Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on January 23, 1942 · Page 1
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 1

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Friday, January 23, 1942
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SERVICE MILITARY The Weather Warm or Tonight, ACARTHUR' MOTHER NAUGATUCK DAILY NITWS, FRIDAY, JANUARY 23, 1942 Price Three Cents BEAOON FALLS BETHANY BRISTOL TERRACE COTTON HOLLOW MID PLATTS MIL£S POND HILL STRAITSVILLE UNION CITY ,OCAL YOUTHS ENTER SERVICE OF NATION , UIIft Won Will Bo Assigned To Stations By proper Authorities , suK'Uuok and »h<« lowiw In Its [,i,,i\v srrvU'..- district sent, aib I- funiliiK'-iil iwnlly Into tho vi^, rrm'li'Sain,'' Tho follow- I,',' vuuutf im-ii r.-i.orled for duly: h A ! r»i-r v si!™ Kafe^^ I'Lvi-l hrwitf slrt'Ot; Harold Dlb- ['. \\\t'rd street; Harold llolnluwl, Chi-shhr; Sohullx, ^tccrl; SI i |{l v,t; Kdwar.l Miu'lano, Pond | (1 t; Arthur Clement, Wo colt; 1 Stu.'iTlold Urns; 1,"South Main street; ,, m ,,.lh Ulak.', Pi-^prcl; Vincent :,».«nuwskl, t;i-h\vn Mtronl; Augusto .Vtim slri'H; Joseph ui- *.,.-lnii sliMM'l; I'l'ln- iHlll- 'RUBBER GOES TO WAR" THEME OF NAl/GANOTES |,nVln»!, a for MUM* resident l/xiiiV-iturk and who has lnum In tiir Now York offhu' ot it Stat'rs (lubber in Naugatuck to Lp ...rur.lii.K I" "»" unri'onb iHMtte ( "N\jn«.in<il.'s" published by I ho .lily.-.-* nt ihv rublMir company , Uj. [ ( .(YJni' IH u gradual" ol un university, ... I,,, th.-n," or "N'allganoh'M this ,tl, IH "imbbor fsocri To War' .•miilny<M-.-» of the local cof- Ihrough ll-H T!i.< (MiMU-ullon announces that a k'tt U under way to enlist ti-partnu-nt, IW pur cunt, In t .*,(vims'- of hi'l'misc! Savings nl< and Stamps by the W'fi'J pllU» Which llHS Ivi-n .iiMii-uvrd by th«> ,OCAL MEN HELD ION ROBBERY AND ASSAULT CHARGES mm lm^+ younK mid .Mm fUilortUI, 2«>. of ~'* ... .,,,V(HI(| stciM't Union (Ul.Vi an* [••I'l liy ntiiiKti'lttcs In Ansonla on I'ltai'.KhiK lli'^in with rob|"''y wild violciuu'. Thoy worn i(ii<i t-usifldy on VVndcu'wdny I:- >i.«t.- Ti-uojMM' liuMHoll T. Hurton. I'lu'V \vi-ri! nn-i'MUul on a c-oin- •in! n'k'lxii'ccd by I (aery Kc'i'Kii- IK nf x f-'ninklli/Htt'tMit, Anfionla, . »" iilciiiiiicd ilH'm a» two of th« [ii 1 ' 1 ' 1 HI-MI who sv('i'(i roHjtouHlblo for iiud (MiliiiliiK him on tlu> of inst NovMtnlKH' Hth In , •—M ulalins that , tho tju'uo F" l""k him for a rldo on Novom- \' f * iti .i rur, whloh lu» IdocitlMou I"'in« uwiicd by rfiilutlUi t» n IM)(| '-«l HiM'tlun ncsur DlvlHlon Hti'ool 1 ^IMnrili, ,,[)(!, Hflui' HlUKBiUg fll>"' |J ! ( "''1 hint <if ^JiO, ''all-ski was t'ljIiMiHud 1[\ liondrt ol ' (i((| i'Mi- n|)|ii'urunm( Saturday .« In UK- AiiHonla wily court. ^ hour Sr,hult'/i SVJIH uiiHi.'HJ- in rulslriK a Hlmllur' mimiml Meetings Tonight and Tomorrow '•IHMMI Valloy ^li'M-lnn r.lniiJti'i 1 of Mnnons Sl ''iiii|inavinn Knil.ei'tiHy of Am- of KorolKil .l-VNUAHY !2I) Hli'iuiijt| LodKe, No, KX), ', No, l,*m F. T. GREEN HEADS "MARCH OF DIMES" IN BOROUGH T. flreon, postmaster, has appointed chairman of Ihf! Infantlln paralysis' drive In NaiigattH'.k. Donations l.o this worthy IWUKO may be mailed or left, nl Ilia post offlee for Mr. Green. A "WlHhliiK \VulI" will ho placed on Cihiirch nlreel, so llial pedestrians may have a purl. In the "Mureh fit* Dimes" and drop their cuHili'ibutlonH Into the well. (Join collection boxen will bo loft al all luiHinerfs places In town and DUi- inon Jubilee birthday cards, which hold six dlinuH, may ho secured at I ho post offlee. II, Is desired by the eomml'tloo, thai all donations he given in NauK»tu»k,'HO that r.redll. will bo received by Ihu borough for the amount eolleelod a flop the drive is over. Harold 10. Chlllendon, supcr- Inlondont of schools, will have oimrgn of the school contributions and Ralph - Pasho linn had hoxos jiltii'.cMl In the lobbies of the theaters for patrons to havo a share in thvi drive, whlwli IH so dear to our President's heart. • • . . . • OEEIGIAtOF~ AIRCRAFT CORP. MAKES STATEMENT Hartford, Clnnn,, Jan. 23— (UP)— nl ttuKuiU! K- Wilson of Aircraft Corp. today strtiek hack at Vlnson oommlttea ohargos of ononnoUH profits,• assorting the net profit In Il)-'i2 on shipments of $r>00,OOO l qo<J will be about .'J pc-r In 10-10, Wllnon told the Connection I Uanknrs ansooiatlon meeting, not onrnlnKH on U', S, Hovernmcnt,,after taxes, was loss than T por oiMil, 'r'hu toil pro (It was about f> pnr uun'L, he added. Vln.son oo.nimlltoo roporls, Wilson nalft, wore on a tfrosa oarninHs basis Jicforn taxort svoru deducted. -So far as United Aircraft Is oon- (HJrnod," lu! said, "svu honoHtty bo- llnvi! ttiat we hnve niuasured up to oui' task, l Thn gist of tho record IB that Hinr.n wo Inaugurated our omcr- K»mjy production program l-liron yi.-nrs ago wo havn multljillcd our plan I. account fourfold, our employ- mnnt sixfold, and . our shlpmenLs eightfold and the ourvo Is still go- AIR RAID WARDENS MEETING TONIGHT The fourth session of the Ntiuga- tuok air raid warden's school will, ,,„ | l( ,|f| -tblH evening at 7 , u oVIoi'u In SI. Mlebnel'H parish house when Ihe grout* will be ad- W'd by Prof, Howard- lagg<ud orYiln University. Ills subject ^wl bo -(.Ilvlllan Dnfonse Against , s. VlHM-o wll InlHO be a flemonstration or lli« use 'Of gius imuiUs. lOarl M, WAR FUND HERE NOW $18,506.47 " Uto National , Mis J 0, Commlns, $r, Total Singapore's Main Street Bombed by Japs C> Jl • '. • - • "V '.:•-'•'-. • •'-',:. '..... /• . ^ • -1. :•. -. 'This ph'otb.Avha'made lifter the.first Japanese bombing'.attack on Singapore^ Britain's Gibraltar of the.Fai ••IDast -towards which-the invaderb from Japan are. steadily moving iirtheir push, down -the-Malay : Peninsula ; • • •• ••••••-.-• • ••••••• - "Workers are 'shown as ;they 'cleaned .up the..debris; • -'-•' . : ' (Central P.resa) Ml* lAlERttlft Presidents Green : of ,AFL and Murray ;0f CIO'Agree With President Ropseveli COMMITTEE WILL BE APPOINTED TO WORK OUT THE PLAN DEPT; HEAD MADE Roosevelt's Proposal Does Not Provide For Uniting; Rival Organizations, ,'.: ; Washington, Jan, 2M-(UP)-Presi-; dents- William ("ireoiv of tlto'APU and'Philip Murray of the (.110 today, accepted a-labor pence proposal advanced by President Roosevelt. : : Under :the President's .proposal -a- .joint conunlttnn will bo ; established, GO i n pr 181 ng tl iroo'- w, re p resen tu 11 ves; fro/n : eacli of the liiboi- orgnnlxa- Moris,- to 1 , maiiifcaitr- peace for ; cHira-: lion of tlie.war./ : - . ;' .; •' '/;' ;N .''-.- j • The. plan '..does' not'; provlcjo ; for. uniting the rival ; oi'gani'/atiqn.s, as, did th'd .'proposal'. 1 put forward 'last; w6uU "by Uhltdci " Mine - Workers. President ,Iolin .^..LawlH. ;. . • ' i Murray wns sttId .by qip •o/IJGials, aoc r \) I a h GO ,'' a I tho'ii gli ; ' roj 1 -m n i',' n n - ! nouncument may l>e withheld, until'; after flie 010 :e>v.ecutlyo;bp.nrd .meets, tomorrow -in.'Now York> : ." \ = Oroon likewise advised-Mr; Boose-, veil, that Uin APT, w.ould ,coopci-ute ; •In'tho- nrenh. .and; .Oeo.rge: Moaiiy, '. A I'M.* "sucriilt made , itn unannouncod While iloiiKO Into yesterday. ., ' • Labor officials stild. Mr, nopscvolti probably will announce forms of., Iho agreement In a day or Iwo. ; MowjjvV.r, ho'ma'do. no mention of. it- lit- his press '.poiiforunco this rnorn- in ft'was imdo,!'stood" 1 i.hat the AFL- GtO committee, will work with Mr. ttooscvell toward formulating, agree- , monts 1.6 piT-ve'nl, JurKsdlational dls- i nutes for the war's- .duration. Mrf. j noosovolt would, in.'elTcot, bo;;.. Huvun'tli niomlKir ol. ..the < pnrontl.v stymied Lewis "iiceounlejnunL" proposal, to stein from his belief of tho.; two rival at Mils time would create too much intra-luhor politics. AW, officials saltl they--exposed to send to the Wlillo i-fpiiBo today tl,,i munes of the three APL- repre- soiilfttlvoH who will servo -on Mio oommllLco. CIO reprcsentntivns -nrc o x poo ted to. b e n a rn od a t th e ex e ci^- •IJvo 'board meeting tomorrow. • . o LowlH, meantime; was reported In ; labor olrolOH to .be ."-about, steady : to load ills /.OO.OOO .UMW. members: out of'the GI.O—possibly because his; mince plan wan, rejected. "Mr. Lewis' position on the present labor controversy will be-made; known thlHwoek-end-," hl^ BpokoH-; man said, - M A Mtntotmm-l will be;is- GIO-AHL was. salr.1?, that any labor qr- (GontJnuea on Hartford, •Conn., Jan..: : 23— (UP)— State Highway , Commissioner- Wil- llani J-. Cox said today .charges -of corruption .leveled' ; ati his •department by State's'-Attorney-;'Thomas 0. • F I o r Mi dd 1 dsex.'.'cq u n ty • "d ate back many years-,to >a ;prbvlous, net- ministration,; 1 . ..."..'•' •> - , Jn a letter to' ; 0o,v.. Hurleyv.ploprJ said there was "laxity, .dishonesty, 'disloyalty, negligence a'nd .improper supervision 1 ' . in. .tho - highway: division i-whleh resiiltocl in^ loss-lp/'the 'state- of thousands, of 1 'dollar's-''over a period or'.yc'ars; '-.;•'. •'.;/• .;; ; _.;".':'",' ' :Cox said, •discovery .oi' .aHegGd. irregularities by' Alton,>is:' Collier, East Haddam,. i'orrner '/supeKJiUbncl- 1 ant: ol.' bridges" for «'the- cibpartment, "resulted from the execution of instructions given :by. me," .:'...., • •. ' . Flood's letter -and . supplemental repoi't came fol!o\y! jhyestiga- Llon'-:ih'to .Collier's-" alleged'- irrcg- ular'itUs.- Because- ; of- the statute of lirtiita-fclons,' - Plooii • recommended, that 'no criminal- 'action, be .taken, against Collier,, who : has;', offered rest!l,utipn to .-the • state,• according to 0:o',v. Hurley. .."'.'. '.'•.'• -. . ' • • Despi'te .Cox's statement, i I/ was regarded as -certain that Oov. Hur- Icy soon would begin an-, ad in in I s- trntivo investigation'into the highway department.. • •'"'. . .- ; . !. I-I ar tf o rd r : -Con n.!,: - J n n. 23—(U P )— .The state public utilities commission ' t'oriay' ordered ' the Birm high am' AVrtle'r 'Co.- of Derby to 'improve, its .water supply, which • State health officials said was "offensive" to the .taste..' -.'••• , The, order came following a four- hour.' hearing by the commission. Presiding 'Commissioned Joseph. P. O'Connelli Bristol, , directed, :thc •wale'v, company.-, to ,Inform the com- •miB;i(on iis : to whal' 1 .it..p!anneti to .do to irri'pr.o'ye the quality of. the/waier, The utility; -"furnishes! -water '• to residents of ..IDerby 'and 'Seymour. •r 13 p's!pn,; ,Tan. -S3— (UP) — MIss•: n e: gina 6'"Brien, '-JS-year-old high school graduate;. J'ound .she .wasn't too-: big for' lollipops — 'tbey'rc too . big; fop her. ....,,..-,.. .' ' , ' . ' .V '• 'A :! oaridy ball .slipped. off her .lollipop' st'i'ck'and' Lodged in her. 'throat 'lasi;.'nigh't.' .Miss. O'Brieri- nearly choker] be'fo're; : -polic.e-could. rus}i;,hor to '.a-.- Irpspital.iAylVej'e . doctors malted th'e-.ball-by-'Jeoding, her hot..water. FOR OF ONIBED If ARM , Waslunglon, Jan;'.v23 patriotic .housewife iwho'^irii..^^.; for tho armctl forces" : sliou]d^savc' all odds and ends of-."unused, ; -^ai\ri: and, return them wiHi;-'- tlYc; : ;Ariish'ed gar- men I, • l,o" hor'Red •-'Cross c'liaptcr. .';..•/ In . order to 'clear- 1 '" u.p.- .confusion among .Icni.ttors -.-created..":-6y- •reports' of a. growing scarcity of, Avool, a. responsible Red Gross 5 • official ,re~ .vonled today that, i t nia-y ;;ultimatel y b o co m e necessary'' to. : rat i 'on wo o'l among Red Gross chapters,': Other. officials, pointing-, -but. vthat- the. country normally produces only about 500,000,000 pounds against the 1,000,000,000'. (b) --.pounds-, used , in iO/il, believe- It- later' might'' evcn^be. necessary-to stop, home ,knitting. .-• So" far no .'halt; has 1 been., put to IcnltLing a'ctivltr'es^Recr-iCross; chai/ : tors • .can •••an'cl. will- 1 cohtlnue.;;lo^b •woof fbr"lciiiiiing;;"^"'T 1 '-. 1 -T"-^^- '•• Port .Devqns, 1 Mass., Jan. 23—(UP): —ThVo'c- sbldicrs • have. been' convict-! ed' ; a:Vqourt•• martial, anrl sentenced to; hardHlftb'6r for: desertion; the judge. : e's office said today/... ; fAPyt.'^ - fames';- Harris, 22, of Port, iia : u : 6haoa'' 1 '.'Ari//. and- -Pvt. .Harokl i?pttibonev'..23'r-of-' Port .WlfWiams,- Me., were given J 1-2 years and Pvt.: .',.>i4,;of -Korl; Preblc,, Me..'.was .sentenced to one yean with; a.'i'ccommenciation .for . clemency, ibbc'ause-'oC'-hls'Jf) years 1 service. The- trials were hekk Wednesday,, night.: • " TREASURY; BALANCE .. /Washington, -.Ian. 23— (UP)— Oov- ; .'ernme;nt;.. expenses and receipts for; the current, : fls'cai year • through 'Jan,: .2J; ; 'cpmparefl with a . "yc.n r ago; --THIS VJEAH^- , V— LAST YEAR•••: ' •• '••;,':' .Expenses' : ' , ' •• .- : fii-,45." •".."•,>/ ^,992,370,239.25; War ; Sp(ii) din n .'•• y . 00:p7 -• : .^ > 2,1^4,022,720.07: Jtceeipts ' ••'•.-. • - •-• - ••.'Net 87a;s^.92 ' !;r,!^:- Crisli ., •*,;„•.; . ';:i",631,C8J,70i.OO; Defenders Of Philippines Inflict Heavy Casualties On The Japanese Invaders i ' ' , . ... . AL JAPANESE OFFENSIVE IS SPREADING TODAY Extends Prom China To Dutch East Indies And .Northeast Of Australia DUTCH BOMBERS HAVE BLASTED EIGHT JAPANESE BOMBERS British Suffer Set-back In •'Libya; Russilans' Continue Drive Against Germans ; ot ' By -',1013 -ALEX' MORRIS , -.. (United -Press- Foreign Editor) . 'Allied .land and o|iv.forces' fough'l a,.spreading'..lapaneso; .offensive- to? 'day from Ghiim. to ib& Dutch /Bast Indies and '.tlie" /.strategic' - !isl.ahUs :nqrtbeask of/Australia. '«';>>•;.-.: ..-;?; J rV A' • fl e, p I;. 1 - P C 1 i l).u mi.!-.- bom b ers ; b li-sec .^oiv«'-fiiDbf l 6^atr<1i s OM7esi' : )n'^'the;.-'Borneo jungle IflVi i!iie- : o'oun le r-nttacks, ; blast 'ins' ""e'lght'"--Japanese,"wnrshIP'S "Unci transports, \vllli direql; ; hM,s ) ,.as.'the> thrust toward., the" big oil .port Balik Papan oh .the east'- coast. Borneo. •JJtsavy,.da'»iajSe...,,.,.,...... on the Japa-nese--sea ..forces by c dozen dirco'l lilts-.'with'-."bombings ranging up to 000 pounds. On other, fronts: . Pn(h'ppfncs—The forces of Gen. Douglas MacArthur fought off con- Millions attacks 1 by reinforced ,)amm- GSO troops, inflicting heavy casiiol- tics on Die enemy. ' , • Australia—MiJHia."''ill'; island outposts was bclldved- to' be --flghLing u to 'the uttermost•-limit." against Japanese air and sea lleets that'land_ ed at Ki'eta ! on BougainvilJe island in tho Solomon group, I?nomy landings also were i;ei)brtcd : -at- Ba- baul on New Britain ,and .on Ne. Guinea Island, whidh extends • lo wilh'in 100 miles of. North,Australia, but official confirmation was lacking.' • ; •' . China—American arid Chinese fliers heavily damaged Japanese airdrome at big enemy base of Hanoi, Indo- China, in surprise mass nllnok. Burma — Japanese pushed British hack from defense lines' 45 miles from Moulme'in nnd Axis hroaduasls claimed rapid advance toward Rangoon-in- drive to cut Burma road-to China,Malaya—British, .fell back on . all three sectors of front- about GO miles north of Singapore but/furibus Jlgh.l- ing continued. Japanese again/alded Singapore. • ' : ,.' The Japanese offQnsivc.was spreading out -in 'a vast enveloping operation from Burma to ..Australia. .],;»;!• the main objective still : was Singapore, where'the 'enemy's advance has become steadily slower in Die last week. Eastward in tlie Indies Islands, tho, Australians .were reported., fighting new Japanese invasions of scve.rnl strategi-cally important islands, in_ luding New'Guinea,/at a point i>00 miles from Australia; the Island of Bougainville in Uie Solomons; the Rabaul sector of.New .Britain. Island;, and probably the.'Blsmarck an.I Admiralty group. ' • ' Di'sruptioji of- Gon)munical;»ons made it diHlcult for onicials/it Melbourne and Sidney to say definitely whether all of Uie' islands had >3nn invacted but it, was believed that., the Japanese offensive might have been extended as far cast as 'the group, 1*800 miles from Aus-' trail a. .'. , . In-' x any event, Australia was hur- arming-to the limit on the north const, especially near the important port' of.-vDar\vln, in anticipation of an early enemy thrust to- wa) i d : the Island continent,. •* . The Japanese ruled' the air _ over Uie island 'groups- north ancl ; east of Australia, .with -"clouds" of enemy craft reported .over New jGulnen, ,,'hioh- extends to within about 100 miles of the•• rxprthern i tip of Australia. Five enemy cruisers, three 'destroyers, five transports and three aircraft carriers were seen in, action in these islands, but it sumed that still o'l.Ue ships, were involved 'In. '' (Continued on Page was 'pre- Japanese attack. DEFENSE COUNCIL ASKS FOR $3,605 FROM BORO BOARD No Action Taken Last Night Due To Absence of ^Burgesses Despite the fact that only two members of. the Board of Warden and Burgesses appeared at the .special meeting scheduled for last evening it is practically assured today that the request of the Naugatuck Civilian Defense- Council for funds to assist them '.in. carrying -on their, many activities .\yill. be gr.antr 'ed : .-'The-two m : emb"ers-6f-tho' i bonrd present, in addition to Warden Leo J. Bropby, favored' the'request'and •the warden believed that the approval of the absent members oi the board could be obtained today 'Die two" members who appeared at the meeting were Burgesses -J. Rudolph Anderson and Andrew OToolc. The local defense council requested ii.sum of $3,605 to carry on with their activities and the budget was prepared by William 0. -Boies, chairman of the finance division of the council. In asking for the money he said it may not be used, but the committee would like to have access to this amount'should it become necessary. Warden. Bro- pby said the money will be spent by the town. The council will requisition for material and if 'up- proved by the borough authorities the purchase will be made in conjunction with Louis Johnson, chairman of the purchasing division of the council, The budget; lists the following items: Medical, $J,500; fire equipment, 30 Hudson pumps, $-'i80; police equipment, $100; insignias, $iDO; air raid handbooks, 9150; printing, • etc., $100; contingency, lire and police, $75; and contingency, $i,000. Warden Bropby in an interview today stated- that the expenditure of money to assist the local'de- fense council was definitely an obligation of the board and that he- knew-' that every penny would be spent wisely. Not one cent, \yill he expended for salaries of any member of the council who are volunteering their services and every article ].»urchascd will be the property of the horough. Warden Brophy stated thai, an item to cover the expense of Ibo defense council will be. included in the budget of the borough government next year, if necessary, and he will request every department, under his supervision to conserve materials and expense in order to assist in keeping within the budget for the present Jlscal year and jranl the request of the defense •ouncil for the $3,005 to meet its expenses. Owing to the absence of members of the board was taken on the matter .alion and type of parking which will be installed in. Naugatuck -in the near future. (Warden Brophy said today that he hoped to ecure a quorum of the board to discuss the matter on Saturday, of this, week -or .possibly on Monday vcning. ' *•-»-* • HiiXI) FOK TWAI. Stamford, Conn., Jan. 23— (UP)-~ tephen' Cs'om, 22, Bridgeport, was cld for superior court trial today in $10,000 bond on charges of-theft and robbery while armed. Police said Csom stole an Sunday night, robbed a package store owner of $155 the following ight, and was arrested by 'Wcst- chestcr, N. Y., parkway, police Tues : day night 'while "lie' was" riding toward New York city. several no action of the 1 flutters Biggest American War Action Since Argonne Iis( Raging Today U. S, TROOPS ARE SAID TO HAVE BEATEN OFF EVERY ATTACK Japanese, Apparently, Have Placed Their Offensive On 24-Hour Basis , By HARRISON SALISBURY (United Press Staff Correspondent) Washhiglon, Jan. &}— (UP)— Gen. Douglas MacArUiur.'s. forces are- stubbornly lighting conUmious, "exr tromely heavy" Japanese attacks and have inflicted, ho.uvy casual ties;' i)\ e War Department reported today. ' The communique, reported • that the battle—the bJggost American Nvnivacllon since Argonne—- has ragcfj without letup for the last 24 hours as the reinforced . Japanese troopfi struck again and again a {..the short American positions on Bataan Peninsula in the Philippines, The U. .S. troops were said to hay c "many .Japanese. The, communique revealed- thai? Die Japanese apparently have 'placed their offensive on a 24-hour Mais, hoping to wear down, the, American nnd Filipino troops ^by their superiority hi 'numbers. • • >' •The War'nopaH'mcnl said also that Gen, Sir Archibald Wavcll, Supremo Commander of tho southwest Pacf/lc- for the Uniiod nations, has sent Muc- Arthur a message "warmly congratulating him and his . command for their magnificent defense of ; lhc Philippines." ; Describing the cqmbat operations, the War Department said: : : "The flffliMng JIBS been extremely heavy. The enemy's assault troop* have been strongly reinforced. Nevertheless all Japanese « Hacks havo been repulsed with heavy looses. Apparently :<he enemy has adopted a policy of continuous assaults, without regard' J.o casualties, hoping, by groal superiority in numbers to crush Mie defending forces." .' How long the outnumbered Am^ oricair fortes can hold out urnler-the slorm of Japanese attack— which is hacked up by {.ho fuJl resources of. Japan's f'HJi army pins special units and arriving reinforce- ninnls— -was not coi'lain. Bill- ft was evident. Mm I, MaoArthur and his men are giving nn cxhfhi- IJon of flghting courage equal to! the bf:st in American history. MacArthur ngnin furnished' evl- nr.e of the e/Tldency of his 'espionage and loyal conuminicatfons network functioning behind the Jrip- anosft linos, lie sent to Washington anothor report on developments:, o.n the Japanese-held, island of Mindanao. The report said that the Japanese at Havno had organized a militia of 10,000 Japanese .local residents, presumably to aid in tho task of controlling the far-flung tcrrlr tory and reducing, Ihe strain and dispersion of purely military forties. MacArthur fought, his desperate battle while America's high \yar command bent every effort to rush reinforcements — parUcularly. Hg)it- Ing planes— to. the great United 'Nation's, second- '-defense' line in the Fai' )C.-i si. — Burma, the Dutch Indies and Australasia. ' It was it nfp-nmMuck race between Japan's enveloping offensive, already. balleri-ng at the approaches to Australia, Ihe outer fringe of I/he Dutch IsJcs, and the fringe of Burma, nnd Mic stream of American aid now pouring toward the Southwest Pacific. . .. i, The Japanese, apparently sensitive to the approach of reinforcements to the. United Nations second line, turned on the heat against 1 MacAr- thus— iis they have also against. Singapore.' • ;' The entire IHh Japanese army was ashore on Luzon. JL was buL- wurkcd by additional units hrigttjd- ed with the JUh army command and by a tremendous number of reinforcements streaming ashore along the Ungaycn gulf and Sulilc . bfiy. ?; ;•'': Hourly, it appeared, the pressure against. MacArthur's stiff and stubby lines across the waist of Balaotji..: province is mounting. The size of the Jajjah.ese fojrce on Luzon wa« /Continued on Page Bight) •;, ;: ;: ;

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