Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on January 30, 1942 · Page 2
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 2

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Friday, January 30, 1942
Page 2
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DAILY NF,WS, FRIDAY, JANUARY30/1942 Pag* Tfcrer JK£ OF SPARE TIRE URGED BY J. J. NEWMAN '^ ,..' '^i'l-ii lu'i'c loday us thn Ci^.ri.-n's curs In opoi'u'" " k ",!v i '.I. Nowmim, vloo-prosl- ^"'nf'tii'.-' n. I 1 ', noudrlrh ooiuimny, |tl ',", J ,, 11 -..;iMin will luivu lo IMI h "'' „,;,i -nilMl, 111 >"' lol.l SlWUl'Hl fOVi'll" 11 ' . i...... ,.l *<.'»•! L'l'i" - .'.-llinnl.Ml that Iho (H.Uh- .v.'ujvr., aru sulTlMlnnl to , (1< i ni Us nulumnblk'S In inn r-r lu-iM-^ary Morvlco for vr,r;, hnlMo lw« yrui'H, ,^ M-I-.-M. riibbiM- Is rolUuitod •lug a muoh We will bo rubbot' 'I'^v'i,,!!^ nmki- tin- ('otiHpryutlon • ", » 1M .|." in- said. "That Is our ''" ,, r ...ivallnu until addillonal ., 'tu'idlcs ran b() ohlulmul i;;;;;',vnth.'!i.- .-.,1,1.0.-, n-n,,, n.n \*w |x r!'«'iM I'.uayuli-, arid from Latin ,1,,'j, iMinHlmr-U, HIM unoiirtMl ,(,,!,. inn | in rHiTiulliiK Mi'uM, \ylll I'Jvbnini'y t" rt'livad ll'ilMMX) pan* w r IMC lirrs uiiil almost u mll- •l,n ^Mni.'itr IM Imsi'd, hn said, nn !',,nl ..r iTiul.' rtihhcr and tho l fl ,|.o''li"Ms df crude and mjlnlmud |i,h|.,-:- th;in rail In.' UMOil III limklllK I,,,,,! year, Nrwinan added, about ,ji'ii'iiti' Mi 1 '"* wi'i'n ivIrtMtdcd an'd ['.', .'^imali-il 'bat hi'tWOiMi (^,,000,;„„! -jn.iHHMKMi CUM |M> rnlrcuded, I,,, ', ii)i) .Mlinpf* now In opurallon |, ihis r'minlry In ll»'r<i If ramolback I'm- I'di'i'tuliiiK arc. avall- iilmiil ','8r»,()00 tons of re- l-liiiiird nil'b'-r was proflucod, ho Ll,',!, and rMllmated Hint |)i-»snnl. Irlihn |il:wU K run ',M IIOIU-M a. Ihv ,^'Vcn days n wei-k, could |>ro- '' iDi.trn (HUM lit li'V, J . t( it IH al- ^imnI'M 11 he c.fMitliiued, "that FBI MID TO ARMY AND NAVY U, Hy KIW 1>, SlKfT MULLfiN ..f»iii.-\vh»-n' between AStJ.lKM) and IJM nf rui'.lalm prr year, Jll l!'i,'f. u* II wiMild Inkn almost fv/i/t'/i \viuiM not In- r.oinliiK In un- |fi;U Inn.* l» enlarge pri-si-nt I'ucll- lui? noiiHi'rval Inn cITorls, ulso siiKK"slrd a progi'am il ID obtain as mii«h as W it IIKUM? inllontt* 1 t'mm aulo- tlrf's by use dl 1 /In 1 sparo, „ ,-ar has biM'ii traded hi [m^'w one wIMi Hm sp«rn-nnv«M' Lli\" III 1 MJllll, Hl'Klfltf MI'Hoi'lsIS tO |ili(l'the «-.\lni lire on tin- svhe'-ls and thus <!iil down nn llm |«rfj|| lillli'lllC*! lllUcil f>Ut Of till! HP'S. "After all," 'ho added, "Ihat iinw Washington, ,Jan. ,'10— (U P) ~ Usually syoll Informed sourooa said today that tlin Federal Huroau ot Investigation 1 warned l.hc army and navy on Poo. f> Lluil. Honolulu .'hip- HHOSO wurn LolophonlnK significantly ilolulloil Inrori'nadon regarding Unit- 'iil I'luol dispositions to Tokyo, Tho Kill Inloi'uonUui a single radio telephone uonvoi'Hiillon on that day, It \VU9 said, and Interpreted II, us Indicating l-ho possibility of u ,lup- anoso allaolc on United Stales territory. Tho Pnari Harbor hoard 'a ro- port inaclo public Jnn. 25 made no montion of thin wire Lapping hut HuoiiKul l,o .suggest that 'there had, houn no Interception of Japanese 'JJlOHHUgCS, Tho Htory ourront bore today la Unit the army nor navy was 1m- w»\Hsntl by tho K1H warning which SVHH Hald In havo suggested that Piwrl l'iurl)o'r might figure lii .'Inp- annsn plans, Army, and navy press relations' told thn United Press they know nothing about 'the .reported worn! nil. Nor would the I* 1 131 common!,, The warning was baaccl (M| was l,old, rpnn a tdlophonu convet'sallon Japanoso In Honolulu and Tokyo l.)ol. fj -to which KUI agonls svui-o able to llston. They achieved the toiophono tap JOSH limn 48 hours before the Pao.fllu Jancl, sea and all- base; In Hawaii was surprlsod and scsvcrcly duumged by Japanese ulnnon. Though most or tho conversation holwiwn (hu unnanuMl .lapanoso and won't do you nny good u yoar now, If you haven't llirou good tires lo go with it, 11 niuiragiMnonl Lo motrlsls view- din ImiiN.'dlaUs rtitiirn duu« not from II 10 govcu'tiiiKnvt's /iDO.OlM) tojt-a-ycar .synthetic rubbur ou'pa- rity program niuontly annoinuMJil, Newman said, becausii substantial nu I pul. wll not bo available. for many mondiM, and also be.enuso mounllng mllllary iKJods for rubber hiay Lako this nntlro .scheduled oul- I nil. ol' llie'si! planls. "SVo may seo furthnr Inoroases 'n HIM planned rnpacity, 11 Ni'wrnan st'id, referring lo tills factor in I ho the Unlt- 20-inlnuLo between Hartford, Conn., ,Ian. 80—T!.i'o tUni nd 'Sj.ul.08 13 nip I by men C 'Service^ al l-early taking stops; to -.moot .thel'^itua tlon in tho labor market afLor^A'pri J, whdn :draft 'authorities wHI no ioiigcr. dxlnnd'pxoniptlon • to wai workers oxciopt in. tho : hlghly skillet ouLcgoj'lcJj, Leonard .j; •Marbnoy, ; di r •rector of the U. B., ISinp'lqy.rnenl Service said, today, ' 'Manufacturers aro bolng'aakefl :to •nialce -an immediate survey of Lholr •poi'sonnc'l and oKllnmte the, 'n'umbdr -.of replacements 'whichwijl bo -made' necessary by 'tlic induction ""ol'/AVOi'kers -into tlio ai'inod service. ;•; • . • . According to an'-'undcrstanding ar- rlvod at hm-wccn Major H.-,T;-.S6hwa- liuclier, Occupational 'Director of tlio Selective : 'SorVlcc System- .for >Gon- nLMitlcui. and 'tlio Manufacturers 1 Aa- soclat'ldn of 'Bridgeport, there -.will hri a rigorous- limitation c/frdefer- ments In tlio'future with many'cnv ployees now ' oh ' del'crmcMit being (nciii(5tcd. Only highly skilled -workmen such-US tool makers, cliomakers, tool sutlers and other noh-re.plncc- ablo work-mon on Jobs requiring at I'rom nthcr Knn ing throe-point iirogram : I. Hal loiiing of Hjii.shrMi products so. that necessary operations on.lho. IMUIIC front wll no I. bo Inturriiptod. • ,Ji, Moro (JcoomJoal UHO . of crudu riihbnr In nianul'acl.urf/ig, which rewriting spuclllcations 'i- pusslblo, to use/ rue, la i mud rubber, and every other allernatlve. :\. Prnlnnglng (he, useful llt'o ol Llren, helKs, hose and e.vory ollior rubber product now in use. his superior in Tokyo' was ^casual and fi'iondly" at' llrsi, ; he.arlhg, tho strength and .tllspositlori of -the U..S, fleet in tho Pacific was<'specifically monlloncd by tho caller at the Oalui end of the connection, /.,,, Thu "casual" -coiVvcrsa'tion. dealt with tlio weather and the 'flowers; blooming In -.the Islaitcls and from this was drawn the conclusion that the location of Individual ships and air squadrons'wore being 'transmit-, led In 'a pro-arranged code. . t ; Tho telephone conversation was one of very i'ow which Intelligence- opcrativcsssucccadcd in tapping, op-; oralionul tochnicalltios involved, in : radio transmission of telephone; culls'between Onlju and Japan hav-; Ing blocked efforts to intercept such calls, Japanese spies, it was said, per- slstontly ' used radio Lulcphonc and radio telegraph, knowing, tlio difficulties that 'barred tapping, and that •originals -of messages sent by radio telegraph wore not open Id inspection by tho FBJ because of the;,law 'forbidding tho opening of-tho 'illos •of bdmmo'rrfial- 'com'muiii.calions companies. • "'..". .'... Tho Roborts veport told how in tho days Immediately preceding the i utack, 'the use .of such J'acijiUcs- by lljo Jupanoso consul general ; .for U'iuismlsslo'n ,of ' mejssngos In his own name and the names of others was greatly increased. The ability of to tap the null botwcen the telephone Instrument and the radio transmission 'apparatus was believed to havo been duo to "a laxity on tlio'part of ,.tho Japanese in -the final hours in 'preparations for the attack. They usually availed themselves of instruments thai'could not. bo tnppotlvbe- tmuse of their location on proporty not 'open to tlic KB'l. Torpedoed Ship's, Deatti Plunge TWIN OR FULL sizes ^ reg ; FAMOUS "SENATOR" MADE by "KARPEN" BOX —— mi lllmmu „, Nofo Those DELUXE FEATURES.• • Imported Belgian iVaimuku Tickings * fi Vontiliitors colls 1 I'ro- ' 1 borders Tufted Cloth Klrup iuin:llo,-; fcich packed In canon »r colors: i-MiUi um j ,, rc , iri Advertised fronvCpast tb Coast! CHOICE—INNERSPRING MATTRESS or BOX SPR1N&; Ouantjties! ;- / - •• )raer Phone On The AST Toda 6:00 p. in.' WBRY-WAI3C— 13d win G. Hill •W^—News i* - -Musioalc y/ISAiiV-Striclly from Dixie -WOU— Uncle 0on . WATR-WTI d-AViDC— News This exclusive photo, made -almost withiii' sight ;.pif the -New Jersey" coastline, shows the Norwegian .tanker Vdrdnffer sliding, beneath ilthe'v waves following a torpedo attack by. an enemy supmarine.. Ca'ptain Oa'rl Home (center,-wearing ;feclora) and members of the c'r.ew of the tor-^ podoed tnnke.r give the, V-fpr-Victory,- 1 sigh .on their."arrival at Penh Station, New' York'Gifc'y. The entire crew was saved, The only casualty was the'ship's dog. . • • si Hi POO yoars 1 training will "c.pri- inuc i.o receive del'ot'mojU, .'-'•;'.;•• Mi 1 . Mu-lonoy. stnlpU -Uial, 1 roplacq- ncnlH- in. Industries'.would :; have i: IP ome i'l'bm Miosc bclo^Y rtwft a ^ c ' hat- is, J'rotii JG l.o'19-j.mon over drtii'l, g«; the pbysically liandicinppcd and voirion and,. In Uils connootlon, Mr. faloncy said, "In nry. opinion Lhc- ! rcatQs'(. slnjflo reservoir ol' woi'lcci-K o which Lhc nmnufacUirfirs may look-for replacements Is tho .women of Lliu stale. In again .urging, imimi- frtol-iji-ci's .to give., tlrnught. to the. prosnnl, '(.raining ol' these womtni 1'or; war work let; me emphasize 1 filial, in', my opinion, to date, womo.n liavQ^riot. boon used as '.. extensively", nor. in; tlio kl'ricl-or work.'which will holp' l,o allcvlalo the cohclitio.n : hou.nrj : .f,0; exist afl-oj' Api'il .J. MariuJ'acturcrs' liavc stated they have no objection to- tho use'pf'women, and it is ,true they .are being employed on inspection .i'db's but .only, in rare ox- coiHions, on-prodLictPon. Tire Important thing now Is that they, bcgfn Lo Uilnki-of. women .in • .terms ..ol 1 "production" 11 work, as (lirect, '.replacements .Tor the men "'wfcjp'' .are going to-be inducted." . . • . '•'Mr; Maroncy stated that one of the pi'incipal difllcultres now in/securing women. for 'Lralnlng courses was that there was no .remuneration prtid.dur- ing the six' weeks' trainlh'g; period' and that frequently no;greater piiy was. received on these .jobs.thdn .on 'inspection job's whi'oli were .'earned 'a t th c m a n u fa o tu re r \s ' exp en'se. "Tho puts tan ding-fact of l,hn. wliole labor supply problem " Mr. Miilonoy said, l 'is;ihat-wc have got, to' be thinking 'now- in ".terms, of.several &:15\ p. in. .WJ3RY— Ma of, Dimes WT1G— Prof. Andre, Schenkcr yiCG-Ny ,12— Sports AVABC— Hodda Hopper's Hollywood WATR— March ol\ Dimes . <j:ao v i>. m. \VBRY-iSews by 13 i- Christy Erk WOR-WJZ— News ••;• WEAK— Dcsi Hainan WJX-WTIC— Musical Appetizer WABG— Frank Parker \WATR— Pleasure and Profit '• ..•••'"• 6:45 )). m. WBRYr-WABC— World of Today .WEAF- Three Sons Trio VVOR— Hero's Morgan W.12-WTIC— Lowell Thomas WICC— News . WATR— Hits '"rind Bits ; 7:00' p. in. \yBRY— Shall' AyV Wnltz? \VBAF-\VT1C— Fred Waring Time- WOR— Spoi't;s WABG—A m os'- 'n' An d y . WATlV-Fult'on; Lewis'; Jr. 7,: 15 'n.' m. W'01.1—Goiinde'nDi'dlTy Yours ,. .' •B'acllO'Magi.o WA13C—Uanny Ross' . ' SVIGG—Down' the''.Years- WATR—Hub'er'J, K>cgGlch : / ' . 7::^"p: in, W'BRY-WABG—i-tpw Am i Doing . WE/YF-WTICl—Grand Central Sta'Uon SflZ—-CIT'arlio 'Spivale's Orch, \VA.TR"\N 7 OiVV/ICC—Lone Hanger 7:45 p. in. W/iJAP—Rh.yLi.uri 'Clu'b and 'Riiyme WICC—Popular .Music WBHY--WABG—Kh'tc' Snil'th Hour t WJDAK^yTJC—Cohceri. Hom-.' W.I Z-W']'CC™M6 j-lD cr',1; .Marsh ivl'V —Gal.' Tlnney : ' 8:15 pV niu WOR—The Wiir'-Al'Soa WATR—League- of Women Voters 8:Wp.'in. „ W13AF-WTIC—In formation Please Won—Y oil r Songs W.1X-W1CC—Thi v o,c"Ring Timo . WATR—R u sscl 1 13 on ri ell's • ; N o tcb'o ok i):0l) p, in. 3—Playhouse 'H caller • wisAF-WTtC—Wixl I,// T) nie . W,lZ-W1 CC—Ga'rigbustcrs . WATR—News; -Dancing Discs 0:15'p. in. months from' nqW. AVe know t,hnl' .many men'now engaged ,in produc-, lion work are going to-be indiiot- •ccl; they will have to be r.cplaced by women, 1 cannot state. toO; strongly that Ihc-'wisc •manufacture)- isilho one whVi's making'his preparations now for the replacement of women-on .the production line 1 ." I Entire Stock df Shoes to be Gleaned Out Regardless of Cost. (Open Saturday Evening Till 9:00 o'GK ' Ladies' Dress (Bala'nc'e of stock) Fcftmerly $3:98 BEDROOM SLIPPERS : Formerly $1,29 to $2,29 'Girls' 'Sport Oxfords Formerly $2,49 t;6 $3:00 Girls -Oxfonis • 'FdrmeH M'KN'S $Z.S8-$3.SS \\v, sl.iJJ. 1 'liavc -55 "pairs 1 at Oil i ei* '(11 sconii n n inl • "siylte • ' ' Children' .OO Odcts and Childreit's '4 ; $2,219' .50 Now $5.95 FihaF NEARY BBIEDIN<1 WI3RY— To be p. Wl5]HY-WABG—Bobby'' Tucker WIOAP— SU Tho man In the mask is seaman Harold Lindquist, tog'ged out in his special, cold weather 'garb, including- face protector. He is shown on thc : top]"deck of the "Eagle 57," flagship ; of the inshore patrol that keeps an alert on activities around Puget Sound. .'• . {Central Press) iVOR—The .Answer Man. WATR—Alvino Roy's Orch. !):!«) p. m. W13RY—Allen- Hoth's Orch, SVOR—America Preferred \VJ3AP-WT1C—Uncle Wuitor's Dog House i WJ2-W1CC—Michael Piper WABG—First JVightor WATR—Treasure Hour of Song 10:00 i>. in. ,V;3'R.y—Lost \\'e Fovgol, VV.JZ-WICG—Pui-ty Lino Wi.OAP-NVTIC—Wings of Destiny SVARG—Ransom Sherman vVATRAVOR—Lcsnevlch-Pastor Boxing Koiili -JO:J5 p. m. WT1C— March of Dimes : 10:45 p. irt. WBRBY-WABG— News • WOR— Spotlight Bands ^N'JZ—Ted Slcclo's Orch. 11:00 p. m. WBRV-WABG-\VOri-W13 A F-AVTIG— W,IZ— News; Time; Weal her "• WATR— Spotlight. Bands li:15 p. m. WBRY-WABC— President Roosevelt's Bh'Uidfiy- Program WRAP— Music You Want WOR— President's BJrlhday Cclebra- lion WICG-WATH— News 11:3(1 p.-iM. WBRY-WABG— Alvino Rcy's Orch. WBA1MVT1G— Unlimited Morlxons WJX-NVICG— Lucky Millonder's Orch. WATR— Stars -Over Manhatta'it 11:45 p, irt. WATR— Tropi'cal Serenade 12:00 Mldnlflht WBHY-WATR—SIgn Olt W12AIMVT1G— News; Southern Rivers , • WABG— News; Tommy Tucker's. Orch. W,12— fcfnrch of l^imcs WICC— Banco Music .-,.. i : HARItOR ! ii Thomas Bros* u II' 1GB MAPLE fiT. IMionc K1W II 11 Auto Body afid " 11 Fender Work " H - Auto Painting - ill || 24 Hour || I Wrecker Sefvice j.. STRATTON'S RESfAURANT 18 1»AUK PLACE STEAKS— SEAFOOD COCKTAIL BAR ^5=53==0=5»5=3P3«5ri^^ FOR 1942 LEDaEfeS — JOURNALS Income Systems FILE CARDS — FILES LOOSE LEAF BOOKS — INKS CASH BOXES — BOND BOXES DIARIES '— RECORD BOOKS Instruction Books On "HOW-TO MAKE OUT YOUR INCOME TAX M Only 25c ' — GET YOUR COPY NOW ! ~~ "Your Stationer" The Card and Gift Shop of Naugutuck/ fei»J=S=«^fc^HW5:^^ f? —0—0—0—0—0—0- Murphy's Paints and Enamels for exterior and interior purposes o—o—o—o—o—o- GANS, Inc. MAPLE STREET TEL. 3507 Natigaiuck-Made Serves You Bette U. S. Rubber Company Naugatuck Footgear Division j?=^«j=:»=5«5:^=^^^ DANCE To the Music of JOHNNY BURKES ORCHESTRA FRIDAY NIGHT and SUNDAY, 6 P.M. to 10 F.M.

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