Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on January 24, 1942 · Page 2
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 2

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 24, 1942
Page 2
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KVOPJ ' Sunday) )>y TMK NAU'OATUCJK NIW8 C10MPANY, INC), at' 11 Noi'lh ftln Street, «aoi)iui-«hw» |nut " tor (it ttiok, .I'rotfUUwt '. C!!,AY'i'ON f.i, KIJ-IIP Vloo-Pi'nMldortt •', ./, Alll'JUN Boo rotary a , Ino, 1)0 Uwikofcillnr i'lu/ft, ... Now York (Illy ('Jhwtiiul. Stroot, North Mlohltfdn Avomio, (ShUwflo, HI. 1 Tlio John M.-Hwwuioy Go,, iioU, JUHUl, Minn, M««H. . •Advui'llflfiifc rmpfti'lmont ••••« OI1U50 UA'l'iW 1 month ..... . .. 8 rnonlliM ..... • 0 monllift . 1 yonr ,,-,,,;.. ...... ,,,,,. — Pnynhlo In Advuiwii My tlun'loi 1 "" U Tho Uritofl PI-OHM I uw Uw "*- olimlvn i'j«lit to IIHU I'm' ropul'll- outlon In uny ffU-ni, nil HHWH dla- jmtohOH oi'ndllocrtp thin pnpor, (I Ui ftlHO oXfllUHlvoly cmUUod to UHD for ropUMIwUlcm nil Ihn looal or undulod MMVM liubllnhotl huroln. Go ;Eft»y .With, Tiros _ Loon J.:lotKlorHau;Ha-yH; the. impact of rMtio))hi'g, ( ti,i 1 oH and/.tuboH <4 ha» ac(yrooly : t)ODu talt .yob 11 HO I'm- M iHtono'bi'rtfl thu OUHU' with will till AmoricaiiH bnvo l.VQon' .'*yl.»lo to S° l around, . . 1'n' H'U'lujr t'oatlmmiy l ' )(! ' j'oi'O l-ho UouHo'c'/otnm.U.Lon on Stewart Says- Charge* of Wn»to \ HurU Patriotic Men Mr. HoiulorHcm Hnlch n 'VVo aro alnioHt'ilouo.wi'th nmuu- in^ tiros on a civilinn HIH, Wo muwt-allooutq our at(Jcl<M over u'long poi'ibcl— and.lhut 'fjoriml oxtoiuls until oiir .iniliiary ,anrm -n.r'O HUOOOHHi'iil." Ho Haiti tlu;r(! aro only '0,000,000 tiros availahlo for tho duration— barring unt'oroisiuHi'-dovulop- motitH—lor a' oomUry thai I, up r\(\(\ nortnally oonsujnuH 'ui) ; uuu^ 000 (.Iron annuaUy.- . ^ ' IL lo(.il<H .itf* tiiouKh M K f)f - )(l many i-hrtii^iiVcltt oT : 'iiu_tomo-; !>ilo OWUOTH arc igoiug to havo to M' 0 !' aloiiM" v^ithoul thoir oai'H in tho not h\v distant I'litiiro; Change In Tho Niokol At tho ,vuq.Upat ol' Donald M, NolHon, f-ho nation 'H war jirocluotion chio! 1 , a Honalu- jndioiary Hiih-coitunittoo has votod to tako tho niokol out (,[' tho niokol, Tho old nioko] wan throo-l'ourtliH niokol ana ono-foni'th coppor, 'Tho now niokol will ho uno-hall'-mlvot' and onodvalr coppor, Tho 5-(!«nt ,piooo lian boon taking up ^ avorago of <M& ton* of riiokol a yoar, Thin IH ono-rourtly oT tho amount oonHimiod by tho ontiro civilian' ooonomy, Mr, Nolnon fools that tho «ilvory-\vhito fnotal can bo pitb to bottoi 1 IIHO in tho bornborn' and heavy arfillory Og-liting tho A.XJH pOWOl'8. Althoug'li, tho now coin may, not prbporly bo oallod a n'iokol, i(: v prol)ably will bo \oallod by that name Tor. il "long ti^P' ^ ; ° oorno, Moan- \vhilo, thogonoral public will rnako no complaint, So long ns it IH worth flvo oont«, poo- plo will not onro about, thd ohango to bo mnrlp In U. '"'-•^—'llA'rLYr^ ft- fy-wMXMM^w.^^^,;,^,--,-.. --•: --\ ••-.-, :...-:,,- ..... -,,,-..-. . ... „ . li^ife i |^^^K^i^£5^S^ 1942 giil^ : • «y CMAIUJGS P, STBWART . Central ProM.M Columnlut NOI3OWY finUn for a rocluctloi, in Iho amount of atuff that Undo Sum buy.'i for hlM own war pur-.- noaoH find to help Iho afflllatod unU-Axla countries), provided thft.t thut'ii what tho buying really is " dono for. There arc critics, though, who ex- proa.s s-uspl- clona, at least, thftt ft fllwiblo proportion of It lun't genuinely done for our own AHflOclatoa' wartime bonoflt, but fllmply is HO nvlsroprc- son tod, by tho Somitar 'Inumvn p u r c h a 8 l h g . ugonoiofti mftn» tttfomonUJ, to fool tho tax-paying public. ..' That'll ono of tho augtfoatlons embodied In tho report of Chair* mai\ Hurry S, Truman'fl senatorial dofomio Invositlffatinjj committee, calling 1 for aoparatlon of all $l-per- your mon from tho arms program •unloaa thoy Hovor- thoir private bu.'ilnoiia tloii, tho theory being that thofJo private t(o« Influence them In plaelng tho government's orders, Tho ftwsortlon al«o la made that we're paying oxcosalvo prices oven for mllUury mippiloa that wo no tually do need, only, nay tho com- plalrianta, wo oughtn't to bo overcharged for thorn, Chairman Alva Aclamn -of a Monatorlal. appropriations fliibcom- mlttoo, which has spent considerable tlmo delving Into tho subject, roGohtly spoke very bitterly con- corning It, Our war production,.hc charged, t.'t being conducted will) 'Mnonlculunio waste," Money'H Worth? It isn't that tho Colorado solon doesn't want us to arm ourselves up to the. limit and to help tho other •democracies, but ho saya that, for what wo spend, wo'ro on- Utlod to got our monoy'n worth. fie doesn't believe that wo do. If wcv did, ho argues In hla commUto.o report, either tho bill would' bo •amalloi', or else, 'if It-stays at lt« projjout'/lffurea, .we'll got a heap more of tho •noco«sltloa of warfare than 'we're Dotting at present, . .It all amounts to a clmrgo that .wo'ro being -profiteered on, and that our buying .agencies are ac« • quUMcorit. -. Tho owwo hasn't boon proved ana It'll' mighty hard to' provo Jutft now, for tho minute anyone makes such . u,u • as«or.tlpn»,ho's.olonounQaci- as a copperhead -or'.'a'.Quisling'or an Axh propugartdUit or -so mo. such thing, rttul, nobody ,Uko« .to bo, HO jlafuilftbcL ; . "•'.-. • .- ' • -That •'-thorp's" boon mwrruvruxpo- nont evidently'la recognized .by Clio administration, IIH more than indicated by Us reorganization of production, with Donald Nelson as tho now o'/.ar oC it, It dooan't nocossarlly follow, though, that tho sfl.por-yoarllnga <u i o anything worse than fairly dls- (tractod'by Iho magnitude of tho Situation ddnipod on thorn HO unj- icoromonloualy.. As for. a $l-por- lyoallng'a private business connoc- Klons, how's ho going to Mover Lhom fcomplotoly? Tho fll-por-yoai'llng quits his private Job,, hut undoubtedly he still has.-some personal holdings with Iho concern ho previously was 'associated with, and presumably, continues to draw a bit of Interest on them, hut ho can't very well turn thorn all over to tho Hod Cross or some similar outfit and start In. living'911 an 'annual' $1. literally, lilvon a $.1-por - yearling couldn't survive long oh "that stipend. For $i-por-yoarllngs I have a certain amount of sympathy, -.. In tho Middle Thoy make big sacrifices and then aro bawled out on tho ground that they're making thorn for sol- Msh purposes, And if .they're blamed for Incompotoncy only, It can't but bo pretty painful to a ohap to bo called Incompetent when lie's trying HO hard to make himself patriotically useful, It's popular In Washington to preach economy In non-defense, civilian spending, That is, it's popular except among tho folk who havo boon doing that kind of spending hitherto—social reliefers, ob cetera, Thoy resent It like everything, but it's O, K, with tho emergency aggregation, That crowd wants all olsjo cut to the" bone, and cheers pleas for it to the echo, Hint at war economy, though, and heaven help you! Instantly arises tho chorus, "This is a hock of a tlmo to econ- From Other Newspapers tluit unit very . Mi'ofisa'iuis ' ' ••' ' grlni -and rlusf- olf-lhc llo ' was born -on'- a 'farm didn't .IM«i l'unn.liiK...N<C.H.KVfi oliimluH, this :: lie'lng -a Troc'. _, . he. rtlni-UMl with" (^.sm'-iiW clt'Ivcr luudu from, a knUl'f'nf?'noodle .und u- pair of Uvoo/ors 'I'aslilnnod ft-dm an old . svaU'.h Hprlng. ' A-.halt 1 con- lm ; y laliM 1 " In: turned- oiiL oar boi* UHoon 'million. • •-..... He. 'hud anp'llod tlifs principle Is nnwjH.Hrtr-y-Is, Lo -gal, Uio right,. Tlip.'.ni»l;;Vo'll.owA qulokly ancl-twHliy.,,- , •• ;.•"'' .' '•'•-.'•' Uc. r(!|i(!(ils- that now-,, ,.fcl)f,! .IH'Ogruuv ' of -\v«r -pro- fa Id oifi; by-.', ProftM w|I, Hoo'su- vi'.!!,: 'Ml' .w.o ;<!«n tnuUu,yiio:..tanU. or nnc. piano 'wo-:ctur of-.Lhuni. 11 - : -. J Wo nwommoiid "In dismal tlmu. lli'at .ynu (MKjyolopcdla anil .r'oroa'd, as \yo did, tho story of . Ilun'ry-' l'*6nl.- H's a Ki'ciftt «nlldol« for'gloom, . Uoniomboi 1 lluil II. was I«'orrl and his kind In Hits nation'ol 1 InvunLlvu Konlusos thai, made, .mass proi.iuo llon wock. Afid Ilifit Uio OIIOH wo ai'(! -lighting ai'o not l,ho hut llin Imitators-; thai, about• Iho only thliiK -Inpan, tor .oxain|ih;,..c.vci In von tod wns Iho si IU worm. • . \V(! don 1 !.-want to,. soom. pollyan- nlsh, NVo know- : ;.-lhings probably will go I.' wpi'ftij"li(!fc>ro''tlHjy s'ot bol- l,oi' .But HH.l'or tho 'Iliiul'rosult in UilH war wlMii'o ,inuciiaiik's,dom|naLn —well, rfsroHfl -..Lhfj • Ill'n ol'.Ubni 1 ) Koi'd, 01- luitlorliiK or I'idlson, and )»«'»r In mlnil '. ami susUiln your fallh hi blio 1'aol- -LhuL no copy wan ovni 1 ns good a.s- Uio original, .. Or l.o put, II unotluu 1 way, dirt you (ivur IIBU a Japaiiuso light 1 bulb V •••• 1CX POST IWiTO 1 •MaugiiUJolc' ypung^'n.ic'iv-, wliq'i .took Uio -cbui'HO-. 1 " fa"mn.ria'ry;.''.ti!aj-n) 1 ng:- l\b (-Jn rn p • Dy • -! f\sl -'sjAiin rii oj;., w 111 b c inini-osl.Q.d- l.p.. hmr'ii' Inurutt'sori - ; -(Ibinu'ticl..«. fqtvoj vll )iui,;xrnj 11- !,ury. • li;ulni.nff.-'; uajiipsvVp'R.^l?)^; 3 ^ 1 \f\\ F'biigho'uli • tho'.-. cbun-li | y,.'V..l.t'.-'«-i s ^'A^" pr) : cl,c(l. by "I'liQ- VYfu'vi'-UopaVimcn'tx-Mifit Congi'oss. >v-l-l f '-\\ p,iiiVgpi'hU.0,-• BU.filcicnt 'Tumls'' -to > ni l qv.i'dp-':-rqiv.-.L))Q- -U' ol i- 5,000.'.ivinn air.Oanip'-:DoyonH.4^i'"' vMiKusI,.of this,iXofii!.; ;.v ;'••>•/.•,.*''''•.'!•"'. • •«,-.- (1 -T-T .,.j'li;eo.l/'• h'LV s I'doolvotl an'. InteyoHllng.-.'lcUdr Tt'oni ' 111». H o n ;•. P Ii i 1'6'. :"'B.' •; J?.'pr i 1 :/, • 'a '• for i tie i In" Muxtob, In- \vliluiv-:Lhq. wnitcr; tcll.f of Ills lH'o .Ih-Himt 'cpiiii.ty.y and poiir clIIIons as IVo ,1'pxind 'ill icn'i.-^,Fotv.sey- oi-al yoai'.s, Miy.-Pcn^ has -been f rosklonl -of- L'.OS-" I A'rik«los,- 'UttJM.-.W has boon.-ln;.-MoxJiJO'"scjVbral'.-•""•" cm bLisin.cHH, - , "'!'•' ••:.,,•:' ..' Poll's' Palace, AValcHniry-'H.;.,..-, nillllnn tlollai 1 Ihoalor boiiulirul, ..l.o. •«iil.ed on lOa'/s!.; Malii' sLrbeL,/ wil>;iialt plaou, will bo umpiaJiy^xQPciuid-••('!)> pvonlng wiLI\.tlcoi^(3.:M i ^6lHJn'su;iips^ •icnl uoiricily ''sa'u.oylbiip/. ".ly^a'i'.y,..; HS*. .l'l|p ixUr'auLlon. •.-;/:";',;.'.].i- : '.'-,:•;; '•:'• : f ; ^ : :.;-•"; ..' .The gynuiasiuiu.'on iM/o .Uiin.l-Jlp.Qj; linH boon the supnb^o^ nvap ; Vo'r>' .jMoasanl. Batlio.ringt?-,V.\vill.- IJp«/a' ))usy plaoe tills uyo,h|ng;nAy,h.6n v a ;ge|.^to- •« will I3(V held 'iyy-ilio mpmbor^ ol 1 Uio Nuuguluck ili'tv- ...BUY • Make n6 mistake-^this ..isja-life or death"••struggle. Men are dying In yoiir defense, Dying that America may/ be safe! i Oive :bur . fighting men the gun«; the planes; the^tanks they need I Bon'ds buy bombs, Every dime, every dollar you put into Defense Bonds and Stamps is a blow at th« enemy. Hit them ^here it hurts — buy •bonds! Bonds coat as little a« $18,75 up—. at little as 10 cents up. o. EUROPE A YEAR AG jlN.24,1941 ' By, United 'Press • -:'.; 'Lord' Halifax -arrives in D- ^>aboard battleship King George V. Three-day .rcvoluUoiv reported jn Rumania; vice-premier tiima or- byM»t '"oomlvan ^confers -'wlUi.- Vugo-slav war minister ipe'sitoh; ...•'•_______„_ iiTrcinarUcd'-. UV : I,li51 cook : , Rocruit-]f>you'd ;put the. lid on that camp* kettle you would not get BO much dust, in ..(.ho. soup. , Cook' — ; ]-c, my )ad, your business "is to; .sei'-ye youi- coimtry. Recruit— Y.cs,-bu,t n'ol -to.ent .it. She— DocLo'i*, you told me to show you my tongu^; 1 :'but you .haven't cvnn looked at- : lt,' -. .-.;, .'. .-. .-. noctor— It wns.-.:onJy -I'D Keep you .ciulol; wh'ile 1. wro : tc -out., the proscription'. -' ' '|':'V •'•""'•'';. ,. ,.; , •MMVe^lvigiiway. cVephrtiiteni; .has issued long- instru'ctions'.how;to' avoid. ficciden ts' on- - 1 ni' •'. .r 1 p'af-ib ' : bu -t Mn issufd tlie liest 1 onc~-leave ybuv ; car - in' the ' IIIR SYSTEM GIVES US ALL A BREAK..WE HAVE THE WORL^MOST WIDESPREAD, eiMEST' INDIVIDUAL OWNERSHVP OF WEALTH.-AS SHOWN.ey.SAVINeS, ... . MOTO R S,L, Fe . l NSURAN eE ,^eS.^^ 5£ .^ /7; y. . called imj" 1 ?-' Amt3rican Con a visit- to li —W« mnsl. go' l.o/SLraiford. \Yifii--NYIi!»l. 1 s Wc : 'can- buy In London. American—My -dear,' one travels for nioro 'Minn .M,o.;Sen.d -post oardsl! 1 >vnrit l.p_ write iny - 'name onj Shakespeare's." tomb I .Classified; AU : Lo. dispose ol ' ' ' YOU Xvfifetiq'^ ••';•>• ., '^i'lj^V'o'lI-;; ; ;'-;ivH9'i'(i "j- >: l-j : i(ii-'li'-'S' /a ; ••' p^i11' <Tfc .ev&\x(\l'-\l^ • .- - 1 >'—.:.'.',/1 r. -it *-t "-/i'rf,«'h 1-n n •-vvi'l.) ^rpcUiitiiirvA^iJlVj^:;^ ••iiuLoinobIlG' t -.o,U'.tptil>.'"'; >: •-' .. r .v •'.'..•". . •'DQ.ctor^Mis«:\:i : cines, you'i-.o.. imdly ;in' : ii^ :;; 9l^ v !'!l:M^^un'- : ai^l 1 'air.. . . ] M'liss '^.ones—l^uj, v.hacln^,;!.. beLLpr ''eni;-'"hTai i i > l6Jl v -'jflt-s'L? :: •:•:>'•.; '-.-'.'•••'' 'o "lu'rliovc'r 'Is "the ,auLo inobilc ', Jlcv;X"<'as'"yuv-va'vi:ilion -ace Tn "'Ui_u- i,h6 Dt'0nrio,l.6r I'o'i". a',\yaroliou«e 'and Shnnl. music In ICnKJiiiicI will bo re- iioi)d In si/,0,, us a rosnlL of Lluj.sywi 1 ." ,1'oilncllnn, v o[' tho riimllty of Hhiu.'.L muslu, In Wngland and Am- uj'lcii Ijotli, cuinio b'oi'oro Ihu wur. — VVoi'dost'or lowing.' i>rograni\'NyUJIv<-^fell-ii\y/*'- t ";H' I J5.' • ci o u IL m u l.o \ i os;' .,8ti I Qtt 11 p n b' y vP '.'•.» I b'orcl's'•orchiJHt'ni', VBbxIiig-'oxh'lbLlon-;- •throe' , founds; •-n pokey. Kansas- ys; Young •' VVafly.'• Solc'oUons -by--MlJi H)von. Senator Adams' tho'ais thftt, while war «poncUng"fl all Hght, '>yot wo' 1 want our monoy'w worth,. ijtonVvory kindly taken to,*»' > If thoro'H been InofTlGlonoy in tho Ih'anclllnfr of our war effort, that's .a different thing 1 . Into military 'production, it'a the. unquaUftoclicon- conami 'ttiftt wo must put all tho Jtt'/a! that wo'ro capable of. Lot it •coat what it may, lot's go tho limit. .That's no nearly unanimous that : tho dlasontors-aro acarcoly audible, . •» * » lUIr Tonlo S»tcwi>»« Bivl* Carl Hutzmnnn, Now York, who ordered • wly ot luxurious dark brown hnlr iu'Tobrutiry to bolster his porflonnllty na n hair tonic salesman, tried. unauccosstully. In ,court nt Jnmalan, Queens, to collect $25.50 from tho Crown Equipment company of Now York lor failing to do- llvor tho toupee In tlmo, Ho had to npponr before his prospective customers with a receding hair lino, >o said, jo the wig wns of no use to Inlor, , x .,.. .,. . . Thu ini.lHbui'Kh PI-OSS asks, "What 'ever luMuunu nl 1 Lhn Sornito uummit- ,I,(M' InviistlgutiiiK inovlo. propaganda V" That's an twsy ono. .it \vas sunk at Poiirl I(arbor.~.-St. Louis (iN'oAY Voi ; k !Snn) '. : The arrival of ,|.\vo • ptindMS from Chlmi as n ^Ifl. to , tho -children of UK; UnlLod ' OH- from Marhuno 'Chiang KaUShnk, -..aiul :li(si' .'tJIsLor, Marlamo' II. l!..Kuug, in'omlsos : to bo tho most suUsYaolory . soi-t of loaso-land aid' In , (his . 'd SUPPORT THE GOVERNMENT WITH DOLLARS ol 1 Uio Nuugulutik llror dgipivHrnoiit. 'GLMitonnl-iil. l.\u.dgo,. '.of^'JOikl 1 ,, l^ullosvs, IJlbui'l-y ho'dgo, Son^pT'SLvHJcpiW, luul >Krilglil.s . o'f •'Py'U'ilus, .Tlie ; J'oK '.Harry; 1 ; LaUiHV; Lou]^ (.laiToll, poorgo, ; Honx:;'uiVfl , . .-- Skul-ch -and .dithpc. by ; ! ?(qhn- l i'u Maher; Dunn. VoKtil, wolo. !;y-''p.^PVi ,Vocal -solo ',J>y ''[ ;.lo' 1 '" 1 ' 1 '''-^ Shprldan..': j^oxlng; l.)av-!i.l Young.''SI,-'i • -----,.-. •..-•• -.-,• • )3 ink ml i k(3.;;. .,! Ig v',d'anci i ng-'-.o^li i b,i M on : by David' Dillon ai^pClauoiVcc-'^rul'n^ Vo'ciii' K o I o 1.) y • i : l o war iT II b n OH . ; VpfinJ' •fiolo by Thoinus• Walker.'.. Skotuli K< " :john'. rii'iinLV.-Boxing.-' .'oxlilbil; •Young 'yboal P rograt 11 • ^ > > < «•, * j >> »• •» *•.—• •. ••«• \ •no vof .surprise ..\yhlph- those-.In oh. ol 1 l.hc' a-ffal.r' libpO: J.o koep/: : !un(lpi: .oovcir .'unli.l: ,,(,110- jilnio;.-JU'rl'Vosj}-. .\$pi\ ., .. fji'iinl.'*'.- Boxing-' .•exhibition, . ; Hrennaii ./ vs^ Young -Petit, solo '.by. O.corgo.-'iVQbyr^.v Thq . will.b'o' Nvoiind:.ajp.'wh;'a iiallalian'vvill ;i\uiko ..........,..,. , niogaiihonc ^rl.lsl,- :Uii«- evening^be liavlng .lJ«cYr o.ipol.od oniciii! _anuouno- 'or. • • ' ' ,:'.'']' '•'•• ' • •"' ,-•""'.;.-' : ' : .:•,' ' .-AI.- a niecLIng ImlVl iaHl, evening hi i-Uic KlUsV Homo tho: mnliUViv ;pi; or- gaiil'/iitlon of a ->y---—'- A»-H^^ War N««ds Mo'uoy.'..- ft will cost mpn«y. •(() do font.' tlnjiitii. Youi 1 -(|ov«nim«nt tsalls. (»n yon lo help now.. !•• liny Dofonstt Honils or Stamps today, liny thorn ovory dny, if you can, Hut. buy Jhoin on a hnsls, • • .'. ••'; ... '.-'..- •-. 'ost as 111 tit', ns ;g. 18,75. Slumps «omo ns iow-^ns 10 MID h» jMMtflht nl -nil liiiiiks nnd po.s! ofllec-s, nnd SI«i»P s cmi also bo purc-basod at i-cttvil stores -mid. from your newspaper carrier hoy, , ' . ;> , ! . 1'ho N«ii«Ht«ck Onlly News uiMlos nil Ainorlonns- to support your (lovernmont wllh your dol- inrs, " a-; \yaroli _ousie 'and ' ." ... .. last, .. an' 1 J'.-want. ( Snc ''airou'rid the . oul there and. :lasl, \i-ltlv.v. ili'i j J.ivw-.'tw--.y "p. 1 *'"": . •'. • •• ; r^f. 1 '.' •• •'• .;i'.x^r^r^-i-:; 1 ^ ; '•';.' '' Du!/ln.g.; • .lihoi^van-eavc.!.'!? t -lato Ka : 1K "h iwV.tilixrf' Gh.r•o 11 ria'a;. ; 1.11 o i*c--•• w;is ; a clLisf,- ,fptlpiMTr.''cf-u.G.-I.O'-;.f ) ho Bxircniciy d r 1 y r '. J^tt'so' h^ i n.- -^i;ii«/, Gn-ro'l 1 n a bun ci- hil'l's.•••-A ''ropjMj) 1":'.'solight'\shel-l.ur. in ihei--. ••'liopk'M-'•'l;bnl..!:,'Ai'':'a ; moment fi'oUHe,. l,l'i.c.;;Hbycrs.,defcat(JU tlio- Con- iiviU avpnVic alii'nTnUqujnlcl. by the Sq'pPO of -29 :i;6-28.'V;^Uristi'tv sLarr.ccI 'i i oi'"'l.i)C"\vinncrH;.'Y, 1 (Por" tho,.. .JOHCU-B - ...-..-< i',; ; : pcri:oi;mer. -Players for the -tf Oye'i's '• were Holmes', ^{urtinritM^Si)t'Stlrisonvf ; : S(iuii'es-^.and Andrews, --^vlrye, M,ai % inell.o, .- , ' , -, ,. . •L^tes, : ( Sul i'lyanJ^hd .• Long . played J'o i- Avcn'ue ' •'- aii •'oV.'-Nn.usn ti i ok li»s-: •;Vouftlorcd :h is-. 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' .. '! ; • " .> Rubber :.may be i made; '/rom/ 'dandelions,-according to Russian--:''chemists who are making the ex-. 1 perim£nt.''Mdw thejawn,- • the ca.f 'needs''.a. : new tire. Xadok Duuibkopf says that U -Speech-maUing polittffan '-is';.' t| fellow who 'tallis in. sonic -one Static will some- day be. en- .tiroly eliminated, from .radio re- 'off • . until; H : itler, sw«an od microphones.' ' .- vjf«/ju^af/^,^ -Jeriktris. w&ndm why t>a/ficiiops; don't wear <if •muffs in'<$urrimer,'too, since thq. sppctrto listen anyway,': ; VVhkt>;thi» about Hitler hlni- \ng he'd like;,to. bury the hatchctj \o.: ^wou^d the democrat ' off that c*n>i Adolf! ,co.- clunguish. • between varioui . .shades, oft! biue,; This can '.htir be 'possible~-since. ho one , .ever seen -a' bird, 'trying 1 to fly through ; the 'ocean-. • f A Y L 0 R eo-ntmrrlrigwith L ANA TURNER ' • ' '"•'.- '.'!»'•'' .- •'/Jo'hnny Eager" now a|;:' ; LOEWS POLI The market-place for ALL Naugatuck,^ where wants are advertised and bargains are offered. Looking' FIRST in the Daily News • Vfaiit" Ad: section when they want to buy something; and 'advertising in that section when they want to sell something, has been the habit of thousands of our reader^ for years, It's •a good habit to develop, .because it; will save you time and money in the long run-. Make it a point to chop the DAILY NEWS Want Ads every day. • :.'.!.Read For Profit THE DAILY NEWS Use For Results

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