Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on January 22, 1942 · Page 1
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 1

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 22, 1942
Page 1
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ion Greg Rice To Run In N. Y. Track Meet Several Noted Athletes Wilt -Complete ,In. Events; Bo- Saturday Now York, J»n, •«.-•• (UP) VI, lirdoor I rack add Unlil MI Hiiiurdrty nl Mm hronx t'<<'l< SVlth Mm anniiai Sonlnr uma(.o ( ur H(»nl(> n Avllli Mm anmiul MlilpM of Mm mi'li'ii- li'Milollr. iifilcii and Mii'oo woolvM laid, Mil 1 In- (wt'iit K»lnod added' 1 tlon NVitli Mio nntry <>r svorl.d dtwrn- frfon dlMtaffon runner (IWH (Uoo, 8<>vora( (nfil.rupolllMn Inic.k and Hold itllilolrldM liavo mlni-nd 111" army I'OI'«MH ImsliulliiH Phil l-nilt. fiwilB, TOJII (Jwpy, .fnlinny ijulok- Joy, Andy N'nldnlK avid Johnny Woodruff' but Mi" iippwiriniiM' -of Hluo mid Mm return (if wlliT I.t-Mlln IVlHoMltuholl aiitfiii'rt well I'or Mm 6la«H'()f I'll turn board-Mom- flcl'.lM svlll Iio 1'iin (»IT svi'okly lYom in niul of Mni'oli, who ha.M demo Mio mlln In <f:(Jl>,i'f «n<f 1'iallM from Mrnoldyn, nnllHlcd bill bnl Id i.uUi'' In llii; air ('.(irjiH last wcol\ MVI-S hi' can Kol U> |OWI1 purl In tho uiirlmuli AA . relay, Uurny, u Soiiroanl at caini' Kdwai'dn. MHHH., IIUH on- I d rod hi dnl'oiuf MM two-year MMo 10 Mil 1 fiO-yurcl Sjirliil Crown, Illee mid Mlti'.MII.nhcIl urn Mm (win lli.'il lrai'l\ lienien mid limit- appearance maki'M Mils year'M iimt.rop'illlaii llxlure one of Ilio soason'H o'nl- MliirulliiK fVNilH. lUc-ii will run I'"' 1 (he New York Allilf'Mc Cfub In Mm llu-ec mllo. Me WHM unhealen all of O'om 1 , ci'oHM-i'.fjiinlry, In doorn iiijhluw'M iilirj oinhc.lllsimd aii all wlnnliw iHmnl-lloup streak H-KHII nn Ktil), If), 11)10 wllli 1C lWO (UKl HUTU UlllUH, MncMllcliell will run In lwr> cvonls, elllit'i- tliu 1,0(10 of Mm nille anil llm Miy mile n-lay or two mllo relay. The .N'uy dl-sUmce ntndley cracked llm mi-el rncordn I'or past two yiMM'H wlm.ii Mac- Mllrhcll ran Hie anelior mile. The distance m'-dley lias hoon junked In t'livoi- Hi 1 a two mllo relay. MIUH rolurnliw MiioMIMifll to Indlvlclu- 11 evnnl.H Cor lite Hrnf. Mine, since iie dut'ealeil A roll If San Untnanl In Ids llrtfl year a I I Mo In the In the Tho Ki-oup of iW.l champions, who oorili'UiulM sov'uii Tiow'' mnc.L; re- iTirdM last year on Mm nine-lap banked track Is riM.urnlng -virtually Intact, to defend Us laurels.. In adcll- -.(Inn to Haroy in Ihi; HO, tlicro will he f,iilKll Recall! In Iho mile; flonu Vunx.kK in the 1.000; Arlio In Mie MlKM .1'iinp; Jimmy In Mm 000;' Henry Unilyer M-pound weighL; ICd Gordon hl'oad jump; 1 and the N»y sprlnl Mr.dloy ami mllo TO lay cjiiarl.el.H. Tim NYA(.J will defend Mm loum Mllo, TRINITY COLLEGE MAKES CHANGES IN llfirH'oi'd. fJonn., Jan. 22.—(UP)— 'IVInlty College loday dropped; var : Mlty I rack from Its -spring, sports .sfjhf'dul/' hfujjjtJHo of a w/ir-Mnu! rr 1 .- ii-nnohmonl, In ll's alhlutio pi-ognim; Iii addll-lnn, .Lli.n spring hiisolmll c.UinpalM'n was rndutujd to savo.ii WHICH, six In April and one In May; Alhli'llc. dim'.kn" liny nostlng sulcl Mio I'ligKod!l. H'pnrLs, such, us fnhl.hnll and simimr; 1 would l.u.' cnc.nnriiKiVt ral-linr Hum clG-(impha- slxod, - " ' - HAIUIOIU FRANGlS GERARD .nbout «lx thlrty-rtvo when flilriry -Muff oponod tho nonr s.ldo . <fbi>t iff tho Wjf yollow our IUKI jfot in/ ^Hh n chowy "Kv'hlri', «li'," nodded ntul tho big cur tlrfrw »HWfty Jfrom tho nldo of tho vortd* 'Thoy (lroV6 to A ionoly road 'nj)dli whoro onco rri'pvo SJ^Uiul .tn« our, Hb turrit) to hhi rnt- coriip»n(oh and uuld qulotly, fcro n ov!m(nnl,V ropoatoct "and luvvo , '«vo? Why . tooth?" . , , I ,fl Jld ; thftb fact khow doubtfully, lip, "'Avry wot dono tho J)optford klllin' tho next, cell block bo mo on o'r, ,., Why?" , - tl\(n man Slmnui nt .H.of.ry-Ku'ff noddod, i'YUn, Wfty« 'o WAS Iftit 1 tlmo'I 'card of'lm, 'JK'tt runnlrt' A bunch of boy;« down In flhftdwisll. ( Mftkln' t\ nlco J|vln^. too; P'^ou wufit 'Ini to do n job for ;/uh, Ktiv'nor?" '..... "Sir John Meredith In "Annoyln'l Iiinumo, thnt'n klndn It, lan't It?, Why, thnt poolor '«ft put tho fln«or on moron im thiui any other dick thoy ovor |nd up at tho Ynrd, 'Iffh tlmo Homobocly packod Mm up, IH 'o In , , ,'t/ou, «(i'?" •!«," noddod SutHul, "Probably In \\\\ of ufl inaludiri^ your«olC," "Wotl" K»«po<l Mr, IIulT turnlnK * v (Ilrty/Kfwn In 'colour, " MOro, 1 H»y, In 'tnut tho ntvuljcht tlckot?" "I'm ,nob- vory wull convonmnt with yqiir.'wr.ffot, 1 my -frlotul, but If you'ro «MklnK nno M I'm BpowUInK thrt 'truth tho ttnwwov IM • . , ?/ti<i." " <y G»w<!(" broi\thii(l tho Cooknov crook, ''I don' mln' ft bit of roitKh wtuff, yfcr know, but . , , wns you thlnkln' .of PiitUn' '(« lltfht out? 0 , "I Wrt« thinking. of , . , that," «ulcl Tho llt'tlo Cocknoy broko off, awotftruok «t hlii cold, calm cotn- you ovor «oon Sir John n«kod Hntaul, , «lr,' I anw Mm when 'o onnto over for tho fuhoriU at Woylnnd," "Whnt WA» )io dolnK at tho fu« norfll?". ft«kod Snt«til quickly, "Oh, fchnt'M'orlvlffht, i«lr, Iio was with Mr. HlnydoM-Stoolt), 'Ap- d to bo thoro, yov know* That's .. 4< j( wo," noddod Sr\t«ul, "But you Jajow hinp by nlfcht?" ' "Yon, *IV, M "In whloh cnfto you could point him out tbyour frlotul, Mr, Slmm« "I KiipuoHo I oouldi" tt^crood tho othgr hoarnely, ".Yo'u wlll/'-tmld flfttaul softly, * * * * Koxt (tny, Ilonry Huff took AH oj^rly trwln from Ip«wlch tip^tb Mv- orpool atri(fti f Ki-om, thoro ho want l>y qi)fi io ^h'«<Kv«>H« 'Thoro ho nuitlo h»» w«y to tho "fMw.nnd Pelican" at wMdh now* UHlially 'could bo ol>- iiil.H^I 0f ,Hll th'« boriMiKh'w proml- jinrti-p|Ms{ona. Contrary to hln ox- tooot$Honn, bho mtmtlon of Hurry J-Mwnin' nurno -producod not Information »uc,h it« no Iwct oxpoctod, but * UoUurn Rilonco-whloli wwrnod him thitt ho vv«n tro«dlnjf on .it W«H only «'t oloKlntf fclmo In mld« iiUorhoon that tho proprietor «ald to him, "Wrtfl you omjuU'lnjc for 'A try Sfmnin'7" "Y«»,". noddod, Huff, ' proprietor jnrkod hl» head hla.own ftnndtum behind tho b*r, "Obmc Itisldb," ho ''iv-^WJNOi" »J« wont on hild^fojNM tnd door, ''wlio •ml whafc'M your record?" : > ( ' r *nty 'ulT, 11 ropliod th«t Individ- u*V, promptly, M uHu» 'oruco Throo yonrfl (it the 0,0,0, Soptoiribbf 'JM, Got rrilxod up with Proclcllo the Donk'fl lot." Tho ptibkoopcr noddod, "Oko," ho tf run tod, "Whoro did yor do yotir fltrott'h?! 1 "Tho Mc-MV 1 "You wo/It down Scptomb'or '34 for throo, Who WHS in coll block six during that tlmo?" IIulV pondorod n moment, then sntd; H 0.f caur»o, thoy kept coniin' and poln' bub I could R!VO you one 6r two tumioa, Thoro was Phil tho Gmiomun, Goorgo Stoburt, that little .follor with tho gin jeer 'air ns got Hhoppod- over, tho Mllo End job, Votoi'flon thut'H It, Lot mo noo now. Coll Block 81*. , i , Cafroy Samuola WWH thovo at thb time, No h'6 wnHn't ho wa« In block four, I rcirtombor that 'cos Oflffrty worked with mo in tho htnchlno *hop for « tifno." "Oko," ewt In , tho b'nrtondor. "You're nil ylffht, What'-d'yo'u want to «co tho Co«hor for?" "That's private;'. 1 "Oko, I pot It, Up tho atopa ancl llrnt door on your right," Huff made hlo way upHtnlrw tmcl knocked at tho door Indicated, A hti«|<y volco mUmb!6d somothlng and lio knocked ugnlri, . . "I fiald, comu In, Do I 'avo td como out arid broak yur nock?" H 'Ello, Cosher;" ^ald IflilT Ingtn- tlntingly't putting hlfl h'oad In tho door/ Hurry Slmtm was aoatod before a Hf|itai'6 kltcJ>'?n table, Ho Was .a bullot-hoadc:., squnt Individual with faded bluo 6yoa, Tho top of hl« loft oar was mtatdng; Some years proyl- oualy a momhor of a raco track gang hud flattenud hl« no«o leaving just enough of It to .support ntool-rimmod jjpoctaclosi. Through those ho was peering at a paper-backed book svhlch wan propped agalnat a bottle oC nfcoiit, vSlmmw' largo, blunt flngor« wore bunlly occupied with a pair of pale bluo knitting noodles upon which ho waa fabricating a rod and yollow jicaivf, " 'Kilo, 'nrry," nnld Huff again nidUng Into tho room, "I ain't aeon yor ulnuo , , ." "If anyun montlohn tho Moor, I'll break 'la nock, MOO?" "Orlrlght, 'arry, orlright," mvir- mu'fod IltKf placatlngiy, "It's nl,co to «oo yor ngi\ln," "Can't fifty 1 «a I fool fcho «amo;" grunted tho Coflhor, rqtu,rnlng to n poruaal of hl.H low literature, "Now la that nice, 'arry?" whined Huff, "Specially whon I como to put A llttlo bufllnoaa yor way," Harry "Ooahor" Slmma ro'movod hlB ttpoctacloH and turned -to tho, othor, hU oxproHHlon moro amiable, "Did yor fmy buitlncm?" "Yuo, old sock," noddod tho othor, "Jusfc n little matter of ,, ," Tho Cofl.hor hold up hla appalling HCttrf, gesturing wllonco, "I Uon 1 want to 'oar nothln' 'bout hit," ho tinkt cjulckly, !'tlll 1 known the foe," "Well, 'nrry, don't yor think yon'd bettor know , , ," began Huff when tho othor ngaln Intorrup'tod him, V 'Ow much?" growled Slmma, "Well, 'arry, tho gent.I'm world n' for mentioned five hunderd quid," Slmrnn' knitting dropped to tho floor, Ho roso slowly to his feet, hi?* oyofl wldo, hl» jaw hanging open, "BlimeyI Five 'undurd poiin'a'l '33 nuiHt bo a prlnco .or a bloomin* Yankee mlll'onnlro offorln' 'Is money that way,,,', 'Ow nmny dooa 'o want knocked off?" "Just one," "JUilt hnol",sighed CosKor blfsn- fully, who .htid never been offered mbrii\thhn.0fty pounds for t\ job.iii suro, Who .Is it ono, of th# porlshqra I know?" "Meredith, "nnswoi'od Henry Huff. Tho glass nncl bottle, which' Cosher hnd boon holding, crashed oh tiv« floor, ; ' . . For-ft moment or so after , bxplofilvo sound, there \yas absolute HJlonco, then Simma ,drew;, a ibr/i; breath and sighed deeply, .-.. "D'yor know wot-you'ro aakiri'.?". ho said. "Meredith,' eh? TKut bloke's "worsb'n poiaofi-ivy hn'd: a bleodin' bomb rollocl into onc; ; 'I^H ' tin the lievOr'ftil. tho 'ottost thing they Meredith! Fivo 'undord . What dlyor think I am, .a fcuiciclnl subject? You como to thb wrorig fiilop, mo lad," "Fivd 'tindbrd'a a wacl of jnckl" iluggo'a tod-Huff; . "Fat lot of'good it'll clo mo If I'm crippled," protected Simms,. "Look 'ero f Cosher," said Huff, "maybe tho getit would stretch o point or two," "Wot aorta-point and 'ow big n stretch?" " 'E might go, mind yer I say, 'c mif/kt, to.six 'undord;" "So you boon holdlri' out on me, you runt; 'opin' to 'a'vo a bigger cut yor^elf, I a'poso?" N Slmrna caught tho other by the slack of his jacket, jerking him towards him until i their noaca almost to.uchod,'. ,,. ./. <• " 'Ow much?" he demanded- "did thi» bloko ofTcr?. Come on! Come on! Lot's 'flve hit if yor wn.nt to tivo;" "Seven-fifty," said Huff sullenly, "You He!." ahappad poshor. " 'E hoiTorcd n cool thousan' tiuid, 4 didn f 'o ?" Hl$ loft hand crtu^h.t Huff's tie and began to'iwiat it, ."Coin', black in tho face, oh? You'll be,a bloody Hide blacker 'fovo I .get do'po with yer, If yor don' cofno acroaa and give mo tho straight ticket. A thou- aan' p'bundsj wasn't it?" "Ycrso," gasped Huff, hnlf strangled, and thq Cpshor released him to loan panting against tho tablo. "Now, then," Slmms went on, floating himaolf again and onco moro picking up his knitting. "A thousmn' quid is talkin', Provicled I'm allowed to' tako mo timo and make mo own plans, I'll take a crack at Meredith, Tho only thing is I. don't know 'im by sight, I never (,.."'Kro,M '' 'UlTy, v L u .y y \ v/i ui •, Ji-4 i V| >,A f\*\jr i \^ II ^r | «vo h (IMhk on thin," HIH Imnd «hbt bosynvd.H tho b'ottjo on thb tablo and then' wan arrested h mld«i\lr n« ho'turitocl Slowly hack to tho othor iuul .«ftld, "f'lvo 'umlbrcl'a n lot of money, It. ain't to put no bloodln' Gftb'not Mln'ntor on a spot or-nofch- InMIko thnti his it?" ," ropllod Huff, "Juat ft ro- "That's ,orlrlght, Cofiher," said Huff, who was now-recovering. "I'll tako yor down -to 'is place and pohit 'im'out to yor," . . "I want flvo 'lindcrd down," do- mandod Simms, "an', tho other 'nlf, whon tho g'pods 'avo boon delivered, 1 '. : . "I'll 'avo to talk to tho gent about that," suggested Huff. ."Do all tho talking you like," said Cosher; "but get 'alf that thousan' poun's right on tho line!", * . * * * "'Erb, Cosh ; br,,slip through 'ere," obsorvod Honry Huff squeezing hlnuiolf ginfe'ovly through a jpap in thb hbdgo bordering Sir John Mor- odlth's small oatato. "Mind tho thorns," Thoy halted 'inside, the hedge and woro well sc'robftbti from the houso by a long, thick bolt of , trees. "'Ow arc -or 'blh' 'im, tlrod dick," "A retired copporl" exclaimed Slhtmn. "Lummo, It'll bo-.u plon- yor -groin'- to got Killer?" askod Huff curiously. "Don't talk Billy/,' replied tho othor, " 'Ow can 1 toll aforo I r.oo tho lay-out hero; You found. out what I asko'd?" "Yua," said Huff,, "Tlioro'n another man iri, thti 'bufeo. Bloke",by tho namo'of 'o'bbi' what was that Meredith's batman , during .tho Wa;r 'E's a pretty 'ard casci if yer como up; against'im'," . , '• Cosher 'nodded, "You Jeavo'it to mo, I clonH; work 'to .no time tatlo nor no previous plans, see ?. Opportunity, that's .tho ticket. Opportunity's mo middle name. I seizes mo pppprtu-nity just like— " •• "Buck!" whispered Huff. "There'i' somcibody comin' up tho path," ,(Tp' ; 'bo continued) Copyright by »'rinc|i amid; '• by King K«iturfj Syndien'u, MAUSER, is l Gfi B5SM AA! fA.ckL&-iM' 1916 Filial Quarter Spurt. En- : abies §jl _ /Garnet ;; V To Thrilling Tn a-ding rlon'g which both tenms-Ichrl aix-cliffd'ronl sinfecs of tho, a b'aL'tllng 1 Naiigatiick High • -brtskol-bull tonm. which 1 was not''l,o bo dnniod carno back in ULO final period t.o-down'the'Now J-Iiiveii I'adH, ''iO--<'i7. 'Phe.gatnn was' pluye'd almost In the^ privacy Of • Lho ,'"Y" court-ns a Hj3«irso'.. crowd altundbd this oxoiLlng - oonlcsl^.TJic:vvjoLbry rnai'knd |,ho'MilhUi 'wfn fri ale ,s Iri r L's:' f p'r" '.LI i c .0 i-iv^f i b u n'd.s til iiS; fat 1 LhIs season. - . .'•'•'x'. 1 .'-. ;,'/ The Gnt'tioL fivu Uieh pot'i'onrmnco' ot: the .Gr.osby giuno .by- •••' *>[ -, ~t ', i 'l . , ^ V .1 T • T . * TOBEHELD up an oai'ly.v : llrsi. lorif!.' This. N.vas.doiiu'by;'(.lip brlllinnl. Hhonlilnts. o'f 1.1 io, .dhhlhuliv.o .Wdclio Miu-lano ' and ihc ' loiigtliy Buck llollly-aH Uioy Lossorl in hoops \vilh (irntr/Jng i-upidiLy. The .high,.scQ|;l ( ng CUirhnt fiiiliil.ut apjieai'ci; 1 on "fciipiL 1 . wriy l.o «!i smiistiing vlolpry'.us' they loci .:17-'J a l, Lho corifcliislori of --tiie; llrsL purlod. ; •'•" .' '' '• The Commercial ^loppstors' were- no I, outclHssccl ,and .. |hcy I'ougtit buck In tho soconrl .stanza: with the aid of Toiil sliots and baa-, keU by Sum 1 (jrocco; .yilggpr- Conti,: and Iii 11 Lliicnlo. These; boys \voi'e tho whole .shooting circus Coi; Corn-! 'miii'dal In the .scupiul' half as you, will later understand..'.'A lay up shot, 'by Sam Oi-occo tied up 'tho ball game at 21 all iniich to the I'elicity of thn Coiivinarulal rootovs. H'OW- evor, eight, .straight -points by tlie" urousod Greyhounds - enabled them to lead 2U-21 at, the : InLermlsslon. Hiiddy U'uiiii arid liJddie Mariano Look an active par I, in this latest, assault. The. Typos ns the Commercial team Is called, bounced buck with, an emphailo click; In the second half as the above mentioned trio, led the' way..In TtioL the scoring in the : sec-- oncl hall' was divided among' this trio, f-ioops by .i3rdoob,-' Hacclo, and Conti made the score"-' 20-27 but Frank Furs'nnide, It 31-27. with ; two I'oiil sliots 'only to have 1,'hi.s. .same trip tally '.additional baskc'ts,'a'nd lead !n»'3i with about i'o'ui 1 mlniHcs t'ornalnlng .in the third, period: .But what a i I'dtir minutes 1 Frank 1 F.urs. who has been -in a. slumi)' o'f late suddenly riro.usecl 1'rom ,his, do'l-, di'.ums and . peppered the* Oom'mer- ofai hoop with baskets,.-When the' smoke had cleared,..Frank.Furs had. gai'nai-ed all • tlie Na\ieatuck- points' In (lie period, aiut. 1-h.c'y' jipw'allcd by only one point i")0-38,as they .ph- tcred tho last lap! . At'top battling on -even : terms: i'p'r'' two minutes of. ;tlie -llnal .session Charley l< 1 ogai'ty tossed in a basket. to. put .the Cui'net"ln>the. lead,-.'40-30. A -load which they '-never t'.elin- qufsliccl Vfot; the t'emaindei: of the game'. Tlie plaudits ol' ; victory wore now ..too dear to be ;iiandled with nothing but ..utmost care. Serisa-. tlonal slioi.s. by -Sam Gi'ecGp -and .llggor Conti wore not .su'l'TIclo'iit, tor stem, the tide in favor of' Cbnimei 1 - olal as 'tlie .aiit'iiet live staved off attack after attack to. romp olT--.tlie Iloor with their (ll'th straight win. Tho iSaugatuck . .Hiyvees lud by Now York, Jan. 22—(UP)— The nfth nnnuiii.'naUo'nal invitation col- lug.6W.liriskol.ball,; 'toui-namct will " be '.lioTd 'fit Madison .Square Garc'sn •:Mnroh- :i to ji), anil-23' to- 25, JblTh i'ColToy, chairmiin 'of 'tho metroijoli- in'in ihtot'coliagi^^e li'riskotb'ull com- Thl.l.teo iiin'n'oUncoJ• 1,0'day','/' : "• The.:tdui i nnmont'-\viU be conducted on, an qigii;L teain basis. .Asa 1 ' Bush- n'uT'l,, director of the centt-al office ifp'i 1 Oa'sLcJ'n intci-coiJcgiata athletics, ''is. oxe'oUtlve chairman : or the ' toui 1 - 1 narnont.' . ; - - • • •.••'; /^'^^Vvv^U.-. 1 ;.-.'... ' - : ~r.\ :•••• .SHORE-AS Now Haven,' Conn., Jan. 22—(UP)! —JDddlo Sh.oro' l rf'"Jridenrilte • suspension' turned oal- today to be something less-.'th'rin. that, and tho fiery 3\vner/-ot' the .^prlnglleld 3n- of ,, ; thc ; .American Hockey will i-e'Lurn to active duly' Jan.'"31.. .;'-.' Shore -\ytis suspended sine die by arigu'e' Presldenl, Maurice PodololT Tuesday"-hlght, b'ut j-econslflei-atlon b egn n • • a" J n;l p'a t • " i m m cd i n te J y.' However, .Shbro;,,was .'lined. .$300 -for piisli 7 Ing. ni'oimd'a, referee Jn Sunday night's game With the New Haven fOagies.. . ; •'.". The suspension, .moreover, now affects. Shore only, ns .a plfiyer. He jjjny' mrtnngb'- JiJs'. lea hi from life floor. frbm ,.now- : on.' ' Fogarty, ' with 13 points ... _ ... „ -. \ l;h G 06 irinVci;oi a I lads 40-20 .i.n the diiirlain raiser.:oi' the evening: The box ^cbro-'Of Uie Varsity coii- Lesl/.is below: '-.. ' - - ':.-'-. '*'•':'•. .; Nniifjntuck . • : '. .. ; ...-"'. 'B. F. p, Dunn, -1 f ,..'. '•;;;,;; J . .•;";.•,':. 3 . l 7 Af DINNER OF BY -JACK(Uni Led Pross .Staff (yprrcspbncioht) U New .York, Jun, 21— (UP^— Heiwv.-: wci&lfl .-oliutfintoiv' .'loo,. L.buis' • inusl be .credited ' today-. ••with -!,lie : n'tosi; g-lor'ipub ; Kiio'iiKoul of his /career, following ;lusl "• night's amazing;' triumph at, Ihe.i'juinuiJl boxing- writers' diiinor whore: •/ .•"•'. ••• '" • ' -.•-. , ," "\ • (i) Lieut; .Go nulr; Gene Tunhey, standing .at. .-rile; Mpciikors fable' in his fmv.'iJ uniform, declared in tho presence of •Jii ; ek Dompscy .. thai Bomboj 1 ' Joe Js- /'tlie;, &''9'ito,st mo'.sl, compioic 1 worlcmahv tli'O " has :'Cvor'',kno\vn/V '...•• '•''•' " .-• (2) Jn'jTies ,J. Aynlkoiv formcr^ yor of Now ••Yprk ) .,cily, called L Vaii. ','AiiSor'jc'Kn •; geriLlcma"h">. — ' ' Union Club Defeats Meridj Acorns By .Score Of 42 j ),. to -Uiiclo imprecGderit;'ed of tliei. Eddie for '. having. duVhvg b ; f his-, cjuick responses Sa'm.'s^cal: ..-<:•••.•:. clj .the , pWscni-al.ipn Nell iriembi'lal :,tnost ,;fo .(.lie:; ring- •j o'r-of-tlie-yoai 1 ' award. .• (4) A telegram was 'read Meul. tltil; H; :C, ; Brehifeci commanding •'o'.niiJor -ivl;-- Gftrtip^ which •stated 1 that I.he i: ll6ay]y \yofglit clrnnipion was;-'do'vblbpih'g into just as good a -so I'd I or as he wa\4 fi/rihs from •'. Tiinncy, roMi'eii uhdefcate'd lieitvy- wol'g'hl,'champion; ,w/is libn'" dish' at Lh'e : boxing-'! writurs) • dih'n'er ..In;- Rijpppr.l's-' BrcAViiry."-^ giVcn a desk so t ; Jjy -t-li o wr i tcii'.s - for., h is se'ryl Co' to liJs co'tj'n ti-y." o nil t ipv : bb,N:ing dur- i ng J.0--i .1. .But f,l i o' Lieu't,: Coinm ! n'ricler in his. bJue arid: gold ' \vas .-merely iri'cidontal .^oh. 'this program honoring tho rii'nri In the.'-army 'uhi'form; Pi:i-val.c Joe ; Lou is: Burrow. Tunn'cy-..was incidental uniil he commented u'pOtY; Jolting' .Joe's- recent '.Lriumph -6vcr. ; Buddy Baef ;: Iri the first •round for : the , b'ene/lt,. 1 ;' of the hayy, relief'. Society.; ' Tunirie^ Raiclv.L-b'uls, 1 : p'erformahce: nt l.hb.'Oiii 1 -' den, that -nighl, .was. "the. grcaiesi: exhibition'-Of..human d6s(,ruciibh I ever .saw;" . He said the 'great,' Bob P. j 1 m mions ; fn ^lit; .Jia Vp'; been ; - fibI p Io operate.h^as"-'de'adl.y'''fasliIon', but lie. trover! had., seen Ruby Hob--dm]. ho Vdoubted .Jh. .Then; -des'riitc 'the 'presence 'b'Kpomp's/eyj. ~\ who;. o'n-1 y." ye.stertla:y. ;:r :; joined '-J.hc'>"New/'Yqrk : . SI,af,pvGuard^G6noV-ca)led Louis the gi-oaie'st . nghier, 'of': all r.Wnte'-.— •' or- words'^f;o Ui'a't^pffect/.- • '-.'• '•••••' -. ^ ', Brown-s'kJnnhtr»YJoe was pralscfi by many,other 'speakers; Including foi'mer. . Postmastpr General Jim Farley,' Head.- p-Maii' J.- Edgar Hoover, Sanltation'.-'Conhrnlss'ibn Wi.|llutm GaI'cy; • -ProsItleril; 'Abe • J. Green6' of .the National. BbXlrig. A.sso6iliLiOn t'nd .toastmrtslet' S!d' Mercer of ; the \e\\" York \iburnai.". 1 Mosl'dramfi Lie • .moment of the night and perhaps in Lo'iiis'. career came when .fornicr' Mayor \Valker concluded . his' '•' tribute .by sftylh4 1 , "Joe—when you risked 1 yoiuv-'title and yoiir future.a'gain'st Buddy«B.aeiv in .patriotism —'you did something else; Yo'u' laid 1 a red rOs'e on Abe. Lincoln's -grave." -" ; .Then Louis stood'and received the Eddie -.Nell Pktc/uc. The Big. Brown man In the nrniyyunSfbrm-^-^ho hail star.ted life In 1 Ihe 'Alabama coUbii f 1 e 1 d s—11 a d n o ' p re par e d s p ce'ch • o f acceptance, nnd. ifjic'had. 11, would have been forgotten In his emotion'.' But he came .through like a great champ'lbn'. .Prb'bab'ly: no bihcr' mnn in- the ;world ,:'Cbuld.."ha;y.e followed Walker,-, ohe -of;;Am.erlba';?s'nrost;e'f-: I'ecUv.e' . aftei'-diriner,.'speakers—who/ ha v d -le^ft - the gathering mttntied • in hushed sentimenta'liLy: - - * ' ', Only the b'fg; • -slutfflIng .BrbwiT man uould., h'dvc. 1 been'. the' ,p'prf6ct' foil, Jbe'-di.d'n't say much', but iiis, talk vyas,; dynTitnltc—like 'his 'work against. Buddy Bacr. He said he felt m i gh l.y. go o d \v h e n -he . : ,\vo n t.h e world' l;itie—thought', then- >v;ls his happiest mbin6nU rl 'bu't tbniglii; 1 feel.'b'etterJ'lh'an. 1. ever felt in-all my 1,1 fe—and 1 .want to thanlc, ii/l' you .J'rbm Uie .bbttb t m of- niy b'bart.' 1 '' ~^^v-:, : ;' n.v (2EOKGE KIliKSEV • , (United Press Sniff Correspontlcnl.-)... New York, Jan., ; 22-(UP)—The big golf oven I. of'. dO'42 will be : Die "Hale America" open toarnn'nf6/it at Chicago June 48-21 and the .Jlrst; Uvo• players invited to.-play in it arc. IBob'by Jones,'Mie "grand slam 11 champion, and Chick Evans, •-first player lo-vvln b'otir the U.. S. Open, anch Amateur'. ' / ' : • The -U. S.' G6H' asspciaUoii lias, dcsigrialc'd the ;')Irt(e. America", tournament• 16 ; repia"6.c ••th'e.'/y... S.; Ojj'en-rin'd Amateu'r wiiich Avere ;can-: •'coiled- Tbr- i-li'e duration; It will bcj' Staged Mn ^ co'operation of the Chicago District Golf association, which is combining.. its, m'0po.sed : Chicago' Open with' the tiew..evcn.t. The tdVn'.nameht"' course will; be iVamed s laier. ' The .tournament's purpose is to raise funds.-for .war. relief and advance the physical fitness program sponsored by the. office of civilian defense. . ... , . 'District qualifying rounds will be lield May 25 in 3'0 to 70 .cities, Prb- fessibn'a'ls and diiiafeui's/Aylth handicaps- of .perhaps iiye. or' six.'strokes may compete. Returns-';fr,om . a $5 entry fee. will, be- con yer ted .into 'defense bonds. A large share "of -which will, be., distributed as <prize :; money, in .the iln'al. D'haso-bf the: tourney.- -;. Then vthc district' qiialiflers wiJi engage in sectional tests in J2 cities'; about June . C. Admission.; will .be charged ,to raise more, funds ''.foiv war relief.. v •:-.'.••":•.' .'.. ' ;''.'-.' - yV. limited number',,.of. '.qualifiers.: will then' move .into the-main event at Chicago ' over a 72-hole , rout6. Prominent players. .Who did .not otherwise qualify- will 'to ; invited to. compete '. as. 1 ' have .been- .loncs and Evans. The total fic'ld/prfftfably will n umber, f roiri .bO ; to 75 players, including a 'separate limited division for amateurs. 'In',(Uiditibn ;Lherc' will be a driving••coVitc's't 'and'' bth'er ex- hibUJbiis; ( -. .; \'/ ,.; •."-.;;; ; , /; The' t'burnameht will be similar to, the patriotic tournapient held ,3ii 1917 to i^er.iJa'ce cdttceilcd.; tourneys. It was played at' Ghcfttnut Hill, Pa.; and a scoi n>' " . • '.'•' "f ~ -•'-"'' .' ' '"-'"b' '. Locali ,4!3-bflskclbajl tenm up its • fifth straight win fenj-lntf .IJ^c cra : c.k-'Mcrlden A l.ns'L night - : at Meriden by ih c sod Of 42 to'. 34, ,;..: , Thei GlD. club,, based its tack on ] ; and all ... team work' uhd consistently \voij .Die, ball under the h'oop for shj sh'.bi-s.' ' ..:*•''. : , Fa'rrdr -wJUi ,JO points Local 45' attack, followed by Sv ski 'with ..14 ..points and these I 'provided 'lire major portion of Jooal attaclv, Uiough , '/Mike" cagcci (wq very sp'ecla'cular bastj from far 'out. , . : r . , • A large 6ro\vcT .was on the game. TheO\ T augalAick "CIO cJnl)' \viii $ Its 'hc'xt hojYie'. game h<>.n>, YMCA- coiiH. s on Jii'nuary 30 tlie New Haven A.'A. five. The.'local -U., S. ! Rubber Co. : «ng Gel'l; -Dept.' -43,team which a.. number,: of. - foYrricr. Nuugitld high sohooi .stars on' its'roster \v| p.Ja.y.;lLocal.42 fiecoml,.Learn in preliminary. January, 30, with <| ing to .• follow • the -.contests. The'' ' Nau'flf'atiick Sy/.manski )f "Rucclo Fiirrar c Jg Pisfine'. ck rg ' Tplffls . Mei'ldfen Su'rb ; \vitck rg .tvllnski c "" rf AVvfDhorlow, Garvey : .;.... n. o F: fl i o 1 0 0 0 Totals :.....-.,.:.•.'... J5 Spore, at- 1 half-limb:..CIO den 18, Referee; Cradle. 23, Me i*VO JJJHJ\^\_4 -I.\U \^/1.1 V »7 u I * l-i. U_ AlJiJ won by' -.aoclt" Wuichinsori >6i'G of 7G-%-71-72—292.'. . Alsab you Jiad to the nearest OF Kissnnc, . Roni^'c; •.''!•..':.'•! •-.' ll.ucclo ,..•. ..'.'-.•' K-Iapifino, Ig .;,,. 0 1, 3. 1 0 S- 6 1 0 1 0 0 1 ' .Totals .21 7 V j •.. • ' ' •.-..' New Ilavon Goiniiicrcin'l . •' '•';•'; ;••.;,-•' '•';.•'.-' .--' • ; B;.'. F. Pahnori, rg ;.;'..•. Jessey, Ig ...... Haccib, c'-.-.. .(.li'eoco, rf , .P-oclskalna, ;r Conti ...... 'Totals ... .: i .'. 0 b '. .7 .. o ..s : 6 2 ' 7 2 0 17 P: 3 o o 8 15 f 20 Hartford, Del fcp'tin'..,.. Jan..'22- u'se'd to JJei Bjssonette;:,"\y^o: used to": play, Jlrst base, for -J-lic-Bpppklyn : -.godgci'.s'' until lie 'broke';A: tenciofrVlh .'h'ls rfoot^ aeferee: Giis- Lonergan, ..20./ ,7' today ford Eastern'league, a" farm clulj oif 't'(i"e B'o'sl.bii graves."! ; The -jcimj.olhtrtiienjt,;.. of, -,Bissone,Uc was marie. t>y ''PresfclGnt; Bob";'Qu1ml of-.the l.pcfrcnt : Nati(3nal league;clUbi Tho former Dodgers ,nrst.:sacke.r has been ?iiah'agjng nfirior 1 ' league learns for : t,hG*.;.i)W- Hve ye'ars; ; - •-' ' , :' Last j'yo'ar,' Bissonette-rpilDted • tire Bi-adf ord;.;'c. 111 D .'-.of ,\t!;e; Glass „ D Pony league.. l to'<-.d;-;gb.V(2rnr's ciub -cliaiTi-' . __.....,.. —,,..,..,-Jtagcd ;; th e • •' DCS: Moines* teanv of r (fie •Western 'leag'uP'' ,-. , l 1 ' . ' *'' :••,-• < '• ' ' •''•" ,'. • 5 • : ' ' \ B isson'eltc succe6dcd.•Pla'y(ng Mtiri- ager' Upii. Mannq;. who: piloted the; Hartfora^tearn;:.^ took over from quit in mid-season.' Bissonette is'" -a : Ihrop,.'Me, .' ."H-V- 1 Today's Sports Parade (Reg; 1].' S. Pat. Off.) BY JACK GU10NTHER .(United Press Staff -Correspondent) &— — ^.i- —:..•;••• ;• : " '• • •'•'''::" • :. •.. o. New York, Jan. 22— (UP) —The Kentucky Derby .won't be run s for approximately iOO days, ni'nc hours' and'22 minutes, eastern, standard time,'but if yoii hope to have a little somotbing rhling on the brown jackrabbil known as better run, not walk, b'ooliie shop-—now. '• 'Do'iVt." delay, even for a-minute. If t there is an 4 angcl. food cake baking iii the oven,, let it burn. If the boss .has just gi'yo'niyou a ten dollar b'oo'st ..In pay, don't stop to thank him. Forget your liat.and cont and never mind lacking the'door b'p.hind you. Just', rush out and slap your 'money clown.'./..., If you really " li u r ry, y b u might .stilt, get/. 3-i. You woji't got^any more than 3-1, and'fMt.assertibn'isn't J)ascd on any gu.ess'wbrk. /H- comes to:yoii direct from. Jrtmes J., Gar roll, th'o St. Louis winter book bpcVatdr whb has been chalking up prices' since Man 0' War was .Just; ci •;• leggy colt- and \Vho is knqwiv as, one .of -.the shrewdest figure men |h-:,A'merIca.- ( -..,.Garroirs JO/j'2.Derby book isri't officially Open yet -because Colonel- Miitt WJ'nh- won't rcleasp the. nom- (.nces. : f0r.,the; j-acc-Lhave nick-named the .bluograss classic, fof several \vee.ks. When the Missouri commissioner, does open shop and start •pa'ssingv;o'ut his quota'tiPns', Alsab may be'-several • ppfnts' Ip.wer. • can Jje-dctermined, the' c'(ise r ,.ot;tills mniio'h 'dollar : baby found iriytiip. turi"s nve and'ten cent store is ; ,unique. '.-There ;rta've' been many low-priced horses in the.books before—Bimplech;: Pbmpopir; ,E1 Ghi- 'cb -and ^Stagehand; are:;a ; few Of .re\ •cent, a'nd lanVente'd'. me'mp'ry — .but never, pnc- : a = st'andput like; Alsab. The obscure -sari of .an u h f a : sh'i on - abl-p sire: and $90, dam is the first colt .ever, g' re'cbgiijijed. as the Derby favorite as .i.eari-y.. as, De.c'cm- slakds,. and possibly for the $50,{ Whicner ctipi. too. lie .has a line di'd, excellent breeding' arid'—in PJ Swerikc--ari. pxcejleht trainer. T!it| reti'Cally,; lie Is Hip;best' horse im eligiblp Id M s uiic in Golo'iiel Wli4 Kentucky Glam. Bake. . .But iher Is 'many a slip the. Derby cup and Alsab's lip, that is why tho future book plnytj pays his money and takesJiis If;,for any reason whatever—housfj maid's \kn.op,- pink .toothbrush astigmatism—Alsab. doesn't ansv present .i'h .j,h,p starting -gate, at downs .next May, .'the future bocl customer Js^strictly out. of luck, I •„ Yef/;;i,iiat 3-l> nricp encompasses tlic thousand:'and blip,accidents,^ IE nesses and other misfortunes may ficrail .the SabljaUi horse Uie track' -that lead's to v '' three monies hence.. If 'ho is spufi on April 1 hd'll ^i\bp,.l.p'.-]J.ll ; le. moil thahe^en; jiio'nc'y' anil,,by Kfriy 1 lic'l prpb'ably bo hV^beUe'r ililih aroun . be^- lsi,. : ; -'.Eyfen:-.'; .61d : ^Ea-/Ki'fid(ey.'s ibaby, . BimelocJi,; who -\yas ij'ndQfcat- r . cd, .iihtied.Vaiid two-year-bid; imscred as, a ; March 'and he'.'-wasv the'; hb'ttesL -thing Jn^histbry;:;- : y[ : l- '. '•; . * : .-.;' -.-, •/'.-. -.; •: Alsab 's case r ecot'd >; i s ..well ii) own . He' was. bbugh.t, : by (Al ..Sabb'ath' of Chicago '• for ',$700 ' at-.' the . Saratoga sates. He .van,; dead, ias't.'i hf his '-'flrst race,. last'.;ye(ir liv. Florida; arici lie »!6nl. dn.'t6. win 15 pf : 22. starts and; $110,010— riniriing bhe. ; i'a'ce. biil^. a, fifth. of a second .off; i'ho AV.orl.di rcc- prd arid another J-h tlie- fastest lime ever recorded for a ' two-year-old ' ' ' ' three, horses s 1 the chief'opposition for the Son.c- Good'" Goods. They' arc. Bradley Bless Me, who ran liim to a in the' VNyrtldeh{ Woplford K Contriidicti'bii, ^winner, -of 'the PIni }ico Futurity; an'd' Calum'et's S Again,--Svho'\vori $/i5,6oo by m summer but.\yas retired premaiurol} wi'th an IhjiU'y. - These Uirro. ar« listed "• at-..i2-1 ' aii'd.' )3en' Wliilakci- 1 ^ Hequested'ls 15-1. ; 'Rlgh - .now. 'Carroll won't quoK prices oh"'such.':classy youngsterstf Some Change, Devil Diver, Shut 0»t and' Amphitheatre. .Their odds wll be released on March 1, put by <!l(1 j time the- Derby may be a art corporation,. If-. Alsab wins Flamingo .in Florida, on J^oh 28, he'll drop so low the. bettors \yil! get much ,quickcr action .hy luiyinf U. S. :SteeK or Am er, lean Tel. & Tel. •. . ..,. . —'-.' ' 4 »'+. >."•'"— '— Refutes for WHd )Llfc ,, The', tlnite^i,States maintains : rofuge's. for all forrn^ bif wild life. i CHrysler and Pl^moutli 1 a.fli.€. Trucks I '••-'.• : ' : ^~ - . § J. C, Itaytitwich i V'....J ' '." : - ^ 1 *' ; ' /; "'"' ' Tires - Accessories PEAHt II\miOH! .. . . . .,., .. , '; ; Right- novv he v is In^FlorjdaV being ': primed /for , the spulh's big' three- -'.year-old. event, the, $25,000 flamingo Water Street DINNERS and SANDWICHES OF Full Llqiibr License

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