Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on July 9, 1896 · Page 1
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 1

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 9, 1896
Page 1
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THE LOGANSP0R1 JOURNAL YOL. XXI. LOGANSPOBT, |THURSDAY JULY 9, 1896. NO. 164 JULY Is the Flonth for Great Dry Goods Bargains, Shirt Waists at 5oc on the Dollar. Wash Goods at Less Than Cost. ONYX HOSIERY \ I Our Big Window is full of Imported Onyx Hosiery no pair of which is worth less than 40 Cents. Your Choice for 25 cents. 400-411 BROADWAY. 30C FOURTH ST. Clothes up to Date . . Have been in great favor at our establishment. Fact Is no one has a finer line of woolens and, worsteds to select from than ours. _ Important£Features ... , • in the make-up of our clothes work their superiority. We are '. not. the cheapest tailors bat claim to be the best. Carl W, Keller; Tailor and Draper. 311 Market Street. LOST $15 "By Paying $100 for your bicycle when you can get OUTINGS for $85 and $65, We have an assortment of SECOND HAND MACHINES which must be Sold, Call and make an otter. CYCLOMETERS OILS CEMENT ENAMEL TIRE'S ENAMELING ' BELLS VULCANIZING LAJ'PS GRAPHITE REPAIR KITS SADDLES TOE CLIPS BRAZING LOCKS OLD TIRES Made 'Good OB New ZINN & COMPANY. Sixth Street. •ELECT Straws That :Show Which Way the Wind Blows Stow that lit m«st have blown a tremendous gate towards Fisher's, for tliey have straws of all the new shapes and sizes; straws In straw color and any other color you wish piled on their shelves and waiting to be called "the iast straw" In the newest style bought at Fisher's by every pleased resident of Logansport. Light Derby's, light nobby straw hats and Jaunty handsome bicycle caps are wfcat we have a Wg run on now. : nORRIS FISHER - THE HATTER. Invitations Are always appreciated and especially so .when they are tastefully gotten up. THE JOURNAL Job Printing; Department Is making a specialty.of / . ... KNVITATION8, PROGRAMS. LETTER HEADS, NOTE HEADS. BILLHEADS,: STATEMENTS, CARDS, CIRCULARS, • tETC. ETC. Latest Styles In Fancy Type, and Material. W:4l|n Which Democra|io;Ciou.YJBn-; ''illitian' Filled in th'e^Time.^' ' • ' '-.-'•. .. . SaVijTus Delay in Rejjorflwj;;. ofi.Com- htees — Credentials Makes . •' Parti* 1 Report. . • •. ; Convention Hall, Chicagoi'uly 8.-Ther«. want-Ob repetition' Wednesday morning of thKfeCnes ol 1 Tuosclay,so : f(xr.as admission, to..,tw" convention .hall was 1 concerned. •Bjftwrcler of the temporary chairman- (S'AijBbr Daniel, of Virginia), 'Just before, adjournment Tuesday evening, the. doors, wi/r«iBpcn«J at nine a. m., and all persons. hnvlfig the right of entry— delegates, alter-: imiesennd holders of tickets— were admlt- tnd'ffljjsoon as they presented; tlienisulvCM. Tno 3»ws of spectators'" saa'ts were early lllUqft-wIthout pushing, confusion . or the display of Ill-temper, and delefirates "anJ iiHor'iaitos hnd no difficulty In re'uchlns tliWj'.fsoveral sections. '•••.'••' Ohe.j wcnther, which hncl been rather Cltll3y.\for somu days past, was sunny 'and bi'l(,-!it, and there was a delightful freshness jln the air. ^ '.". .''"'.'!! '.'"' -.-• :.i. oiivi-nrioii r.nto in u«KiiniiiiGT. ,. T.hi}" business of the -convention w»8 to huvciiijejfun ut ten a. m., but punctuality 1st rioi the uardlnal. viruitvofr such HS- ts^nitjljes, jiiid Tor an hour after tiiat.tim^ the',;c!ious;ircds of spectators iv.fro enter-. tMi)>fl more pleasantly with 'musical 'sc-' luOLlb'im, Interspersed with cljori.|ses, performed bj- an i-xct?iU,']U band :Hlut,io nc 'd in the g-rvllery back of the pUufor'm. -i- • There were -but fuw duuifHiqcraljlc-ns In 'rewpnltlon of public favorites "3 they entered the hall. One of thota'^va&4itart'e(l i — v/l:h not. much spirit or enthusiasm— for ir.ryan, of Nebraska, "tho boy orator o( tin; F'latte." wiio, with Ills follow silver dolci.'aies from tli.ir stalu, had fi-nlncd a point by thu i-ejiort of the committee on 'uvcrlontials admitting them and excluding their gold contestants. . AL HIM; none 01' the Xew Vor!; dolegate^ had made their appearance, and U was understood that the reason for this delay on their pnrt was that they vWre' then: in caucus on thu mometftous .question whether or not they shouW^attoti<3'' any more sessions of the conve^Qfti. ! ( V .,'.'• C'iillo<l to Ocilfff-if,^ :£.;;•' ' . Al a fu»" minutes beftjity^lijitJiV'. temporary chairman called ^e^jjwi'vefritlon .to : order ai'. 'I annour.cod thstt'.fts 'proceed- Infs would be opened w'lUfjjirftjrur-bV.'Hev. Thomas Edward Gre.fn,' feotflr.^cf.v(jrace cliurch'TEpiscopal), Cedar Raj>lfls r ;'Ia. ; . j .At this lime the section' of thA /JSfevrf Y«rk delegates was still unoccuplfeij.'''^''/.; .:'. Tha praj-or called for .a apeola'l "bl?ss- Ing on this convention 1 8rath'«M;V ( fr'om'.all ove." our i'a!r land," anfl^aiBKoo:\that thi minds of the delegates sh'cMild. 1 .' b.«" "dom-> »ng'"jjixie" ion nearly. ?.ten minutes o«tore It .could be stopped., .':;•; '„•, .Gov.: Hogg began 1 oy saying-this should be a proud occasion'for every American Citizen. He advocated'.the cultivation of a spirit of frlendllnoss-Jn order to win the victory next Novembery'."Evcry democrat in the United- StatiiB/irtiould lay aside his prejudice and march; with Ills rival brother against tho commoft .en'emy.'.the republican 1 party [cheers-] |wh(ch..was pleading In p!ltn-:-!ns generalities, arid promising bet- i'.- ' ,ivivi II' tlie'.'people woulil only try I: ;••. :•:-. ' ' ' . '•• s!;rould hot now be wasoii ylth each other, but.with the common foe. If democrats only united they could carry , consternation, disaster and defeat Into tho republican ranks.: [Cheers.] He as- anlled the republican dbctrlne.of protection and bounties, and said the republican parly proposed to destroy labor organizations, and had organized syndicates and trusts for that purpose. It proposed (through the usft' of .the federal courts, backed by federal bayonets) to strike down and overawe Iliosu labor organizations.' In condemning the republican party for Its declaration In regard, to'gold and silver, Oov 1 . Hogg exclaimed In tones of indlgna'llbn: "Are you Americans, or are you ; truckling sycophants,, winning smiles from ? j-orelpn crowns?" [Cheers.] ; J C5ov. Hogg's- "live minutes" were ' stretched .Into half an hour, but still there • vV-ri''no.'.tldlngs from the committee on credentials, and amid y.ociferous cries for ."Hill, 1 who was not p'restiU.'th'o chair rec- GOLDB0GS DECIDE NOT TO BOtV; vV.-i'-,. ^ . Inated'.'ior good, for humanity, and for God.'.VSkna that what they dldiml|?ht 'tell from-the one great Issue: upon which the campaign was'.'to- turn; that we mean tc In tha v jyoars to come for .the advancement and lUtlngr up of our human kind." - The/jJBinporary chairman Announced that tlio ll^nt business In order was the report of conjmlttees, ns no business could be done (-except by unanimous .consent until the.'oommlttees reported. . , Hn'jtalled the first committee In order, ther (committee on credentials, and there wasi no! response, and 1 af ter'an Interval oi a'bo'ut;'ten minutes It was announced that the'.cbinmittee on credentials were about to'reassemble ftfter their long nlght'i session,. '/./ ' '~\ ' . ••;$} JRilte Tftkei the flavel. . SeijiUor White, permanent' chairman- electidjelleved Senator Daniel of the gavel n,nd".ipreslded • over the Informal proceed- Ingsiib'f' the conventlbn.'iw.hlch' followed, Mr.'.'jjanlel being In poor voted 'after Mi, exerildns of Tuesday. , '_ '".""''" 7. '•.'Hogg AddreiiM the Convention/ ';';; At 11:12 ex-Senator Martin, of ^Cahsai.- was recognized and movedan Informal recess of five minutes to permit Gov: Hogg 1 ,; Of Texas, to address,theConvention,., The motion was 'aa^p'tg'd.^b'uta stray 6BXATOR IThc Callforulan SeU^HrfbYTerniantnt Chairman 'of Convention ] . In the gallery Dcvonf? th%reach of the chairman e bell or sl«rna|)ihe^ton play- unlock the doors of"'the -mints and put silver back.where.It.was'before [cheers]. Let us .declare- further that we do not approve-of the- issue'. ofMnterest bearing bonds. In the time of peace, or of giving tfte option- of purchase to the man holding the obligation, and that we oppose the re- tlrem'ent of the greenbacks:" - , All these points were loudly.cheered. He closed by advising them to be temperate and : conservative, but manly and brave. :Do not, he said, fail,to gather tho fruits •of'tho splendid victory you have already framed, and let every man, whether he 'desired a single standard or a double standard, say above all things;' "1 am a democrat." '• • •"'" '" ""•• - A» Senator Blackburn sat down, more '•erles .were raised for Hill, without- re- •ip'onse. ..'„.-•-'••• •'" •' .Motion £o Adjourn. Voted Down. ' A-.motlon to a'dj'burri" for, half an hour -wds.voted down, and the.band.was started v up to drown the . confusion which pre. 'Mr. -Henry, of 'iMIss'lBslppi, move'd that Hon. J. ^y. .Br};an,^of-Ne"braska, be, In- vltea-to'.th*f»tliBd-.y?t5hJ«>*>«|*8celved with every ,domohitrB,tlpni'fotva)pproyal, but the chair announced -thatliMr:- Bryan was not : In i tho Kiffit'.'-'-'-T: •'•'-" •'•' : • '•" - Gov. Aftgeld/'Oj! Illinois,. WH.s,th«;n called for,;and,-rlslnf:iW ; tlft*!iSJ'^the "»?. lnd '- cated a' aeslJt&'io.'ttty»'$>&Xii°' Senator Hill. •-:"Tho chain ,»:taljed^8.tSjB)OV. Hill was engaged 1 with!'the.'.roAn^tlifeo on resolutions, -and .'WHS not',toirJS»{J»H«iiG 'Gov. J5avli pT*tm«ijtJ*,''' i .oi' Kansas, took th'e stand and'j.ffeqjapid. that the seat of emplro had b.eejl?;tran8teri'ed from the Atlantic Btates-to-"it.be.;MJ»3l»stppl valley. .The day."-of the- cbn>*ori."p>K$tt«- had dawned, and thV"donar;«6f,om3Bd(l!os" would bo restored. Thtt'f bcjiidlffle^f! 'was received with unboundt'O^pttolj *™'- '. -'Tho hand qliftift)cni^!»|ffllea. up the Interlude to kill ttpie. i Gov, JJ(t^«)rt Hoard GOT Altgeld TvaV»»fB.ln called In rpqtilsl tlon as a stop KBP. 'HlB-swarUiy vis ge ai It appeared alo«?«fwr'tb« chairman was srei-ted with oH«^»l' to which he re sponded by BajOnk h%*ld not come here to make a spee«^»>urto Assist m nomlnat- ALTG-ELp.;, OF'ILLINOIS. ognlzcd Senator-elect 'lie-Key, of Mis- sir-slppl. who moved' that Senator Black- burr, of Kentucky; ; be Invited to the stond, lylr. Blackburn,.the first p'ronounced candidate to be heard, was,received with tumul- tu'oiis applause.;.-.- ^)' : ' flakes a Sjieoch tho .hu ing a. preuiuom mia i«-r(jni-iux a pmtrorm which should brlnff hope to the people; He was listened to "with attention as he proceeded to dlicusi the causes o{ the existing condition* of distress, which he summarized as the combined action of the moneyed Interest* of the world to make money dear and property and labor cheap. The first step In this .plan was to strike down silver. This doubled the work of told, and doubled Its purchasing .power. The consequence was that prices were only half as high as when wo had the two metals, and It took all the farmer could raise to pay his fixed charges—his Interest and his taxes. The farmer was prostrated, the merchant and the railroads did less business and the laborer .was out of employment. "Shall we continue this system," he asked, "or so back to where we were before?" and a loud chorun of "No" was the result. Shall we go on, he added, pay- Ing Inlereat on 200 cent dollars or go'back and pay in 100 cent dollars? That was the great question before the convention. He characterized the republican convention as "Jtr. Mark Hanna's trust." At tnat convention Mr. Hanns nominated a man with one Idea and that Idea wrong. •[Laughter and cheers.] That convention adopted a single gold standard and the English inuney-Ienders approved It. English men were always delighted with anything: that tended to /ret more blood and ir.ore sweat o\H or th.' American people. [noncweiilauglncrai-.il cheers.) The same men wen; here trying 10 put the same ,-hulter upon us, "Are you going to stand It," hv 1 inqnirt'il, and again the response was a vigorous "N T o." Another point loudly chc-flred was when he declared: "We will havo no straddling on platform and uo straddling on candidates. "Those gpnilemon who have to consult the tin roosters when they pot up in the morning In order to see what their opinions arc for the day, have no show in thi.s convention." *"'"• Tht- hand of compromise, lie said, never yet ran up thu U.IK of. freedom. No compromise army ever fought the bauJii of. lih.irty. AK he -retired fftmi the stand ho was rootud -with loud cheers. M'J2)i:iJll>J. oi' .M.'!>f:J(.-hl!S<n-|.s, ^[H'Tilf*. Mi:. George Fred Williams, of Massachusetts, was naxV called upon and was. j greeted with a cVy 01' "Throe clioers for George J-'red Williams." lie combated the- assertion that'the seat of empire had been transferred from the Atlantic coast to the Mississippi valley. The.scat of enip'lre was where- It- ever was, in all the states of the union, and the battle now being wasjid was for the restoration of. the union-'of the states. He jegxel) there mlgbtYbe no other word of sectionalism heard ')ji this convention. The light was not to.'-transfor the seat of empire from the eas^. to the west, *ut to transl'CT the cor.lrofvot the treasury and of your money and/vmine from Lombard street to the comers- of Industiy In the United States. fLou'U cheers.] ComIUiMcc cm^CredentltilM Koport*. At this point (one p. m.) the chair an- noun.xd a partial report of the committee on credentials, recommending that each of the, territories and the District of Co- luinbia.be granted six votes. Second, after.careful comparison of the credentials as retuVned by the national committee, they found all of them correct except those from the states' of Nebraska and Michigan. In regard to Nebraska they were pleased to report that the delegates .•headed by Hen: WV. J. -Bryan should be admitted to seats. In regard to Michigan they-asked further time. ' . Mr. Mahor.ey, of Nebraska, rose-In the body of t-he hall and gracefully offend to vacate'the'scats now oicupled by "the sitting members for the benertt of their successful contestants. The motion to adopt tho report was declared carried by a viva voce vote, a demand for a-roll, call which was at first made by "Gov. Russell being withdrawn on the statement of the chairman of the .credentials committee that the report was unanimous. >-.. " At 1:10 the. eold= delegation from Nebraska retired to'a march tune by the band and their silver successors took • their .places.. ..." i- ' •'.''• The Bryan men, as they marched In headed by silver tipped spears and a banner bearing Mr. Bryan's name In silver letters, were vociferously applauded. Tilt mail Culled For. Shortly afterward Senator Daniel (at 1:28) resumed the chair, and Gov. Ben Tillman, of South Carolina, was Invited to address the convention. The reply wait made, however, that the governor was,In attendance on the meeting of. the committee on credentials. At 1:37 Mr. Altgeld moved that the con- •ventlon take a recess-till live o'clock. The proposition was.met with loud shouts of disapproval. • Thereupon the chairman (Senator \Yhite, of California) stated that" It had. become manifest that there would be no': report from the committee on credentials for some time and that the motion Just made was the result of that fact. Mr, Tlnlay, of Ohio, moved that there- port of the committee -on permanent organization bo now read, and that the convention proceed to its permanent organization, leaving the report of the committee on credentials to be disposed of subsequently. Take a 1-ong ROCOKK. -The chair ruled that, as there was no permanent roll of the body, there could be no declaration of n. permanent organization. He then put the question on the motion for a recess, and declared it carried. So convention took a recess till flve p. m.' WHITNKTt'S ADVICE. Recommend! That Gold Delegation St»y In tho Convention. Chicago. July 8.—The New York delegation held a conference .Wednesday morn- Jne to consider the situation In tho light of Tuesday's developments and agree on «. plan of action. The decision reached was to remain In the convention for tho present and abide by tho will of the majority. Tammany, will also support the nominee. There X 1 * almost a full attendance. What the 'dolegatlon.wlll do Thursday or the next day. If the convention lasts that long la'another question. The candidate question was not considered. J* Ex-Secretary Wftltney addressed the meeting and said \that' while he did not ask the gentlemen- present to adopt his Ideas, he believed that the best course to pursue was to^act as delegates until the platform was'adopted. He , advised against ar.y theatrical exhibition, and said t- would bo best for the Interests of the •old men to remain In their seats In the conventloii hall, but take no part In the proceedings., . , -.'. • The question, herald, had been carefully considered by prominent gold member 1 ) of the party and they all agreed that this -as' tho best course, to adopt. He had alked with Senator -Hill, on this question, he said, and tho senator had expressed ilmself In favor of -1^.,' ' . . . PLANS OF S1JC.VER MEN. , Will BTot Choke ;p«.-.:i>eb«te on. Platform —Blnud Ootfi tieorela. fhlcaro July 3 —The silver men say they do not propose to bo undul hasty nor do hey Intend to choke o«t reasonable debate jn the platform They fear that Senator Hill and other-) may discuss the minority eport on the flifenclal plank at too great »mttJ> and It I» not Improbable that after trtt aeoffifc iiaw rcnujiru wiien. tuosc in control deem to be a proper limit, a motion to order tho previous question will be mads. This motion, If made, will come from on* of the recognized leaders, and the convention will follow It. Mr. Richardson, of Tennessee, says that no final programme has been agreed upon. The West Virginia delegates have decided to cast their full vote on the first bit- lot for Blackburn, and then give their »upport to the candidate receiving the highest number of votc«. Tho Georgia dclesatlon held a meeting and a poll of the delegates resulted In m- htructlons to cast the entire vote of Georgia for Bland. Statements published In Chicago papers that the delegation wa» for Teller had no foundation In fact. THE EVENING SESSION. Chicago, .Tub" S.—Spocial.—The con- veu-t.iou nss«m1>loj] ;it live o'clock but the committee on- credentials was not • ready to report. It \v:i5 ordered that each .side should have an hour to discuss the platform. The committee on credentials at 3:."tO voted (o scat the four jwld dcloffiitis at large, and to uu- ' seat four proM distort delegates, sriviuft the majority to the silver delopiies ami ihi! Stvui?. ako as the unit rule prevails. A minority report prof.estniK against i his action was made. Jalin G. Crosby, of. Sl'a.<s;ich'Usetts, moved llie subsiihi- tion of ilie minority report... -The debate was "encrally'panJcip.'iiiid in and \vas heated and I'xcitin.tr. ihe ptalleric.^ .loin- in.^ in the appbiuso ami hisses. Senator Grady, of New York, asked if all 1'rrecedi'iiis c-f tlie party were 10 lie vio- laled. There was jrn-u confusion and npro;ir. nio.-'.v. <:f Uu; d'..-ie.£ra:«JS rising to rln-'ir foci. Tin' Ci.'.'.'lnii.'i!) ":»):? ll:'- 1 boll to- :iiusi'.- and ilu: band started bin was drowned In -the tiyimav. Grady si€Od O'ii ilw jiL'i.tform 'till the ecwinotion ceased ajid finished a.mid differs and .hisses. At T:-JO tin; roll call ol" States was bejrxm, many of the votes being , challenged and contusion reisniiSf- ' T .lie call af States was concluded at S:4i)_and resulted ayes. SOS: noes. 33S, ilw miiior- iiy. or sold reporrbeiu';? defeated, For vwenty nranutes the convention was' in an uproar but oifler was finally restored and the conwnMee ou pennauent organization presented its report, naming .Senator W.hiie of California as permanent chairman. The report was adopted and Senator White took . the platform, sneaking briefly. At 9:3G the. conyen-. tion adjourned till tomorrow morning at. 10 o'clock. SHOWN GREAT HONORS. Ancient and Honorable Artillery C«M*» puny of Boston Benohe* London. • London. July 8.—The ancient and honorable artillery company of Boston -wore.ao- corded an enthusiastic welcome on their arrlvalherc Tuesday night. The streeu r.i-ound the station In Euston sQuare. the London terminus of the London At Northwestern rail-way, over which the special train of the Americans came,,werc bloclcea with people. The train was drawn by two (-.nslnes decked -with American flasrs. A; it rolled Into the station the crowd that had assembled Kreetcd it with loudland pro- lonKed cheers, Tho fine band of the tion- don honorable artillery company was waiting In the station and as the Americans aliehted they were greeted with the strains of "Yankee Doodle." A number of tb« officers of the London organization wer« present to meet their puests. ... Thirty private omnibuses had been B«« cured and in these the visitors were driven to the armory. The crowd was so dens* for some distance alone the route thut It was Impossible for the horses to BO faster than a walk. The reception extended to them by the crowd was without doubt more enthusiastic than was ever before given, t* Americans In this city. The banquet was given at the armory house, Flnsuury, the headquarters of tho London company. The earl of Denbigh and Desmond, lieutenajit colonel of the honorable artillery company presided. Ther» were present about 400 guests. Toasts were oftered to the queen, th« president o£ the United States and th« prince of Wales, and wsre drunk with all the honors. The earl of Denbleh then, proposed a tonst to the American guests, whom ho warmly welcomed. He said h» hoped their visit to England would Inaugurate an epoch of peace and staunohest friendship. Col. Henry Walker, commander of the Ancient and Honorable Artillery company, made an eloquent response. In tkhlch he spoke of the kinship of .the Americans and British, and referred to their standing shoulder to shoulder la the march of civilization. -.-—•. London, July 8.—The vIsltinR members, of the Anclcntand Honorable Artillery com-- pany, of Boston, went to Windsor Wedpes- day morning. They were Inspected by tho queen and entertained at luncheon In Orangery. They afterwards were conducted through the state apartments of th» castle. AT THEIR OLD GAME. Tho "Lonv and Short Mfcn" Commit Another liold-Cp In Chicago. ' Chicago, July 8.—The "long and the short man" came oil successful with their ICth- holdup Tuesday niKht, and to show their daring, robbed a drug store on the principal corner In Woodlawn and Just a block from the Coliseum, where the democratic convention Is being held. At 9:<5 p. in. whllo the streets were crowded and the electrlo llg-hts were brilliantly .burning, three men entered the Woodlawn pharmacy at Sixty- third and Madison avenue, and covering •J F. Teufer, the only clerk In the store, and J. H. Crowell, a customer, with revolvers, rifled the cash drawer and took from Mr. Crowell a valuable gold watch and a small amount of cash. About t'X wax all tho money In the cash drawer. As soon as the men finished operations they fled. They were chased by.ajjatrol •n'a lookinc for the men." SIR JOHN PENDER DEAD.' The Fauioot Cable Magnate Pa»'ci/Aw«y .,"'.: In London. . -London, July S.— Sir John Fender, th*^ well-known cable magnate, head of tho Eastern, the Eastern Extension, the Cape, tho Auglo-American and other cable.coai- pank*. who has been 111 for some time, died ..' Tuesday afternoon. He TVO» born in .isio, was ori of tho original directors of the first transatlantic cable company and •»»• Instrumental . In causing the building or the Great Eastern. _ • ' . •Krvr York, July S.— The' AinerlcaTl.snip». KeneTworth.and Henry Wllisfewtlpfrom the Sandwich IsJands, .arrived -'In^ port Wednesday, -one hour apart, ,«.fter an ex- , ritine race. The vessels were In company tho last 23 dnys;ot,thc voyapo. The Kenel- worth di-opped anchor lirst, but she left Honolulu some hours before the Vlllard. "

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