Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on January 24, 1942 · Page 1
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 1

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 24, 1942
Page 1
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PERU BREAKS RELATIONS WITH AXIS ny KVKiU'rr'r H. (llrilhul IM-o.H.M SlnfV t'.oi Hla ho .lanelro, .(an, • ™ — J'WMI brokd dlplouiatlo rolalloiiH with Un.) AX!H today, the Mi'Ht Ainnrloun niiUon to act under a (uiinpi'oiniMd rnHtjIutlon uimnhnoiiHiy adoptod by the omorK'Ticy oonfur- joi) nl' AmurUuuv forulKn mlnlMlMi-M, Unddt- HixiroUirv or- Statu .Sumnnr \VolUm, chief or tho Amci'Kuin (l»«ln- KuLlon to tho -oonforonoo, announo'"' thai, (ho (Inltod HtatMM arnbaMHadm 1 to Minn had udvlm-d him of tho . in, That left HOVOH nationM In in» lorn hoffil«phcni Hllll nmlnUln- IHK dlploniallc. rolatlorm win "''' nmny, u/ily acul J«l'«n. ami M.r MlnlHtoc AlbfU'lc. (Juanl of had anriounmul that hl» would hnmU today, Uritfll, liollvl/t mid 1'iU'aMUay will hand AxlM illplfMimtM UiHr pasMpur H In a I'ow dayn. Awmllim, (.hi u uiul Knuadnr will thmi ho Hu> only nu- Morm In Hi' 1 wi'Hlorii liMmlHphoi'o with vvhlnli llio un(l-dnm(MM'atlo IIHVH a luHtllnm Ai'tcrwUwi, CiliHu inlHwl Ibom^lvoH yon- tnrday to tho oxliwt of " inonilliiK 11 u Ull'lomatlc break \v inn Ihoy MlKiuMl Ihn i-oHolutlon, thuy wrrrt holluvffl nlmi'Hl ooi'tuln to de- lav uuing action, -Argonllnu and (llillo lo thu uml bitterly (ippoxm u 1,1'nak and (UTorM to l.rlnK them Inlo UK, uniLml front hud dulaynd the and fruyml teinpoi'M Un 1 Hum u \vouU, Kotiador wmrtUlorn h nation In hor ,,l ( | luu'dnc depute with Porn, ami pi-KHuniMhly WUH asvaltliiK «<; '", n(M it of that "UHKi-OHHlon 1 within thu Aiwu'Uuitt l' l »foi'0 tmdui'tukltiK i\w\\\\*l ncm-Ainoi-Umn , Key MHUI-OH at tho oon- , InoludtiiK l/nlUul Stat(«.-t Un(di- Hiun-Htary of StutuM Sinnnnr WnlloM, WITH Hohorlultid to ninot today and try In Huttlu thu dlspulo, Ten Aii\nrl(uui nulfonM worn at win- with the AxlM ami throii had lirdUnn dlplnmatle relallon.M hoforu HIM (Kinl'nrnnoo l«>tf«n. Tho ['(iHohiMofi, (Iniftod to nvor- mirni* ArKenllnu'M-'Und to a loftHMi 1 oxlont, Chllo'H— okloullnnH t-o H inun- rlulory hnmk, WMM ai>[>rovea last at u nioollfiK "f thn IUMIHU-- (Ini'dfinn (lommltl.Hi. It nuitjl appt'(tvi'd MoMdiiy.aluiiK with all n|.hur 1'OMOlullonn and pvoJoc-lM, at n pl,, m ,ry mid nniinlinllnK, »«HHU»I «{ ,.!,„ , UIM i'»,n,nm» which will hn haul In Tli'adt'nlen palaoo. Submlwi^Um nl HIM roHolullon to lh»« i'lonury - Hlon, howuvdi 1 , will only hn innnlnl, Tlu\t odd pl('«'o of rurnllni'O n»ti)l|t Hud u hiiyoi- It you 1 i\«<l nindlmu. Social and Personal NKW I«'I*A(J ON TOWN HAL, A IHINV AiitfU'lcaii HUH whloli was onliiiMirl l»,v Wui-dun Loo .1. Hi'oph.V (Mioniilly I'ui- Hut Town Hall, uiTlvod thin mornluK uiul WUH put ulop Ino; ImlldliiK hy John Slovonsou, Janitor, COMMUNION .lolui Mdilurthy luw hnon named (ihalriuuii ol' Iho uniumltU'o lo «''- ruriK' 1 I'""' ll«n 'toiumuiilon HroaklHHt Ol g llio mniulnM'H of tliii Thirty tJllili ol' SI, KranolH 1 Churoli on Sunrlayi l-'dhruary -in, llu will l»u •UHHlHkul by (Ihdi'loH f rioi'ii(iy «/»/! Hoi'iiurcl Mur- i-ldk, Thin <iommlltoo' will also chaw or thu mumhnr.Hhlp cjuin- , . fJmilrm, i»ruHlrlonl, has ap- u jjuLHollo ooininllloo fur HID nluh which will hn leaded hy KiiMnnll IhiKliOH, with Naval Tw'Mur, Mlohuol iNoUin, Kmmotl; Moiialinn and \Vlltlam WulHh him, |>HKPAIUNO TAX IUT-T.S Old AKH A.MHlHtuiu'.n tax hlllM, whloh am iliin b'ohi'Ufiry IHL, ar» liolng pru- puruil hy MI-H. Tluu'DHfi \\MUiox, as- MlsLnul horouKli olnrk. i"»vor S.HOO iooal rllixciiH urn llnhio for llio tax, whloh l« *M por pni'Hon. II' not paid on in 1 Ixifcirn Maruh <i an adillllonal $1 will ho chartfod, S'l'KINd Kf.OU'KHH IN Hf.OOM AlcH, DoI'VuM-nNl. lltii'l of Fuller Hlh'd had Iho unli(iiu nxporlmuitt of-ploklMK a houqia»t of KngllHh vlo- InlM and panHlfts In Iho Kardiui at hur Iniino IhlH wook. Thu UosverH svci'n In nxonllnnl condition and fl no HlKHH or rroM HAMONA COUNCIL MF.KTS Tim rc'xular mmiHiix of Ramoiw Coiinoll, I), of l» M will hu hold Monday iivnnliiK ill 8 o'olook In Clood- hall, < LKAVI'! FOH DMS AtOINK.S Mr. and MPM, UoborL fiuro and HOII, , urn louvlfiK : lof|ny for Dos , Iowa, whom I liny will ro- Mr, Uuru IUIH boon In Philadelphia for Hfvw'Jil wnnkH whom he prcpurod I'm 1 the puflUlort In whloh hn W»M uHMlKMod In Iho now ruhhor plant In IWH AlohidH, ,11 MS, M. CAMLSON, MOSTKSS Mi'H, Hayinoiid Unrlson, worthy matron of Kviu-gt'odti ohaptor, 0, 10, H., outnrtulnoil iitninljorH of her (joninilUoo at a parly at hoi 1 homo In HrlHlol tnr'ivion-romintly, A pi'o« Ki'um and u litilTof. lunoh was on- Joyocl. pi'onnnt svorn : Mrs. h-ono MM, (U'lon Kolh, Mrs, iVfi'H, H««trlno Boyd, \VlKKl«HWorlh, Mrs, Durr, Mrs, Viola Follolt, ,/unnlo Lynnn, Mrs. Kvolyn MrH, Miu'Uw llnavoiiH, Mrn, Mlldi-od llulr, Mr«, Morlha OllnauU, Mrn, KUa Nnyunk, MI-H, Mlldi'od Nuhl", Mi'H, Llllld MoKlu, Mrs, Holla and MI-M, Mlldrorl Woostor, OBITUARY i: i ; 151 GUIUIAN Ml IS. MI-H, Murjyai'ol- 13-. (Tlorncir) Our- ran, widow of .John 1'). Clurrun, rllucl ul, hoi- homo, J84M Slnnloy. street, Now HrlUiin, Krldny morning. Sho-is- tho woLlior ol' Dr. mdwin H. Curran, of Nor Hi Mahi Hlrenl, Union Gll,y, Tim funnnil-wfll ho held Mondny. luornlnK at 8:Jf> oolook from her lain I'f'Hldenco, to SI, Marys Church,- Nnsv Britain, where services .will-bo hold at « o'clock. Burial will.he In SI., Marys Ocihutory, Now ..Brllnin. Funeral arranKOiiHMil.H aro lir charge of tho Kllxgorald Immoral J-iornc^ Unloii CJIty. 'jj ,!. IllCCKLlNO Holuii MI-H. .1. Heckling,.40, daughter, of tlio lain ,'Iohn and Nora Heckling, illcd imrly this morning at SI. tt.a- -phanls hoHjillal, Now Havon. Shn was horn In NaugaluoU and until rooontly Imd been tiniployod in..=St, Mary'H -llnolory, Union City. • Ono Hlslar, .Mi-H. .Atphonso Mayor, of Naugaliick, anrlaovoral niocu.s and nopliuw.s Hiirvlvp, Thp I'unoral ^vlll lid hold Ti.u.'Hdny morning fit 8:30 oolook, from tho Hutikmlllor l (1 u- uaral Hoiua, H2 Park', place, to SI. Kranuls 1 Churoli, whoro a rcqulnm high inusH will ho oolohrated at I) o'olook. Bui'lal will ho in St. .lamos Cnrnotory, Friends may call at Uiu 1'iinoi'ftl homo after 7 p.m. Sunday. TWO MEN KILLED, ONE INJURED IN AUTO ACCIDENT Now York, Jan. 24.—(UP)— A fast automobile trip from New Haven, G'onn,, to H0{i a hurlosauo show ended in truffody torlay when a srxlnn plunged off a pier and Into Uio Hudson river, killing two of Its throe oncupnnts. Tbf) solo .survivor,i, HuuLon Oha- pln, y8, was rescued by-a watchman and a Sanitation department worker who throw him a rope. One of" Llio victims was Identified from papers In his clothing as Clharlos Holmn, of (^12 Klmboroly. Ave.) New Havon,-No IdcnlHlcayon wan found on tho olhnr man wlio was known only caHiially to Chap- In. Police said hu was about 40, of middle height and wore a. pea Jaokut, brown trousers and a sweat Hhlrl, Clhapin svas treated for exposiu'c und alcoholism at Hullovuo hospital and was charged -with violating -a MOoiJon of Uio penal corle dealing with .(musing death hy driving an automobile oarelessly. Ho said he lived at (It Howard Ave.) New llfivuri, • •• ' " A "News Year Resolution I resolve to read my newspaper with my mental eyes open, ... ' I resolve to read, not merely the headlines, but the full story behind them, Only in this way can I be sure to obtain complete, objective information about the changing world I live in and am a part of. I resolve to read the editorials, which interpret the news and give a reasoned basis for thought about it. IrTthis way I can create an attitude about life in my own country, and abroad, which may develop into a philosophy, ' I resolve to read the advertisements, which — as faithfully as the headlines — announce worth-while new developments in the world of industry, of transportation and of commerce, .... In this way I can add to my fund of useful knowledge; learn to discriminate between the good and'the seining good; and, by pur- «""*j^ ^ ( chasing ""only what is advertised, I can pr'ovide for myself and my family, thriftily, safely and pleasantly. Golchicine Increases Rate; of Tobacco Long used as a remedy for gout, colchicihe 1 ' is a sligmiy. poisonous,, alkaloid' compound wHAchvoccurs.tin, the seeds of the meadow saffron; or. autumn crocus, Colchicum autum- nnle. Several years ago, Dr. Alber^ -•Francis Blake.slee, famed:; geneticist .'of the Garnegie .institution'.^ station .on Long 'island, announced: the discovery -of.-remarkable •••effects^ pro- •duced.'on' plants by- colchicine 1 .. The ; •drug causes, a. -Tdo^ing of , tlie 'chTomosom'es 1 (hereclity:.{carriers); ir^ the germ 'cells 'of:..v.e^ables and flowers,: : producing ...shai'p- changes which.breed true.; ; ; It increased the' 'growth :r-ates''ol ; tobaccq^phlp^v' on- .ions, -pumpkins,. cQsrnps^^, portula'ca, digvjaiisi^.'-it^b'olish'ed the neck in - bottleneck squashes;""" ' j, - 'Since then, scientists have pro;, duccd a spearmint with lemon .flavor, bigger ".tomatoes, ^jpeachjes, strawberries. . - ,.'.',• I : - : . ..,Dr. Laszlo Hayes,.-.a,.'Hungarian, biochemist working, at the. Uaiver- slty, of Brussels in Belgium, found that colchicine. affects animals ^as 1 , .well as plants. Certain .bitterlin,gs. (smalV-flsh) .acquire bright red tints ( when ready, to breed. . pr. Havas dds^ covered that the change.can;alsocbe, caused by colchicihe, though .more, slowly; and that colchioine^speeded up the action, of ;th'e sex hormones.i 1 Recently. David;'Burpee,: enterprising- 1 Philadelphia' •hprtic.ulturist, dn- noimced. a new-.marigold, .'created -by.' menns of ; colchicine...Ordinary, marigolds have two sets of chromosomes^ in their germ. cells; ; ' .the :'new -ope has four. Such plants'- are called tetraploids, The name of the Burpee: creation is ''Tetra Marigold 1 "—or ( Tetra -for''short •••.'•' ' , ; : ' 1 ';;/ i \^ . Four inches in diameter, deep orange in color, Tetra 'Marigold' has. heavy, vigorous .petals- which 1 ••'rVi'akq, tho flower' exceptionally Masai Warriors Pick Up j: Homes, Take Them Along ' In eastern Africa, near the.Equa- 1 ' tor, .live the : Masai warriors'_ Valid ' herdsmen. Although',they have dark skins, they are only' partly;-o* 'Negro ' descent. ' < • . ; : . ' , . .,..;/;, Between the ages of v lG and'''2p, a' Masai youth is a soldier. Later- l|e mari'Jes and becomes the ..owner, or, part owner, of a flock of goats or. .a herd'of cattle. , : . - •• !.Masai homes'are made from hides, stretched over.long poles. .When,the people are',, about, ,'tp. start on ,:»; march, they take. down, their homes., and carry, them along. .The folded- hides are placed on ; the ba^cks. of donkeys, and the poles .drag on' the ground behind-the. animals. ,- -, - -. The leading men of tlie tribe' may have several" wives. The favorite is likely given a large,supply of ornaments, including brass ...or copper..wire, which she wraps about, her legs and arms. A large amount of wire'proves that the;husband is "rich," -and the wife may flnd; herself-loaded down so.heavily that .she can hardly walk. , 'Masai men are tall 1! and : their bodies are well-formed, but often they plaster their faces with red clay or white clay, which does not make a pleasant sight, Around their legs some of them wear' feather anklets with little bells fastened on. The bells tinkle as the man walks. ' • ''.'•'• ':• Some Masai soldiers carry shields covered with ox-hide. While guarding themselves with such shields they hurl spears at the enemy.'" y -t ,Spiced Coffee Early records show. that. the,.first coffee drink. Served in a New .^rk coffee house "• combined cinnamon with coffee with honey ' ac!d,ed'^for sweetness sake. That was' in.''Me year 1668 when coffee /r intrq- duced in America for the first'time. Four years later coffee was being' made in the homes of New; Yorkerp and coffee spiced .with, cinnamon continued to be as. popular' a drink at the home hearthside as-it was; in the public coffee houses."' Smart hostesses are reviving the with-cinriamori• • drink at'. parties -today. It's "Coffee Imperial" now and here's the .1941 versiqn of the New Yorkers 1 'first cup of coffee; !; Put dash of cinnamon in each coffee cup; pour in' hot, freshly made coffee. Top with whipped 'cream and dust with chinamen, V. •, Arizona Mines Yield Riches Arizona produced $2,500,000 .In'asr bestos last^r and, a major part of it came from' k . Gila • county, according to Dr. T. : C. Chapman, -dean of''the college;, of Amines at the Urii-.. versity .of - Arizona".'... • , ^ . .;', ••/• . • Dr.' Chapman 'pointed';but'^ha't asbestos :is ohe^ of the; materials 'used. in defense of 1 the ..United States and; said that of the .14 critical materials nine arfc minerals, for which the gov-: ernment has set,aside $400,000,000; for purchases. '• / : He declared an increase in the. price of low-grade manganese to "G5- or 70 centsi-per unit-. will:;be neces-j sary on a five-year market to increase present production in Aji-. zon'a of manganese,' which' last year; totaled 1,GOO tons. ,:• ''',r . J ' Fortune 'Teller Guesses Right. > Shuffling her 'cards, a tea room fortune teller in New York city sage-; ly told. Em,ma- Gross: -'You will soon visit.-a large, building^ and sjgn some papers." So it came to 'pass; That very Anight, I?olicewpmn.n' Emma Gross • K :visited ; ' Brooklyn-' Queens night courts— a large ..building — and. signed "some papers" 'under which the fortune teller was. held for the illegal practice, •'•'». Thysanla Moth .; The Thysanla moth of'Guatemala attains the phenomenal wingspread of more than 12 inches, according to : Natural History magazine.. V ::. ^ ' i wiiBiiinsion,:-;;ia.v-^--aj.p)-oni- cialy re7paliJd:;iq(!uy/.Uial 1 -.fiUgnL t ;-i > ft- tipj-iins^cuu^^pi-obably^ would jc. (liU^ulM- ^^;: month and I, i,b tosf^^Vwto^ (jomrnofMtios •ipi ? -,>«ltfn.s .•oi.'-snoi^- ' aatio;i'ing; i card's; • comparablo to .'fior'nmhy l -airnar:ly.---havfi ; J)e«n ap- provbd by pffiotols, .P.i'inl.inK oC Iho. oards-.wllf bc^siarLcd wiLhin.i.ho next foAv.days. . ' :.>: -,.-,.-.;-•. - • . Dcftmsc oJYlclftls sairl. housewives should Viibfvbcj alannccl, thai; : tlic' Siip'ply oJ', sugar-was not oritioally- •low-'and ihai,--t.he rationing- system was-being Installed Lo-prevent l^ ei « l;oing'clopl'6f'0'd.'])y Ijoai'ding. ' n'.'Vif&'noV-'cH'sCldseU "what oMior -commndiU'eM .'blTlolrils- 'aro -watching •naf-.Oicnlarlyv' Tl, was said, howoyar, Mia't Uio Ofl'loc of -Prifio' Administra- M-on".''.\Vft's'- -'cliecldng, on' all prices, sirm'tages and hoarding of 'oommodl- / in.lhtv-avoi'nge Amorican home ap- ;nr.oxlmn.tOly 100' pounds ' of ' Hi.igai-. Is usivd: •annually, -01- slightly loss than two pounds each week. . The. arnounl, o! 1 'sim-lir.rwallable to 'eaoh. individual aindev'.:''tlip rationing Plan 'will 'b'P rlotormlncd b'y""l,ho-- total . anioiml,; ,Uiis : counti-y,. and Llic nciodfi' .for' national defense.' ... ' .. .. • n a U o n 111 g-' -o f '• H u ga r. will •'<> fTfi c l ; ' -1-» n amouRliS •.of'Vwandy anrl ; .sol'L drinks, that'-inay he i'j'onsiimbtl,: as 'well, as thf^sus'iuMused in •|,he.''homo. Most of' l-hc- nation's, chain stores and many •'.independent '• grocers already i have ^sim-tod informal . ;r|i-7 tion'i'ng. Jjy.- soiling. - their';.oustorncrs only a sniair amount at a-time, nsu-- .ally''only..a pound-. - . : .:.-'• GAIN - Ha! ; ti'ord, Oomr., . .Ian... U— (UP)— TIV6 -Aetna' 'IJlfoVInsurance Go. Tfir ported today that, as 'of, December 31 I -.- r -.if'liaY|'-$''i,85G;i79t) > g^2 life insurance In .force,;"uri .11.8-jier-cent gain •over rl9''iO.-' r the past yenr was.-'rnbre'-tbaiV^O.OOO.Oqn, giving.tho .coi'ifpany ';a" rfecord' total' ol,' outstand- 'juig .UTe insurance. . robbery and. possession Sols'after *3pq ; ;vn8 in .his black sodan. ins sai.l resombled away car used in two daylig s'hich hold- as/. -a"; police last ni : roporcl,- \yas-appi' ,. , p in Wilmington-by police who vvtic 'soarching for, the black - sedan used ivy tho robbers. ••• The first robbery occurred. \\lu.i. • • " . . ' i I O ( i 1-1^ flii^lP fl • WYina'n'-llarrliig-ton, .Jo, a niLbbLn .'o,. .for the Union •National- hank was accosted by two. men an( Coerf to' surrender $0,000'in un- cashable .cliucl«3. ; Loss than . W hours latoPi:,thO'U..S. Bun ting Co office was hold up and robbed 01 a $2,000 payroll by the Bartholomew, \innined when cap Iurod insisted ho know nothing oJ Llio.' 9500 in $10 bills . which w^ vraipod -'in. a handUorchief hidde undir a spare tire. Mo also,-dcni<K knowledge of. both, holdups. ; INTOCONFia Dungnrvan,, Eire; Jan.. 24— (UP)- Ministoj' of : Lands ^Tliomiis Q. -Dor rig said today, that, Ifll're. waj3, con fi'ontod "with a serious'crisis bu l.hnl, all efforts to got; her; into the war 1 would fail. ., •:', ..• , '•"RiTorls ivia.y bo- made l.o JcnLlfip and intimidate us into thn wai against: our.-.will, 1 '- he said. .-"J ..have '.no" do ub I,'thai, such'efforts, if made will: fail." •-. -. • He said 1 Eire-may-ho out.p.ff -from ul I outside- sources' of, supply soon Battlefields of the Pacific •at NiiVol -ba'sb,' 1 noar Surabaya, Dutch; East Indies, aro confident of'being ablo'to give a good account of, th'jrnsolvQs in tho'shallow and-treacherous walbrs of tho Malayan Archipelago. "Battlefields of the Pacific," March: of Timo Special film, shovys. Dutch htjvo nearly a hundred surface craft including jmotoi;, torp!ed.o- boats, destroyers, cruisers and gunboats. Rounding out a.pict'ura •.o'f defense'.sure' to 'moko a Japanese; Invasion costly aro a fleet of modern sub' marines and a,flight .of D.ornioi'flying boats.'capable of scouting, bombing and mine, laying 'operations over a thousand-mile radius,, ' • j t f ™~^ .. Native troops of Dutch East Indies man anti-aircraft guns in defense, agajnst •:.';'bn<imy.. (Much of Dutch effort is'being con.rcred ,in plans to cope with, posslblo ^paracHut^mvasioh. "Battlefields-of the Pacific," March of'Time Spociah' ihows -now Indies^ ar» preparing to defend their priceless stores .of rubber and' tin. V/ith all-ntfi'bors around the'islands mined and an alerl- army and air''force'; invasion will prove coctly to. Japanese. , • : • .-, . • ; if - '\-t ....••'•". >,' .-• - .'•• i •• ' •••' , • • , .._._.. ,., •...<•«.. in«i| »iiwiTr.i nuw C9u€ •>!« J!it^^W^i, ^ traced to,command .the arny of; ten thousand' r. ^AT:*^ t *; 1 -tn?«*«7d'reserves .Philippines have set a* their qoar'phlliDDifie'- * i /*rtnrtr-iiil*rt^t'i .MA*l7i ML*L.; x.m| j.j.. j- ^n'p'•'*''• " ' • ': •*- • rr\ •'*"^ aps j n to crumbling ^of .tlic .A ^-•^v if ';S.f acArtfimv ] lf landing efforts wl Ui bombardment ''", i "f u s, defensive posiUons- » - ol SSlv strongly emplapod art £ R-ry Vltortes flop the: most .-jpaik They also .were- employing airei.atl, lo o eve&ief- ex.leht than recently. . •' Agdns? U>e Japanese air assauUj H was revealed, by a Avar .depai spokesman, -. ^c^flr slHI, a Liny * 01 ' cc Ol CurUbS > Ur did have until most ««e- , . since the. days oi 1 the war m the PhiUP p Uiat.nny-monU6n i had been made -of aircraft / supporting . Mac,. o force at a secret fieTd~ .or fields amid Bataan's jungles and. mountanv peaks, was not revealed. But itAvas said to have accounted lor at least 38 Japanese, war planes since the start of.the war. -There was_ no statement as to how many of these planes,had .been brought, down since MacArthur- dug .in on Batman for his siege* stand... .. :••- , • • • • The planes were .said,; to be .pur,us 1MO nglitor's, more than capable 01 dealing with any Japanese pursuit ships^being employed in the i.uzo.n. This is the same- type' of plane 1 , wllh which American . volunteer pilots nl-lacliod to the Chinese, air force aided British fighter-, Squad-, pons to .bring down,21 planes over Rangoon.' . The American fighters and the heavy anti-aircraft butteries of Cor- rcBlfJor, H. was evident, have played an important role in preventing Japanese' air .power from delivering crushing blows to Mac- Arl-hur's. positions. • Coregidor's guns- and the other anti-aircraft weapons protecting A-JacArthnr'B strong-points are credited with the destruction of- 84 Japanese planes since the start of •lighting. ..••••• • ' ." .' ; . Nonetheless, it was apparent inat Japanese pressure is growing m ration .to the landing'Of heavy'new .reinforcements; particularly in the Subic Bay area-: only five to 10 miles north of MacArt.bur's-. defense • positions across .the waist of ,narrow Batann, Peninsula, MacArthur advised .the war., department -that.-his, men. have, repulsed an -attacks despite thoiry numerical' jriferiorily and.'the con-. Unuous. nature of .the-, enemy at- taolts. There >yas no Indication, of ;dua>vnueou,tli\yftrd.'-- to any . ( . xt i | undoubtedly was carried • oifdcrly Tachion and to new slr . ly,Prepared. positions, . Mac A r t h u r's through Muriveles port rcgidor appeared to he .„ as: usual and-.there, had h ecB 1 "sign that he is suffering S J '.supply difflcu.Hfes or C xo cs .casualties. There were also signs of growing Japanese trouble. . A new and drastic issued by Lieut. Gen. MJJ Homing Commander-; Japanese, forces in the imposing the. death penally ^ civilians guilty on. any one ( ,|1 catogorJcs.of offenses, ranging d "rebellion" to "any ol'her ] against the interests of || 10 an esc forces." The Japanese may have compelled to order these, & penalties . because of aclual threatened revolt and s.'iholagfj British Fighting Counter-Ati (Continued from page one) Agedabia sector, after receiving J ial reinforcements, and has ongj the British On a triangular } A \\ ; field about' 40 miles across the In Agedabia, Anlolat and Saunnu \j the corners of the triangle, so] ,of Benghazi, and it' appeared.- 1 the Germans' were atU-mpiinj break up British attack prof tions rather than beginning a scale counter-offensive. In Russia, the Red army, closed. Its, biggest victory ovj present, counter-offensive had r led 250 miles northwest of cow and to within about 100 •of the old Latvian border, rccara jug - or Immediately Ihroalei Kholm, -Velikie Lulci, lUliev '.other, important ..cities in HI! winter defense line. .This drive, made since, .lamiai threatened to split the Oc; front at Leningrad from llio tral front but, more imporhnu •'showed thai the .northern arm l.'he :Bussian pincers, had ad\m to a point .northwest of Smoloj • ; T|i e>. so M th ern. arm P.r ev i ously I battered its-wny«. to within pod 60-miles of Smolensk and if pincers can now be closed .Diei forces on ; the-'central, sector \viljj •lucky, if they .lire able to. cri 'a huge trap and/.set up new 11 j on the Dnicper-Dvi'na fronf. Breath of Spring Is shown in'our lovely new /display of 52x52 incij table coverings. , -....',; , : w : :V • . . : -., V Gorgeous fruit and fl.6ral patterns in vivid and got 'pastel.-shades.- •• . ••': .'-.'' ' ' ••"'•: '••"•;'• •",".-" ••">•-. .-'-.f-.••''- : : Priced at $1.QO ; $1,59 and $1.98. ; Classified Advertising To Rent TO RENT —Furnished, room sviilahlc for cllihcp male'or'female. Tele. plione 2705. ' . .l-2irlG TO"REN'T—~A Tenement of 5 rooms, second floor, house built only. 3 yoars;. all improvements, hard-' • wood floors. Apply 40 Lines Hill street, Union City, l-22d3 TO. KENT — Fiirnished room, all conveniences. Oaraye, if desired. .Call after..3-. p.m. Teh 4403.' • l-23dGx Wanted WAIVTED—Elceli'Joian' and cr. Apply Stanley KieJb, Hunter's Mill, Naugatuck. • : • i-24d3* FEMALE HKL1»—SALESLADIES CALL on friends with Greetino Card Assortments. -Easter,. Birthday, other .occasion's. Personal Stationery; Gift Wrappings. Big profits. Experience unnecessary; Samples .on approval.. Wallace Brown, 225 Fifth Ave., Dept. 2907, 'New York. 1724-dix WANTED—One or two rooms for light housekeeping for refined man, .wife and. child,;. Address Box R, in care, of The: News. " Custom Tailor. Coats shortened, 60 .cents; dresses shortened 30 cents. Top coats ami overcoats $16.50 up'. Phono 4957. ;147 South Main'street,"Naugatuck. ' " ""' * - ' 9-24tf ROCK SALT DISSOLVES ICE QUICKLY USE IT FOR S1DBWALJKS, DRIVEWAYS, ETC. AVE DELIVER RELIARLE C.UAIN & FUEL CO. COAL -COKE -FUEL OILS GRAINS 5-7 CII\\JRCH STREET , -TEL.'3076 Metel Ceilings Leaders, Tinnioff, and 'Furnace Work. JAMKS BAKER Telephone 2555 Bradley St. Nft\i0atuek, Conn. ; i. '•.•.£•] SKATING Excellent, skating ,at Poulson's rij Woodbiridge, Located o nroulel cement road, 2 miles from SoyinoJ 8 nil 1 es from New Haven. Klccjf lights, for night skating. Tel, Sj m our 791-2: For Sale FOR SALE—Florence cireulnd'nfll lor heater, 9 inch burner, elt I'ofrijrorator, large KJW stovf,| piece (.lining room suite, hook es, record .player, soapstonc . runners, electric mixer and it other articles. Apply 3G'< v Main street, rear. J* FOU SALE—One 2-fnmil,v '^ | Hillside avenue, a 2-imnlly on May street, and a 4-voom « house. Apply John Heuly. 1 503J. • • tf FOW SALE — 10 room, 2 hpuse, all -'improvements. In. .condition. Price 54900. ttcncoti Falls TT- IS rooin, 2 »• house, 'all.- improvements. 51* heal. IivedoU; condition. Cenfj .ly located: Price only $4,000, ley, Tet.2433. ' . ' FOR t SAtE—A : 10-room 2-W housie.; location ''High street, A 13-roQm.3-family< house, ow aireet, $8,500. .A 6-room . ily and' i3-i'0om 2-family , .on Meadov/ street, $;a,000. Aj room 1 3-fftmliy Ti'ouse on rfi1 street, $7,800. A 7-room J hmise " and "garage on tii street in town, $7,500. If you f to buy, build or sell, sce^ Labriola, your realtor, street or Tel. 3— SPECIAL RENTAL OFFER New ]Rc>ninfllon; $ii,Q9 per mo.—^5.00 2 m :R<?J?E' & MQRTON, .'.'•'•,' 41 Leavenworth Phone 4-4i Tlmt odd piece of furiiK"^ flnd R buyer if you use (lie ( meilluui. ' -.""."

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