The Indianapolis News from Indianapolis, Indiana on August 12, 1930 · Page 6
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The Indianapolis News from Indianapolis, Indiana · Page 6

Indianapolis, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 12, 1930
Page 6
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III I2JDIANAP0LIS NEWS r: U - ;aipo:4a ewe rTaWietir - j Co r - :t: v. 9 at Tt. 'ei r . t Jo SJ cd 5i Wett u', ttoa I'.rtet Te.taorw l.ct "Hi ' E ure 2 a ew1 eee test t - r t tie Potto:.'; - t I - .Ii s L 1. c - .Uer ia et tJ Uarca . t , , ( IS J ;i4a AT e :a:u c. r:u: tarn r. s. r . i 3 n I i I r t i .i. 2 ! ... 4 ( JO t.j , r 7 t) 9 u t :i c.. - r jr. - .t cr - os rJca - :..'.u e:.:t:c:! ji.o a 1012. r - .! te :: . t cc: - 3 cr.:y to rsr&J . 5 ... J r 14 loc.;wi 19 lamina :';si te eu etuisatue thro as i 1 frcrr'T ;. 4 cr TH3 5'iOClATE3 PS.!. Si Ass'xU! - ! Fe ta ezc:axlv - y .1 t 1 .r rc; .v . !! ti t tt. cr c - t t rw. : 1 "3 : rsrr az.2 aUo to u - local DOIZG r,7ITnCC2 ' - - - - f ' r - ' r C t . C .2 gen - 3 x .: - 5 t'; t;la clt7 arl :.T. cr.2 1: b ta t; trpcl tit 1.5 ; Li ?r tliia t - 5 cp?r.dlr.3 cf tis cccy cf ra x - i r - - 3 jlaca ca'J'.i to c' 1 tl'$ n:ry '.: ret a rwla tccit f - :r tielr " - y" tzz rs.zT.ry. Vot. riea rr' - - - T la tmoctily, are 7 :. - 7 t? tj irt'.:zl lot i:zzz7. 7 f - i's L - .ii Li tL - res pi;t teen I,":t 3 Iir.j ecoaosi - 1 rr.:; - r.c - i c! tij puUs fnls 1, cr t - strci tt, u 1 iiV.zr Liberal ty t'..'::i r:$ rr. - - r.t eri'.ravsjir.t j - :::'.::rji vtrs drlcndid ty pro - t.'. ::ar.t cp'.L - lrts as .tci:j erpres - r.j cf U.: ;::t cf true Am?ricaa - t j vtrs tc - Il, v.zs cot - y - pl: Z'it me have learned teitr. T'in - lare c - r. even cf f.s r.o?t rlrld ciar - . j t . :r :j t.z - 7 iz;r.:5nat,:e. Tis 01 r.d f:r l.".cr Ur.:s, cr at least fcr L - .::::: - ; In taxes. Is g;neral and l:icr.i. rcjp'.e are locklnx forward tA.r;;;lrj t: - ;, rciUzlr.?. as tiey . - . - 1. - .V3 T.'. tl27l dDT.! that tit tvwzzX tt Ux - s tiey w!3 later te c;":i ca to p;7 wi3 te determined 17 v.iat is dr.s no'Af ty tie tudpet . r : ::crs. . Tir7 manifestly - caa not pr;v'.'s fcr eTcrytii - .j for uilch r.rr.7 would be glad to have prcvl - t::n mada except ty Increasmj taxca li U a c:::licn cf dr.j V.tiout, f:r 'tis tir.9 tcinj at l. - art. There may ts dlT.'crtnce cf cplnloa a to p:cj:cts should te pcilpcncd cr r. - tallrl. Cut cf tie necesalty cf d:'.r j without. If taxes are to come d:n, cr at least not to te increased, C;:e Is nt cicxtioa la any mind. Tis tpp:rl:r.ce trlU ts cxd f us. ,7i have tcea rannlnj wild for a ftol many, years, nerer apparently tt - r; - 3 to tilnk tiat a day cf r:;i:nlr.2 was certain ta come. xow Cat it Is hsre, tie perp'.s are pre - p - rtd ts faca it. There are few tet - t. - y adrertlrcr.cnts tiat a community c - .a hare tiaa low taxes and honest. !:r.t tr.l t"or.crJ;al j3vcn:r.cit rartpance and recilcscness always murt be paid for. . Those who are r: (T.z'Z'i i preparLr.j cur fcud - rU must realize tiat tiey hare back it tirea a ttror.z putllo opinion la f.vrr cf d;lr.j wltiout as the cn r:'lr7 ty. which an. Increase la the tax burden caa te avoided. ', .", - - CALVXET CAyo SLAYIXOS Car;:tfr methods cf dcallnj with car.pctllors la lawless activity, ss the? jvs trca developed at Chlcajo, ep p - :r to ta rpreadlnj t - .to hortiefa la dlina. Dipatcies frcni Gary UU cf C rnilr - i cf tie tullet - rlddled body cf a reputed underworld chars cter ca ; a strip - c - f swamp land. During the the 1 secretary ,f state protested latter Fart cf last wetk a reputed lco - against the sweeping extent of the h - I peddler was shot and killed la a embargo. A smsH area la the north - placa tald to be frecr - jenied ty toot - east ha been infested with the fly. lr:; - rs and hijacber. Tie authorities! hile the apple - growing states of the Interpret tie s'.aylr.;j as tie outcome middle west , and extreme west ar cf rivai - y between two groups la aa'htllered to be free of the pest, illicit trads Ln li;ucr. One, it is te - , It is admitted that the American Hived, la tryir to get a foothcld government ha been vigorous and wiere another has teen dominant. persistent ia 1U. efforts to Isolate the Tie d - gres to wilch prohibition can te enforced, la practise, la some parts cf , lis country may be debatable, Tisre Is! warrant for saying tiat wi3"a commercLillratioa cf tie traffic j ta frbiddca tevcrsges teccmc as pronounced ani cpen, as seems to be tie case ia tils Instance, there la need ta" crutinlos local bw enforcement prcrrams. Bcvtlopmtnts a few months tie ia Lass county, wiea the mayor tr.i cilcf cf poll; it East Cilcaga wers among tioss convicted la federal court cf a liquor vending conspiracy, tiva a warnir.g. Wiea alliances proceed cut ci dealings with cr tdratioa cf force that Include murder as an tartr - - t, orderly conduct cf put lis ail lira Is sure to be undermined. Tr.;;rr mea are a scourge that no stlf - rcrpcctlr.g locality should tolerate. Tie vlclousness cf tiebr calling ts never limited 'in 'Its 'effects to other unfailing tija that virtual anarchy la rovcrnmcnt is gtttlrg a rubstantlal 'trip. " . ''; HEAT DU RAT JOS la Ir.dianspc'.lj tis heat wave broke wi.iout trcakir - g any duration rtc - crda. Many cltirtns declared that rtver before tad tiey experienced tr - ytiiag Lie It. but tie fUes cf tie weatner bureau show that' they were, UTcrj. Tils year there were fifteen days la July wiea tie mercury was 3 degrees or higher, the maximum f:r any one day having teea '101.1 degrees. August, tins far has had seven days with a maximum of 83 cr more, cr twenty - two days for bcth months. Ia 1SCI July had twenty - four SO - degree days and August added five mere. July, 1321, had tweniy - cre days wiea tie mercury went to S3, and la 1313 tier were twenty days la July and tea day in August with matlrr.irrn temperature . cl S3 cr higher. The - . rr.axlrmrrn record here la ICS degrees, revered July SI, Thus tie endurance record of at least three previous ram men show fcr.ejer periods cf hlrra readings than have teea recorded tils Seme cf the lorz - ran:e;. forecaster bare declared tiat tiers win be no general rtilef frora txcecoive test uatn titer tie fiit cf CeptenUr, arid ruch pretutions Inciude for Aurrust about ti seams kind cf weather thai wa i la July. - Such fore - caels trs net talea seriously by the wcatirr cfneioui. They do nct tt - tc - - to fcrcUa tie leather, for I:r..: :r perlidi tiaa & week cr raale diTirlte fcreccits for , care tian tTcr.l7 - fi7 - ir cr thlrty - eix hours. UNIFIED DROUGHT AID : . ' H:v;a raTr&ad Lara sjreed to reduce freight rat ca hay to pciais la Irllr.i, vhers drc - it La af - f.cted eerlouy a nanztl prodacta cf fstirtuffi fr trJLa! TTili tie no'ar - cersent over tie veek - end that crr'.:rs zz.zrz.7 re rtlitsed fcr tie tlz; bcL - j frca tcicdes tppUad to r - ril tilpnierts. It may be thai the redictica Z1 be extended to. aorae cereals. , Corarzeadatlca Is due the trazrpcrtatloa llae rcaaajeraeat for tielr prcrrpt Tespoase to appeal for action. - " . Tie co - cp era ilea undertaken with t cultural local tie s ra this state. 'and c'exictr, ta ts cf catual advan - t: - i. ,17 ass' - rtlrj fanners to get r - ppUss for titlr lire stock, a way 1$ cprr.:i la pirt to prevent Thole - ta.l dur:plr cf heps and cattle ca tie carket. ilch cot crJy would neaa Irradiate financial kas to the owners .' cf cnflni&hed animals, but redd reduce too drastically the .basis for herds la tie next few years. The oulccrr.e would be a marked shrinkage ta freight cargoes cf this type, which a ccnslderatle factor la railroid carloadlnis. ... v.T:cre xanciaj aid is necessary for xaecdid purchases cf forage and grain, local farm crganlaatlons, the parent state body and community credit f - mcles familiar with conditions douttlca caa he!? to trlnz about suitable arrangements, as a rule.. In addition, tie federal farm board has Indicated tiat the board's revolving fund will te available, and may be emplcyed la tranasctlons with cooperatives established la accordance with tie national marketing act. On two fronts, tie rsrcad and ; the financial, trczztcf drought ; relief ought to be fairly speedy. '' After, a conference at Waahlnsoa Thursday to be participated la by President Koover, Oovernors frora states where damage has beta severe, and spokesmen fcr several federal departments, more wil be fcwwa as to the full scope of the program that may recommend Itself. The thoroughness cf the examination concerning the circumstances Is patent and reassuring to the people. THE FRUIT FLY AGAIN Clang and collegiate expression seem t3 t!!cri 1c:rlcn2;3 tnl temrtlzg methods of speech. Take that one, for Instance, to the effect that there Is always something to take Joy out cf life. It applies to the fruit Cy. M V. - a . m nifcred from a fruit pest last ter. Both state and federal troops were called into use to enforce an embargo. Oranges and grapefruit from Infested territory were not shipped Into other fruit - growing territory. Even apples carried Into Florida were rejected 'at the picket line. Now tie British government has placed an embargo on American apple because of a reported tafesta - tioa with the fruit Hy. In rain has fly and the state department has represented that the probabmty ; cf extension cf the pest has passed. But John Bull win take no chances. ' lis will do without good apples first. Probably we would, too, a' we have la tie past takea extraordinary pre cautions. Natlona take step to prevent Invasions cf disease as we! a cf armed foe and even the league cf nation can not Interfere. DROUGHT AXD DROUTH We learn from Washington that the President is taking steps to TtHert farmers who are victims cf the drought," while the federal farm bu reau and tha department cf agricul ture are making plans to assist farmers whose crops have been almost ruined ty the "drouth." The farm board member insist cn "drouth," but the White House statement are expected to continue ;'th : ust - cf "drought" - .The Standard' dictionary lists bcth drought and drouth. They mean tie asm thing. The Standard list also draut. drauth and drout. The eld Anglo - Saxon word for absolute dryness was drcgite, Webster's dictionary prefers drought to drouth and gives drcght a cna cf the old forms. The Century dictionary, which gives both words, says that drouth ts equivalent to "dry - th" i and Is ety - mologicaHy the more correct spelling. Adding, "th". to "warm," to make "warmth" Is. cited "a aimSar usage. Both forms drought and drouth have been in use since the middle English period, says the Century, "but drought has been more common." It Is cot likely that the farmers. - looking over acres of corn, that the sua has fired, cr pastures turned brown ty .excessive heat and lack of rain.' win be much concerned about whether they hare suffered frora a droujit cr ( a drouth. They cay ares wlih Pres. tdeni Hoover, that they nerer experienced a worse droujit, and wm be ta - terested is the department cf sjrl - culture's effort to do something about the results of tie drouth. It is results they are after and whether they come under one designation or another, the country wa fc more lalerested la what can be done than la the way to to zpe3 a word. , . :. ', '. rirrr york situation rCchcdas Hurray Butler thinks that It Is practically certain that tie Republicans cf I'ew York win, ta their coa - ventioa, declare for the repeal cf the Eighteenth amendment. There seems to be little doubt that the Democrats win take the same stand. Governor Roosevelt being known to favor It. It these relictions are lulHSed. "the craestlon." to equate Dr. Eutier, "wm be Sited, as It should be lifted, out cf the state campaign, and out cf the field of political party controversy.' Neither party win gain frca the ether, cr lose to tt, on the ; prchibltioa question. . ; ; '. ' '' . ' ; , . ' I Cut both parties may lose to a revived and strengthened prohibition party. The question win be as to which w3 lose rnore beavSy. v Sincere and earnest prohihitlonls! wQ be farced to express their views; if they express them at all, through an cr - ganizatica cf their own. There should be a large Increase, even la r?ew York, la the straight prohibition vote that Is . If both the major parties turn against prohibition. One can 'only speculate as to which wl suffer the more. . " - . . , ; ' ' . - V But It may be that Dr. oiler - win turn cut to be a poor prophet. He Is a very - determined and enthusiastic antL and it Is possible that his zeal has ' run away with ; hi . Judgment. There are lots cf prohibitionist In Bp - state New York, which Is Republican territory some even la Kew York city,: though apparently - cot easy. The situation la Dr. Butler's state Is at least Interesting,' ar developments promise to be. If the two parties take the same stand, there win be no referendum, , The strength' cr weakness cf prohibition sentiment in Itar York, If things go as predicted, win be measured wholly by the size of the straight prohibitioa rote. LTXCmSQ PICTURES . Photcgraphs cf the two Kegroes, hanged from a tree In the Courthouse yard at Idarion, were available to all the newspapers of Indiana . with in a few" hour after the mob. had done Its work. To the credit cf many newspapers it should be chronicled tiat they, did not use them although many ethers printed them on the first page. : Soma years ago the legislature passed a law that said: i - ;:':vF It shall be tmlawful f or any person to sen or ctfer.for sale, or to print or publish, cr to bring Into this state for the purpose of selling, giving away or otherwise disposing of. or to circulate ta any way, any paper, book or periodical the chief feature or characteristic of - which Is the record cf the commission of crime or the display by cut or Ulustratloa cf crtutes cotnaltted cr ci til acts cr pictures of criminals, desperadoes, or of men and women In lewd and unbecoming positions cr improper dress. Any persons guty cf any violation cf this section shall be fined not lees which may be added imprisonment ia the county Jan not exceeding ninety days. ; .: ' v ,;v This act was directed chiefiy at what the legislature thought was one of the.evCs of. the day the reading cf so - called dims novels by boys. It sought to discourage crime literature although such, books have , become generally - popular now - and citizens may join "crime clubs" so they may be assured at least one crime or mystery novel each month. This section quoted has rarely , If ever been enforced, but it remain the law, and ty reason of its letter and spirit might be invoked to prevent the printing of - such pictures, as grew out cf the Marlon mob's action ' It should not be necessary to search for a law to prevent something that ,com ai vw . aii' ay - v w w men decency and good taste forbids. A revolting photograph Is nothing i else, no matter how much a' newspaper may urge that its use may teach an object lessen cr be Justified on the theory that whatever Is news is fit to print. - :. " ;, :y r :;: IDOLATRY ..; V - '.'.., In the eld days idolatry was perhsps the worst and most deadly sin into which a ' tna or r.'tfrra yVt f, It consisted, as every ens fcaows, ta the worship cf any other than the true God. . The dirficulty. was la de - who was the true God - Jehovah, for instance or Baal. The worshiper of either held that the worshipers cf the other were idolaters. Primarily, of course, the word ."Idolatry" means the worship ' cf images or Idols but Invariably these Images were the representatives of some deity, except in the case of the Jews, Xa whsa images and their worship were forbidden. V iX - : - ' - . As it was to the days of tha apos tle, so it is now "there be god many, and lord many." : There hare been men very devout to the worship of self,' a pitiful sort cf 'god'' ;' People hare - made gods cf success, wealth. power, high place, and cf the nation cf which they happen to be citizens. Perhaps "this world's golden store" ha more worshiper than any other cf the godlings. Certainly vast sacrifices are mads to it sacrifice of hooor, good name, respect end confidence cf one's neighbors, charac ter, fine Ideal and kindly and gen erous feelings. The jsincere worshipers of : any god take ca the nature and characteristics cf the god they worshrp.; So tt is here. - ' ., - Mea seek effice to order that they may make money cut of It, with no thought except tha service of self. or, aa they say, of their own pocket - books. - Hit HA cf success has lured many a man to his ruin, as has the Idol of power and position. Here self enters la. for the power arid position are coveted for self. The world has been devastated by men of this arry, for the snob has been defined as one who meanly admires cr wor - tilpsmeaa things. Thus it does seeni as tiouga there are many Idolaters In the world, and they appear to be Quite content with their gods. The great' human problem Is to create In them "a desire for aomethicg better and nobler. ; It is a social as much as a religious problem. For there can be no fine and cultured society composed cf cr dominiated by men and women who give - no thought . to "things elevating. - Kor can a coun try be great, or its politics cla and pure males its people and ponftdsns "covet earnesay the best gifts." At tie root cf most cf oar trouble win be found this worship of false gods. SMOKELESS FLASHLIGHT i Perhaps a Kobe! prize, a Carnegie medal cr , ether suitable award should be cade to the General Electric engineers who have developed a flashlight for use ty pliotcgraphers. The new light, says a Cleveland dlspatchi eper - ites with 'rjfTloient 'candle power to enable everybody at a banquet to get into tie picture, and causes no smote, no noise and no odor. Because the new Jam? confines the Cash within the bulb, the fire hazard is eliminated and It wH cow be possible to take a Cash light photograph ta places where tie dan - er formerly "was too great for' such pictures. Almost everybody has attended at least 'one banquet. reunion or other gathering where a flashlight picture was taken. Usually winter is the season for flashlights and after the photographer arrived and set op his machinery everybody was asked to remain quiet for a moment. - There was a loud boom followed" by brnows of acrid smoke. Then the windows were" opened so the wia - tery breezes could dissipate the smoke, while - those attired ta filmy evening gowns risked pneumonia and - were uorougniy . cncomzoruhie. :. It - appeared that everybody present was anxlous'to have the flashlight made, but opposed" to the smoke, odor and noise. " . - If, as reported. Scarf ace AI Capons is now la command cf Chicago's liquor, vice and gambling: operations, he has become such an important citizen that Miami may be sorry that It wasnt nicer to him, - ' ' .. aKwawaaaaaaMKWaaaMawMv - - Eighty more marines bare saCed for Nicaragua. It has about got to the point wheer service la Nicaragua is part cf a marine's routine training. ; Where, there are gangs there wCl be gang outbreaks. . : Gary reports more fatal shootings. I It is pretty clear that this year when tax levies are fixed the taxpayers are going to know the reason why. Bandits have been killed and bandits have been wounded within the last few days, but then, cf course. IX a fellow win be t bandit he must expect something like that. . ' ; i Xa the meantime the stock market Is getting along without being both ered much by the people who were ao deeply Interested In It a year ago. : Word comes from abroad that the former kaiser doesnV chop wood, as had been so often reported. - Or cut much ice. ;; t aaMawMaaMMMM " "l - The police win find when they come to inspect soma cars that the brakes screech lor themselves. " 7 Nothing is more important ia the meteorcloglcal records than the average. 60 the mercury win have to keep pretty low for a while to make It good. And Just think wotta lott rain we. got - Coming to us I , Utmost Eccacmy Motto cf County. Headline. - .That's the right kind. ' It's getting toward time for this years fpctban players to think about coming out to see if they can see their shadow. ;';V ' y ,: : It must be a comfort to those Gor emcrs who win meet at Washington Thursday to feel assured that not even the fellows - to the ether party can blame . tha drought cn them.'. - - - apMoaawMawaMMBa After so many days and nights cf exeeesivw heat, wasn't It wonderful to make up and realize that you actually were cold? ' - The earn crop isnt w Interested whether it was hurt ty tie drought or the drouth, . Collegiate Tourists ; Pause While Two cf Thea Wed. ntadliae. Something, we should say, that is classed a extra eurricular. Tis tiny island that sank into the sea may , have been baahfuL These;' "authentic ; - spirit ' photo graphs", cx Ccnsn Dcryls appear to have been made by an amateur spirit. , The state cf Indiana has 123 new doctors, and tie golf courses already crowded'to capacity! - , - '' - v7: Proposal fcr Unifcrra Law Aimed at Easty Marriages Eeadline. Lake county papers please copy. It's hard to keep a ood rnercury down. ' ' . ." ' ' "'.' .. : 1J0O Men Back at Work - Headline, fd weather for it. we'd say. Burros as ' Wastebaskets Headline. Wa always thought that.was a goat's work. After submarines have been humanized the bnrmantsers might try their tuck with bayonets and bullets. 1 Iti pretty hard for Ft. Wayne to realise that, to connection wttit ta school ' numeration, :; Lake ; county cities have cld - fathioned fun - sized families, i , : ; There are Indications that the bud get will" undergo a major operation with only a local anaesthetic ' L TJ. to Have Exhibits Hesine. Put aorce cf the best - looking coeds at the head of tha line, VOICE OF THE PEOPLE CosmonlttoBS tfcctjpMd for public tioa sbooM be aaJrtmd to tba edlior Thty moat be accomiiB4 by tae aaaae and mOOnm of ah writer ao that Id ratification pravtooa la pabUcaUos artll ba voieklf poaaflsla U Oaemcd daairsbte . tba earn cf tbm vrlter vfQ sot ba ; oaa4 It aaoaraaity la prafarrcd. Ail aboold ba aa brlaf aa poaatbla. awt to aeaail SOO wore, tt aa annaed auuta - acrtpt ta to ba rrtumed. a ataaiped aa4 ad&aaaad aavelopa moat ba tneloaad. American and French ATbeaL To tha Editor oi Tb Krwa: ' A few days ago wheat ta Indiana was selling at 15c a . bushed. It Is higher now, due to the excessive drought. At the time wheat was 15 cents a bushel in Indiana tt was $1.71 a bushel in France. As Senator Watson said some time ago, the wage scale ta America Is a little more than three times as high as it is la France, so you caa readily figure out that on day's labor In Franc win buy a certain amount cf wheat, and one day's labor to America win buy Just about seven time a much wheat, conse quently a bushel cf wheat win buy a certain amount cf labor in America, and about seven times aa much ta France, " and ' something . like seven times as much of the manufactured products of labor, as can be bought by the bushel of wheat belonging to the American farmer. Now I feel quite certain that our esteemable secretary of agriculture Is entirely too Intelligent a man to believe that that condition has been brought about by the free and uninterrupted workings of natural economic laws. - 1 ' am . quite sure that condition has been brought about partly, by the passing of legislation in this country, which has worked a hardship cn American agriculture, and partly by laws la France, which have worked materially to the benefit cf the French farmer, until the two working together have forced the present condition. If natural law had been permitted to work in this case the French farmer would be getting probably one 1 and one - half tinea a much for his wheat instead of , seven times . ' as much, : because France does ' not produce , enough wheat for her own needs, and would import' wheat from America. - ' V. ';""'. ' DISSATISFIED. . CrawfordsvCe, Ind. ; : " For Lower Taxes ;'v ''',' Ta Uta Zator of Tb Kawa: . ' ; . r I&xf X take thi mean cf adding a word cf commendation to The News far . the recent stories and editorials urging a . reduction ia taxes. They are most timely .and I am sure are greatly appreciated by those who pay the taxes. There is a widespread demand for lower taxes, and one cf the best ways to bring this about is through publicity similar to the kind appearing ia The News.: The people want their taxes kept to the lowest possible, limit, consistent with good and honest government. The News is doing a fine service. , Let's hope you keep up the good work, :RV. 6. To tho Editor of Tha JJawa: .'v. , ',' I have been following closely your recent campaign for lower taxes, and assure you that it meets with the hearty approval of persons I. have talked to in the community.. By caning to the attention of officials of the varloua townships, cities and counties the necessity cf eliminating waste and extravagance, and kesplrg taxes down. you are doing a real service, y The next few weeks win show which coun ties, townships and cltlfs have the best economist In dealing with matters of taxation,: It is easy to spend puiUa money, but the wise official is the one who can get the most don with the lowest possible tax ; rate. ' Hamilton county. A. a The Marion LyBcbing To' tt Editor t Taa'Etwe: . Every - 'cna knows the cruel km - Ing cf a young man and .the assault on a young girl did not demand the mobbing and hanging cf those who committed the - crime. but - the ma jority cf the 9,033 cr 6.CC0 people in the mob felt, that the law. would not deal properly with the criminals: that It would be near to an impossibility to get a Jury that : would Inflict the death .. penalty upon " criminals - ; to this county or to any other county and that there would be plenty of at torneys. who would ba wining to put forth - their greatest f effort to save them from thcelectrlc - chair. A life sentence simply meant twenty cr thirty years at the most of not the worst treatment to the world and this sentence to cur prisons would make a , very - small .impression on ' oth er . criminals, while . the impression made by thia lynching wCl be lasting. Let's have no more mch hangings, but let's have mors Juries willing to do their part as citizens la Jury service and less practice of the public defend ing criminals cn account cf youth cr sympathy for their relatives. Do your duty If you are called ca for Jury service to a case cf this kind, "Marion. lad. H. B. XL Lynching ITgures V To tha ZwXttqr at - Tha 5nra: , . 'Besrinning with 1SS8, no year ha seen as many lynching cf whites , ss cf blacks to tha United SUtes. It is true that a lynching is a crime against the state to which it occurs and against tha United States. ' The only encouraging thing about the situation Is that lynching tend to decrease to numbers. Ia 1523. sixty - seven whites and seventy - one black were thus put to death to the United States, while to 1827 no white and only sixteen blacks were lynched. This, cf course. makes the recent outbreak at Marten all the - more ' flagrant. - X - 'J LLOYD. IL CROSORAVE. " Muscle, Ind." ' . . i j ' Tmhh the GuSty' "' To tho ltor t Tb ewat'.".' ' . The recent mob violence at Msrtrm, Ind. should ba condemned .by every law - abiding citizen.', - No one has the right ; to . , TpTr,,irtr i punishment except according to law. The sheriff should have ordered the guards to fire cn the leaders cf the mob after giving - warning. . Lynching . is "worse than the crime for which person have been lynched. All persons found guilty cf helping to put the men to death by mob violence should be thor oughly punished according to the law. BrazH. Ind. .. .. T, If, JAMES. ON WEARING, GLASSES Now that Ie put on glasses, X have the most pedantic look. My face was already crowded, and I had no room for an extra : feature, i Therefore. it was necessary to hook this addition over the others,' and the change that Is wrought In my countenance Is pathetic I can hardly believe that the meek owl - eyed face I see in the mirror is really my own, and I stare at it fre quently in search of identification marks. The hair Is mine, all ruffled and red; the nose belongs, with Its leaning toward cplift; a grin reveals teeth with unmistakable aman gold landmarks. The change, cf course, lies in the region of Ttsloa. Slightly magnified behind their little glass shields, my eyes betray their growing weariness. Fte got a - certain reconciled look which I simply despise. My ears take to their slim, gold harness as imkfodly as my spirit. I am continually relieving the unwelcome pressure by unhookmg one side of the m m Mch la - creases the effect cf cn - ccming age. : Nothing irritite me more than to catch eight of myself ta the mirror, carefully polishing the lenses cf my spectacles. : There Z sit blowing cn them, and rubbing my breath away with a bit cf pink doth, exactly like somebodya grandmother. ' , So it's come to . this,". I cutter but go on polishing Just the - same, for smears simply fly at these glasses. It was not lack cf good vision which drove me to glasses. It was serious misconduct on the part cf my - right eye. It formed tie embarrassing habit of winking without my permission. Its procllvitle for shutting Itself at exactly the wrong moment got me Into so cany Jams that X sought aid from one mora ckHied to the .control of delinquent eyes than myselL. First the oculist tasted my powers of vision, and found nothing wrong. . In fact, X see ao far and so. much that it Is bard cn me, and that' one thing that made my eye lose its discretion. Reading to bed until midnight for years has likewise proved to be a severe imposition on a good pair of eyes. Small wonder that one of them decid ed on ructions. : In order to discover Just cause for complaint, my examiner used a delicate instrument with which he could see the back wall of my eye. A, tiny electrio light revealed to him that - which X can never see. And when he had finished, he became the counsel for defense for my" over strained visual equipment. : So elo quent was he in behalf cf my eyes that X almost burst out ' crying, and promised to wear glasses for ever and ever, Having listed the disadvantages cf the bespectacled countenance, honesty compels me to remark the. compensa tions. My right eye, which hitherto has never let my left eye know what it was doing, has settled down, to a conventional course,. cf conduct - A certain gritty feeling, which kept me winking and blinking, has now disappeared. The midnight bock is easier to decipher and the hangover head' ache more infrequent ;: : - One by - product which I did not ex pect Is the effect cf spectacles on the children. For the first time to my life X have assumed a parental expression, and my cffsp"ring'. obey'" me much better. .When X tell Bobbie to do tils and David to do that, this and that are accomplished with less cf a struggle. However, X have no hope that this is a permanent . Improve ment As soon a they recover from the shock of a serious - looking parent around the house, they win slip back Into their native rebellion against an thority. - On the whole, - the advantages of placing a strip cf glass between my' self and the universe, outweigh , tae disagreeable features, It is only tiat the unaccustomed apparatus is such a frightful nuisance. It is one more thing to carry around, to keep to or der, and to lose. And last, but not iMxt x resent the addition of a most pedantic look. ) ". ' ' ' 1 Q S C, TJ. S. PORTAL PLANS . - . fTlmal A problem often pondered by United State architect la that ox masons Manhattan's Battery park truly "the Gateway to . the Nation." Foremost designers and - designs to the past. (1) Arthur Ware A triumphal arch. axised on Broadway with an espla nade incloaed by a peristyle, Canked by two buCdlngs, one dedicated to the army, one to the navy, tt) ennsto - cher Grant La Farge An ornamental sxrangeraent cf pylons and railings forming ft reception plaza, a fountain playing to a great ireflecung pool, tae whole ' scaled low, designed., simply. keening the Broadway vista open. (3) Erie Gugler A granite shaft S00 feet high, Canked by two large arminary spheres, one symbolic cf the celestial globe, one of the planeu; eenu - cxrcu lar steps 400 feet wide from the water to an esplanade. . :v'. - - More utilitarian, no less impressive. but at present more nebulous, was a project innnmrfd last ' - week by a New York Board of Trade committee. chalrmaned by William T. Donnelly, tlrg engineer. Chairman Don - neny rirooosal not only envisions MsnriattJTi as the gateway to the na tion, but, richer to concept than pre vious plans, seek to symbolize the United SUtes as a . great rctorfusion cf races nations, peoples, whose civil' Izatlon has been and is based on com merce. His plan proposes a an ap propriate national" monument a greai vaulted nan, largest to the world, with an esplanade on the ' Battery water's ' edge and buttressed by two ten - story office buildings. A nation wide contest among architects cf an race win be held, a popular subscrip - ttcn to raise I23.COO.C0O set into motion. Ideal way of raising the money. declared Chairman Donnelly last week, would be to collect ' 23 cents from every United States citizen. "Then each person .would feel he owned as ranch to this national monument as tha next one. But all tils about plans and designs is Just my idea of what it should be like to give the nation and the nation's architect something to work on.", - - . .", - ' .. Which It 'would Be "' - ' - . " f Tolaoe KSal Snow thyself, even If It is hard to believa. EVERYDAY SUBJECTS . Diaeoaaad br DR. fS.PARKE3 CADilAil . - v Copyriabtaa - . What Is tie meaning cf Job's faying. "Though be slay me, yet will I trust la Him"? Why should one trust a God who kill Hi creatures? ; , The patriarch was. confronted ty life's inexplicable mysteries. Tie unanswerable facts cf existence surged upon hi body and his souL Tie cataclysms cf nsture and tie wicbednees cf men conspired against hbru Destruction raged around him wlticut regard to good cr eviL Tie cf God during these stupendous calaer. ties seemed as strange to Job es it i - d to minion cf cur time during ti: world war. Where lay the telutioa cl the problem? The answer was Li tis ageless difference between appear&r.ce and reality. You recan tiat ia ti3 sequel ci tnis great drama Job v:s not deserted. ' The forces cf nature brought : Yitm - . - ?'!. - ril rrrn - " The designs cf his enemies collar: el. The patronizing counsels cf tis friends were rebuked. Ood troie Vr.i awful stillness 'and commanded II afflicted servant to reflect upon tl - e Infinite ''gull between tie prt. - idirj mind cf the universe and tis huroan raind. Faith, not sight; trust net comprehension, were the attributes be coming mortal man. Those attributes were finally vindicated and tie rec ession you quote voices the. ultimate triumph of the righteous scul ever sil antagonistic circumstances. Is it not true that ao - caHpd rrfit mea have cftea teea indebted lo c triers for their .leadinr Ideas and success la life?, , j Yes. Plato furnished Ideals to counties Christian tiiniers, tr.d Aristotle's thought forms served Ci. Thomas Aquinas and his fellow - tie o - Icgiana cf medievalism. The syllo gism stand today as the ancient master fashioned it St Paul cams little later and declared: "I era debtor bcth to the Greeks and to ti: Barbarians." Shakespeare's works are treasure house of apt quotations, and tha echoes cf MUton's stately music are heard to many subsequent ct - terances.. Thoma Gray. "author cf 'An Elegy to a Country Churchyard," confessed that if there was any excel, lence to his poetry he owed It wiciv to his study cf John Dryden. Wcris - worth reveals his close attention t3 the writings of Bobbie Bums. Ia tl.3 religious world no less than la tie realms cf philcscpiy, art, sci - - , dt - erature and industry, part cf tis cast Is ta sH the present lives. Tie natirns which are heavily encumbered ty tie;: war debts to us gave us Illidearar.i, St Francis. St Bernard, Join Ilr. : n. John Banyan and jJcha Wesley. A3 monetary cbllgation compare wiii the gift these lofty spirits bequcaiad. fcr our enrichment Charles Darwin writing to Sir Charles Lyell, tie emi nent geologist said. "X always feci as If my books come out cf your train and that X never acknowledge tit sufficiently. X have lcrj wished to acknowledge mere piauuy than by mere references how much I owe to you." Your cbservatioa as true and far more essential to nu - man nrogress than is commonly supposed. '.;';. . QUESTIONS City Header. Will you pleats ten me who wrote the poem, "The House by the Side cf the Road" and priat it for me? The poem, written t7 Sam Walter Foss, follows: THE l EOrjSB BT THE 8IDS OTTES ROAD There ar hermit aoala that lira wUbirswa In tba reaca of thair aeit - contant; Tbara ara - aoula. Uka atara. Uiat dc'J apart. Xa a feUowlesa firmamant; Tbara ara doneer aoula that blaz their - pattta - Wber tha blahwara oarer ran But let ma lira ta a bouaa by tbe cl tha road AxA. ba a triaod to man. Let aa lira la a bouaa by tha alia ct tba roaa, Waera tha raoa of man r by Tha aaaa atha ara food. aa4 tha mea who ra bad. Aa rood and aa bad aa I. X would not alt la tha aeoraer'a aet. " Or hurl tha crnlCa ban: tat ma live la a houaa br tha aida of tha - road . - Aad ba a friend La maa. I aaa from mj hoxua by tha a! da of tha road. - . ' v B tha alda of tha hlahway of Uta. Tha men who prcaa with tha ardor of bona. Tha mea who ara faint with tha atriie. But 1 tarn sot away from, their amy i nor their teara v Both earta of aa In finite plea: Let ma lira la my hooaa by tha eie ct tba road Aad ba a friend to man. ' I know thera ara brook - eladdeoed mradowe a be ad.1 - . - . - And motxntalna of wearleoma be'rht: That tha road paaeaa on thro us h tha loc , anrrnoon. , And etretcaea away ta tha alsht. But I etlll rejoioa when tba trarelera reatca And weeo with tha atranrera that moan. Kor lira 1b my bouaa by tha aide of tae road . XJka a man who dwaUe alona. Let ma lira ta my boss by the ai - U cf tha road. Wnera th raoa of mej ao by They ara a ood, they ara bad. they ara weak, they ar strong Wiee. foohah ao am I. Then why aboold I alt ta tba acoroer'e eeat. Or burl tha eynlo a oaai lot ni lire ta my horn by tha alia ox tha road And ba a friend ta maa. C M. B - , City Please five figures on the growth cf Indianapolis since 1840. 1840. 2,632; 1S50. 8.C34: ISCO. 18,611; 1870, 48,611; 1880, 75.C55; 1890, 103.436; ,1900, 1C9.164; 1910, 223.650; 1920, 814,194; 1930, 554,973. . v J. R. D, Kokomo Please state cost of the new Garfield swiaaning pool and the name cf the contract:! who built it The cost cf , the pool wa 813,500, and the con tractor was V.'il - liam C. Martin. . - ' Reader," Rocky Ripple I held a delinquent tax sale deed dated IS23 Is this title good and does It bar ail claims against the property prior to making of this deed? Tax deed titles are open to a lot of technical law. If you want reliable information ca tiat subject your best course, would be to take It to a lawyer and let him search the facts and the Uw to get aa cpln - ton a to title. ; ' 2. F Oreensburg Does the law regarding the burial of a world war veteran, to which the government pays $107 and the state $75 toward expense, apply to a veteran who died In 1919? Who la the proper authority to see about it? The Indiana law allowing $75 fcr burial cf a soldier has been to force since 1917, so It was ia force nV X9WV The board cf county r ! i ,3 .r. i.t V u: f I r 1 la jcf i.i. - wi:j s - ,5. i i V. i . - M 1. 1. - ' - it. 1 t: I a r - V - . - t : - tit 1 : " 1 t r C : I' ei t: "": - . - - :'. : A h'et v ere; . '." Fc ; e:;: - .t i:i I. . . j ... . . r.e - x r: - . X. vculd t; c - .v" ::,y Le;..!;:a c : c reacted t: e - j e - .r cl t::!i t! - y v ere - j - - r ' ia in : ; cf .3 tire: - ;. .:::t r. e P i T' ciei t ' cerr: '. ' .T atlsr.s. c: g r. ;.;,: : l't t "J 1 'l 1 . . , , . 113 U: $ :s c: " - : - , '. v ;'.' e a r..': t: r; C y t t:;.,:.. It didn't feur.d re!. 1 reer:beu:'.3 v.:: - ; t. - V.'ir - tc - - j, r e z a went to wc :i u ! ; r. tenr. - tlor.s crt, tlee - f could ce.t il i: t - ' j .3 cf t a c:r t! t ; c. :;t : i 1 res - ' trcicn. ' A.". - r t; til p.:.:tl:s i'.::; cacneeiy t:.:: "... i. A llcntara r: perieeeeed vial v. rc - sct rra:; cr j tre . ;: I . - . . St 4. j . t verd tri c.'I f'a ra...T franll.r.y f. : 1 ca t:r. . tiJ t; - ::u:r.j p: is.:::: elf tia t - :.:a i t - r s : tri.. i f. crrrirr rs r.::.t: ts & i:u:.e v. . cv: f. pier At r:j cf cl.eeee. i . .. t - - - .J. ..C. i . ... . J;c:.s cf c' her? f:r ti c. ty - frth c. ; - !, v. i2 L" ie... . :' - r:ii - a cf tij t:u. - . - rer.ry cf tie ciy ; i t .i.i a cont - 1 tweeri two men v .. t - ca c;: e - tits ends cf a t .:'.:: - 5 I t tari tr; .. - ; t) dur.p tis c:'..:r !..: tij wltiout leeirj i.Ls cm taler.e;. A Napc'.xnls Ilueeura ias te;.l cpcr.ed rrccntly tJ tis p' - . - 'io ii rare:?. Tiij roue: - en, viiel, ii tl: - - ated in ti:s Via r. - .r.arde.ll cr.d cccu - ples tie tr.lL - s f.ret floor cf a pa'.:: - . woj t:;u:atial I? Ceur.t ILv:e:i U tis nooL.t c:vcrr.r.:::t. Tvo rc 1 cf tils r.u. - oun trs d:v.i:d t tis Ii - ;t ee:L - 2 er.i cr.j te t::3 r 1 r t'" - ! - " - , - ,. , worn ty Nr - :Icoa: and rsverai cii" pcrsc I objects. Ti re ia t '. 3 a ce'. loctlaa cf re Ir.'s ca lie - eieea t i'.:U is reeerved ta r - caie'.iti. AND ANSWERS caeea - a! elo - erj tis t'.'.aav:. - ::. r7 a i::i Ee - s tie caur.iy auitior Uar, - v;ier; a vctertn C t3 AprU C. 1 - 17. Cl eeiale ee! .a - .ts for fur. - . . a I : - ..t i ::.l c - .a.iar tis vetcrar.s teercau ii :d 13 pay 1..3 c;e; c: a i.z cai r.15 c net excecdiaj $7 end his tuvlal tz - pen;as, net exceeds j $lCi ,p;.'.i. tion Eiali to r.a.'s to tie; rr.itel E tales veterans tureau at v. 4., ;Tca:t cart I sen notes tiat trs net cue far a year? Apply ts cry tanicr for in - J. IL City I have rext'dsrr ne fibers v,is crs raauataiair.3 tas star, is cn a farty - foat city lot Cos cf tie stands are '..near tie diviica fence, and cororeurr.t'.y I ara tcir deyrivrd cf ray yard taaauos cf tij cf tie tcrs ever xr.y flowers er.d fir - .. i cry. raters cf r.ey fanai laave - a ituraj raveral ti rears and we are ur.atia te en.'ey our parci. 7iat ia tis teat cruras ts pur: us la tis matt;;? Careaa. it a I:v.;:r vi h regard to trlngirg a suit te tbats tis City Cubacriber I wlah ts fiad cut about tis fir. - nciil car.litioa cf a tank and tulldlr.j er.i lean rola. Han. To v,iaen tiaU I apeely for tili information? To tis Ladlana ttats taniir.g department 2U Ctatciaaua:. A : Reader. 'arloa To v.ien ir.ou;a 1 wr:;e is jearuire a a - out ties death cf a relative wis for - eriy lived La and is .'said to have died tiaffre? Write ts Dr. Donald IL lire;:!, Cii::;3 laard cf health, Ci'.;::?, Hi If e.s death occurred La tiat city, a record win ts available at tiat cf - fice. Ccal Dealer. City We ii - e til cur ccal hauled ty privately owned trucks. If ws send tiara cut with en crd r cf ccsl er.d ti - 7 have tn eccider.t InlurLag a ptrscn. and' it Is proved tie coal driver W31 at fault and tiat tie coal truek omcr c - stj notilnej tie, could the injured party rus tis coalecnapsny and tellect daroa:es? V.T.::; d: ei cur reT - r - aiblity end? Tie. law xs net - make you Litis for aa Injury cruuv.d ty an Lado - pend cr.t contra: tar, tut mates yoa Litis for ta injury csueed ty your servant wietier ie is hired ty month, day cr however hirei Tis divldlr lias tetc - aa cantracters not alvrays ciear. V and servants is ur P rarer ca - uras is ts ccnoult a lavyer, wio can tan you wittier cr yra trs eperatiaj on tie bord?r line cr we'd wiiila cna pr tie ctiar cijoa. IS. IU City - II: tt taaa caa cr.s detain a divcrce, cr tr.r.ut.r.;r.t cf marriage, after raarrir;:? ia tils elate? Is it true tiat tre years r.uri c'rrs tetwcea msrri:;? end divorae? Ii ia always Unpcraiiels ia Indiana ts cb - taia a divcrcs v.:) :a l. - s tr.?n etxly days after Ibe esse Is f.iceL As te particular cares seed rrcur. - j for divorce, some require tws years and sonas net la any divorce esse tis enly course is to cceuauli a lawptr. A .'ta rr - i t Tilt, t ' .. c - Ua." f - n. o - r 1 ...!, 1 1 il I lf). - fxi X"7. rs "A r r? "? f. I" t V

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