The Indianapolis News from Indianapolis, Indiana on May 26, 1932 · Page 11
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The Indianapolis News from Indianapolis, Indiana · Page 11

Indianapolis, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 26, 1932
Page 11
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THE INDIANAPOLIS NEWS, THURSDAY, MAY 26, 1932. 11 Delightful Rooms fumtskedunfurnishfd at moderate cost ' And4 many advantages cot to be eo joyed else - ' ; where if you make your . Chic ro Summer home sr. ' " Tirs Dxajue. On the lake, ' ft short walk rom the . Loop delicious food unexcelled service. A dis - - ; '.tiaulfhed place to lire. Attract! re, comfortable , rooms with bath as low as $100 ft momhj $150: for two persons, $2 67.7 5 ,v. for three, $297.50 for four. Also unfurnished : rooms and suites. If you plan to spend your Sam . raer I n Chicago, write now for information on Spe - 7 dal Discount allowed for ' extended Rummer suys. Uprxr Mlcnlsaa Avsaee and Lake Shore Drire ' t 31 Mil f Imply spray or pour LMecovery 4 own bs - boards. In cracks la , walls ftnd beds. .. where bedbugs lark and breed. Safe. Stain - late. Sure. Cheap. Guaranteed. 1,310,010 cans aeld last year. FINANCE SESSION ENDS flIH BOARD ELECTION Many Speakers .Appear. Closing Program. on ADVERTISING MAN HEARD election ,pf ft board - directors, Thursday afternoon, was to bring to ft close the seventeenth annual two - day convention of the Indiana Association of Personal Finance Companies, at the Claypool hotel Effects of pictures and art work la advertising, was demonstrated before the association, la lecture by Jack Rhoads, Indianapolis advertising man. Rhoads illustrated bis talk with photographs and pictures." Contrast between the cheerful business office and the office In which gloom prevails, was described by William Young. Columbus, O in ftn address on "The Vale of ft Smile in Business." : . - - y ' Other speakers Thursday were X, P. Moore. New York; Charlea R. Parker, of the state banting department; W. rrank Persons, Wsshlngton, vice - president of the American Association of Personal Finance Companies; H. X. Arnett, Marion, and Fred J. fichur - man. IndlanaDohs. ' America's Uls Include ignorance, apathy and paralysis of moral backbone. Major Norman A. Imrie, Culver Military Academy, asserted In ftn address 'Wednesday night at ft dinner - dance of the 'association In the Riley room. The country needs the light of learning, science, invention, the heat of enthusiasm and human sympathy, and the power of courageous, purposeful organized action, he said. - . - WOMAN "TIPS" POLICE Two Tenths Arrested When Caught ' in Alley With Weapon. Y A woman's assertion that "some men 'you want are down this alley" led to the arrest by police of two men Wednesday night Sergeant ' Kent Yoh and squad were at St. Clair street and Indian FIRST SPEEDWAY TRAGEDY OF 1932 KILLS ONE v IN SAME CAR IN WHICH DEATH RODE LAST YEAR avenue when the woman, whose name was not learned, approached them. She pointed to the rear of the 700 block In Indiana avenue where two young men vert seen. As police started down the alley one of the young men threw ft revolver over fence. Both were captured and gave their names as clarence Dallas, colored, ' age seventeen, living In West North street, and Gordon Gholson, colored, age nineteen, living In Bright street. Each had revolver cartridges la their pockets. The revolver, of .SB - caliber type, was fully loaded. They were charged with vagrancy pending further Investigation. - 5 P E 0 1 A L T R A I U 5 U E TV fctll union s mi o u a u d spee dway nupnlnc Tlrao' 15 MInutoa Each Way Safest, Fastest and .lost Comfortable Way, Commencing1 8:00 tL m. and continuously until the crowds have bten handled to and from the Race. Special employes' train will leave Union Station 4:30 a. m. J. N. LEMON, Division Passenger Agent 'Tragedy paid It first visit 'of the year Wednesday at the Indianapolis motor speedway. ' As a result of the first serious mishap of the prerace activities, arrangements were being made for the funeral of Harry Cox, age twenty - eight, riding mechanic In the machine driven by Benny Beneflel. age twenty - five, which hurdled the south wall of the brick race course late Wednesday. kBenefiel was Injured seriously. A HmKU VIM mm BUUWU tU MM larger picture and the Inset shows BenefleL Both the driver nd the mechanic of the machine, enured by AMn R. Jones, were Indianapolis men. Four race cars, two traveling fast and two slow, were in the southwest curve of the track when' the accident occur ed. BenefU's car Is believed to hsve lost its left front wheel In a collision with the Inside wall and then to have skidded to the ton of the track, where It vaulted the concrete. wall and a pro tecting xence ana tnen dropped more than twenty feet to the ground. Through a grim coincidence, the machine In which Cox was killed Is the same car In which Joe Caccia. driver, and Clarence Orove, riding mechanic, were killed In last year's prerace activities. The accident that brought death to Cox and Injuries to Beneflel occurred at a spot only a few yards from where Caccia : and Orove were killed. Into Turn at lift M. 11 fJ. Coming down the main stretch at more than 100 miles an hour, Beneflel. ft dirt track pilot of several years' experience, lost control of his machine and went into a fatal skid. AS the machine cleared, the retaining wan and fence. It shot through the upper branches of one tree, struck another tree ft glancing blow and wound Itself partly around the trunk of ft third tree. The demolished racer ended Its wild ride In the side yard of J. W. Stevens, who Uvea Inside the speedway lncloeure and who works for the Speedway Corporation. Stevens, his wife and son were the first to arrive ftt the side of the unfortunate victims. Beneflel and Cox had been thrown headlong from the machine while it was In the air and Cox ap - All Yon Need On TlfCKIEII wy SIB ' Im 1 I I 1 I I 'S I a sT I f - 'UiKV1 SJ7W. StCAitS - SCOURS Brightens the Home Lightens the Work Wleh With Tender Skins 10 T7 VAn r.M witii W tvp cold water. v Scrneeze a mull r - aantitj of Catlevra Sliavlng Cream on to ymr couteaed brush. Vatch how tpxcitlj it voxka up into a Cse, cresny hther. Then ihtYi snd know what it it to hsv your face froe from that t!ht, dry after - foellog. At yowr dealera eceeatpeerpald eo reeefptefSSe. H ; Addna: Catievr LaboratorUe, MaMca. Mm. ClHJlnilr.. (OllftJnln: ilWWllD 11' y:j Shapiro of Brooklyn " ' - ' T T - " ' n ,i . . . - . f : . . . - , , mmmmmimmmmmmmmmmmwmwm .in !! I r mmm II ' I ! I, m If dMMH IMIi 11 ,i IIIMIWIBH illliw W.m - ina timm T i mm the struadron. according to Major Taylor, will take part la the race Monday. They are Technical Sergt. Aaron vance, sergeant Robert u. Eastridge and Private Harlan IL Sage. mends of Cox who met . at the East street address after newt of the accident reached them spoke highly of the young mechanic. . They said he took ft fatalistic view of life and that he was hopeful of becoming successful in the racing game. Beneflel was conscious when picked up after the accident. He said the first warning he had of impending disaster was when he felt the left side of the machine sink to the track and r then . skid out of control. Beneflel was ft novice on the big brick oval, but had been ft successful midwest dirt track racer for several years. . I I v 54!e roi , . - - ' , . Tint 7 I soey Ms Net York for England end Trann Tcmrltt, end TAini CUu mt new low A$k )y atkrfad travel gn(, or Mleklaa BUA. Cai0as. liL 1 8 afcly educed 44 Pounds Looks ; Years Younger. Teels Better Than In Yftra. "CcatUacat r? rtatair real reef mit !! tstlMMll ktUra. t ft ( ,rrcr alfe st ihm an tlr. Oa !(! t 1SS1, aar hrtiaJ aettifl frc4 aa u seek ataeual ale. Afur turmt t X krU(a I Mackt A foaoa a 4ir rtM af lha l4lne MptUtlMI Ik III4MH ovMr. On lb ebava Sala I Wih4 mitt s rt 4 v Ha la fcel(bt). Am a(r,fi4 rr4a (fc.rt) (,alvUr) 14 rMar IIS. Onir SS yr H. ait a ib'o,a smln(l M Is - rrt,4 M l;it , Ona tinfal f lirMfhn Siitt n warm ir avarr ai - rntnc vita a imtuf a roars. S ninni In 44 tb. Mr ffM,t ih ik, ats arara (rifu, I. ftl fcttr than in rr anS n IMS' I I" rr rnfr." T.f4 - " Brkla K T Cttoetr fl i ' L. MBhons of men the world over are taking the little daily dose of Kru - schen because they know that It keeps them feeling fit and active - Ills r l ally becomes ft glorious adventure well worth living. Oet on the scales today and see how much you weigh hen get ft bottle of Kruschen Salts, which costs but ft trifle and wul last 4 weeks. Take one - half tesumoonful la ft glass of hot water every morning cut down on sweets for ft while persist In this method every morning and when you have finished the contents of this first bottle weigh yourself again and know that the six mineral salts of Kruschen have presented you with glorious health. To take off fat harmTawiy and SMre - LT take Crunchen err noorntna 4oa S worrrit's the BAr way te rtduca. . But be sure for your haalth'a aake that you ak for and et Kraaeban suite, oat tMaa at an eras atre ta Ute wotM. ' : Washington Wins R.O.T.C Plaque for Second Time For the second consecutive year the crack R. O. T. C. unit of the Qeorge I Washington High School Wednesday j won the plaque offered annually by the Reserve Officers Association when final Inspections were held at the five Indianapolis high schools that have R O. T. C. units. Permanent possession Is awarded for winning the plaque three times. Artenai Technical Hlch School was second this year and Shortrldge High School third. Proficiency In the manual of arms was reoosnised at the InsDectiona bv awards to the following: Cornoral R. C. Fa tout. Shortrldge; Sergeant Rol - ana Baunaers, enspus Attucks; Private Edward Mock, Washington; Private Harry Dledema. Manual Train. lng, and Private Lynn Lee, Technical. xne inspection Wednesday was of individual group platoons. Inspection of the 'complete unit of each hlsh school was made at the corps area Inspection April 26 and 2?. Schools received 75 per cent, of their retina on the proficiency of the entire unit and 25 per cent, on proficiency of the platoon. WaawaaaaaaaBBSaaaaaaaftaawaBmaaHMaaaWa HELD ON DRUG CHARGE Mexican Believed Distributor ef Nsr - eotle Used In Cigarettes. Chrlstophero Alverado, ft Mexican, proprietor of the Mexican Jot chile parlor at 114 West . Ohio stmt, was arrested Wednesday night by Lieut. Ralph Dean and squad on ft charge of possessing cannabis indlca, a narcotic - used In making Snuggle" cigarettes. Ten pounds of the drug and 1,000 cigarettes were seised. It was alleged Alverado had been one of the principal distributors of the hAbiWorming drug. Although there is no federal law against Its posses - aloiv ft tste law permits police to arrest those possessing or selling 1L Blacksnake Pays Call to County Agent Office , l Special te Tfte Indlaaapolia Xewa HaRWORD CITY. InL, May 26. The oddest caller that Walter Rusk, Blackford county agent, has had in his office for many months, paid him ft visit yesterday. looking up from his desk In the Courthouse, Rusk saw a tive - ioot blacksnake wriggling through the door. He captured the reptile la an Iron bascket and took it to the country, where he released it. The agent explained that blacksnakes are harmless and kill harmful Insects. How the snake got into the Courthouse is a mystery. Free Wheat Sufficient for Summer, Says Payne - 3 1 1 1 V , i . am ' wmmkw - i i : h !r fi T - i if HARRY COX. parently had struck the ground head first. He received a broken neck, several broken ribs. Internal Injuries and a fractured left arm. His body was sent to the city morgue by Dr. John E - Wyttenbach, deputy coroner of Marion county. Beneflel, who lives at 2043 Houston street, was hurried to the City Hospital suffering from a probable concussion of the brain In the front part of the head and severe bruises and lacerations. Attaches at the hospital said Thursday that Beneflel had spent a restful night and that his chances of recovery were good, barring development of complications. Speedway authorities , Immediately reported Cox's death to his relatives, who include the father, Irvln Cox, living near Oreencastle, and three sisters, Mrs. Ruby Ooff. Russellvllle; Mrs. Bernice Oatllff. Crawfordsviile, and Mrs. Qeorge Undley, Detroit. Funeral arrangements were being held up pending arrival of the father in Indianapolis. From the city morgue. Cox's body Klrkpatrick Photo. was taken to the home of Mr. and. Mrs. Herman B. Ray. 25 North East street, .with whom he had roomed since 1926. According to Mrs. Ray, the unfortunate mechanic had been Interested In aviation for years. He was a sergeant In the 113th observation squadron of the Indiana national guard for three years and had become an expert parachute jumper, according to Major Richard F. Taylor, commander. Three of the present members of HAKE UP YOUn LIUER BILE WITHOUT CALOMEL And Toull Jump Oat of Bed to the Morning Rarin' to G If rvu feel bout and auuk aad the world looks pnnk. don't rw allow a lot Of aalta. mineral water. oU. laxaUve candy or ehewin rum and expect thtrra to make yon aoddenly swart and bnoy. ant and full of eunahlne. For they can't do it Thay only move the bowola mm! a mar tnorement doesn't set at the cause. Tba reason for your down - and - out fceline te your lirer. It should poor out two pounda of liquid Mia tnto your bowels dally. IX tola bile la not howlnf freely, your food doean't diseet. It lust decays la the bowels. Gaa bloata tn your atom acn. You hava a thick, bad tasta and your breath is fool skin often braaks out In b lavishes. Tour bead aches and you feel down and out. Tour whole ay Mem ts poisoned. It; lakes those rood, old CARTER'S LITTLB LTVEB PILLS to ret theae two pounds of bile flowlne freely and make you feel "up and up." They contain wonderful, harmless, resile eacetabia extracta. enactor when it cornea to maklor the bile flow freely. But don't ask for Uer pula. A,ek for Carter's Little Lirer Pllla. Look for the name Carter's UtUa Lirer pllla oa tba red label. Resent a substitute. 26 at all atoraa. C 1031 a M. Co. Octagon Glasses As Low as $6.50 Dr. West, Oatsasetrlit Charts Aseeaata lnrlteg MILLER JEWELRT CO, INC SI North Meridian Sir set it's Ajged Flavor 1 - I . . . that perfects x& the taste of G L ICQU G T THAT mellow flavor you enjoy in Clicqtlot Club Ginger Ale is produced by Time. Choice ingredients are AGED 6 MONTHS to ripen and mature before the blend is sweetened and combined with sparkling water. This method of blending results in aged flavor rare mellowness you find in Clicquot Club. Bottled in brand - new bottles, ' MAI n ... ... - J Yoor mooey't worth I ' ' Wpiau 16 ounces t t....ftasiaa insiesa ox 12, ioox at thelabcL CLIC QU O T C L U B y G IN G 4'x ALE WASmXQTON. May IS (A.) After ft conference at the VThlte House, John Barton Payne, chairman of the Bed Croaa. said today be had teM rraaident Hoover that swrflelant wheat frern the ie.tOt.OOt boshela voted by the cemgTsaw remains te feed the needy threeghoet the summer but that at least 40,000,001 boaheis snore wsi be needed for next winter. The Bed Grew has dlstrtbated ZS, - 00,001 beabeht . abont half ef It for Bve stock feed. The eonrreas has re - eel red a proposal te make 40,000,000 mere bsabeis avaiubie. Payne said the dUtri notion has been made "la every state of the Union and Asked whether be believes the wheat dletrrbuted has met the needs pt hnn - rer. Payne replied: "As to the brgtr ctUes intkif, I dOBi know, - 9a a CP.. A - r VT t 1 1 n ! 1 ! 1 9 Gl v A 1 ,Z s f r Just in by Express Ready Friday Morning o Sired Drc::c3 o Crliso Frcclis oSpcrb Typo v : o Q o'Clccit Prc::iG oPrlnlEaccb y o Jc:!scl Slylc3 ' a AH RIfivrr ' He fe Drcaccs Now! 'Fresh! Crisp! - Lovely i 1 k dresses. shown for the nm time. .The greatest ' Assortment we . ' have ever shown the smartest style finest fabrics. Daily Free. Bus Service no s SBSao" - Lovely White Dresses Smart Pastel Frocks Afternoon Dresses Every Modish Trim Plenty of Larger Sizes IV. r.loro of Those Gorncous "FIoddv Hats,f - And they are smart adorably cool and becoming. Panama Q style Toyos, rough straws, shiny straws smart trimmings, v Ideal for week - end trips, motoring, picnicking, boating, around the house and garden and outdoor sports. All the Wanted Pastel Shades O Dresses for the Spccdxsay O Dresses for, Vacation Tims O Dresses for Week - End Ttips O Dresses for the Latcn Party sis 11 1 te ts V'. - V . , ' ' ""'' '" . - . - : V ' '"',.'V - '' ' r"' .' .:",.v"' ..''''''. - ' Store Open Satnrday TCI I P. M. . SEARS: ROEBUGKbCOi r.lassachusotts Avcnuo at Alabama Gt.

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