The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 25, 1931 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 25, 1931
Page 3
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Mocln : Ad Kl,YT!IKVll,I,K. URK.l COURFKR NfiWS Moby Dick j siness Molliods Qtccola Soru'lv Personal I I'n. K. R. Eli'-'.tll. Jr.. w'.io unlil lur recent :t>. Mis., ir.vtuui YW.rd. was rumpiiine.ncVi !'Ihursday ufcmioon v,he!i b'r sls- U-r. Mrs. A. W. HCAvi-n CIIIM: iliiL'l [ inriut is of (hi: (wa l-Uilc biiii^v' club to which she belniys ami i^c i.\tr.i lanles 01 r.u.-s;.-. jii i::e brMi-'s hoiv:r. | A ph.k r.nd wlille cokr K.-'.ICL:R' [was carrkd out in dci'o:itt:;ar. of jl;a;wm tulips and Van n.mtll ISpirea, bride fliinrs CTii"!i:riiti\l Hit.' tally cauls and delit:.:io sp.ajs of Gianni 5 l;!os.scir.s v, ero l.iv.r.,. Mrs. W. R. Ilend.'iK.T. ul r.l. Lon.s. «l:o is \-bilinj I.IT !,bl r. Mrs. Hi aslcn UrasB. w"'.« v-in:ur 01 hii'h sun: KUMI V""'-".' M''i. <-'• II. I}riv?r u'O.i hi!;!i su'-rj duo p:l?.e. Mrs. Guy Jli-yam i-'.i; t-tn- .••clalic.ii hirer ruid the honmce pi 1 , scntc-d a c'hMiuiny in'fi. A ci - Helens subd course was served fol- loiUng (!io pump. Guests bosiclfs the club members includ'd the hunoreo, Mrs. .Smith, Mis. Henderson, was the only on' of town ijiiesl, uirl Me^lnmes W. J. i;r:vrr. ,1 -.. Clarence Carlisle, ;\!il.c:i I'up-, ti'iv Brynnl, .). W. CarUiv.lil. Jr.. OoJlrey Willie. rcb rl Shipp?!! nnd Miss Eva Mis. I'. W. Ifowfe wns elected p-cs-idPiil of the trade school Pare:i' -T. a:lr i as-'Oc-mllun nl Ihe ri'B- I:!:T me; Crs Wednesday and oilier oTiccr.s wt'iv elected as follows: y.i-i. W. \V. I'r. ftlll, Ilibt vice pres- '.(.'.<'.'.'.; MI'S Hl.ini'hs ClmP. second v.c-: pu'scU-nl; Mrs. Mni^le Uar- bri:-. .'c-rr.ury; Mrs. Cl. 11. Sc- •r". s irc.isuivv; and Mrs. Harry M.'lcr. hisicnan. roiiy-chf! members ami seven ' v.s/.'M.i nlli mini (lie mceling and : hf.-rd a in!k by Miss Wllliu A. M.uui-cn, co'.tnty superintendent of li».!s on the siiUjecl, "Uporls- ;ir.<n.l,ip fcr a Home Practice". •e j?r;/o u\vardi;cl nicullily to £i\Kh' hnviiu; Hie lnrycsl mo- PAOF; THKEE New "Solar KuriKirc:*'' Kxliibited H vfji i iih It of it ir tor o. Hijjhlren [hoiisun;! (ens of wlinlc oil, v;ituctl > at $2^50,000. were hrc:i?ht hai-k from the Antarctic hy tl u - i ; i:ml| (anker Sir James Clark Koss. Here's a st:rn vlciv nf Hie ship, lar^i-il | wli;iling xx-sscl altoaf, ns it lay at anrhor off N'ew Yurk. Through l slipway, clearly srrn lirrr, tlic uhakj arc shunted In (he decks. Ky KEA Sen-Ice 'to make the kills. In the bows | NEW YORK.—There's a lot of <>land • gunners, with guns which-, difference UKwc.?n the ok!-lime fire explosive harpoons, j "Mobv Dick" whaling adventure* When a number of v/hnlcr, !wve I and the swift, efficient means of teen slain, they are tied together slaughtering the giant mammals and towed back to the "rookery." today, but (hero's not a man nf In the stem of the RC.SS te \\ '-'V: 1 the crew of the Sir James Clark square opening, with a . : .iOpii^ Hoss that regrets the change. Their, tunway from below waterline' to vp«i'l r rnc of the Jaifcsl whaling . the deck, up which 0:.? whnlo.s rue shpls in the world, has cotnc to j dragged- New York with the" greatest car-1 O3i deck-the? arc cut up po of whale oil ever taken out of j carried by. conveyers .to a iysiviuj Antarctic wators. • I of boilers. Even the bones RJY? cut Nearly 250 rforwegians, brown-' into liny pitc::i by cU-oLric .snw- eil by months cf icy winds and j and boiled several times. r,o that night sun, have been turned loos?, every drop of oil Li roiracted. In New York with inorc money in thrir pockets than the average seaman is likely to save in a lifetime. For the crews of ivhaling shii>s work en .shares, and after Wrathcr Mild, IIS btlnw 1 All kinds of whales are c;i{)tHrecl —blue, sperm, fin, humpback, and "i;gly"—ranging in le:i;!t!i l:-ej:ii 20 lo 105 feet. One m<iir.i,?r the expanses of the voyage have lat'.er class v:as so heavy (hat th? been paid, each man receives an ; donkey engine hoist allotment according to the work he has cccomiilishcd. One Share, SIO.OM Ho it is that uc-atheibeitcn Ed- v:rird Jor^cnsen. hero of the 25,COO-mile cruist, \vi31 receive almost, S10,CCG- For he shot 253 whales of the total o* 14t4 that wore tnten I on the voynge. and Iris personal total now is 2700. The value of pnllc from its moorings v:heti it tried to land the catch. The iron had p'cnLy or steaks and penguin egos R';3s Si^a, and on Saturday nights tli ere al ways we re several round: jjKfl^-' I m^d .•^ f -WDIiit MJORMftt ^ jv, WATTEAU Will ti UPWARD INTfi6- Wid fie. Hf.u/ U" WO 1i|C- LOO/ of •ii'in'Wf.ct«r ii !-*> -W'DF.vtLOP mTli '? Of -Cv-totif, ii.\3 Ih.r aclcmlance went lo (lie fifth > tirade. Ni'U'ly elected olflcers were In- sliillc-cl by Mrs. M. L. Suiiilitrs ami will assume nirire at the montlil;! In May. which will iiinaii- (!iir.ile a new [IscM year (or Uic crtiiihlzalloii. Mrs. G. U. Sccjrnves was hostess Tuesday afternoon lo the literary ikpailincm of the Osccola Woinens rro^rcMivc club. Mis. C. 13. I'erriu was leader o[ (he !cv:on on recent scleiHtfle. dis- covrrlr;. and iiarls were taken on Hie |:roi;rain by Mrs. I,. S. Mitchell, Mrs. \V. E. Hunt and Mrs. C. M, Harwell. Wallben Prewllt. Jr.. local carrier for the Blythcvlllc Courier New; h;:s bce:i ccnllncd (o his rcom to several clays wlili a slight illness. Miss Silencer Buck has as lie ijursc (his week. Miss Boots Elter of Turrcll. Ark. W. IJ. Johnson, who has spent srvwnl ivci'ks here with lil-i diuish-1 }>ujnrs tills reason. ft. Mrs. W, W. 1'cwllt :in<l lirr I Coiiimiinlty cluli n liunlly. Klnco his TpUirn from Ml- ninl. l-'lu., wlicr» hi; sjiciH llic win- ,cr, is leaving lotliiy for Ills honu 1 week. . Tlic I'olnscttIi-nltM, his Identity was revealed I:/ uc cumins here iho liuiUliiK cnnl. While entcrln \ fwlcrnl conn here foi 1 urralgiiinciitj Hornersville Team Plays Osceola Sunday OSCEOLA, Ark.—The Osceoln In- dlntjs will inert the Hornersvil!i\ Mo., tcnin nl Osceolix Snnclny. Tli-j Imlinns nre expecting some 'tmish| nplHJsltlon Iroin the Missouri boys' wlio Imvc Smelxcr, former New! Vork Cilnnt. plnylng third bnsc: for tliem. I The Tribe 1ms won the three' tnmi's plnyed tills sensnn iind will have llnppy Foreman and Odd SeiUon. the young Muilne, re.idy for Knndny's tattle in an ctfurt lo continue llielr winning streak.' Osccola Ims scored n runs lo their oiHKiicnts' 11 In the. three Iliintluir Card lilnillllcd Vlc-tim SYllACUSii. N. Y. (U! 1 )—A hlllH- Ing c;ird served lo lik-nLIfy James S, SUilkcr. liiiiifiainloti, lo fcjcrn' ngents In life :inrl In d?:ith. When S'.nlker's alleged siwakrasy was Slnlker collapsed and dleJ. Agai.i, federal n^ents l<lentin;i him by the hunting card. Chicago Mill ^ Lumber Corporation the. S5.000 barrels ot oil brought The weather. Captain N;lsen here in the wh?.lcr is sonwthina .^ -, vas remarkably mild, ... riiore than S2.03D.COO. All of it has uiuugli v.: admitted ths U'p.ip^ra- been sold to a soay factory. ; t ure never rose above 38 degrees Tiicre's a LOI of hue and cry l;c',o\v iccro. There \vas only one about the threatened rxtln'clion of 'death, a:ui 1C was net in Hr,? of of Seotch. For the days v/cr.? 24 ! Ilrre is a model of a new "solar furnace," cieslyncd at the California Institute cf Technology, Pasadena, which is believed capable of using th? sur.'s raj's to generate the terrific: temperature of 4500 degrees, centigrade, which will mell tungsten iiiul turn dii\mo]ids into vapor. The 10 lenses and inirrcrs concentrate on n single focal iioint at ie bas;- of the instrument, which Bnicj Rule, a student, is exhibiting. ^rs lc:ig down there, and every | man, sure of rich reward?, worker! on IG-hour s -. duty. Tlic tcu'y wits brought ; the KRV back to America, for Ihc whale, bul Cajitain O.^car Nilsen, master of the Ro?s, will tell you. that he .saw more in Anarclic burial at sea, In the whalins waters this trip ihnii in many a grounds, always means ha:l luck. previous year. Also that he could: ' have taken many more whales this! A1.1HNO ROBIN HACK HOME year if he had rcom to store the LANCASTER, O. (UP)-The Al- oil - • • bino robin, which has ncsl?:l fa; Biff Business Now a number nf years in the Yard o The big two-masted, vrsml, a Dr. C. II. Hamiltcn, is tack agin finaliiv.; factory that is ns me- this year. The bird, which has b?er: chanically efficient as a stockyard photographed several times, did 113: packing planl, carries ten "chas- -.m in an appearance ia^t y;ar b:r ers," or smaller craft, which are 1ms been n regular visitor in present out among the floes and bergs rx.,i!n;, years. "Hello. Amt •rica!" New Style In Stowaway You Are Invited to Attend a Sol parliriCitly cb luxe quarters-ycl Louis Chianrsc, 20-year-oh French lad. wanted to go places and didn't have (he fare. Here yoi see him demonstrating, aboard the liner Lafayette, how he tried to cress the Atlanta disguised as a shipment 'Of hats. Two days of 1ml taiing a mummy proved slicrhUy cramplnj to his style and Ins body a. well: also the meals of milk chocolate an:l le;i:d water grew wcari jcmj. The youth had r,ro:i;h'. a gun end a co'.iplc of blank cartriclje; to attract attention in cafe he found htmsrlf siifTocaling. Tills strang' S. O. S. brought aid and the stowaway made the res! of the trip ii New Ycrk linger more comfortable circumstances. However, he wa turned right around and sen', back. Royal visitors from !he other sine of the world. King Praja.lhipck and Quern riambai Barni of Siam are pictured above as Ihry arrived at Scarborough. N. V.. al the end of a six weeks (rip from baiukok. In Hie castle-like home ot Mrs. Whitelaw Reid, tendered to the re^al pair ns their residence throughout their visit, the king will undergo an r.i.crntlon lo remove a cataract which is threatening the sight of his let tcyo. Absolute niters of I1.5CO.OOO subjects, (heir only oflicial engagement in this country will b: a visll to Prcsidint Hoover at the While Hoiiso en Aptil 28. to Be Held at 2:30 p. m. on the Afternoons of UPERIOR COAL CO. Cherry & Railroad Phone 123! This School to Be Held In the GATELY STORE BUILDING Directly Across the Street From Our Office » Come Out and Enjoy the Afternoon With Us ARKANSAS -MISSOURI POWER CO, "At Your Service"

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