Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on January 29, 1942 · Page 1
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 1

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 29, 1942
Page 1
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• 11 • NEWS, THURSDAY, JANUARY 29, 1942 'Page Five Stage w Opona At Loow'a Thursday who HO Uso" \Vllii Tho 1 theater In. two , ; uisf(i a Kir ("I 1 "; 'iradorM lo fl n a t a* of I ho'. tllOUlOt •n look- the oi 1 " of own-/ w* or „,- mr<in>in, and Ihny unly tho wholo of tlie Now At The Gem also act us ii'oi'C an well from .tit Sv ' ' l* f «"'•' . wi'lll » ''''I""'* °" " ll Iui V- 1 " 1 .'! ..',.,.. K-if u'ul n f !, h in.H.hl« KltKat club there 1 la •• (lion Pi'lnoo o! . «" Ainoi'loun, lull,! a lurrlllo muslo un| wl h. Iv'ilM. "H' Jrt'lH Hi' 1 shosv U|1 lM ^ \- lr 7| l i H1 .L? l '| l Hlk! ll uot. i flo"'"vory-l l Ull'l 1"''-^ lUn l ' UK ° Ot< Il0n " an ^ -culilo him today! 1 ; ,-xt .!«>' U«u ' imported ;;;;,'.v-s u-p...* \M», urirn'l uni'uaHonalJIo lor a I'M ' ' i L , . - I . I t Mll*l1<1 I i,iV >> ' » ' tf * i . .'•,,,.,,,. V.-IKI wan tbo . ,., !! ' l.n.ulun, "hut Ihoy wuro v SIT- Mul tlioy cHudded to *"' „, anyway, und throe ,.!• i.du linii'HO wulkufl Into '„ oiYU'i'. in thn Pfiramounl to i us 'a lol or money ynii " v " 1> hiu ' u ' UIU| U||H v.-'rr- «lvln« you Is a I. IK o ; u.« MK !•;'«« «« 1 ! 1 ' , t ; | i!'.< H"lnK t" I"' wo|l||lfll ; k you." M«m I^HI. "' i n-y lu Justify your lalth ' In to l>e vu r.i-i'tulnl with I'ubllx I'uhllx v.'. "You uujan you or'ml f«T ds hcl'ol'oV" Kin', 11 Hul.t liuu. "Until u yea | was h'uiupt'l und Holo or iiui Mi'i'onu and hl« Uroiwy iivin uri'hoMlra ai^u Hoatrloe v Hiur «.f (tip Ouy NluolloH. und 'I,.' ToiiHlt nuyft" tlli'uct 'I'rom • Kiuls umiKhl ou .our lohitny B«x«r" roftlui'l»« hand i,iiu- Uobn-t Tuylor a.M the i-ulhUmH, \\\ \ilixnM K""^ 101 ' un(l . lovolly u rj'i,,,,,,,,. UH tiui dohutrtntn. who i fiiiidly In Iwvtj . wllh P I'u.A'idurn on thlH .fji H flir rloloiiH oofi'uuly "Week r.)i- rin'oo" I'eaturliiK jfi 1 , . . • • ' n illlng •Ohost Hoac^s Bill At, . ' Theater |\ w*wy (Urn thai' pnckH both ' and laughs from ntart ,,„ will make HH local debut id tin' Alomar IhonTur Avhon nor Urns,' "The HmllhiK nhOHt" < Tli.' IHni has a- grand cant l\M\w nf iNVayno MorrlH, Hiumcla ' luttl AluxlH Hfnith In the .„„,« rd'-jt with Alan Kale, Lee lirlok ttil Imvltl nruno .supporting. |\lexls plays tho role of a tfh'l koni HP' iu»WH|iapoi'f» have hrand- [liii! "kins of death Klrl" hcutiiiHo llu- iiMTlbhi fate that han.inut all her .suloi'rt hul.onc-.. And fio Is IM y«.ll.y llnb-ii WimMuV. ^ anxloiiH i|h|ip| thn Jlnx-'Huri'ountllHK I'ei- in<MiuiKl»to.r afid hlreH Wayne r fns, us M college graduato In J.v funds, to ho AlfXlH 1 Hill tor, h uri-lvliiK at .Aluxlft' homo ho girl, played by Marshuiraud Ihoy K« -ywll. Too wnll In I'aot to please. Wayne fuiH liroiiKht along DOUBLE TALK :-;*H m %* Swan's a soup that's ' Twins, Ont bor ^v two cakts And then you art I floubU-qfltok, too? »u«l« w rant IM ok(.«tylo ilontiM, It'g bottor /or buby, dlfihM, iHk* you, Clot Swan todny-iind »oo! • « v «ry wookt OUACH AUIN BURNS WHIT* FiO*T/NO SOAP **,' I'rom "You Hitlono 'I'o llrnry Fonda, Me." slarrliijj'.; jlai'bimi Slmiw.vcln and hln right-hand man, played by Com(Milan Willie Host. nrendu and Wayne deckle to find out what all those mysterious goings-on aro and, their solution will provn a surprise dvon to the most ardunt arm-chair Hlcutti. howls Seller directed "Tho Smiling dlmst" from the .screen-play by Kenneth flamut and Stuart Palmer from Palmer's original story. Tho Mwond load Is 'The Devil Pays OIT." On The Air Today (»':()() p. in, WlWY-WAHtt-HPaul Sullivan \VKAF-~MUHie by Shrcdnlk s = \Vult~(jlillldron'H Program W.IX—Nuws; Olu l.)an WA'j'U-wicj'a-NV'i'ir:—NIJWH • • • • • (J;I5 p, hi 1 . \VliilY-\VATU—Maroh of Dimes'. • NVKAI«--N»ws • W,IX-\VTir!-\Vlfi(j—SporW' V ' SVAIJC!—Vol«<! ol 1 Urouilwny (!:;m p, in,' VS'llHY—Nnsvs by M, Christy lOrk WI'JAK—Ih'lrH oT Llbm-ty SV.IX—r/inn and Abnor /( NVOI \-Xnws -•-...•.• NVAHC—Ulga Coi'lho'- • WICIC—N«\VH; Muslo ' \vrii.!—Dnnoo-iMiiHlo- . - SVATR—PUmmiru and .Prolit li:/«r) p.vm, ' WUHY-WAHC.1—NVorld ol' 'I'orliiy \V MA I' 1 —Tli run 'Sons Tclo . WHll—llfro's ^Morgan /•' SV,fX-\V'nr:~-l>o\v(!jl'Thomas ' ; Wit'U'!—Mown- tho YtJtir'H 1 ' :-; WATIt—lilts and nils , ' 7:00 p, 'in, WHltY—MiiHlo by ; NVMAK-NVIUC;—l-'rud Waring Tlmo W.IX-WTIC:—Masy Atius ' I—Sporls. : WA1H' 1 .—Amos V Andy WA'l l l\—Kullon liosvls, Ji 1 , 7:1") p. m. W H It V- \ V I'! A [•'- VN" r IC—No ws Wnil—Singing Neighbors W,IX-\\'I(X:—Tracnr ol 1 host. Pi'.rsons WAHC— hauny Jioss WATH—Hubert Krogoloh 7;,')() p. in, WnHY-WAlKI—Miuidlo's Diary WI'JA!''-\V r rin—Al Poaroo's (iang \VQil—Conddonttally Yours \\MX-Sohacl'ur Vuwio XVtCC—'Inlormox^o WTU.l—Only, of Two OitlPS ' SVA'PH—I'lioiui Your Answer / l\/ti p, in, WATR-WOU-WKIf.;—inside of Sports HsOO p, in, ... WUMY—Harllo's DauglUor WKAP-WTIG—Baby Snooks WOll-NVlCJG—Songs Tor Marching MIMI \VAIHI—Death Valley Days w,fX-wif.;c:~iMaroh or Time \VATI\-Namo Your Song HilH p, in, \VHHY~To bo aimouimod *,8!,'m p. ru. WHHY—Hhythin Knngors WI'IAK-WTir.;—Aldrloh family WOU—Hlun.niin'on Oroli/ WJH-WlCiCrr-Sui'vlon With a Smile WA-liCl—Duffy'» Tavern WATR-NVKin—l-'or. Your Information . . 8;4f> p, n>.. WATII-WICIG—To bo announced . ,, ' f);(H) p, in, WFlflY—Muslo Salon • Wl'JAK-WTIfl—UlnK Crosby .-- : •sVOR—Oabrlnrjluattor , W.IX-WKH'!—America's Town. MooL- v -'. y Ing" of tho AIj- WAI JfJ—Major Mowns' Hour .,, , WATIl—News; Dancing Discs !):15 p, m. Wl.iHY—U. S. Army; Hand •WATM-WirJC!—Tho Wnr At Sna \VOH-NUWH I'rom On IPO WIMY—lMod Plpnr, Jr. . I):.MO p, m. WAUf!—Hlg Town 'I0;f)0 p. in, WATn-WOH-WIOCl—Slnfonletta WnilY-WAHfl—Hlonn .Miller's Orch. WKAK-W'tHC—Hudy Valley Show -J' J l«no Quartet HAMILTON PARK AND HIS FAMOUS WCHCSTRA WATI\^WOR- : \y.IGTJ— Raymond Oi •Swing ' • ,v. .•'. V 10.; ; ir> p, ni.- NVBR-y^VAIiC— To -bo aimounoocl WATh^W,C)lVWI.GC— Spotlight. .Bands WJX—MtiLro poll bin 'Opera Guild ., 10':,'m p, in. • WfOAFAyTiG—Ptjfink 'Kay, Boh '/ion , . . ' . - wnRV— Any Bonds Today-? W.IZ— Nnsvs : \VATH-WaiWVlGC— Your 10:/i5 p. in. w n m Y-\V A ' n c— NO WH WOH'—Ruinoua' atul -Her Tuno .Twisters. •- WJX— -)oo -Sucl-y Oroh, • .'. - WATR-WIOC— Unilci- Wosl.oi-n Skies 11:00 p. in. KAK— Nows ; Wonilicrj 'Plrno •11: '.15 p, in. \V R U Y-WA H tt—Dun ort 0 i-(il : i . \VIOAF-Mtislc You Want on Hi-Ill Music , ' i'Krahkl-c Masloi's' . .1 1:110 p. -ni. W R rt-Y-.W AI3 0— G i i y 1 /o m h a rd o WOHr-Alvlnp Roy .Orcli, \ViOAF-\yTig— Joo nnd Mah.ol \V,I X-W I rjf.J-^-fJljft Kilo -Sp I v.rik .Oi- 0 run p. ;,. ,. . . ,. , •..... • LV WTCP-S-N 7 OT\— Tjfi n cc Orel i " , Tails . ,..• •-. WOH—lilddld/.Qhnl.oi'. BlrUiday yOreel- /lifKiV:Cp:it)ift'--Pr'(J.«lc|cnt---.. ' • -• •: • W.JX-T-Mlla'-or'Dl-'iiliis'-': .-. "' \V I Gp.~No wfi'l B.'oy d .Raob u rn . Orcli , \VAi|C4^No.\y? ;'• Shop-'i Riolds" Qrcii . M e: ivAc|\ta I i find •'. 'j.n',;'. a v I a 11 o n," o r t h o - podfc's, ' •:lVtl),q'gri}pliy;v photograrn- me.ti : y, -fuVtl '-iopograpjiy 'tire 'being urgcfh-hy•' liiV u; S.." Civil Service Commission; .to apply -for examinations /announced fhis week and open'.until 'further inotlco. No written tsets are i-eciuired. /rral'neo'junior Inspectors in aerp- nautlcsi who aro paid $2,000 a;year, will;be given-a : training course by the 'cjvll Aeronautics- Administration and may progress- to inspector positions paying from $3/200 to $5,- fiOO a year. ^'oung. flyers, 21 to HO years, 'of- appropriate technical cx- poi'lenee'-'lh- aeronautics may apply if they have a Current commercial pilot's certificate of competency; ou FAMED RADIO STAR AT LOEW. POLI, , i TODAY^'and FRIDAY, .. KAY of l.lic "<«AY Nl'iVK'l-IICS". lle.vixi of CIl.S, who ,\viH he one, of i,ho. (.riplc- ica(llin(V mils iiuit open > Miii'-'m-iv slajjc : ishow' policy til, Iho Loow Poll Thontor, '".loday nn<l Fi-ulny; .. Mie othc.i- (AVO Hlui't'inn -ids. .ure ' l>on Hi't'iisti 'mid liis htnul, .aiHl'.Ux; .Littlu Toiifjh Ciuys, with, olluu- on(s(nndin(| n«ls"a'ml.ii-'«rst .IMIII ft-nfuiux. projjroni ion lh<' sisrei.Mii-i.q/oomptelo i.ln>, pro- Hi'iiin, wh'icjli will l>i». prusenieil cV'oi-y Thui'silny nnd . ers," Artistic ' and iVlcohanicaj) . ^.lyi'iO to $2,000 • a'- year is 'open'. Ip 1 '. skilled If IJioy have com p I'o Led Uiq .Civilian Pilot Training '..Secondary and Gross Country courses • and also havci a (.iivilian pilot's •(Jcrtifloalc of coni- putonny; or if thoy have graduated fi'om a, .flying school of the Army; Navy, .Marine Corps, or -."Coasl Onai'd "anil had active so r vice"; Col-logo sludy may 'be substituted for part— and In some cases, all— of the technical experience. nraoomakcrs, shoemakers and lealhorworkers, liinbmakoi'S, and skilled general orthopedic mechanics will he (ippoinled as a result of tlio examination for Orthopedic Mechanics. Tho salary is §2,000 -a year. Pol-sons- 2fj 'to. r).T'.ye,urs .old,- . -who have had' live years.'of 'appropriate experience "in or.thopedtc -''work wll.hin'.the, past 10 yours, -are^eligible :|.o-apply-.--''.- • . \ ' The fjxaminatlon of e to workers and students . in ^lithography. 'Nine" 'mo'ri'th's'' 1 ' gei)'ei'.a'j;-,experi- eiicc -in -litbogpaphy-is; 'requlf'cjd and J'or.all fniti t.iie jun'jqr gradp^ additional specialixe'd ; '"cxporJic;nte^'"Apr .-defense training cu'ursos and' technical or college -sUijty..:. may bo-'suhsl.ll.ul.Gcl -'for the genera I ex- perlence. The' age Jimita-^r^'JS to 53 yeai's. " : v '•":';%The 'Commission .has' j'cissttetl tlie examination announcement.' I'oi 1 pliotogranmiotric and (topographic engineering aids. The- .Junior. Oracle .(iftJ.MO a year has been added, 1 . Positions paying from $J,MO to.. ^2,000 a year ar'e no wlnoluded in this examination. Appropriate.' .cl/.vil .'•engineering experience including" some work In the optional branch'- is required. The provisions -for substitution of training and. study for the experience prescribed iiave been liberalised. Applications '-yvi'll be ac~ oeplocl I'rom otherwise ciualiflod'sUir dents If tlieir coui-ses will ^be'. completed- within- four month's' (>f filing. All applications inn's), be sent to the Washington office of >: tlio Civil Service (Commission not later tiian the' closing datfts'.speuined. Full in- for.mation ^as to'-.'tbe j'eqiYiremenls for .these examinations, and application forms, may bo 'obtained from Raymond H. bafferf.y, secretary o.f the Board: of ; (jio U. S. Civil Service Examiners at. tli'e -Naugatuck post office, or. .from"' the' secretary .of -..the Board of tlie.-.U; it S.'.'Givil.Service,^3x- (jn)i,ne3\s,.,-Lxi;' any..'jirst-ciass or sec- .ond-class. : GOOD NEWS FOR DAYS OM&Y-2 r>^>^>^^vxvvi^ TODAY and FRIDAY ." SHOWING GENTLEMAN at HEART CKAir CAUOtf MILTON ROMERO - LANDIS- BERLE .3 COMPLETE SHOWS DAM. i AT,'3-6-9,P-M. LOEWS PRICES . MATINEE I '''•CHILD; IK' EVENING: ORCH.SOe 1 ' 'CHILD. z$c One of 'the •anprc confusing aspects of.-tlVe-'A^:ilV.y's':";new \var footing is tlie : expeiOence> f of the boys In the 'c.lp'l.h'iftgWliiua'fcibii,' lypjflelld 8th- Are'ix. \ ' carf'ie;.ajr order-to all •"jiev.sqjVn.el; that' : unifornis ints't .be' \vdrn-at al) • times. ."•Imme- iately, .'tlie 'guys.-at Poi-t Sill, .For SanV ; ' Houston; 'aiid v .at "other:- posts bundled; .i.ip,. civilian clothes and shipped them honie. " Swank night, spots near. ArmY; camps blossomed with .•uniforms and used 1 , dinne.i jackets co.uld brr'had for a fraction -'Ai'c'a'J-JeatJ- pt'; a,'moiith!". /i --'-T|ien-' Arpa' J-leatl- (iiiartersT issued a • post-0hristma^j ; qj'- d e v '• o Javy f i n g-.^c i y y i'uS' d ii i' 11 i g. d I t-'d ti; ty ioursy tihd'''p'ost. commanders -Were empowered • to '.issue uniform regu- ations.'for members . of -.their .'com- nands. Byno\v tlie-.much-wrinkled livvies . arc o.n their/way back . to tlie, capTpsV-v . :-..'' . .At, aundp 1 pii • Fi old,. sli o w ip'Jaco o f ,he Air Corps, the 'familiar sl.-ile-gray a'det -uni'forms"- are •-niak 1 ng-'-.a final T . ' ••>•""•.•: , • ' -• J want. . . FIGHTING DOLLARS A me r i c a must be'; strong; Every man and woman, must contribute their .strength to the strength of America at war. Some are carrying some are flying ' plahesT-—some are .giving their blood on. ship's at sea. , ' ' • • : ' , , ... .-. • ; ^ ' YOU on the home front must buy those guns—those planes—those ships. That must be your contribution to freedom under .Sre! BUY D.EFEN^SE STAMPS AND BONDS ^TODAY—buy them with: ....every penny you have to .spareI, ; seven to twelve, week stand, before, being .replaced by •'pl.tve',..drab. 'All other air fields have • already made, the switch. .The"new-outtHs include blouses—which were droj)ped J'rom tiie cadet wardrobe three years ago —but in the meantime the Randolph boys are having to make out with shirts and pants only,, even a I.'-formal dinner parties. . . This column, now a year old, diishcd out a lot of..'the type, of Information which is now in the hush class, so don't be surprised if we make. Increasing use of the phrase 11 a certain private" instead of de.s- ig-naljng 'him by name and unit. A the same time, whether you're, in the home or in the service, you cai act, as ..a voluntary . censor. Wha has some Army brass hats fretting h the tendency - of both enlisted mer and. oMcers to talk shop when -of duty and away from .pamp; Al sorts of incidental information banned from the press, is'commoi gossip in'towns-near service installa tions,, and news—whether it com 'prises ' military' secrets -or/morale destroying 'rumors—spreads fast. Let us-emulate the clam. G, W. STATE FRLswiii HARTFORD M303/-ffAJ TO THEATER LIST WAR iME // TODAY FRI. - SAT. ERRY MARITAL MARATHON! er nd men all say: Her JJnsbo Ouch! says * & . h romp • • HWYejJ • FONDA Wesley toggles' > . ^ . ** *^ » EDGAR BUCHANAN Roger Clark. Ruth Donnelly. Melville Cooper • Scr««n ploy by Claud* Blnyon Dir.etod by WESLEY RUGGLES A COLUMBIA PICTURE i > V ALSO i Special Defense Reel and First New; Reels of'the Bombing of Singapore, Forging nnothor--major link into i chain of. theaters, extending JVom coast to .coast and from Canada to South America, Loow'.s Theaters ..rough its- vice- president and general, manager, ,1. R. Vogcl, announces- .be acquisition- of flW Broadway rh'ealor in Norwich which will bo opcnod in the near future,, thus giv- $ Norwich'a motion picture tliea- Id'r; of (he first rank and prosnnlinp or ibo. entertainment of rc.sidonla of-this city the fop screen attractions i'r'om the major Hollywood studios. Including -the famous Metrp-Gohl- wyn-Mayer productions. Before re-opening Ihe Broadway, which is lo be re-christened 1-ocw's P'oli, tho "theater will undergo extensive re-conditioning,'which will consist of new seals, new .carpels; a .new and nqonixed lobby, new pro- jocUon and sound equipment, mod-, crn rest rooms, now ink'rior lighting, re-decorating the thenter .from' cellar to roof-and making it one of ALC 13y United'Press .-. Free French .,,report capture of r.afrun hi Libya. ". , Orock premier Mo.ta^ns dies; succeeded by Alexander KovMs. Britain orders additional;rcgistrft- lion'of all men IS to .10 and'37- to 40' years of ago, > . ; the most comfortable and neighborly motion picture U\oufers In New England. Thousands "of. dollars will go inlo re-vitalising..l-hc. former Hvoftil- \vay Theater, .'..-.• Upon Its re-opening In the near future' tho. Iho'atoivwill take on a. new two-feature policy \vhioh Mr. Vogel is now workih.g on. This new policy is-so designed as lo give movie fans-of Norwich and tlie surrounding ler'ritory a grhdc- of ontortain- mcnt' that 'wM] b ° : °» ft ) )ar j f ; not surpassing, tbc'• type:".,,.of*.<|U^oj N |ui«v- menl on«>-. now \seo.s at, other ac<j Loe w f 11 eaters I h r oil gh ou I • ;• t,Kc,, cojiuv- l.ry. .-••••• :>". •••''' • .'-."' '• - :: '^?' ' Plans aro. already under; : J^$y• to make 1 -the• formal openingpfi•%' Poll-a gala event ..with "-•'"-*- fional;. -state participating •rr-»-, dign|Wios TONIGHT WISfXMAN ; :; ; : • . ;/;;' . - -.- ALSO,,,. MI V ;I! .;:;, ; ,..,-/•';•:::.:'r IT'S A MYSTERY (butyou II roar!} IT'S A COMiDY (but you U gasp!) *> ""-%v 1- MW v/Vl: ; L? *«^ — -.vy A -„,_ WARNER H? ^ BROS. PICTURE > : W WAYNE MORRIS • BRENDA MARSHALL • ALEXIS SMITH ALSO—Choice of Constance! Bennett -Beauty Aids FRIDAY and SATURDAY ALSO TAPEiR BULLETS" plus New Chapter Play, "TEXAS RANGERS"

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