Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on January 27, 1942 · Page 1
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 1

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 27, 1942
Page 1
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NAUGATtibK' PuhllMhnd Kvorj fivonlng (Kxoopl Sunday) by TIIK NAUOATIJfiK NMWS OOMPANY, INCJ, al It Not'Mi Main fltruot, NAimATlKIK, Kntoi'wl UH H(iot»nd-olu«H wal- ler at tlin Pont OMoo, al tuck, Stewart Says: ITdHlclunt CLAYTON I,. RHWAMf) f!, Eaiior In Output his War With Radio's Progress MIAVAIlh J, AHKUN Soorotary H, fi Managing I'UlltoT UlU'JIUN MKt'UI'Jftf'JNTATlVKS O 110 N«w York Oily MVM fjhOHlnul St-root, Philadelphia, Pa, North Michigan Avonuo, . Tho John M, Svvoonny Co,, < ( i| AhboU Howl, . Wo HUM l» y Illllfl, u : ia?rplT6'N'i Kdllorlal Department rlmo ....... ,,,«..«<» . BUHH'UUPWN IIATKS 1 iriotilli ..... . " ..... """f, 1 ,! 1 a numlliH ...... , ......... "$,rn o (uonihM ................ '''•'. payable In Advance — Dy (.Jnrrloi 1 Thn Unltnd Pi'dHH ha* Ui<» ox- cUinlvii I'lKhl to uw» for p-uimhil- oallon lii any form, all MHWH din- palohwi or'idltwl to tlilM pnpoi 1 , it IM alMO MOlMHlvoly unUUcid lo IJHO fop ropiililUwllOM all Iho lomil of tmdalod miWH publlntind heroin, Poarl Harbor Report N(*w thai MII onVmi on llui Hurprino attiick hy i f \ \ t li/rrinni'U Mil I MK I f l Hurhor IWM boon nuulo puh- lio, in it IIHH boon puiutod.oiU that thoru wan af)plti < t)Ut i lack oi' c.oordiua- tiot.i lidtwi'ion .(ipmrmuidinM 1 offJoorH of Iho [fuitod-Stntos Nas'y and ,A.mty, tho Ainor- icuui'pcVopltv liavo l»ooii given a «luar InfliKlit in hi Iho cdu- ditioiiH whioh provailod al tho tinio svhoii Iho JiifJH ap- poarod ovor \\n\v\ Uai'l)^ 1 and caiisod hoavy loss in MVOM and A'l'oat datna^o to planoH and shipH, 'Pha't Hiifh laok of oonnid" oration oonld havo, oxlslod H(uunH u'oK ni^'h inc'.rodtolo, and oMpooially in viow ol' Lho I'wt tli«t Iho (u»mnmnili.n^ (.•ffluoi'rt lu\d hfon K <lV( -' tl a warning which nhotdd havo oaiiHod thoin'to ho on tho alort I'or any attack wliich [. ho attempted by a na tion which wan known to havo I won al tho .vor^o ° 1 ' war with tho United Hta'tos, A. ooHlly, distroHrtinM 1 and hnrniliatinM' IOHHCW haw boon loaniod I'rbm tlio t'oarl Harbor. fllHaHtor, hut I horo aro indications that it will novor havo to bo loaniod a nooond limo, Tho opinion has boon oxproHHod that no inattor how on(pal)lo cortain ollicialw may havo boon, tho Tact ro- rnaiiiH tlial tho HyHlern nndor which tho Navy and Army woro oporatitiM 1 was largely to blanto Cor what occurred, A rocotd annonucomont by tho Army and Navy that Iho oantorn aoa-board has boon placed nndor a coordinatod (jowrnand, in wliich all yoa, land and air Corcon aro now in constant liainon For join! action in any otmn'g'oncy \» roaHHiirlng to pornonn in , American hornon alon^ 1 tho Atlantic Maboard, f rho I'oarl Harbor report, tnado by a board of diHtin- ft'iilwhod ArnorlcaiiH Jioadod by Supremo Oourt JiiHlioe o'won J, liobortH, was a HtraiK^tt'onva^d statement of I'aotH obtained during 1 a carol'nl and impartial invon- llgafclon, ,Whilo its rovoln- erican people^ it SOOTIIH to 1)0 A * * vonlenY 'lmrloM r Hlownrl Ily CIIAIU'KS 1*. STRWABT Central Proas Columnist IN TH.fl! fact that radio l« vastly (•ntc-lent today thun It wa.s during tho Uust war Lhcro aro, from our standpoint, certain advantages, but tliovo are certain mil- HCinces about It, too, 'U'a handy for usi to ho able to n o m m unlcato, via tho cthor, with folk wo want to say thlnga to, On the o p p o a I t o hand, It's an- noylngty c o n- as a for tho broadcasting of onomy propa- U al.HO Is 'exceedingly dlM- cult to prevent Us employment in tho transmission of reports by the fooo 1 (itfontu In our midst, to their homo governments, and in tho countor-ti'ftriamluslon of Instructions from their governments to tholr Atfont*) bore, CorroHponclonco by mall and tho cables Is comparatively easy to rotfuUUo, but tho wireless Is abundantly harder to control, When World Conflict No. 1 started, the JirltUih wore prompt to cut Clorrnnny'M transatlantic cabling facilities and the Oermans had plenty of news, true, or otherwise, that thoy wanted to circulate In tho United States, Accordingly, they tried to do It by radio, but the method was too unclopondable thon to U- of much use to 'om, I was on a foreign news receiving clo«l< In Manhattan at the time, and Berlin's.wireless messages arrived on It In stacks,, but about 05 per cent of 'em were Jumbled beyond the point of Intelligibility. They simply meant nothing whatever Naturally they didn't servo Hoc-he purposes as propaganda or anything else, Now the- Axis countries can scat- tor their stuff by air In tolerably 'coherent form, V, R Tried Umlio, Too Presently we got Into tho strife oursolvos--'I refer to tho last war, At that Juncture I wna on a news asfilgnmont in Buenos Alros and the local United States embassy con- acripled mo to handle George Crool's.Commlttoo on Public Information's output, from that center to tho Argentine, Uruguayan, Brazilian, Paraguayan, Chilean . ami Bolivian press, Cleorgo wasn't ua dopondont upon radio.'an Uo.rlln had'boon, for. wo ttlll had cables In operation bo- .wobn tho Ulo do In Plata and tho t/nlted SUtefl, Novortholoss, ho irlod' to roly on vvlroloss- ((lings all ho could, and they weren't readable, either, t had to ovolvo tho bulk of my report in my own oWcc, an embassy adjunct, ft was lino to havo Clovnmny bottled up by radio's Inadequacies of the period roforroc! to, but a bother to us In tho dlsfiomlnatlon of Undo Hum's publicity. At pi'Ofiont tho situation's In ro- VOl'MO. Wo can radio an copiously as wo like, which Is a groat Improvement, but now tho Axis crowd can do tho immo thing, which Is a peat, Tf anything, the' Japanese aro more pernicious than tho Germans at tho wlroloss propaganda game, Mechanically, they're clover at It. Tholr exports, with few exceptions, wore trained horo, and .they're more familiar-with our American tricks of tho trade, JapH Smoother . Moreover, I think tho average Jap propadancllst Is slicker at It than tho average Nu'/l, A German naturally in gruff, His gruffnoss Is Included In what ho says and It's Inherent In hla radioed tono of voice, A,. Jap doubtless hates u« oeiually with a Nazi, but he has tho faculty of being placatory, 1'vo known 'em both In their respective home lamlfli Germany, to a visitor, Isn't overly hospitable, oven In normal times, Japan normally Is sugary —no doubt treacherous underneath, but superficially affable, Tho difference la reflected wlro- lossly, Germany warns, Japan tolls us how hospitably It's treating tho American prisoners It took off Wake and Guam Islands, It's dropping; bombs on our forces 1 In tho southwestern Pacific as fast as Gorman U-boats are doing tholr torpedoing off our Atlantic coast, but tho Japs sook to give an lm- prosfllorr of "no offense," whereas tho Germans are outspokenly ugly, Not that I Imagine any American Is foolocl by-the Japs, but thoy commit murder with more superficial politeness than tho Germans do, Italy doesn't signify. ' . 4 » » Mental Condition Is Cause Accidents aro.duo to your mental condition,, according to health nu- thorltloa, In factories, statistics hiwo ahown thnt workers who do not keep tholr attention fastened on tholr work nnd,on their machines nnd material thoy aro hnndllng, hnvo fl5 to 00 per cont of nil tho nocldonts, ' 4 » » r Apple* a* Mont G»rnlsho» Apples cnn b'o made Into delicious nnd attractive meat garnishes, such na tfld/.od applo rings with pork or 'ham, mint-flavored apple jolly with Inmb, or nppjo stuffing with duck or KOOSO, CLUTCH TROUBLE profcty generally agreed that it WHH'H "full and frank" document, and that, it will havo a Halu(ary offoot. JBfUJgT'B.'.-TIHBipfAT; JANUARY 27, 1942 •^••^•^••P^I ' ' -l "*" MacArthur, Outwits the Japs ITEMS TAKEN FROM THE NEWS' 20 YEARS AGO Charles I'l. • HnynoH,Vl.e<:hn|<!n).. fac .lory manag(.'r. ,of tlin ; .M.'. ^. . Rubbe r.'o.,, \vrtH n vl.sll.or al' .l))0',j')lants : of I lie Olovo .'mil SliiOn. (s'orni)anles .yc,s : len'lny; ...'.. ; . . '• !;•.-. : \V, T, • PrnM nivVav len,'ii<'d' Hie I'UJiMl'.'il :()f.'j|,-''r«lrt'l.'lvf} : -In' .Merlden, yo.sloi'day •.al'tbruoon. ' . • l/ei'iiinn ('!. Weiss' hns .sold his' -on Huhher aveiine'l.n (leoiv : ';e and Mosn Mclmers. AfvliUnr.'! K. Allon i'JInrk, who lias been employed in N(j\v Jersey, has rolunied (o Mils borough nnd h:is (ipened an ol'flire In Room 10 !n the Fellow's building on Miiplo 1'he lolepliune number Is Odd Hire Prof, Hoy Heron, who lias f'MH'nKWl as organist at the- Metbo-. ilisl 'K|)lsco(nil elinrch, Is a gruil- ualu ol 1 Iho ^'lll( > . Unlvei'slLy School' nf Music and of the Northampton. Musloal Instllutn of Pedagogy, .under Prof. Haldwln, lie. will assume his dnlles ut Did. local church next Sunday. . • .. ' All persons hnvlny Ijllls against Uie luixunr Klvoii by (he united sort I" St. I'Yuncis' parish, .are lo present the same Immediately lo Chairman M. W. MorrlH, 'I'lie box ^of oiKars JIJLS .nol y/'i been claimed, but all the other presents have been disti'lbuted. AiM'fintfnnMinis' I'oi 1 a vnlentine so- olal'lo In? hold, by the mombers of Kennedy circle,. , No, 20, Daughters o'.' Isabella, oii..Uio evening of Feb. l/i In Pythian hall, have been completed,. Kat:h member- is .privileged lo Invlln a Konlloimui. The ni'i'an^e- ments committee' consists 'of Miss Catherine ('Irani," Miss ' Rose "TJo- 'lan, Miss Lorolla llogan, Miss Anna (limnoud, MI-H. Mary Mui'phy and Miss K'alhloen Dullai'd. The chambci' -'of •.comm'o'r.oe-./'slo-' Win Contest'! --is •.'ppon -t'p/'l-hn 1 .(he, school, boys 'and '.'girls, of.;'llxo': bui-- rni^ii, butifthere.. is - no; :ob < iecl,i'6n>.tQ ;idi.|lts ' suggesting' » 'Slogan•• to, any. ihlld,: and "it 'Is:, liopofl. tlVat- -purcii'Ls will, encourage -their', try. roi 1 the prl.x.a. .al 1 . $rj. : \Yl r; > lsv.-.t6. ; .-'be vflvon! to ' 1-1 m/aiiliior- .dfVth'e slogan. o— : , -. : . ..,>•; ••.'• From :- :.>N^wspapers WAEINEUROPE ''Line •;,'By, v |;Jhil,efl'.Press' . .-:. -,-', leiv'..,'10'mpr'oss;-o'i'oUistralia '.tor lla,ya's; talvci \ • French -n'qwS;, agency ;oveiv by;.Yicby > . mliri,jir.>v'i i ug|n7C' ! In'' Hiimania.- =.-• '-. ',: 1 ;.- i jf-IX 1 er : : •.. d e;ftp ees '. . d IV I s i on-' 6 f ."• S i 'I cs i a ' :".-u'- : ,(N. Colonel ••.Undberg.h.'.s, pj'.omptv 'of-; •for ; of, h'l.s '.se.i'viues .t'o":.U)p.,i?o.y ri prn-.. .'nienl,. following/'the .'Jaijnnesc, 1 , rnld^ on Pearl, lla.r'b'pr,' pj r e.seritijd;;.ra't)ier r n. delipate'. proJjidTn.yij-iiSpluMphVftiB! announced '. ;b,)v;.S dons # i v e a I-' c t '.6. r!t I,. ; \y c Judgment of'-both. be retained by .tlic in a ,civilian.'capacity, resiial'ch. Though'-.'the-' Afiss llolon Rronnan, daughter of M\'. nnd Mrs. Mdward llronnan; fo.r- mcrly of is'atigaluck, now of Gol- legn point, l.j, I., -was graduated Thursday evening, January 20, from KliiHhinK high .school in Flushing, is'ew York, with a class of (58.. Miss Margnret Uronnan .was graduated from tlie 'grammar school in Col.-. loge Point nnd will enter Flushing high school, Tholr many local friends will he pleased to learn of Ihelr Htioc.ess In their school work.. Vlnontit lloynolcls of' Provldonco, R. I., Is visiting his -pai'ents, 1 Mr.' and Mrs. J. YV; Roynolds of Cherry think,,'to the,' : 'g.h ;i'S;'to'^ j.ilbparirn'ont:- to .'undertake • ntUurti'-of ills; n'ot specillcally do lined Ihe publh^ js g!.vo|i' : ':tb. .understand that it is neither, vag'iu^nor-'trivial! l)ut j'olated-.'i.q ; . \-.\\•.< tecjinlcuI, ..corn-:, morci'al project- .In t .,wiilch thc-'.de- • parlmenl, -has •a/vitul.•.••iniorpst;". '.'•„•': ''. ;, Two .Ibln'gH., sf ( uVmqd .opsantlal l .to ; propoi 1 dis'pos'fi.l. of thQ" einbarna'ss-. nnuiU • One wi^.that- ihe sincerity of Lindbergh's tlesiro- to serve his country., and his' ability to, : do-'so should rneut with • J'ull.,.officlRr • ro- spect. Here was . a'- test . of" tliat demoUrauy • sui'vlyal .is tho basic object of- Our Wai 1 blTprt. Yet: nothing could h{u r o 'bo.en iijss appropriate in, the cb'cuinstanpes ;than to restor.e' lii'rn' to the mllllury'rank 'he liad i-esigncd. A man 'may .not ilg'ure as l.lui ch'ampion of •& 'defeatist • •hiiriorlty and snbserpientTy •assume command over 1 those,, .who 'have pledged'" their- Jive's to; prove he .w ; as wrong, • Apparently. ••' Lindbergh reall/ed, tills h'imaelf. According to Secretary S'Umson... !Mic said he thought Chat the '.• most' useful plnoe- for. liiiiv wo;iilcr'-bc:V :J iiv;.'tbe lino of technical cxperlmehtdtlon.". 'I'li'e (lomonsl.ratj.on is .that of igopd tasiu, all around. • ''•''•/ • v" v ': u ' . . . Gouht.)<plao05'.goes::-t,o '"front .-as/Lt '" ' , . ' ' 1SKEY1ETE Mrs. McSorley, who has resigned her "position at ti\e.,Gen-, f.ral olTMje of tbe local rubber eom- nnnles, was guest of honor at a de- llghlfttl parly givon .hoi 1 by Uto ent- nloyes of the tlcUel,, Invoice and urodiiction departments of-'lho Con- (ral office reeontlyf'A : buffoL Umnh \van st'i'ved. Mi'H.V-M.o'Soi'lc-y^tts pi'o- H on led with an eleelrlo^erool/itor, •« 1:5 gold pleoe and a bea.utii'iil, bouquet of flowers. ' . , nhnrl'cs II, •fiurtl'is of May street tins gone to Minmh I'ln,; wliere he will spend Hie, remainder of tho win tor. ' • The flag on- the Honor . Roll on North Main slreet, \vhioh,. was a! 7 most blown .from. Its moorings. 'luring the -'ro'conil windstorm, was replaced by Ocuorulor -.lohn S. POLITICAL ;' •-• (Minneapolis ... .Piling up taxiJ.'}" for : whr v and.,inicn some; of i.iie-.'. 1 piojieT'".on pay ; ' r'', aiid; 1 /];, npn- csseutitil gover^imient. 'actiy'ijiips.'. is SH hol-nso. Aniei'ican's .wll 1; ,. wil ling! y, pay whatever is 'nccossary ..-•'; to -J- tills .war. '.-Til at inusl, be 'taken granted. 'Paxes are gOhi£ ; soring. If the nioney:gocs:jnlp; : >vi!i'- niiiM' tlie.wal', no .one has 'a : 'TlglU to compla.ln of the burden.' .'.''• 'Hie fact is thakall the,U^vmo:n,ey: : sn't Koing- InUx^v'^l|Vo';war,;',o'i getting reaciy ,to. win vtbc. \ykr.l; , ,-, • , Money that, should 'go. .'into •;|he wa r e IT o r t is b c i ng , used.' f 6 r.-.u n 'up.o'r-' essa ry go vcrn m on 1 1/ act! v J.t'|ijsS>^iVi\r tlonal, state. .and • 'Ippft!','.', "\ '•-.>..'.?; -V.-.- "'/ i. ' There 1 will' be" waste, in-. preparations- because, .: fift dollai'H 'a' ycari cannot all;:b.c;;sp'ciji^ wisely : 'an'd c'areiuli'y. ; WevmiisL^x^ poet waste . there,: , vBut;-- wliejii'; : i'tixr';' payers turn' over more , and. more:. of; tl i e 1 r . wages vtCM i mance^a ^ya,r :( ;|Ui e^: hnve a right to demand .thai •'•riS'HJrne '. -be lost in out of "city';' 1 state'' .and national ' -budgets, .ev.orytbjtig, that . can be do.iic./wdtliout. or: lc_ft;-' 'until later." '"';•;'• •' •'• "-.• •:•''•:'. . v • Oiii 1 ' money must 'be. used to win; 'this war. Any goveriiincnt • official • who., advocates or w'Jlll'ngl othoivuse ' of -.'i t sliouldv)3o 'retired s' •; PI t Jlsl) uVgb;i -H-n jv'-,27^r CUP.) — M'ol-j,-b- ; 'd6 n ii rri, Ta J 'rndta I :•' 1 o n g n'eg 1 ec tcd % ' b > r .-Amerfcar'v., is "now 'playing n. 'ieadiiVg.' roJ'e" "i-n stcc'l-making. 'and 'is .=\rcssbhiiig-'''tltja li ! nation's ^ depen- cio.ri ce.- V 6 n'' f o're i gh •' .sb'ii reds ;o*f; s tec I - i ThcV. increasing. .Xise ', of, moiybdcr hum', •accOrdJng.yto';' l^t 1 .'. A.' A.' Bates, iTianager ', ,6C.,.tihe... ' a : n.d iriet'al urgioar' . de'partmon t.s 'of" th.c ) \Ves.thvgh6'usQ ! '..! .Research / -- : - Luboi-a- ''tbrres;'.''is. 'free'ing '. war-res'tric'tied. ul- • Vo y i ng; ; ;'in eta Is.', 1'p t;. . - ; p r.ocl u o t i on • • o C ''shqils,Jtanks and'guns;... • , . . !':; ; ,-t)Mo],ybdenuni. ..lias .been" neglect- -cd J:or. jiiaiiy yoarsV' Dr.. Bates said. '""But -this-'motaf jio.w-is playing a ;.lo : a'dins':-r;olo ( ,in", steej : makin6 as . a resiiit".'6i'".industi'V's search for sub- stitiit;es:'rto' .rejiracc' inctals' I'ormerly obtained."abroad.. ,:',...'•, •' • • .* ^inc^ujupiiniim-"^ bo .exjilaine'd?.V- vB'uf..;-Ave .have always had- to•••'depond : .upoii/supplies from ubroiid for . •nickel,' - ohrOm'Su.m, inangancse, , and ''.tungsten,, wliicb arc-.used., with -.Iron !,0"produce steel o c, ' strpnglb," '• hardness, toughness or \vorka))llity. M . • T ".' TI)an;.,FbriiHir Alloys ; Nearly 90 'per < cetit of -the.-'world's mpiyb'abnum:\''la ; ;. produced in .'-the :^tQ8;.;:;\lMlia^ ;: boc;h ••slow- jn,. being pu1i?l6 >: -'usc^litiwever,; bccausq\ this oountirJy;!s:st'ores.; ;' v were ; only ^j^pjdy,eredV''V^reoen't' ( years,'- and b"o- causeYqi:-• dijTlouUies 'in' learning -to.' !; '•''" " v '"'" jVeatTtrcat' alloys: cbn- . . .g de.maiKl .^sheHs ari(anGS ; 'is.'?, now 'using"piolybdcnuni firici clirbinihiim- .,;' place 1 . .p^niClcel. as : the strength- e1ing;*a : ge5i^'"'rhV^: : stcel •!• for- /'sliai'ts, lipltsf ;goarsj-ahr|. ;' ; qt!) ; cr •'• mbtoi 1 nnd ' •"' ' p'rIvato -1 ifo at'.:i!)Q' earliest -p.o's'sl b j) p o r (u n 11 y 1 . • • : ..' '.'.v -, : -* •. ,T;;: : >V.%. ; .'•'' : V : V/. high-speed, .~.. engineers day 1 se^ » ' ai'V^n P'ij.!iptti ; of , m ale In g ':: -to o I s of^ -mplybVle^m^ istelel,: ; v ^w c^ . . the engineers ;!n. ciualit!y-;to : |isecl,' and is ' ,alsb ffr-tli '^ — Mi's. Georgo' V. and ••• her - ; i n-- NycVo ?g6od : :cbiKlitio^ at a- hos- -- : t>yO; .iiv days 'after ' MANILA PASfG FKWKINLEY ATLANTA FINDS SLUM RIDDANCE! Atlanta, Tie IMP a project, This map shows how Gen. MacArthur's men scored a smashing success against Jap shock troops in the Philippines. In a brilliant maneuver, MacArthur counter-attacked with right wing, driving back invaders, and easing pressure on flank hammered by land and sea lorces. ' . . (Central Press) NEW REGISTRANTS A PERMANENT HOME ADDRESS A : ' l,ho l,fpi ajJre who selocUvc H foi-Uicornin -of men in hnvckel,- oT. mot'c M'vic.e "I', al, Feh. !(> rc.u'islra- Ihc'y M.u'vion 20 .-to f & yo.-irs- nl'i, than one. placn of ore of resjri.r-ncii' imiy .clioosrj which wanl,«, i'(j(iorilcfl ;>s fOHidonce Lo do.siKnaLo Uu; . lojal I.Jin'1, .-ihvnys will Jinv-'.jiu'is- '-over. ]iim,.:Col.. Ernes'.. L, Avei'ill,'-- ,siai:o dJr.ccl.o.r- 'of Sel.?.iil.ivc .Soi'V'iy'c for. .'CdnriooHoiH;. .said Iwli/yi The' : clive(.'l,(ir niiiplinsix-Gd, ho\v- o,v'er,'r llia.ii no .li ; a'nisicni..aiUli'c.-?s •ni.-iy lie' •l-.rpc'oj'ticii)"-'! mi'tl* ""Llial •.•SolceMvo RorYliic 1 .re^ula.Uons:- prohibit i nlc'i'Teron : co. 'or 'd icl-,u l,i on l.iy ' a t,raV v; .when ,' a-;' l ' :m'y h'as inoiJ(i\-f.'lian •° no ' s o f -posid'encn is R' !o ^ ! hliih; he. his home' o.'l.. . inienl,- 'of. .. , filVy ".\iju v'.ol 1 .i.StjJ^t/IJvc - egiiltrilons.i'/.Dit'eclGr .'; Avci ertoitj'thAta'cJiv^nun Jjo. aw . :iiul Scrvioa ll . '.rts-i- jv .i^-^.i l.V : ;-i;fK :; '' I'J pmo • '.u'rtrtres.s /ur-:'! \ ttfi su)),)()o!;..'lo"i'ctr]) : ..l.o^JljK'qiidlias 1 J'ror.i- lhiUv-;lop/ur.:hoiU'il.'- Tlml, is a , basic ' . and J \exjj-ebl, ovcry Selc'ciiivfi. Service regisi.i'iir : in; .Ui'b' stale j oi' ..C'oniKujl-1- cut i-o. .v-rlhoro sli'icUy, io. il,. 1 ' • • Regis l,r.iiLI on', -cards., to bo. -used Feb. ; ':l ( will. c,on lain a.'spncc for Liic rag-is trani; to list his plnco of resitlonoc. •Jirlhcj o.vent- that .h'c lias Uiu-n" -ono 1 place, ho is re:to lisl,.his.:o\vn..clioic' his placo ;-oJ"'i.;6sidciK',c. ' ••"• :. In'.-, addition; -tlie registration will ha'vc' : ?pace. J'or rec hjrtll'.a"(l(lressi-..Th(s-'mny be th<v as- the ' place: of residence or : H b'c anoi.licr arldross • >Yht.;re j'C'i.stranL will riicelve - his card may S?lcoUye, S.urvjce regulations :a!so roffUJi'tV.oac.Vi . rcgisl-ranl, .to. dcsorlbo. tlie ; place of resii.lenc so Hint il-s location' hiay 'bo '• determined from its -clesoription; A resident \vlio lives on. an- -RKD' i-oute: wliich . gous though,., two : states, \vill l)e required • to Jiidicate the location of his. residence, rather tlum his 'mailing- address'. For ' Ui is 'reason ,' an'd because soine I'ug'lstr nhts ". may ''bo able; -10 reci'-uye, tlicir mail, more readily al an 'address other than their place -of residence,' the Tegistratjon -card has spaces for, I.) 'otji- addresses. . ' . • A- 'description of ' Mic- • place of 1'eside.ncG of the registrant, tho director stressed, will .once- nnd for all time cietcrmln 0 the local board thai, \vlll liave jurisdiction over tlie ruglslirnn'l,. " ' TJiq mailing address, hbw(?ver, cnn' .be cliange-J . when necessary and .local boards .'will send Iheir nollcos to the .m:i!l!:i.«: ,-iddrossos without regard to piace o: 1 resklenee. \Vhilu the mailing- address is suli- jiv|. to elninge whenever !he rc.-.,is- !./unl moves,' the director pointed, ou I., . fin', instructed to \\!>m the. -registrant that onoo he (tosiHrialas his place-of rcsidcn i.-s lie irrevocably designates the ioca) lirifi'rrl whicli will have continuous jnrisdH'.tlon ovor him. '. AS ; ; .n example of tho proper nioth.'d of .recording both address uf residence and proper mailing :u1- dress,. Col. Averill pointed out. thai a registrant living in Devin, Conn., wouki report residence address as Devon-Milford, Conn., and his .mall- ins a dross as "John Smith, Devon, Conn." Another example would. I)- 1 , the wise or Richard Hop,. \vno. Ijyns in : Stohinb'ton,. Conn.', bill receives liis through -H.KD.: Wes.' ; e>')y, R. ]. .Th6. proper. reg-i strati on. fory this . registra'nt would be, Hkhard; Hoe, Main strep't, Stoning on,> Conn., and on'the proper'line for ,his mail address, Rielrardv'Koe, R.P.D., Westerly, Rhode. 1 ' Island. . .'.". ' . . •• " • '«.»-: . . .. ,' Wife Preservers Oa., .Inn. o ? first lo\v-renl Tech wood Monies come a must on th< sigh tseers in Atlnn la—as as Stone, .mountain or " ,i,he Wind 11 -landmarks. This OO-HaniMy "«><. the slumr.clcarancoi- and housing'program which ing 1 Hew.'homes for morn i) 000 Amari'cans. .' Todiy, Tobl-iwood is only sfivcn -such: low-rent housii ccts in, Atlfinl-a, built at a $n-,50Cf,000. Kully occupii'd, modern -'publicly-ownoil h 0lr lo\v. llOli house almost seven per win O f.i local populniion. To cl i \y o q d fa m i 1 i es aro Iheir homes, considi-rin. selves the "blue Ijioods 1 "' O f noUonwldo, low-rent housing. a:r'am. JOach.year the set a holiday. "Techwood d;i\ wlrich the, oeciipanls sl;^o a and carnival. Of their, own volition, families have improve.! their cia! and economic stains in now-homes. A Tenant Asso.- represents them in M«»lf-gi inent. A cooperative saved them $100 in a I LriaJ 'period ol 1 group of'i'a'rrii products. Tenants have raised supplies .and equipnionJ niehl, • Uvn recreation pn young and old. These from raiyulies .wliich fonnt-rly m ))evti) (inly .:53 :i per cent, of l-opiilation,. yet had 50 per con the/, deaths,'.(H) per cent of ui cuiosis, 50 per cent of -iwests' 72,! per -cent of .iuvenile ddiin«iu« Ui'iiay have -one of tiie most piete recreation programs h, c)ly - „ i . Libraries, eommunJl.y riiild! 1 movies and swimming pools now (.IT? meeting grounds for families. •Youn« 1>\s no have to use vacant lots or t clnttere.:! .streets for their { As a result," the death rate, ber of awesl.s and juvenile have taken a sudden drop. Six Rooms, ?2. r ) Techwod .''families luivc own 'nibnllily- newspaiicv, Tec 1 })wood' News," \vhich wi'tos i' the locnl * .ivews.' An .aU)li ; lic, gram-provides for • ItMijrue i with tenms^from.; ol.her projects. •'••-.*'.• • These families formerly lived bouses -in .whicli' nine oil I o! were over 23'.years old, sonio, d& ]>ack us., far as'the Civil \Varii four out : -of '--flyc Indeed'either batlv : or'inside running \v;uVr lo To get ihc amount of vitamin A needed in the average adult diet—5,000 units-rent nn average helping of bctf liver or chicken livers \s;luch are tops in men la conlSimw? it. Veg-etables rich in vitamin A are: s'ljinnch, beet tops, jjreen escarole, kalo, broccoli,.carrots, raw or ccoked, endive, Hubbard squash,, sprouts, golden bantam corn, parsley, red peppers and watercress . , . ^Tenants••". niiy on a iystem-,^'rangiiig' Tr.onY per'monUv. r rbis InchMlcs Vonv twij 1o;;six rooms. The lies do. ii good 'share' of Mi« m .eiianco \vor.k required for (lie and • grounds."•' • "City', o'tflci.als .are sold on projects. )'n pre-Ilousing Anllio: dayy,..'-1'ho' city received ap. ]y\.?:},4,00 per year in taxes'!! 1,/icse sites. Yol mbro Minn $1 was spent every year to i life,' beall,)]' and property 'in slnni areas. All agree the p; are- a good investment,. I PIC.XHL JlMWOIill YOU'RE TELLING ME! -By WILLIAM RITT-Central Press Writer VENUS, goddess of beauty, has Mars, god of war, beaten to a frazzle when a woman seeks to trade her gas mask for one more complimentary to her per- '.sonality. Today's Silly (as relayed by Crandpappy Jenkins}: If duo means two, what is twain? Two, too! j..' t j . . It's an honest driver who, claiming his car was going over 40, admitted that referred to its age and not its speed. j t t A cobra never counts 10 before st.riJcing. . But, then, what else can you expect from u lowi| down snake in the grass? t j j Zadok Dumbkopf wonders i'| those land mines we read in the war news might nol confused by some with ou; c, tive mines. Junior's big scheme failed. wanted Ms parents to obscr«| Education Week by doing home work for him. Jouncing and bouncing a b is good - for its health, say«< doctor. Lucky for him, by*! time he grows up they have forgotten who said THE BATTLESHIP THAT BROUGHT CHURCHILL HEEE ^V'""vv.""y f^nwniA-vfWr* <"'* ^ - &?„ ^ sV "v '*"**'*&: . .*|^^^|^««^^^:^-^ > .">'.'. . f Larclirnonl, N. •' Is : atf'oince' worker . . .. This pholo, relense.d by the 'Rrih'sh- Admirnlly nnd cabled to N'evv York from London, is n view of HIP (he-new Itritish halUcship Duke of York, ns it diifi' into Ihe Ad.anUo. swells while .hrfnflhifl I'rinic . VVins(,onClnii'«!u?l -Jo Mve United Slates for. )ii.s. histbry-miikino conferences with President KooseveU- niC;linjLlIft5;li.ip',s hif/ fjuns inn y he ' only when H, was announc i nuiu-.s i»v. nis.-insiory.-making eonrei-ences wiln I'rosideni\r"- o.\seiMi 'swuno oulhoard. Th:U the ne:W*hVV(Vie^ff|>'Uvrt^^i f c|\uilly in s' >n •otitKicd- Mial the worship had curried Churchill to America.

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