Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on January 30, 1942 · Page 3
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 3

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Friday, January 30, 1942
Page 3
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Vuge Tom ^^ M/v UGATUCK PublhUiod Uvorj (Kxoopl Sunday) by Till'! N/U/OATtK'.K NMW9 .ClOMl'ANY, (NO, At II North Main Htroot, NAUOATUCK, riONNKClTICJUT <ia Hoouiul-oliiMM nuil- tor ut tlu» Pawl onUu>, at Naugu- hmk, donruwllout, ITEMS TAKEN FROM TH£ NEWS' 20 YEARS AGO I'roHldont CLAYTON Ii, KM'HN KDWAHD a MNOKNIII'JU) TrouNUi'oi 1 KDWAIIM ./, AffKHN (JAllh Inu, NO l Now York (Illy MVl Chofllnul SUrout, PMIndolphlH, i'a, r>(2 Norm MIolilKMi Avonuo, Cildoago, III, Tho •( nh n M, Swoonny (!o., (it Alihott Iload, Wolloflloy HillM, MUSH, Kdllorlal Dopfu'tmonl , Dojmi'tmont Odloo ,,,,.., HAT MS i month ,,.,.- •. "U «70 ?i rnonthn ,,,,,,,,,,,.. $2.Vf» 0 monlliH ,,.,,,,.,,,. M.BO 1 your ,<,<,,.,,... i.i IK .. ,$P,00 — I'uyubln In Advuitoo ~ Ii y CiuiTlur 1 wook—180.. t yofu'~.?D.OO Tlio Unllod Pi'OHfi fmfl tho ox- ohiMlvn right l-o U.MO for ro|iiihll- Ofttlon In any foi-rn, nil nowa cllH- pnUihOH WfulUod lo thin pnnoi 1 , (t In alHO oxoluwlvuly ontlUtul to UHO foe ru[H(blUwl.l',in nil l-ho tonal or emdfUod MOWM mihllMliod ItoroUi, Ptwl. Kxttllod Itnloi'M 1 NlKhl. will ho uhHorvud nl llio rogu'lar mool- lliK of NaiiKHl'HJk lodgo, No, W7, rt. I', u, MlkM, noxl TiMiHduy ovonlng /(L 8 o'dlook, At UilM w'MHlon nomination* of offlwu'H CUP MIQ oiwiiInK your will bn In ordor and Ibm-o svlll also bn Inltlallou. Tlio uliali-H svlll bo owsii- pl<id by Urn following pant oxrillu'd Cxultcd I'Uloiv ,1, P, llog/n; loading knight. f C!, \V. Iliibboll; otMooinod loyul knight, W. I, Nixon; osliHiiiuid Idotin'lug kitlgh^ I. S, Hurry; Hnwolary, T, •!<, Lnury; IwiMiii'i'i 1 , M, II, floldy; <'HC|ulrn, l<|. ,1, Aliorn; tllnr, H. 1-1, (irllTU.Ii; oliaji- laln, I- 1 . II. KruHt; Itww knartl, (!, H. SVondlook; li'UHlno.M, f!, .!•', HiliiKOJ 1 - I'opd, .f, I 1 '. Mdhomnigh and T, W, AlltM'll. M|MM Miit'Kui'ct Morlarly nurxn at St. Mary's hospital WiUoi'bury IH spumllng Uio wuok-ond nl llm homo of Mr, and Miu ,1, Van UUHOII of Maplo strut! I, ThO Hiihjt'cl of |.liu addross at lh(j mwitlnK of tlio MOII'M IUIIKUO iKixi Wodnonday ovonlnn at o'ulook will bo ''Tlio HroaluHl Klonlrloal Invim-j lion of Urn Nlnoloniilli tlonlury, 1 ,' Manfred .1, Johnson svlll bo llio Hpoakor, Bop, Dies' Prodio'fcion IUip, Martin Dion, who in olinirrnau of llio House oom- rnittoo investigating un-Arn- Dricfin aollvitioH, has H la tod, tioooi'rting to a Unitod PI-OHH doHpatch, that "unless tho guvot'H'Mont adopt.M an alort nUitiiflo ihoni will occnr on tho Wosl, Ooast a tragedy that svill malm I'onrl Harbor nink iiiio'iiiHigniflcuiicu c-oiri- iwral-ivoly," Mr, .Dion, who haw niado Homo iniorosting rovolations oonoornlng, oHpionago and othor pornlcuouB aotivMtioH, doolarod thai; n a Foar ol. 1 dis- ploaNmg foreign povvoi'H and a maudlin aititndo toward Fifth (JolnmniHtH wan largely mspoiiHiblo For tho im., parallolod {.ragocly at I'oarl Harbor," Ho Ha id his com- mi Moo would tnako public within a Tow wooks a !!nll report' on /fa pan OHO OH pi on- ago and sabotage, and that it would d inc. {OHO "that if our oommittoo had boon porrnit- tod to rovoal tho I'aotn lanli Soptombor, tho Iragody of F-'oarl Harbor might havo boon avortod," Judging' from womo ol 1 tho olairriH that havo boon made by Mr, Dion in lliu past, tho prorninod r ^ po r fc. will bo awailod with koon intoronl: tliroiiM'lioul; tho nation, IbMirns .linn rocolvcd front liolloctor of Intornal lioboi't <>, Knton HtatliiK dial a rnvouiiii man will be wmt In NuiiKalilck lo asHlHt local pooplo In makltiK "ill their liiooino lax ro- poi'l.M. fli« will be horn on February HI and 17 and will inakn hl.s lioan- (luarti'i'M In tho boroiiKh nouii room In llio losvn hall building. A fund HU!(» will hi' held In NVal- lur (!. (lltnat'k'M furnltnro slorn on (Ihnrch si root on Krldny Koli, 10, by llio liudln-H 1 Aid anololy of tin; <wko, cookhtM <uid c.nillnrs iind dlf- ftu'i-nt kinds of hronfl will -bo for Mulo, aiul al.Ho carrot pudding, Any onf wIshlriK lo piiiuihuHo out! .Vif llicM(t pnddlnwH may do-so by uhoV.- IHH Mrn, A, l>. llyclo, /fi-HMy, nol latw than noxl SS'odnoHday, Tho Hon Too nilriHlrol' of Naiiga- luok will' Jonrnoy to Mort'lfi lo- nlM'ht, svlmru thoy svlll • on tor In In tho pouplo of that town with a nlnMlrol Mhoss', Krank Sidllvan svlll aot aH Inlurloivutor and tho I'Mfl- IIKIII will lu\ Kdss'iird Ouddy uvifl •lOMoph nurkln. Tho proKram svlll huiludo llio I'oHosvlriK numbor*»; "My Homo Tosvn," Uio Kui'monl'/.- (M'M, (honl.s rial-roll, |«'rofl Morton,. Harry UiUm, f.toorgo , iio'nx);'' "fiti- tln," Hurry I,JI».OM; "William Toll," •loo -Imrkln; "Ton Utllo I'MnMorsi" NcmlM (Sari'fill; "Tho Sho||<," Konton Morion; c-ornol. .solo, I/USSTOIICO Morsoy; danolMK Hkll,, (.ilaroru',o Kndn and Hii'vlcl Dillon; "Ultlo Honx: "April Showot'M," l-'i'od Morton, Tho cltumbur of mmiiourtjo "Hlo- gan for NaUKatuok" (jon.tost IM open to all llio .school boys and K'rlM of tho liot'oiiKh, lull llioro IH no ob- jotdlon to ' adult-H HiiK'Kostlng nlo- 'H'aiiH to any ohlld, It. IH al^o ro- thul oiivolopdH ( shall bo, Hoalod, .l.and > r';coinP.oJi i cd the ' composer >. wrifleir; tho, , Arrnngod •;; Jh'' Potei ^iy, ^.au^ieiii.- sviil have pei'f prWanc^i; Mohday-, \$. wlienVAndy.-, o>QJiestKa.-pJay., tho ANTHEMTOBE .-'.CHAPTER. TWENTY-EIGHT Philip. Hortoni clojthod only in 6JrJ .^nnup-l.trausevs. and. a..pajr,.o:t' rftort ohoofl, svipnd' tho swent-froriv H'ijl'oy'oa syith n'muclcly forearm aiid' H,<irocl wcnirily'round the kitchen of Vino ' Its 'brick flo'or .\van' Serious Charges Ohninruin J)avid (', Walsh fjf 1 Uid Honato naval affairs .ciornuutloo-amd rocontly thai Mio oouirnitl-oo had rocjoivod oi 1 . allo^odly u do- frandiii^V'.of llio t by ourtain naval - Ho nlatod I ha I tho (M Diinbiiry last, ovoidttg Iho Hub- hru 1 i.!|ly llvn haHkolball toam mot with clofnal by l.ho HOOI'O of'yi lo W. With IOMH than.a mlnuto.lo' play tho sooro was Hud I'.' to 10, In HHJ dual momontH of tlio last half Danbury H 0 ' w Hold Koal Mint put llio Kamo on loo, ,|niT WILkoMkl with 11 polnlM was tho star for NaiitfaUp/k, svlHi tjio KUardhiK' or Hornlo tU'.i 1 - rlck and Sohollnld bolng addocl fna- IIIPOM, Tho NaiiKaluok loam did not arrlvo In Danbury unlll ton mln- utos of Ion last nlKhl. Thoy doluyod by two blosvoiiU oni'outo nnd Imd no |.|mn Tor svarmlnK n|i nflor arrlvliiM 1 <H Iho hall, (Hi tho svay homo anolhor tiro on tho mir In which Iho Hubbor (Illy llvo playoi'n svnro paHsniiKors bh-'W out In Mlddlobin-y,- heaped 'high' with freshly "dug earth.' 1 Jip'orodscd to t!\o window-Bill;, plclc- i nfe. f hla '.way ^botwcon 'piles '-of/ earth/ Krot'n 'the '-window-'sHl 'ho .pic'kocrup' rtvhottlo-'of whisky rind-' a' 'cupi, hall; f)l 1 hi ft. fob 6 .la't^pr, wi th> tho ;spi qt'.vlio «,trank it in onbVhiifi:ovprulp ; .and/.\v(int hack ;hjjfhin-to the 1 scullery. •".• ; ' ;.' Doorfi and winclowR . wore closed and tho curtains drawn. From the far end tho tyrick floor had been torn up, leaving a gaping hole about th'roo feet In diameter 1 , ' A 1 i'mnh's- hand suddenly appeared in this. i-Ii^. body followed, Jici too, Was naked lo tho waist arid caked in.eart'h; Ha carried a piece o£. ; paper, like an nrchitoct'H blue-print,, in his .grimy hands and wafi.scriithming it. "I reckon wo'yo pot about another foot or 'ab to go';";' no "said,. . J "That's what', I 1 make it, ".. too,; 1 ' nodded Horton. "-Slip down and tell Jono.s to come up for a breather and n drink," -. . ' . , • 1 Horton's companion' disappeared, lowering h'imsolf.onc'o niorq through tho hole in, the «culler,y floor, and. re- a'ppoarlng n -few momenta later with a' scjuat Welshman. • . "How long d'you' reckon it'll take you to dig through tho remaining wall of • earth?'.' Horton asked 1 the latter. ., "A fow minutes if I'm, 'lowed to work as I usota in tho mines." Horton shook his head, "We've got to bo careful about noise," he little Welshman; gi'.innihg•'.'.oyer'.-rhis'J \vorkS aneafr|!of;,-yQU.,Iv.,'d'o .sliouldc'i ;( ''ybiir reckoiiing'-was.Yltiad.'j-an.v mistake;rna'de.". '" ,.',.-..•...••, right-."...',,.. ...": '.". V ;.,,.. ; .,,.- ,•'.'''..;'•' C«!•.•;• ; .i -vT.he.':t\yo'-men .:nodcled.,'.wHi.le. ; , ""Xhank -.'•'. gpodnciss .' for,'.... that!:'.'; t6n',,.picking!' up ..f the -brq>Vn-'.P!ap(jr, /_..'_' i •* i ' ' r T '_ i _'• *' * i i'v'r _ ii i • • i '*" ' •' *. A i _'. ._.-!_ •_ i "".»_' " j .*'._» •' j t"_' *>' r^' "• l*.. i.'j—' *. 1^*^.*-.!^ grbyi led - .I-Jprton.,! "'You'1.1 Hayo,';tb; .loosen;.up. 'ail! .roun'cl'.'.it'... T-lfp.VtHi.hg will be' brofidsid.o on ,to...'iig..' 13,e''qa.iie- ful. not to .hit.-'thei,actual, ciase'. |.,\Y e d '> n' t Ay a n t i t'.m a k i n g a bl a s ted ro\y'.;'••. ^end'.of the' tii'hiVeV'.ia;d . si cjcra bly 'an cl . 'a!/ 'long :, rec t object: ,was; reyeaTe'cl..' ;Th'p " : - ''" con-' •Jones. tlVriis.t/,a :l<;hp!tty,.vrivny;int'6 the cavity he had' niade, ,und',pi]l]ed: .at ,tho .coffin, whicnvisswun'g'.^lq.^ly round, revealing 1 - .a : riiietnl; iinimlle, ."Give us a' .h'a'nd,"' 'Jones!-^aid'';to Fielder, and -the- -two. "men ; ;'ca.aghi hole;! o:f the handle ancr'h'e'avcd.^SpQh it came 'sliding, into-the ,t'uiVTi : Ql,;/x ] : ; . • Ih the gloomy' ;iiglit .'fi'dm^ith'ie smoky hurr.icane ."lamp 1 , tino; l.trio" .found bhanvseiveB rooj<ing:at theic.Qf-; fi n w h i c h conta i nod all 1 - th a t -, w'as' mortal of Amb.rpse,^..-:..! It took tl)o'..;three'. meii t fro;'best; part of ah.'.Hour-toiVirag, the.vh'cayy' cofTin up inlJoJ'^lic 'scullery.' ..They rusted for a , w,hil v e..', beforoi/openin-g. long 1 .screws ,. parcel/con^i'ning.theV.Suluhg^ •lacej , .'w^lkodV: : ','of '.'th'e.V^ki.tchen.; th'roijgh,-, the/JialU,.' .and, upalaJra;- to ;. h a"ye;'.a;..b ^.'tHr/ii' ii d ,.,ch' a^ge'^b.efpre. 'clriv'e; tq'.'Boixdon./-.'/'.''-^ ; \:,, ..",', .'..•V;'., : V. • . TlVpugh ^fye fwaa; aching/ i ; n . e^ory. linib; .and" dbspei-.ately !tired,7)r£qr:,tbn ,set;;pinfj;in;, SisV'-fittl'pj -bar Withln'th/' n'oiirj -' "'"" '' '-•''•''' '•''• "''• ''••''> .-• -•' ! h t) Fielder glanced 1 at.Horr' said nftryo'iislyi'. .','We' clon'-^ r t he r , si r . : .'v;\y.e '-. <;1 i d n ?t , co n - ; '' '': -'' ; '''"• orato ;od of charging to gov- ornmont .aooountH Ha la r km and vwigos ol 1 mon ongagod on.^ private whipyard ecm- IT tho invo.Mtigation \vhioh (H ''hohig rnado «ho\VH that tho ohrtrpOH nuulo are truo, no ('imo tiT Hl'!'r>(ild l>o lo.Mt in proHoouMng tho allogod ol 1 - J, Hull's Ki'lll on dak Hlrool bo Iho soono of tho nnnunl of 1.1 m uloi'kH' and (wrT'opM :1 at llio Watorbtiry post ofl'loo on Satui'day ovonltiK- Uovora will tin laid for <'i() POI-HOHM, WAR IN EUROPE ' A YEAR AGO, JAN. 30, 1941 f\ ....r,, ' i r __r mMT.r r JJr r t\ 11;, UnI UK! .PI-OHM Illllor .sayji holp to P/nK- land "\vlll Ivo torpodood," UrltlHh annoumm oouupaUon of Dorna in Libya, ; Hlmmlor arrlvos -In Onlo, ' tmtoh aimoiimu) IOHH of a Htibma- I'llIO. Moaning' of Safari Safari, us used In .lilnst Afrlcn, me>nn« a Journey or caravan, ospe« dally k hunting expedition, Tho svord Ijt «nld to bo from tlio Arabic. Hftld, Jpnoji .replied, "Another twenty minutes' in that cnHc," Tho, threo men squatted uncomfortably against tho. tumbled.litter in tho kitchen, drnnk a generous doao of whisky and water, and then wont'buck to tho scullery, Jones dropped down through the hole flrat, .followed by tho other whose,name WMH Fioldor, Horton coming last of r-11 .and pulling a stout basket in nflor him, The hole from the scullery floor ..descended like a well fou utVout ton feet, a heavy iron ladder being propped against ita side to ;ucllil;ftto entry and exit. At the bottom waft a tunnelled shaft slop-. '"Iff gently downward, some three, feet sin height by two and a half wl'do,' ; • ; Tho.vumiel wont downward fpr/a' distance of. sonio twenty, yards and then began to climb, the lowest point being that which, lay exactly bu- nonlh the comotcry wall, The shaft' oncled abruptly .where a small hur- ilcano lamp was ' resting on the «:-nrth floor. the casket, 'had boon withdrawn niV.d.the Jid.was. resting in ,'jts-.hlftpe- nierely,; by ,'it?/ own weightV'Fielder.glanccci : at.Hor^' tOJl and SP*^" M ' ll " l ' ril1c 1"' '''.W/.n* r?An?dY • go, no fur tract for nbthi'n' more.. 1 A sneer appeared• on face as ho clcclarecl,i, f< All right. Get into the kitchen,!," '. '.••'•'.',.''.'''.'..'-.'• 'Horton pu't on' a pair, of rubber ; glovGsj-thcn 'poured' himself .a^gcn- crous shot of .whisky,-and, drank it ofY, Trie tied- a /clean hah'dfeer'ch'ief across' the lower half of his face .. fl'olk County Gonsi;al5ujary...wha id,- ^All/right;, sir! Better- g6t go-, ' ""''• parlure;'' Sir^'fTphn .;Meredi^H tl ;Yye?>. Blaydes-Steeie^r ancl ...-! IS eel .;- 'We're jpiifed by'.Inspector. Raihblrt) bfthc Sufl'olk said,- ^ g-.-VHe's .juat-left," !!I; : kn6w,^said Sir John; /'I-hcard the : -iCaV!;;.'pa- ; >ypur chaps, kn'pw wliai tpe'y\'V(3f;go.tOtp',do : ?"!':'^ '•>'.•'>'•' ,,- •'•-'•,,' ;; .The; Inspector :n'odd,ed';' !.(J ust grab thtw'ycli'ers;',':--''/.'"^;-'/ '•/.-,''.•' •"• ; ' -,.' thtwp'yclig'gers;',':--''/.'"^;-'/ '•/.-,','.•' •"• ; ' -,.' ?-.. ^Rig'ht;" npjdded;Meredith.. > ''Gpo.d luckrVv ^.-7;'4M>^:-''->;' :. : \ : v..! K- rVAli-. along. th v e'V: road-.. 'to,! London; 't'; •intei-:v;a/s; in sic]e' turnings,' ,.hotecl and'.: -reported the .'progres's 1 of ; ,.the ; littk- ,-car •; in which; were' .travel ling : i.M : r.;, Philip ' Hot 1 ton' . • an d.'; ..the ;• .ncckl a ce' ,^f ;' S u lungu.. • '.;-.'^'- • : ''i^',^-'' ! -l\-- '•''' ''•'••''• .'• i- •'**'•'.;'• v ^AbbutVa;-Tniile ; :'.biBhind :cajlis- : WfcK. l - :iir/tHeir: it'ained' as : 'faV as';-F?ark' -' Beet nia'i n- where , ., -Horton's 'and slipped on .a pair o£i goggles. From a roll.of cloth on tl)e windpw- sill.ho their took 'a sharp; surgical' knife, once the property of • the Weyland Cottage -Hospital, later, "borrowed" by the. late.Henry Huff, and turned resolutely towards s -the scullery door,' • ' '••:'• ,'. '• "Gorblimcy!" murmured Fielder as he watchGd'Horton disappear.-.into the next room. '"I don't like this a bit." ......... v...:. ;...v;/. •• ., "Well, it's not me. nor you that, hiiR to do it," observed Jonus, : ,;;:';';'•'• ,' • They' henrcl • tho 'lid of the ..coiRin thrust baqk, with a .muffled;-sound, and then therq was silence.;, Horton s'toppecJ';his ca't;'outside 1 -th't' jrcsi'd'ence: of Prince Satsui.ap.d;Anne v r '^ About^|iaif^'an^lv3ui; before Inspector- 'I-lainbird joined;•'•Meredith an d hi s." tv^o. compan i oiis, i n th e: ceme- tcryy:.lie; 'had: presented; himself- in conVpany .'• wi th ' Gohstable : f'Whi stl.e- .craft'.at 'Weyland Hall;'.'Despite the •hour,, he rang the bell and, 1 /when .Stoke^ appeared, ask.ed, if ;he; might ,soe;Miss Hafley. . ,'••,'-'',' .. '.''; '•': Lady Angela Lahchester slipped on a'dressing gown nnd'.came down to the. hall; "Goodmorning, Inspector," she said.' .-"This, is a .strange Jliorton, . his basket tor -Oolf or» GoifoCH fotmd an Intorost- hi^' Horn'-in n- roporl; ,ol' tho Kotail Drygoodw Association, A. ntoro bxocjutivo told tho convention that a now ball, tiying no .rubber, is being dovolopod and probably will bo roady.for no,vt soa- of tho H cm reify oi' 'riilihor, ^olI'urH havo boon expecting a scat-city ol:' g-olf: 1 halls, Now, thankw to -some- body'H invonfrivo goniu,s, they liavo reason to hope that one of their pet wor-i corivontion of fcho National'rie.s is.over, towards him, 1 passed', it forward to .t'ioldor who rapidly tilled it with. a small short-handled .spado from a little heap of loosened soil. Horton hitched the rope over his shoulder a'gain and crawled back along the txihncl, dragging tho heavy basket behind him,' while Jones, taking up u long-huncUovi, 1 pointed spade, began work again on the wall of earth at .the end of tho tunnel. This time Horton did not bother lo take his load of earth up into the houac but scattered it in carefully,' (u'lual proportions along bho floor of thVHhuft'., ' • ••'.'. v': It TV as half an hour, not twenty minutpii, bof ovc Jones' spade reached them- objecUve, Hn drbve' it forward m i n u tes phssed li 'd u ri ng wh ich ' N bo tH men smoked furiously. ,, Then thiey heard , the'• cofTlii lid l)eing replaced. "• A moment later;• Horton'to the r.oom carrying, something'.'intone •hand.- • .•'•••'•'.-.. •'."'/•-.•V--. •'.•'- •.'.^'^.''.^•^•I'.ji''' • :. "Turn pn.the ho!t tap," he OfdcrQd;, 1 ' J ones/leapt ^.foi % war<l. and; set-'thb; tap rurinbvg; as"'Hortjbnv : .thrusjt.-'-Hi's.:. gloved, hand .under''-..the itap with."tt> small package ih; it^ ••;'''•;•'. :.;• ^^';:-.y ; -;^/ii. ". Taking 'infinite ,precautionsj;.a,^rl.' using the 'f resHly jwashb'^--.'surgical: knife, Horto'n'-uhwrapped the'ipadU-; ago in the-sj'^.^''^^^..^?^^^^'^^'^..- pushed back the numberless'.•.'f61.'d.%; revealing a wad of clean cotton : wool. He flicked .-back apcbrner ;of-','tljat ouoc-:-.--; .•... ,,• ••...••. - : . :•/ -"'Good .morn i ng, ni'Lady," no'dded Rainbird, "I didn't want .your man to .wake ybij. .1 asked, for 'Miss Bailey,' but I'retgot a note.-here from Sir John Merp.dith w,h.ich should explain reason' -for my visit?', ,i'. He handed .Her, .a. folded, shcqt.-of ''' Tho . paper .'to'r.'n from a notebook, ;T 'pencilled -messaigQ; ow it -ran : ' .- -fftno/i iQ*Know-«r>fi&t;ri>'anwu* : n.u.yef ;. ' •••\jjity ; -h-a.ti&frtin ..'tffi : • .--icj^Ct .in'^dVf('^(j'. : "\honr$.: TJierc's',} • ';7. *i r\tJi-ii'iffS/ni'n^'f>.'. fnv-.-.timi - t.n• iJ>n-)*r-)>*' i* for- : -yoit:' '•:- ; ;o'.V.Cr.V..';r it WAS.brought:up short, a dull thud telling them that their work pearly done. "Indeed to goodness," nodded the covering-.and .there, in- th.e' kitehj sink winking up at,:him j \;were'''the; hundred, and one;. emeralds /which, were the pride of Sulungu..: ; ;.;-' j., ^;^ ;' Fielder a.nd Jones stared in.hor- rificd amazement at- the sight.v.-.y^ \ ; ; Horton, picked^ up - the' lieeld^ce' and wrapped it in a clean^'tow'cl;. '**;:*fo&$&$?$^ . v/ : : T . u;iT-:^''^-'^'-Mr'^ '"'••**''' : '- : '"' •• < / < ?' t ? l .i' ! '•':''.V', ; ;'!d6ddlie»vcnsJ^''bre^ .v..,o;i^ jLilficKestcr. v: '"I••' ; must'.f telI . Georgt 'aboiit this• very > g-oo'd/;ne\ys,<Inspec- •,^^,» ,'..,.- ....••..'..,-.•.•"••. ' ...-. ••-.,,-.:'.••• .v ; ^-,Itv8l;^that,'•;VA'Litfay; s I ye. not rea-d th e^/f riote ' ; t bu t-^ I 'm .;• n cc[ h ted ^v i th ^it'iS--i^Qp^^A'n'd 'riow,;.perhaps!\if.'.J might^s.eeVMiss^Hailey?" ''•''/. ,i Dun|n;g r ./ |,jic ; .'v}Vf)|\!dv^ War..- y. w liijifj ;muoli s al'3ou't.'ihat• "vicious .ci.i, 1 - 3'-V;iind : A\\cai'6"'"beginning, Lo.-hcai 1 it: agalnj v ; ,;' '' ••"•"•' •••• .-."• i 1,' ..siiai'ls'.K>vi l,h :-'• ?iIjgli.oi'' .cost, oi 1 )Dro(.lu'ol,ion',\ciue J.o - higher, wages and-..b'igVpi'.o'nis ' arid , ; .ends ;,\yll.h,'.live iii'gli'at;.; of";living.;,paid by. Uip' labor.',-*?v->':' '•', -• ''• .''••>•'. '•:•.-'••. • ^vcV.yJjQxIy.-'-gets' %big .money,, Inil. ^al'Ler ^c' ;: sj)ends.- : iL.-hc 'Is. jus I, "where Highly pr.i'ces. for. : c.lti'i'cL';.'Jaiypr ; ,or oonimo"dJ|,ics./-:ucveji ; ' : 'iiiaHc 'pro.sper- It^ Ajjnas— So:!-Toin \(,qok; i a', .cdui'se. in ih i stiiid 1 ;;.]s^']W'"gb.o ; ci;iii'!'H"?' : ' .//-.:: : - nretdlron/ ( ;jil 1 tre, ; V]yusl ; y:,.sbiiie- ,. timcs/ A-'man .was "nearly- drownpU'tlii'y;'n;nd ; .f!liG. Hrsl, thing Tom; d Id \\ io ; th i'6\v • a;' glass bl' -.water in his'- ' :•'. : L ' Lea'w ' I {/ : To CJpd . Does :.lH;Q'';.- path. ;/:spdm "' rougli ';&tebn;?.... ./.-y-y./ v , ''''•:•. / ' ''-"- ' '" Do 'yo.Q:!'s.o>v, "buI-.;j'aiI. .lo.'r.cnp ? •• Leay(i.,-llv'1,6. God.-..'••• .»•.'>. >. : .:'. , Yield-to-; ; .MimJ.your human will, .' LJstcii-•oji-lldilkfl.--.'an(l :lH\; s.UU,• • Know; U.iat; lp,ye;y.oiii' nilnd .can ill! A.I i t!d: M oGnnn-. Gu riiiiif}/'p f;' :N<;ny|*rt Centre; wife .'"of- -pi'oniinent, Bo'S'lon .rmvyeiv.nncl 'sphojar, .PranGis--P;-'riaji- acrlmonlous In' .his,..ev.oss-cxami_rxnj- Udn,' Inil- i.lre Jitf-le/ woman -l! wif-noss-box .'remained/ 1 calm. V ^ ICyonUmlly th'e 'lawyer suid:: suy'you liad no education, biil.-yii answered m y • quest! on ; smnrll Yp The wil.ncs's replied. meekly :-' v YoijJ doii'l- have:" 1-6 ba'-ii scholar ;'l.o:' anj- swcr silly-''qucsLions. 1 - • ' r j grocer WDS full noAys .'Jinir.'conllded l.o. all • hi^ cusl.omor.s.--.'-. • •' '•• . ' , iGp.rr-rYau • remomber. my. •\vlio 'usod Lo -.servo. Jiorc? Wellj ic's:-.-: w^o.n inn; army boxing ... oham-j )i.onshi.p.; ', .... "•;. : -.:....•.•.. - - v*' : Cuslomor—Oh ; yes, I.. rcmomhen lim.-'l -suppose il/s 1,'hc jhainpionshlp he's won. JIAIUtOIU Mount -ihorU;'jj'lprl.c's;, .special art : iolcc"] ' jni'S; ; : ; 6'n6v;of -her" U ** ••^ , v • ... ... , . , ..... r u <'iiis v lihoscn ,l>y- the Inle 'comnos'pp u» TladHjy: ror/'his ."Tls IU^\\S •^' - -' Ud ' J)l ., poem Morning'. :• dc'cplj 1 •\lrs\ 'Gnrlatur speaking of ppnhv;:."at'the npni-hy or Our people 'over-the ••country's" l.ion: in.. .Uris\-world up ''' fa mi liar .lin o;'- of Sco IPs running .tlu'oiigh-my..h, :a ,, : Ii(j{Vi v t;.-' 1 Ii. gave, .me no -' hack so.I.. dowiv l.ho- v'er,st»,s, n llRiiirich " r - G'ebhnrd has - ;1 | ro , composed: the music for y\ n , land's .poem. "Gardenia" \yhlchi bo,'. su»g\b < y-\nand. SmlMi/fn hj«. ci.laj v ;r : a^,lq.rdan -hal). )jf s ^ si/isni*itor.'Jiei' -(laLost 1 cd. h i m'; t'o/i'^c (.;' J i. lo liiitcly;'-. ,;"•'.;•• ; ' - THE ACCENT IS ON •is yoii.r: -life.-an V.up'-hiU .fl^Jit-? .Leave,'it"*lo G'ocl.V s ;• •'...' ••/•'-' •• . Do you 'sl-ruggle JQr..'l,hc ; i i i.ghl,?' . Leave'it. Lo CiOfl/"/,..,','-. •" Though'Vlhc' way DRj.drcju- -iiiicl. Sorrow.,''wiirgiyc': place 1 l.p song, ci'obd'.'nnist Iriii'mpli- 'over wVong Lca\ i '0"it Lo'GodV : ." ";.''•';.."._ If lii ";doubt' jusl/'.wh'jil.-' 'Lo do, Ldiivc' ii/ to (Joel',' '•' i '' . ; ' • Me -.wi'll 'malce .ilViJlain. LO you : . Leavei-'-i.L to Gpel'.:;'.'• '•/.'-'•• Serve;'•I-l-im'M'fiil.lii'iiUy -f.oday ' • Hc-'-wili -.g'uid'e ydu. ; all' !,h'a. way; SlnVp'ly.' t.i'usl/. Mini,:'watch and .pn Lda'vb •jLv^to c , tcjl, .m,e. 1 ; vpk;c on the ',.. ll i;>urc,". repJ.lcd•"•D'cslf Soi'gL- ; , ,} : O'G. (M-lai'i'i 11^1,0n, ; pi''-. 13uLl.e,, Mon.t-s v:Ml,:s ,exatitly ; :':l..;55' a/ m/V The voice*.'• wjilpji.•'. IiHd- 1 'an' unmistakable ' r;" coin) (Irf; • ^bnt a o^ ,; lilsfeliowmbir. Js out' '.o'i^f'-'-'; h ay b'.'. \Avcjyt ''oy t; ; Why, .' ;;wrqMg:?', 7-'': •: ; ;.:, 1 // : : • •••• ' ' : •'•-'• '• y-^Beiidii8t;'';.you .'jiln't- ; wcnl, , '" * 1 Xv^ienever people talk.about our army • . . , .. • . • . * . •*• '."'".,•'". '-V ' . '", .' ; i % ,' ' "-'•>'. ' ' • ' .. . . : or navy or air force — or about'our war industries—the word "efliciency" is meri- ' ' . tioned again and again. The reason is be- . ,, , cause efficiency is vitally importaht^to: our'eventual victory. . - - ' • ••'•' • -'•••! • ' •'•, Tifficieucy has .always been important ; " , in the settlement of estates — for re>is6ns . of economy, con^ei-v^atipn. of i.the. prpp- ' '. . erty, and peace of minq of heirs. ."'« V V'' '•••'•' ••'- • ••",-»•''•'•••;••'•'*. .' : •-' • i"' : " v ' '"",'«'.-" ; •'<-••'«• • '" ' • Our ' organizaaon," ; ;thrpugiv- its; • daily: ... work of settling, estiatesi' isfprcp^TJfti^ito ., . . ." •'.', ':":'.• serve. r 'as; : .'^'<?;/r.'H>ije'cutbf -.\w($i^em&$ncy.\ .,';' -.' 'v;'• •-...••;; ; 'We- shall be glad 'tb explaihebur Ptbety-^«.:' :'. V. •,,-^cjualiilcations.•'• ; •; ' ''' '" f ' !i '- <: '- v "•-*•• '•'••' '-• '•- 4 • An event that includes everything, i on .our-: floors except a very few nationally;advertised' items on :which- the manufacturer/controls the resale price. Come in and choose, from .the newest and most beautiful designs'.in; furniture; for the; living room, bedroom, dining-room and kitchen. There,is also a glorious stock of- -fine rugs • for. 'your, selection at substantially reduced prices. • • . ^ Evenings "By .-.'.'/•- Appoinment which he folded-; carefully.^intp : :/a; little packet, wrapped;that i'n v o'ridi- hary brown paper ' anjliied; ; it*""' J u string. .. ' •'.:•''' ; - :. '. '•••• '''•'' ; .--,' ' ( ' ; '. /'• "All right," nVsaid, wearily^.; going to get, ; 'this- up to 'to.w.n.'< .Can,; you shift that '.thing, -backv ^" l """" w - 1 selves and .. ^.Thla i; ; !(sni U e' VyAtiiaHeH^from :; •iiVn«H<iister/&;fS(c^"A j h'g^lie'r ?''; sH^askPii ^quietly . _('[ :'- : .^vijRairibird>io^jf|d^awkward-- as ho replied, ,".W.el|^ m'La ; dy;/ 1 haven't ' bu'fc;Sir John .. accompany the. sta- • ' sft .XP -' see,'; said -An gel £''. %fesT'w.oW?y^u (|! ,ask ; v ,^-'fl *-">, J iMf' • • -*^j' J *' •'••"• t nIj'f* • "• ; t •• . Well' Miss HaitcT Of this ' place," mjUSt;.;6'e Clcaped-illict ,j^w'^>,•"-.;'; Cop^lKht hy Kr«ncU."aeftrd; ..-.." ".'; ic repainted.' There 1 'are -severari'days* L;' 1 ^. DiVtFJiHiud'by;ifjnij;FfliuiT*i:Syridjci»tfl. inc.-/ . ^. " -.' -. •., '^-Vl ..;«•'.'>• •:. '•'•'•'''•"" • • ' V-!^-.'^'j^y>^^ ; ..V^7t? J >'^'i',^'"'''''^ : •'/'•'•'' '- .'; •'- : -:•'.'•••'" f** ' ."V :^^V.jpiji :f.^^nplllipTF?^ Here Is a s(ock cf mcrohandie r ol real . qua lit'y and cxccHcn t .style priced considerably below regular. BUDGET TERMS Anticipate Your .NEEDS ... No one .knows just how the Nation's'; war effort will affect the supply of^ hontic furnishings', hence we suggest,, that you anticipate yo«r needs during this'sale.! FURNITURE CO, 17S-18S CHURCH ST. NjAyGATUCK * OWNERS AND OPERATORS, CARLSON WAYSIDE^ OAKVILLE .'.u.,

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