Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on January 23, 1942 · Page 3
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 3

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Friday, January 23, 1942
Page 3
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. - ...,., .,,'". - . - "' •'•' • - • .'' . V'^ 1 -'-;.! >",- ' .,..', . JANUARY 23, 1942 Page Tour, tivonmg by TUB NAl/OATUGK NKAV9 COMPANY, INC), at II North Main Htroot, NAtJOATUOKr '^ NI ' 1 ^ << l l ^ r fTntoi'dri a7i HOOiuul-olUMM nuit tor at tho Pont Oltloo, at UAU'lf 9, PASUO I'rwiUUuil CiliAYTON I/, KI/KIN , VUui-ProHldnfjt KDWAUD 0, F.lNOK ,!, AHMUN flooPi'tnry H, C1AUI* OIflN lil-jr'MKSKNTATlVKS 00 Uookot'ollor Plnxa, Now York (illy , Pa. AVdiiuo, r»l2 North Tho ilohn M, Hwnonny Clo,, .,'11 Abbott Uoail, WollM«l»,v Unpiii'trrtont,, *& SUDHtJIUPTlON UA'IMW 1 inontiv ,.,••:•••"•""", ...... a i ,,,/... ........ i your n., ...... ....... 1'u.yabln.hi, Advunoo — ' ; Hy (Vici'lor . -IRo, I your- .UI' Tho UnHorl PI-OHH tian Ihn ox- cliiMlvn rlKlit I" iw" l'<"' ropubll- cwHon In any forru, all imwn dlM- Viutrluiy (U-ndltod to. thla paper. II |M olHO nxrilUHlvoly enUUnrl to uao for rofuiblltmtloii all Iho loiwl or no\Va IS* <l«l II I I • Aid For Stranded Amori6ans Tho HLa'to DopartmouL at "WuHhitftftoTi luiH' amiourK'iul that awitigornuuls lum> boon mado to giVo (iuanciHl ansiHt- anco and incroHHod tran-s- portation Cap-ilitiuH to Amor- ' , ' < » < t / * / \ />' / 1 » • s • , • ' ; i / * Uj'oas or i u 1 onoiny lorntor,N. ' ThiM will 1)0 wolc-orno IIOWH i,o many AtuoricHiis -w'hoso foUirrrlimtrrr Prcmrfmorny tor- MtoryTia^ boo'ii firoVohiSc'l hy laok'nf mouoy or hoanuHo ol' •; traiiHpoi'tHtion Tli « vSliaio Doparl-miMil sayn thai; it in, now ponnihlo Tor Atuorioan (law VOHHO!H to obtain pcjrmiHHion l.t> oxoood thoir normal oarryin^ oa- Cro'm uw in Iho l (1 ar and Middle ant, Tho nhipn will not ho loadod hoyond voquiro- rnouU'of Hal'oty, .Amorionn diplomatic; rop- roMntil'a-l.ivoH at g various lo- (mlitloH (loHorihod UH M dan- J£oi'ouM n !-hfiyu hoon anthoi 1 - to mako-'loaua to Auioi 1 - icanw who ah) unahlo t o Hnantio tiioir rotuVu to I he Ifnitod StatoM or to i)laoo« ol 1 tfroator Mal]uty. r riio Stato' Dorxirlinont has i'(u|.iioslod aio'nt, wh Ainoricau iutorcmtM hi onomy aroa.M, to : i'undHh a Htatomont ol! tho financial condition ol 1 Aruor'rmuiH'-Iti ou'onty toi'i'L- tory and- ''ftj-'/o'fJt'miato ^llu- am'onnt n'oogHsary --to rnliovo thoir ftitfiyVion. Whon tho ,i)oparW\otrt rooulvoH tho do- wirod liU'oi'»i.- it will tako MlopH to arrang'o torn Tor hrniiHinitting -.I' to tho Amoricaiia ahronil, oi tho I'^l^ronr'thoU' own HOiii'COH/'ru^lV^'tfH or in tho form of loatiw, Moantimo, it IH stated, tho ChnrloH P. Stewart Stewart Says; . i — ' • i Look for Joker | In Propaganda ; In Tho«o Times «y OIIAKLKS P. STIOWAKT 'Contml l-'row Columnlfll JUHT WHO David Darrin Is no-, body MOOUUI to know. A lot ot mlmeoKi'aphocl lltomturo, with that rmmu at tho bottom of It, la In clr- o ti 1 n 11 o n In W ft a h I n # ton, how over, but Davld'.M nclclro&i Isn't given. Tho stuff's an appeal for "con- cor tod action" to imp o'a c h President ROOHO-. volt, Vice Proai- d o n t Wallace and till members 01' tho present national cabinet, for "grow nog- cording to the jierood'fi author, "In falling to pro- pare, In advance, for today's emergency," Tho clopo in list have coat comjicl- ornblo money to turn out and deliver, by nuill, to all newspapermen In tho capital and to u largw and varlbd awiortmont of others who report tho receipt of coplofl, Ac- oompnnylng onoh of thorn la a Imndfiomoly engraved card, professing to account for David Darrin. Ho'fl cloftorlbod iifl a "general con- uilUint," with a post ofllco box and n telephone, but no further acl- fh'owi, r.oltor.'i to hl« p, o. box go lummtwarod, though, and no. do calls .in . tho 'phono number ho -gives, The tuimo Isn't In tho city directory or tho 'phono book, either, Pretty my«torlou«, what? David, If Ihoro \n any wuch jorson, bo or has boon vory recently In Washington, for hl#» mlmoographed copy and bin flngravod cardfi were distributed locally pofltnwrlcccl, Effort nnd DollurH Porhapw thoro l?m't, In reality, a David Dan-ln. Yot, wupposlng that thoro Iwi't, Homebody, nevertheless, wn.'i «t all tho Iroublo to broadcast that Bplel, and mifllulontly lntoro»t- to foot tho bill. Had tho no-called appeal urged ImpoaeliMontfl on. tho ground that tho administration wan blamo- •vorthy Cor our llnal participation m the war, It'would bo a fair as- nimpUon that U'« pro-Axis propaganda, but that's not tho argument, Tha contention la that we're In' tho conflict unprepared, duo to "nlno yo«r« of neglect of duty," as .1 i wilt pi! which, It'n bitterly do- Mrtrocl, wo'i'o in no' shape to moot iho aquation In "thlu period of <,vorld chao.'j." > • puvltl, If 'ho oxlsiU,'ft« mien, dooj Iwloocl, complain of F. D,'» "unre- iitrnlnod gra.'iplng of improaodonlec poworn," but the powers he .sayi ho'ji speaking of uron't war pow Grw--tho giwiplng.-hc 1 allcgoH, \wu done during Iho dbproa.Mlon, nnc now, liowla David, they provo tr, have boon "utterly ' wafitoc'l" foi pro.'tont purposoH Of nourae'thr thing may bo pro. AxlM propaganda, at that. tf tho Axlii hunch could got us Into un Internal wrangle 'among ourfl'olvofi, ,thoy flnubtlesa would profit hy it, no matter how Iho.v wtartocl ' It, and tllo.V naturally would like- to csonvlncp us thai wo'ro unpropuml, H*I bad for oiu moraln. i Nevorlholofifl, If mich l« Ih* uohomo, Davld'.'i In qulto an Indirect method of approach Arid hl.'i prwiontnllon t>f hi." tliomc fiouncUi not MO much like that of a pro-Axis agent n.« llkr- that of un olcl-fashionorl Amorlcnn roKCllotmry, who bated Now Deal- orlHm from tho nrm and thinks* IIP WIOH an opportunity today to norootilt,- "Now look whore It'w landed UH!" A good many lnoxpltaabll!t,lo.<» aro developing UinmMolvos In these pocullar tlmow for ilokor.H y, this Htnry'o told In WattUlnglorr Our MO'HOOW had JUH! (UUHhod U.*< work,' following Uus- Introduction Into tho war, as an ally of the democracies HaUl a Soviet member of tho on- tortalnmont committee to one of our dologatofi, "Porlmps you'd Ilko to itoo Homethlng of our city ho- fore you loavo." "YoJi," anaworocl the Amorlcnn. M .t wire would." Woll," wald tho Muscovite, "this L«i RoojiovoR avenue, formerly Hit- lor -fltrcot. Thore'*i Cordcll Hull boulevard, formerly Goorlng drive. At tho far oncl of It \» Henry A. Wallace circle, formerly poobbols park." "Very IntorcJttlng," commented tho American, "but I must bo .pro- ing, Farewell, comrade, formerly numan MUunk," t don't know whether that'll pro- A.xki propaganda or not. Slick propaganda needs to bo so DXproMiiod an not to bo readily ao recognisable. Possibly Nazi sympa- »,hlxor« Invontod the Moscow yarn ;>y way of nowlng tho acods of clls- ,iontlon between" Russia and tho United States, Any yarn's liable to rwvo a Joker concealed In it in •hose abnormal days, i'/oi'l to advanco nmail roliof paymonm to Amori- muiH Iii'onqmy. torritory, It IH iioot i J16HH"tl)'Jtato thai UIOHO poi'HOtiH will ho very ffratornl to'tlioh f «ovornmonl for making It poHBihlo foi tho in 1- o' 'Iciavb ooun trio whoro thoy aro no long'oi Svoloomo and to go whore > v (ioy on,.n bo Hnl'o^From harm WAR IN EUROPE A YEAR AGO, JAN. 23, 1941 Hy United PITSH U. ntUry Into win 1 wllh Hrlliiln .' Mci'iii/iny oould not brliiK vlntory wltlioul. Inlornnl Oonnnn •lap Mlinol.M olllolul In Sban v «hnl rnvv. M'linl rcporli'd otuuipyhiK Impor inn I, iMifiny pusltlonH In Fi'onoh In rlo-Chlun, nnd Vlohy jinnonniins ,Iup an«w nfftM 1 lo nuMlUilr dlfforonoea hud ln\ct !THE RE-WRITEVMN! ,. ... ,:. ;..,.• ,.....;. p !-•••.•'•; .'••..•'• •»".:'...• '-£"',jf': /--•-• ;.'y.v->. v.'; ..^ |- - ^ '^•^•\?x£3\ r '"'- ;:: '^s^^K^yss^ From Other Newspapers ' (iMlMnpnpnJIs S'lm^iloiirniir) . ,_ .' Thfi govoi'n/nbnl.-' nf • the 'Ni.'thisj 1 - lnn(lH--f;tiii!iin . WlihnhnliKi's t govern- iiionl.-lii-C'XlbJ—did'an '.niuisunl tiling UK- nllihr d/iy'wli(!n\il Mlfjcldud no I. only ' I.Q 'pay 'Ihu. lnlur(3s'l .on ' the iHilloiwi (lul)l ol'- llol'Uiiul, to nil hnldorn 'of •-I Is-bonds who ai'o I'rpo or'AxiH (loinlunMon, hut' l,o puy that Inlnpp.Ht In i'onslgn (Jii'iToiVoy, 'I'h'n dobf Is 'u.l.l In DuUK. H.ulld- ftrn; n'onn of It is "p'\ymV Inl '.dollars, or pounrl.s. Hut "German xuio'uiw- llrin ol 1 Holland lius niiulo gulldors \vorl.bloss to bniicllioklors ontslfln Ui'i! (io'imtry, HO. ' l\\u Troo K'ovonl- monl dftlK! NijUiurlniids in Lonrlnii Is pnylpH, IntoroHj,. In. dollars and ponnds,' . ' • '. •.- ••• • • •- •• .-••• .The sauio .ol'. Queen Wlltioliiilnu, : is paying•-for upUocp ol' UHJ mituli navy aiul • fur ar-malt has borrowed no ..nionpy since h> vasion of Iho Nc-tboVliunls, Ihit has kept the Notlun'lamls a going 'nnd HOlvouL cnnnurn -ovmi . wliilu- Hpl- land llsoir Is undor tliu Gunnan Along with ,somo or the. othor govoniinnnl.-ln-fxllu, notably that of. Norway, tho 'fs'nlhurlands is glv- IMK an uxninpl" ° 1 ' intugrlty nnd sUuulna svlilr.b, commands the- admiration or l:lioso : oulsldo UHJ honio- land and glvns " hopn .-and solM'O- si'ioot to thosoAvllhln. IU(ill'l'S UNION \V»U>N(i (N. \i WorUI-'IY'.higraii!) A lahor union's unfair use of .Its ousl.or powurs, In conOjifiatloii with Itin dlosnd .shop, l.o '''dopclvo a worker nl' Itls only means o!' llvo- llhoud" Is sharply sconu! hy Sn- PIMMIIC Court.' -Itisl.ku! •'Willlaiii r P. Collins in his ilwlsioii ordoring tlin ol' ,l>nl.rl«k liollly 1 , bus (Irivnr, . who wasVexfirillud hy tlin Tr/uispoi't 'Workers 'Union 'al'tor ho r-hapgiul prr>-(.!oniinunisin In the TWU aclnilhlsl-railnn 'ol' Mlcliaol ,J. Quill, ' ' >•' •' JiKslioi! . Collins • i.l not' mlnen iiiallot's,, Ho 1 lifllds Lliht'the unloii trlnJ orilnllly wns 1 . "nrtV Impartial/ 1 thai Iho bus drl.ver '''was punisheij 1'or his opposll.lf)! 1 ). In Hie regime raMier l than : • Tor,' slandering'- tho union," that \'l,hn allogod slander was the excuse and not,ison for Iho .nxpulslon" uud , that .unionism on n not. oxpoot to "suppress, fair and rnusonahlo orltlolsrn." Tlin Justice, , thurnl'oro, nol.-»'0nl.v 'dec.laros tins fixpulsion null and void an'd orders that Rollly be restored to union membership, but also decrees the 'union must pay Unllly $'2, KU . I'or-.^Xvagns 1 ^"lost/'Sliiue Iho dale when .his expulsion uutn- deprived him, under tin; closed shop, ol' his- job .with the employing bus company, Here Is a severe and deserved Judicial Jolt 'for, union -theory and praolli-,0 which, besides '.Lending more and' more (o put union power and the closed -shop ahove the once rooognl/.od right of the American worker l,o earn an honest living on terms ol' his own choosing, have also fosl.ored an idea (.hat .union treatment of union' ' members is .sqmetlilng with- .which ' tho courts must never In lei-Tore., . , : "Society," as JlisUco Callliis says, "could not Jong vKiib.sisl IT- any organization were Immunlsicd agalnsl all legal super-vision., or restraint." ' Not even Mr. Qu ill's power I'll 1 union Is yet 'law in,U) ilself. ' FROMlflENEp 20¥EARSM ' MoinoiMtis nl'Hrm '(lays-. wlioiv;.'l.hq world '(ionjllpt', was m ; glh'fi''':QVpi;3eas n-nd -Ainoi'lhan-•"dou'gl]boy's,'.'galhorcifl at- -(innLori'merit • h ills'- '1io ; 'Ayh,ije'/.-away a i'o.w ; liou'i's -'-bM';•'.-'.wlIQrps'o'mo: /fun" wru'O •viyidly-H.rp.jj l,iio- O(MH npei i n'.''l)ouse Jasl ,o n't a 'Hnidlcor glyon under ''tliel ausf |iioris -p;C''I.Kc'Nailgatifuk;'• poat,,'.No..! : ;l7v •of -IIjo. .Am.tM'loan-r^e^loni^gnam^ bbxinH'- bhiiis--:in: : wli ; ich';. Mibv-^p.i'imjl^ pals swung.' thb padded, gloyori-/'!^!'- the. 1 sake 'of/sport aiid- not/'lrcj,oa.usp : fboy- -wore' oQiVjg "tp'-l'eap'-'.'a' .-gOldcri: inirvi's'l 1 n'ritir :l.l|u;porfOi;.iTiiinci5; 'goo'^ rnusiiV by -DoRorost. Marl's.orchcsU'a; skel.chqs, (l'la)ogucsn - sinokbs ari(V 'Meals' 1 - added' l'6/ ! Ihn' Qnjoymcnt- o'.l' l.lie ooonsloh'. -One, ,ol' '-the...'f.caVorcfi- of Llin nvf.ulngr was the prosciil'av lion to.'Ibn. Naugatu'ck Legion nos, : t. nl 1 a . liJihdso'.nie, -Amor-hiaii iNag/.tho girt of Ilio/.; IVooCinakors. of the (;.M,n. Sbd(v : ';cprhpa',n.^', f l-lio jirbsenlr nlloii arldroKH.'-wris; liiade^by 'Wil.liam r l\ HpdoivbitcJlf ) '''"'trrVds i Lircr ^ol'-.-. the '(In I tc'd" : Sta L'Q'S'' Ruhbor ; : (5o'm pan y's lounl plants..'.!!!' h^lihll 1 .'!i.ugatu«k post, • Gpinmaridoi 1 . Iflrlo. .-Korncr- ,ac-- c.opUul 'Iho ; fla'K;;. In .llic :'Jio-y/.s'uoirl k-not tying. lYxli'Jbjti^n ,'losopli-:King of Tronp, r> was..-ilfs'l. .1,0. llnisli, tlnui ' buing''.. 20!.,.AVilliain, Kahuy ni' 'Pp.pup'ir arid J.nuls.'.Plrilv ulo ol 1 '•lVo'n'px i ...ip '•H'lsQ^.p'arl/luljjatetl. f f\| i P. sti.-f.'.tol ler • vm.ti ft i .ri}j"":il 1 (.Mjio'ns t'ra- 1 . l.lon was ' giyoir.-.b'y" i/eni'y ;-'KariiVo.n- •-tauranl, .at : 2!)2 Park: street .in New j3i'IUiin.•-'•' ' ,'._ - •• . ••'•'•• ' • • ; ' •Mnrlhvi'V illiido.-'proprihtor of an anlo •••accessdrlCH'.- slvqp. -Qtr .-North •'MM i n si-i'tvp't> '.ii.'iH. -'-pii I'cliaftiu! •' a new Dodio. sotliuv'-to':-hty used in' I'axi- and '' '' \\I1UI1 lillU IJ iu;) »->• >J ,- i.'.vv* ~'i-. • night '-nV'tiicv- 3l)0o. : :(ioriipan.y : '. : ompo building. I'riio-^sbr'bablc^touriiAn^P 1 ' lias ''devblo'iVcxi''-''^.^'' a 'plpse;"contest, Afler ''tilt)' -scoi ; flS-:Svci ; (3v jVosted :• last nIglit- 1 14 h ! p;\Vecl^I/not : ^ho-e;,bpmp'!ifiy iVdxi^.'.losU'.i.'llLc-; !(iy¥ri'in^v',n1a|;6hes;; by t'Svo^- ganies/;.'.%{.ytaip;-; ^ut^.-'. a . J Hl; hl« -• vo wd .-:Ayefv^./ra>:' li »!•]) P? >•:. .ft.r.o wd; • J;^ I Iglvi^'aVia! Jar^", ^l pl^riri inod-:;to •••• »i.h'V:L < iifi-.':liiJuU. ; iVjiyhV-tJibv't«a^^ as.l 3'Q n'Veet i ; om 'i'n- gius iNol)lo', son, t'll(v i :Sh.p 1 e ; ; i cQffj'ji.^tyvwUiJc:.p.r(isscd;..i :'Lo ; : soH : i;Q^ltel4nig!;it;^buV' ; ll v begi. LO ; lo'pki : .as : "t}i : pugli, 'Cb'arles/NobU dtiprge'^viWfv^ev'.-'pharKd' ; Stin-soi ^'Gon' 1 '^Mon'altarir •v.iaok ^1 fcxpatrie anrl iJoiin^ShdU' anrivtho rest--.b.f,-;tlic O-lovc-'obiViTHllny^^slmrk's,. 1 !- 1 : ^'Q ,th'cd of trailing'Ihe'SlT'otJ : t ivcn 'and -IVbrn now.-on .some'-'tlrcworks -a : t'e -cxpeul,- ecl. .liikc - Sii,r!\Var't/,/and;' Jild . Gbnroy Ivad a constiitaliio-iT'after Live-games. Kd : cxplaine'd' the situation- by saying' -that 'liis', inch' -arc, -'ih-u' tem-poi 1 - Ai'lniri's Mayas' ^H --thdlr 1 'p'd.l!jfj"iifci.1ii-|l tbrne lining .arniiatpd. with, Trppfi.: 2,. hnslle ':Sohn'lleltl' ; or. Troop'2 •ffayfr-'fi. llnmoiiHlrirllnn , oi" "'miilfln^-.. Ili-o; Jyy rrlrJ.loh!' .Hvldnntly' i,lV_o.;'.yotini5S-l.oi; f 's' In " I A If. In'. O.h I" -.- i,!"* j? 0 . 1 , 'b/'Upyo '.in c. n i n p I c to '' < I i siii vti\ \\ me n ii ; .-',. •'• f 6'r" wj'i en' Young Sharkey ami BattlLns'-Nelspii'-, both '' IJnKin,. City ..boys', hbppeci Lhrougli' thn ; [-opus' : .l'or a • Lln-co'- roundCxlTlblL'lon "Battling' Nclspn was all tOH'^od out in a 'Ilop Brook' schnnl jiuisk'ctha-ll, 'jersey. •- Yqiing Sliai'koy appaiuinl.l'y Mlgurcd' o'n 'liit-. 1-liiK th'c llopi',..for ho appoa'riid I'oi* the, bniil wohrlng .. n ..pal'r"-bT TulJ liiiiKl.h. Hlor^klnA's'.\vllli- a little ,bxtr<% pndillnk" nl tho k'nuos. Ypuny ; 'Sf. ,'lnljn. and Yo.n'ng- !3i(jk.crtl|ka',:t'iir- ulshod j.hc. nijllbn in' th(V ri('},xL;. v b.px^ ln/.^'iCXlUl.)[l|o'n. An ••exhibition'.. :bou':l, , b n I vv f i o n .Yo u u gf B r.en nan ^.aii tV Y p 1 m'g' Pollll .prnyod...ono..i ol'-Lho""fcirr, 1 ftreS of tho-.ove'n'uig,' the 'young"men bc r InA 1 onl.hLisiastically' -app'lau'ded'.'ai tlio finish -'pr' -Ujc'Ir '-.bouti^Tlip 1 '; last: known' • Union,,Oily ,.;r{!sidoiiU' :i whp was irilrod'u(Hid as . Kid; pWahagaii nnd Ynun«; 'Diindoo, j,l.ic... u pi'kVe : •o.t!." 'The oo.mmlltee.!'o:f, ,ir,-- ran gv i n e ii Is .cb irs is ted " '."o'X. -'I I pi Johnson, ohah'rna'n, Moyvafd.'-KIt and Lf5onai'rl-/r. .WoIn ing .was done' byOus (nelr.olt'News) There's Ihe' 010 'and'APL , and- then there's firiqlljioy .and •'• older union, the'U. S.'A.V wh'loh up to now husn'l K''no\\n '-\\s owii'.Htren'gtlL" In' a bowling.'riial.oh at- UK •hei 1 CJIty alleys -last,',, niyht a-.-;. .oomprlHtul o!' Jack' Woods and ,lop Capollo of the Oloyo i;oinpnn-y/'(lo- I'oatod a tounr consisting ofvShoj'j;- dan Baxter and. LOvcreLl ]!)'onoyari ol' tho Sl^oc company by a !scprc ;oi' •-ORCi .to. 5fiS'.-.ln'- a .i,hr.ou-slrlng v; ni''h v ; '•:•' There 1 '"wn'V ;cx'citcinbnt'' 'galore ,-at i,hf \vcbkly caI'd games:;In 1 Ihcrlour- tiamenf •boiwcnnJi'lic, '.cnXRloycs;. of tlV. 'Oj-love:',,'a.nct;' ;Sti6:c; ; "cdiT!panics When .tlic'' .pi'ayors',:'I'incd .''.up.'." 1 ' 181 ' .' Tboiiuxs l\: Molloy, president of thb Conn'bcl.iout' GJO .'Opiuiuii', in'a icllor Uiday/to .n.1l"Cil'Q;!|ptvu,l -unions -in tlin Slate, on lied', for full .participation of nmnufacluroi'H ".sin , .tin};. Defense CUric U) bo.held' in, New j-lnvon .la.n- uar.y .20 and/30. un.dci 1 .'the. sponsqi'r : sliip of Lhe onico-/ol 1 -Produiilioh Man'ngemcnl. . sSlairng'lh'al ^.UICM/CJ arc''companics in I'nTs .'sUito/wii.o liayc : bcsii.alcd .to oon'vcrl" .trib'ir,;.; factories to defense production.- in., spite'..pi! 'their pal,ri- ol.ic duty to "do..HO; 'in'.'spite oi' the Tesuitlus; jini'tlshipH,: to.' ,th6 ' cm r ploy-o'bs'f''ruSd''i 1 n 'spil.e of the. f apt thai ' ; !if ; ;uHiny'-%i.s'c;s.;funcls^ ft'oiiK titc U. ; S. .i'iovoi'rirncni,..arp.-,n.yai!ubln -to manu- l'aotui'ci ; S;j:or makipg tjiclr machinery -.suitable i'o'ix pr.pduclftg' .defense !'.lH,- •'-,;..M.i:. .i 'M,Q! Io,Y, . MMgcd -. '-hat- local 'CIO 6i J Ka!li'/Mipns .whose .crn- P'l o ycrs.! arq.; jip t. -f-u l.-l y. cngagod- > o n d c- .ftfhs(y'--w.ojiJ^ !cnccs wiiilri'iSai3fi-gBEifiV.^' ; ! '-Q '"''p 0 111om 'to , ; -partic'^pflikei-^.Uv..-;!;.)^.. Defense Gjinic, 'and-.-- u lrt'ke:AadviiivtdgC;. :ol!' all ;at: : ;this : i)'i:k among Tli roe ' J sti i algliL.;'cl|)fen i ls .cwp»;,c .^.uf'-- rorpd '.by; llic 'Rubber Begetf bra ting' L-oinpaiVy, bowling; siitu'ks,, in Dipih maLcli with lbc;^Choniical co'mpaivy' pin /rockers' '• at''-Lhe .Rubber City; bowling- alleys last evening-C Tlie' p) a >'c rs for : "tl i c V GlTC m i ct\ I . op nip an y ; w o r e •: • • G u s11 n \ a n, • G r a h ai n v'-s ft iVn?/. a 11 d - Fnllclt, wlill'c..tlic'!. r pla.7,^crs/,;toy. ij^o i Rubber,'Regenerating., team 1 1 -"-'-' 1 -'- : follows: -.'.cfck^- V- \ ah or ty,::' ,lo\v,,..llouHcknccJit;',/iiid . ^_. Albor.l, Fagei\-n'."former!.- resident- of-' spHs^'^^cjd^fr;.-'Mplloy..! : .;:: : : '^^;^p,f^'tfidi^b»i'i; •.Ijie.'.woi: iii^/sJTc^^vnioli aJ p! spec^ Lion" ai](\.l^!ie)p'^a^ 6 f : b o 111 o'ticc^^iio B U111 n g -.!j' ro hi so m c •"^jack-logs ol.',. '-bi'derfi;^.'ah'^.'plJiprsv baving. littlo or.'.none' at| s «ali-';- ; ''and- : .2. Spread)ng. ou 'i l/iuv work : ; xvi'il • m'eah that' fewer-Cdn- nboti'cut' wo'r'kbi'S'.' vvill i)e-.laid''off be- causo' 'their;'c'olflpan ics- .-.arc • 'no t- .producing fcrr i ';de'fcn'so..and. tiic" -wai 1 ."'.•'i'-;M r.', 'Mpl 1 py was • nec'en tl'y op p"o i h ted by : Gover.ri6i ; •Robo'rt 'A, 'Hurley as a inernbor' of-' the-'State- Defense- Goun- ciI ;'.-• an'd 1 -'- he v i : s, ./togctlier,'w.iIh .lames GI.erUi'n, sjal.c. AKL.prcHidcnt, a m.em_ her of thc/.jaf)br • 'adyispry' x "c6n'imH- CleanHness; Net to; :Gi)dnness , _.uo^^ 'vis fxtovgodliness,.' 1 ., is taken from. o, y/John;'Weslci'v -o uua, uv.wji ,.1-i'j -•-. - • . evacuation,'-procedure,--to- the i^gr^S^anl;^- Live'director of the -Office o/.g^" Defense and -formci-.head W 11 ^^. vctopmcS/-commission., and. for- the past several months has served as consultant Ho.'State. Defense Adn n, islVator -Samuel^.- Fisher and: tjp state evacuation - committee .on evacuation surveys and .plans..-,..' fJonnccticut's medical, and civilian eviicuntion programs have- been' regarded tis outstanding among-states along the eastern''seaboard and -Mr. Goburn-s appointment to -the regional post is for the purpose ..of coordinating evacuation': pi' an'd preparing uniform surveys and plans for' all New England states.. Mi-. Goburn came' to-the state of Cpniiccliout as manager of the" state plarining-board. in 'IDS 1 ?, after a long career- • as "an arch itcct and planner in New York city. • Jlc was consul tan LM'or. the New York 1 Regional Plan which, dlirlns the past two decades, has added new parks, dri.vos.;.--. bridges, ' -'parkways,./ and recreiAion'al;areas.'•• Me -studied- archi- iciittiro .nnd'-p'hmning" 1 - al/' the 'AmerJ- ciaii Academy, in l\omd' and .in- Kng- land -and - France, and : is. a: graduate or: Alelicr'Gorbolt-G.ugluK 'Me:is the aii'lhoi'' --of :iiu'morofis ',rosca) r ch' -and planning' articles '-which- have- ap.- . peered -iri : national' and; j^' public'at'ions.'-'.'He . is;' ,ah asso.oihte 1 mctnfocr bi'- the .Amei'ican ; Institute of"Plannors .and- has served vas'-re- sc/froh ..associate... for- .'Iho : ,dcvc,lqi^ indnt. commission sinijie.-:-":i t.Sv Q'sta'b'- .lisfiniont-> in- '••1030 ,. amt>;Jins, a'ssls.ted- -Llie slate;- defense ;councn. in.-^^.." ' last May; INN1NESTATES New, A'iprk, Jan;- 23—(UP)—Police in", nine 'states, .were .looking: today for"' lOleanor Williams; 14, 'protl.yj goiden'-jiaired' •'• .of Harve.y L.. Wil)i;inis,' : prpinjnent Greenwich; Gonn.',-i.o'xcbiil.i.vei' , : ' . She 'io'fi,;iroiuc; Sunday after tcl.l- ing liei- : yb'unger.sister,. Sheila, thai she was.Agoing.- to-' New York.'* -De- leclJvb's ' lonrned" '.that .a youn'g • man had. drivoii ,jier- ; .to White- Plains, N. ; Y.,-" where,'she•'boarded ;a-"bus, for; Mou'nV V.ern.on, N. Y. .\'VH,liaihs-':S.Md.-she. had tnlicn! no hiiggagc- lin'rl-'. .h^V didh'l. • think-' hl : ic had more'•• than' ,$1'0: when she; left. Oe.l^clives werV.P^'tu'-ularly look- In^ i'o'i' Ivor in places, where fambiiR dance bands play;: Miss Williams, who -appears.!, to !ho several .-years older -tlian she is; aspires to be n singer and had oven taken.,the stage name'"of "Brenda Nich'ols." ' ' ' (Hy I)V. Philip Clo^,-." O|)toinctnist) .Mygionc as applied t'o the eyes, includes improve the of-Ihe individual, as-well us that' of- the eyes. • l!''or.many" years the -eyes "have keen','studled with Iho 'point, in view of ; finding, n routine by which .'the hcal-tlj>'•'.' eye irii'gjif be .'kept. honllhy antl .e'fu'cient. Kroni' the' kno\ylcdge gaUiorod,' many; .measures for pre- vonling or modifyingjjiscomfort and iiio.niciciicy Wer'c advanced. ' The eye is "a cpinplex;organ •which, with a litljlo, 'foresight : and : .carc,;;..can .give a maximum 'of'.use with a minimum of . discomfort. ''.,'..- . . . ";-,' " Prenatal .Garo—Tlie..hygiene ; of the cycis. niay . be said to .begin before birth.'.'/. Certain- defccLsi suclv ' : as bercdftary ''riearf sigh led ness'' 'and color 'birndnnss; appear, in families gcnnrfvlloh iil'L(?.r..'gonej > nli'on'. Olbci defects;' occur . after, -inlermarringo wiibin -blood lines And in certain A li i glriipcvcch lafj^.'! o f. (1 i .sensed, a n d impaired'.',eyes'. l is ..often .. transmitted to ol'f.sprlng from •'•parents with sys- .tcmic "!.,diiijea'ses. Fortuniil.oly,. this rate lias .been-seriously curtailed -in maiiy of-;6ur states by a prclimi-riar> health. .e'i?ia'iii'ination, . Today, scien- llflc trcatmnnt oi'.J.he m other during prqgnaii'cy affords almpsl-ccrlain protection to the cb'lld, ' ' If necessary precauLions are Inkcn by-either. poUinil'n'l parent Jiaving a serious.; Q.yc,diKf!/}.so . much -worry may be foro.slalrnd, •, This can best be .done by consultation with a doctor '..cohcnr'nirig it's 'gravlly. and "ilic likeliliood of its"transmission. ' (Nex I; Week—i:n f h n cy ami Cb I Id- hood Care 1 .) ; ; .,-v '. ' .-'•"• .--,;• !!-i1i'nt odd .piece of TnrnH.iire liilfjlit flnil a buyer if you use the Class!- AMERICANSMAY b "lTouartiin.as8crtod Uml.ltierc had been a long scries" bf "wrong, guesses^ during" this war, including:; Germany, guessed wrong .on-.tic stren^ of Great Brjlalii-and.-riglil on the strength of France. Britain guessed wrong on me sJcnglV^ ° Gdmany guessed wrong on Russia. ' The United States guessed wtong on iiie.strengtJrof the Japs.* Hitler giiusscfJ wrong on the did ihc United .Stales would give the anti-Axis powers. Ul ,M-n • when Hitler.;*' timetable, hi oko down, he said', he induced Japan, tp ln.ll inl,o his plan which "altered his situati'on and alleged purs'• "The situatioiv is difficult now,/ lie said. "We must prepare, but there is no doubt of the ultimate outcome. We-must have patience to wait, till our time comes. \\ e must realize we will have set-backs. The news during, the first not going to be all good news. , La Guardia prefaced his remarks with a statement that he was glad l.ho federation had held the meeting at this time, since this might be "my last appearance' 1 as a Civilian Defense.'official. , , . .;.,. He lias been expected to resign from the post, for tlie past several weeks, ever since the .appointment of James M. Laiidls; 'former. Harvard L'aw School dean, as oxeeulive ofllcef oi 1 (.he Office of Civilian Defense, .•Except for his . prefatory remarks, however, he did not-go. into detail regarding the resignation. TIRE SAtES MAY BE UNDER 'Washington,-'.Jan.'. 23— (UP)— Tire sales under rationing regulation.^ a;s well as retreading, and recapping work may- be , 'restricted' to< inde- p.o : ndc.rii. dealers' unclei: a plan lifting- s tud i ccl by dcf cn so", o fi'i clal s,':f. Ch a'irV man'. Wrfglit^Patman.-'.^.-,.Tex., told the Housc'smull business comniittec today; •'••:•.••' -'->•• • •' • "• v He snid he - hoped, officials .would adopt that 'policy and if they d/d not, the-committee would- take action. What the' cqrnmitlae's course would-be was not .'explained. . Lester A. Maikerson, Minneapolis, iMJnn.', independent tire and service; dealer, charged that the major tire manufacturers,' with company owned stores-, were attempting to drive independents out of business. He renewed charges that manufacturers were "discriminating in favor of company-owned stores; i.n distributing"camclback," a product used in retreating. In answer to a question by -Patman whelhor' the hiajor companies were aLI.enipl.Jng to "freeze out'. 1 the independents, Maikerson replied, "there is no question about it." SEN. BRIDGES" HURT BY FALL Boston, ,lan. '23— (UP)— U, S. Senator Styles Bridges', R., N. II,, was recovering today ul. tlie Kaulkner , hospital where he is being treated for a sacro-ilific strain suffered in a fall on the ice. The accident occurred in Washington and be was treated at the Waller" Reed hospital before coming to Ooston. lie probably will -be released in a few -days. ,. BY W SU^"IN36 MISSIONARIES- SAFE' Boston, Jan. 2M— (UP)— The-Anieri- can Board of Foreign Missions- (Con- gregalionai) reported, today- that its 91 active workers in North; China .were snfe, 1 , • A .cable 1 saying the missionaries were "well treated in homos. 1 ' 1 - was the first direct word since' tlie . -UtiHcd States, ;'eiitercd the Avar. ''. •' "• , '. ' ' .'/ ; Washington, Jan.. 23'— (UP). Thfe .'.'-NAVy^ failure to .renoH ^ submarine apti.vlty .off the At lam J coast- Jn-nVore- thftn--36 hours msyl mcairi that'the widespread air ^1 sea- hunt : fpr; enemy ,"rnttlesnnlicj-l iuis.-me.t- with, some .success, -ohscrJ era beiievecl today .- •'- Tbe/Jast to'rpedoings. the Navy, ported 'were, ,'thosc.'.of, the Amori c J steamer City, of Atlanta and iim • vinn\frclghtcr. Ciltvaira NVedncs \|, least 75. sQam'on lost thnir 1 in" ( <UncKB ; 'on six ships during weelv ended Wednesday.. The N'nvj saJd tb'hl- 'p?.'' n nJ r ' ; 1'^lf Hnl.nrv m ' iires were- being 1'akcn. Since theMntensifled submarine a J tac-K along the'middle'Atlantic cc J began a week-ago Wednesday, Navy has-reported no details of lllt battle it is presumed to bo wagsjj to clear the coastal waters of submariiTe.'menace. That is in < formanec with,, the policy of ... Navy' which-' prefers to Jet Gcnnanjl know, it has lost one of Hs sul>im.| rines only when it Is long overdue] Tbe subniarincs have ])een opcraJ ing from Newfoundland lo.tho NoriJ C'arolVna coast, I'he last sinkingij were oir gapo- Hateras. FATAL CIV1UAN PLANECRASHIS • r Jiiiffalo, N.-'Y., Jan; 23- PoJice and Civil. Acrbnautic^ anlliorj Ytjesj' today investigated the cause a civijian plane crash near Noi-M Colilns,..N. Y;, yesterday. in \\\M Lbe pilot, Francis D. McCaullcy, 31 of ; 09i' Memorial; drive, Camhndg(f '•_• ''X' - 1 f 1 I «. >•! * t • ' . I Mass:,-was KIlJco. • McCaullcy, bclic.vcd • to..hnvo thcv.v-vre.oJcV ai few m i nu tcs. af lor thij •accident/' .Observers said-they heat the .piano's motor sputter shortly he fore 'the' crash..... .;'.-.'- • • -McCaulloq, believedM.o :huvq h'wl a -salesman,-'took: off from ifio Biifi 1'alo /airport an hour before f/jj ,liat' he- was going OF . ( _ j->w t _.. __ Of ' riia'n•' br'oiiTClcasts.y.rjBcordoil. ; by ;Unltod.' Press .in,.New; York—A funbfia'i • ; Avas-.• lield. ; ; today ' for •iMtirslial-: \AValthor -Von ! R ; former '-commander • of-, a : ar'my .group/ on . the Russian fron! ^Reichena'u' died. Of .'apoplexy while«' •:'routo to hi ; s lionie for medical tr VmcnV'nri o'fi)clal annou'ncemnnl. f : Adolf Hitler' was represented nl .State >unerKl' by.Reichsmarshal ) : man' Wilhelm . Goerjng nnd J ; :3\jarslval "Gcrd von n'lindslodi. TWO flOLDWS IN LOWELL TODA1 Boston; Jan. i-— (lJP)-~Aflcr a 30- year wail,' v '1.0arle. B.'- Delano '-hopes to. gel a/eollego degree. In; 1912 he left Brown University to become a •newspaper, correspondent. Now 52 years old,; he is enrolled as an, undergraduate ill. 'Boston Univ/ersity. Delano- hopes to teach di-amatics and 'speech -when -lie graduates/ ' : : . --... . - 1 V^~^ — ; - ' "' • FIHE IN NAVY YAKD' : B os lp n , ' ,) an. 2,3-- ( U P ) —A -15500' n re caused by defective wiring damaged tho .attic 'of., a % tlirec-story,'^::brick building at Boston; Navy Yard early todny, the Navy 'announced: The building, situated near .tlie main gate, bouses a/Reserve Officers' locker room, a mess ball and a drill room. .•.-'.-."*. SCIENCE SCHOLARSHIPS - Troy, N. Y., Jan. 23— (>UP)— Science scholarships, for young men In vvcstet'nvMassaehusc'Us'-'from funds- amounting to $22,500 left by the ; la" Le-'. Mary "A,, Brcnnan, Pltts- ' n el d , ' " Mass';," ' sch o'o 1' ' I,ea6h er, , were announced.- today by Rens^lacr Polytechnic-Institute; • : -'--—. '••'• - , ''Mass.. Jan. 23—(1 Less than two hours'after two robbtul- a. Jj'anlt messenger of 80,01; In uncashablo 'checks/ a pair a: swcring the description held u|) " U. S. Bunting Go.' office; tbd;jy a; oscHpcd witJi-a payroll of' ^i.OOO. '..In eacli holdup: file vfc^Iins s« one of liie -robbers wore, a cnw hair coat and' brown hat, (ho a-dark groan -ooai «nd ,dHrk Jin each- <msB H .black scda'n wi-s getaway car. NEW, ..HUSINESS ; New York,-..Ian. 23—(UP) busjncss,4n men's and women's wo* good.s continued slow this wools, HJ Wool Associates of. the Now Yort Golloir Bxchungc.,' said today, rj" porting that most mills won) nold- ing .out."of 1 the market pending " adjustment of . I heir pr schedules 'Id. conform, to .the ernbieitl-'s, iDuyiiiflf". program. , Hartford/- Conn,, ",lan. 23 — U.', - S;V,rSji)plo'ym.ent • Director Leonard. : .fv. ; Malone,y. said 350- skilled workmen, had ocptcd- hy Lhe Navy, for civilian offi ployment at Pearl .Harbor. include b'bilcr .makers, ni tool'^rnakcVs and pthcrs needed ?j Hawaii to" reinforce • the islatnl reuses.- • • • ' APPOINTMENT ; : Hartf'ovd\ K 'Conn;; Jan. : M— Appointment of Klmer ;H: C Waterbiiryi- 'as consultant on atidn v pr'6Vcdure to.the'New " regional oftlcc of .Civilian was w announcod 'today. iVamed i; 'by panics M. Landis, tiyp;;6ft|cclr of the 0013, has l)^' -search ass.ocl'ate- for the Slalc veJopmcnt/Gommi.ssloiV'and i-« n rf aiit|- H to- State Defense Adminlsiw Samuel H,, Wisher. i, McnUl Condition I« Cause . AccidGiitB, are ( due. to 'your condition, ; according to health W thoritics. '^ In ..factories, • stalls^ hftv^, ^hpwni ,that workers w»° ^ not "keep 'their attention fastened * their \votk' and on -their- mnchW ajij^lt^^^iey are handling 8!5to 9^er*ceiU of all the

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