Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on February 13, 1942 · Page 6
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 6

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Friday, February 13, 1942
Page 6
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1 VJ VV.JJ |! 15 m 41 1 I 14 m ,)f'•;*?',, ••'* ill i| (• "! 'V i I i| I! ml m Pago tfaugy High TOUGH ASSIGNMENT Today's Sports Parade Wilby And Naugy Gash Tomorrow W o 11 Prepared Ditoh 1 Driyo IKK! gallant, Oiihwl Hvu confident <»f bouiiidMM rlglil- tin? Valley -li'i't^ui' 1 plclnrn HIM i'Jonr iitfnliiMt u jmtonl. ([MliiU'l. ioniorriisv ulMht, The (Jftrn'Mfc boy* would uppi'iMilatn vi-i'y .'.A.'*., .ct.•'..-. .jju [iHMJMt.uMH" t'cf'tn I ho (Midi nl' AriHiiiilii and tlln fwuil ftf (Ii'nuby when (liny fhiH»t. 'linrdluM and Tn In IhHi 1 ne dfiwn IInrdlnK. OrOHhy oOltUI (Inl'oHl 'ro llnul It' IH vvliothor NaiiK»«hn'- \Vln thole i-cuinlnlnK (•(fini»KM In M H«' I'"' 1 (ll ' Mt I' ||H 'JM'lof, lf!\VlMl|<'H Wi'I'(^ iKM'Ml'M Tho NauKtiLiink 'team thoy. Ims1< mumu! tliclt- an a licnflllimM nr (|iui(ltii!»( nn- Minn ami are that. ohaiu'i'M <d' tho flag iK'fwo In HIM Ail- llanllnx nuil-CHln bill <>mi fUM'tnln mid thai In Ilii-y tal«> II, Tho Inain ban Imd IU womi'nl.M UI)M mmsoirnN well UM ItH wid onc.'i and Uit-y have learned to tuko llio UPH nnd ilowwi whlr-l >Vlll l)n H/Ki'fwt iifUwl 'to them In lll'e. S'OM, UiIMi old KUmo ,of olVfiCuolcr, wHlrth ftt'n tint, l-luui liUMuK H»' MpOl'l, pHKO, TllfiMl valiln to you all lh« Adiidrtfd by nvnrybody, Tho onMi'o Klartlng I.eam, mado up of flnnloi'H will bo trolling out on (l NnilKiitimk noiirt to drt bal-f.le wIMi tho I'rm for llto hint (line, 'Tlm boyM who will rnalui Ihulc Mnal appear- linoo .hot'oro llm home folks urn Jty/ink Kui'H and lludd Dunn, HIOHM popular I'oi'wni'dM. Hill IHIIy, tlm Kddln'Mariano, Ihe ilhnlnu- .) ni. llm 'guard position*, Arid IflHl (Mil not Inunl. llm Jovial OluuMny KoKHi'ly. The liuyH have hopn - tanned In (.tin timi'M Hwhl, by thl'MIInX s'loloj'If'M ns well a.M loiiKh- OlH'fi 111 die pI'UVIH'blal f'/llfH With Uurtorrow IM HI, Hhoii'lfl 1 nny nupld'H holiday, inuk<» rnuoh (IHTorenoe an ton and MVu Ihe fiducial Oni'iiet Hvo Is oorlaln ni 1 lakliiK the rni'itmH'o ol' thlH \Vllby (|iilntel, SS'llby brln^ rnpabln jdayei'M IIM I'Jddlu Sulvalnre, I'ele Varnall, .fael< Sixer, Hilly Over- Ion, middy KaJoHky, and Hod Wai Ion to tliu V I'oc thin aiillolpulod hard till with HIM galloping Clruy- n Ihe other Hide of l.lm I'uMun Greyhound* aru roHpuul- I'ui of Hits Wilby threat and drilling Heinously I'oi' (.ho nlmpln reason thai they would like to lumU hi the mm!, I am not. r. when ( nay thai, for I know that, anythtfiK wut happen In thin wild and svmdy Valley rae.e. . I«'«IIH, what could he warmer Mian, to give I hone hoys a mil HundolT In IhoMe dark and uncertain days than In attend Ihelr final borne contest itl- Hie U Y" on Saturday evening, An altractive double-header IM listed, UliiiHuy Koxai'Ly and hln "lltlle (lai'iinl" live will clash head on with Ihe \Yllby .luyvotm In what appeal lo be a IhclllInK preliminary svhle IM Mlulnd I'm- 7;,'«) p. m. Tho tdghU eap bet\veen the Vai'Hlt.y lives will get unr|(M'\vay about 0:00 p, m. The probable lineups I'nr the varsity eonlest ai'e bolow: U'ilhy ,,,,, Overtoil If ..,,. NVallen If .,. Salvaloi-i Kulfjflky Slxec Dunn (y;i; Kurs MM) Kelly (7) Mariano (II) l'K IK PRO FIGHT CARD AT ARENA THURS. N'ew I la von, l''i doroai'd has ben • h. IU-A lined up un- Cfl I JIM I HAWFOW TODAY SAT»SUN. '; *\ w.'UoiO* . - _ _ . >\\ K* ^. «| || • •kH fine for ne (Hied at tho Arena, svhen (U*oi'glo Flt.olu local heavyweight, svlll'/fjnx Oluirllo laKle, dunible Walerbury Pole, In one ten I'oumior, and ,lohnny'(!''im- Nnw Haven Hnn«ftllon, niootH w Harper. Ne.w York feather- In anolhor Inn. Soldlur Kroddle f.ewls, New York wollnrwi'lHlil. will take on l«'ranklo Young, Ne.w ((avail's "Toy Uulldog," In one di' two Hl'/icis, Atiolher six svlll show i\|nxlo Katx, SValerlnii'y Huirnpfti 1 , In with llonnan HadK"r, hard-hltl-lng Nesv Haven mlddhiWfslKht,. A KC'Wlwn affair of four rounrls svlll shosv .looy Wasnlok, Nnw Haven, In-wllh \>W' Hogan, also of this ^*W MCK4JUUY • svlll be making his (Irsl. rut anpearanee. Ho has a win over Hobby Huff In, who do- Touted Chalky .WrlKhl, This will ho flompn's sonond start In Isvo svoeks,' llm littler liavlng fouKhl .loe fan- ndtll to a dcasv bore on tho last show. , MAPLE LEAFS MAWtLOSERTO BOSTON HoHton, (Hui'M'y) Clnnn,, /U'KMS MNMSTS 1 hib, iM— (UP)— Ayros of ' llai-vard football, lifxfkoy and pluyni 1 , millMkul In llio naval I'NHnrvM yoHl.oi'cl«y and 'will IHJ- pni'l, for duty ai'lcr lie ^nidualns In ,lunn, Al'lcr roiir-monllis 1 Iralnlnf,'. IKV svlll riM'.rlvi! nn OIIHIKH'H rating and bo aHMlgncd lo clnuU. duty. GEM TONIGHT SATURDAY FICTION'S SUPER SLEUTH COMES TO THE SCREEN! Mlthktl Ai'lt!V5 Kraut crlrti* UHttoibf., .wlthtN* (UrwNo l<iy«l "Th* Saint." OrOROE SANDERS WENDY BARRIE ALtIN JCNKIN9 • ANNE NUNTKR ^ v> OLADYt COOPKfl»S:DWARDBROPMY by MOWARD BfiMBOICT • Dlr«cud by IRVING RKIS m Ploy \}<f Ivnn tool oiul ALSO \VJ • A V >»»"•" « ' It bilW your blues nwny! IT AN LAUREL OLIVIR HARDY /n AT wilh Sheila Ryan'Dick Nelson Cdimind MacDonald A aOlh Cintwry-rox fl(lur« Plus Sport Reel and (l Unusual Ocoupaftions n PJua actual film of bombing of Pearl Har'bdT (Hy United Press) Thn Toroulo Mnpln Loat's tli'ow to wllhln two points ol' the second plamv. Moston I'iriiliis by turninB hack the Invading Montreal Oana(lions, <')-./i, iJoTore 7,020 persons Tliwwliiy nlfflU.* Tho Lftafs hold. n f)-0 Inad ffOhiK Into Lhcj lust period but imsud up only Lo have the CuniidliuiH piiHh home four goals- within Hlx mlnul.ns. They atlclnd un- nt|i(!(', hoss'ovor, to win hy a sai'e margin. Thn Chicago ninalc l\'i\vks moah- whllo doToatcd the D'.Urolt 110-1 WlnK», ^-5i. hol'oro 7,1542 at Cliloim-fi Stadium, Twtinty-yoar-old roolclo HUI Moslonko .sonrod two goals and two -usHlHtH in llio vletory, LOREN MacKllEY HEADS HARVARD STUDOT GROUP end, ntu- CambrldKO, MOSH., Feb. -13— (UP)— Lornn 0. Miic.Kinnoy of Hill, N. n., varsity I'oolball WHS nr.osUU'nl. of Uirt Harvard dnnl, ('.oiniull lorlny, Kiictic MiiKi-iUJ Keith of rioiilsyllld, who Ki'adualod at mid-term \vlll onl,(U' UK; nriny. Al|-Ani(!fl(m fiiau-fl Mndlcotl, body II ol' IHIca, N. Y., was ut, UK; nler.Uon lust nlKlil. to (MH-d MacN'lnnny ;IH KfjuroUiry. Ky., and Pea- sui>- WINSBEStlNMW New Yoi'k, Fob. J, 1 )— Por.-.the. first time In llio' history of |;he Wpst- : mlnnter Kennel club.' dog exhibition, a West Highland. t^i'iMer wen t. best- In-flhowJnsl ulgli.t '.\yhcn llro- Bhg- llsh-hrecl .Cli , .-Wolvay., . Pa tl^'rn. , ,oC. ftdgostoune \von top..honoi:s ; for..Mrs. •fohh Ci. Wlnant; .wifiV of,-;tho,U. S.' ambassiidor to Great . Bi.'it.aln. After long dciibc'raUoii, i^ermaii Mellenthlti Of .PoughkeqpHlfi, • -N.. , t., owners, of the -jy-'iO-U plinmplpn,- My Own: lirtioie; placed Uio five-year, old -.;bll.oii -at/ .Lho.h.oad : of.. Llie \,. oLh'or silrvivors of t.ha ''group com- 1 patitlon that' cirew n crowd' of 10,-. QUO .to Man ifjbn Square -Garden. ALSABMAYRU li. iinlstdiid •' Totals.'? Gouocl .. .471. JSiavy "94 85 O.,. San l,o re 'Orlando Tol.ii Is .. Avtii'iigc . B- Triano '...'.• 13. 'ilppsqn ,...,. K, ;Slaugqright Army, 85 "W •-87 100 85 85 ,85 308 81? ....109 '82 ...iMi fiiiar<l Uo '95 ion 08 ,.... 94 U. S. HUHHiCH INTEH. S'w-'enl, . Carlson 130 T12 ..77. 125 00 Totals Newman % ... E. Oar^aronia T. Palmer I .. S. Caiilfiold. .. A-. Cliick- .5S3 477 79 95 90 97 •83 87 92 .-8/1. '89, 453 . 405 Bo'tLorfi!' . .. Average' 'Ayfjiuige'. Avbrnge Average;." .Totals llfiot, Ho'oni . . (i ;...... -ion ;.-.•,••.,••,,..„ ..$ '.','. .".': ,'i;!!;8E> ...:...UO ,. : ,'.:..;,;. \^i Ilt'ol Hoom .,.;...../. 70 ,•.,-..»..'-.;...,;, 85 ..'..........85 85 ..,....:... ,85 -k'eds T. A. j : ; p. Ijupo', — Almedia . Nardello . Oiiliagher 90 1)0 CloclohV Totals 07 ,..,479. (Forfeit) . Fiiel B. Nori G. Labriolft 1 .' C: -Wa'rja'ck ,;' Totals '!..'•/ • ^N ' La-vine- ,. 'Hwfbbell 'Qulnh . •'Hniclo .. Average Totals Z. Gorski i?titchcl.l, .. L.-,-Plcliulo Iml. Ceils .. . U2 ... 85 ...85 ...108 ,. J10 Hclations .......-104 .;.,,.. ii 13 ,.....; -75 98 118 ?i)5 104 130 '545 85 85 85 '-85 427 JOG : 89 .88 i06 :5bV 95 - : 95 JJ5 ,98- •Dosl-dn, -".Kclj; j, 113—(UP)—,Veteran relief.'.pitfiber 'Mike 'iAybn t ' offerer) a 1 How- wi'inltic'^inJ Tibrdbuls to the: Bds'ibh -Heo 1 So^: id(lli^. : '•'',. •• • • < :Tho 'club..said .i-hat tho .80-yonr- ..old rifflii,hander'^ returnc.d \h|s con- 1 , i-hibl, lihsigh'ed. ,ycR; tcr'da'y by t ; e\- . .pialiicii, lii a' ii6to '-that vvljjIlG .'the: toi'ins, fliiiii't';sUll : lilriV- be .-Still."hiuK the bfire'r -under 'cbHslclcratioh; indi-. eating.-.lie.-fnig'hV slfen- aiiysvay ifHJle .Bed Sox doclihcd- to'boost tbe-rxnte., Hyba ; appeared'•: iir. 40 -fjitiTics ..ijfis!., seafton, winning; 7 a lid lojjlri^ 1 '. 3." ; "A SigiiiJd -boiitract •'.\'yas" rticoiynd; from righthanVled .Pilicher. 13ill' Hutland; Svho \voh ';i2 and' ipj$t; 11 last season.' yy i th •. Lou isv i 1 lc- In ••• it', c'btiio-, 'back afier a sorb-arm aliment, BASEBALL MEN IN Miami, • I?la:; Feb. IM—(UP)—Bay hcnahan,' Providence, l : l.a., .a.'Pitt.s- b'.ui'gt) Pirates' pll.ohcr. In .19.17, .he.ld. 83 ii commnndinA" eiglit?:-strolte • Ipfid; b.vor Hie .-field today 'a'h tile stnrl, >of '• 87 .the- 1 : Una) -18 hole,? in th^ unriual- 90< baseball playors' ffo'll 1 ,,tournament.: ;• 102' . Lonahan shot a one-over p!ir : ..-73' : :.ycsle]'day for a :k)-hoie total bt 145' in the 54-holo tournament;, ,.;;•• ; -. Heinle. Manush, forincr .Detroit^ 92 outtlelder, ciardcd, an .81 to take second place svith a total of: 153., •Wes Pen-ell .and 1 Mcrv Shea, Do- Si) -troit coach, were Hod Tor third at .85. 454. :.:;.''. i":. . . - ( v -• • Other scores-: .Pali] Wandi*,-/'Boston Braves; J59; .limmy Foxx,' 13b.s- ton Rod Sox, JG:i; ,1, W, Monahan, a foi-mur Brave, 10,'J;, LOddie Miller, Briivcs, 407; Tony Cucolliclli, Braves, 171; Riclt Fcrrell, llni'Vcsj/ •J73; and John Cbon'ey, Braves, 105. ' 87 38 . 90 lob ilOf) i si 85 85 93, 85' 99 3490 -.-•9Q 183 '.89 - lO/i 80 .468 530 5.7- BY JACK -CUENTHBR , } (United; Press ;BWtt;.g8priBSponaetit;. " New YorK",' Feb; n. bnseball yyrltcv inahy. how •wcinders Ark lev • '• : into, left Groun,ds:'ln^une. Struck dul v of teinesf 'alter. ^..P- m- last' season, or whet|)er:;the,wJn-- : n'ing iitirfd bfl.he big/'ga-me that- rilght lii Chicago vyiis Tour .Kings ^.or •i full ndusc-H(i ; Jusli--p5cks.up.;thc- telephone a licl dials Ch-elc 7-22^2. • > Then he ;asks for'. Bill D valid L.- v _ • Wi Lii iii -IS- seebnds.'. th.e' writer; has.. obtained ail the'-spedifl Miii- ' iiori he other -hilnute infoiMiiii as.-i'Ctiuestea .and'-.m . be. ha fe, been furnifihcd witlt^compjete-. 1 case: his-;, tortes 'of "all "subject /involved, -In-. eluding Arkie Vaughun, If ''"eld, the Polo Grounds,- 'Forbes- l?lela/ easi- ' ern daylight saying -time,- -eKitlvi mcrJ'LsrofV a flush; and a i!id,:;.-Svay Bill -Brnndt . of the bureau. 'm u ,. enuy MorgeiithaxTs office. . o- '-1J16 ^^e.' 1 Book, ;a -rx>-page • » ^n A rw nnD 1 A I 1 • A Ti r M i ROCKETS AT ARENA . .'t coords Packing Hialcah, . Fla., Feb. 13— (UP)'-n' Alsnb, the rags-to-richo3 colt of 19/tl/may m;\ko his socoiidstfirt of the year In the Blseayn'e purse at llluluali park' .Saturday as 'ii', llnal wanil u p I'p r th o $25;0.pQ J' 1 1 am i ngo;, stakes: : ; • . ; *',''•"• • • ,' ' "ile| will run if co.nrlltlons ,aro ljlo," . dWnei" 1 ! 1 Allj.erl. Sahal/li said yostei-day. "ICd'die lA'rcni'Q .has boon.'engiift'ed Lo make'the •ride.-" ' AlHnl),- l.ho champion-. hv/ : ycar- old lasl.yoar, Hnishod' sixth In the Bahamas Handicap last Saturday In his ilebut as a Ihroe-yein'-old. with' .lockey Conn McGroary up. LAST TI;ME^:,T; OH STAGE - IN LOUIS WIUIE COMPOS BROS, and other arts EXTRA ADDED An'RACTION LINDA W4RE iriti • BlANvK-Uir I. O'NEILL • Dorin^ IRES!) (US , Wm;LUti0!QAN> KNOCKOUT ENTERTAINMENT..\ ,' --^ ««*•>». rt r* >_ ' " 'V .•.-•.'.' .'.,<': ,r-:vft J; J07 •125 90 10t '•91 ,...,...;...523 Ke<ls Stitch it) (} ,115 .125 .'95 02 9Q 101 .101 80 118 114- ..10ft 05 487- 517 .1.01 103 "97 : 99 130 IOC 122 l:l/i :1'08 107 Totaifi Higlv 5.42 ' :5HO. 557 -W. Rado, 147. . Hiibbell • ;J52. :.- . •Ked SLilolling, 557. team—Ked Stitching, d029. New ,1-io.von, Feb. -43— Haying taken over second plncc. i'rom the,-. providence Reds as result of .tlieir win over the Rhode Islanders, at Providence oh Wednesday high!:, the New Haven Ipagles will nclhy., their next -home game against the Philadelphia Rockets at the- Arena'' oh Sunday night, ,-, : ; ••:.•••;:. '?r : /--. <\v <•);;'., . •.-.Delei'mlncd to; cut.-'ddwh the* lead of tho -first p.lace Springfield Jndinns iii the 'eastern - division of the.-.Am- ci' lengue,. the. Battle Blrds.-wi.l], npvv use nn all-out effort inj.helr drive. for first. ; place 'in the eastern Sector. '; . . •; < ' "-. " , ',,. i: ;." : .•••; After' a poor ' start o?i a recent western trip, - the- Engles. came on to p'piind 'Ilie Cleveland -Bnrbns 'arid 1 Reds into defeat., : -,.The Birds are once again moving,' arid with the return , of the veteran George Pn i iersbh to, ; iho lirieup ( Spon ; should rnnlUv'-Ifc a hGt'flgliV'dovi'iv the'- stretch and uitO'-'>tho play-offs, against the Indians, ' .'. - . ., -" •• __: — "4«v ; ;/ — . ' r ' ' - '•• KS WON ' .This 'Is works,, r '''v , M ". .Technically, this:, husky, gentleman' with tlie stee.l-rimmed taclcs is Known as. the head National league .. service Actually,., he Is, a oiie man 1 encyclopedia,, the odltor and staff. •of 'the annual -National.; League. Green ; book, and the purveyor of jiiorc TaolH and statistios. than you can '/md during; a ;three--day-,vlsit. to Hen • Into- . volume designed to Jit Inside the cover of a portable typewriter, Brandt stuffs nosj,ers of, every . iibiial league - I.eanii. tll61 'Gainst cvei-y other' team ibvery season since JOOO/ pbrsohal sketches of 'every, rookie 'coining up during- the year, and enough other assorted statistics to keep a squad of bookkeepers on '24-hour duly for a month. v . For instance, he devotes seven pages to pitchers alone. He lists; their team by team, records, their' "homer ball" recovcls, their "borne run suppression" records .and .the men they find hardest to strike o.ui., : easiest -to give bases on balls and toiig-hest to force into double plays, He- records the' names-of-. nicn Who have hit more tlian. 100-. home rims and who have bailed oul more/.than J,C(30 bits,- during thbir; National Icdgue careers. '. . • .'-••;•;' •-•/; . ; , I dialed -Circle 7-2292 today '. my- scjf,. arid, •• as usual, Brandt was right there. I didn't want to know wlio led the current standings in ; the- "To'mmy; Holmes opponents 1 baiting dverafecs" contest or ,Avbo hah'. driven in , the most- runs -since i87fi.,l asked him. .a little information about; Bill Brand!,;" "and .-Iq^ once .he bogged down.' It took him iO. minutes to deliver. 1 disco'vcred ,tllitt' this, anonymous, Historian had^sbeht, 2fj' years .as a' baseball writer, himself in' Philadelphia Vml New York, that he has edited all • olgiit -. editions- of the Green Book,' which hayc been pub; Jished to date, In at be .has ccirh- piled one of the most thorough Odd3 Are 5 TO 1 Conn But Maiiy Are ting Other.Way --,- \By.JACK -CUDDY U. P.,Staff.-Correspoiuicni New Yorki'l^l). 13— (Up; ^ Bij The [fill, Conn, defying a jf r i,j s . the i.'Hh jinx; .gambl.cfi his p,^. as th o wprk|'S'; second best i )cav> g weight iJt'lfeeliglUtir and « possij $1,000,000 June title bout with j Louis tbhighi ^yhcn• be faces "nii'ddieweigbt • ai '''• Madison Sq(u Garden'.) list •l.p.,l^k- u'p I ho moiu, •Juiv noedis -]-o pay. : Jiif3 income lax 1 •The grinbJlig'JiMslf boy from "' side' streets,,'of -. I'l.ttsbtirgh \vi|) J2'rounds 6i v 'ibssagalbst one of most pUhiJiblng jninehers iho j ;pdtJ-nifl ••-divisionv-hns : '•er steel - mill workers' from Jnd. The odds' are 5-.1 Mint. burglv"'Billy will win, but 'wise-^uy is betting..the other \y$\] It's a'maLter of style and sUtidfV llio boys along JiuiQ were saying today, KOI- O r ( Ihlng'-'^ale is a- crovvder and he ries tbe.batile'all the-way. {•> oilier -Conn has been':- married s j be made .bis last serious ring pearance. And—this one i s olinober—i)pbQdy yet knows \ v i,j| toil ; Louis .ippk of Conn's,-physioJ s t anil i n a 1 asi *ii m m er. •••• THere i.^fi-Saying that onw u n n 1 en sh e's-.v-h i '$;•' P o'wer—t h e man is nevc> the. same again. ]., J'ptin- Henry Lewis ami Jac 1 Shhrkey nhVi-.;Pnu'lino Uzcudin o Mi^''Baciv?;R"emeinber Johnny P; ohek and Tony Galento? Some them i.q.ugbt figain, sure, 1 never, ti&ir/V. di,d; they light as f< •The • smar'ti' monc'y boys' say may Gonn,golV [ his ibo, ; . "' AHbougb .BillY.vfl^urcs lo weigh his opponent by is pounds- bo'll come in somewhere around while vtiio jpiddleweight chai; wbii-'l do •mH'ch better than Promoter Mike Jacobs has predict th at" a crowd- of J 5,000 or would .roll up a-x gnte of .$55,009 sec '.just what 'a good Jiltle cnn' do against -a, good .big on^, /iale is a good little man, loo. is..a' ; yavage body .punchor \vlio ures^.to .^e-; fast and HIM a iihadQ'i'aster tban'Oomi and knocki3d;;biil'riya)te;\v,it]i n piinclj.] o'aVi-;J3e'.|i'U.H,'-b*u.t-.lic .has boeii icnoc^ ed- out. briiy ; on6e in 1 hife career aa ConD'. ; Js'-"hofc -kubwn foiv rievnsialiii hitting.'He !s a slia^^puncher, bj not a.deadly one; ':' : Conn's, \vorfc -is all cut'oul, must : win decisiyejy in the bat .which was arranged to provide Ii with a 11 tile ready,money, before .enlisls"- in Uncle -Sam's; navy, if should fail, he wot'iltr'klTutnc do^ life--house.-;' of .cards' .which 1 . uncle'—'Uricle'AUk'e^is 1 house the return match wilh tlil be.avyweight champion. •. -Billy h'as ? ))cen unimpressive in li!| last two i outings. A few weeks he was given trouble by one J Turner,,who. is. ob.Qtil as pJ-oinincB as a 1H34 baby Wri^pus queen is day oil Hollywood boulevard. IH says he will whip Zalc his left hand.'and IJG Jjaa: ibrnrle? of'baseball statlsUcs iii tbe !-,«J8'icft.liand,anfMjo haarcotWivj* .igsss^Mh. -,. ^pib^ ks«? niaszff" 1 ^?,^ ••New —The 1 Ne.w; Haven Eagles •scored ' In the -closing, win tiles' of vtliird period to defeat, the ^ashJng'ton Lions, 5 •tip -4, in 'ah American -Hb'ckey, league giim e'<; h ere Ins't ; ji igh t;,. .G us Man cu so scored for thp.;ibcai, six in the final period _to -clinch ' i.iie, - gmne, an/1 secure second : pjaco ; . ;ln" the. eastern New -Haven" team.- ' WILL PIOHT TONIGHT Bridgeport, Conn,, Kob.. J3—(UP) —lied -MoTfolt/, - .Devon -• wei torwcigh t, meets Rego, Dpllj: Scrttntori;' Pa., in division* for; tho Ne a return- eight-round- boiit-here to- ; •''" - ~~—"•* •..-,* ,;Thnt odd piece of furniture'miflhl; find n buyer if you iisc 1 the Classi-' fled infldiunV: - •• .: v -. '. ,-;' . .nifflil. Mpffott won a-, 'Close, decision the .last time the/-two -fighters- met here. •'/', . • .••';• •:.-.• . .£••* SATURDAY :^'^^^-f^^'-^^^^ f •» unknown.,to the fans; . t Brandt's Green Book—it was so ri'rtmfed because originally It was designed 1 to give ..information on rookie ' players—was conceived : by 'Ford Frick in 1034 to furnish writ-, ors.-vvlth-facts they couldnM, obtain anywhere else. It ls~ in the process oi' organisation • every day of the year .and it takes .into consideration all 40-reorganized leagues and all theH'.ijlayers. i. '•• • It Is distributed free to baseball atui feature writers and the fans never see a copy unless they pick one up-second;band'. A fan in the. backwoods district of Cuba's sugar belt.-.obtained 1 one and be wrote, a the -editor arguing tbe accuracy: of some obscure •figure; The 'top circulation, -reached a year; or; two ago., Svas 'j,500. • , .Brandt, ^working \vilh. - thd Ellas' Statistics: :13iu?cd..u, .turns out the volume .;himse')f.- H is re- printedv in part. . in; thousands of newspapers,, magazines ahd ; house organs, -and•'i'i,: lias ;served 1 - as tile •.inspiration ^,foiv. liuiidreds -of the .rainy...'.d;a>^ ^, stories and notes; columns' ; yoii. f read ..from time to time; oh•:: the. sports pages or hear oh the. radio.. To a writer it is hi- valuable,-.-' . •.-;•... , • ..... ; . : '; G1 a d; y o u •] j ko \ l : j v B r a n d t' sa i d wbcnjie had Jinished. "Incidentally if:you need a-VS(.ory.did you., "' l-li.'it'-i-n 1005' the Boston .1? etcetra etcctra." . . boy out— brdbably befor'e tlic Zalc, on the othcr-'hand, has ^dcd that be hns'-'-spoUed weafcr es in -Gonn---'which"Other flglikfl haven M/- noticed and that he is. ing to' bent him about; tbe hodyui til he is-softened enough for He' taps on tb.e 'ciiln. Sin'c? Xalc this, .matcli', himself—he person^ asked <; ,for. a cr,ack at ;Conn~il be that; like Max •Sclirncling, lie M "zccn x.omethccng." And ,, you saw enough- weaknesses all Louis to : 'knoc'k him out after body in. boxing had v given bin .will f l •••""•• • Goat Milk , Every suburban family own a goat, .because., a goat . produce frdrn three ti> five ;> milk;daily and will rfequire'but one"' .seventh.the feed of a good cow, acV -cording to- County Agent Wlljls "H- Hpyt pf.W:alpole f ,Mab. .He pointed drjnk-;eodt!s'feiik tKun ahy oth«t kind of — ' " AMILTON PARK SUAUVV NIGHT W k ''iri.' '' And «ik Admission tnx included, 65c. St. Mary's. Churdi] ^ Mail . (Tax Jnclutlcd) '.$Bbi'obf- JACK P J. C. feaytkwich ' Tires - Accessories Repairing l6fi SbtJTII MAIS ST, ;.. .-Teteplioijc W |16 IIFFY^S Full. Liquor Lioen3« .. •«>• .) .' . ,'v *..'•- ^

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