Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on January 30, 1942 · Page 1
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 1

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Friday, January 30, 1942
Page 1
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Two NAUGATUCK DAILY NEWS, FRIDAY; JANUARYS 30, 1942 •VT. ' ''r-l'V.'' .'>"<•< <<->H ll-'ly.-''! '• "T 1%'^C -iVVU y.-/-.' r >«. t.VH ' t'.'-A 1 •>•! _l.-'.-ni.V/i>. >-V—""• '. v "»-.-•. t ' ' ,f:* CHESHIRE FARM WINS NATIONAL RECOGNITION Social and .Personal V.I .'Juc, KH|, 11, F,, union. Till* ^vlll('l^ , N, hull, Ghai hrt id 1>,V Conn, A, M, Gotten lifin JiiMt won If., Jan. HO-A NuliiH'K Kai'iu, and owmul h.V ol' llnpklul'.in, bull, IIHVO ln«rn- M|I'O. bl/cli having llvo luw.lo orcdllidilu olll- ol.'il rniJoi'dM, IIHH boon rnlrrcil In lf«' Advani'i!(l hotflHt.or of Inc Amorl- can (Inoi'iiMpy (Inlf.ln «lub, (Jlnirlcr- (ink llornol V'fl will hf known al'tor an an Advunnnd IkiKlslo Only nuui-MHoyM wlilcb mcH, h'MUH'nlM am I'or on try. 'Pin? l)v<> have ol'frlal f.wlM fti'o iH'llu ol' Mnplo Kami* M7UI7, Ulnn I), nt' i/)i\vn KiM'iil Wit .MM, 'Vali-rlo at Ma pin fvfisvri l (1 annM ,'l.VJ ,()'!(), fJInmla ol' Maplo Lawn I-'/ICIIIM <'lf>7,HiV7, ,1111! of Maplo Lawn Kami Jl.'i I ,!>.'!(), AVERAGE CHECK FOR UNEMPLOYED $11.21 PER WEEK MivAi/rv SAM-; William and l.uc.lllo- M, Thompson of Pond hill liavu purdif.iHod a btilldlnK tot r »> M'uplo Jl.lll road from Kmlly Tin-Ion uucl William Hi'ouk.M llopkln.s, RooordliiK l-o a dr/id lilod In Iho ofl'fao of Town Clock Raymond ,1. SI.. John, MOHM HONDfl l»Um!IIASISl> I'Yitti' morn (lopni'lntonls ol' Ihn (I, S, lUibbiij' noiiipariy, Inohldhig Iho Mlallonary and ..M'I.OPOH, lonnls maklnM' and (Ui'lnK* i-minTs pjickltiH 1 and ndll . rooji\ 210, ,lmvu roii'oi'ltid it K«) per n»nl 'iMirolVini'iil. hi l-hu ol 1 LioHiUHn HavlngH bonds. Heads Irish AEF INTKiNTIOIVS 'InlnntioiiH huvn flloil at (hn offlco of Town GlorU Ma,viw»wl .f, St. John by Irono Taylor uf :1(MJ Spi'lnK Ntroot and 'Slw- mimd XoraiiMltl of <Wfi North Main col. and by Margaret hllkn ol' IKS MHhournn court and Arthur iHuu-Hn of NVatrrhury, paid I'm 1 OIK in <!o(UKinl.| $I1,V1 dili'liiK liar I, I'D I'd, Gnnn. of Ihd nVf'niKo cJUM'k WCCK Of I'llll'loyilHMlf (Mil. I'cac.lidd a blxb of hncnmhnr, Slal.c habor f!oi'mtllUM J, hanahcr amiounc'-d to flay, UM m»in|wr<'d to an avcniK" pay nidfif, of W),!'< r l for a Mlmllai 1 period In Tim InorcaMn In |.|m amount of UK dhi'ck, II. wa?i nald, i>» dm* lo }>cnvl- MloiiM Of tho law pasMod al l.lm lanl ftibly \vhlr|» In(if jiaym/'iiN lo •MUjdoyjid, SUII In ftii! fivt'PMKO x[XTfed, II wan with lawi' an- Tlin bulk ill 1 uni<m|ilo,vin(."i|. and oon- bo paymonf. may \K\ e nald, when workers nii/«l eariilnM'.'i apply mofil, (lonipefiMal.lon, UIOMO now I'dooivltiK aro ^ Mrs Mrs. deloKallon from Itainona J). f)f P., (JOiirtlHlliiK of i flahvlek, Mrs. Loiil'H'o llarbara Tul.hlll and Mrs, lie Lawton Allnnded tho funora sorvleeH In Walorhitry y'eslenliiy ol Mrs. Thomas I- 1 , Ifayos, a fornioi member of I lie soejoty. Adklns and L have ben/i Harry Por- IN .VIKHI DKN Mr. and Mrs. Kriiosl. son, Malph, of IIIIIT slrce quests of Mi\ ami Mrs. lor of Morldon, wcirkei'M, wll.b Homo workers who have been l;dd olT bodaiiMo o|' priori! IOM, The hUher \v«K"« paid In war liulimlrlcii and \vhlnh arft now bobiK crodlled In fhofln wnrkni'M 1 acc.oiidls will ulll- maiely bo rellec.bul In average pay- rnenl.'i elose to Iho maxi'mum of »a(MM) when I bo present Industrial willvlly HiibMld(!M, IIOSPJTAI, PATIMNT KoidU'lh Ghurrlilll nf (IriMuiworul Mtri'cf, Union (Illy, who underwent an oimralluit at St. Mary'H hospital, NValnrhiiry, on M'ohday, In roporUul as rrsliiiK oomforfdldy. J-'IHKT All) CLASS Mi'.'t, fi'M'triidfi MadlKun, instructor Id adult education, umioYm'cod loin y that a Hod Gross ilr.qf aid class svill start Wednesday, l''oh'ruary •'(, at 7;I5 p, m. lit (ho high school. want Anlbony Karrat 1 will instruct the Kroup, I'llPI'li SVlll ho Olgllt HIJHHlOllH Of • elans, which will moel. each Wednesday evening All Interested In JolnlriK arn requested to rugis- lor 1 at tho first mcf'tliiK. Brig, Gen, Russell P. Hartle Tho War Department announced that .United States , troops hnvo Jandccl irt Nortli'orn Ireland under tho command of Brig, Gon, Russell P, Harfclc, It did not mnko public tho designation o:f the units, cotn- positioiV or strength,' '(Central presi) ni i f*v AfiTT'C* 1 A n r BLACKOUTS ME Father and Son in AEF MEASURES Boston, Jan. ,,30—In order to yen I, ..misunderstandings regarding blftokbiils-nncl air raid warnings and tlie rolhti'on JVo'fAveen them,'.Prot'ec- Llon Division of tho U, S. : qmce of Clvili'nn Defense released : ; >cstoi'c1ayi ; through tlio Regional Vli.ij'ormaii.On; OITlcc, O.BMi 17/ClouVl,-.sti'e^t/'.tlie'jl'bl:, lowing doilnlLlbiis: ; ^ •' ; ,.\:S ; -: : H ^; ; •"A b lookout;, Is ,a darken I ng of MghLs-.wh icli' hosi'l'lo alrbrafl in I'dcnting targets. Under a'.'ex- poetod that,all ^normal aatiylties \vlll o'onlJn.iie ;,bx'6cpt, 1,1 ro's6..'.\yhrcli- ; .'iiVoan ilgh ts. A, blackout; does not noaoHsarlly mbnh Llihl/ there areve'n4 orny alrorafl, -In; the vioi'rilty.; Blacic- outs' urn precaiiLiohiiry mea'sure9'.' ; //; : 'On Uro" other hand, tui'^^lr, : raj / d i warning moans •there are. hosl.lle^O.n Un I don I, I fled ' ii'!Un"cs ; ; close ; h.v/^;i-t moans tjial. '•nor'mfil.'.'^fj'iivili'os, rtuisl,- jo modlflu'd tb gel, people' imdor, skel-.; [.oi 1 and -proparaLrons made' :foit v " 1 ,;(;as-' ua I Lies' a'lVd OtiVnr ;di1inVa'g\ys.', ! 'iVs lion toi'in hn'tl will rotjclyo her cap tonight. I lei' niothbr And slsLor,. lloii'ji, will altond tho uxorclscs k and I lion Uiavt! for Now .loi'Huy, where they will visit rlatlvo.s ovor tbo weok-ond. shoiild ' .thai, /iaic'e '• 'place,''..^'jtii)Vi!'.^a 'ow' mjnutcs, ; : 'A'i'r,.rd''' :i ''-•-—--- v - : -'~ 1 -••-""- 7r6"t[VflLJv'e'."' ..A : jF .d'l'i at nlgh'l, ,jnolud'6' ursa; . Tho'y' ]iko\yis'e iloH' of the'.:-v'ari'6iJS, •|.ho"vplt'lxe'ns- : -D'ci ./ •' *-^** i * i ' ' .'III. Ji( ». M M-i ^',^1 v J.A.I ;i n i j_£sri .." IA ^;w also hl'jibko'u \&{ -hiil, : (i|,/dges ; noi'i6J\Q\y'; that all blackouts:'ims^ 'filsb.:a'i; ; '.,rai'cj wa\MiIngs. n '•;.. •'.-;•••..-.; l-'. :: :•.'""'' '•• ; •!• '..V^'V 1 ' ""•. ..;,' MorWeftr Tor ,A ; r . s> ,>vOr give y.rntarie; years -of; ; wear ''.'it ' J'tV is ; s)iiite<i ; >round; eyery .;. hs s'6 ;t6at ; . all sections oi; have- a 'turn at thie more traveled ports of the room. Bound-Vplume ;, yx The Nef ; i Y6i»lc TiWies of Loiiabrt'are the papers in '^ilie ^\VoHd that bbund-voluhVe iiici'exes. U'RE TILLING -By. \yiIiLrA_M'RITX- Central Press Writer • . BY NO -longer using: . tin for dog food containers, it is estimated the United States can" save mp'rV tHah,*606,000,000 cans annually. It /looks like tough ;, time's i ahea'd^foivFido if he can't V'i'e'm'ember , wherfe " he hid that j-borie last sumriYer. ? •,..: :. : i :•: - ,»-J. , ' Add Persons Who Can't Finish What They Start — a winter sports enthusiast . trying his hand — or feet — at skiing. i I I This .is a true democracy. Even the lowliest jalbppy sports the. same ' .It'incI of use stamp as the swankiest 16-cylimler limousine. t ; t " ' man at. the next, desk says tliose ^in'dfegs " Vve read •th&tf about on along the be confused ricty. the lookout f or s east coast should with the office Says Grand pappy r c ,, Those pests ..that bother nickers will have a ne\v i next summer — they'll bo t, • •' • y;' •• • • - ' • * ^ A t, as fapants. f f t Hca,tl huHters . are stalking- Japanese troops, only natural, seeing j,o\v Japs have stuck their necks Owing to. scarcity of the nobby Panama and the sli .Scnne't .sailor may Oisapj, from IVat counters. moans ; Beau: Brummcll, OVe last straw)" ' Remnants of Cretonnes is TO UMCKIVM NUnSK'S* CAP Ml.MM •Jafu* NVyatt, daughtf.;! 1 of Mr. and Mrs. Mdgar \\, Wyatt of Walnut Hired, who untcrnd tho PruHbytor- liui bosiillal Hohool of nursliiK at Ihi! Modieal citsiiloi 1 , Now York In September, ban comjilott'il fun 1 proba- Tim Autlvllics committee of tho uiKatuok Touchers''league Is now making dual arraiigom'dnts for Uio UAH! parly to hu hold hi the high sohool audlkii'liim b'ii Friday ovo- nlng, Kohrmiry Oth. IL Is being Hpoiisoi'fjd by tho lead bars of the; borough as a boiiellt for the- Rot Tiros War Wmorgunoy Fund. Al kinds of gamos will bA In progros ilurlng the evening, followed by re f rush men Is, Tho public Is -Invited..4 . » That <nld pluco of fui'iUtui'o ml{/li find a liuyor If you tho Class! fled modi urn. . . , •• . RndiopJioto .-.,.-••;;• '••:'-'• "AT'•'••• .. •''."•-\' •• . • . • : ,•••••. (;"J.35i9t : came;over. to kee^ an eye On the boy,"'was.the way Sergt. David s.Mjpskim'en ;; .;(l^ presence in, Northern'.Ireland'-'with tlie A.E£v,.His,son, Frank, shown.with'jiesldmch,- is in 'the saiyie outfit a ; nd .-•-•••; ;-iv;-- a-sergeant, 1 too.;;.They'reV'from Waterloo..Tow^ - " - . m Conservatism in taking on 'hoay debts, .especially .for'' invcstmenl which may 'take several, years' t pay 'for t/hems'clvps, , is 'advised i'o farmers who are incorns'ing . Miel pi'OducUon .and expand I n-g > Ib'iil farm plans, according-to Frank, M Keai-ns, scoretary 'of the-Hartfdi'i Production Gi'o.dll. - associaUbri, This topjo will i-eccive majo consideration al , the association', eighth annual meeting schedule;. I'or Tuesday, Feb. 3; at tlie Hote Gardo, Hartford. Notices of thr ihcjo'tlng liave been' issued to : .OG6 m oi nbcrs of- , tlie association thi'OugboLit |,lio slain of ConnocU- Most of the incroase in milk and oggs reriuestec'l'h.y the fo'derai sbv- ornme'nl can. 13B producod b.V b' fnofllng iii'i'cl' 'iiVariagmenl o'f prosont dairy cows and poultry, flocks. Secretary \yickarrl of. the U, S-, Department of';Agr'lculturo has anho'iincc'l thai, It is 1101..expected that farmers' will, build )ki\v stdbTes or now Jir;n- houses io'help carry out the program. In fact, Koarns says, expansion is not encouraged at,the pros-, ;nl, time. ' . v •..'•'•••';' Diiring the'last bal'f of - } l'94J'>the fartford . .association • advan'ced, so'mo $1,250,000 iii short-lei'm.crGclJt: .0 .Its memher's,..a> large .-'poVtion of lie funds being iis'(id, to j nllk a'nd 'dggs,', Japanese Are Nearer (Continued from .Page One) the- 'Salwecn river; on 1 , which IVloul incin is 'located. The action sci'ib'cd /however as puLroJ skirmish• inKgaiKr.Amorican-Britisiv.Jiei'ial defenders, of, Rangoon and tlie Burma Road" were' sill I. oul-IlghUng the enemy,-, reporting :12 more. Japanese craft shot down on Thursday, In Africa, the axis'. : i'orces undor Col. Goh. i'J2dwm . Rprnmjcl — whoso r-ank -was' raised 1 toy Hitler yosterday •—held . the important Libyan coastal' base of '-Benghazi and h'aci pushed J6 miles 'eastward aiong Uie coastal. roaci. There was no dellnite indication wlVcLlVo'r 1 the British could slop b i s co LT n tor-'b'ITonsi ve ' n cross . th e desert, altiioiigtr they said '.thai, enemy units In" tlvc • iCisus secl,or had been forced back, . Oh th'e . eastern front, the Red arm y ' ga 1 iis . i n ;' j,l i c , U k ra i n e - car r led ;h'em to witilin 70 rriU'cs 'of. the Dnie- per river following capture of Loz- oS'aya, an irn'prtaht rail junotibn south of Kharkov. Moscow des- patches said, there 'was hope thai, ; whole. ' Cl'drman " dririy of 'the southern Ukraine could be cut off. : Try a Gla'ssiYletl 'ends. . Ad Lo dispose of ' .Bible. Doesn't Sayjt One very of ten. hears someone- declaring that the, Bible s'a^s '"'ibl'eanli« ness Is next .to Godliness"; ..tut the Bible says no such tbing^— in sjpite of the fact., that many of the . laws of Moses we're. designed to; insure cleanliness and' good, hygiene, .TlVe saying is attributed ' tb 1 Rev. , Charles Wes- 'ley,, founder of the present! i\letnod : ist Episcopal 'church, .There was so much .filth in' liis .day tha:t "he'.creat- e'd the phrase to make cleanliness a matter of conscience and religion, He.' thus .rna'de religion ; practical to millions of people since his time, COME EARLY AND FIRST CHOICE SELLING AT GREATLY REDUCED PRICES LKGAL NOTICE I horehy give ..notice thai I. have received.a rate.'hb.ok/for a\'tax on the Grand List of J.1MO,, District'ISo,. 2, of five, mills/on the dollar, payable December.. 3fj 19/j-l. I 'will; he al,'the Tax Go)lector's , Of|]cb, .To\\;)V Hall Building,' ' oiV" MbiYriay', ' Tu'esday, Wednesday, Thursday, Fi'iday from 1 a.m. to 5 p. m.; and on Saturday iio'rnirig.from f) o'clock to .noon, for ,he purpose, of 'receiving said tax. Dated at Naugatuck, Gonn., this list day of December, :I9//J. Jafnos F. Fitxgcrald, •' . Tax Collector.' 12-31, .l-Jfj^SO HEDWIO GOCKCROFT, formerly of the (31ENTER SQUARE BEAUTY SHOW [JnipnGity, has joined our staff and wilf •KJi^^tdvbQok appointments for the three days of each week. Beauty Shop| Hppsoh Block - - NAUGATUOK, CONK] Shone 2681 180 CHUROH STREET 3g:3»fci5=a3^^ THERE IS STILL PLENTY OF WINTER LEFT AND OUR FUR TRIMMED COATS Now Half Price REPRESENT THE B UY OF THE YEAR FOR SMART WOMEN SHOPPERS WHO APPRECIATE QUALITY AND UTILITY PLUS LOW PRICE. PLENTY OF MODELS, FURS AND SIZES FOR YOUR SELECTION. "We o'air'l, fool ourselves inl,o'Jp'c-' licvlng' that we won't havo/.a;.bb.mb- Ing hern," Clarence 13, •Jonesy-.oh'air-.; man of tho Naugatuck Dafchsc'^Gotin- cll, yosterday told the 'U.' S.S/Siipcr-. visors' Glub .whom ho.'addr'osspd on' tho .subject 'TJivillnn Dcfoiiso." •' Explaining that Ihe . maih-'.-loh ,o,f GIvllTon Defense is air'raid precaution, Mr, Jones outlined the- 3:>rep- arati'ons of (.lie air raid unit bore, which ho said, will neffitire iiiorc vol- unleers in the 300 now in training, Mo asked that citizens assiVtJ,bclr soctlpn air raid warden by giving him. the information JVo needs for an adeq'uatc k'nowlbd'go o'f the prOporl'y and jyooplo' un'dor.bis direction, . ""Givllians aro on the baUJ'cfiekl as much as soldiers," Mr, Jones' p.bint- nd out, "but as bur preparations go forward, there \vill be less danger of bombing or saljo'tage.yfor:!- . the^ enemy is less 1 IHccly 16' attiVcic' well- prepared groups." Mr, .Jone's vyas lnl,rodu ; ccd.hy Miss Anna Grdrie, i'eprcsentiVi^ ! l,bo Gumshoe supervisors who \yerc -in charge bf/the pr'ogranV. Mrs, Veronica ,. Gqqk,/ -'pi'c.sidenli) ^pVed'ged "t,: Ghib's. cooperation i'n assuming responsibility toward Givilian. JDefcni Tbo meeting was held In the Su- iVei'Vlsors' Gluh room at. 3:00 p.m Refreshm'eh'ts w^rc "s.erved. BIRDS EYE FROSTED, FOODS 'FILLE'OF'GOD CUT CORN .. Ib. 31c .Box 25c .Box 21c BateBs BIJRE VA^ILLA^ :2 oz. hot. 25c 31c OOF,PEE (freshly ground) . 21c •• '"• ' .•.•.•<=>._•;. / . TENDERIZEI) PRUNES . 2 Ib. pkg. 19e S\VJFT'.S • ' ' " - -. ., • , ' . . . ....... . .L .can 31c PREM SKATING SkaUno Is Good Al Poulscn's Evc.'i'fn'ci'.n SknUiif/ Hink ' Seymour,. Conn.' Turn Itijjh't Towai'd ScyahoiU' On Cement' Hond .At Wootlhi'idiic Night, Sknlinfit'To Music" '" ''•' " ' ' ' Ants .There are more ants than any other insect. in the, world LEGAL NOTICE ONE GROUP OP DRESSES Values to now 98 BREEN'S SPORT SHOP NEARY BUILDING NAUGATUCK, CONN. To all p'crsOhs between the ages of'. 21 l,o (.iO inclusive, 'residing .hi the. Town of 33ea'con ^Fally. October -J, :t 1)4:1, you arc herehy warn' ; cd. that you tiro' llahfe. for, a'n Oid/^Vgc. AH- slsl,n,nco Tax of. $'3.00,' due ' February j f .i'pte.;. : . . •;. . ," : ••-. .• ; ' .M' rio'l, paid on or before' March 2,. JOV2, llic' amount, 'dub 'therc'riftcr is .^-iOO. If warrant is served,, cos!/ is $.1:1.00, I shall be at 'ilid' : Town Hall l.o rofieie paymonl;s eauh Friday ftibruft'i'y- (5, ''J'O//^ : diirlhg iinlT iN'ltirclV 2, ':l'9-i2— 7"l;o' 8 Fohrimr' ]),' hi'.' •' Signed; RALPH Trix 'Collector. <! A M IMJKLL'.S • ~ Potato Soup Bean Soup F. A.. Spaghetti P,A,Beef Gravy 3 for 29c (No Color Added) ORANGES 25cDoz. IDAHO BAKING POTATOES 10;lb.bag45c RIB ROAST- MEAT DEPT. -Swift's Premium Heavy Beef T Bpneless, Rolled, Chuck ^OIN PORK ROAST—New England' dressed small < ••: '.-.pork. ' .' ••... ; . : STARTING MONDAY, FEBRUARY 2D do ;? 3t our : n ^ w delivery's;chedTiK of two deliveries'' 'a day, Morning orders', pi&ced by 9:3'0'' a!m, ^W^^ d :^ft )re noon - P. M. orders plabea by 3:30 deli^eried before 5 p.m, We. ask- you : to cooperate with us in saving rubber fees and .still give the best service possible. • LOST — Hank Hook No. 4/<,UG2 on Naugatuck Savi'hg's Bank has been lost; Any person having chVims on said hooli: Js called upon to present the same l;o the hank within/two nvoh'l.hs or the .same. book' will he declared can- celle'd ancl cxtlngufshed, and a new one issu'e'd jh lieu there- January 30, J942. . . Feh. 13&27. To Rent " For Sale FOH SALK—Florence cfpc\ilu(Jnj| lor heater, 9- inch burner, refrigerator, largo tffts sieve piece dining roorii suite, hooki cs, record player, soupslonc runners, electric mixer anjl other' jirticlcfi, Apply Main FOH SALK—One 2-frtmily hoi Hji)|5Jde"ayphuc,. a- 2-i'amily on May -sifeiet, and a 4-robii house. Apply John lleuly.;,] .5031. . • FOM SAH2—^A. lf)/iO lli'ulsoii, sedan. Has radio, heater a f rosters, Gail 5093. i TO KENT—Frti-nishcd room al, Cf Johnson street Voung couple who Js employed or single; .person preferred. J-2C>-d3x TO RENT — Furnished rOpnV nl kl Ward street. Telephone 5>G40. . t _ [_ _ •_ l-2G-d3. TO niiiNT—Stoi'c nt 164 Maple street, 46x49. Reasonable petit. Inquire at d'8'May street; ' ' J-29-d3x. TO KENT — Furnished .room,' all conveniences. Garage, if desired. Call after 3 p.m, Tel. 4403. . . , . . l~23dCx Wanted VVANTEO— Apply 71 RuhlVer men 1 or oirlis. avenue. 1-28-dSx Yoiii' ' 1 own local rF • * • 176 CHURCH STREET Phone 2291, 2292 or 2293 for Free Delivery Service SAIJCSMKN • business. No' 1 , investment. outfit starts y'O.iiV A'dyahce • missi'oii," bonjis'. shoes/ 200 Jng valuds.i/'TanheVis Sh ; 6es, 2Q65A , Boston, Mass.. ' l-26dix. shoe Pree com- WANTEII—Elcctricirtn" ttn'd plumber. ApplV 'Stanley'Kl'ell); Hunter's HiM, Naugatuck. - . Custom tailor. Coats shp'rteh0d, .'60' cents; .dresses shor- .teaed 30 cen,fi. .Top, coats and Overco'ats ,?iG.50 up; .Phone 49137; <; 147 S.outh Main slrelst, Naugatuck ;t ' ' ' Malcin'gr a Living 1 ' Mountaineers in western North Carolina ( make a living by 'selling garnets, topaz and 'amiethyst b col. lectors. l«"OR SALK ~ 10' i»oon», 2 hous< v , all improvements, conrlitiuh. Price ?-4900. Kcncon Palls —12 Voojn, 2 house, all Improvements. & heat. In good condition, ly located. Price only $4,01 ley., Tel. 2433. 'X>H .SALE—A iO-room 2-: house, location High street, A, 13-room 3-family house, ow street, $8,500. A C-room 1 lly and 13-room 2-famIly i on Meadow sti^eet, ^'AOOO. room 3-famny TIOUSC on streeti ,$7,800. A 7-room M house and gnr-aKe on (lie street In town, $7,500. If >'<» to .buy, build or sell, sec Labriolav your realtor, tf% street or Tel. 3458. OFFER New Remington $3.00 per mo.—$5.00 2 moi ROSE & MORTON, 1 \il t Leavcn'wortlJ SI, Phone 4-41M u>(£r .Metal Ceilingfs Cutlers, Leaders, Tlnniflifi n end Furnace Work, JAMUS- BAKER , Telephone 2555 Bradley St. JKt JVOCK SALT , pISSOLVISS ICK UiS'B IT FOR SIDIiJWALKS, DRIVEWAYS, WE pBLIVEH HELIVHLE GRAIN A F COAL - COKE -, .FUKI- fc . '. •• GftAINS 5-7 CHURCH STREET

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