Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on February 12, 1942 · Page 8
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 8

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 12, 1942
Page 8
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I y. W m Eight MISS THOMPSON PS KICKED AND BITTEN BY 'Now .York,','Fob,' !«—(P>— Dorothy TlioirijKHon, .luisVHimpor, ooinruontutor, aWoko In.hor. linudolr' tills mornlrw u pain In hor lummy, and a hi lion fnrollnger, -tho dl f mi niiHiumhM' wllh a "UyHlurliuil harridan 11 svho "UHl, Hitler," In 4 * Jowhm i'oslniirnnl. She W«H uomforli'il by lliu thought that Urn blonde must bo (UK- ol 1 the world'* worst The Incident ocourreil In Um UiU> lloyali', rlowntown reHtaurunt which for vnai'H has hocn patronl'/.ocl largo- Iv by prominent .lowlsli svrlt.nrs and 1 " MtHH Thompson escort after attending j<> of the new Uronclwa? Jill., "darn Crown," a' comody baaci (HI Hie! roKtauranl and its extniordl- rmry.h'eadwulUu 1 , u cluu'tioler knowi only, us Herman. " Miss'Thompson was expelled fron in !t)M, after Adolf Killei to power,' for having wrlttei an article in Wil syli'lch bcllttloi the personality of the future Kuohr- Two svont there years ago, at a .German- bund rally In Madisoi Gartlen, bund slorm trooper: l fss - $Avr 7 '•>.; -j* tender •rliov're '«««'-Srt7^ i s^;v > ?a',oWV?& " SYUP <L R , WCHr-PORlWHOUSE ' • ' ' : N L ? °' N ' CU ^OTTOM RD. At t i «"' 'MiHIlMj KOflSrS u^ I •-"•"iir», i sySSiHSss^tSs^ STEAKS BOASTS s,,o&SK«: C t WEOfPER J-AMB LEGS CHUCK "S'S^^I v%• •% ^^ * <^r\Y'i j i r,t.i^ POT ROAST HID ROAST / . / ." SUPE RRIGHT"-HMVY BRp/LERslSS™"' AT OUR COHMAN1 for economy m ** l **'* l "*»*im*i IN HONOR OF OUR FOUNDER BRISKET WMB FORES3 Mackerel Fillets Smelts Oysters Shrimp OP SCROt) is35 c *2T : LB27 e - 'SUPER RIGHT'.' Le29 C ' ^37 C B 27 C 31 C 15« Or to cr-, " KHT " LB MCDIU;M PACK 23° fS C 33 C It— t A*f MarK»ll And In 13 y««rt bu,yt po». lh» to»n.«it/ m0*> ttmpllng »hln«t o vtry low«if prl<«» w» con mciko Y«» ( th. policy out foundtr ••- t«t(lsht<< «• many yo«r» ««o v/ork. won. mor« lhan «vor t*U«y. Wo <(Wfiy wllM unneetumy In- I YOUR BEST BETS' " tttfi sore winders smart housewives. '' »v buy Ufoci bt Iv/otn profit «ni* «xtr» h«in«lllny »hnr« tt»vln«f v/Hh you .vpry llmt <oin* In 04» your »h«ra now, today you «nd M» 1942 •'I. *$$ 1 ^ "^ Mayonnaise 1'7 e ismM-imi H«»tled to you: fresher, Thriftier i£ I! •|«Mll WI 0 ^ onr hi and nil Hut (00, laly lln-m then ; — often ' rlfilit lln-y'ro CltoniJIy many mmuocH.'iary 'jlncy : 'FLORIDA .' ORANGES SIZE 20p.'216's ANN PAGE.JAR Sparkle-O?« E 3 TKOS KptChUp TOP N QUALITY HOI Rrcssrves 'Ai?Finvo° f o JAR° •• 'EXCEPT 'IIASR, 'nnd STRAW < ANN PAGE Q'- .1 LD *'Q Tonttor Cooked U CANS I V Mello-wheat Baking Powder '!, ' ' , SPREAD . 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Others .have• told no 'that she ,bogan...the evening by ; mitierlMK but that her .volume- in- •M'cascd until, llnaily. it, was obvioufr •hat she was making/insulting re•narks about Jews, ,1 <did not,noUco> ;-icr •until she began yell ing things like 'dirty Jews' and.'HcI'l.fHi.Llcr. . , "The other, natrons : ;\verc luri- ous and there were cries'of 'throw her out!' I'said-nothing l,o- her. Jnit |,okl those noar-nie, .'IPlcasc dont; make i\ row because she's so drunK she Is helpless. 1 " .', ' . • Miss Thompson . described, me. blohdo's escort ay,; a ."cipher.," totally unable to cope with', the situation. ' • ' '••'•"'.,! ,, "Instead of-- trying.'J ; o. quiet the girl," the columnist explained,., nc argued with those around him. • -.H looked as if thero would be a tor- rlbie light and I prepared, to ..loavc. u Somc of the men were going to attack the blonde's escort, but the littlo coat girl-told, them to leave; him alone. Then tho manager and some waiters ejected. th& 'couple/ , "I walked out ahead of my escort." ' -.':'•: ',-. .. , That was unfortunate, she said, because the blondo was',waiting on the' sl'dewalk,. • ,.; • • '• • • •'•-, •'She rushed at me,"-Miss'Thomp- son said, "and 1 a.swift kick in HID stomnoii,'' Then-she grabbed, mo, kicking at my -ahiris"and screaming unintelligibly; She ,was'a hys- terical'harridan, ••'. . . ... "1 tried .to'defend myseli but 1 in sure I dkl. not- strike- her: .1 Just, wanted' to quiet her . and: get her away from mo'. T pushed-at her and when 1 did so she bit me on the fore- linger. " - -.- ••• '•• • • f • l . v --' '.' • Miss Thompson slipped off ti bandage !o-display: the, : flngetY ;Thcre was a deep cut -on each slckv-ot' tho. linger, Just belosv'.tho'- first'' knuckle. The blonde's escor ( t, she said,- was " hulplcsaly.": ' Some of the res'talirant personnel emerged-and 1 pushed'blondo and es- sort into a cab, which drove off before any aUornpt/could .be made to establish their identiti-es.- ^\ ,'•' "There was blood 1 fjlVonmlng from my Hngor," Miss- .Thompson! con- Un'ued, "and 1 :\vcnt insidc-the restaurant where a doctor sterilized. It and bandaged 1 It, 1 was afraid of hydrophobia." •• > - -,..,. ; • ' The columni'st.said she'.'.was 'sure the .blonde did not recognize 'her -arid attacked' .her --only 'bccaiis'e ; she-was so'unfoi'timat.c-HS to bo-'tbo first to emerge fi\om tlic'i'cslaurant. \ • "• Britain Sttakeri By Singapore Reverses (Continued.from Pago. One)' i &i I 1 %& T i P. Educator Crnx t.tinohoon Mnnt CAM A Swift L'unohuon ,U I-'OHK MCAf OAN - % ' Plcklei H-0 Oats Crabmcat {(wool Mixed Shaker Salt , Soap Flakes! La France Satltti i Ginger Ale YUKON COMT, O'CLOCK .1 ib i>«« r»vo 20'O?. HOTS I LD HA03 Circle copfT.c 2 UAOS I Ltl UAOS 29° 39" 45" 49" 4 2 2 Bokar Coffee 2 VALENTINE WRAP. CUARAHTEE 1 LB CHOCOLATES , BOX (ymmsmmmfisni^mmgmmmmmf. LIFEBUOY i SOAP - I I Or j - u ( $ smmmm®mrn$mmmmmm S LUX TOILET j SOAP CAKES ZO r^> • — ,, «,•;•; HfflllHBiy^^Hi^b^HHHIHBOI^^HIHHUII^^^^^HH^DI^^^^^H "^ ^^«:^^^^«m^ 17D OHTJROH ST, ^ IN WAUQATUCK 3 4 1 ¥ T ' ni 'fl r ' VCOETAOLE SHORTENING —creamy lex- Hie Riinrnntectl iniro liytlrouerated 3 LB CAN; LB CAN lie Hero's a perfect peanut butter ,,, rich In flavor, proteins and Vitamin Bl,,.yet low in cost! One of the quality- famous, nationally-known A&P-rhade foods. BUTTER Of ^V^..f*'M«sr«i<™V*<AY^YMW/VW?»,V^K^^^ UwMht to Limit Quuntittn, All PrlMn tiuWwt to Market ""' •"" , I ' • • • • lOW AT GEM ' ; Th'c" first official films of the Japanese., aoria!-attack on the -UnJted •Slates naval 'base at Pearl Harbor, are now 1)cing shown .at the Gem theater, and arc -u'-revelation .in many respects, . •'',••..' ' These films were made during viu actual attack which opened World War a' in the Pacific and'have been^ „...,„. v .^... released'by the'government censors » door.of. the apartment now in the process of educating the • hilchden-t-at 3. a. m,, ana, public as to the dangers which con- fron.t. this nation. . • Shots ; oi' Jap planes on.the attack', 'j.^;'ii- ui<ti MI', riiimit. I.Jin rmval base. FOUND SLAIN IN HIS New York, FelK'i2-(UP) T Louis Bost 37 one of -the country's best know," chefs; was found slain njm apartment early today. His. fInnoep, Miss June Oldeman, ' 30, oDoi- cliestcr, Mass., was arrested police and charged with homicide. Miss. Oldeman/ knocked at tlic . bdmb' : hts all'about the naval base, b'luxtng American ships being destroyed' at their, moorings, a'ntl-alr- craft'gun's in action, burning planes and hangars,, ylatlms of bombs and macliinq.':gimning, naval .'defense against "planes' and submarines, all are\gt'apineally pictured against the trfrUld-p(iH'.,of '«inoke bjackening the horizon from the lost'U. S. batlle- Anzoiia' 1 destroyed by a di- Windsor LoekH; Conn., Feb. 12— .A. statement isued by Col. Clyde V, ' Finter, commander of Bradley field, today disclosed the names ofJWc U. S. army flyers who 'wore killed when their multi- m.qtoi'cd bomber crashed at nearby Qranhy, \ ' ' ' ., •'•The' accident occurred late yesterday while the bomber 'was on a routine flight. Col. Fintcr, it was said, will name a special board of •Inquiry. ; to" investigate the accident, The dead: . S.oco h d • \.< i o u t. Wa 1 to r C. Boyle (621 Cass street) LaGrosse./Wisc. Staff Sergt. Michael M. Kaufman (lIMDlnv-Plalns)' Windsor- Locks. Sergt, Gordon Johnson, (132 Sus- quohanna avenue) Benovo, Pa. Scrgt.. John T. Howr.-.y, (Ola Went iastli street) New York city. ' Serg'l. TlVoina's 'P. Juinn, (7084 -Riiskin Lane) Upper,.Pa. -. ^/V'sixtli'^- ocoupant/ of- tho 'plane, who possibly .may .have' .-balled on I. has :-not?be'enVfound.: The. base- with- 'hold his name.' • ..N.o'.deUils ,'.of -the accident ..wore ' ' sla'iid; Japanese . . inny ontojuod clt'V> a'nd mopping; upj operations: started'' -..againat, 'more" ,han 25iOOO B.rlti'Hh, defbndors; wlro ippcared trapped ;-25; ships- bombcid' nnd 10 'reported 'set -afire or. sunk n harbo! 1 ,' • . • . Batnvla -^ United Nations head-- qunrtcrs • prepares; for'-qu/.ck'.Taimn- esci th'ruslr againsi;..Outch- 'islnnds' of. Sumatra arid ,Tnva ; ,(s3l'te-. : .pX supremo' icadquartor.s) '..iiticv,. falj of .'Singapore; sinking.'of ;flve enemy -warships . including .three. cruisers .at Ambolna. disclosed../- - • .• ••' • :>•• . Philippines — -lapaneMe occupy Masbatc IsJnnci, sOuth--of.. : .Luxon, .as- Japanese prepare to''ircaume offensive against Geni.',.-D.ouglas MacArthur's forces on .Uiitann . peninsula; enemy, Bljortage; in islands as 1 Pillplnos.'hicU.'' in 1 hills. .-. iNew Zoaland—U.. 3... Vice Admiral, Herbert P. Leary warns;of,.possibik, ity of Japanese a.tlack and .calls for far-reaching -defenye,- mda'surpa. ••'. •..- - Bui'ma—British .battle -intensine'cl:' Japanese thrusts along. Salwoen^ river clofcnsc-line following- breakthrough at Marinban- toward Thaton, only 70 miles, from •Elurma. road to China. London'.reports-defenses generally are holding-. Libya—British artillery, pounds axis forces, including tank unfts, in Mokolo sector of, desert, iOOmilcs southwest .of Dcrna; uxis reports German attack on British at El Adorn, southwest/ of Tobruk., • • Russia—lUisaians'-still silent regarding. Important.sector.s.-of eastern front but despatches report •continued battering of Gorman defense linos lit Kharkov, Orel and'. Rzhev. Tho repercussions of set hacks on the -par 1'Jastorn.-front shook the Church ill cabinet and/touched off. a parliamentary d.pyplt by the small' liberal Nationalist party, . led by former War Secretary Leslie Horo- nellsha, I3dgar Granylile and Sir- John Henry Morrjs-Jonos, .- all of whom resigned, from tho party as a "protest. . • : " • •It; way suggested, that, 1 they .might join with Slr-Stacord Cripps,' labor- Itc and formoi- ambassador to Moscow f .t'o' press* .f.oi l drastic- changes of ^poli,cy .and, reshuffling ,o'f ; the Ghurchlll cabinet Ulv.nolL.fon:- eyent. T ual overthrow of; the' prime n\inis- ter.- • , ' '. :"'-.' . -M 1 :. . .--''•' • ;^ In the midst of, parliamentary and public concern over Ihc.Far Eastern situation, the cab'inet' sought to sound a reassuring note .m an announcement by Prorfuction .Minister Lord that production of finished war goods had doubled in the last-si's: or seven.nionths. • , Beavorbrook also ••disclosed pro-, duction in quantity. of ; ft new heavy anti-tank gun that "will penetrate tho, armor of any; Geraman^or -.Hal,-, . Ian tankv and,-said that" theNlinltqd States would soon, become 'the'blg- ges t a 11 i ed s u p'p 1 y •, s o u r CG : ,-; u ndm- a pooling plfin for. al,war supplies.'. • At. the same time,. U.S. Ambassador John IT. Wihant'expressed -'con.- IVdonce in London .that..the "present dark period of: the wariwill .pass." ; But- from Dutch.'Premier. P. .$. Gerbrandy, • speaking-'••at.," London's Guildhall, came, a .grinv ; .vyarhlng : . thnt the war In the Pacific must be \ypii quickly' IT white' prestige, is to av' Irreparable damage, in the. Par.'GasI;.' • : Por I ho -time- be.iTig, c hONyeyer,- ; .th:e news was all ia/!.he:(cn'6hiy's' ; ;fhyqr: In the Grienl, •witb/.Sjngaporc . J slill, the ocnlor of, ttie. wiir picture, '• ; : DEAD AT 68 •Boston,;. Fob. 12— (UP)— Suporlor Judge' Joseph A. Shecliu.n, C,S, : iip- v pointed ,to ; that post. in . 1935 .by. 1 hen. Coy. Jamos M-. Gurioy, - died early today 'in!. ;lho .'"South .l^nd home i where' hu .was 'born. • .- • -A- close friend : of William C.-irdir rial.' O'Cbiineli, -'Catholic archbishnp of .Boston; .and U. S. Scn s Davirl I. Wal'shV-D-.,' Mass.,. Shechan harl' been in fui ling .'.health since an oponi- ti'oiJi 'avyea'r .ago.' .' . ' . A graduate of Boston • ' nnivo-rsity law school in, .1898, be -was appointed an associate municipal court j us U ce In: 10:1.3 after : serving 10 years as'' fi ,Boston N school comifilt- tocman. -.Prior- to his- elevatloji to the superior, bench, Shoehan was an unpaid, member' of the city finance commission, -" : • Shechan had hold presidencies of the 1 Young Men's Catholic associn- tion and the St. Vincent. De. Paul society-; and served • as. 'corpovaUon counsel for- the Massachit«eLI,s Ciitholic Order of- Foresters, lie leaves a wife. his knife when he rGs'pondeci ,said: "something has happened- to my friend, 11 He Avcnl to'BosL's aimrlmont and found him Sprawled on the bed, dead, chest lacerated , by .. several \vounds. ,, . „ Miss Oldeman. .told police sho arrived yesterday from Dorchester for a vacation' and fo marry Bost, They quarreled intermittently until, early fliis mbrniri'g. when, she said, Bost .suddenly "thrust somethmg into my- hand. "My mind went blank, 11 .she continued.. "I don't know what happened then." . . Detectives found a long pocket knife in a drawer of a bureau in the room. This, they believed, was thc-wcapon which killed the chef Bost, 'a Frenchman, - was chef at the Stork club, New York's smartest night club and the. temple ol cafe society, He formerly was chef at the .RiU-Carlton, '-the Westches- ter,-Gbuntry Glub, and Bradley's m Palm ' Beach. Miss Oldeman. is a switchboard operator. /-nti Republicans Warned By Alfred M.'Landon ; '.fOontlnued from Page One) porters,, '.'.and it could beat a lot of them- in. primary and general, election" contests. The people -arc talking about .those pensions and about the, :$i\(W a', year dancer Mayris Chancy.- draws . in the Civilian. Defense, organization." . » -, Nation \Y'.cle. criticism of the pen- sions'legislation has aroused resentment among,some members of con- well .as an eagerness among others : Ur disassociate themselves-, '••;.••' , • Sohie apparently are prepared to risk" whatever re-election hazards may be 'Involved to suppprl, it on g'rojj'rids" that.-it is -fair and unassailable except, 'by _Democratic 'attack, The hazards Involved, . however,generally tire-I'ecognixcd. TheiWhi'te Ho,»ise was quick, yesterday, to correct . an ' 'impression ;thatvPrcsident ftooscvclt"ntight ac- •cdpl,V$37j5pOurinual pension on leav: lng 'the White House. A 'presidential press conference remark; suggested l,o some, listeners that'Mr. Roosevelt might take advantage of the pension rights vyhich were .voted to him in the'.same''bill'which covered con: gross'men-;. Th at • erroneous i m prcs- |sion 'was correcLecl at once by an :.chipliatic. White House statement. Anxious' legislators have been .finding occasion for a fortnight to vdisclajm.responsibility for the pen- sion'Uqglslatipn. Rep. Carl Vinson, i(D). Ga.,/may;have turned up with .ah."escape from the .dilemma with a ; re^piutipn ••intro.duced yesterday for \ creH.tion.'. :r 'bc /five-member. • c'ommis- ^ioii'.'to Jnvesi,1gate fndnral pension, .laws;-and, : to ' report not' later than .lujui;:.!,•• I^o 'mem'berp of congress vWoii.I'd.Xbe '•'.'fl 'investigators' ancl-.thore.seemed a chance tliat'Vin- vmight be. followed on that a 'safe thing' to rip ;.i who-n.-.-in-. {.do u fit is orgnnixe a corn- inquiry. • .-•-.• DEPARTMENT™ BE INVESTIGATED Hartford, Conn.,. Feb. 12—(UP)— Attorney General Francis A. Pallotti today began an "unlimited investigation'! oil- the-st'ate" highway department-, after--counsel lor suspended Commissioner William J. Cox. agreed'with C T ov, Hurley to postpone Saturday's hearing into charges of "material neglect of.duty and incompetence." '.. Pallotti'".said '.that . new .charges would'foe -filed against Cox by March Vbased on "certain matters" which had been brought to the attention oi; himself-and Supreme Court-Chief Justice William -M.'Maltfoic. Justice .Maltbio said in-a the. governor .that at; o conference of counsel .for.Cox and the attorney general; "It developed thnt 'certain ma tiers .Hot wi th i n th c • sco pc of those included in the,letter of the attorney general.;, .had come to'the .attorney general's attention, .which both' he and*! felt-he shouklI.investi- gate) and,' if'he believed Unit tliey- hnd substantial basis in fact, pre- sent'to-you. "From, the standpoint of the pub- ••lic-.-service, we fejt that it would be u ii for tuna to i f. n 11... Qhaj-gcs , wh i ch "the "'alitbrnoy general, on hwe'stlgn- ti6n/ Shall' believe .to. merit'. 'tent/ion, should-not now be.brought forward .an'd; disposed.-of once and /for''all..This 1 , the attorneys for Mr, Cox-, assure me'is likewise 'hjs desire." . Go v.-Hurley, replying to Maltbic's letter,-said: "1 am in accord with .your suggested.- procedure -conce^n- in.g, the hearing to' be given Cbirir 'missioncr. Cox, I wish-, to take .advantage .of your' suggestion that "you look-.over the stipulation entered ; by.council for Mr.".Cox-and the attorney general in order to see that It. Is.'effective;" ' . Tiie postponed Saturday hearing : would have been held under section . 1213, which concerned, only the suspension and of the removal, of a state officer, . , . . . - Under the new section, 1312! Pal- lotl, will have the. .power to "sum- rnon witnesses, require the production of any necessary books,-papers or o.thcr documents,' and administer oaths to witnesses."The attorney general said he and his staff- proposed..-to look into all reports concerning" the department, which had been brought to his attention within 'the past few weeks and months. DEPI HAS NEW PUBLICATION The Daily No\vs i-occivorl l.orhiy n copy of the llj'.sl. Issue of "Cul-s and Fills," .a ' publionMon l.hal, will lio iKsuc-d.fjnoh monlji In- DIP.'. fuUiro hy Lho ConnecUcu'l ,Slul;o Highway rto- pai'Lmenl;. Thn paper is in Inblolil form ami is of i'nur pugns. 11, is \vpll pi'eparctl and : edited Hud is interesting not, only Lo'-ompl.oyeos of Die department, but to the public as well. Raw silk is' the only , important textile, material in which .lapa'n is self-sufTicient, accord ing to the Department .of Commerce, . Preparations Have Slowed Down (Continued from page one) mandoiv l/icut. Gen. Masahnr'u Horn- ma, has been forced to -urgent moas- uros, - - • MacArl.hur's reports from Die ,lnp- ano.w-holri*; nrons Ihclurling Mnnila iiulical.od .thai, Rilip'mo .farmors, ilriv- 011 from .Ilinii- honins by Mio. ,'lnpnn- osn, iinvp...ft'ONNulfid into ManMn 01 .tnU : eiv rp.fugn /livHbo dosolalft mountains "l.ivofiftapc!''linrsli Irpjit.mRnl. ;it tho .linnds of l.lin. .Inpnncsp. Holdiors." '.'As^a result, there, is a'great scnrn- jty of 'InhnrVirs to l.p.mi the crops nnd rood supplies ni'c becoming scarce," Some great *ip in coats for fellows who like great coats, lor biidgeteers who really budget, $19.75. In "Prep Shop 1 "—second floor. It's a wonderful lot of good coats that take the place of two coats- at the price of one coat --when the thermometer's up — zip out lininc — when temperature s down -zip in the lining - all done in a • • fjC •'-•,' '' . ' 31 One in particular - tan gabardine zip in lining of fine all wool plaid blanket - a coat to be seen tho fjommuniquo said. •This condition Has "so alarn cd thp, Japanese military authorities lhat Hen. Homma.has issued a proc- I mallon to tbe KMiplnos warning Iliom that they will "die of starvation on the roads" unless they return immediately to their crops . 'The .lapancsc commander sougiu 'to assure the Filipinos' that Mm in- pro.viding iney mmnin at work <imi ore not "mislead by Uin absurd propaganda of the. United. States of Amor- • * 1 • • 10 "Dear brethren, return to your .farms and begin at once your bar- This Expectorant i . * •,-..,. I for is a Honey" '-By far Lhc-Lii-gcsl, sell Ing cough medicine—in all wintry Canada. TaKo ii couple of closos—feel il.s quieKv powerful, cffGClivc acl.ion sprear). •Ihrough Uironl.,- head and hronchinl mims. Acl-s likfi a Hash on coughs due l.o colds or bronchial i'rHl.aUpns. On sale here a I, Naugal.uck Drug Co. or any good drug sloi-e, so get BueH- loy's CANA'DJOL 'Mixture today. Over 10 million boLUes. .sold.- noils' p noils Cinnamon SUoks . Cinnunion- Huns Cninil). Ku'ns D'tuii.sli 1'ush'y .Honey Dipped Donwlimils . . Homo Mn<le Hrcnil- Kuhn's City Bakery MAPLE ST. TEt. 307S — FOR SALE — Brick Building and lot on Woodbine Street, Suitable for Small Manufacturing Business Naugatuck Insurance Agency, Inc. Room 9 Neary Bldg. Phone 2080 vest Starvation or prosperity \vi!'J ho d'pUM'mlnc(.!.liy. yo" 11 efTorls'toda or loiiiorrow," ' Mic proelainall "nie ,)OP<inc,sQ ])repnruiionR for an I all-out assault ugainst MacArllnir's resistance on Batuan Peninsula hnv c boon Uu'own off- sclicdulo also by (he snuarcly-ainied guns of tho U. S. forts in Manila 'Bay, mililary observers belioyocl. -. It's only a movie '. . . Pvt. Jones fora minute thought if was his Mora's 1 Spice Coke!»/lH the boys go for 'cakes •and cookies made with RU-MKORD —the only baking powder.with an 80- year record for starring in kitchens where; goo'd cooks play leading roles, - FREE: NEW. booklet, containing dozens of bright ideas to improve 'your v baking. Address: Rumford Baking Powder, Box B,.Rumford, R. I. Great Oak Farm OXFORD -ROAD MILK — GREAM - EGGS .— CHOCpLATE Delivery; to All . Parts of Naiigfatuck Telephone 5049 TOHELPYOU MAKE YOUR INCOME TAX Go to Room 6, Town Hall, Wednesday, Thurs day, Friday, 8,30 A. M, to 5 P.M. NO CHARGE N a u g a t u c k Savings Bank The Old-Time. "Mutual" This company has been appointed an official Tire Inspector in our district by Tire Rationing Board No. 6. If you are in urgent need of new tires bring your car in to us so we can inspect your present rubber and assist you to fill out your application to the local Board. The Naugatuck Fuel Co. 87 Church Street Tel. 2219 PORE — MERCURY,. — LINCOLN

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