 10,000-ton cruiser Prin/, l^ugon, ilippod out of Brest and raced right through •tin: Channel., apparently naking good their escape to tho rman l>as(\s in Helgoland with it Mo or no damage, flip. Niv/.i feat had explosive rcpcr- lussions in Britain. The fiorrnu.n warships liavo boon it Brost for months. Tln?y havo loon attacked 110 times by the Royal \lr Porco which' has la lined -bomb bits and sovoro dam- MAHSH .SEIjIDLKSS' GRAPEFRUIT 3for23c ; Fresh BROILERS 89cEaich I-AIUJE <!AUFOIINIA OR ANGES ; -Navel Boriieless CHUCK RAST 176 CHURCH STREET^ Phone 221,2292 or 2293 for Free Delivery Service MAKE HER DAY A PERFECT ONE • • . -. - ,.-... ' ' The joy; with which a woman receives flowers js a-ll you need see. to be sure that flowers make the perfect Valentine, Send ' her/rc'ses '. . : orchids, or a mixed bou- -• ,'quet. ,- , .she'll love 'them;. •"FLOWERS SENT ANYWHERE" 1 30 RU B B E R A V E N U E Tel 5225 Jump into this lame lined gabardine zip in jacket with xipper front $IO.7S and enjoy winter. In "Prep Shop"*—second floor. It will keep you as snug as a bug in a rug — it's ideal for skating, skiing, tobogganing or hiking. Great also for young students who appreciate the comfort of laihbs wool lining with the style smartness of a short jacket. age inflict.ocl (Qii^Mic- vessels. THey have, been .under consUml close observation- and for ,n numi3cr oi' days Uic British IMVB'been ex- pcciirig thcnr to emerge 1'rom their harbor. ' • ' Picking a cloudy misty day when visibility was/at a minimum, the .Gorman ships slipped out of Brest yesterday morning under a licuvy, -protective escort of surface craft and fighter planes. Simultaneously .'German bombers plastered British east coast air bases with the heaviest bombardment in months. Not for some time was the Ger- mnn flotilla discovered by British reconnaissance aircraft. When it WHS picked up, the British ordered out planes in force—bombers, lighters, torpedo planes—for an all-out, attack, • ' ' British destroyers from Channel ports 1 steamed out to join/tli'" 1 attack and 'when the German warships entered'the waters off Dover British coast-guns opened .up, against them: • -A heavy smoke screen -was put out by the-Germans. Squadrons of Nazi fighters buzzed out'from their French • bases .to attack the British planes and, ships. '•'••• : • In the grand melee 43 • British planes were lost and some damage was reported on the British destroyers, The British credited the .Germans with a Joss of 13 planes. Some torpedo and bomb hits were believed by the British to have been scored -on the German warships— exactly, how many was not certain but whatever the number of hits 1 the fact remained .that .the Nazi warships were not hit badly enough, to prevent them from continuing their dash to. the safety of the Nazi. rear naval bases. • In n .typical comment/ the Li Evening News thundered lhai calculations. )i«ve- piled. »/j mountttinously i.o ,bo dismissed \ V j<( u flourish of words." . Church ill's own position) u ar pearcd, still is safe, In part there is no readily available sin sor.'Bui-:Jl was evident dial long-continued demands thai drastically reorganize, his gpvc mcnl, eliminate-dead i.wopd j f i streamline < Jioar.y and., trnditioii festooned procedures could no cr be turned asf'de by llic Cliurcliil oratory. / .^; Elsewhcrc on the World fronts the Russians - were <)riv|j forward a.gain in-their winter oltei sivfi and^-wepo reported lo broken. Jjaftlv'. Into While UussiJ the westernmost province overn by the Germans. Desultory was reporlc'D in'-'lilbya. In Burma the Japanese, was temporarily stemmed by a .. feat in the Pa-an,«rco. Jn the Bute] luth'es" the Dutch admitted Hint-, fall of Bacassan—tilready claiiw by Tokyo—is .apparently Spain and Portugal agreed fain close contacts, for-mutual to fit after a meeting of Gen. Francis Franco, and Dr. Antonio Salazar Seville. . . ad va'wl Order .a Delicious Co (fee Cake Tor . Sunday's Ilrenkfast. FHIiiifls', of All Kinds. .IMain and -Frosted OolVcc Cakes. Kiihn's City Bakery MAPLE ST. TEL. 3678 — FOR SAME — Brick Building and lot on Woodbine Street Suitable for Small Manufacturing- Business Naugratuck Insurance Agency, Inc. -,^ Room 9 Neary Bldg, Phone 2080 ; Too Late 'lo Classify WANTED—MukI lo do phn'u coo • ing 'rind '. general • 'housewoij Laundress'- employer!. KxccllcJ '.working'and living quarfars. - dress: Box .^J," care of N Office. - . M3-dfi| Great Oak Farm OXFORD ROAD MILK —CREAM EGGS — CHOCOLATE MILK POULTRY Delivery to Mi ' Parts of Naugatuck Telephone 5049 TO HELP YOU MAKE YOUR INCME G-o to Room 6, Town HaliJ Wednesday, Thurs day,| Friday,- 8.30 A. M, to P.M. NO CHARGE Naugatuck Savings B ank The Old-Time ''Mutual 111 This company has been appointed an official Tire Inspector in our district by Tire| Rationing Board No. 6. If you are in u gent need of new tires bring your car in I to us so we can inspect your present rub-j her and assist you to fill out your appfr cation to the local Board. The Naugatuck Fuel Co. 87 Church Street Tel. 2219 FORD' _ MERCURY — I^NdOLN • ;l ,;• \^:, , ^ w^-^'^u

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