Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on January 23, 1942 · Page 2
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 2

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Friday, January 23, 1942
Page 2
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,--££2 BEACON FALLS VICTORY BOOK DRIVE UNDER WAY IN BEACON FALLS II.Ml'i'll I'.lH I' 'Invi- I- lU'.U'i'fl I''.»1K ,,,,.wMif- l><> ;„„.„ NV.'Hld 1 o Victory \vuy In mill Ilioso wlshinpr 'to li.s nr iniiKaxiiioM that ff Inlnrt'Mli'd (u, can Htoru In I or, tho will 'the 1,0 i,m<H) at Glil- 0'Go ii- 'l' town, to have H| with from NaugnUmlc rosi-, «ml lut.oi-.Hont lo mon In Iho HorvlwjH. Local rosldcitlH who nli-oady donated rortdlnB-'-nm'- li'ivo given 'a largo nssorl.mont jii will, no rlouhl, bo wo loo mod .nppi'uolalutl (.0 tho men in tho Mi-Hi. fJnii fin I. I'holos Solootnwn- Austin ForH has Muil all members or tho -Iv linn nonrnso unit In town, who Uiolr pioi ul . OH j,, (kcn )j 01 , e l(i;st , ouri oloim them this evening, NAUaATUCK, DAILY NEWs! FRIDAY, JANUARY 23, 1942 Thre* at l,ho town ;; hnllV.when Miss ruiIJi oart'pl.soorotat'y .to 1 t'Mo'board,-will 'jo at the to\yh Mi nil /.l-ov^iyc.ouL- the photos.' All" cleronso : woi'kuVs' or tho H0inmunlly.,must havo ' their nio- Uu-as taken- it was-stated -' Hen con Fa I IB women '"are' responding splendidly to'calln for voiunlocii workers for Red Gross roller sow.'"£• hnvo • been sowing each wook on garments with others doing some-.knlttlng. Yesterday an all< ay sowing heflslon took ' place at tho nencpirli'ulls Recreation, club on Main slrpot, with ,l,ho •no -olub. donating the 'use of ihc bunrllng onco each week fiewlng 'project, v Phoso their sot' vloes -yesterda officials' of of for -Hio donating were Mrs; ,many friends \maile' during thcli' • four years'• as-• residents here. Arthur Andrew,, Mrs. Chostbr Gar- [ Lor of the, United church \ml\l July, vin,' Mrs/ John Hill, :>Mrs. • Harry •[;)$ now scryiiig.^hc /Sixth •'Christian Lobdell,; Mrs. Gorileth ,Klcrnd'n,- Mrs. I -church in; •Midcl^iipAvii• Ind. Tlieiy Harold .iWlloox,, :Mrs;. ; : Lulher'vTar- ;v wduld' wciQQnie news from' their bell, Mrs:; Jpsiah- Bya'n^.'Mrs."Thom- as ! Ostcr.'jouclt/; Mrs; ; 'Andrew To- : shook; Miss Wie Borg.-.' iahcl Miss' Nprma .Ceclcrholm: : . •'; ; ;.' : ' ; : ' Boxes, to .'raise funds/for the care, of infantile .paralysis ' oasesj; have, been 4 /received Hn! toSvnJVThero "was;! oaG..,plaocclAhi::iho'-; : -Rlr.sV : ! 1 National store, with.-Elmer.-Wedge: as. manager. ^Others will: bo; varl-' ous sections In the:iiearYli'uturo. : , OTVIOLENT _ .. Word., has becnVrecciv;'ad here' thjil; Rev,.-and,Mrs. Ellis ,T.;Veale are:no'w• -..d42': Sixth strcet/MiddleV t-ONvn/and,;RGv,;,yoa.le, .wlj'o; was pas-- "Waterbury't Friendly Department Sfore" GREAT J AN UAR Y SALl Grand Finale - Last Day - Grand Finale "Best Sellers/ 1 Odd Lots; Clearances, All Awaiting Your Participation These Last Two Days of Savings. LINENS AND DOMESTICS HMD COMFOHTS — Largo sl?!0. 73x84. Lofty Putt qunllty, Cotton tuul wool tilli'd. Sixteen covering. Formerly $3,98 CANNON "FKATUKItMTE" 1'KItCAM 1 ! CASKS and -12x38 'i, I''or- tuei'ly DOc ou.. each CUKNII.LK Si'HKADS— Heavy quality shooting base, with «ollil color chenille in nttractlvo floral designs In I'onii'ftstttu: colors. Full and twin slx.cs. All colors. Formerly $3.98 ......... 39c $2.98 $«.£>» tlful floral ck'sltfu ou heavy (liwlllv > a UeeUnff. In 7 colors i\r,d white. Full nncl twin sues. Hi-placement $6.98 * (JOVKttS—Mftdo of BOOU quality ui\blcachccl Mhaetlwj, with reinforced corner, rubber buttons for JJcautyresc uncl box .spring unit treats. In hill and twin si/i's. For mcrly $IM . rJATT«ES,S f'ADS' — Good quality, cotton filled, Bleach cd cowJiitf with oiio inch stltc'hlnff. 3y.x7C, Formerly $1.00. 5-JxTtf. Formerly $1,98 MATTHMSB PAPH—Our bost qualUy. White cntton filled with a cover of lull bleached heavy sheeting with double cross .stitching. 39x70. Formerly $2.50 5-1x70* Formerly $2.98 NOVKI/i'Y BLANKETS—Attractive Indian patterns in t\ wide nmtfo of colors. Bound ends, 70x80. 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Formerly $46.50 AXMINS1T5U THROW , —27x48. Rubberized, ^ New patterns. Formerly $3.25 P'OURTH FLQOR $5-39 $39.50 WOMEN'S PRESSES; CLEARANCE OF^: DRESSES,' —Late fall, and' new ,'sprhig fashions, in prints, navy, black, blue, green, and brown. Sizes 12 to .20,. 38 to 48, 18MJ to 24.VC-. Formerly' $12.95 and $14,95 .;...... 'FASHION FLOOR NOTIONS KLE^NERTS' SANITARY APRONS—Former- >O4 /» ly 25c ;,.'.i^HJLl/ KLEINERTS' IRREGULAR SANITARY SANISCANT— Formerly. ffZAo 59c «fif^/ SI-EEVE BOARJD WITH PAD AND-COVER^-For- ffflj^i merly, 09c ',.,',. flO%/ GARMENT BAGS—Holds 8 garments; 60 inches long, with a 36 Inch zipper. Formerly ' $2,60 IRONING BOARD COVER WITH ELASTIC — .For-;, merly OQf* 39c ; <ttir%/ CARDBOARD C L O T H E S 'CLOSET — With a. part wood frame, 60 inqh.height}. 24" wide, 21K' inches, deep., No setups. <£O /4Q Formerly $2.98. tp^fcUTltF SHOE CABINETS—' With a part wood frqme, 4 shoe drawers and ' 2 lingerie drawers. Formerly $2.50- ,. STREET FLOOR INFANTS' WEAR COTTON. 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MILK OF 'MAGNBSlA-irr'16. 49C Single Double deck .... STREET F'LOOE 76t MOUTH. :WASHES.—-Anti-, septic and astringent. ,18-oi. ; Formerly ; • '' 44c' ;;.,;. W......; SAN^I-SOL POWDER : oz. .Formerly ; STREET FLOOR • Louis'Contaldi;; ^William Fischer, •Jr., and' Frank Mis of Felspni- avc- J'fiue..arcKiri;'thc lateist local, group to ;';bc inducted i'oriservice in the U.'.S. : Army. ' .' '. RUBBER PROGRAM DURING 24 HOURS fSTUpNTSMAY ENLIST AND STAY ON INACTIVE DUTY : Synthetic rubber, plant expansion on a huge .•'scale, to make the United States at. least 50'per. cent independent'-'of .'natural sources within 'little more, than-.a year has been authorised • by- the .government—and incidentally puts another tnajor .clctchse -job 'squarely up to 'the petroleum' industry says 'George' •L. Benedict, .Jr., secretary of . tho •Gonnecticut' . petroleum industries .committee, today. . '. . • , The oil companies are supplying unprecedented; .quantities, ot' , their normal • prociucts^-fuels,... lubricants, asphalts, waxes'etc.—and or such special war materials .as the ; super aviation motor .fuel's. In .addition, they, already'have-taken on the production of defense chemicals like the industrial:alcohols:and;glycerin, and that vital >ingredient of explosives, toluene. Present productive : .bapa'city, of'.'•. 100,000,000' gallons of toluene' annually, is'70/pcr. cent from petroleum..Sind., any, further expansion undoubtedly, \vill ,cpm& in the petroleum industry.- : •." . •... ' ••-. Now it _looks .as. though. the. huge syntlietic/ program • which - ca.lls, for the production -of. " 400,000 tons of rubber yearly by 19-'i2 w.\ll be based almost, entirely ,on oil and natural gas as raw, materials. Few details have been reported, but^essc Jones, 'federal loan administrator, in, an- 'iiouncing the plan, said that most of the hew raw material capacity :would be supplied by the petroleum industry, and possibly 'all of it will como 'from petroleum.. : Expansion of the synthetic rubber industry already has been phono- rnenal. In.1939 and prior, years production-was oniy about 2,000 tons a 1 ycur. Tills increased in 19-'iO to about U ,000.tons,, and in ,1941 probably to. ab ou I, 24,000 to ns. *' Capaci ty a t the end of the year had grown to 40,000 tons, 20 times the rate two years before. Plants now under construction or contract, before' announcement oil tb.o new. program, would have increased, this capacity to about. 90,000 tons a year at the end of, 1942. Consumption of rubber in peace lime has .been about GOO,000 .tons a year* bulf war-time demand ; raised this to about 800,000 tons in 19-H. . . . •' ; About three-fourths of the 19-U (lly United Press) Four persons died, violently in Gonnecticut during the past, 24 hours, a compilation showed today. Throe ware killed in automobile accidents,-'and the fourth committed suicide. . , , -' Delp,hiR.Gh'uard, 73, Milldale, was injured fatally when, struck by an automobile:'at Plan-tsvlllc. Mrs. Ellie Graham,. Manchester, was-Injured fatally when struck by ay automobile at ;i Manchester' intersection. .'Hnrry A.-Levine, 49, Bridgeport, : was killed when his delivery truck collided with a trailer-truck at .Bridgeport. . .Mrs. Sophia Weliner, 4i, Danbury, i; on 3 ! mil ted suicide by hanging in; ;l.hc kil.chen. of hc.r home, according 'to pd'lioc. year-oncl,, capacity was utilizing petroleuih-base raw materials, it is believed. The rest of the capacity included such synthetic rubbers or rubber-like , materials as neoprenc, koroseal chiorex. and others which are believed to .start with coal, limestone, and air, rather than .petroleum. Many,of these synthetics have been on the.. market for a 'number of yet\rs while, the 'm-st of. !Uie- petroleum-base synthetics was not made.commercially on a large scale until 1939, Laboratory work, hoXvcver,' had 'demonstrated tho possibility many years before, and : somc small production of rubber- like materials .from petroleum had .been marketed, ; ' . ''" \ • : Major problems 'upon, .which the 'huge new (srogram depends arc 1 '.'llireo;. government financing, steel 'priorities, and possible conflict with 'the 100-octanc .program. First of ,'theso was solved x^ien Mr. ,,]oiies stated that the government is- pre- iparo'd-to furnish'all. or t any part of the capital. Such government financing is virtually imperative because synthetic rubber, except for certain relatively small-volume specialty iises,.up to now, at least, could not compete economically with natural rubber. : Tons of hjgh-gradc special alloy steel would be needed in a hurry lo build the new plants in a $J,000,000,000 program, but the government's interest undoubtedly means that the highest priorities will be granted, and that tho steel will be available. Petroleum industry experts also believe that 'thetf.e is only a slight possibility of .comlicl. with the rapidly expanding lOO-octane motor fuel program. , Petroleum' .research has advanced so rapidly that a number ol. processes arc. available to increase Hie .supply of these materials synthetically far beyond the quantities normally available. Preparing For Remodeling!! ALL OUT SALE , Now Going On MEN'S—WOMEN'S—CHILDREN'S Shoe Prices Cut MEN— ~" "~ Here is your chance to get a supply of shqes at saving's of dollars. /.••«•' f, . f * • '. ^"^' Regular $ 9.50 Regular $' 9.50 Regular $10.00 Regular $11.50 Now $6.95 Now $7.65 $7.95 $8.95 Edgerton-Distributed by Nunn-Bush .95 Regular $ 5.95 Regular $ 6,50 Regular $ 6.85 NoW $5.35 \ Crafts and Other Brands Regular to $5^00 —. Now $2.89 and $3,65 - $7.50 Now $5.95 Shoe Store 209 CHURCH • gT. - - NEARY BLDG. Open Every Saturday Evening ^Til 9:00 .'.' The Navy 'Department today an nouncecl a now enlistment, proceed ure by which school and college students ' between Lhc ages of i and 20. may enlist in the Navy ant remain on inactive duly until the end of the current scholastic yeai ,- Siudcnts so enlisted will be given pnrl-time physical training while still in school in a program !,o bp planned by tho Navy Department in cooperation with schools am colleges. The now class, called Class V-i of tho Navnl Reserve, is the third reserve class opened by tho' Na in which siudonls nmy have do- I'orrod calls to active duly. Clas_ \ 7 -l accopts college juniors and seniors to bo-trained as lino officers after_ they graduate. Class V-5 accepts college sophomores, juniors and seniors to bo trained as aviators after the end of the current year. And the new Class V-l accepts all students within the ago limits to. be trained for general service at the end of'the current year. Coupled with tho announcement of the new reserve class, the Navy Department again assorted that •there will be. no termination of ^volunteer cnlislmenls in the Navy, dospilc hints and rumors from noii- •Navy sources that there will be no ;morc volunteer enlistments. : . Navy • Hoeruiling Service. NATLCOMMANDER RADIO TOMORROW Boston, Jan. 23 A radio snlul.o, lo Hie American Legion's National Comniiimlor, Lynn, \vill be liroadcasl, 1'roni Boston to a IX'-^w 15ngland I'nrlio nixiiencc on Salur- dny evening, January 2-i at. 4:00 p.m. Gommandor of the of the American . Legion, Richard Cunningham \viil introduce-the National Commander to the aii % audience. ; The salute -program- will originate from the studios of The Yankee-' Colonial network in Boston. NVAAB, Colonial Network stations in New JOng-land and FM stations W43B. Boston and W39B, Mt; Washington will hroncast. the program from 4:00 lo -i:ao p.m. ; Musical portion of "the: special broadcast will be supplied by Andy Jacobson and his 'Yankco Network Orchestra. In World War I, Commander Stumbuiigh interrupted a legal career to enlist as a private In tlie 338th Field Artillery. Me won his commission as a. k 2ud Lieutenant overseas and ntlondnd. the Kleld Artillery School at Samur, France, Following his discharge from tho Army in 1910, Stambaugli returned to Farg-p, North Dakota and resumed his legal career! He became active in Legion affairs, rising eventually from Vice Commander , of his local post, to the post of National Commander. Commander Stambaugh's visit lo Boston is parl of a-.nallon-wldb tour among the Stale Departments of the national organization of l.ho Legion. , '' That o<l(l piece of turntluro might find a buyer if,you wso the Classified medium. . ' • i Thomas Bros* ii I 1C9 MAPLE ST. Phone 5181 || Auto Body and / " Fender Work ' ii Auto Painting:- II 24 Hour •• (I Wrecker Service j| STRATTON'S RESTAURANT 18 PARK PLACE STEAKS — SEAFOOD COCKTAIL BAR FOR 1942 LEDGERS — JOURNALS Income-Sy stems FILE CARDS — FILES LOOSE LEAF BOOKS — INKS CASH BOXES — BOND BOXES DIARIES — RECORD BOOKS Instruction Books On "HOW TO MAKE OUT YOUR INCOME TAX M Only 25c -•<•-— GET YOUR COPY NOW ! — '"Your Stationer" S WEEN EY'S .££££» STORE The Card and Gift Shop of Naugatuck, For Painting!! . 0 —0—0—0—0—0- Murphy's Paints and Enamels for exterior and interior purposes o — o — o o — o GANS* Inc« MAPLE STREET TEL. 3507 Naugatuck-Made Footwear Serves You Better U. S. Rubber Company _.. . " • * • > ^ Naugatuck Footwear Division SUNDAY NIGHT -.6 TO 10 O'CLOCK- BIG BOY AND HIS LITTLE BOYS A FINE DANCE BAND Tano's V;

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