Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on January 26, 1942 · Page 1
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 1

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Monday, January 26, 1942
Page 1
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Now at the XJenv THURSDAY ;, Loe\y?;T,heater In response-,; to-, many patrons' : of Groat Program Showing At Gorn Theater ...,,1, ,,11 iho Ihundor^nK, (l.rrimn . II,,. uiviil Nnrlhwi'sl, 'SI c> win 1 1. ",', r ,j while's lu'sl MPlllnjtf ail- ,1,'ji-' 1 n"Vi'l. "Wild- (Jot-Hi)' (.tall-. , V !',' i - ,-niiirs In Kin MWejM 'H 1 Iho. ,'.' 'I'lusUrr loiliiy and Tuesday. !ll iiN,i-v I''"'"'"- (IS Uiu-.lwn. flHtoU' uiiil .louii hcnnotl, as, hiill <|tinoii, huvo i In tho story ol' two' mi 1 . fltfhllnK Mi" fury ol' • (uimilny, ili'iiliiry-Kox Him 'nndii, who Is., Ki'l|>I lf "l ScaivhliiK ' 1'nr hh-t William, ho nuMilH ,1/mii hi'ininU, u danc.or ,nKh wnlrrl'rnnl saloon, ai|\tMiltli'ciM niroiiln l.o Al- v hoii-rlili'iu'd by Uiu real)-, i ti; ,l .fiijui uiiii Warren am. ^svi'i'linMi'ls. Amid MIC wildn NVIld n«'oMo UulllriK" , a( . k "'f ,,„,. |ulln ,, ,-ol 1(1 4 >lS ,Vit'Hy (<' 11* MiiuMlillitf i'lh vj.-sv ,iiidii!iu:<'5> have fuillod , pniiilu 1 .^ iK'N'oi'Miaiirn as l.ho 'l |\M, iiMtcil liimliiTjuok , Iho '„(• | ; |s HU|io('h iHij'Iruyal ft' -,,,, .i.u.l In "Tin- nri.po* of ''' - ,\ml .!"'»» H'Mim'tl's v,luii'» ij u ,i nf llu- lianh'iK'd dance „.,.,', \vllli a piinl. hiiM' jM'.-n theater i'or stage aUra'dti.ons, Man,iv Edv ; F]t/pal/rick, of commuting': to New'York, to,.th'§ leadi ng ' p ook I ng, ;y c Qffi ces ;j p£/ttj$ lni'od pluyor Wiin'wr'U'-Jiiitiiit hi Hlou-url'I'Jdwiml Whites' M " Iho iuu i yv i (ii!iilii i i l .v-.l!'(i^.'|j|t. In Ihi.s story oi ; iiv'two^sie/l hi ( Iwfk niui Ills diiiiiMJ.'1'mll (iiuusn s\v(Hi(h(|nH, Onii MunH.on, nnd"Jlui'ton. Mue- l.nuo ut'o imiHU'lnully I'"-" ' ' ' -. • Man Hunt," They IIM (lU'.V Una Munson nnd Barton iMrichanc nwnpluU) th 'ttl'ofilurad- east- and urn suld to ooiil.rlhuto outstanding.Miip- pnrt. John Hrulim dli'ur.lml Troiii UK; srrniMi play by llnrade MnCloy. II, svas jH-oduond by Harry Joe'Drown On this program nlsn Is Mniv.l of Tlmo, "llaM.ln In Tho Pad/In' l.ooii I'Jrrul In "Homo \Y'or!<" am; "JnTorntaUon Please. Tho U"V" „,,! t) " piildish.'d hy a sae in .!'.),',() d.lilng Hie pli' he United States maintains 250 for all forms of 'wild life, «Hf N YOU 00 TO THE MOVIES MARCH Of OIM£»t MORE TRIPLE HEADLINE SHOW ON STAGE - IN PERSON STACK SHOWS DAILY 3.6 9-P. M. 10 U B REESE and his hand BEATRICE KAY or a AY NINETIES — RADIO: P/?OG/?/IM LITTLE TOUGH GUYS MOM HOLLYWOOD PLUS OTHER BIG ACTS Mickey .Ropney, Judy Garland Alcazar Theater "Millies On Rroiirlwny, 11 '"• now ali thu A\unm\ fi Thoatcr.' proves' one Uilng—youl.h'stlll. maintains 'its supremacy In',.the motion pitilure world. '.--•••• ..•". A spJonUIUly c>ontrlvecl combination of music, claiioliig, ' comedy : and puUiOH, this new Molro-Gbldwyn- Mnyer picture... servos as the p'ni foot show window for the talent ol 1 Us (, Mickey Booncy am Judy Ciarlaiul. Lilerally full of musio, the' pic.fciiro also olTors Virginia Weldler' 'in' A doprtrUirc IVom IKM- -UHUII! clramatlo /!, singing"; and dancing'. Tw.o oihor notuble aclUltloiis -arc Ray'Mo- ^onuld and HI chard,, newfjom- M'S- I'roni the Now York stage, \yith Kfty Balnter, Doimkl Mock and''Alox. itiulor NV.oollcott rupt'csorited adult j-olos. • •' • The iinpoi'.soiiations by'Mickey..-'and Judy bring down the house, as Hoes Judy's singing ol' "Chin Up, Cheerio, Carry On," "Bombshell- From'.'Bra- xJl," which Burvos toV iiitrdduce Miokny: in a Cnrmen . Mii'anda Jm- pOL'-Moimtloii, "Hln'gs On My. Kingors, Bolls On My Toes," a la Blaiicbo Uing, • and "Mary Js a Grand. Old Narno," ns made Famous by, Pay Ti»mplel,on. ,;. . ' Bill., good as It is, the music or "Babes On Broadway" does not overshadow tho story. Taking, '.-as .its thoino th.d scorns of youngsters \yho invjidf! Now .York yearly, struggling, for l.holr "break" on the stage,-.'the. plot deals with, the HghI/of Mickey and his pals for a -.l/pc. hold .a. c dancers. They oventunlly wind '.ui producing theft- own show on Broad country will inaugurate.A, : 'i|ion stage and. scr'eeh ; p'.pjio^-,,..^u. ui^ j,heater,", ,Km:> f 29 t fclV//for, : , ij^p .days a week 'Thursday'ana 1 '^"' 1 ' 5 "' i Investigation'"of ''• the' mpsj, for. .programs ;ofJ'ere.d.iin /.(fli.Q^ (jh ea ters o t 1 New York . lias that: a performancei • made 'u ha rid with . ou ts tandin the slagc, screen . and;. . ( . iUl( v.* v ,. to be.-.'Svliat i l i h;b"patron,si/ !;hese theaters : Avant6ci-; : 'ijioppif£j|ngl.y; contVacts were signed,; 1 ;' 'f.or.^'lo.'Q'tili Appearances 'of ; the••". Icadln'g^ band.^i A '--"- stars, stage stiu;s\'an|dj\9c);^cnt ;. Among th( qonLrfioted for showing 1 , •'"•are''; Brexe and his Vbrec/Jn ;,Tucker,»; JiOhnny Long,,...,. 1 Sammy I-iorace Bei Calloway, Artie SbaAy,;-l.udky"Klillin'-; (1,61-, Kddle, OucH'ln', '.Jpjiftntf'-fyhfafinffi 1 • n(}-ini'c -nl' •': -) )i«' "''triri •".•', .'i>» nlf I iltri ^V^ I I »« A * J «_4 1^ * A O >,' ' ' .'^' '.'.* • .1 ,. '. / »"• . ^^ ^^ Fi- iammy . Kayo,.'.. Beaiiyj^^.U^.o^nVan,' iorace . Mold-t, • Kay^lvay'soi:;. • Cpu'^itj i e i-n J vie!, . ,7 i m m i o' ' L,ti n : oei;b.rd, ^G&b- and,- others -of •'i;i? 1 ^\'^fl^^'. 1 . c -'f!l'.' ••-• - r - : ' v ' ; ' -'' 11 ' :: ' r lifinds. minus. ••;•• ; \;;:..}'-\:,.Ti.',.i'.! v ''-.'. : .!;.'/.-'.''.' • Among, the : staL's "of^jV^h'e/'.'slagc screen and radio"\vhb : v u """-'"-"'" OJl , (Bojangles) ' . i Koye, the a Stooges','; Henry, 'Arniet^a 'J,'i m my D u i % an to.v; J.orin? ; ' B'a|cs; -, "$f \a •- '0 -'i Brotlicr,s, •-. Ry.aiV Aniy; ' i\l\l y.aiV Aniy; 'ArhlI; ; ;.Elja;' ; LOfjan -.tim. \l\l '.ilie .stars who/'irQVtiyrtllable: • -," ' ;'Tli'e 'new ; policyron]^T!iurs,day-'; : aiiic r Klay- w'l U b o • of- th r"&e{- sh.o'ws ; daily C \HOf K LOMttAgO IN •""' NEWSnEKL \T G EHf•' In. ilio ourrciii.ncw.s 1 reel being shown nt the Goin '.Thtuitcr the Cftmeramaij lius olJlained cxc4>.UciU views of (ho i«(c Lombard wiiiIc she was in her. InsJ, patriotic, task in sell- inff Defense Bonds before her? ti^nflic death iiv an airplane aecl- route to, her..homo in Hollywood. Plain as the nose on -one's -face, , t;.3--Q .an'd''9, .pi ^n. v an'd ; .the' pr 1609 o'.Vbc' clnirjc;ed will' be.-,the- lowest t h ti'fc" : .a.'.' y a'u (1 c v i 11 e,-, . s I j,o w. o f- ecj u a cariber iias cyei: • J3eoii - presented ir I^cw^Kngliind^^unywii'ore. • ;',•'.'• - :( •.The;, pijeiiin^-;:".show,; ..yviJli';be r !- : a i'lpTo!', liLurdriner\/.onV.tW,; stagcV all tL'iplc^, hgadliner . .qn-^'^^the,; stage, all in\':.,'qnd!; v gra;iic|'' r sho"NV; ;; Avillv-'be,. .Lpii B/:aezp,'\itid;vli'l's 'tJ^ezjf)g; ffloii^'-wi.tji ;':-is-i Director Busby Berkeley .bos gi-ven opportunity to. exploit their- song '' // clnnco .(.nlputs, an.d''.ArLhii'r :Fr produced wltli a'-lavish linnd. "' On Broad.way" may bo sot' do,\y.n a. c his largo cast of •ydu.thful. stars over; one uf tho most .original -and. de JlglHfiil proni.iciio/is' i!u) «'ji''nnn' bn offered us iii many a. moon. . fitrOjiuled—-Help. . We've all heard of job-getting stunts, but, here's One that takes .the cake. A young man wrote 81 notes, rnniled them in 81 bottles to 8'1 advertising agencies. The notes, read: " ' " , . . on an inland' in . a collo'ge graduate . Will work like h— for" passage into port, . , . Hove, you room in the. hold for a man who can prove he's ,worth, his salt'?" P. S. U workotl. ' "Stranded! Cambridge .. AL C TODAY—TUESDAY SHOW ON EARTH! all youth, fun and music! It's, show world won- ringing happiness America! n.ightly oiv, two. different, networks, on • 'coas t-to-coast ; ho'okup's,' ; Tlic second feature -wiM';-be -. Beatrice Kaya, Ht'ar of. the. .'Gay.'"N-inctics:'- Go- I u m b I a no two i'k pacj 16' show''" and 'one of 'the mosL.''i.ipputar, : on :the: a'ir,; and- for gp'od measure:!ihore.\vlll bo dir.ect from |Molly\yood,.Courtesy ;of Uoiiversal "' pictures, ; <the' vLittlo Tough G uys, ih Is vvi th'. otlVer. ac.ts will make up the -stage., show, .and nnolih'ci* 'treat,, avallabJe'only at .tbt? iJbfiWrPo.II '.theater,, on the mine slipw,' ; oh'".-the' screen,, "a-_-.flrs'l" run. :-pi.'ctui'e, .with, selected short 1 subjects',. something . l,hat ':no : other: theater in; Coh.riecUcut .oan.'o.ffei; its' lalirons,:, as.;/ .other.- ,:iheat0rs .;:.vyitJi[ stage ;sliciw.i... .0% •comp'arabie . :6aMb'er; or i n ferlor, ; canhb t "secure, ill hi_9. that; measure: up', to; t-lic. st" "' : ''""" ones 'to be ., th.o coiinec'tibn' with: ' this show.v.nipst -of ; ; th"6. ? ;fllms; they,., liavc : -.tpi offer, arc • known as.-Uie, sec'ojid-run, features, ones that have, been /shown.- in., tpvvhf before or thai, have bc.en. cancej.led ; out, as i:nfe'rior,.\by . (.he-Hrst... run; theaters 61; the- town. '•;; ';.••'... /•.•.-:•-.. ' Technicians have-been busy,at the; Locw-Poli theater for. the, past,,t>vo weeks -instiallins" 'the/..very, latest; electrical and mechanical effects'" I'n order 'tiifi't;'the", proper, back-; ground for thi\ would , bc : here, and 1 new scenic effects; -.from; tho studios or. the-: greatest design-, ers' have been, transported^, in .and; hung i" ' th'clL 1 . place. t- vvw. Jvw -.^ ¥s V(, ^ . ' I IJ ^NINETIES" Hevmt.oP TJ1S, who will ho, ono of Uic triplc- ,hca<!Hiio nets that' open tlu; .nc.vy-. .s.(.n(jc ;: '.show v i)oli«y al. the.' Loew Toli 1 ^Tii«hicr^V,lMs:--T|Mii < .s<hi.v.,niV(J ^ri^layi..n.i«i,. ; ''othor two sliirrin'fj"nets jirc, 1-,ou IjijecJsb-ancr.'hiij, linnd, nnVJ ihji.'.Liil.Tc^.Tonfllv fiiiys,. with odujv .onl's (|uo ucf.s'nii(r ; a.,;(j^st run fchhirf; projji'mn on Mx» soreMin, to comn'.le.te the p^'Or 'am, .which...will • hn'. prosgnfcMl t'jvei'.v 'llnu'sday mxl Kj-id^y. . , ! / j; 8:15 p. in. N¥BR.Y,—Mai;cl;i : o f> • D i n|es: . . \\'ATR~-Tcrr.y^.Shand's' Orcli; ' ~E uip aSer-y.'l ce : M,o u r WATJlV-WOR—A- Boy,- -A-' Girl ,and A ' ' , -iB^nd,;;. ',;; JI:OQ p. in. . Air' TlVeater i. Q. WOR—Gabriel Hcatter VVA'BG—Raclio. Thpater '.- W,I2—National Radio Forum' ; VVlpC—Syhi ph ony 'Orch. VATl,lr4-News ;.'.Daji oJ n g D i sos V.OR^ ir Wie,.Wttr : Al S.oa-- WATB—Analy.sls • of Propaganda '.•'!)-:3'q-p;-m.-- rJC—Thiit J3i'e\\'ster B.oy • WpR—Q.ue.iitin; Reynolds """"'""" ~~—^.or America AAfQ.Sing That Endures p. m. • .:.,::.i ,•».'"•»>. R : ^~N o rca'n "Con n b r,' Songs ' Con'.teiiled- Hour All in -all, . to have arhusomcnt pi'0grams;.:,l,he sanie. as; are preseated' at- the. .Strand, theater,; Paramo.unt and L'oew, , State.' thea-' tors on Broadway 'and- at a fraction- oC the cost, to/ the public. •/!;. ' .. -• 'V . •:-. 6:00; p; m..-;:- ••:".-';'«-. AVBHY-WABC—Edwin G. HI 11 WEAP—Mile, oi,', Dimes WOH—Cliiidren'S: Program. ,- ; \VM— -News.;' ' ' : ' WATR-WIOG-WTIG^-.NGWS •..! 6.:i5, p.. ^ WBAF—News WTIC—J^roi'. Andre, : Scli,Qnker W,lZ-\VJGC~Sports - •' • WABG—1-ledda Hopper's Hollywood •'•.••• 6:30 p. in. ,'• WBRY—News-b.y 13, Christy Krk \A' IDA P—B r act R'dy n o 1 d,s WOR—News : " .:,'••• . • - ; W.1Z—Lum antl Abn.or'•••';•• : ; '• \VABC— Prank Parker. W ICG—News; Musio .':•.-. • « • WTIG—Jack Says Ask' Me, Another WATR—Pleasure and,'Pi;ofU ' 6:/i5 p. m. -•• '-. WBRY-WABG—World: Today WEAK—Th.r'eo. Sons Trio "" WOR—Here's Morgan WJ?i-WTlC—Lowell- Thomas WIGC—Program Parade WATR—11J la- and.' BI ts 7 :()0 p'. in. WBRY—Mildred Kellogg W IDA F-WTIG—Fred Waring' Time. WOR—Sports' W.IZ-W1GG—To 1 be anno.unced V\ 7 ABG—Amos 'n' 'Andy •Pulton .Lewis, .T.r, 7:1,') j). m 1 . W B R Y-W ISA P-WTIG—No w*3 A 7 QR—Con flden ti.aTly.' Yours uVy "Thea Lor WATR->yR-\yTlG— Raymond .Grain. v .'.. ''Vowing:. A. -..-• ;."" •.'••- .'.'• , . '••'". - 10:15, p., .m. ^y.BRY~T-.Tb. be announced WAT ; h-\A'pnT>^ r l>I.C--Sppl,ligliL Bands ., •'-.'-" ../ilrt.-'SOjK-m.' , WBR-Y-WABC^Olgft' Goehlo, songs ' Riddles: WJZ~News WT.IG~Wft 1 IK Serenade •WATIV^WI'G'6—Stni\s"0vor' M Mrinh a ttan, . . .,..- .. p,. WJ3RY-WA BC—News WOH—Ramona anoV-Hcr Tune . 'Twisters. • ' . . ^VJZ—Ted S.tecJc's-Orch., . ' "'.. : '. '11:00'"p..hi, WBRY AVA i3G.-WATn-WOR-WIGG- \V.KA F'- WT1C-W,I2—News; ., ; .Weathor; Tf'mo, ; ,. • , .. (••/••....• *••• . .'••,•• ,. ; v 11:1,').,p. m. . WBRYWABC-rGJcnn- Miller's Orch. WI2A1?—-Music You Want .WOR—Big.Little Things In Life \YAT1VWIGC—All-American 'Boxing •"Final's , . • •,'..'• 11:30 p. m. WKA1MVTIC—Inlc Spots WBRY-WABG—Guy Lombardo's Orch. "' ' WOR—Ail-American Boxing Final WJX-W1CG—CharliO' Spivtilt's Orch. •'• 12:00- Mittniohi. WI3AP-WTIC—News; Relleotions in Rhythm '• , , ; : WOZ—Mile, of pimcs • . • WABG—News-; Shop Fields' Orch. .WIGC—Dance Music. WOR—Bonny ;Goodman's Orch. . ' How Is Yonr Slanjj? - Many slang. expressions now- in i755c. ..can be .dated back a century or more,. Mere ai'Q some-examples; (juo'ted from American'Speech : Lousy: 1090; • ,' Marl as a Hare: 1535, ..Moi-c. . Tel) that to 'the marines: 1830, '.Mobcrleff; • ' Needle in, a haystack: lty§< SUPER PROGRAM AT THE TODAY TUESDAY WA TR—H u be r I •; Kregfeloli 7:SO.i).'m. * ' " WBRY—Songs 'tlibv-Modorn Way WEAP-WTTC—Ciivltlcadc of America Concert Orcfr, ' • YABG—BloiKlle; -•'•:•- ,._J—Cal-.Tlnney ,. VTIG—Ml Ic! of l Di: mc$ / VATR-WOB—l^orie Ranger ^ 7:45 p. UK VBRY-WTlG-WIGCr-Your Part in Defense;, v- .••••»' . .:•' .8:qf)j:p. .m. , ' WBRrY—I' .'Hear* 'the Sou th land Sing- ..ihg- '•••'• ; -.. «•" -.-\v'.-' ''.'• Vs/E.Al?-\yT);G~Telcpho r ne Hour [Gg—I'.LbyQ. a Mygt9rv ! •V f Q.X., ' Put one's oar In (l.o Jnl.rmlo): 1590, PloriG. •Tiikc down a peg; 1664, Butler, ; Pin-money:-JC73,- Wyolicrly. Put one's better foot: forward: 1500, It never rnlns but it'pours: 174!>. Like a drowned rat: J50S. Make oneself scarce; 1 1740, Smol- lett. .... . Sor-so (mediooro):. d530, Palgravc. .To call a spade a, spado: 1588. Sjjjiced (marrl.od).: 1751, .Smollett. Sp.onge (a paivLslte): J598, Shakespeare, . *' • Tan one's hide.: 17.11, Coffcy. Tlirougli tliwk and thin: 1359, TlVrec.'s a crowd : 4.430, .Steal one's thunder: 1700. Two birds with one stone: 1056, Hobl)es. Wild' ff'oose,. chase: 1505, Shakos- pearc. ; The irnin was pulling out and the old gentleman was just settling- down comfortably. Suddenly the door burst- open, and a young man tumbled Into the coach and sealod himself, panting and puffing, opposite.. The latter looked on with :-ob.vlous disapproval, : '-. Old, Man— You must be very unfit, young man. Why, wbon 1 was yo.ung, i. never panted like that after a run, ; Yovng< Man— Perhaps no!., but I missed this train at the last station. Kissing Is just like quarreling, II; takes two., to dp it and it's apt to get one pretty hot. Honesty i.s not only, the best policy, but the best principle. ' . A local man went, in the store j the other day and said "1 want B.o;no .: winter underwear." "How long?'; lie was asked. "How long? IcT M WfinM.Q want \ , ; • "It makesC'nie 1 sore," Said Uncle Ja\yn ; ' ;. : "I. must .admit::;: : > : •,.•",. : ; >; ,'. I'm, sorely vexed;No sooner is ' '' ' .;;":-" /One Christmas gone \; Than J must save : . Up : for the: next ]" > - -^ Following is from the back of the pay envelopes used by. a Danville, Virginia, building contvacl'or:, L He who Ihinks more of what, is in the pay cnve!{ope v ihjux h.ow to do an honest dny\s labor' Is far from the. Kingdom, a. HftVo v lhanko.d!;0od today for the irwny tilings you are receiving from him? , • ' ;i Are you reading your Bible? 4.. 1,1 a vc you said' so.meih ing today that you will regret tomorrow.? j • . . • 5. The kind of considerate way is always the right, way. 6. One never obtains real happl- .•ncas until self, is forgoUcn. •' - - , — ^ , +. - _ Odd. Things Thai JSxplodc Among tho odd, thing's that have exploded \villv considerable violence and: noise are ft-estyy mined diamonds, suddenly chilled elephant ivory nnd the ignited^ dust of dried milk, declares Collier's. ii Thomas Bros, n II 16.9 MAPLE ST. IMjono 5.184 || 11 i II Auto Body and Fender Work "« Auto Paintingr - " : 24 Hour || Wrecker Service .. STRATTON'S PARK PLAGE STEAKS — SEAFOOD COCKTAIL BAR ff*=:£ttP3W5=53^^ FOR 1942 LEDGERS — JOURNALS Income Systems FILE CARDS — FILES LOOSE LEAF BOOKS — INKS CASH BOXES — BOND BOXES DIARPS -T RECORD BOOKiS Instruction Books On •'.'HOW TO MAKE OUT YOUR INCOME TAX" Only 25c>. — GET YOUR COPY NOW ! — f< Your Stationer' 1 SWEENEY'S S x^o A i STORE. .Th^ Card and; Gift Shop of Naugatuck. toircsg&gatefea^^ -0—0—0—0—0,—0-r Murphy's Paints and Enamels for exterior and interior purposes —o—o—o—o GANS^ lite. MAPLE STREET TEL, 3507 WARREN WILLIAM ON A MUNSON TON MACLANE JOHN BRAHM .' '. : - ;> ADDED ; March Of Time^ "Battlefields Of The Pacific"—Leon Errol Comedy, "Home Work," and "Information Please 1 ' Naugattick-Made Footwear U. S. Rubber Company Naugatuck Foptwear Division SUNDAY N^IGHT —6 TO 10 O'CLOCK- BIG BOY AND HIS LITTLE BOYS A FINE DANCE BAND .»i

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