Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on February 13, 1942 · Page 4
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 4

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Friday, February 13, 1942
Page 4
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i I ii II $ ?! nil i. l&Slf:^^ S^l^^^iiS^^ill^B^v^BKlIARY::: DoCl.oi--Sam!JP, How _ is . . family kobp. S <( ; .h<^Uiy,^ e , s . ^ of. dem sanitavy drink- ader/as . a :tall, ,;n;Qin• ;;M11>Y5« ' thut^;'>-luokv\vas .-riding Kvm-y Kvonl ng .Sunday) hy - TIIM NAlTlATlHiK Main , ni. li North 'NAllfVATUClK, C, months ,., I ynnv _. Payable '' U.v | \vcnU—I In oiiiior . r ri'\o -HWdcit' o 'Htor. oritcirofl live., liomoB, our ,lomoorn(«y, nro humftn, Uio roat of UH. Tlioy like Too! tli'Hl- tlioy nr«-..not .l Kolton. Tlioy lovo W. i-o dw Vroni UI.DSO who " uv ko lo uro nonr.nrif . (lonr. to. thorn .it homo; AH.Jtlioy.'Htntirl in lint' ioa.w4Vf,H/! 1 «iiHli',bi.tHni ol Iho mail I'hby HI-O MM -witli oxocliuioy, 'K..n lottor iir- ttiofri i'vOU\ Hid homo .town tiioy urt\ fi'atl '«*• hoa ^ t j-iosv: .thoiftflitlOHS wo al hprnn arp U 1 - wo fail to roah'/o tluti:'oiiV:t)'ciy»,at.K«»nip or on a little timf a lolUT to a "10 % thorn! It; takoH only lo/pon or typo Hoi'yioo man, hut it will timci woll -Hpgnl. n you roM thltt od'itorirtl will -Hit doWh nosv ami writo to »m inuu, you will cln > ohoor, • bu^ N P ^' his mo.nuo, -, Jiust how you yourBoli 1 fool IT you Avoro away HtnwtforH inul yqui 1 and I'rioudH I'ajlod to Avrl to< to you ppcw- sioiwlly. -Tho moro you think alxwt it tho moro cmiokly you will form tho (.ommonduhlo-hahit o.l 1 writ- Ing' frojciiiontly to (jrtr^Hol- clior hoys," •" v •"'' r ' --. (» Beftitdd hosl , sho ITEMS TAKEN FROM 'THE NEWS' 20 YEARS AGO rally In of play, Man's Huber Five lossers ciuno from behind In their hutlle with HIM H West KmlH of MrlMlol al h« Opera house last evening, )"" svlruilnx 1\ l<> H in onj- nf Uu basketball KIUIIOM Hc.rn In thl* winter, Tommy Murphy, nlnyi-il last year wllh Ihe ll«hh<'r Hi™, und Hill Sh.-ehey, formerly ol (lu-'Waterhury "Kacey's" were. w l\ HIP Wi-sl ICml.M last nlKhl, Mart}. iWrlok was Stacked up «K«'";|V Murphv. That the former star high rd kept Murphrwell-un- ,j, T nover IH plainly evident from a ft l the summary which HhowH that Mr: Murphy UUHocl omj solitary Mold.. KOI.I In Iho course o ilic net-lo, Shm-hoy fared no bet ur, hn scorlnH but once In the grm.'llINK- Hit NS'hen half lime wan called, Ihe; Went Kndn had advantage by «> of W to U, The oonUiMtunl, nflor the bull hammer and. In the closing period. Naugy was Ili'Ht to Hcore, Captain Arl Humi) r.aglrig Hie ball on n lung Loss irom[ if. ilMi. of the oourl. Carpenter put. Urlstol back In the lead with a goal DM- net nrifl he marln thc 17 lo n In nrlalol'H favor i by, reimall/iK lln- siuirlng stunt a few momenlH Idler, Captain J'U"" -o K , L the lluhbr-r (JIly'H total to in svllh' a corking Held goal and thwi 1 "Skip" Scholleld came through wllh a Isvln oounler, tying Ihc score n With but a few minutes re- Caplaln Dunn hrouRht the 1 In IhHr feet by executing a bi'lllanl Mold gm.l,rm a long one-- liundi'd IOHH aiul then Marly fiarr pu null the ball sailing thrmiKh t ||> rlraperlcM an clKui ns a whlslle, me score then wnn 21-17 .In NnugyH- I'uv/.r, Marty Harrlck repealed with u field goal from Ihe eonler of the court and Captain Dunn wound up- Hie H(»orlMK wllh n goal from tho U> foot lino- A da ugh I or was born today to Mr.' and -Mr.-i, Harry peterfum of New Thai (he Ihumnlal round-up of tlie NaugUluck Hoy Sc.,ul council wh eh, \YIIM starleVl hint Saturday, IH going lo iio'.a HiiccesH waH •liHll(iaUj(Mocla,V;. nl the noonday luncheon ol Hie Imuif workers In' the Chambei ft * i it itffiiiiM it/i t^ f i T* I (lOmuiuroe halli v-neu iopuii read Hhowlng that a total of had boon HiibHcrlbed to date, I everywhere have a good word lliii Hoy Semil* and many are show- in^ Hie'lr lfil.oiv.Hl- In Ihe Scmit hiovc- m( . n t- by nmilrlbiitllig lo HIM lund, The luncheon today wan grea-lly on-, loyefl. II wan pi'epf"' f 'd by "Hklpper, Marlln," who wan cnok pi -Owmij Pershlfig on the llniiftaloulo and lloj Scoul.s tie Led |IH ; , waiters. W, T, PniIt prenlded over tluunifietlng and |,t«laml WliiMlow played UHJ piano accompaniments, to (he Hingltfg, Mr, and Mr».~Wlllam IVclutrds of TnlloH Sdiiaro, who have been visit- in^ udatlvoH in Cornwall, MuglaiKl, have arrived 'hnmrv Mrs. had been In Kngland nlnoe lartt aiul Mr, milliard* hnn been there Mlnoe laHl- December, Tln-.V madelhe voyage lo thin oounlry on -the HlnamHlilP Hooi'Kn NVashlngton iinrl landiul In New York lanl Sunday. ol- tor They Mr, IKK) land, u Rod OOSH quartovH rtay tion.rocoivod lia,^ roCiitod ro- pov.U from AuBtvalla that tho hospital shipMaotan W«H altaokpil on nmtoJrpm • tho PhllfppinoH -to'Syduyy, -it had' 'boon' t'oportod' that the voHifol 'had' % pfi(japod .povcral aftniks l>y -J Tho! movcV ship was "not bonibod 'or moloatocl .m Kod { CIUSH 'hhs boon in- r ., t It •!« \i\oM\t\$ to Iqarn thai rumors of ft li attack on t voro inoorroot wo;uUi;iutvo GOVERNMENT TO FURNISH BIBLES TO ALL And, now It's/'Dlbles For -Dm- UleH"-DuL without uny und- rnlshiK onmpnlKn for this latest rlnfi'iiHo-inorftln enterprise I . • . • The United States .govDrivmon ,B own Kin to Prot'estanl, Cnthollt; and Jewish soldiers In the near future, will Dft i,«SO,000 pooknUslxo and khnkl-bound copies ol ro Hpccllvnly Mulhoi'i'/od readings Irom Iho old> unrl- Nc\v,Toslamonls. in Us nllout solicitude for sol-. dlnrs 1 wclfaro-splrltunl,- ns wol - ns mftt crlnl-llin Unllnd SLntos s shn • |nrln« pmnodnril lo furnish, through, the novoniinonl. Printing • OfTloc. IJiosn hnncly, year-arouncl and clny- bv-dny .blb.llcnl .mulhiKs for.;. I ror.. distribution by chaplains to .Uin. whole AimM'lriun -urmy. Upon spool- no authorly.atlon of .Conyrnss ,.tha war department .directed tills muss printing order,, purhnps llm In scripture annals .since biM-K'H first printed Bible. • ., .Most prominently displayed on, Iho inside covers of these three., slurcly HUIe u fi. I. 11 (nrmy .pnrlnnpn. for nnnonil Issue), Bible manuals for soldiers, are letlei-s from'their nommander-ln-Chlef, Iho Presldpnl of Mm United States, nnd from the army chief of obaplnlns, Brigadier; finneral Wllllurn'H.-Arnold, U. S. A President noosnvoll. njul Oerieral Arnold Jointly urge the Bible as the; imli'nniKHl man's beat dully companion nnd liaison wllh his fJrea-j lor anrl recommend the daily scriptural readings, as , o.aHy-fo-takr . HiJIrllnal setting-up exercises, Chief of TlhaplnlnH Arnold: re-, voaled this splrllually strategic, move In a recent .(I'Yh. JO, .'1042): lHU>r to the Rev. Joseph r-YStod- man, spiritual director of the Con- rrulornlly of 'the Priu-.lous Blood nilOfl Fort. Ilfimtlfnn Parkway.. Brooklyn, N, Y. 1 father Stedinan. 1 .- 1 "My Dally neadinp. from the . Npw ; TciKtnment" was arloplcrt by the \var- department as the text of Its folbll-i cal manual for Catholic soldiers.; This orlKlnal edition already--is nn Inexpensive best-seller among the, gunoral public-. Many Protestant ministers and laymen pri'/.e Its novel arranM'orncnt and utility as do; liiimlroilH-of thousands of its Catholic clerical and lay clients. . r.oneral Arnold wrp.lov to. thank, Kailier ^ledman for rel.easlug- .'\$\\.)\--' oul .cost to- the government his; eopyrlghl on "My 1 Onlly Rending, from the 'New 'Testament 1 for .its *hortjy 'tl'or Hi coin 1'riJK, special sol- dlor-edltlon. The army's Catholic 'chaplains will bless -.and givo --the: "Soldlnr'H New /^9t'»nient "Daily Beading" to men of. their i'allh, ; and —follow through to .see that;- t.hey; use Hi Slinultauoously-,opining qlt Iho promos will be,., a-...similar- pockol-si/.e .King Jutnos-yei'slon or (he New ToHlainonl and,an .English- InutHlallon.. of . selecttid readings from the. { .()\i,\ • Toft la men I; approved .by .u. •.oonvmlltee.. of ' wid .l,l,ebrcw Wodnesflay jt; Mfchiie'r.»^3p'isi » iiviiM."-"»»d .".,•- •- >v '. ' \ •*• • ..-.'.••'•••',.-; I,-,-; Church -'with'- a •celebj;atio.n ^Uv.Od 'Holy Communion, at 1 :tX) ;; a^Tiv- Mfr . l .. ... .,. i v\n-i,>^- A n-ri-;u/^ 1 v Hnm^ any, nuinlon "jit''9 i>.'."- -•*••"..'•;,":.-.•, service at : 8'. p.m.,.at .whlolv^.-the Bichard ' W. .Baxter.-of ^^Uddle! !r .... •will bo the..: speaker/ . Tho-.gcnoml notice which-Js •usually.;irPtheJ,handfl IIUI'IV*-! .»'»<««. . , ., ..•;,[ ill--.y-l,«-^ o r the, mem hers, -ol.. th e ..pai \§ boon delayed'by.-the. di(llcul|.-y present .olro'imis'tarioes ; :', of.;! .speakers,. but -'wlH'- b(j ; sent'.. ' ns possiblb. .Services - arrived home Monday night. i Hlated today that they very enjoyable visit In Wng- The gi'horal business condi- ., In that country arc' poor, lie ', but Iherc Is plenty of work In Mint lhn government Is.bulld- a very largo number of houses. Tho nojtt'or living, ho said, Is ns high In Kngland as it Is In this svot'ilher was dlsagreo- diirlng most of liln stay In Kng- und. It I'idnod a gronl part of the mo, but ho had such a,pleasant 'iHit Uml l»« did not mind the vontlioi'i l-'riHlerlck ,1. Keeling hn« sold to I'homaH I-!, and Ha/el V. (Hmnoud, a ol on Culver Heights, \Vanh fllolhH, hundrodft.of them, ii-o needed for the ex-service men I,, public health hospitals and sanl- InrlumH, An appeal has, 1)(U!n ^ ^^ih*'V^ -*' h|H ' lll !° to which ./It IH hnneM loo«' W^ will roMpCuul Immediately. ISxonllonl w»Hh cloths may hn- made .Irom worn .Turkish towels. If. persons 'ing Turkfsh tosvoln, either worn or now cmos.-svhU'-h Ihoy are willing K, 'donate to.'thlM worthy causo cannot (hid llmo lo. mnko wash loths of llM'iu, llu«y are rnqlies od Co kindly soml.thorn .to ho Kod HH hiUiso, Tho wash ,0(0.1 hs juu^i be nl loasl. 'I'-i Inches square, no Hinallor, although they can bo larg- i,r, They may be knllled, or made of Hextor cotton, bath lowols, .hand old lablo Itnon or any. nui- ,.. Midtablo for IhlH purpose, rrangemnnls have hee.n oomplol- for tho communtty dance to bo .... Saturday night In Lho Y, M. c. A. gymnasium, Tho muslo will .bo rurnlHhod by the Novelly Plvo or-, oluudra, Thn palronosses are Mrs.- riiayton Kloln, tMrs. 1/nwl.n Warner, Mrs, John Knyos) Mrs. \V. K. Mrown nnd Mrs, f.. I/. Anderson. ,-or constanI., thc.Season;;\\! be recognised. .'• •',.'•'..',' ."•'' i v-', ; '"i'i--' i v i ' The Church- Jlolpers wiH:hola»tn-oii- first L'uhierf-.Bh'Kery 1 afld^Fdtitlv SfrliJ In" SI, Michael's Parish lvousq ( ''on. Fr,i r day,' February/';20],h,- •rf'4'rtln^at-y-ij n in. Tlie committee consists ot/.MrH 1 ' 'John P. '.lories, r'Mf-s^ae'sse •Ilowoll,' Mrs, Clarke' Warner: ;< Mrs> .lames WaiMJ$iiij:^rj^ •arid M'rfl. "".'.' _.".'.,"."""'""" 1 AttentFoiv 1 ifi Ccallecl Day of Prayei»,'..6'n..thc specially J'ocbgnizod •• li?.;'.^u^atqftk by a • sh or t S'erylcq'.-at -.the, .'Gon'grega- tlonai Church ; ;on :Priday. CYening^at chui'clioq .01'- Nftugfttuclc'•'••^y.lljf^i^'iiQ part. Aii'In.yltatioor.i's;J.l antl it Is hoped :that' ; ,therb^wi)l ; ;bp;. ii •^ood rcspori'.se; .The oTferliig. ( l.s,;o^ pootod to bo .r6r ; Cl]r!s.Uan ..W.brlf; ii)j 'Uie ICas'l, which Is now th'o cent(ir,o|| i.he great Qonflngratlon,' ;: -,:;. .}." : .J: - The nnv.'Mr,' Lewis.ot St.'Mlchaol 1 S r Church gives/nqt-icc that 1 on ^wcVv 'dlh thoi-e wl'lj -be a .special-offering)' Tor the svork ofrtho,Army,and.ISp;y; Coniinissldn of the KplHCd.p;al-(i)hurcm This' is demanding froriv : th'o Chiirch-. »svJih--moo.buat. day...;'.,r;-:- : r v ' j HiH.camiiadcsi^howcvcr, said t ii eT' tifidV- Rlrowiiiy- --guou fc'. '-skH-i • us .'• • I 1 .-'-. c . iv!« >.", 1 n cr i!mtm '_•. 'A 1'I.PP' ' 1'ftC that: did: :o : rtoVof^tl^AVln»:;men;^Af i te.r- / recov 1 -. '•".V.U^.- .'fnoiiWii :tirs.t-'dive,-tney - ro- (. at''low- altltude'vto. machine- Yun'; 'umli-.foum^ >themsclves fncln^ •Sj\4P?eh.-,erie.rji'Y •••.fighters;;; .The.:-wing-. \S-.'do\vuccl= •one',, and -collided - with ib'lh ok T whi CJb'. '.'Gi''cd,,'' wh i I c' t) i e .got :(,\yo.' -66th re.. wi'th-tH'eir.•'planes'; to the iv ca[ j riei-v : '- alth'oug'h'.. the : night. •' ''''• •'••-'--' '/,o' i) u) | o ts ' i n •: h'is • cra Cl, -control was. gone.; and LIU-. , ; ;-j,.,. >-":. :.-V.V '•<• .:• .-' . ••':"Jilh'i|lie/ Mnr'shalls 'o.ur -forces -at- '•tackeii ;Rloivahd- .Ivwajaleinh islands Q£ ;|,he xK^aJalein -. Atoll; 'Wptje, of tlVe •..NYotift -.Atoll; 1 .and ''faroa' --.laluit, n^bQrm;'^idj;,Mili.::=(Mine): Islands. iVralcliv iJv./thc,-GU];eptH ••:a]so was at-. 'talked. .:•;( th> ..ey.ewi incases story con '"•••.:••••'••: •• •' / : ' '' ; ' i:i -.• modern ; \yel 1-equipoed iind'«:^0". 1 to 32 'vessels pi' stories behind our were' reminded of a tells': In '••While- Piling new fence;we story that David . Qrayson his inspiring book, 'The .Country »s In the 'I)nlte'd'States half million dollars, to ! bo. Hie work which is"bQin^;dOne-y.>vlth, Iho members.of'the Arnjy and Navy, Supplying the chaplain.s.'with special; equipment. • "lipcl'' suppirbs ^vhelping; them to suqiV,;ah •'extent, that;.•they; may help ji.Uie'rs .riinorvg;. th'pv.splflicps; iiid sailoi-H and-aafilsU.nS-T.-tlloi.-'parisl^- •'•^ nearby --'tiic''camps : to- carry.'-on-so; that the, • members .of- the t soyeraL } •hranoijes of I.he •.serVi(ie--,may.;,rcacli:; them, with a better opportunity sWo 'ch'ow 'mbr- of. this, a .broadcast vll.l- -he .glyon '>vhich,,a),)bu|,.-20--wprc at-Kwajalein; linckiding-^> modern ',,'a big ..iTniir,' flye/, to: 'seye?; submarines and •l^iipo^tj'ig-; ; .-oijler's iiri -'addition 'to auxiliary-'equipment.-; • ,ii VThdi'ei j (i'l^Ci';were- radio' stations',; ^ucl 4wd'\iTi.uhition ; s, dumps,, ad m 1117. '.jst.raCl'b'n J^u,!icing's, :and living- -quar- iers.".' HarVjIy, a .. single objective escaped unscathed:'!.- -.-;=. A 'A )^.\Y>ijftl.eiri //ahd'oRol, i.^lart'ds were 4/h'ej. pi.c(in ; {r,t,|iif^;0t,s ^fpr.'^air 1 attack be- .causofpV'^'nidhl-.interl'br.. positions in J-hQi Mar^iajl^roup.^They, \yerfi at- •Caplfe'd^ JANfi'.c'e;; • r -W.ohjp : ,-• and,' '.'Taroo. 1 w'br,o-J| niaolVi'no gu.i'ih'ed. and bomlji)«.l, 'tlien - bohibarded. -i'ronr .the. : sea nnd then afif jjoirfbed'' .i'la'luit, Ma : k I ii n u r|, iw[i 1 |'\%y er'e; ; 1) o'm be.d'. tin -1 .'m a" "••• '"'" '" weather \\aa- 'writes Grayson, ^ was' talking with "an old counuy philosopher J know. Her was, lay nh as one vail and commented on the ^dispensability of small stones^ o keep the "large ones in . place— i-o make the wall solid, ' '<<An<d'I was thinkin'",, •of the need of smaU men, like me .to keep the big ones in place, They can't leave a- man ofus out.. • -That's what they sometimes ro) , g et-but It .ain't: for ions. Their .wall-falls- down.'" ' ' -. . : In America today, -we need the small stones as well as . Wg stones .16=' build lip our wall ol defense. Without- the -little .men the ;b g plant must close doNyn. ^°" 1 the- united efforts^ of the li.Ule men the big cause may be lost. No ma - tor how small we are, il we do part .we can help hold-up, the -- ; 'I Sidelights On The Talbot Testimonial Oiie) our ohino: encountered WORKED BURNED 'itlilit^'-svyopf'Vthe •Gnrr 1 block, wt 16tes'''ost|rni)te{l 7 as ht; 1 'least. 075,000. '.'.vyPhitiiferHR^pqcj •jsupp v ortrng -. timbers;• : .\wiAkfih^rt v :bv 'Hvatciv and-..-lQjD forma,-: ..York ; will".-speak ' pvor x the\Columbia; network ''.at .10 'a.m.•' and "Bisirpp '-Me-; 'Kinstry of Delaware \yll.l i ;spRak.vOverj the M u tual.: net'wo'rk '.a.),,' ,11.-:30; a;:m ,j t giving ''a hill exp.lan)itlon.( and'the neeflH, Tht to pro von t a "Pear. .-.„,.-, .... . . wheif.It, comes :to:.caring-. ! for.. our o A YEAR AGO. /I WAR IN EUROPE FEB. 13, 1941 Hy Unl-lnd Prow. . Kornuir King All'on'/o XI H, of Spain, renounced ululins to the 'Ihrono' In favor of- !I!H aon, Prince Juan, • , , .. , John W, WolTord nppolntnrl tlrsl U. S. ivllltnry nl-Uxolio lo Ireland. ul to attacks ol ? that kiiid, To expedite prln.ll.nR 1 of. l-he .spc-, olnl Holillor-odll-lon.V.ol' 1 Ids scriptural "My Daily Heading 1 ,'• Pallior Sledman alno loaned . the . government without charge hi.s. plates of the original publicatbii by tht'N same name, Kor thcso oonlrlbutlonH to Holdlei-H 1 s|ilritual welfare, Gen. Arnold wrote him appreciatively. "1 wish to Lak'o this opportunity," .said flun, Arnold, '"'on ,the eve of tho publication ol 1 our Testaments to thank you • I'tii- releasing, gratis your copyright 'to the 'My Dall.y iluadlng' from -the New -Testament, wlilcli Is being printed for. The pie.n of the Catholic, faith In ^the United sial-oH Arm'y. ','V. •, .-•» • \- •;• ;, . "Your organization and yoursell can well appreciate, tho value 'of LliuHu Bibles to the men In our armed forces In present-war conditions wlion Clio problem, of morale IH so Inextricably tied up with I'ulMi. Your help, therefore, In prd : . vkllng the war department wllh ,a Hultablo text may be considered as a. worthy contribution to the cause of national defense.'/ ' . This text of "My Dully "Heading" Is from the newly revised and rnotl- (irnly worded Catholic ' translation of the Now Testament. This revision was published" loss lluui a'your, ago'by the Confraternity of Chrl's- tlan Doctrine <of. which- tho; -Most IK!V.' Kdwln V. O'ljara, bishop of Kansas Oily, Is.chairman. . ; • • ''My Dally Heading" Is a compact and Inexpensive arrangement of'.the •Now Testament In. throo-m!nutc4o- roacl dally selections for each day of Iho year, The readings are datqd in the margin and each Is titled'as to lis subject matter. Tho soldier with bis wrist watch and his mother back home glancing at the kitchen wall-clock, •can 1 simultaneously each, day read the Identical Hiirlpture .passage. .The biblical slory'H' .continuity Is preserved, throughout the scries, '- A Ihroo-mlnulo minimum of road- Ing ovary dajVyln .the course of 'a 'your ;w|ir afford a< ; ..complQte har- tnony; of the IjTo, and teachings-of ilosiiHj and tlio' : -Hl.ory-- of : ',lhe early Christian: ohuroh'. -I'rom Ih'e foiu- OospelH, the Acts, of the Apostles, tho lOplstles and St. John's Hcvela- tlon.s,: Although printed, in clearly legible typo Kuthor Stednuvn's . cillr, lions, of "the . Holy Ghost's ''own l)ook,v as ho', styles ,11,- n't Into-a •civilian: vest pocket,, a w.oman/.s 'purse and a abldlor's blouse 1 pocket. "Our present hope," Father SCed- jnan says, "Is that tho •' modest, little 'My Dally• Reading from God's word—'The.-Good News of Ihe New Testament 1 '—will become tho 'tip that hinds' our boys In thc armed forces and their (oiks 'at liotne.-'no matter .what distance ;or other ma- 'torlal circumstances separate ahem; •y/o arc praying and literally crusading :by every available moans to got sohlicrs ui\d" tha • dear -ones they hil'l behind, to read, =-l)y .pr.q- .'irranHomont, at the -same tlmo eno)i 'day, t-ho same text from Holy Scripture. That's the > vvnr-tlin'e 'mission of " l My Dally Heading'. 11 Kalhor S ted man explains lo make, his i{nusunl, : ."not-l'Or- 'damaged,'.made a^uipldc.-yl^C;Wlth - : h(s enginos* afire, .In' an/vcffor.t to :orash.- f ori the/decK;.ot t -'ani: aluplane 'carrier, ••••'• • . -;,-,'': : !> . V' 1 ''/ ;';"': •• - r :., -. "He hit" the'deck 'outboarf|;/-ana.> wont over. . tho'- side-. !nto;..,Jh.flV-se.9,; causing only 'superficial :dn'itirige..:. -. { • "As the fleet- sl.'GumefJ: in/ ifo.r- ( :tn<} < . . . k t * ^ .. i / __ v-. -i i **• i rt iS i*l l"\'n n> li rt l*f \ •- ! Initial blanket'ac'rKi.l nhd men I 'attack 7 on 'all objecUvRS-.-at i> :o ti. m., we'spotted the dull green tops] of tho coconut: palms on lhc,h.or.l'/ori —then the wlilte limis^pt; ,thc ;coi;al bnr and the surf. '. '. ;;.;' -v! ; .v\f ; -"{Jvvi .• »0iir • warships raced through ,the creamy water'. .Tilerb ( \vcip roar of-'gimsi f -Thop .s' from the biggest rifles;:Wcro . "The rnhb'C'-vnfi;so cdo^e that t ;j|l the "drirnago" c'duld >.bQ- ; obs6r r yed. Thero- was .only)'a:--j)l.MXu| from the -Japanese. Hhore ; Our' swns .(Irod .again/ Th;;or.q : teries were sooiv.ou't of Uli I I V »J * 1 *f ji *-**r *^. .-••,••••- . 4 ^ . - \ ( j • ^ - - • j ^ • "Then our.plancs :• came...,l-}V$jf ,- j f»r. is'lied'thc Job,' 1 ,A:..;-. -:.".;.'. • ^^^ Tho: attack -wda ! ;a, slmultnncpus.yaji; nnd naval l3low:,Qt' eight ;isjunds' in an-area. 400 m'Des loiig:-Anilv^^miUW: wide, lasting :from -6:58; ft, jn; ; .until-, 11:15 a.m.- (the, eye-witnc^; 1 story continued.) '• " ! ••.'•," ' -.:'••''.;'. ' -.'. Vorio\is pombulnnt .ships ,.bom-, burded two' 1 Islan.ds; supported liy, an iilrplanb.carrier on-which- tho plunGS. '.that made the. other attacks , : were, basc'd. Some of tho- islands'wpre v , aV , tackqd .twice. , ;':'•' -. - .».-'.. '•••'•• :•'•'•; ^.V.-'.o.V- ' American ; caprlcr-basq'U; ...p,!an,Qfi proyoVr s'up«r.'i6r ; t6u thc,,.tapaii01sp ; laml-based craft In both; spe$d;,,and a'r.mamonti.- '-,^.; •:''.'•• , •< l "^ y ^f-f±A Tlie, -An)orlb'n'n--.pianos ,bart-.''l.aK,e|J olT I'i'o'm ' the carrier -several -.'-h.purfr heforc-^tho-iittack, ' They' ^ojmb^,^ Wot Jo (in the.' Marsha)Iv/^'^up).-. while" the flobf crept .'cips.Q-;under cover. ..of...darkness„ w.lth.,,all :-K.uns manned and all precautio against -an ,okorny ..attack, ;T was attaokccl.',':., - ,- •:" : .. ; '.-.;,-;•••;;.. : .-.. v 'But- tho onslaught =;was :a com-, pleto surprtHC-:' 1 'and,. -the' attackers,. mot air • opposition '•only,.-at --Taroa, where' at Hrst;- there \vaX\,dcsxilfory. ">nri . inaccurate^ ^hiHi-'alr.cra^^.'^llr.e.r Thc pilots; snickered,.;a>' •»— tl '-«*^'''- wlde. misses-:as -they . . .. their targets,: Then ,lapa.nese[p.l. . . ii) ok the air '• an ft •; the ;• fllgl] t^'leader and his Wing' : 'T"""'""" ' "'" '•"'"- liant suftcoss/'-by t'hem," one 1 . a -seneral-aiarm flre- •iGnrr 1 block, with .hnl.tiiig'' wind.-'that '•-. threatened .to nnd swept; structure to ; :seibiion '.i'apid'ly'Hhrough,'-' 'the . i|fjTfl; J --'foiirr^tpry. : 'section . -that housed I'Vijirpe^s'-'dn.igstgr.e^ • •• ' •••• .''. . •: .;;V''T.<vb ! '''.'.'AVQlhien',.';.': riot 'immediately "\f\'rirC\ ihh'rt -''"'U'ni'o 'I'' 'over 'lail- J den li he'd ,' : ::\ycre '' -.'(':.; "•" ... -..vuiuiii'tjni.n • aide'd.'. firemen - in. ''manipvV|uting: : <;lines\- that froze- i'lrV- ! near-/le^o'''.;we'athflr.; -Police. said. '.iliiiV:-'bcfieved' -large'-stocks• owne-J •.by:^hto".MtiIie ; rian.'Stores.'Co.,.a chain •.'departnvont--|;sitprp ) siiHerod, heavy dfimaga. i-.vTh'd; '.'stocks- • J-'ia'd,. 'beei .;s Co red; -'i ii:- -the ! b.l.qck;- after . a ',' ous ;!)i^o' v v.had'''cla'mutf(id .'.'.the- 1 company'.- town ,- j-'ri-•'.(V'nOl,her;'';"Jsection.: ..of the ji:(U. (; P)—Wend'ell l |SvillklO',suggestfl\tl}'ut .Gen. Douglas ^[^ArM'ui.',: 1 be 5 / brought -back : from 'VjJo^Ph'nippincs;. to assume' supreme i'com'hiai'id' of'tn'e'lJ-.'S'.' .armed forces aiKj^rifi;: the L"liuhg)ln&" and con- fiiRJonV in'the .wai' elT.ort,... • • - \\e -CLsHed-•• tltal; : .''b'ure'auorQtic and po]itical;hands"-;be kept off the hero •pf-'-Batoan yp.chinsuld Xncl .that 'he be : givon ; -thc f ,'•'resiionslbi 11 ty and power 'pt-jCobrdinaUng:all the'arm'od- forces 6c-the.Vnn.Uon:.t'o their: most effective ..use.,'.- 1 .','•.'.'"'••"• j. ''-• -.: : -- : '-:-:?: : i : "' ',-• '• • '. • ,'• :La8hfng:\put:;at;.S.ccrotapy.. of Navy ]Fr*ttnk? I<nbx-; and - Socyetary •• of Labor F.rancbs <T Porkins,' Wiiiki<?,':tpl(1 'a. Lincoln Diiy/ ;'dlnncr of;,the 'Mi'ddlesex r ., c .-Wd'-^ontraT'• clircctlbii among pur.vorldus'ngh'Cing 1 forces.", . : . He .--said- ] an:' urgen tv -need in - UVP. Rmool,^ lYijritiing of- our grjiAi;')s';.t'he ;. ap.p'o.m'i:mcnt:,.' ll .of. nh :in.- dlvlclual res'pcctp'd, by .labor .to deal wi.thCJaboi 1 :prq))'lcms.; In. other words ' not 'a-Perkins." • itionod: the "start- jiim,. t ii wt , f . .t|iat Secretary '.'b'f "State Cdrdclf |I.uli.-n : o- longer is. s.'complete. -I..-..-.--^-L^J\yith 1 }.full authority-in profit-spiritual'-deal ' ..... .... . army,". In ".those t tiinos.: : .of:'astronp- ..mloal 'figures;• fbr : matprlelv^del'en'.so contracts', b.y'. 'Nvjiai; iVe/^term's.;,.-'a; subsidy -of •faiUi. 1? -Th6 : 'Tcforcnce;iis to the fact . that, .at.l', his ••I'oHgloj^ publications , 'arc ' undGrwritteiiV; by •the fi-ee-wili "olTerihgs ofUho-;monV« i. ,. *_ i* I 1.. rt' • t^ rt *^ ^*ir\lr\i»nlt*ir'' ' rt T v. "* Iflfl .hers of the' Confraternity 1 ' ;off the Precious -Blcibch-.-• ,"• •• -;-'• " ^'Vt;'" 11 - 1 !" '.'"T' ; Besides "MyvDaily* Reading : I' -the New .Testament;" ' KUther;;.Sted|r :man 'is the autbor- of^-'My-iSunday '.Missal! •' of'' ; v; lou'r copies : hnve- ' boon,/, dlstr ,, J foil)', years—lOO.OpQ..copies _alone.;b,y iyo .^ .,coriro; forward -as-Jn ready ;cr'; v 3.i ! ',is:.'tp. 'be recalled that' !,y'.RU|)lie-sorvan't was-'as- ;;rinatian! : :in. the morn-ing ;SUi]day!, : : Dec. ; -7,.; '^ii ; : In fri'es. i : tliQt-.;.. 1 :t'he . navy "is retvdy.v''^;- -i-' 1 ,-';-'.-'- " J. ' .- ' ' -. ..'' ...., :V,-knoxj-ljfl;Palely :"madc known- .10 ' ' ' ••••••• that we wcro . xy.hioh meant .\ye concerned: abbu I,' .af- -.'-.. Knbx t.he '•' Qther.j nations fighting ^-ji 'could ' be tlifrNa'Uoniii - . S'ervlcp of thp....'U.S'.6.'-,to ^mcnriberS' ,of ,U)o-' armed forces.; s ^Myi.L'eritoh: Ij ubseiciujcn.t jy.Vhas J'o u ri d o u t' th a t we ap.O' righting! every wh;er.c. .. - .-...?! f'Ib;'iisi.:idvfbc -hqp'eti; that ho will •hcrenftQ^;cphnric. : 'his: attentions to fighting -and;'; lGaye.:slalcmcnCs" of polloyfj-.-.iv:-to'-'p.u'iM secretary of state. [Th^ ;cburitiry ; ('irrcspeotiye;•. pf• party ian<i^the:->v6i\l.d v /o|itsicle,' hps conti-; ;dQn;pev^n^M^|^u,lh,.Mr- Knox is an- '|,.-\!^i 1 ll^l'e'.(ih'piight^j acArtbur.. sh ou Id ; ( t iVcacti'tlV^'cdml^ined-'U: ; :S.v.t'oi*ccs --b(\- <.-' .•'•'nn'iiAX-'^«'n ; -'MVio'd: irknior- Vnnwn f.hf> nn- mer resident and brother; of Mis Tdlliot; proved an. able nssisl-nnt to his; sister ih:groeting the targe gath- L = AllY Marcus (or Mnx, as he. is known to. his. many^frimuls in the borough) proudly pro.clnlmed llial ho and his brother AUy. Herman..!. W.eismnn always referred to Isauga- tuck as their home town -Austin L. A'dains, president of the Colonial Trust Co. and .former resident' here, readily acquiesced when invited to pose for the photo of the Niuigatuck.- group. The . Young .Republican Clubi ol Naugatuck was well represented. Among '"the "youngsters" who a- 'tended were Albert' JS. Mai, presl- •dcnt'vof the club,'past presidents Henry. Schildg'eri, Unl, and -\\Mlllam A," Painter, J.ohn iidrnbccker nnd .losnph'Br Pluoclo. •' ',. Atty., Tho'nias Neary -.and Mrs. ".N'GHVy ferea tl y' en j oye'd • t;h a. f cis ti vi 'tics. .'Tom-played an' important part iiv-'th'e victorious -campaighingy of •our new. congressman. , . " ; A 'huge, floral piece.of-j-od, white and bluQ flowers,'d the mrin- tl apiece .in the. rear ,of th'e speakers' fable. The reel flowers formed , a"-y 1 .' for A'icto'ry. 'Rudolph M. Hennick, publisher or the Naugatuok .Daily- ' News,', wa.^ busily engaged making new ao- qUaintan'ces and receiving congra- ulations-ancl best wishes for success in his'now post.; ,-. u Vick"- . ; and - "Gunny", Peterson seldom miss,an occasion of'n test.i- ; mbtiial of- Ihjs nnUire. nnd 'appeared ,;\vfell pleased that-i-lhei ;; did; n'pt 'rnisn 'i'.h'e TaIbbt dinner:' " '. '/.: -t ..-• : • ; .>13ill".'Pape nndvex-Oov. Raymond -;0. Baldwin •chatted merrily during • ; ,he evenin'g at the., head, table and ;.pplauded v.ociforousjy when ".Joe" was called to do, his-turn-before the \ piid.speaker. VROCCO Marjuno, Henry Zwiok, Louis - krode}-': and Wilfred Megin .enjoyed' the occasion and were on •h'a'hd' J00 . per cent" in giving tho'fi ,a "good hand." By-thc : way,. Louis Krodcl .will, soon reside • : iiV his now ..home- in,;Millvillc \vhei\ Mrs.. Krodel returns'..-to'. Naugatuck with t'lieiu; new baby son. And' take it from your reporter-—Louis' house is a honey.. ' •'.- TOCWRESS .--'Bdstoh' 1 ," ''Feb. ,i3— (UP)— Formc'i City 'Councf'lor^Henry. M. S'clvHcllJJL protested to .'CG-ngres's.'. today !aftei learning. J-hat.^Mi'S, F lore'hen- ATnio- 1 i no, .was : forced to borrow $3.10 for collect telegrams Informing her .o'f the • Injury v' of ;-hcr" soldier, son al Canip. Barkeley",; ,Tox. • .The^-flrstr.^-collec't;. 'ielcgram '•• advised her ofofin auj'drnobllc 'accident In • wh ich' , A iicr oniy'\. son . wns. in- -,iur,ecV,- 'Sh'p asked for. details- ai . received.: IV;? reply—collect—tha t h o had. 'sUffe'rJBd^ n broken'-collarbone, broken- slipuldcr bla'de and internal injuries^; • ''.,'." '.; '" :' : Selvite11a";dos'cribGd the incident ns, nn "outrage" nnd wrote to U. R. :Rcp. Thomas A.--Flaherty, D.,--Mass. / "It; is- possible," 'he said, "that l.h'e'-'.company .'''commander had no Blinds . .... for such n, toippram. ..However,, we arc spending billions 'of-: rtoi'lars • nnd- collectlnp: .funds .filoiYi-.our., citizens .to provide'coni- ,.forts; find . .plqasures for our soldiers. H certainly seems to me that provision 1 sli'ofi'ld''.-he made: to nd- -viso. pni'cnts--" when their sons nro injured .whilp oji'.rluty in : the--anr<v. ••phrtlcijl.iirly''a boy'of 20^, without, 'sendiri^ such information -collect." , "Had,'.Mps'. Maiolino been unable to.borrow; the money;she 'might not /have, known oven now ,thnt hor had- 1 -been 'seriously- injured." HELD FOR TRIAL of the- armed forces.; s '^Myi, Lori tori' ^ur&^pl^: thjs^\vav, : . /..(-and- • is}:-- Mlssnl" ; .Hie .lesus,.. Mary ^anO,-. -3.0 .'•• ^Qhvwho^aJmost alone, has given ^cpji' Noveriii. Manyal,: ajKl; ojnier; ;d%; ^lloxyr c^untryraori;; • conndence • vollomil worlis,.-. •'.'-•' ; ;--'•-.-._ \:: : ^r : i.^'^^i^ ; , : -v; \ '. '•:'• Hart-ford, flonn,. Feb. 13—(UP) — Bernard- .7. Lnndrum, .31;'. formeriv of'-Ko.sciuRko, Miss., today':was held Tor.- .the § May 'V,erm' of^ U. S. district 'court "on 'a Charge of imperponat- ing an, -FBI- officer •••with intent to •defraud. .He^pjeaded .not guilty bo- forov U. S,;:'Gomml3sioncr' Wi'lilnrii J.. Wh clean, and was bound over to .tlie-federal gra,nd jury.- ; •.' • ..•- •.' ",'.».* » .. j long known the na- -KILLED RY TRUCK .. . is):--.thc—.-.Darlen, Conn., Feb.--.1JJ—(UP)—A1- •has v givcn'his rhert F. Phillips, 13, was killed late and | yesterday when-struck by a ttatlcr- -.truck while pedaling his bicycle. : ^^--' The Aincric-nn Creed V bcliex-e in the,- UnHcd Slalw of Mnerlca as a govoniment of tie people, by' .the people, for Ho n nation of many Which merican patr their lives nnd fortunes. herefore believe it is. my duty ; co.untry to love It; to sup- nort its constitution;.., to obey -its. to respect, its flag, ancM*. defend it against all .enemies. don't you Th el;'stranger ..put one Ills "left- eie .and. "gawd at over- two ""Well',' -that's extraordinary claimed Briggs, - pftying losses, "How did- you do it?< • I 0h,"'1 said- tho -stranger on, "any one can ,do it if ] K " eye." ' ' Sailor—We just dropped r lady. Lafly—I'd been 'expecting It's been .dangling outside for time. • falher your miner r.omp| s!n | .staying .so lain " Haven't' .1 In "a tliou.- She—Darling, any more? . . • ' ]-j^_Of .course.. I ..a.o. just said you're a girl sa She-Yp.s. But you used' to say 1 was a girl in a million. Well, I certainly made, a 6'ood model stood up: your ai)artment. Moron—Mow was heated last winter? ' Rol)0 'i,_By hollering down bawling out the janitor. and his wife tliat U look at .lhc;;sun •• Briggs stated lo was impossible to . without-, blinKih'ffv ' • 1; ' ' - r A stranger wn"6 -happened passing stopped.' , -Pardon me, slr;V--.hc would you like to take that?'* "Yes," said -'Briggs, "I'll en n't do it." to be but- bet, on bet'you - Ole-Di'd about my night? : Marge—No. On tlie con I wiry asked me how \ could he though Mess as to let yon g ( work without any breakfast. • City Banker (visiting the I suppose that's the'hired man? Farmer (who lia-d visilod }) ini] —No', that's tiic flrsj. yio. in charge of : 'cows. ,. 'Sbelk-^-I- know a man \vho been; married for 40 years, a "ni 'spends every evening ui homo. ' ' ,Siioba—That's w,hat- 1 love.. -. . • • .. g)i e ^—The .doctor -calls lysis. real par,v i Thomas Bros. ST. Phono SISi Body and II 'Fender Work (I -Auto Painting. r j| , : /24 Hour ii Wrecker Service SIR'S- CENTER ST.'% »>IAL I3-27G2. - GLASSWARE STRATTON'S RESTAURANT 18 PAUK PLACE '' STEAKS — SEAFOOD in0s For-Wife, Mother, Sweetheart, . Friends, Etc. Valentines from did lip;. Full line of Children's Valentines., Buy and mail them-early! ! s WEEN ^ The £ard ' Gift Shtip)' of _0 Or—0—-0 0 0 Murphy's Paints and Enamels for exterior andgInterior purposes • 0—0—0—( CANS. Inc. MAPLE STREET TEL,-350? NMigatuck-Mdde Footwear Serves You Better Naugatuek Footwear Division DANCE To the Music, of ORCHESTRA FRIDAY NIGHT and SUNDAY, 6 P.M. to 10 SfcSt=tt3£=££3£=it3^^

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