Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on February 11, 1942 · Page 1
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 1

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 11, 1942
Page 1
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PAILY M II m ftha II m W JM m m W &* m Vage Bight BEACON FALLS 5CK RIMMON GRANGE OFFICERS ARE INSTALLED Hoacon Kull<, Ki'b- Mr-Mrs, Trnvoi 1 wan InHtullml' nn inuHtur of |U»(M( Itliniiioii KranKe «!• '» w^ 1 " 1 . 1 hold iHHt uvonlMM I" I'-Vlltlun hall ut which Hcvural vlHllltig Ki'f>n«es were i'M|>rtiMMiili«l, KiiKM'HOfi lioonanl ut VVallliiKi'onl, a nn'Mihur ol tho nxnr.Utlvn (H.iiiniltlt'O of (.JfMUM'.dllt lit Hrangc, mH his stuff «»l' olTlcors, Inducted MX' lOWll OlTlUPI'8 IllTSlMll. There word about six of Lho ofl'l- (MM's ahsiMil, nnd they will ho Jn- slnllcd at Ihi! nu'«'lluK In two weeks Unwi'Vi'i 1 , tlmsn who were liulucUMl last (ivi'iiliiKHn addlllon lo Mi'H- Travcr wcro: 'PivaHiiriM 1 , Mrs. Kva Tuckur; sccrelary, Miss Uuth f.'.ur- NOW- IN ONE GREAT WHISKEY... The Best Whiskies from 4 Great Distilling States *. F^ yll WtfKff'"* ®wr Y &!&$ • r 4 \ ,., ' 'I • \ Drink, SCHENIEY '1'iiK TASTK rr'rAKKs 4 KTA'I'Kv^ 10 MAKB *Blomlc<i with the Finest Noutrnl Grain Spirits for Perfect Mildness! Schonloy Bluck Lubol, W% Nwitml CJniln .Spirits. iScho.n1oy .UodLufwl, 72^0 Noutrul Oruln flplrlta; »oth 86 Proof, DLHNOttD WHISKEY, S'chonloy DIatlllgra Corp,, N, Y, G, roll; cores, Mrs. 0«cnr Johnson; ohaplaln. MIHH Marian -loncw; gato- •kuopor, ,lumoH O'Clum; lodturor, Uo»- u'lH Nolan; member of. tho executive nommlttoo for three years, Mrs. Paulino HlchttPtls, UanolfiK followed Hie meeting. f!u(!Hts 'wore pi-o-sont 1 from Mad I liver grange, In Waferbury; Seymour, WolootL, Walllngford and UamcloM gi'ft'igeH, It was aimouncod that on Wcdnos- fluy, Feb. 1H, a class for Instruction of 'officers will be conducted at Mid- (lluhui'y gi'iulfe r(1 " (Uinl Piu'ly Thiii'.sdny Nl«lif. It IH thought thai-a large repre- H(!iitaUon of card playing enthusiasts will be in evidence at the public card party to bo sponsored tomorrow evening by the Beacon Falls Pareiil-Tcncliur association, at Cen- lor school, The eouimiUcjc headed by Mrs. imnjcl Koonx., han completed, all arrangomont.H. CJM'tH will be given nl, each lablo to the highest scorer. HatulwlolK's and coffee will be sorvncl. Those assisting Mrn. Kooir/, on tho (ininmlUoo will be Mrs. Kcl- warrl Hung, Mrs. ,lohn Ferguson, Mr.s. \,. Hdwards, Mrs. Charles Hob- inson Mrs, P. Owens, Mrs. Charles Ku'vll, Mrs. 'Wilfred Ruyfioll, Mrs. KUon Henry, Mrs, Thomas Fltxpat- rlok, Mrs. Christian Ilolss, Miss Marian Walker and Miss Veru Ml leu- Huh, lirlofs Tim card party to bo sponsored by Itu 1 ' Women's auxiliary to tho American hngton, will not be held until Friday, Fub, 20, and will take place at the town hull. Members of (llr! Scout, Troop &>, will hold a Valentino parly Friday ovonlnK In Uio parlors of Ihc United church-from 7 o'clock to 10 o'clock i'o ['its inuinbors and invited guests. MPS. .lOHOph Fisher, assistant Scout leader hero, will supervise the ao- Uvlties. Mrs, .losiah IQvans, Scout Iwulw 1 , Is ill at the New Haven Gon- ural hospllal, GROWING FLOWERS AND ORNAMENTALS KEEP UP MORALE Mrs. tlllfforrl A. Teeple, chairman ol 1 (ho NaugaluoU Victory C.arden proKram, - undor the Naugaluck Defonse f'.oiinel!, stalos that this pro- Kram WMH laiincliod at a -confc.r- cnm' of liorllcull.ural uxpr-rls held In Washington In nnwinhnr, IJWI, Thcsii e.Npnrls rnni; iit'.the request of Secretary • of Agriculture '-'laudn li. Wlc.liard,-to work bii|-a compro, lii-nslve flc.foiiHe gardo'n proKrarn. Of name from "Defense Sprint Visitor Jose 'Bento. Assls j i From Brazil comes Jose Bento ; Assis, 25-year-old track star, to j compete in XJ...S. indoor events. ; Assis is a medical student at Sao ; Paulo university and runs the j sprint races Gardens" to "Victory Gardens" is symbolic of the change in-.attitude which thi's country , has ;witnesscd since Pearl Harbor, since today'Am- ericans'speak no longer of ;clofcnsc, but of victory. '• '".-.. The objectives of .the home; victoi-y garden campaign are: (:!) to produce food for home cphsumption to the ond that-tho food/1mbits of the, family may be Improved from, the sLundpolnl. of nutrition; (2) to maintain fho morale of the individual family and the public;. (3) to save family food expenditure; (4)-to con- serve'labor, materials iiiKiilhu'.Lrans- porlalion'es, . "it is not necessary,"-says Mrs. Teeple, "to sacrinec. Ilpwer. gardens and lawns—Tor. the need' for. beauty In our lives Is greater . than ever. Grow i n g (I o wers and.' b r nam en Luis are as micossary 1'nr ' the maintenance of morale and spirit as the growing vpgnUiblc -iy for' tlin .bo.dy." ' Ail who are jntei'osted in "Gardens I'or Victory" are,, asked to register at 'the office 6'j; :ih'<y Nuugatuck. Do- foriHo (!oim<;il.-« '/Plans will' go- for\s'( it'll I, o o o o r i 11 nil I. o' 1,11 is p i' 0 j e c t' -'w lib all • plhor community:' defense., activities! . •. /•-/.•::•"•••-.-..-•:- -: -' '. • . •• ' Try a Cia«H!(ied'Acr'tp. 5 dispose of; odds and ends. '' • , / '• ' '•'. and outstanding leader of the CAR CONSERVATION PLAN n CONSERVE TRANSMISSION Designed to keep America's cars serving for the duration. . . .To prolong the life of your car-to avoid many major repair bills—to protect your pocketbook—-to preserve your motor car transportation. * . . See your Chevrolet dealer today for full details of Chevrolet's original "Car Conservation Plan," and keep your car serving well by keeping it well serviced. A MOBHE NATION IS A STRONG NATION VICTORY BUY fM UNlTlvD STATUS DKFENSK TJONDS STAMPS i COOLING SYSTEM CONSERVE ENGINE Always see your local CHEVROLET DEALER FOR SERVICE on any car or truck ,i^3S^; CONSERVE EVERY VITA1/PART FREE MOTORS, Inc. 4P2 NORTH MAIN STREET NAUGATUCK, CONN. WEDNESDAY. FEBRUARY 11. 1942 Additional Sp PET IN POOt TaNIGHT ' -Couch 1 'Gimbo" Sullivan and his ; Nuugy .-•swimming .Learn, will leave the local .Y. M. G. A, at. .0 o'clock 'Iliis evening- to journey to New Haven .where-. tircy will compete wjth ' the ; ' Vale ; ;', Pr-osh mermen- in the ' Pay n e .' W h 1 Ln e y. pool at 7 p, m • The Ell <ouUH. is in lino fettle (his year'and Us only defeat was at the hands ,(or feet) of the. crack Merccrsburg • • Academy team last week i'DavW-'iNixon is captain of ; tho. local, team and Arthur Carlson; is on the .mana6'ing..cnd . Naug'atuclv.has lost but one meet In the .last three years but they expect I'dugh- opposition tonight, 1 TheNaugy-Frosh meet will be a preliminary, to .the 'varsity meet 'between' Yale .and Brown which ' will' get under way at 8:30 p. m. PLAYERS GIVEN FAREWELL PARTY ! .Boston,' Feb. II—(U P)-Profcs- slonal hockey's Three Musketeers— Mill, Schmidt, Bobby Bauer and Woody Dumart—prepared today to .loin the Royal. Canadian Air Force at Ottawa Saturday after closing their. National league careers for the duration by pacing; the champion Boston Bruins .to an: 8-1 triumph 'over the Montreal Gnmulicns. •The Tamed kraut .line, rated, the top uhi.t'in tho world's fastest sport, 'will 'carry with'them fond memories' oC live'seasons with the-Bruins and gifts galore'.' -;. ..'•" . . •'• The shower of presents started ui- ter'-tlic .final-bell -of- last night's clash with "the.Canadiens,before a crowd '•of 10/iQO . well-wishers at Boston Garden and-..ended sevqra 1 hours later at a party tossed in .their honor by Bdstqn sportswrtters. 'Ptai-scrtsoh' checks' and .bonuses wei'c ! 'gi v6n ; them b y.' the club, Man- iifior''Art Boss chipped in. with ser- vfce wrist.-watches; ami teammates donated 1 ' gold, identification tags, Portable radios e'arne .from _ Ihc ,sportswritei:s,\ and .they ..received other gifts including, military, sets. The Kraul»s.werc carried from the rink-, on: the- shoulders of. players oi"•'lioliv- lonnis 'after one of their inosf.brilliant : exhibitions. ''In boosting the. revamped Boston team to single game of the pace^otting New -York Rangers the KrnutsYeolle'ctod a total of 11 points. Bauer tallied twice mul.recciyod two assists; Dunuu't collected.a goal and tiiree assists, and.Schmidt got. three assists. He also scored a-goal but the play.' was -ruled offside., ' .",..... .«»»..—r-r •-.-.- • FOUL SHOTS . (By MACK, FOBQUSpN) Naugaluck'H final of the season^ will l;aU6 place, on St. Valentino's day at .the Naugatuck y ... , The boys'are confident oi bouncing ' back .from 'that -'(8-3!)' beating they received at the hands of Warren Harding . , '. . Although Harding defeat knocked them put of"first- place they ure, determined to retaliate by scoring wins 'over the Watcrbury clubs, Wilby and Crosby, .in' their final two outings of the season .... Latest averages reveal that Buddy Dunn and Frank Fiirs..are' leading the team in points AVlth "approximately nine points 'per .oontesj. .. . . -In t,hc. matter ; ;• . . - r lornng- ibn downs Ansonia 4{MU HS Sain 'pnnfll -scores twenty-four points . . • . . Artie Fisher and Alb to Kelly lead 'Crosby aggregation in rout of Wilby, G2-H4. .' ..i . : Bristol is dc- frated by. New Britain in low scoring affair, 23-20 .... A transient picture of tlie Naugatuck pilgrim- age'to New Haven last nigh I . . • . Before a capacity, crowd of howl- .ing spectators, an underestimated Yale, array downed a- fighting and gallant Connecticut St/ite live . . . .. H was a ding clong and topsy l.urvy contest that wasn't decided until niiway through ..the final -session. . .Fans, that Payne Whitney gymnasium is certainly-a spectacle to'see . . ; . The indirect lighting casting its luminous rays downward combined with.a hard fought basketball tilt makes a colorful picture for an artist, let alone to the spectator. . . . '. The Naugatuck team was treated to this postman's holiday by Charles Blade, principal of Naugatuck high school and PP.Lor Koley, physical director of the high school ... . .'In. my )>e- lialf as well as tlie team-and cheerleaders,' thank you very much for that enjoyable e.vening . . . . Thai contest between Yale and Connecticut State was their homecoming one .... Fans, let's plan to make this Naug/ituck-Wilby contest, .your homecoming with a capacity crowd. . . .. Some of tlie boys arc going out'for the last time on a Naugatuck court'. . . . Be on hand to give them- an -.appropriate farewell gesture "and .1- am .confident' that they will reward you with a victory.' 1 . . ; . . Au i-evoir-.till we'meet again in the -.confines 'of the Naugatuck Y on 1 Saturday -evening. .... ... .. ; *-•-» DOHSON SIGN'S CONTKAGT The Senior Girls basketball feanr added another victory at the high: school "gymnasium; yesterday afternoon by defeatingibe.Frcsbman five, i(5 lo 25 • The Freshman played a ; stellar game -but..were unable to keep' pace with tbc fast stepping Sen-, iors. Sellinger of the ben- ; , tors'-led her'team'with 1 [ 2 points, Mary Kloc scored ..10; Jennie Mclyan. 8 Jane Baldwin' 8;-':Ann Kudxma ./«,: •Louise Hill 2 v and Ann Brennan 2. , Scores -made by' /the -Freshmen-, were Betsy Thomas, ' 10, .kleanpr- Bathburn 8i -Eleanor. Burenzcwski a,; and Louise Valentine 2. • A double Ub-vi'csullccl in the con-; -test between the Juniors and Sophomores. The score 'at the end. of the. game was 22-alI. Neither team scored 'in the -two-minute overtime• period and tho game was called a- tie- 22. to ,22- ' . • • WHJTATARENA FEBRUARY 19 New Haven, Feb. 11—Sparring, partner for ,loc Louis, during the champ's last four starts, nn^now scaling 1^5 pounds, Oeorgic Pitch,flashy New Haven heavyweight, wiir box Charlie Eagle, durable Water-bury Pole, in the star bout ol 10. • rounds . on -Matchmakpr George Shoppord's pro .mitt, menu at the Arena-on Thursday night, February 19 ' ' This will mark: the first meeting between, Fitch , and ••Eagle, the winner being promised a shot with Nathan Mann, New England heavy•weight-champion, who is'now-fight- Ing for Uncle Sam. 13aglc will be making his llrsL appearance here-since the night n year ago when he dropped a, disputed decision to Mann In M gruelhng •rounds—having Mann on the floor, in..'a sixth .round. • : Pitch- has put on-, wej.ght-since he last fdugbt Maiin;:and is regarded by the. Louis-samp: as Joe's host., sparring 'pa'rl.nor.; •;.-; ,' ' ' Portland, Me'., ,Feb. .1,1—(UP) — GoTey--Welch, ••sim-ruicd ns New England middleweight boxing champion today- after -slugging out a Unnniino'us :!2-rcnmd decision over I?u s k y-"; H owe 1' I"! K i.n g r .'o f P r o.v i d en cc, R •].-,.a foi'menVamatcur titlist. • -Welcli, .159 ^'.scored nine-count knockdowns in''lbe.''-nfth and lOfli rounds' in.,his-sccb'nd win in three meeting with ',King, : who weighed 157 3-'i. Welch has made four successful' Li llo v defenses. • wiLdmiFwiNS HIS 36TH FIGHT Hartford. Conn;, Fob. n~(U P) 1 — \Villic Pep, J26, undefeated Hartford Teatherweight,'won' liis IKM.h professional. /Igbt in 'a row last night by defeating Angelo' .Callura, 127 IM, Hamilton, Ont., in a bruising eight- round'bout.' Pep won without question but the light was exciting throughout, and Callura never failed to mix it up. Tony 'Kalco, l-'iG 1-2, Middlctown, also kept his undefeated record intact by outpofnting Fred Doty, J-V3 Hartford, in an eight-round semi- n.nal. .CLAIMS IUCCOIU) '. Boston) Fe ; b. Jl—(UP)—The signed contract ol' Joe Dobson, one of the American league's most improved pitchers", was. on Hie with the .Boston' lied Sox today. Dobson, former Cleveland' righthander, won 12 and lpsl,.5;\vil,h Boston in 1!MI and failed to s cir'op a docisinn after Aug. l-'i. ' Tot.aT'deniand for labor is not ,'iu creasing'-OH .if would J>n if metals w'rrri niorn p)enti : ful, says fho Popai'l mcnf'of Commerce. • , Kingston, R. 1.,-Pefo. Ji—(D"P) — The ofrensivc-minded Rhode Islnnti State college basketball team claimed a new National collegiate scoring record today as result-of trouncing the University of New Hampshire, J27-50: Tho J27. p ? oints la r ot night marked the third' time this season tfiat .the Rams .have counted more than JOO points. . . • ••••+•— WKSIJSYAN IJEATS TIUMTY Hnrtt'ord, Conn., Feb. Ji—.(UP' — Wesleynn University's iKisketball team defeated the Trinity College live hero last nigliL, 50 to 42. Sa- •flnws'ki 1 scorer! 18 points to lead the Wesley an scorers, and Tullar topped 'the Trinity scorers .with .13 points. Some great xiR in coats for fellows who like great coats, for budgeteers who really budget, $19.75. In "Prep Shop"—second floor. It's a wonderf ul lot of good coats that take the place of two coats— at the price of one coat — when the thermometer's up — zip out lining — when temperature's down — zip in the lining — all done in a • • jOJP J1 One in particular — tan gabardine zip in lining of fine all wool plaid blanket — a coat to be seen NAMED COACH Cambridge, Mass., ^ Appointment of .lay 10. er Massachusetts institute, of Technology conch, to '• succeed Clarence (Chief). Boston, Jr. as Harvard vai- slt.Y and freshman wrestling coach was announced today. Boston has boon called to active duty as a sec- 'ond licutcnuiit in the urni artillery. ' S LOSE GA The Cowboys ' lost two games- Saturday morning' ft I the high school gym. to: Center school ol Bencon Palls by the score, ot 3-i to 18 us Gillette led the. \yay .for the winners and Anderson for losers. They then, lost .to St. Francis as B, .Miiseola played a. hung up tfunio : on the offense and defense/ Andcr r •son akmg with Curtin- sparked the; Cowboys. The score was 22 to 10.- - FIGHT •KiLstir.tS Ilurlford,- Conn.— Willie .Pep, 120,. Hartford, dutpinf.ed AngcJo Gallura, •]'>7 3-V Hamilton, Out. ($) ; Tony Kuloo 14« -J-<2, -Mlddlotown, dfil'ented Red Doty, 145, .Hartford (8); Star Harvey,- 'iB'2' 1-2, .Jlarlford, knocked out Jo'hirRcilly, 102 3-4, Boston, (I); Billy Marcus, 127, Hartford, won o.i>. a technical Itrryq over George 1 SparliS p 128, Boston. '(5);-- ' -v PEARL II ARBOR ! ALK WINS New Haven, Conn., Feb. il-(i;i —Yale University's baskelliall ir B came from'behind in the soi'oml nod to edge the University of coj necticut five here last night, K r t$ Berry scoped i;> points for II ISlWnnd Verb H Jo led the Conneclic scorer w i tl v 11.-, P ; o i n Is. 'HALL SCOIIKHS Boston University C,2, - Tufls r.j "Brown.'40,' Amlierst 4i; MNkllohuif /.fl St Michael's :Jp; Vermont «, Xo| wicb 20; Bhodc Island State 127, N'c Hampshire 50. ' Now She Shops "Cash and Carry Without Painful Backache When - Kgjj.ttolls liu Her ./Rolls (Unnn'ni'on. Sticks Cinnamon linns . CPU in l> "'Buns . ; Danish Pnstry Honey nipjxul Dou-ijhmils '. Home Mii.dc Rye Hrcnil Kuhn's City Bakery MAPLE ST. TEL. 3C78 — FOR SALE — Brick Building and lot on Woodbine Street. Suitable for Small Manufacturing Business Naugatuck Insurance Agency, Inc. Room 9 Neary Bldg. Phone 2080 of kidney function . •p'll used euoccBsfully by rnillionn for ovi Great Oak Farm OXFORD HO AD MILK — CREAM EGGS— GHOCOLATE MILK POULTRY Delivery to All Parts of Naugatuck Telephone 5049 TO HELP YOD MAKE YOUR INCOME TAX Go to Room 6, Town Hall, Wednesday, Thurs day, Friday, 8,30 A. M, to 5 P, M, NO CHARGE Naugatuck Savings Bank The Old-Time "Mutual 1 This company has been appointed an official Tire Inspector in our district by Tire Rationing Board No. 6. If you are in urgent need of new tires bring your car in to us so we can inspect your present rubber and assist you to fill out your cation to the local Board. The Naugatuck Fuel Co. 87 Church Street Tel. 2219 FORD — MERCURY — LINCOLN .'•v'i.' '•

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