Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on February 13, 1942 · Page 2
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 2

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Friday, February 13, 1942
Page 2
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P m Kit m W: Til MIMIC INM'KCTION ,li,n. >'c»,."«a ,'I'P)—M«J. <1 iy tif»n ff d'-f' "•>»' (loi> In \v)il< h '•• P PAYMENTS At By A, W, WALKER al 68 BANK ST. at CENTER Social and Personal ATTEND'DISTRICT ilEETlXG Mr.• a'mS Mrs- Tla-oraats Gunntowd- i '>- Edwar Mrs. TO \rn;xi> i:oNCi:rrr Arn"iJir Hi"*-. 1 v ' IiO v '^ ! UK; tomorrow fvenlrtf? i !.«- Mr. and Mrs. Mrs lir,H N- v, mv ,1 /'jo oVIof): Norr-M M. KolJel. Mr and rnW »:. f;tjKI'-n<I--n ami Mir- \IK»:T IN<; OF ,M.< OA c.Lrn TJi'- M'-oa MaiM'-n cJub Ju-ld ft n.M-nnu NNVxii;«-,.a,:,y c-vt-ninK at the honi" of MIM K.Nnuir.- Ci-*lirlel. frJ /ih ,lr.-l. T)K>,." IT'r^m were: 1 ucil)"' l»e Carlo, president: Phyllis Kp«iM-k');s. >.' /t .i,-1.;iry. Fanrnc- Oa- j,-:,.| n-;i<ur--r, XJn;i FabHsi. publicity „*.).!, Kvvlyn F«-»sJ:eond Kve nn<\ Chi. wiH join The-la Si SDH a MRS. YVULFECK SKCRETAKV J.- \Vf.:«vji>f. Raid Warden of UK- Air 3>e.- ise Council, un.noune.t-s- Ihiit Iw has u jjojriled Mrs. Dorothy NVuU'ecJ; &s Air Maid Warden Secr«.'ttiry.. Mury Bro<St-r an*! Mrs. EHu-eJ Weber of Na«.a-a1u<rt alk-nrfed mday i A«: and Auxiriarif.5 \Ved- 'New Haven. .IXCE uiFfTii : "'--.-. ;••;;.' ?»5 r. a Bd Mi rs. E8 ws B '. Silipvray • < |4irlJi of A dawfbl-er 1 , ,5ane 1]jj>, morn ins. Feb. 43. >{rs. _ way is ulu? dau.stjt.i-r of Mrs. Warren ' D. 'Al't^-'-o' Mi3^vi31e"avi;MUc.-..afld && 1 * " " •i-iil'dter -of M-rs. .O:- -A, Jolsn- MIP.S Marguerite Kis&uie, r of Mr. and Mrs. John Kis&anc of .;.-), *tr."-t, l.'ujon <:ily, hris rv- v'J word Ihiit >hc Vias pa^^l th'.1.' *'X/inilnttti(»ns and is now a -ui^^-MNi nur-M', MU^ KI<F,^nc js ft 'i'lu-jl" of Nniitrjtuc^ hiph ).] th.- >i. Fr.'incis' ho.-i.-iUi] tr<'J « school for nuws in Hartford. ! |'LK!KJKf> TO rt Dowling of North Hoadley aii'i Alhf-rt Hoi>ir^on of CJ/rf .'ir<- among th«- L'nivcrsity of (;onn«:fticut ftliidc-nu pledged u» nt Ui" unlv«'^Hy lljJs I»fi\v1in*r wHI h«rconn' « mem- b-t- of UM- Alpha Alpha fraternity &*!> Lively . •/Yi ease! Yes, you'll have to step lively if you want to get in on our money-saving CLEARANCE SALE of our fine Kuppenheimer, Calvert and Devonshire suits, overcoats and topcoats. Here is an unusual opportunity to^ ,-• \ « '',. .• :(. 4 save. .--.••••• , / • •••<!• •-. .-. | 5 GREAT GROUPS OF \ KUPPEHHEIMER /' Devonshire - Calvert Sui*$ — Topcoats and Overcoats $ 24'° '29'° '34 M $ (0 533.50 39 Valuts io $37.50 Values to $i2.50 $ $17.50 44 Values io $C5,0<) 50 A Wide Variety of Patterns and Color*! All Size.! All Style*! All Fabric* Keep 'Em Flying — Buy U. S, Defense Bonds ON Fimoccm Kenneth Tue£-ey ' of Ihe' TJ. S. army is spending : a 1en-=<Saj" fur- 3riu-ii"h wiM'J -has par-enils, A5r, asH?. :vir.i P.iclrard --Tuck-ey -of -Oretoar-j WOMAN'S CLUJ TO ELECT •Airs. "A. Louis K'-il^.s. Mrs , , £,„,.,„ ,.~^-- -. P. McCarthy, Mrs. Frederick Zonino, sc , n of Good^tar avraue. Mrs. William .1. Noble,. Jr., and Mrs. Martin Lynn have }.»w-n«I .as tlit- nominal ins? cominitUj-e of UK J Naugalucl; Woman's Club for 1h<.- jneellnK to J.>e held Monday afte-rnoon .'it 3 o'cJocli /n 1fje Contrre^aU'fjn^] I^rJsh houfre Jo elect a PJ and 1wo vjc-e pres;dent.-s. Mr>. V. Anderson.. prfc»ici<-n:l, will mHJif ^j\j< op LKGION MEETING There wIIJ'foe "a dfeSrici rat-e«it3S ] of the sons? of AnKTif-an Region in \Yf-;ivi]J.e on Sunday. Fc-2i. i3, at .3, 3-4. jj-j- JB-the \\'i«5ivi3k-i post roorn-s, • \Ye*mTte c^ntt-T. .Any member llw unM dwirinjr i*» alSehri :a> A- (.I'unnoucL 35 HS3J slrceL her annu'i] re-port at this im-eling. S'OOD. KALK -MONDAY A food >ale will }>e- JjoJd Jn 11» Parish house 3»y tht N/iutv'itucJ; NS'ou"j«n)'s Club Mondwy afternoon pr'^'ious to Ihc^ jnei j l3nir of the club ,'jt 3 o'clock- Mrs. Chesk-r Boswortli will be in ch-ii-i:.? of the 1 sale. ,ai -rtl>e _..-sey of Wesl "Main \Yaleroiiry. and Harold \V, ....Jim of Grove, s^et r _ WaJer- •" former resident' oC-JN-awsalucs; M. .place' Ifljhorrow -,- •uiornin^ _ .'" •—-^'» V *-"_'j* \T"-J ?* '-f^i>*i »n"" Vfc/*' €7>i»* , of PI.. OBITUARY _ —-' '* George .Enamait 2# EriantfUl of New: Haven, a of Naugatuck. died """s hospital, ___. ie leaves his mo- m.piC"Mrs" John .''E.namaiS,;:».; sister, Mrs. Jofca' Anridnai and a brotfctr, 'Jo3an F-n-atiiaii--Ali of J VERY ENJOYABLE 4RI) PARTY HELD IN BEACON Beaton Fills. . partv sponsored lasJ -o 2ftrold Beoz, Beriha .- 'T3-j'--'"fun'eral"\v5!I be held Saturday at 2 P IB: from the"Kim^er!y'funera.l KiuiberJy s JINX DANCE TONIGHT The 'Yountr PeojOe's of .St. Michael's church an? sponsoring a Jinx Dance in the purish house tonight at 8:30 o'clock. TM Brown is chairman of the •arninire- rnent coxnrniUee and he will he a.-- .si.sU.rd by Grace NVatcThou^e, Harold \Voosler and Donald worth. HYMN SERVICE PLANNED Th* ftduM -choir of Hie Consw?- "xilionaJ -church is' preparing .a in Jhe >s in- avenue, New Haven. • Friends, are kindly requeued to .Gjn»i flowers. FUNERAL OF PATRICK A'ASH TJae funeral of Patrick Nasn, vrho •died" Wednesday'--afternoon at his <?.' al- 3C> Riverside drive; will he parish PHOTOS FOR MEDICAL DIV. The local Defense CouncH announced today iha'j all persons who are .signed up for service in Jhe medical division are obliged to have photographs lafcen either tonight bet\veen 7 ami 9 o'clock or ifurday between the hours of J und 5 p. rn. for their identiftcalicn anIs. No person in th 'Jivi.sion -can go out jne'Fierd : vik-d VALENTINE CARD PAKTY \ of the Ladles 11 AJd- society I held tomorrow morning; al "o\?!ocfc from the -McCarthy Funeral 'Home, 2refcdiw'-slreek io SI, Francis 1 'Church, where .a solemn high mass ;of "requiem' wH! -be celebrated at So "o'clock. Interment" wHl be in M- c-enielery:'' ^ / ' ••;• NCf-FIREWORKS 1 •"' ir German, Mrs. J rShur Andrew. , B K, Mrs. Dav5d O^Sbea -and J. W. Woodward. orami«*c in cftargP ;of «»c cohsisfedP ;of Mrs.. Daoicl civa^lady of the ways Wrf means coinmitlee, . nssiftt«d ! b Mr... of tne Immanyel.LuUieran churcli, will he held 5n Jne church hall • Saturday evening al S o'clock. • Mrs. .> cbainnan. of committee. served. . RefresU- Kinma 'V«yfJ. arrangemen iwnl» wi33 ON Miss Catherine' Alrn, dauehJ^r of Mr. and Mrs. John 'Aim' of OliTG itre ft i 5s a member of the arraoge- lor th« ••Fourth of July celebration m Ma^cliu^Us this year arid for the duration of < the war will be '"safe' ami sane." Stale _Firc\>lar- slua! Stephen '&/Garrily. noil fled -.local d«paririienfs''yesterday iliat all ',penntts ;"for I tic sale of fireworks •have toeen rescinded for the -"' M .15 on. ; -^' v '; V '" ; < Wive* oi King Solomon King Solomon had 700 wivei and JjJacJcoul on March J w»houl their party to be given this evening at Decorate.pea INEXPENSIVELY WITH CURTAINS T ?: .>; T # WASHABLE EHeh Henry, JI.5JS?, Miss Marian Walker and Vera Mikulich. Will Hear Appeals The board of lax review, will be at the imvo hal! tomorrov.- aficr- hoo from a-okMock until 5 o'clock to hear action on the dolors of Uic board of •assessors. I-- Enlists In Medical Corps . Szczesuil; son of 'Mr. *nrt MICHAELS JEWELERS „ carries the largest stock of famous make watches in Waterbury Etar DELUXE j? JEUTJLS CRU FAWN 5 JEWELS S3 7 JO \iras graduated Haven $choo! of ?harmacr; has been employed at.Liggete in ^ ^' for the past five years and " IJ \J v » 1^-' 1 * * » "-* J* *—' _. J* Ihc'posiUon of assistant manager o, .{he drug counter al the time he 'enlisted. ' WH! Have New Office Cohlclh Kiprnan. chief air rak warden of Beacon Fall*. »s about readv to occupy his office for civilian defense at Center school, In -a room constructed specialty for the air raid wardens. Three telephone* have fc*en installed in what is to be the headquarters for the air raid wardens' meeting until further no- tic<? Of-interest also to the locai people is the fact that the first aid rooin al Center school in the base- Pis also expected to be completed for inspection in the. near future Cabinets 1 are" being made .to hold various articles necessary for ilr>t aid The furniture will be painted ait -white and there will be other necessary equipment for the convenience and comforUs required m a first aid room. Dr. Luther Tarbell, chairman of the medical unit of the. local civilian defense, has asked the "board of education to have the done. The room will accomo- about 30 c'ots DE SOTO 17 JBVELS AUSS AASEMCA 17 JEWELS ; 13X75; WALTKM\ ' CUSTOM IAA\ILTON LORNA 1 JEWELS J50. . Time Payments At No Extra Cost • i •. ' '^^ ' , J^ •--..' AT S'lMCl"l't«t' CI-NTEt CLEAN SWEEP OF . . .- REMNANTS After-iEventory al ways brings .to light many good lengths of material which must be cleared away no\v, Spend a little time at our remnant counter, > Lay away and save, if not needed to-day, They will save you dollars later. The Kennedy There's a length for practically evcrv,\vmdt) w f /Ull li.emmcd ' and /headecV.i:^^ IjorinK bnsi]iess".bf Measuring and sexving. : ^est ; f), ^ ihcv'vc been 'finished--15y.special 'procsesstefe^O.shrinkage is minimized and thcyHl slay.;crisiD.vftTOugh;repeated .washing's. '' _, -'.'-' • '•••>' : "'%^' ; "-";.:: VV IN EQGSHEJbL 33 in. wide x 63 in, . .'.-$1.59 33 in. wide x 72 in ,..$l/79 ; 33-hv. wide-x 81 in. . . .$1.99 33 in, \videx90in, .. .$2.19 44 in, wide x 63 in; SIX INJME INiCOLUSiON ; BETWEEN TRAINS •Bralntre*. > Feb. 13— a-P)— Six- men were hurt ioiiay when a five-car PlymouUi-bound New Ha-en Haiiro^id passenger train s\cdrved from (be : ' : main r ''track* anfl crnshed lead-on in'lb an cniply three-car passenger train slandsng on a siding about a quarler-niiVe 'sbulh of Ui6 Braintrec railroad sUlioii." ' Bolh locomoiives were derailed and a wrecking crew was despatched from Boston to clear the main Mac. Service was reported normal at 3:00 a.m. The crew of the Plymouth-bound train included Conductor J..C. Da?- geil and Engineer J. C. Sheridan. The crew of the train on the siding included Conductor "E. S. Tib bet 13 and Engineer J. B. AJdcn. Railroad .ofllcials said the reason for the accident was "undetermined' and began an Investigation. Hospitalized with minor injurie< at Weymouth were Percy P. Clark of Middleboro, a trainman, and Philip Jacobs of Weymoulh. Theodore S. Hulchinson of Wollaslon, a railroad fireman, was given 'first aid at Ihe. scene. 'Hospitalized at Qulricy were C. A Carroll of Cambridge, J. »•! Siratlon of Wollaslon and John Speridan of Boston, one'of ihc .eiigin'c'Crs. HELD FOR COURT ;New Haven, Coim.', Feb. i3~fUP5 —Ac;cuseii of beating '-td^ddath Mrs. Ida ,Di' Ben to during a quarrel . las I December over the alleged theft, of ?3 : b>'Mrj>. Di Bcnlo's s.lepson, Mi- chaej Si.lva, -53, today was. held for Superior .court on a manslaughter charge. Mis bail was fixed by Cil> Court Judge. Fred Trotla at $iD,000. - .v-.': ... . .'. . . ,^*f» '. r— .,, ... • 44i in; wide x --81 in. 44iru wide x^im ,$2.39; .52.59 SPP. <Mn- Window Display of (;ijlorfiil Tn!)I«.- Linens /USE DUB ; .DIVIDEND PAYMENT " : PLAN! Waterbury's Newest and Most Modern Store of Home Decoration ERMIT Notice of Application is io .give notice tbal I Ijeon Alexander \ioroski pf 120 ,Cit> Hill'street, Nau^atuck, Conn.; have filed an application' dated" Feb. 11 1942. with the Liquor Control Commission for-a club ; permit 'for the sale .of alcoholic liquor . .on. the .premises,,'.-School street, Naugaluck The business is owned by tli< Joseph Poniatoski Sick, Aid am Benefit Society, and the P.oliSh.Kal cons, No. 65, United,, of . Schoo street, Xaugniuck aivd will be eon •ditctipd. by', Lx?;oh .Alexander AlorosV. .of i;2n City'; Hill. si reel, Naugaluck as permit lee. LEON ALEXANDRIA MOnOSKI /Dated Fob. 12fh, 1012. •2-13-20 Classified Advertising Wanted To Rent WA.\TElK=-M«ids for work. Hart font. Conn. Age between *20 and 45 years. Hospital experience not necessary. Must live in. Good salary and living conditions. In reply, state age, married or single, and "where last employed. Address Box "C" in care of "The News. 2-13-d2, salesladies. Good opportunity for right per- son. Apply Saturday morning at the Eon Ton Shop, 171 Church. St. 2-i3d3 WANT5D—Pinboys. Apply S. Anenberg, Church street. 2-iOdt> 1VA\TKfK-Woman for lionscivofk,' .part lime. Call. Call 2630, 2 -11 -(13. :\VANTED—Expericncc'd "sales ladies for' dresses and millinery. . Fine, future for right persons. Apply manager, Bon Ton Store, new Pasho Building, Church street, " '..\ .'•"". .-..:.. - 2-iO-<13 ' WANTED—Newspapers, clean and neatly bundled; • Naiigat'uc£ Glass. Company. . " 2-3-dG •WANTED-MCiipablb; nrid "c.x'iHjrtciib«td typist and stenographer for dlct,^- plione and general ofilce work \vitV manufacturing concern. Good sil- ary, excellent opporlunity. Write, inlying .full details Io -Box D in care of The.NBNVS. , . 2-3-dG CARMEN'S, Custom Tailor. Coals slvorlencd, 60 cents^ dresses shortened 30 cents. Top coals and overcoats. §10.50. up.. .Phone 49o7 . 147 South Main street, NaUgatuck • 9-24lf TX> for U or 3 genllenien. Centrally catod. Phone Lost LOST -- Bank Book No, Naugaluck Savings been lost. Any person '. claims on said book is calKJ on to pfesenl the sa^nc to. 1 bunk \vlthin two month? or same booV 'will be cellod -and • c'xllnsu now one issued in lie« January 30, 1942. ' . •- -' . Fob. For Sale QUALITY COAL AND FUEL'OILS \\& DELIVER BEUARLG GRAIN & FUEL CO. COAL - COKE - FUEL OILS GRAINS 5-7 r,UUnr<k STREET . TEL. 3076 «a Ohio \ Pittsburgh is thfe largest city I the Ohio river. Fon SALE—V& H.P. Oil Burner and a Radio. Albert Meyers,"-1C Oak sti FOR SAlifc—BEAUTY SHOP sell or consider taking a P- good opportunity Yor Tight Call at Central Beauty M •^ireef,"-Sai^tnck. ^ FOR . SALK-Ncw -i-room n> house vrtW two on second rtoor. Price I0;«50: "Also fifmHy. AU Jinprpvcn^nts. fij^j A. Shcpley. Tel, 2t33. FOR KAhB-A ^vn Rwiiirj— 1\ i!"*-' » i%1VJ —. i /scdniii/HaA radio, Heater en}. s. . Gail 5093. E_A. 10-rooin house, locat-ion High s A -13-roonr ^family hoiisft • ow sXrect, JJS.bOO. AC-roort^ ily and iS-room"' on' Mead6\7' street, room 3-famtiy Tiou>- -• fg strticU «7,8CO. A 7-room H hou.SC-, and gat age on w street in town, $1,500. n . to buy, build or sell, sw Labriola.^your realtor, " of'Tcl. .' Metal Ceiling Gutters, Leaders, finnjofl- •hd-Furnace ^JJJl JAMBS BAKER Telephone M Rr«dley 8U

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