Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on February 13, 1942 · Page 1
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 1

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Friday, February 13, 1942
Page 1
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Japanese Mi The Weather Continued Moderately Cold Tonight, ( Boacoij Pails -—Bethany -— Bristol Terrace-—T- Cotton 'Hollow Millville —- Platts Mills Straitsville, Union If It's News You Can Find It In ' The NEWS ff'l. XLV1I, No, 37 NAUGATUOK DAILY NEWS, H FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 13, 1942 • "• • • '• • . • ..-''-• : •..•'•': •.,.,' . \.. _ '. , i • .'- ' ... " . '>•: • • • • • ..: Price Three Man-of-the- TALBOT PAVED THE WAY FOR VICTORY NEXT FALL Hundreds Pay Tribute To No\v Congressman From Tho Fifth District PREDICTS FIVE MORE KBPUBLIOANB IN THE OONQRK8S NEXT YEAR tony Naugatuok Oitizons Attended Lincoln Day Oolobmtlon La»t Night loHOph K, Tulbot, ol 1 Ul(v us Hlgimlly honorwl at j.v HUM I'lltou 111' Wutoi-bury IUMI '•>nlntf hy llVI ' r 'W uuiinb(u'j4 of tlui |,uiilli>'iii inirly In i-lonnwlloul at Ihat inarluul tho an- Imy iM'MM'allou \\\ tho mi- iMi'XrtilimM from ovwy tosvi\ HI,! .-lly in (In' llfl-h dlwlrlol- which V TMlliut.ltUt .oviTSvhflm'" al llu* pul-Ur oil January |rt I'li'i'l hllll (IH tllM MUUIH'HMOI' Hon. ,1, Jinopn -HIIIUM In thu »h'rtiwr<H In Wellington,/IX (,'«., a* <hly onjdjW M'IO MOV- 'I'M who t»aUI.-unKtlnted r/l»ulo i" JUK, hi.** aOuoinpllHUmnta (/(-• IKIHI mid all iwulkitcil u i'0- itihln I'uUM'u fen- tho Nniigatuol; H Wliu IWH h<M'M HU MUppOtJrtflll III profuMHlon HH a mumfafcir or thu uu.l lilM mibwtiutml' entry into ,.„„ Hold. HIM frHllvUluH Con, Talbot [inwfitf'd wlth-'ji-dhfioK by Wll- mi ,1, I'ufM', piilillHlNjr »f thn Wn- Ucpublloan and Aiiu?rloan, Of JOO'H rrlortcla who had to "ujjoj 1 hlm.< '-Mv»t -.-.TiillKil MnKuftWIllv a' bountiful by, ill/MHoll, PaU'i'HOii of n, a fiU'Mibm-' of Iho Kcnwul ,.„,. T, M, (Ion way of tho Wu- ury Mnnlclput uoui't nfUolutwl ."••^inmMliM 1 and hl.M opening ro- >XH ami )I|H tribute lo Joo [)tivod \v.iy f'»r H loHtlwonliil that wua ditii in ridim In Iho ummlH uf Iho whliiMii party In llin Hlulu, ./ntlgo iv, i) ri'iid M"Vi'('al lologrftwH from i>i''iiniiii'ui int'iiibiM's of tho parly •I tti-iv iinabln to uttoiul but all \\linin rnnxralulatod llu> honor of llio uvonliifl nml wished hualth and on IIJXIL1ARY POLICE 1ST HAVE TWO PHOTOS TAKEN nollnu'luiH buen IHK. ,J<in<»H, (. f ,H|)laln C urn! li of Hie Alixlllwi'V o or thn Nil Ugu tuck Nft- o Iht) ineinlKM'H. of iiK'iiiliri'H iniiHl liavo ilujilluan His ukim, Thin work Is ni' lit llin niiist he Uilu-ii ill' ltu> aMnii, ss'hl(!)i IH opi'H (IfiHy I.IK-IMIHC I'roin I.IM) p. UK to '"I 1 in,, (l fnl on Tuesday, Thui'Htlii.v m|;iy I'roin 7 p,m, lo K) I'.in, iilintfi.Ki'iiph Ui Iho pollen Htn- llHain Ihc oilier for your K n il -(IM| hy Febn.wry Hi. l(| i''l"i' Unit yi,n may obtain your ifntillfullnii uunlrt, ThOHU oarclH ''" '"' I.-*M:II'(| /it I he iiolhie HluUod M"iMl,ty ii/id 'i'hiii'M«lay nights, il. In Hi | lilUi '1 KioiniMTs iiiiiHt. fittunrl Iho Iwon' '""IN n| licit (Jl'OHH I'MCHt Al(l IHM,.| n hcrH or tlio Civilian olir " Auxiliary niHii daoli TuoHtlay ' Hall at 7:;iO p.m. Tho was Klvon on 1 > I". SiTKf-ajil, l-'an-ai 1 IH ll<ln i ( '("r. tUnnkutH will be nfi Tu.'*i«.y nlxlil, Kohruury 17." u'lon, Fob. la— (UP)— Oov- •"""•nl ii\(u>(iH(iH ami i'(KH)lpts for. I t ' tl|1| '""l M.-n'ul yojir throtiKh Fob. '..'"'l'"!'!!!-'^! with u yoar a«o; -'"IIS YKAH- .— I,.\.S f r YKAK- «ri,7;u),7 i 5,002.2 no. noli .'i llulntuto SUICIDE ATTEMPT UNSUCCESSFUL FOR UNION CITY WOMAN iMi'H, Melon ,lulu of % Bridge street •hud a narrow uscaiie From cToath by K«» last nlghl, In what-has been In- dloattul by NniiKaluok police to have lioon a Hiilolde attempt, Mrs. .Inla was discovered by her luiHlmiul. unoonsalous In their home al midnight last night with ,sovowl Join of ft noai'by «fts stove, turned on. SummonlnK police aid lo the soono, Palr.olman Mariano In turn, HOLUirorl I ho assistance of the local Urn dopai'tmnnl. pulmotor and tho, oommunlly ambulance. The woman was attuiukul by Dr. Mdwln Gurran who pronminml her out of clangor loday. Slu; Is said to Imvn stated that »lu; was 11 rod of living. \Vhon the pollco Invostlgaled they fotHid T}HH)dorivC!honl'/.ak, in an In- toxlonU'd condition In the hallway of tho Juln homo,.Hu was ai'rested for Intoxication and was lined #25 and uonts,'amounting to $U.8G in tho borough court this morning. THIRTTarn COMMUNION of tiin Thirty Club are l'(uiU(!Stcd -lo HUH)!, in Lho T. A, H. rooms -In tho paroch-lal school building Sunday morning at HiHO o'clock prnpiirulory Lo marching to tho 0 o'olook Mans In SI, Franols' Church, whom- thoy wHI • receive Holy Com- uumion In- a borly. Following tho- Mass a breakfast will be served liv K. of C. Cilui). llLjMsoll Hughes will oHlclate. as LoaHtmaslor at tho.brnakfast. Charles Tlonioy and John McCartliy arc co- ohalrmon of UMJ uornmlLtee ol! ar- rungomfsnts, .. . 4 »•» - HAIUIOH! SIDELIGHTS f TO JOETALBOT ok',' Iftorally . speaking stuck li's.chost out'last night--when / pe'ople from ,ull parts of--the state gathered al, the Hotel tflto'n' to liono.i Congressman Joseph 13. Talbot, it's native son. -.-.:• , > Among Ihosp. attending tho 'tcsti : monlal dinner-wore. Sam I, Lyons, a loyal -supporter, of ..'Joe's;: and his beaming countenance was evor present as ho assisted .Too in-meeting all of their mutual friends. . George A. -Warrior, an-ardent party' worker of Jong standing,'••-.'.was on • hand to- add ;h|s • b.iji; to ; make ...tho party an outstanding success. • • Miss 'Adelaide- Clayton, .•chjef.clork of Draft Board MA, and Mrs. : Gurti llussoll, both staunch 'Republicans and Talbot boosters, did "much to add a feminine touch to tho. occa slon. ' Joo Raytkwich, Jr., chairman . of tho Naugalubk Republican.,- Town Committee, gave the new. congress- man.a great lift by assisting In making ovoryono fool, perfectly at home. Mrs. Grace Talbot, wife of the guest of honor who was .referred by by sovcralof 'the speakers-as ".the lovely lady," .'enjoyed -the- .party thoroughly and 1 was busily 'engaged alt evening In receiving the. guests, : Lou' Clca'ry,' "of/Bridgeport; uTM'orj- (Continued on Page Pour) • Tax "GollccLor. .Innios f V. . has issued a/warning lo ; local uuLo- mobi'le owners .that;, their .-application for i-egistratlon^markors will be denied unless -they produce a statement from his.-' office;. sho\ • thai, the taxes on 'Inc. car arc paid up lo date. • • • - • Mr,. Fitzgerald,stales thai- 4,500 local residents ; have paid • their old age assistance. Ink of. $3, 'This-is about half of the number who.must pay "this tax 'In the borough. , An additional $1 will be addod to..those who fall to pay the tax on or before March 2. Late News- Bulletins ROOSEVELT'S ORDER WASHINGTON, Fob. 13— (UP)— President Eooso- veil directed. heads of non-military government agencies today to determine at once how ' mmy- men tiioy'can. release' for war work. Mr. Roosevelt said that excess personnel must be "effectively channeled" into defense jobs. CONDEMNS PENSION BILL W A S I i I NO TON , Pe b. 13— ( UP ) —Senate Democratic header A I ben W. Barklcy of Kentucky today condemned 1,1,0 penHions-for-congressmen feature of- thc^reccnt retae-. moiit bill u« "»»% e ' mti ™ [ y ancl TM^orttmate. ...,, He .said bo would vote to repeal -it. ' WILL RAISE WAGES WATl'JKB'URy, Feb. 18-(UF)-The Scovill Manu- fHPtiiriiiff Co/annoimood itwas giving its 8,700 e a" inc.!i' of six contary hour., effective February. 15. BLACKOUTS MUST BE APPftQVED T-TA-RTPOBD, Feb. 13— (DP)-Stato Defense , Admm- • ,,.„ n , r,i1 Samuel H. Fisher said today that, no local! Ua I t '• l-"ial blackouts may be held in the future without appeal of the Council or the Army . Interceptor Command. _ [__ war/ .SIGNED BY PRESIDENT WASHINGTON, Feb. 13— (IT* volt today signed the bill appropn loan to Cliina, / NAUGATUGK^S OWN IS HONOR GUEST British Gommalnder Says His Lines Are-Still Holding Outside City v, -•- -.. ••••-»••' . - OJ-^L 1 -; "y • ' ."' ' ANGER I^LJDNDON EECAtfStES 1&AZIS (?OT Nazis Madfe 1 iSuccessful i>asih To Bases In Helg-oland•-...>; ,u; '}. r ••••• ••Dy.MOE AL13? T ...._ ... United Press Fore'ign.'Editor" day against hop^less^jodds-i'ancl^tho, British nrcss .'bidxcct;/ '\yitli: :an(jry. frustration at. -the'v•impudent, diirlhg with which a Nazi:'floot; hatf' steam-. cd. through English •.Channel waters Britons had- called' their 'own /since, the days, of Char-los,-ITv .' .'" •'<• "'•': For the first '• Unity: Prime Minister Winston •Churchill;; symbol of : Bri't- ish hope and .courage in."the war's darkest iclaysi: found" himself'.. ..the storm center of''attack and criticism. . ••''''.''. .'•'.-. A communique from the Imperial- garrison at Si'n'gappre. revealed what generally had JDe'eh '•suspected—that axis propagandists were' making more rapid progress 1 .in overwhelming the British/ Australian'' and, Indian troops than wore the Japanese Htacklng forces. ... . Tho Singapore'commander reported thai his mo'n still : are' holding lines about, .three' miles outside Singapore City with fierce battles .•aging in the,vicinity of Pasir Pirn- pang on the south.coast and around the reservoirs northeast of tho racecourse around Ang Mo Kio, throe milos north of the town, • • . " A report that, the Japanese are (Continued on Page KIght) .,-'..' . . .» «'»' r- •• -V . . . - PFOPIFTO I Jul/I JuLi 1\J IN DICK Rj ch a I'd Jan k ow^k !',-;> wJvQ-^ lia^: ; i-.eii- tored tho U. S/nrirty^yn^'Uipl'^ycs't.. of honor at a farii>,wej;b;d!n.r.icr ; .givon- recently .by the boys/.^o.r TJ r ni,6n/;Gity. at the Dutch Front;: : r:csl,ttiirant.,;,:;;.- •'. T.eo Smigelskl acted i: ds. mttslor--.of- , , • . Speeches WereV.'.glven •• by Mr: Smigolski, Mr. Gniaxdowski ;and Mr. Mancini. \v" >•-'•' ... Mr. JankowsUi received a purse om his .friends. v; : ^ •;.?»•'•. -,, Attending •, wore :',.;Sl t aiH6y; Gmas-. dowski, Earl.Stewarl, \¥illiam Mas- Icotte, Bon Sucho.nski, 'Viotor: Sucn- onski, Vic Peterson; 1 Louis Gcrljcr, Peter Gr/ymalu, 1 Leo Smigelaki; Anthony Purniski. Theophilo.Purniski, John' nykowSki,rWi : ld -,BI!I, •: CharJos Scbluensen, : Pat ':-, rMi- chaol Loary,v .loseph 'Sucbepski,-. .lose p h M u 1 osky ; ' H arik- - V c nsl o w, -Joli n Spurosky, Sa»idy -,-: ya'pliliisv -,To.hh : -Mu I- esky, : Joseph v ••Gbnsa;vage,:- : 'Josepb ; - bcr, Frank :Bornaitia; . llenry .Kr^ykowski, \CliJckv Joe Mancini, '•' Casimier - ' Ldnewski, Richard Jankowsk/. ',.;..'., .. -.. ,.>/:;:<: The; "pii'd-wintcr' /.mect'ing... .of.-the ticut',.-Homo Economics Asso ciatioii .•\vill bo :-fiold : . tomorrow at MJdtJletpwn high school and .Long Lane Farm Middle town. Miss- Dorothy Moss 'of Naugatuck, chairman .of tlio'.Clothing .and Textile group, will be . the sp.eakor." . • , . ;MI ; S. Edna Byte, co-author of forecast Articles; '"Mqdcrnizing (lothIng InstTUctfon,:', 1 'wilr conduct the mcct- vinfr'v-i^ho'.•subject for the arternoon wnl'•' concern.."vvartinie cloth ing bon- iSlfuqli'b'n^. special ..'•;techniques and -skills';-;. •'. .'''-••-. '•:.,. ','••• • : Tlie 'cooking and nutrltjon ,-groups will''ha;yq ; -:rtH''-l.hoir; spoakcii 1 Dr.. Wll- iUinV' :; CJM : i : )Vcc' f -i of.'Iho University... of CohnootlAut:- Miss Dorothy Dobm, HaVrt'ord's cafeteria director, will be cbiii'rVnari' of'tlie school lunch and carcterla !: (lepartmcnt, .and Miss Flor- cnco Quarl,,q3rofess.or of- Institutional econ.b.mios'-pf Syr.acusc University, will:-..lujk':-to'•'tills group. • . • . Tiios'Q".from,:• Naugatuck. who will attend arn: Mrs.'1/ois Hayes, Mrs. lUrnest Hughes Miss IDlcanor Broad- crick'and Miss Dorothy Moss. , ; AUTO MUST HAVE 3 MJTOGRAPHS TO ATTACH TO Aliens-in the borough of Japanese, Italian and birth must, furnish throe photographs when they cbniply with 'the government requirements for re-re.gistrati on. Postmaster- Frank Green stated today. Tbis ''obligation, 'he, believes, ..Is- responsible- for- tho;;.s.mall number of aliens hero who registered.-. Many have •-applied for -the government forms and: -haye"taken them to, their homes' to '.fill m l-ho necessary -in-' •formation.';- As far as 1 could, bo learned there are no Japanese residing Naugatuck. •Mr:'Green estimates that there are between" -400 and 1 f)00 Gorman and ifalian,aliens in Naugatuck' and all niUstv re-register with, him before Marph'.''. i •'.'•: ' -. .-. iNSiDWPERTO ': Winstod, £onn.,;-' Feb. i!)—(UP)— .The-Wins tod Ci.tixen .announced today: thai/ .istarMrig-.March • i it' was •.incrcasingyits .price from tlnico to fbui; cents per ;cppy, • • -' . ••. "• •'•The'--' p.iti'/cn , management re- .grcts,''-V the announcement said, 'i!th;it this -is. necessary bul/ it be- cpnies so 'because of the lack, of •advertising'V revenue, - ospocinlly rr^m..;autpm6bile; /tiro and gasdl.ine cAnVpanies, :; ahd' : also because local. mer,cbants are 1 '-unable 1 to 'replenish .-..UVeip'slocKs,":..." »-. - .• -. • . -•'••'-.. '• . Testimonial Dinner At Elton General MacArthur's Forces On Bataan Peninsula Were Aided By Error Made By Japs U. S. SHIPS AND I GAVE JAPS BAD BEATING Navy Battered Marshall and Gilbert Islands With Surprise Bombardment ATTACK WAS MADE FEBRUARY 1 IN THE PACIFIC ISLANDS Many Japanese Planes And Vessels Were Sunk Or Destroyed By FBANK TttKMAINR; (United .Press' Staff-Correspondent) .Pearl Harbor;,, -Havyail,. Feb. 13— (UP)-—Warships-;a ; hd airplanes- of tho United States .Navy -battered Iho Marshall and Gilbert, Islands' with a devastation, live-hour surprise bom- b'ardmorit'"thai,..destroyed IT) lo 17 Japanese navn) ships, including ^ modern cruiser, and »more than 138 oncmy airplanes. vFjvc ; to eight •vr'^Os'jiuro'.-i^lte^^l^ : 'bif(fs, ;v ' '"Qn'o\ sailor said today in suiriml'nr u.p.'the F«b. A attack on the Japanese Paclllc islands where the; navy exacted .tho; first installment of revenge for pearl Harbor. Official statistics: tersely summed up tho results-as- follows: 38 Japanese airplanes, including 28-bombers,, known destroyed. •:i'5 to 17 Japanese vessels known sunk -or destroyed, .''including n modern cruiser,.a J7iOOO-ton liner of tho Yawata class and three big oil tankers. Five to eight .others, beached,; heavily damaged 'or possibly sunk. Five hangars destroyed and four-air Holds damaged. Numerous enemy bases and facilities bombed, including three gasoline dumps, a barracks area, six buildings, two munitions dumps, four radio stations, and a number of coastal guns. •Tho United States forces lost |j pliuies and suffered . superilclal damage to two ships, Naval officials said that the power .and the surprise, of the _American attack'was cmphrfslml b> F the destruction-of approximately 85 per cent of the large Japanese bomber force on the -'islands and between GO and 80 per cent of the shipping sighted. Eye-wi I nesses of the attack on 'the eight •Japanese-mandated islands in an .-area of about 140,000 square miles ' said that the three wcelis the lleet spent at sea ', v iad indicated its ability to strike even as far away as Japan. Here is Iho way the. officers and men who did the fighting told the story: ; "The. -laps didn't have the falntcsl, Idea that tho-attack-was coming. We caught them wide open and they soon found out. When they later senl, their bombers out as we were leaving, one pilot, whoso plane was .. (Continued on Page Four) • "A CHURCH NIGHT" TO BE CELEBRATED AT HILLSIDE CONG. The Hillside Congregational Church will celebrate the -48th anniversary of its founding with "A Church '"'ght," Saturday evening, February 21 the anniversary dale, of the -hiirch. The Ladies' Auxiliary -will serve a dinner to-the'members of the" .congregation at 0:15 p.m. Paul V, Johnson church chairman, will'be master of ceremonies, and will conduct an interesting pro- Si-am..- 'There .will be music by the. nch : -of the Hillside 'sextet -and Uio. ladles' quartet. An interesting report, on Vast year's achievements and immediate and long range plans will 30 presented by Carl Anderson. The pastor, the Rev, Arthur H, Johnson, in-announcing the occasion, Antes "that"the-evening'will be altogether of n festive nature. WILLIAM ATLORIDI WILL PRESIDE AT COUNTY MEETING • William Sehlldgen, '2nd, and Frank Ilotchkiss, who were mimed cochairmen for ihc committee of ar- rangemonls for. the mooting of tlw New Haven County Young Jlopubli- can Clubs here on February 20 by Albert Mai, president of tho 1 local oluU at its meeting Thursday night, will be assisted by the following: Ho.frcshments—Myrtle- , Holchkiss, Grace .Woodlleld Helen Mfli, Mai 1 - garet Sweeney, Mrs. Wanda Carlson. Mrs, Florence Ptilntor and Miss Marvelyn Calvin ; cnlerlainment— Henry Xwick, William Plosik and John Finsal; and tickets—Andrew .Anderson, Wllliftm Painter, MarslvallT.rlf- IHh, J. Hudlopb Anderson and Raymond 0«ytliosky..- ? - \S T inifim"'-AUo>idir Of Sc-yrnour, president of the Co'unty Assocfntion, will pr«.»sid«-at the 1 business s«ission, which will bo' followed 1W dancing, Refreshnuuils .sorvml, . LOCAL BOY SMUTS TOOK ACTIVE PART IN FINE PROGRAM The oxocu Lives and mombors «>f Naugatuck division of Matlaluclc Council? . I3oy Scouls of America, who attiMHlcd tin 1 , 'dinner mc.eling of tho. council at Temple hull in Wntor- hury last o.vening, were loud in I heir praise of the occasion which pr/ivod to be one- of tho most Inlorosliim, enjoyable iiml Instructlvo sessions held J)y the Scoul-s in many months. The 'principal spoaknr, Perry A. Lint, loadc.r of 50,000- Scouls in Now York City and a national Scout executive, Kavo -nn inspiring as well as a very serious addross. Ho warned Ills audience of al. loasl 800 "Blood, sweat and I oars is tho look for youlh and all of us in Mr, Lint said: "Our young men will lilll and be Killed, white crosses will mark tln-lr rusting places on foreign soil, homes will be cmgulfed in grlof as youth loams to deal death and destruction. There will be ml" tape, was to and'dishonesty, our way or life will be changed and much Ihat wo have accepted we 'will be compelled to give .up. "But through it all will bo outstanding acts of kindness, .sacrifice and friendship as we prepare for ,'iclory. The inspiring program of Scouting will instill in our youths the fortlliidc and spirit nem-ssary not only for them, but for us all; to carry through lo the" P'-«cu lo comrt," the Seoul, i»xH«utivc assorlod. The Natigal.uek group pJay<-d »n Important part in lh<» program for tho occasion. The sixth incident on the program onlltlo.d "Our flubs" was presented b,v Cub Pack No..2, of Naugatuuk, under thn direction of Cubmaster .John Hayes, Jr. A Palm award was given to -Scout John Swentson, of Troop L Naugatuck, and Gold Palms were awarded (o Roland Hathaway ,-md Henry Pope, Jr., both of Troop ^ of Nnug- atuo-U. Jr.. also look a prom-Incident No. 2, "Our io the. excellent pro- mVlho Scouls enjoyed a turkey John lloycs. inent part in Volunteers." In addition gi dinner. ..... meeting officially opened the annual financial drive for Mottatuck Council, which will end on Februnry 23. William M. Chittenden is chairman of tho drive In Naugatuck. ITS imm/vv TIIK i.rni Draintrce, Mass. Fob.-J3—(UP)— locomotive whicli swcrvod from rails here loday and resulted in A the a Fri'day the lath.-wreck on Hie New Haven Railroad was No, 13i3. Nig^piiese Fighters , Have Stepped T Up ; . "Tempo Of Their Patrol Actions MAY BE TRYINU TO FIND PLACES FOR ALL-OUT ASSAULT Two Japanese Dive Bombers Shot Down By'MacAr- thur's Anti- Aircraft" Guns 3x1 JAPANESE ATTACKED. . By EVEHET'P 11. HOLLES U. P. StoIY Correspondent Washlnglon, Feb. 13— (UP)— Japanese dive bombers have Gen. Douglas'8 beleaguered forces on Bataan ponins.iila by ml.s- takingly bombing and machine gunning .Ihelr own infantry, ciuiwihK "heiivy casuall.l«8," the. War de'pnrl.- mont. rovoaled today. This twist, in Mic Philippine lighting occurred as Japanese, forces stopped up the knnpo oM.heir patrol actions jagainst. MacArihur's defenders of Baloan, ni)paruntl ( y. \n an effort 1.0 fool o(H, wpols for the. •'contemplated all-out effort to force them off. l.hc ponlnwuUv'. There wk» "aggressive .'en«my.'. puirol. acUoii.'V .; VJapan- dive., bombers rnlsloklngly bombed and maah (no-gunned thoir own infoiHrYi wIMi' hejwy oasual- 'Uqs, n Ih? \VHV^ impurlmcm said -In communique No. 105; outlining U)o slliiftUbn ' as reported by -MacArlhup up IxTOtfO n.-mV EWT, 1 " :• . . Victims .of ;fcbe. cn'oijcous'.lnpanc'fic attack were clchVcnts of the 122nd Japanese regiment of Gen. Aklra Nara's C5lh division. Two Japanese dive bo.mbers were shot, down by' MacArlhur'8 anti-aircraft guns. ,..-'• Today's communique followed receipts of reports that Japan's com- mandcr-ln-chief. in. Hie. Philippines has resorted to a now" strotegy of "attacks in rcluy.s" on Bjita«n after having failed to ovoj'wjujlm MacArthur's rnon by 'frontal .assaults. Military officials said the Invaders, by sheer numerical superiority-Wei relays of fresh troops," 'evidently hope l.o "soften up" ihc weary and outnumbered defenders preparatory to a Hnal grand assault to drive them off the island of Luzon. Lieut. UtMi. Masab.nru Momma was said l.o havo abandoned, at least Icm- j)orarily, his costly lacMcs of hurling his full weight against the American and Filipino troops as he was doing 10 days ago. • instead, Japanese Iroops are -kept in the lighting lines only about .48 hours,, and tlion are withdrawn -Hi favor of other uonl.IhgciHs."' ••.-,, MacArtbur's forces ostimalod at no more than '20,000' against sgmc 200,000 Japanese, must face I hose constantly fresh troops from the "fox holes" and Jungle growth ;ol! Baton n whore they have rough j. doggedly for ii7 days — knowln'g tltiil there is only 'the faintest hope; of reinforcement or ovncuation. ; The new .Japanese lactios, whlcli mflfUiry obKi?rv(?.r8 said' may have been .impelled by the heavy losses suffered by Momma's crack shock troops, probably explain why the Japanese continue to pour reinforcements Into Luaon though they already outnumber the 'defenders JO to l.l Although every contingent of Japanese reinforcements landed . from transports in Lingnycri gulf or Sublo bay above I he Bulaun battlefront. bringB nearer the Jiour of suprehn) test for J,hc men .of MacArthur, AVar Department o/llclals. - believed the Japanese were aggravating their own position., The greater I heir numbers Ihc greater the problem of food- supplies—already acule, according lo a eport from MacArthur yesterday-- iven -though Ihe .Iftpanusc soldier exists and lights on an .amaxlngly small ration of rice and llsh. A War Department communique esterday said Wllpino farmers, «•«- ing from "harsh treatment at the hands of the .Inpanesrj soldiers,' wore abandoning their crops and ihat llommn homos and had warned them in a proclamation to rclurn to their fields Immediately lest they :•> from starvation on the roads. Tie laiest 'word from the Philippines reported that tho "particularly savage" lighting of recent days had simmered Jo a lull, but a lull, wnich MacArlhur said might be merely a bit of quiet before another storm ot allack, . ••.... '-.'. .:. ~ ; -

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