Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on January 27, 1942 · Page 2
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 2

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 27, 1942
Page 2
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?/;.: Paffe Six NAUGATUOK DAILY NEWS. rUESDA.^;JANUARY:27,'1942 No Slashes In Payroll of New York Giants Planned „-.,„.-, V [Hayera Will Bo Paid As .liberally As Possible, Pro», Stonoham Says Ni»\v York, Jan, 'fl- - llonKUc* handball nalarh [htifivlly rodtioml In IhU MI svfti 1 but not by may l»n rsl. yimi- <>t N"W ^"'K Tboli 1 (mllcy tnulni- lh< Mol pit regime will l.n< to imy 'plnyor>» KM liberally a>i IH Ilnnum Slnnuliuin Mahl 'Our payroll will ho, Ji(*l, alionl 'thn Maine HM In previous yt'iir.V MHW ham," and HIM niimlfl.htivn ul- jwayn boon nnn of tlio llu'iin or four ' paid olulw In th't lunJui'M, of our ymnwi' players and havo a.ifiTWl wild him that they I, thorn." ' Oil, fU'lT! tO dlHOUMM ^Wlltl Sl<mt" 'ham and (Innnrnl ,MnimK»>r Hill I'i'uri'y plaiui for ri'liuildlnK llw iniuntH aflnr IliilsliInK IM tlm Na- UUIO'M MiMUMHl division HU'ce ynm% has ludloalud that Mto Koyuoto or Ills* poiluy will ho rall.Min n>i luwc art hln playm-M d«- (llvoi 1 I'oi 1 him. Nol, only clooM OH, plan to pay IHM woll but ln» IM " V0[l "onrtld- ,* ,,,HtalllnK ft» H<" lul< H,v'Mk\m <>n oluk That IM, allowing Uin pw.v- |,o Micnk Into thnir hotel rorwiH Iwhon tlmy wish and In bo on thoir 'own at all llrm'M. haven't nmdti UP my ^mtinl lub'oiil thn honor system yol," JIMMY SAUER OF CAMMUPWINS TOO "Wl' H'lHi It Terry and I KUOH work. Tliat'M ono of Urn huvn Lo di'oldi- upon durlMK Hpi'lntf iralidnK." . Annum Ilio young players whom OM IM believed lo have nuumimimd- nl I'm- raid's are renter lleldiM 1 Johnny liiir.UfM- and pllolinr Huh Carpon((>!', UuukiT, who otiiuu up UH mm ol I ho yuur'M muni pnbllolxud rooklnn In |!r,(), hart nnvur *|Ulbe llvcul up Lo I'.xpuolalluiiH, but 011 has hltfh hopes for him n'MolilMK *Lardi)m llils Hiwsdii, SERIOUSlflRT IN PLANE CRASH \Vnnlporl, (lonn., Jan. ^..-(Ul 1 )— Second l.loul. Itohc-rt II. WH.lKU'- |,.M», yil, MlniM-aiinlls, Minn,-, \vaH in n MiM'Imiii (Mindltlon loilay :it Nm 1 ; walk hc.Hpllul from InJurli'M sul- I'l-roil whou hi-** 1 J - s - ll|t|U >' ^'''I'lano roll Into l.bnK lMlai\il Hound Sun- 'I'.irut, WiHhurbou svaH rnMotn\| by Ihrnn mon In u botU al'l«r ho riwtun 10 « SKY IM.AVKK SOLD nosimi, Jan. ar—dlPJ-'PurohiiBO of Phil H('rK"Mhi'i-mnr, '27. CltilmiKc Illaok HuwUM 1 i-lKhl \vlMKOi', loi» an UM[miUI ,,l ,,HMli sum waH annotmood t. ( , t) av by tin' Boston Hi-ulnH In n inovn to bolMlor tho national liooko.Y Icaguo champion* who oxpnut In IOHU the hlKli-Mi'.ni'liiK l^'fuit lln:i ln tho Canadian draft, UoHfon, -lai,. ^.»'(in>) r .limmy Saunr of flambridKO, an ,18-yoar-pld Hyrup maker who has !x«.;n boxing onlv six wnflxs was Loulorl today «H 'a promlHiMK professional prnH- ,, fin | after wlrinlnK Iho ll^lilwolght IIU,, | M |,ho all-Amoi'ltia ainntour Champloiisliip finals. SaiKM 1 ' potmdnd' out doolHloiiH ovor Slan Slran of PIltfiburKh and Frank HaiiHonn of HIilcaKO to oinoi'ffo tlio Mtaiiflouf performor In laHl show before -njril at IJowton-darrlon MaMsai'.husottH youtiis inonopoll'/.isd loaru honors, wlnniiiK four cla^os l.o tiiroi! fnr Uhhiatfo's (!YU- tiuun and ono for Now York. • SoiiMiimw .lunioH iMulllKnn of howoll, tiaflonal. mlddlowolKht kniw, annnxorl Tim HiO-pon'niT orown with a (icciHinn .ovor ,loo fJat-Uir of Homo, N, V. VYlllurd lUicUle.sH of «ajjf us ',|m-lHloiii!(l non Kranklin of J tts- burKli In flio w(!llnrwolKht final, !,,Tll|yw«lKlil M'ony I'nppi^f BOH- Lou canifMl MaHsadinsotlK 1,11,1,, 'j,y oulpolnlhiK ,'b^ Horbort ol l.owt'll' in u oloso baltlo. rtiif-aro'H victors worn Bantam" woltfhi/Harold Dado, clover Negro who gained tho nal your nKO, ^Blil-Hcmvywoi«il. Sli'phnnH and Hoavywol^ht lluboil. llnrifl. Hado oillolassod NloU ol 1 imiMbui'Kh In a fast bout, btopli- ,. nH doolsloncHl Jimmy -lolmHon ol PIliaburKh. fui'l Hood won a voi;- (IU-1 ovor Al Hood, of Albany, IS. ^. New York's lono triumph was jriLi'm-rr-fl bv .Koalhorwolght Tommy Hololo of 'rtomo, N. Y,, who dc- iu . I Wallnr • llaroh of VYorcostor. mumiMNmvt*****' iip«««-.—'— » y FRANCIS, / GERARD AMONG: '-{THE -IMRfoRT^LS v Tack J:"••: •<•> -:';;.,• Sords ; WMtUi »WU»M»*-«»'l'-«""'««« I « >1U .V |1 '.' ,-At -H*iU.-l'ft«t ton .that Sllr John Wulkocl Into tho ............. DbpuvttYidnt ut Now Hcobl«t\(l Yim nnd \vibhln •« -:fow nrtnlituH -found hlmwell nhftkinK hft.mU with Captain JU^h IlollHin^i hoii'cVcf that dopuvt- b^b you huvon't como up hovo bo «oo mo," jokod'tho Cuptwln. <( Yoii'i'o rljfhti old man! Vvo Kot 1 * Job,Cor you," From n match box, M-jrotl th produced tho butlot which had k led Jlon^y KulV and from the Uttlo ohnmolH wnllot, ho tumbloti put, baj old* it tho bullot which had killed Mr, AmbvoHO I'onnyfoabV^r, ".Hhmti oallbro," ituld Hollnmy In* Movmllth K«VO him n isvookod lit- tip «mUo and tihook hlfl howl, "hvci nn1^novr\muH Ilko Wio'cim toll tmtl •Wbttt'i wnnt'to know In, woro tlmm; two bnUotH (\vod by tho «mmo KUH f \VSlhln ftv(> mlnutofl }\$ had his nnMWOr, "FJoth bhd^o buUotrt/' nald Wdlln'my with '(Uiolftlon, "wove flwl •from tho Ht\mo woapon, It WUH n ,«*, 'n« tvutomtitlo, probably of , mnnufftoturo 1 ,' 1 H moment Morodlth. d d nob Then ho umllocl, "Thankn, ^ » ho ndlcl (lulutly, "Thftnks <V ^Avo you on to Homothlntf?" a«kod tho othov ourloiittiyi ' Morndlth nodded, "Rlffht on, I ihlnk," ho vopUod, It WWH nt thl» moment that u n^ llco mottMongor oamo Into tho room nnd nddvomuu MorodUt wit h, "Oolonol Annon'u ;oompUmont«, HU John) tho Colonel hoftvd you woro horo «nd, would you m nd Jjtc aoroHrt-tho way to floo nlmf •TU como vltfht away," rotipotulod M ''Ko!lo> jcrootocl Colonel Annoi iv« Sir John'wontjnto tho KfimouotJ My doar Anno, tho ovi- donao I hftvo In n court of law in thlM country will, I pvomlso you, bo ciulto conolufllvo. Ho uhnll bo ropro- ttontod an a monator of-iniquity. You understand, Anno, that tho vory momont I Inntltuto-pvocoocUnga, you muflt loavo your huaband? A, do V,i It will bo n ploafluro, I am tlrod-. . . «o tired of him! •Morodlth laid tho report back on Colono! Awion'n do«k and mur- murod, "Hoforo September, olu Thiuika a lot, ColonoU" Sir John wont back to hla Uttlo flab whoro, Htlll 'woary aftcir hln ox- hiuistlntf nl«ht, ho lay down on tho HOfft and clanpcd hlH hands bohlncl hln head, llo did not aloop, howovor, .for hl?i brain wan buay ... Tho wont Important detail, of courao, wii« that whloh Indicated that Auibroao ronnyfoathor hac died bv tho name hand af5 had kllloc tho crook Hull 1 , All ftSuiitf, Weyland eomod to rocur uonattuUly In tho uour pftttorn cf tho caao, ana ho vun rapidly comlnjr i.o tKo concliir ion thn I WoylJind would woo Ita-so* utlon, IIU mind wont back ovor tho vontoof tho Unit twenty-four hours, KOHtlosalv h« jcot oH 1 tho sofa and vimt to A'Uttlo -buronu wJjoro ho ilokod tif. a pencil and pad, Ho tab- tlntocl all Iho known I'ftcW, ^^ >y ix U«t of more conjectures, • I Wa a what ho wrote; en* when sho would.sccirro divorce ubllnc her to re-marry. 7 If Huff was killed at Instigation of io-VftssIfcnac-Sataui crowd and Ponnyfoiith'or killed with same weapon, then -lattor'a murder'may bo linked with whole plot re Sulungu 1 What ia the connection between Ambroao PonnyXoathor, retired civil servant, and the do Vaaalgnnc Comis Philip Horton, known nBaoclnto of Countosa do Vasaignac, Uvlnjr'in WoylandV ' 8 What la tho connection between Henry Hun 1 , hospital porter and ex- con, and tho do Vassignac crowd you, I've not nomothlnK " you, "Do VaJiHlwnaQ MKI oo. i .. (COHtocl Morodlth nnd tho other nod ' (l °toon Sir John then learned,of i «»ft^^-"?••» ?S tho MurvollUnco party nt i aui "°M ton o'clock the nltfht boforo, o call had been put tlu-"< n Hulto No, 87 to l 1 ^ %• d tolophono number of tho 1i\u roHH of »v Mnttro Iioulu Uflmouo u iifui boon Prince Satmil who mndo tf»« nftll '*nd Ib wan tho Jnpancwo th u. fti«V hold ft GOnvorHfttlon with • ta '^» M^.Wmouct w|f.M; t, Ambrose ronnyfcftthcr mur- lorocl by a ,«« BrowviinB automiitlB, Iclllucl at mum> time, No. clue to rouaon for killing, J, Suluntfu nocklivco, stolon oy fraud and imporuonutlo", cliaap- f>oara, ., , a, ComtOHHo do Vi\aHlp:nnc j.oflttOHalon of necklace and at my promlno lo (\nd It, • 4, ypeelal Branch reports com- unlcallon botwoori Mr, Horton, now tenant of Vino CottnBO, Woy- land, and Anno do Vaaalffnac-by P 5?Uoof (Uncovors hospital porter at Weyland to bo ox-con. 0, J, M, receives mysterious verse from Anno do Vaflsljfnnc, 7, Attack on my Mfo by II. Slmms, who allegOM.Hun' Instlgatocl tho at- 8,'HufT, Houffht for Interrogation, found dead, shot and stabbed, Actual cauao of death, shootmj? by HAmo weapon aakl lied Ponnyfoathor, M Browning automatic, CONJECTURES: 1 Do Vftaslffnnc ftnd Co,, must have rocolvod dotailcd InCormatlon on movomei^t.n of Yvoft 13, S. and M, on mornlnj? of visit to Bwan, S3, Thl» information necessarily from inside Lanohostor establish- • dlth' ww. tho <lo 9 k Cor More- btnelU, r *«r.";."-!''»» ' A'-dti V,l It »r» fVM, * •• '.'^rlr&Ssc ^,?L b»fivo th'o omU? tho yonr ^SKfSJKlVS. • o, Norma Hniloy doAnltely linked with Nora Balloy, Purls intimate of do Vafisltfnac clrelo, 4, Conilrmod by roforonco by P, Ilovton to Norma having^ boon at tho house on his arrival in Woylarit. (Soo-tolophono conversation with A.-doV.) 0, Anno do Vassignnc evidently conspiring to divorce Count Kaoul and re-marry, Pormlsslblo to suppose future brldoKroom Prince Sat aui would then become joint claim ant to tho throne of Sulungu. If HUcqcssCul, would take Sulungu into Japan's sphere of influence, 0, Pormlsslblo to suppose that A, do V, proposes leaving Sulungu nackluco in preso'nt hiding place until September or »omo previous dwto *, VTII^ — Huff killed? If because ho was scared, what information could ho huvo given away to tho police? , A • i n 5, What was tho reason for A, do V.'B sending mo that wso? And what was its moaning., if it had any ( Meredith throw down his pencil, and frowned iipon tho paper on which ho had boon writing. Ho read his notes through again,.. . . Then ha- smiled and his-Bmilo was grim. Meredith got up and walked slowly •-about the room, 1 absorbed- in thought . ,:. Finally ho picked-up the telephone and wade an' appointment with Sir-CharloB -Hudson-at Scotland Yard, ; - ' , "Wluxt's on your mind?" nskcd Commissioner Hudson quietly, when Sir John arrived at the Yard, •Meredith, who sat facing 'Sir Ch;arles across tho-desk, replied promptly, "Do you would bo possible for you to see tho-Home 1 Secretary right away? I want a rather delicate Job (lono in Paris and I think diplomatic pressure will be needed. "If you toll mo just what you're driving at, perhaps I could help," ' "Briefly," explained ; Meredith frowning, "I want a divorce case now scheduled to come up in the courts -at Paris, any timo between' now and next September, hurried forward, In fact, I want it to como up next week," Tho Commissioner nodded. "You're not connected with a private 'detective 'agency, aro you?" Sir John smilingly shook his bond. "No, Sir Charles, There's a good deal more to this) matter than just divorce," - " Tho Commissioner hesitated, then said, "You know, Meredith, if anybody elso had asked mo this, I'd have him thrown out but I suppose you know what .you're talking about, I'll see 'tho Homo Secretary n your behalf,',! By nirplanc, confidential informa- ;ion was sped to Franco'and thus was Meredith's scheme sot into operation, , ••:.-.' In Paris, tho following morning, Maitro Louis R6mouet,'eminent-di- vorce lawyer, received notice from tho court that tho,hearings .of three cases on their list had been advanced and would now take place next week, M, Romouct shrugged and spoke to his chief clerk, "That pleases mo well, 'Which-chaos aro they?, Are they important?" "But yos, Monsieur," replied his clork, "Ono-of them is of an inii portanco extreme. It i» that of Madame do Vassignac." "Madamo do Vassignacl" tho lawyer explained. "0—o—oh! That is of particular interest, that I" (To bo continued) Copyright by Francis Oer»rcl; Dhtrlbutod by King V«itiu«i BjnatlluU, h*. '1 Today > Sports Parade ,'(Rog. U.'S. Pat/ Off.)'' BY JACK' fJUKNTinJJH Unltc'cl' Proas Sliift' Go'rrespondcnt)' ' • • ^ : '-— — ^0 Now York ,.lan. 27—(UP)—Mol Ot,|. HIM, Hii'lTorod Miroiigh Um ror- nalliy. ol' hi* Ili'Kl,-orncial :IJW2..-ln- ,orvlo\v o.iu.1 .unless I'voMosl/my -Htio •lair J'oi" luaplim 1 nl, Uie .nuai-usL tion-r iluslon the-most oqlolinilorl ol all l,hn ,))fiHcball I'oucla—Now . York >vs. 131-oouryn—Is .dqoimx]. -;|,o early .loath. 1 ' •• : •'•'.;• '."':• •• ,- • '•' '>'- • '"; Tho onrl .-will conic - quinlJy, sorne- llni'o In m!«:l-sinnnior' ami tlio .diagnosis will aUHlMiLo tho ilnmlse I-Q (incinln and iiifilnulrilJon, wILh Ott hlinHolC ono of thn oonLriDuMng.-Uio- lors Koi 1 appa-roiiLlyl-lio' new hoad Miim-oT U!0 Clianls IIUB no i'nl.cnUon or bolns- ono of the, two II takes to nmkn : ati •agreement, ; . . ' Oil. difln'l HHY that, In so rnuriy words wlion tlie boyargathei-ofl in Ins olllon-.yosl-onlay to. conduct a f|ul'/ progrnin, but any.old hand at i-eml- IIIK botwoon U>o 1-1 lids'-lind-no trpublo ascfii'talnlng that -ono of tlio niosl amiable oi 1 nil' baseball ' pla-yci-B won't oliango colors IIH a .manager •Tho yonriK'.man who. was. Binglef out by old ',161'in McOraw at : /:IO worked wllhoul rnnl'aro, or, drum- ;..-T. >!go'a'Son ai'i'ei 1 -'season nnd then v .,,,'-iip : -tni-.jMc over tbe reins once ioli'1 'ijy.-.-tlio'.'.inas'ter- h-imsell.' ; ; '\vas loi'Vbus .Tn.'.'h.ifi 'first appoamnnc''be- ioi!e...l 1 beSi:i! 1 ess < bui;.-be-cotici.s(3ly • 1 orn- plmsiy.ed.^rbui 1 '-jnajor ..points-.-. Tho fli'.sL fin-no- were or great In- I pros I, to Oianl/'-J'ans'"becai.iso tlicy gave -promise-, of. ; thoj new; 'deal -.for wlilob they hnvo clamored• so long. 'hny were to :the' elTnot thai: ••' i 'The Giants-' should .be the- best olTonslvo club at tire- Polo Grounds si nob the early' d930's. : '. " . 2-'-There i ! s an obv-ious weakness Iiv/'pltohin'tf. Tbc'chief needs are a 'good , right-hander and 'a- rclrei ij-jiun."-' ; '- '.: ; '"'•'.''. V ,-' ',.' .y There will be no general slashing- of snhVi'les 'and that some deserving Players' pay might be in- r.ri'.ascd. ' • . , , 'Hut the llnal 1 bout was received \vitii..adegree of alarm, by PfU'l' 1 ^^^ on''both sides of . tlio river. 'Ott 'sold 'that so -''fur as be cares tbc ainiilR' will go rigbf'ahead \vlLli tb'e two .Havana exhibitions they have sch'eduled with 'the; Dodger's providing- they, onn get plane '.transporta- "•' in' Ilinl,: one ; sonlonce honest Me cxtihguisbed -all. the incendian bovnbs '.tluil/. Poland -Stanford Mac- Phall. lias ' : 'bcen . lobbing over, ino bridge• -i'pr more 'than a week in ' o'f : wangling extra space Interest In JLesneyich- Pastbr Fight Increasi JACKIE Providence, R, I.,:-lan: 27-(UP(- .luekie' .'Ca)limv 127 M, Canadian iValherwcight- champion', thumped QUt a unanimous ..decision' over Larry Bolvin,' J25 ;i-2,; of ' Provi- diMH'n in 'a :i(Vround bout- 1 last; niglu. Hallura dropped Bolvin ,1'or six nine counts in tho.third'round under a" steaming,Iwo-JisteYl attack and was robbed of a;;knockout triunVpu ]) Y the boll. Callnra's^brother, An- gclo, JM," of JlamiHbn,' Ont.,^ uc- eisib'ned Henry Hook; .120 :^, of Jn- clianapolis, lml,,'.-in--.nn- eight-round semi-Una] bout. • ' ' . . • Oihei- Fiohls llolyoko, Mass., ,lan. 27-(UP)— Carmine Fatfa, Yj&V of -Brooklyn, IS; V o'asily'outpointed Gene .lolmson, I is, New York : Negro, In a.10-ruuml bout last night. 7 •'.':.'' ; ' A •New York—George. Venfo, ;130 1-4, Boston, Unookod out Al Soto, J26 1-2- No\v:Yor]i\(2).- : ;•.'/,' , \ SCORER IN on TOWERING TOSSED |": |; By jack Sords Lho sport pagus-;uml .rekindling •the customors .any fUtmos oC ivjilry ' which possibly could have burnod thomsolvos out during tho World 'Series. '"MacPliail 1 has 1 'seriously Lo* t'onvinctjf- his clients that ; the ".-real ehc'Vriy is -New York' 'and not .the riardinals 01- the- Yankees. : Accordingly, he, built u : p. a-big' thing of ,tho Giants' reluctance : to phiy in Havana hrView of the* war. laddie 13rannick, the' Giants 1 .'Secretary and no fool himself, 'has answered in 1 kind 1 .- . •NoXv '.illong : comes Ott to 'offer neitivcr. olive ;branch ; .no]' declaration of ;Yvar, but merely to solve the problem'. Ott, who 'peculiarly 1 minding- iris own .business and. not that o I 1 -'his •.neighbors — which .-makes.' ! him unique irv major baseball—-provided riir i'ansWor'. to 1)Q cxpeiitficl-. fi:o'ni. : 'a man'- 1 unschooled, in guile.. /.Me sai'd, -"Sui-c, we'll' play fhe-Dodgers; or ahyo"ne.;\' •"" .; 'Tlrfe staliomen!, '.rnay:serve as n. tip- off -OJT .the Ott policy—that Ott• ain't J mad at nobqbdy. Tl. is,av sentiment' ; wbi r cb must' strike; MacPhail a serious blow. 'The mouth-will- scream a't/.lho 'drop of a- spill;'-infinitive, .but even • he 'isn't loud, o'nougli to • feud with 'himself. ; -.Mbrcovor, there is no fun ; to be found' iiK yelling insults at anyone -who. won't yell back.' '•' • '•••'•. •''.•"'*•' • Tliis ^attitude., of ."tho New/' Yo'rlc manager saddens' mc'-just- as 'much as il saddens the Borough of'Brook- lyn; which is,'plenty..- Pink .lemonade has always'.placed a poor second to beer Ijottles- au 'natural-at Oiant- Dodger .i*os 1,1 v I Lie's and the common joy has. been' as unrestrained - as iL has •'hcon •unrefined.; .- • : - '.-•'• • It,-may bo that, Tor purposes of cxciteme'nt:.nt least Col. Will Terry Irad his .points.. Unto always spurs the -fun at a'ball -game, but wlro/'cnn be expected- to. hate. Mel... Ott after th'ey ; )iave''hated Terry? ' . ' - New Haven, Conn.', -Ian. 27— (UP) —Los Guiinihgham .Of .Cleveland moved info the leading scorer's position, in . the American Hockey league rankings today after going on 'a scoring 'spree last week. In thq past few days, .Cunningham scored four goals arid assisted - on three others. ' • ' , . The' lending-scorers: 1 Cunningham, Cleveland Domaroo, Proviriencc ... Calladinq, Providence . KeljiV Springneld'-.' Trudel, Washington ..; Surnmorlrill, Springflnld Husij ; , .Providence ';.'.... Pottinger, Horsiiey '.-..... IJrouin, 'Washington '.'. Gollings, Providence .... Dosilefs, Cleveland .... Douglas, 'Inrliannpoiis' . Hercbenratter, Pbila. .. G. A. P. 48 24 42 12 27 39 jr)'2/« 39 : 22 17-30 '':iG 22-38 "12' SV 8 27. 17 16 33 -8 25- 1C : 17 "3 Both Thnt odd pioc.o 61 lihnitiirc find a biiyor; iC-you use • Ui'c Classi""•'' fied medium. MATCHI5D-.TO FIGHT Now 1 -- Vorlc,'.v,]aiT/- -a^(UP)—A11IC Stolx of Newark, N. .)., and 13obby Ruinn of New 'York .will niect in a j2-roijn'd lightweight contenders' bdul at Madison Square Garden, February 27, it; was. announced-today. Tire winner is expected to got a shot at Sammy Ahgoft's J 35-pound crown. . — *-•-*—•"— Hair Tonic 'Salcsmftif Bald "Carl Hutzmann, New, York, who .ordered a' wi/ v of-luxurious dark ( brown hair in February'to 'bolster, his personality as a hair'tonic salesman, 'tried • unsuccessfully m court at Jamaica, Queens, to'collect $25.!M> from tbe Crown Equipment company of New York for failing to 'de-. liver' Ihe toupee iu 'time.' He had to appear before his prospective cus- 'tomcrs with a receding hair' line, ^e said, Jo-the wig was of'no use to him Pugilists Are Goi i^t In; Their Prepay tions.For Bout By JACK, cunnv U. P. Staff CorrosponiloiU New Yorkj Jan. -27--(liP:—i-'rii light's 10-round Hglit i)ou v ^jgli.t Heavyweight Champion Gi ..esnevielr and : Bob Paslor i s J ,jiit? warmer than a tripU 1 liotrootl Which is surprising bfcanso | .natch' wa : s greeted \viiii v,i\\ when' Pastor was sub.slilulcd f 0r jurod J^ou Nova. At that time-the maloh was qu a let-tlown from the bis ii<. 3 J weight title match in which u Louis belfod oul Buddy lJ;u.Tintj llrst round for Hie Navy ik-iio iety. There's no charily involved ay -night, and that's a major n why the 'oniMHinfor ,is lu'giunii^ draw interest: Everyone involved 1 out for caBh.ViJarl.icularly the i ers and thbir> handlers, ;iml money will be hi stake when climb' in'l'o the 'ring. ; Pastor' has a date \vllh Franklin, tlie.Negro knockout. m 1st, at Cleveland on Keb, 24,'f which Bicycle 1 Bob is wiling large guarantee—reportedly j? Should l^astor, who rarely fl well'in his native New York, si. a' trouncbig fronr Losnevich, il'sl Virfiia'J ;V certainty that his engasj meiit-Avith '.KrahlOin will ):c « celled.. . .••'•' ' 'Lesnevieh who has made only ( defense ol' his J.75-i)ouiK.l orowii : gunh'i'nff for'a money sbol u'/lii ,|i Louis,' Ho hopes to convince llj fans and Promoter. Mike that bo, and not South paw Mo!i| Bettina, sliould get the MM cruel? at Bomber Joe. • Hence both lighters are going out in their preparations for l!j bout, and their handlers li stretchiriA 1 every point in hallylfi) alined at disconcerting the opponti 'and incidentally, enticing the n| tomers. ' : James Joy Johnston, who m 'ages Pastor, is assuring the that the' "White Russian 11 of Cli] side, N. J,,, lcnock<'<l •Johnston cmpbasi'/.es Ihat Pas hasn't lost a' ; light since SIM ID-'iO, 'when liC' was beaten by Conn; a.lso that be fought 21 roira with Joe Louis.. •Lew Diamond, the pilot of l.« ncvliih, has announced be \vlllse on. in.junclion against; Paslor k Johns ton-to 1 proven!; them from llj k ing the Pioneer gymnasium «'lj s'pios at 'each workout and N having henchmen ' trail LesiwAl when he docs bis roadwork Ii'ilj mornings.-;- . Try a Classified Ad u> dispose! odds' and; ends. v> Twinkle on Ice "Twinkle'' Watts Utti<P'"Twinkle" Watts,' Ho« wood, bowling star, also o'n ice as she tries out a few ing poses, for the.;cameraman. •-•'•-- yprk. It's ; -cleai^isailin'g'; ; a;head f6r'the "Stormy Weather," owned by William Hi'Xabrqt;^ and; one of the -entries in' the annual St. •Petersburg'/Pla., to/Havana.yacht race,-scheduled for March 7. No" cancellation .o'f the race is planned despite the war/ > The "Stormy • >~-^ -Weather" was a place:'winner in.:two.previous'*races/^ 1 : WaterStreet iY 'DINNERS LUNCHES SANDWICHES OF ^ ; KINDS A SPECIAL^ Full Liquor -'--"*

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