Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on February 12, 1942 · Page 4
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 4

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 12, 1942
Page 4
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fit . 1'JVMIllntf Sunday) by NAUMATUCK -NWWit fJOMPANY, IN(J. at II Nofllv Mnln Strnnlv ( XAUOATIHJK, fJONNKClTlfUIT UUOOUMl M. liKNNK'.K All I month ." ............... It month's , . . , . ......... • • li •rnonlliH ,,....-. ....... .1 ycnr ............ ........ — Payable* In Advnnoo li y UarrhT JlATKS • ........ * ,75 , W.OO rltfhl t'o--ii«o for r In any form, nil novvn illH putr.hoH fu-miiuul to.lhhMmpor, It. Is filHO oxoiwi!vnly,,enrillwl'in UHO ^publication 'Ml llm lomil or TIUJHHl)/VV',' < i ; KlimiAHY JV|^_ Lincoln 1 * Birthday Todny Miryol'tho birth • . , ,-<•'• it Iho '.'With our. nation iu n war oi' dol'onHo proHorvation- ol' our racy, wo should Hpond Homo iirno and-tiiou^lit-'in inpdila- tion on tho life of-tho mar- ly rod ProHidonL • , * Abraham Lincoln .-]<now what war mount aftd hated it JIo nlmijlcnow tliat a nation hall' alHvo.aiid half J'roo could not lonffoxiHl, To him it wan clour.-, th'at wlnvory iruint Ix^ tvboliHhod, 'J'lo iiad io.choorto -bot-woon slavovy and i'roociom and. ho mudo hi» (.ilioico, with Iho result that today wo iiavo a nation which -shall not porlnh from tho o'arth, '/'*,..., "Wo aro. ,%hting to 'pvo- sorvo that i'iwdom'tor wlilcli T k \\ i ool i \ Hfeoo f,t\ w i th a 11 *< t h t vigor 'of. Irto dofcorminod.will, Wo houor-him for fho chcuoc lip mudo' arid 'also bocau.Ho'hu stood for the rightH. which froo men o.njo'y unclor ou groat (Jonatit.ution.. .-Wo ro voro him for IUH patriotlnm courago and -fluo ITEMS TAKEN FROM THE NEWS' 20 YEARS AGO Stewart 1 •. r -> • .vxv^v ^4^^^P^ (),.«! im.l'll bmltfOH n'W(U'tlOfl tho troops wurn oi'Kimlml wore- con- rm ,,,!,l at a Joint in^tiim o Troops I y "nnrl H, 'I'fMd yorflwdny nltornoon ,'t "iho lUmmber' of Coimiu'i'r.n hall on Ht'ldgf slr'ud, by (Ihnln'nnn Mrs. M, li, Til Wo of Die (''Oiirl of awards. ,sh, Hroi.Mon and .lUUh llnlllnsoii ( ,r Troop ti wore u warded Inndor- rnot badge* and similar luulgi-H warn Mward.-d lc> Allda Strong. Amy ami Miriam 1'V-irls ol were oonlVriTd upon f Hull, 'Kmlly l-ofcrloll, A"u»»» •\n(l«ii'Hon and Margarnt Oil oi Ji-oop \ iiiul Mury Monalian, Mary Andor- Hon and jJosophlnn AlllHon of Troop M. (Iwciulolyn Wood or Troop i m- I • hadgHrt In art and Dorothy Herges r' of III" tronf/ wan awarded morll In ssvlmmlog, dunrJng and Added contributions totalling W-M ;,-ro roporlod today by Du; patrols ,.,magml In Mm Hoy Scout llnunolal round-up. Several of Iho P»<;'' C)| * <''V, gaged In Hooui'iiiK l'U" flH , S H 1^hl>h Iu carry on Ihn work ol tho Nutiga- inok Hoy Snout council for tho on' hava not ynl reported, r-noulvod fi'om PI-, $W; Pntrol Norr'ilerborl jnhMHnn, patrol Inud- Pntrol No. *• Ml ' Hl .*'•.»,£' „/] pnlrol Inudw, iiiu.tHJ. ro/ilrllmtlonsjirlng thu lotul or the fund to !W,Tr>, ,OII|H KUivmim, son of Mr. and Mri!s..l. Klovman of (lorman Hl.ront, hnM been tfuU'i'.led by I'Hul Prum'/ui r'plav with' Hi" I'Mi'Hl. C-hiirnli oi- In \Valerbury. UH violinist, hall was Iho HOOMC. of a gathering hint evening when aboul. UW /»«MthfM'H ^^{j"" 11 CM 1 V (' I !*(/ 10 i I'tlllo''*" - , i and Ihnir M™ ({ *^ begun at 0 o'olook, and In which llU p^unMinrUolpiilnrl. ALlruol ve Jr hutH of ml and Mold, ho P o OI'H of lh« rmugl.ln.-H of isaho la, vere (iWrllMilml Io all present proi to the griind march, along wmi 'iMjUMl by Kdsvard Hogan, the n'o«rum % was (lomnUMHH'd, One ,,„, rcniiiiT* of Dm evening wan Ihn Ml.mlng of a MiuuH<a composed of Kdwarrl f.uddy, ,lo«npli imrKIn, ,,nion Morion.and Lou H v f iirrolI, A wing dance by C.larcnco was a pronouiuuid HUOC.OHH, ml ,Hl« for dancing was furnish- Of WOl'C G. O. P. Will Try ito Make Most of Unpreparedne»» By CHARLES P .STEWART Central Press Columnist. UNITED STATES senators have oratoncally. absolved congress, tn- oluding both their branch -of it, tho house • of- i •y ncle -Sam's lack of preparedness for war when the world con flict finally hit "him. .The upp'er chamber's membership Indulged in a voluminous discussion of the matter a few clays ago, and 4t was 'the concen- sus that the Niitionul l)inu .,,, '" and oo (Tee, general public's apathy, rather Umnthu apftCTiy of any particular croup of legislators or executives, was responsible for the unsatisfactory "state of America's defenses whun attacked by the Axis. Some of thu solans? did, indeed, concede that theyro P'art'of tbe general public themselves, and,'to that extent, Ihoy.admutcc) that they were apathetic a$<T Congress, as a body, though, they reasoned, would have buun more oh the alert if the. •aiity of iis-hofcn.e folk hadn t do oblivious of the situation's penis • • : • i "•Thore was 'rJcarutMy any dissent from this view in tho course of the Hpueclufying referred to,, which probably was natural enough; tne average' lawmaker could hardly htivu *buun expected to break in with thf contradiction. "Yes, sve an*, too. io blame 1 ." : Some- of thu congressionally c-ntici/A'cl gunoml public, however, having had tirnu to digest'Capitol Hill's cK-rogutory rumarks concerning it, is beginning to come back with various pungent observations of its- own, mostly through the press throughuurthe country. ., Clumsy Management ^. The uommunt's trend is 'to' tl/c efteut that the public elects congress to manage for- us nationally, and that incidents U'.ko those;-at Poarl .Harbor and Guam,, and Jap prugrosH in the Philippines, imply it .made ti very clumsy -job of.,it; To be sure, cm oecasi.onal commentator reengnizes that .-..maybe the public's- blu'meworthy for hav r ing ehosun poor cong-rcssmen. This Isn't a concession,-thoug-h,-of. much comfort-to those that the, voters 1 .' t be : f'br ; pleasure 'e'traiisacted'.;.;. In and no business .ri: •-••..- - - • • . tey; .Rightfully vest Controversial nothing i^more'lhtitwtinfct^ ,. •-&„„ on a probleh^wKich :^^.^'^^f^ 1 ^ e ^ suiy<$t •&(§ l ^gob<i"^j^ment related We'll be Wary tx _._.^ ^ „,.,,,.,.,. ....,..,, Wo Ml "b^toS i^m^Sli^?!*^ v. : - -i.;:.^ '~' .;-,,%'v&£d- -'anti flf.ifts/ nlnbs '.orffanizations offic in' Nn 'the wo want KEEP 'EM ROLLING! JLl±Mr**r*+ .. . .. , -...., --'• ---*-" VV U II UU iU.l«ui^t3.vyv.i f-,.*.'-- ,-.,. ;.,V?v^:v.-; tvi...,-.!..•>•-.- ••-'-. • .,'. - 3qrs b iJ^^S^M^MSSSSS; cvat and wellaie\pi^ 1 i^ rn ^ t0 ^' L v C3 u ^ wo Awint — .to joints,^njrt^ ^ aclvisbd of their activities; / ; By; socjiehes, clnbs and -or- o-'ini^ations ' d'f couvse; .Y?e 'mcm^soi-Qriti(3S, iratenuties, School 'cinhs; chnrch' clnb^;'ci-yic* iilnfe;^ci.ionftl'cliibs, nationality clubs mid-eveir political olubs, ad mfmitnm ..-.-. Each sideration, however, , s | .member of a " this; subject it of If MlMS c KiUliwrDo OrnnL, Mi'M,,.Mni',v Aimn fUinnoiul, and Miss Hos*n Many not Today 'Ahraharu Lineolr i,s with 1 U8 : ;in spirit calling upon UH to ."doi'ond our I'roo- dom, to the .rfoat'h, it' HOCOH- wary, and to proHorvo the lihertioH which ; Imvb hooi won for UH by our roroTalh OI'H in J.mttloa on 1 land anc Hoa. ''Wo can -say to him tjjjith- i'lilly that wo aro going, to. koop tntHulliod tho pricokws horitaM'O tliab i« ours and thaj- wo shall novor bo .shak- on in. -our clotortnination to romain i'rap. Wo can assure him, a« wo liayo aasurod our- HoWoH, thnt'wo aro going to win, - '•-, vnry Altornoy who properly OWUHPH linyn tlu' H.IOW ^'n "'""', and In nomn Huolions o tno oOMtllUons uiulor fool are MononoiiK»i by HlnoSH I'oi' on Mlllvlllo nviMuiu, ()|1 IVMIIVMIt.' HT«.» »!'-•, "V , ,1 tlu; puHl Rovci'ftl clayH, la «f?nln auiu Io 1)0 out. DunU'l Walsh will n.Uoiul Iho HltUo (H-)iwciillOM of mnll ufii-rlni-H to hn u/lll In IJunliury o» WnH»>l"KJon s hli'thdny, UH u rnpi-oHonliiLlvo ol tho NuiiKatuoU mnll onn-liM-s, Ml an-angnnifMilH Iiavo hoon opm- for Iho rnonplloH Lp ho Ion- lo'^norolnry "mill Mi'B. b- i ill CJIinmbor of Goimnoi'oo l-mll on KKbrufiry 17th. It. prornlHUH io hd-n vary mijoyublo aiTnlr imd I hoped that till inmntMU'H and lliolr svlll uttoiul, to contributors of to .." •' W-Kat wa like -to.- take biitlet tiib;( ^Ui^ft-accorded equal con- ">t Ji& iiappens to be a _,.' ( . ]$£$ " v yf$i' le ..;;we -are; ^ Jat/,'th^t-our m^mtiefs 1^ to ^n A T,U, v .JL^l^O^ll ^POfty^ 111 * 1 :-^ ^t^.t)^e''' ; bj»cH .!• ^JS^F. • toW;'^ lV v ; •''•py^ i bria(iiiress -youi; itfem^ _g;.;' : ...;;.'.vi .?.VvCi;-it--7-«i.-.i l. v ;.- • " '•:• ' '-' , " ^Ctrym^itp-'^i 5 " l^fe^-^ 1 ^ 1 ' & 5 7 ° u t * •''*'.•'.."" ^ i • T _T ' _. i. '„ «.*> r+ y-. '•^i '/-I /'l-fcT "t 7 W1 ^but not ; f>nblic]y 7 adopt a pseudonym-— wiii"3WVMiV''bii''tiid^^ identity iu>w Heroic Defender* =Kop, Harold Knutson of MinnoHota 1 \\m , introducod to pay HoldiorN in tho Philip- time'and ono-hall 1 I'oi lip.ti.vo HoryW'-tti oxcossoi'40 hoiirH a wook,..' 1 T.ho bill also would provldo; (< double tlmo n fot ,,..-.. uridor onotny flro 'for sorvico on ; >Sunday, ifudgin^ f ronv tho war reports i'rom tlio Philippinow, th<>mon who" aro fighting our baftlos thoro 'aro 'dloaorving of/any oxtra pay tho Govern^• M '' may R'lvX tli'p ltt * Thov havo hoon .nutting tip a ( ro- mnt'kahly^ Hi- r o n g dofonno againwt ovorwholming nu :ml wu^orioi'ity ot: 1 on'omy •dor llro haB won tho admira ti();i of tlio world. fetVlOH Of Innim'Uio fllo'i^ifji l v p! a mln- UM.o^oT tViotaM, uiuLplaHtiuH, - . . to .tho noriartinont ol Horn' w iun(nl)(.M'M of Iho local posL- ul HtalT aro luld up and oonHO(iut'nl.v (iOHl olYloo IH HOinowhnl, hai - pml for holp. Mall OaiTloi; Wl- [,'alrlwiiU- IH -oonMnod to Ills houtn on North Maln.-Hlrocl by nl- iioMH Potci 1 Uronnnn, who I-HIH ohargn of thf) dollvory of parool noHl, IK nlHO oonllnml'-lo hlfl .home, w IH Clari'lor Thomas Dolau, Puwoy Kano IH dollvoi-lng tho mail on Cluri'Uir Knlrbunk'H i;oulo. ICNDi't^Hrrmn I''In yd \Voo«lor In'hand- t'ho parool post, o- •o From Other Newspapers /now>,'*" OHM »(>V SCOUTS (Norymlk Sontlnot)' History ropoivts llanlfl. ' Tho Hoy SooutH of Amorloa IH llv- aKiiliV tbu Htlri'liiK dayn of 1JM7 JUKI' UH«. Tho proHont uonfllol ro- oalln tho sorvlyo roncloi'od Lho na- lion when SooulInK w«« °" [ V aoVl>n yoni'H old, • • • • . Now, on Its tlilrly-Hoooml nnnl- vorHncy, ,lho Hoy Sooufe of- Amorlon tiKiiln HOI-VOH Anuu'Uia at wur. 'IMieac H«i'vlo«H I'ango from poHloi- dlstt-l- initlon l-o blnoUout llrst aid, Karly In UU1, boforo Iho United •' w boonmo Involved In • aotunl war tho Hoy Sciotils of Amorloa wns aMkod to take .tho roHponnlhllUy roi* tho dlHtrlbulton o:C posters adyertls- Ing Iho suln of United Stdloa Hofenso liondM and SlainpH, Hoy Scouts put up 1,700,000, Almost Iminodlatoly Iho .Oflloo of CJIvllInn'-DcfoiiHo rociuoatocl the aid of tho Hoy SooutH of Amorloa In helping to oo I ton I Hcrap aluminum for alrplNiw cjousl-ruol-lon, Hoy SuouU all over tho Unllorl Slates uol- lootoil 10 million pounds of aluml- niini—nlghly pfi 1 oont of all ool- lootofl, ' , ' Tho.n oamo (ho appeal .1,0 oollool wriHlo |)«|>OP, Thousands of Ions of pnpur bnvo boon gntbiM-ocl'nl- Thc wrgurhent has been a .bit,it,6, thu navy's •udya-nttfge,, it's irije; 'Mfival'officlalctorn's 'on rccorcl as having a»kcd 'for , funds, • tor Pa*- eWc clefonsc purposes,, that con- tfrcsa never appropriated. 'To that Detent, the navy folk.are In a position to say, -"VVc told you so. 1 I'hoy'nay It .at -congress 1 expense, though. ''.-.: ' . ... . ; Ml in all, U rather appears that the legislators made a mistake in trying tp wish . responsibility .off from themselves onto tbe public iihrJ the army'and navy'.commands, they .laid themselves' open to a pood many exceedingly.-stiff-dabs In their-own direction. ' , -. o •••'_• . Partisan I y speaking, .the R'epub- Ucann arc'hoping; that, the 'controversy wiirrpdoumi to their,benefit on next, in November, They want, of course; to .transform the present big Democratic con- grossional majority Into a G..O.-P. majority in the house of represcn- tativos.and to mako material gains In tho senate: there aren't enough Seats at stake at that end of the Capitol building In .1942. to ;g|ve 'em control there, even If they win titl of them, which It's .a 'foregone conclusion will be impossible. . . They want to gain all they can, anyway,' • Their campaign story's fully cooked up already.. G, O. IVs Story / Its purport will be that they'vo been aollclly-for 100 per cent defense preparation since long before PoarrHarbor/but that the majority, now engaged in trying to stick responsibility off onto the general public, bungled our effort, So their appeal will be to tbe general public to swing bodily to their slclc'a candidates iiv November. , Chairman Joseph W. Martin, of the G. O. P. national committee has a spiel In hand well in advance of the coming contest. Clarence Budlngtcm Kelland, the Republican's new press agemVlike; wise has appropriate 'publicity r on tap, -to turn -loose in- connection with it. Thp Democratic organi- sation obviously is a little apprehensive of; Clarence. It's, been'at pains to refer to him> in its news releases, as "one of the world's m os t' f n m o u s, ft c t i o n, w r 11 e rs.". r . It promises to be a peculiar campaign, in its way—with' the .administration -party- excusing , its candidates for -''aclmitt'ccl prepara?. tory derclicttons.' on- "the[..'ground that the gUherai public 'perpetrated 'em, arid vvltb-th,eir rivarcancll- da.tos contend'tng, that their anti- aclministraUonistlc .party has b^en iriore loyally- aclminlstrationistic ty>an the aclmlnlstra'tioniats.'" ';'V-.- • -^w :tha*.^e'^^«^i;ourM meetiiig^.mghts;(Tu6sd^,^pay: i ?|id;3^irday, fpr the t L/x.t^ r5c** u y'- • v v ^ * Tha't'iiois'6 ; f^rom'Mie'railVoaci''station ;ai6w nights ago was nbf«B"Bffi'. liv 'Mic' axnlQsidii'oi'.'asteflm boiler. It was was not •.caii.sect.oy.,tnc-axpiqBjyu.v 1 -*.:?^'^. ""-^-- „-- - «!lY the .vQoeptiori:accsoi-dctT Togj L.awley by, a few.ot the Biibbei-' ; aven : ne boys ; wha:Had;lef;i'nea in advance pt his return from: Wushingtbn,::wH6i>c' lip,attended the ; .oei-e- i . ' : , • • , .. .^'.^, : . '..-... ;>i I'.'i.-' ' • .IT.-'' i' : 'rnjk : l-lv/-w4- :; iTTr» ti • aHrmrTPfi monies 'at; \^dli-Qp«g^^maii,;4oe\Talftot ; wa& aamiuca as••a'-metobo / r- : 'bf i ;the Poiise'^qf ^Be^reBentaj;ives, . • '"' '" ' ^ed;\frpm.the-lt^Jfti-n;^ Si'iiSiu^t.iB ^6™^^ 'P^ ' ^ .impromptu iU^a'Gh^^^ P ot v or !il; ;v Lilie > a'.'iOTg';^Wente^ To'gy •' ^v* • ' . ' ' ' f'V ' *'^ } r*\- 1 7 " V. - \ i\ * 7 - \ ' '. ' ' ' /\ ~) W ; Me^^v'|^f? ••<•"•:• • '. ; :'' : S''^-^t£.W-' •('':;. .?&.-\^''.. ' ' "' by about'd welcoming-'cp: s'imilar. kitchen iiistriimerits; •The genial-.'s: slighte^t. ; ! i yvll'en 1 ':l? (sligTitj y -.•'•btVttei'Qi. ..,.-.. from his place 'of- business. ^._ AGO, IK EUROPE ^1941 (••' .'v : B^ : United Press- -.'•-.: bfen'-'-'/^r'ninco i and \Mussolini an- nouhcic-"complete identity-:of .vle\ys,-.. Zfiakoff-ilrfiliefl cl.iief oi' Soviet,.gcii- oral fjl-'aCT :a ; nd^sar .q^ de- I'nnssn '••'''•••' • " • ' .' fense, \Vd l'rohV v : -0 children oil n?gi ons. , : ,^ ; ?Iaying ':-,: \JNow'.At ; Lpew's T.-o?,l ay--brings ; ,l.o .live l.-o'-qw-- PoiP it-ieatci 1 . 'W^iterbury Anothor clc* lighiAilV.combiimhJon --of •'c. am] scVeoiv-.''siiqw;-' : MIC offering.- on , Uuv stage •''tills''week wMl no doul.H prove nopulhv- 1 -wlU^-'ftll -ns II has within i|.s : prosn'h-i:aL]on oil We : ,ingredient, of ; cintcrf;ainrnenl f - flr.isl 'niKl foreniosl tlienc f -w/JlVbe>.I,puis -Pi'tfn.i o'nd bis ram'6i!?-4\ari(j;. .Uion for • ' comedy; Micri? VjM&. ; >Vi.llie Ho\var.d and Co., s\y^V- XAOa-lI'zi'Jik >yl 1) - be;handled b.y Lln'SiiS-WdivJ while'- Uic.. art. of, tei'i^lojiofd'^vill be. altenflQd...l,o .by l.liOu''Goiiclos • ^tol'.liGpsS, .^yii.n. otlYpt••'^io'i's'''toi\round QU(- a swell stiVgG-;si^w..;'which :.wi 11 b^ywfMW^ three Umns daily at, 3-C-9 p. < The screen' offering; Nyill, be. Jane AVithers; in • beiv.. lal.esl .slarVmg. . veil i ol c ..'.'Young. America .ami j;n i.p.. ' Voumi'mg 'into 'maturity''.^'!]!'-.^.^.; nor usi'wV 'delightful- -cbaraclerix/i.^ Lion. • , ..--..•. ,..:.•., • . . Eddy Duchiri V 5 . ; ; > . Friday At The . ^ •••* - ' State, Hartford St,hrt,ing.t)iis week ; FriVlfly,' for. Lhree -'days' only, -on. - We ,-sUge, ot l'he 'Slaic ' W eater; - llurtford,-.-' -is.- 1 America's' .distincl.ive stylisl,,,-'-p.f rhVWm; -Krldy'- Ducb-rn, ;in perHon., .^Thc.Magie fingers of Radio" ^and 'li Is'-"wo pi fl •• famous - brenesti'a. l^ldy buphin is'-tlu! naU'o'ri's outstanding .popular -pianist,--whoso .suave aiid 'sweet -.tempo 'made-' him society'R 'kvbritc" orcbestra'- leader, and tops, •with sweet and swing, fans . from coast, ,4o- cons!,'. He, brings. a grand, .new and .brand new revue of Top Hat eiHerUimmcnL' Among. Hie 'artists '\vlionV'Duoliin features •are.- .luivc Robbins,. '.'Clmrming; Hndio ; Son'gstress; 1 ' L'ew Sherwood, u S5ng-..; ing Trumpeter";', Tony Leonard, "Song Stylist'; .lohnny DraKe;.'Sing- ing -Saxophonist' 1 ;'. Tbe Three. Ear- lienders, and-"many oUicrs.r , / ;/, • Go : -s!,arr3ng ; on We- same.. b.iU' AViW ISdriy. D.uchin is gasoline engine Jack Ciirtin fr>r the .- ough, is- an ableassi^toot to the Administrator of the new Southbury Training ^ScliobL Jack'5 pride : and joy at the moment; is the new $iO$PO pumper, fir^ engine a ; to the schooler ^ ^rioitectipn , ;. ^»Wp|rd from Wasli- -on . D; G; "is • tKafeFiiik and '.Biefty.. Oilroy are planning ing-ton,, to visit soon- Betty O'Brien;, Falls, .... and 'Bieifty'. flilrpy are planning 'S niojther, Betty is the former i0,S^ifn,^kij; formerly of Beacon JC £Lllb, wai» . u*.*cuM*y' wy, *«»*;» J •^Icr-'-tlCpilV, **V/•'». ;. • Oommissipn Mt -\veefc to ; joiii Ket^ar^nt^in the celebration of their -weildLin-flrfaniiiveriaryi'';' Sipce'/Pearl Harbor,, Toughs, neir weMmg;^anniveiij<iriy, v^iw .;*-.c«i.*. **wiMv*i ^on^'^m^lo'y!e|3; \feave |^u^d 7lit|l^iriie-; fpr; rur- rbady by. l.hom/n'iid:; It oonlinues, " ... : .. ':•-. ' •• . 'As In the laal f ,Wb.rl.d.,\yar...the. Boy Scouts. 1 aro. clohiS- 1 those -things -of 'whloli thoy nro onpol)lo ,tp. help the 'homo front in Us .'light for l,ho.clem : •opratlo way or Ufa; StioiiUng,. p.i:.e- phi'cs'-'boys for .muny ll ?.ood turns" utul, Amcrloft fins' ^pnj'npdl 1 through. pomlatilo • nntl Fnolst propngancln ( hayo boon usofl to. tllsoournga.'opmplcMtfn ,ol' Lho 1 •P.nn-Amorioan : liignwnx, : ;np- oOrdlng to tho' Department- ol'-Gom. ifioroc; * -..^.<•.•.•.**•'.«•-..-,•.- ».v, Y ..w..v;-. >: ;. 1 "UIIIL t .. • ' ,« J-Jlv' ..i-.l f.V I ^V l ' J . : j7[.-i',? : ^. l/ * ,* v rfl R*. • ,i v ' ••';--•• -\.^ '•••'' fj ebupl'ei-wlio--fiU(3^^ H(!ilM FarVar ?s ; TeiidttiW 1 '^^ ^ T-iealV-.DfbviiiffV-hfe^^fe^ pi'byingviife.i^iB'P^^ , all- arc^nid^|^;^^d| ^{?pife;x)fta; ; ;l)'acl -cold; wliicli vV>^] fr> hniic^- .Kiirr^ th:,'TYiti^si. ! tliGi-/.affair'. , . . -Kay. ...... '*.•• i. ' • • ^ •. *•* l ,; • •""'.' *..!*•• •("•.*,''' "'^ ',» * : »*''.' Jl **". ' Yy' *• *','''•' fclirca-tciiGd" -to cause Jl'eiVr to. • ni'tss,^- tn6 ; .uiTaii' , , ., ,. Deeo'aii proving.-himsojffa : ':^(3^ t un icfert'tifi'ed- #entlem;a^ B« • ••• . '• . • ••>• '•-' •.• :.'.'•'• ."^•; •'-.'.. ! •• -.-•„• .-i -,,T';.; *i-_. .H»-ii^ •i.-^ -j ••'' •'•. •'-'• T' ^;,' rr so great"wa ailCVvTjllKG '•^•V. J - l -W04Vv: t 7^ s .o\>^iff^i,.v.^.;,v* J v^ ™"'""'.^'1. f...~"7^.' i'"-: T ^ ", in-'tivpfeasitf'^ '' 'Jimm^ Qoni^ ^ Island>; " '" '''"' ? ''"''"'^Birii^^^^ v llpme. dn. TpiB'sif stress thelast word "-^^'«-^"-^||:'^ : ^ All tj'-i-jj«ii : -ii'^-MMx-u«- ;^n(j> a pipe to Branciien. has u a liope. to 1 ;get;Sno%^^ : 3^^ , •' •'' ' - ••• • . .-;. /Orchids to sorrel, erc« mr wi« w^ y aiid energy he's putting- of organizing the fire s :prdtection forces <:,of thevU- 6 1 Iluhber Co. It's'an "important task and Jay ; iigf int^estfe^iib the point where he sometimes nagleots hi^ Frid^f night rendezvous for scallops , , , . Kenny Davis has; ^4n!forlornVsince fire destroyed the hangar and sev- eratvpl^ Bethany airport, Ken has plenty of hours flying;'to 'Ms credit and hopes to •continue, - ;; ~ ._ the Borough .... Jim ParKer, station WATR a-nnotmW^^^ Peoples-fellowship ol: 'St.' Michael's Episcopal Clivirch ; we^-e'tbid'by Theodore Brown .'.. . Mrs'.' Gertrude S..'Madi- gaiV'dircctor of night school classes, is planning.a ci.vic pilgrimage- to Washington,: D. C,, March 20-22..; Contact Mr|;.;]\|tacligan for. arrangements .. . .. .'Visitors to Wa s]^ Spring 1 ', probably'-wj 11. be more interested --.ifi; ..color and efficiency that predominates,, rather 1 ."• c' • and .beauty- oi ? , the Japanese chcrry -blos- usuafjy,.the cause oi ? attraction ; . . .Capable looking doiighbo.ys in-tin hats and With bayonets fixed stand-guard- at all 1 .important buildings and bridges. The g'uarcVaround the\.Wh'ii;e House is awe-inspiring. .. . ': : '. : ":• \ '.".';' -.-"March 15 Aspirins . , ., Warden Leo Brophy has arranged for the assignment le'ct.cTs sit the town hall today and tomorrow to aid borough ta^;-|)ayeirs in the preparation of jtheir income tax forms. Ga5f : Price, chief of this Waterbiiry dejputiesy will be in charge, .'at sessions to be held in |he. towri hall from 8:30 :.;._-;.';; Ton_':;' ';Tocco'' SullivaiT. is- the 't)roucl possessor^ of': a motian ipicture, ii.lm which; briefly depicts boxing history ^rqm^be-early --.-days .of^Dempsey's brilliant career. -But •the, jiil|n.-l;0",prizes, most higlity. of his youngsters at •player.;>.'It's 'hard:,to convince many peoioie thaf-kcniai ''•'««'*' ^*. t' .- • •' f',. i 1 ' . * • , ... t' ( i j- • . ^3 - e tex^? e S^P^P0i-ennial.p O t the local -AT 0: fe; is Ino^ajiipi^^pf Iv^ ;Iri^\vri|ja^-. philosophy was bbyri; : rjgh| here .<,.-;;. Charicjl ^alyvfias .returned io- Brown University after haying vis- te 3:|H^arents,'Borough. Clerk-and Mrs, Charles .Daly; Ie^-tp-;%e' a canclidatc for ithe Naval Academy hi ; tlie *0'-«'r-^>- and-.-Hollywood's favorite d.winl sl.ur, Hny Bolger, hit of Bi'OiiclWi.jy • musical . and iriuinphs such hs SiiHii-y" "\Vizard-of-Ox." .' on ,ihis )),)-))• \\ira several, nnlioniilly. 'vjjudcvlllc iortisls includinu .vtij Crijoquist -Bob -Nonor'aiul, Ins Avoai an --sibogp; , Reggie TricUpiiss; «,l •J'CfUi,':J.ack and .luily, two ^Irls-aiii ^ % : b v o'y in. n ' comedy ucrob.'ilic aij "'";'• "Just Knocking Around." Fine Double \ (Grem Theat •> ]")c,aling \yUIi. Lbo... ox pi oils..of .debonair <Vul.eeJ.iVc wbo inixcs--r< manco and crime problc-ms/in c.j ' fashion .«KO l\:ulio's--"TI) Gay Falcon, 11 , now nl, tlie <Jeii features Oeor.qe Sanders and Barric:in lea'd-lng roles. The chavac (.cr.of the Falcon is based upon till prot,asonisl. of.' a noted Mioliael Ai| Ion s.loi'Xv "' , ie\yc| ibiovcs ' provides (In; / 'sfory, '-AIM a,- Ann6 Hunlcr, Glwiv or, A'rUuir ...Sbiolds, :' Ki\\vuvd:1 Bropby.find Q,<?v-> ei^;;aroi./iiV.llie.-casl-. l;li;c -'jllnVs'.'.^ack • in. Iho"Q'arly fl llfcS^iiiifltfslTy. lie' ; 'AV<is fi'.-p-" im ' .N 1 a ck:.; Se ft nut I, 's /:. f a m o u k, coivvo/Iy jtroupe;..: \vhicli was. wftftic' of>so- -many ; laler.-famwi stcir's" andv' j j (in ks,• |.-:'' wli o'. cc n M y . »Hrwl6| "5reat "Guns';^ "ihe 'Sinn im\ and Olivbp.Hnr.dy comedy'»o the Gcn\! theater, lias houri films ever since. For man? UIG Monty Bunks comedies \VCT the' favoi-ltos' of the Jlhn fan?. Monty \yas tlic comediiin in t Jaug-lY miOicrs. New York, Felv - Correin, 20, '(305 Kim slm-D l.W).dgb 1 ,Mj^. X) and John Yft 1 ," of US^vA' -. avenue) cl]ester Mass:; \ver.e'injuv^l ? criou ; tV'today when thetr autoviiohilo lided with a milk .truck in HrooK " Police'said ;x misundersl;im!ni.?J signals apparently caused tltf. dent; The- force' of the h'oth youths into the stn^t. •. Bo.tlL.,\yerc in Holy Family h l,ai:;>VfUi!:sciverc heaci Injuries, nolly also-suffered fractures of ' NEW ASSUMES DUTlBI an-Mil es arrived hf.rr i from-Washington to assume^ mand-.of. thb ;! .dJ s .my's llrst <!orp» n i dsf/s 1 oh f; -of-'-.a former ?-•"" ing general of- the- army, na^ .serving as •.-assistant clnVf ni., at,tlje >var dQpartnient in fliajE mili.i.rtry 1 - intelligence. He 'corned' .by. Maj.-Gon. Terry, New England fi fense commander who w* .ac-ting .corps -nro.a coihninn* cr htfp Sljl.lHfl.i>y • lloklci's. of motor .ve nie undergo n'riiocl five, ybnrs-,.'. the!

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