Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on February 12, 1942 · Page 1
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 1

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 12, 1942
Page 1
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Preparations For Bataan Attack Slowed Down I . j ,,.,:.- .. ,-.•..•,-,:•.'...,..',.:. •••'. - s .••'.- . ' - ' -./•.'•:.- ••-;-./.;-.;. '-•• "-v ''.:, : - •••''• ••-•.-••.- -.-.•..- he Weather Continued Cold Tonight, Circulating Jn Beacon Falls —~- Bethany • Bristol Terrace -—"Cotton Hollow —- Micldlebuvy «' . i - .11 * Millvillc Platts Mills Straitsville Union City If It's News: Cari" Find It In ! The NEWS i, NO NAUQATUCK DAILY NEWS, THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 121942 Price Three/Cast* augatuck Boy Scouts To Take Prominent -jl|aA:.%: v F^riMj8^ GOLD PALMS FOR HATHAWAY AND POPE Palm To Be Award- John Swenston By Oounoil BPAOK NO, 2 IILL PORTRAY OUB SCENE IN PAGEANT Hayos, Sr,,, And/John £yos,, Jr. Win Take Ac. live Part In Program vulivr* awl memhei'H of I ho ,'i,i'fk division ol 1 Matliituok ,.,1 Hny si-niitM of America, Iti,. a'pi'omlnent part 'In tho ;,," ( |jniHi' meetliiK In Templn i n \V;i!''i'imry tonight when , !in(1 ,ial drive I'm- the SnoutH KC ofru-i.'dly planed In motion, Jfiv np'MH on Llnooln'n blrth- «,,) will ''lone f) " SVasMiMKton'rt uiiy wlili-h will be.enlehrulml v,.'ir n» Monday, Kubrimry M. lW , ,t,.K'.«tl»n from NnuKntunk *M.l the meetlnK whloli .w»l MI Turkey Mlnnui'.uwl an ox- I ami hi* ^011, ''°l> n " 4 -ire can I as loads In III"? ami Pui)K'2. HponHorod by ivuulloiial church hero, will P<l (Hill S(HMie. ftlnek Scouts nohind ulh- • |n ,l Harry Pope, Jr, Will ro- ileir Kagle noUl Palms and SweiiHlon will l«? awurd- nxe Hxlm. All tlu'nq of. H arc. niuiuDet-H ot Troop \ •lll'/nMis InluKistoO in tlio'Scout a-ni are InvUotl lo allcnd the f ;,iii! Hc-Uets niny I'" I >1<0 " \Vllllnm II. Moody, Nuu- rlt'l ehalcnuin. imh(H of th» ovonlnK'H im will 'be* un ti n. ll(l , 1 ^: 'fVi'l ofVlie 00,000 Hoy Scouts .A Vnrk elty, and a pageant, m fur Ihe Sake ol 1 America, Mill doplct the acrvlORH [Joy t* nv now rnridnring the na- Mo-nr VhKMjnt A. Soully \vll :.i ill.- s'l-i-rllnKH of Hie ell) .jui T. ,)"!))), HOlU-rul iCootlnued on Pnfco HL GIRLS TO ME PART IN HUGE CONCERT lli.v.-n SVclloHluy C Ifl , a S|.i-Mtfui- hull, N<!\v lluven, Ho, Kciiniury I'l, al H:'IO p.m., ^ \\! n M Mo. llun.ld K, Clilltendeti ii''\!"W nvf-riue, will ho al tho i»%'h uf iiu> HI-HI violin 'H'lMUs p.iirie-la ill '' Mr. iiti't Mrs. Non'l.s' J-'olletl V T«" si IT.-|. will play lh" Hi 1 * 1 '•^Hi Hi* 1 SVellusloy KI'OUp. V'ti fni- Hi/. ('((iKiiM't may I J ^ H liii'niu'ii Men, l(. I-!. fJlilU-on- K Mi^ Minlly S. Ijrovvri of 'S CLUB TO AR LECTURE ON DUMA MONDAY •'lui-K S\'oiuan'H f.luli will •>' itl'IciMioon a I M o'r.|oc,k Xf-u'-iiiofinl Ohurch 1'ar- IY"I' lldlir-rl K. Will Of •'i'l- uf (IdniieCtlOUt Will 'H 1 ' 1 mi drama, lie will I'ini Hi' 1 rumour UnlviM 1 - s - v. !m will portray neon OH '''i' I'-riiudway hllH, ''' '"' iah-n-st will )>e Ml' 1 '" s "i f iiik' oi 1 M (juri'fMit play ' !l "'i'- i»f the siKMins Is to ipi t I"'' (|f tin- iiiost oulslundlng ol' In':!-""" "'"I t}|<. MiHraluro and 1 :l li; A|1 ' 't'-l-fU'lliienl, Which l» ^ , ""' li'i'lure, in (;X[iecl- ''^Hnn.^ 1 ' Kf :"" 11 ' '••'•"ii'iimiJ of W ...M 1 ," 1 ''''"' HMfnlllHlInK <!OMI. ." -''Ulunil ii slale ol' olH- . l " '-Mi'ii i',,,. |) u , f-uHiiing I,/,/ 1 ! 1 , 1 t ' 1 " 1 ' will vole on Dion "KM- III/ \f,,,,.!,.., /m... l l~.. ! lr( |.. ,,,""•" """"'id.v. Tin 1 ifunlof 1 f ' •' '»H> U radially luvllmhlo nl "'"I "Mjuy I),,, ifT.inre, PAPER FLOWERS SOLD FOR BENEFIT OF RED CROSS The. dl.iplny of ornamental I'losv- ot'H, made hy Mrs. S. l.larl Fischer, allt'ac.ttul considerable aUonllon as they \vurn displayed at the ol't'loo or (he Connnothuit \A$\\t and Powei 1 Co. on Maplesh'oni and sokl Tor tho henedt of thn local chapter of llio Herl Cross. Mi's. Klsuhnr is donatlnK her Uino and tlm mutorlnl fo'r llio l'lo\vurH Tor Ihe Red dross ^nd the "March of Dimes" fund for infantile. Paralysis sufferers. Tomorrow's sales will he donated to the paralysis fund here. Mrs. I*'lsiihnr was attired In an n,U IruoMve mil form which she made from crepe paper. BON TON TO OPEN SATURDAY Tim new nrin-Ton slo'ro for wom- nn wjll. o.pi'n Suturday of this' week In (lie now Pasho building on C.IIuiroh stroot. ' featuring full lines of dnwsos, oonts, Hulls, mllllnory and droMM ttcujussorioH, tho Ron-Ton will uuikc tho eighth ,slorn in n nluiln svhlch now has hranchns In Tori'lngl-on, ^otUli .iXpi-walk, lf«i'l-. ford, Uul'by," ftidrfilon,' Now ncihrtin and ManchoHWr, /ri ( i,e Bon T,on Is, rlfclit lip tfr 'tho nilnulo on" fashion unVf wllfhrlfiK. l.n Naugnluuk ncklocl- Hlylo prcsonl'ailon aiirn to ho of grunt InttM'Oftt lo local woment'olU, In addition to moderate prices in all AHTY A puhllo card party umlor tho pic,(!S o.f Nuugatuok Valley odgo, NO. 180, S., l-\ of A., will ho hold tomorrow i'vr;nlMg in '(loodyoar hnll, A .short hu.slnoHS iiKuilIng, starting at 8 p.m. will procodn the card party. Brldgi. 1 and plnouhlo will he played, prlwH will be awarded at each table, and Ilinro \vlH'I)f? rnrroshmonts. _ Lincoln Memorial, Symbol Of Vision And Compassion Lincoln's .inemqral— "symbol of ; toufhne«s, .ylaion; and compassion. k marble Abraham Lincoln sits in his great chair in the Lincoln, 'Memorial i'an'd-r through seme tilck of-.ihe ighting-- seems to look but with a broodingr : tendern«ss :aOhe distress, confusion and hatred wjiich; exists in lis country for. which he suffered and. gave so much. This rough-hewn statue is no, memorial ^ to. war, but a lymbol of- the tpugiiness, vision and compassion which ft >lose- to- thc-soil people found- w»thm themselves •hen . t U'ey" needed'-' them-'most, • - " • ••,-'•.., ',"'• . " - ' " '. "~ '•" . ' . _ , .". _,.•,.' -,- . . '- •. ' . '• i -.^' : .i'. .- /.•.'.,.''• ,'D. : •'•"^V' ' : - " ; ••'•' ''-' Mtiny local rosldenl-s have availed tlionisolvns, qf. I.ho sf'.rvioos .offcrncl hy Gitlu'lni Price.and Wal.iaco.Oyik, deputy' .'inlornn.l col Joe tors, •who wo located In ro'om" 0 : in ' the town hall building..Tho s'rti'vtco- IK; conJIhiK'd' tlirouglr today and tomorrow, heUvotjn' llio ho'iii-s 'of 8::$0 a. 'in! nn'd'5 p.. m. Late News Bulletins REPORT FROM LISBON Bl!}R[jTN, Fob. 12 — (Official German Broadcast .'.Recorded hy United Press at Now York)— A report from Lisbon claimed that the British Legation there had announced that Singapore has been surrendered *to' Japa-nose forces, ; . ' STILL!*ROADCASTING LONDON, Feb. .12-(UP)-Tho. Singapore ^}« ^ as heard broadcasting at 3:30 P. M. (10:30 A.M., EWT) today, indicating that the British still hold possession ol at least a part of the bcsicgcdj^ty/ ; . PETITION~FlSMISSED BOSTON, -Feb. 12— (UP)— Three 1 Stiperiui-v (Jourt iud^os today dismissed the ouster petition brought against Mayor Maurice J, Tobin of Boston for alleged v.oJat.on c Comipt Practices Act in last fall's electee, ; The udo-os said hey were 'dismissing the petition because I Sot filed by the persons to whom leave to Wo onpnaily WHS granted. . __ ATTACKS BY AUSTRALIANS OANB.Wl.iRA, Feb. l 2 .., . (UP)-Au8trHlia,i borahmg nlnnos IiHvo attacked the Japanese invasion coiitov ot Gas. No ' Britain Island, twice this week, 'c ujnpuig bombs on enemyshipping, the BAAF saul today. Are .Told T-hey Should Disavow Congressional: Pen; sions Legislaltion : ' LANDON CONSIDERS THE MEASURE TO BE •POLITIOAIi DYNAMITE He Thinks, -It, Is Likely To In j ur e Anyone Who Supported It ; •'-'. .'. , _ WARNS NEW ZEALAND osc attack. t , ^ ^ssfz r?.;s™°,;y-..- *nSSSSiSSS£ downs had resulted Horn a u^n i^,. .^^ a ff cc t e d from shutdowns wore .cs ' 1 ™^ L .^ -^ ^ and L \. [Q depart, ials for'the- new By Lylo 0.'WILSON . II. P. Staff Gorrospondcnt WashingLon, Feb. 12— (UP)—Former Oov. Mf M. Landon brought grass roots warnings to Ropubli- cans today that they, should Quicjd.y disavow congressional p.'c.ri s i o n,s legislation Lo ..avoid primary and general election trouble this^'oar.. The 1 ( J36 Republican presidential candldal.R came here to .deliver a Lincoln Dny' address lost night/ He oonforrcfl with Houso, .Republican Loader Joseph W. Martin, Jr.,'and : proposed a pnrty caucus to disavow Ihe legislation'wiiton.'has attracted almost as. rnudupublic nl.tontion. as charges' ol.' . "boondoggling" J" the office of civilian defense'. . ' Lundbn considered - the congressional bill to be political, dynamite; .likely- to injuro -anyone who supported it. lib carried his-warning; to samite Hupubli.cans as well-as to Iho-housn.: Repeal.Amoves aro under way bul. are opposed-by legislators^ who contend-'that' papular, .clamor against'the- pensions .arc' ..based, on- misinformation L'or v winch . news-;- are largely responsible,' . v "Thiif pension bill' 'will ..liurl-the, reelection chances of every'Sitting member pi 1 congress wh.o'-shai:os responsibility for'il,,. n .Landon'.told rc- (Conlinucd on Page Eight) -'•. TEST BLACKOUT : Leonp Evon . Arid Joseph : 'Senryifemori^ Those Send-.: ing Thanks^ ; ; TIio Daily • News; has" received •more letters' of appreciation . to the Nau'gatiicki Rotary : . cliib for its thougbtt'ul : ness,in ; ...sending copies of. The News'-1o ; the. b'Oys,in the serv- Ico from'. IS'augaf.uclc young m.on on duty on, foreign ..soil, dric letter cohics from Pvfc. Looiv. "Beak" ICvon who is stationed in the Schofield barracks in,Hawaii and his many friends ."in the borougb will be-pleased;-'that be is .safe and-, well. , -Another "is 'from 'Pvt. First Class Joseplr \V. .Henry,- .who is a- member . ..' (GonLinued on Page Five) • i ! ForcT homier plant. The state office of .Civilian.Defense hfis i-eqiieBloct thai there- he;a ; Lost iblfiokout, for this 'entire urea 'on Mnroh 1. Bel': J. Weaving,: chief ,oir raid wnrclon, has nnnounoed thai, the hlnckout • timing •I.Gsfc-.wilJ:. occur. in Naugal.ucK on Sunday .oyenmg; : March 1st, from,0:30.p..ny-vV •• ' piirlher instruolions will , ne. issued throush' (.he; newspapers liy Mr - Wnnving- so.-l.halvoyeryone.-jp *wu commuhiLy may Know exactly.- ; .what -he is do.' 1 '•'".'•.'• •'" thd- : cohl-inge,nt of sejcc- live '.!sevvjcoi-.^drafleos •• who loft .Na'Ugfitucl^ yestcrd.a.y forvFort Dev- ony, -AyePi" Mass.,' to .'on lor- Mic serv- ico br' ; tho : Unri,ed Stales were: Vcr- non J.: Anderson,; .Park' avenue; .John- J. -PlklelX-. Hrlstol; Francis- W. Wilson,' 'Phoenix avenue; . Felix Rosa., South Main,-street; Ucjmund Dinnenny,? Gorman street; Stanley •Rusx.e'/yk, 'Sherr.ield .Luno;. JSrlward •0'Brien; : Oheshire; William H. Frederick, Prpspecl. sU-eel'; Bronisln.\v A. •K/rmski, 0,'ilpin street; William Ji Triano. 'May sl.rect: Joseph Bar-, bo'/ii, jolnison sf.reet; Gasimer • F. : Koronski, C.oiilen. .Hill street; 'nie'r " S t -' r M'arcis'/onek, > HnggerLy Court; Riuii'arci "if. \Janko\vski,. Spring s tree t; ' W i 11 f am .-T. Co wan, • Lin cl en street: Walter Perhal, Andrew- avenue- Lawrence 'G-:. Sigetti, Scott street - EdwaJ;d T,, Crown street; Chester E." -lunicki, Bri/.ige .street; Leroy• F". Conncl)y, •.v.Kleld' street: Waiter .J. Gxarz'isty,,.Spring ' .ThomVis .J. -Kelly, 'Beeno . j'oh.h ''i Snilth,. .Melhdu'rne M i tcheI.V P, Szn \ a 1 c; -Prosp.ect slreet; Joseph :;RaUblsk|, ! Line" Hill -.klrracl*:.- \Villianv J.,pro(iCtiere; West Cli csh ire-; Ray mpn'd M. Pahnpski; 'Scott sCrc'et; 'Joseph Farengo,..South •Maia street ;,':Dayitl 0. Duncan^ : '\Vnl.ei § iiui:yV ; !? 1 i < ariciis.. 13. Bartosinki, , D,i am on (/..street: Ronald, J-.^P.p) oski;, iG'i'jpw.n 1 sti'Ce.t; Cl^ai'lcs = F. v Rado; "' " "r ; stree.l,. : -- '"-.••'••.• '•• ; - •' J street; street;. Strong Resistance By General • ^^ .'••'..[ , • ... . . ' • •'.•••' • ' Of Food Have Delayed Assault BRITAIN IS SHAKEN BY SINGAPORE REVERSES 'Parliamentary Revolt Is Touched Off By Liberal Nationalist Party THftEE MEMBERS OF THAT PAKTY HAVE RESIGNED ' •. * i * f • . ' . • * Japanese Claim Their Main Army. Has Entered City of Singapore . ; . , ••'.-',..;.„.. / By Joc-.Al'ex -MQRniS • TJ, P. Staff Correspondent . . The defenders" of Singapore fought. •pn.toclny bul thc v imp/enclingjall, of 'the • slipok Ihe" British, empire more . ^severely than .any m Hilary- 1 ' reverse • since Dunkirk. , .: ,-.'\ , • v . ... ,.'; n s , . . On 4he • ac : f,ual, .llgh tlpg.-fi'.onl, . Hrit- i s'i'i b.i g ' gu hs -^ sti 1 1 . * th 0 nderdd '.-. from •Obangl ' ' fdrtreas.T::bn live ' hbj'tjienst sJTorcS ! -or. : thc -island- desptlp,.lieavy Aerial riUaok by.^Jap.onese. invasion forces which : reported they had entered Singapore City -i\nd -bombed 25:. -ev.ncual.lon ' ships .:, Iti,'. "another Dunkirk. 11 - .: : , .:•';. Condon reported . thn I... Singapore appeared at 10 a. m. t EWT still lo be in communicalion with the outside world. .. . - • . .. •;;- •'- ' . But the. ke.y island, in the United Nations fro at '.was :••' doomed,/ the Dutch braced'' for a.n 'early Japanese thrust at Sumatra and Java and in London '.there v wcrc rapidly-mounting signs of parliambntary revolt against the .cab I net. of ''Prime. M.ini's- t'er 'Winston' Churchill. Dispatches from the 'key fronts showed: Singapore— British- at strong points in "'eastern-. .section', of (Continued, on. SUGAR RATIONING TO BEGIN SOON Ihu-l-fonl, Conn.. .Feb.- 12—(UP)— SLaLc Ral-jonln^ AdmlnsLraLot 1 'Chester Bowles suifl today sugar rationing would begin in March- and' thai, each of l.hc stato's iGO towns would bc x ro- sponslhlc for the of rationing in Uiclr communlues. Those local commiUccs,- Bowles said, will have charge:of registering the population and distributing War ration -'hook .No. 1, entitling each person lo of a pound of sugar a wccJii.y . STATE DEFENSE COSTS EXPECTED Hnrtfoi-d, Conn., Feb. .12—(UP) — Col. Scumiel It. FlsherV state defense administrator, today defended expenditures . of the . state * defense ebiincil as necessary, ami inc!ic ( .ited its expenses for the current' fiscal year "would be.about $J20,QQO. or $70,00 more than its npprcipi'iatio.n. 1 The cost'of the council at the end-:of the- - nnancinl... year, -Col. Grislier said, will- be "approx-mntely seven cents for each citi-ien-. of Ihe slate." v '' "This is a very small-insurance premium/';, he-said,, "less Mian Uic dime: we'' ail contributed - lately to eradicate ..infantile. paralysis. 11 •Co I; Fisher said .the cnunoil has a staff'of, 85' persons^ of whh'h -U are volunt^rs, ; He said, cxpeiuh- tures of Connecticut's, defense .organ i xa was low com pared \v i th o th e r s tfUes i n N e vv Bn gin n .'1. Vermont,-he said, has appropriated $1,000,000,' and Maine, ?!,;300,000, • • VOLUNTEERS FOR REGISTRATION DAY MEET HERE FRIDAY Brief Session Will Be/freld In Auditorium Of The Salem School Ilnrrls WhitU'.moi-e, Jr., chairmnn :of .Drai'l. Board, 1'i-A .of Naugal.ucK, ih as called a! men ling. of. all who vol- ' to assist Ihe hoard as 'dorks oiu Registration .Hay, Fclmi- M-u-y iG, for tomorrow evening a I. 7:30 'iri'the" Salem 'school audit'orium.' Mr. Wh!tlom6re slated thai the moeting will he brio]'. Instructions will be given.- to. the volunteers ftl'lcr :tho cus1,qmQry oalh has been n<l- : ministered'to them, a schedule..\Yill- .-bo co'nVplcled and the -workers \vJJI •be assigned lo their respective places for rngf^lrotlon. ' Ohnirman .Whitlemorc will bo assisted by Hr. Kiiwih H. Cnrran and -Harojd 10, ChitLcmlcn. supcrlnlcn- ciotn 'of schools. DARKNESS IS CONFUSING TO YOUNG LADIES '\Vilh n stiff wind blowing from the north today the thermometer jumped from zero weather this morning at.7 o'clock lo 28 nhovo at 1:30 p. m. Several of the old timers in I.Me borough predicted snow yesterday and also for today but II, failed' lo arrive.: . -Incidentally here Is "one for th'} book" and one of the best we have heard since Eastern War Time wont into effec-t. last Monday: Two young ladies in Nmigal.u :K. who • report, for their duties daily at 7 a. m.,'ride to work In a car owned by one of the ladies. It is customary for one of the girls lo leave her companion in the cenle' 1 of the borough. As she left the auto this morning she Ihanlced her friend for the ride and wished her a'"good night." The other young lady answered with an equally pleasant "g'opd night" and ft was- not until a few moments later that each of- them realized tbat it was 7 o'clock in the morning. CtASSJsiNflRST AID HERE TONIGHT Classes for inslruelion in Hrst-aid under the auspices of <s 7 nug,il.ucU chapter of Ihe Hed .Cross ami the locnl defense council will he held a I. 7:30 o'clock tonight nt the Maple si reel, fire house under tho diroclion of Mahlon Sears: one will be held at 7-80 in the Bethany school house with Mrs. Hoselle H. Goodman t».s instructress and Hurry Grover will direct, the instructions to another class in ihc Bethany school house at S p. m. ' • » . »•-—• TREASURY BALANCE Washington, Kcb. 12—(UP)—Oov- eminent, 'expenses and receipts for the current fiscal year through Ken. JO. com pared with a year ago: -THIS YEAR- -LAST YEAR- Expenses $10,100 003,7.'.2.87 Jj>fi,7iO t OJ7,r)38.l3 War Spending 11,005,138,902.14 - 2,540,803,035.31 Receipts 5 05'.,079.600.09 ^WZO/iO-Un Net Deficit i 9,071883,901.88 3,222,301,003.78 .' " Cash Onlniivje ' 2,936,033,859.03 2,0'.3,016,705.70 PEARL HARKORJ Japanese Have Occupied Ma.sbate, Between Luuon And Mindanao MacARTHUR WARNS THAT THE RESPITE MAY BE SHORT-LIVED Japanese Already Outnumber Mac Arthur's Men At Least 10 to 1 By 15VKRI3TT H..' v (L'nilod J'l'CBs Staff Correspondent) Washington, Fob. .J2~tlH 5 )— Tlnv continued resistance of (ion. DougiiiA! MiicArthiii^ troops and u lessening of food supplies due to. n scarcity of Filipino farm Iribpr/ ha.s- 'slowed down.(he invaders' prcpam- t.ions. for an attempt l.o deliver u '•knockout" blow in Butaan, tjic War-' Department reported: today. A communique nimounciMi thut.tho .Japanose slowly .'nxtehding tlieiri lio)d over other parts of the sprawl- •'< big Philippine archipelago, have occupied the small island of Mas-' bate, lying between iL-uxon and Mtn-i dunao and n'orth of Ohiu ''.•''••' On ihe )5ataan, l?en)nsula^ front,: \ylic]:Q :c MuoAptliur'B Amcrieun\ and Kfl/pino 'trdop^t' are HwalUng an all-oui, enemy assault aimed at (/riving them from the JaiKon maliilan<l,l «n ominous lull settled p' --iho.; jungle and mountnin flgliUhg.- linos. 1 Hut MacArlhur ag«ln wArned, [» ID'S report lo the War JDeparl.nionl, that (ho rcspile may be short-lived. "The enemy JR evidently reorgani'/- inK his forces and awaiting additional supplies and reinforcements before resuming his offensive," the communique said. . ' : The Japanese forces on Ihe Island of Luzon, estimated a I, tiOO.OOO or jnore already outnumber MacAi'-' thui-'s men ut lon'Ht 10' to 1. ; Tin! communique gave no' details of the .Japanese occupation' of Mas-; bale Island, which, apparently is-of little stralegic imporlance althotiglv it. might si.-rve the invaders in controlling minor channels of supply! l,o tiie Lu/.on i)attlefront. '* The Philippines Include some 7,000 Islnnds of which the .Japanese thus i'ar have occupied about one-third. < The communique, based on re- poi-ts of the Philippine situation received up to 9:,'10 rt.nt. 10WT todav, indicated that the scarcity of food' for the invading hordes has become so acute that the .Japanese coni- 'Conllnucd on Page Eight) "NEWHAVEIT RAILROAD HAS BEEN INDICTED New Unvcii. Conn., Feb. The ".Vow Haven" railroufl -was in- ! dieted today by n Federal Grand, j Jury on 12 counts of failure: to, obey; an Interstate Commerce Commission rule requiring surrender of original : bills of lading before release of shipment to consignees. The indielmcnf. charged four" yip-. lalions on shipments f.o finch.- of three consignees—Bloom Held Kann- . ers' Kxchange; Taher Cwdillne Corp.,. Hartford; and A. Cordon Kruil a^cJI. ; Produce Co., Hartford. • FORMERTEXAS CONVICT DNDER ; Now Havo.n, Conn., Feb. 12—(UP)— An indictment returned by » Federal Grand .Jury today charged Leslie F. Hill, 31, former Texas con viol, with a Federal officer and violation of both (he Dyer and Mann iflil pleaded guilty before Federal Judge Onrroll C. I.lincks on the charge of fnt.erst.nta- transportation; of n slolen car, and not guilty, on charges of impersonating a. Federal officer and violation of tiie Mann. Act.' His rase was continued to Monday.

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