Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on January 15, 1942 · Page 4
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 4

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 15, 1942
Page 4
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Four NAUOATUCK- DAILY'NEWS,', THURSDAY, JANUARY 15,'1942 ttvomng Sunday) hy Till'!. NAUOATUC1K NIOW9 COMPANY, [NO, at il North Main Stroot, NAUQATUCK, Kntorod UM HOpoiul-olftHH I'n.ftt- toc at the l>DMti DITioi), ut NUUKU- tuok, fJonnncUwil. UAM'li ft. 1'AHKO Pl'CHldOfll 1 CLAYTON li, ' KDWAIll) U, MNUKNIIKM) Troamiror 'J J. AHf'WN BETWEEN PEOPLE ITEMS TAKEN FROM 'THE NEWS' 20 YEARS AGO oyfl, Ino, JIO Hookofolku- Plaxu, Now York (illy 1/lVJl OhciHtnut Htroot,. Philadelphia, -l'u; North Michigan Avomio, , UhloiiKO, III, Tho John M, Hwnonoy Go,, . , til Abbott lurnd, IIIlUi, Mum Kdllorhil Dnpur.trnont ...... 282H AdvorthUntf Lmpui'lronnl . . Otlloo , ,, ....... ^ 1 month ..." ..... • ..... i. J .7^ 0 rnrtnllw . .... ..... " • " " 'i^VA' (1 rnontliit • . ........... • • • • 1 your ,, .............. ,,,.,W,00 .-- f 'f» y ohlo In Advance — , lly CSui't'loi- l»o. I yonr— $0.00 who visited tho now "V y«H|.i'nliiy afternoon and evening wore svoll lUiU'rlalned, A vary lutor- I'stliiK exhibition of HwhnmlriH' and dlvhiK was given In Iho aftornoon by mwiiborH of thu Girls Scouts. A douiofiMlrallon nt tho brnast .slrokn, lwi.'k Hli'okn, «lrl(i Hlrokcj and Hjnipld overhand stroko and c.rasvl was Hivcn by tlin MiMHUM Dorothy Hor- giM 1 , I'Jinlly I/obdoll and Clwondolyn Wood, An uiHlc.rwalar relay won by a tcarti composed of I Mllltir, Miirjnrlo Squints and (iwnn- dolyn Wood, MOHCUU work wan du- iiKiiiHlraK'd by tin' MlHHUfl Kloanor Hiutir, Dorothy iHu'gor, Lillian Mlllor and Gwendolyn Wood. A protty ox- hlbll.lon of HIM back dive. WIIH given by i,Milan Mlllm- and ' Gwendolyn SVnmli Tim Homoi'swult, tllvo was Klvim by Kmlly l.ohdull and Hul.h Wllinot, l.uMt -ovMiilciK a "(• NlKht" program of fancy iiihiK and dlvhiK ' was glvon by MhUiuol Hroili'i'h'k, Aluxiuidur Sullivan, Raymond Johnnon, Tony Mai'hmo, and Kijcd TroHtrall. nnu Kdwai'd (inddy, .lainoH Sullivan, James liwl. Tho (InitiurPt'dHH fian 'Uin ox- «tiiHlvo flKht to'HMO I'ot 1 tmllou iri uny rorm, all nnvvH jnaolidH ocndllodto tiilM papui 1 . II |H dlHO nxniuHlvoly ontlUnd loanm for ropulillwUlon nil Iho local or undfttod -iiMWrt publlMliod hornln, of the IntoruMlIng t'oatnn.^ of night's program wan Iho. pool Mt hoKveon Naugutuqk and ft f.illy llromon. The Naugatutik lire llghtorH won, Th'o billiard iniiloh hulwodii John M, Sulliorlunrl mid John TroHlrall was won hy Mr, SiiUiorland, tho HOOI-M )>olng :IOO .|.o IK), Another excellent program has hwMi ai-rangod for tonight, (n tho pool matches Kddle Ifanley will play JamoH Uiwt, Kddlo K!O|IH will inoel ThomaM Italc'lllTe and David u'Shoa will piny William Tynan. The hllHjy-d matoh tonight will TJO ^Ktty. JamuH P, Sweeney '(By 1 RmVAHO.J- RYAN) ; Mdward ,!.' I'iyn'n or Thonmston American progress)vn>candldat(i-.i'6r (jongi'css in the special oltiotlon' tc be held on next Tunsda'y will sncaU fivor slalion -W-ATR. lonlglU'.'ttt.' r o'clock. , .... ... u Tiie election on ncjxt Tuesday ; Is primarily ono botweon tho'-pooplc and the poljliclans. The. politicians havo worked In an ; unclorluinclcfji ruannor to .1'ostor .upon our people candidates representing tho major parties who absolutely take' tbclr orders, wlthdul"-r.iuosllon 1 .'from political bosses; 1 tho Hod Cross and Ally. Martin I*, Guliio. The Ghui'oh Mli'odl. roMtaurant, the prnprliiloi'Mhlp of which wan rn- cNilly taken ovor by Mdsvard Brad- Hhasv (if this borough and Widlor Shove of S\'aferbury, iuiH boon thoroughly, ronnvalnil and in now- open I'm- hiiBlnnHH, The new proprlotoi-H. who inu|ulred tho bUMlnosH from tho j'toHton Lunch 1 'oompiiuy, uro woll known h"re, Mr. Hradshaw rorinuNy WUM connoolc.d with Ihe, Naugatuok Ptiblh! Market. • .a'ho ArmtrUiRiujM Ci f oa« JuiH ankud \IH. Tor a $50,000;000 omorgoupy vvav Tuiid, -it in ..noodod ^or^rft 1 io IXio bombed .aiicLovHCiiuitocl civ- , * e -. i * iliaus, ' Tt iH'.uuoclon'.lor all klfi.d.M (jf'MftitJ C^s-s'^vvicps Ui.'lho A.m'or4batt, pooplo at honVo 'hnd/jx) tho:;rvoirlu 1'h.u I'or trainiiiK num'-aiid women oyorywhoro iu t i\\\ kijujs < )l ' diHaHlor roliof work, .(.t in .noodod, oYory ponuy ol 1 it, and it la,.noodod urgently, S. (i. Young WIIH el<ml(jd cd'4ho Naugaiuek liranoh 6 1 1 the U.S. lUilibor Alhlntln aHMOiilallon I'o.r tho (HiHiiIng your at a meutlng ol 1 l,ho MXi.ujiiMvi 1 ooinii)IH«i» hnUl Insl night In Iho olllc-o Mi 1 Inilu.Mtrlal lUilatlonn iVfanager,- (li-urge p. Young In Lho ClniHwl 'Ol'llne of the factory, nthei- r'ifl((uii'H okuiled svdi'o: vloe proHlddni., (luocgo Kollott; Hoc.rclary, John P, treaHurer, JaiiieH ,f. fluddy. ithui'M ol' 'the oxooutlvo (!om- are S, I). Young, Arnold William Kelly, 'John 1', Martin' f-Jiirrlck," ,) n rn n B A, ,1, Mulnlnr, -noftrgo Kollolt- Kmmcil Haxler. Thi» '(•Irani., Hogan, •Oiirlily, ami li, . Ovni-nig-hl; tliu wur jttio to our voi'y dooi'HtopH. OvoniiM'Jit) bombing 1 ^ Btid- dou dua ( i|\, /nuitjjatiplt, and a JamtiM l'\' I'lt'/.gerald of (ialpln Mtrtud IH a pfitlent at tho Watorbiiry. hnspllal, having recently. an operation. the -to .iis'n, de- liuuiino IHX- I'or HHil will atuoK people hilt form 10^0, out by now and povHotla't; i'or ovory one] of UH, 'Who can Too! Hooitro'T/riovv' many ol' UH aro prepared'? How many a-numg UH 'aro trained to doal. wllilr tho.bragie/otnov- tfonoies .that-may-oonio at any moment to our homea, our I'ainilion/ our (jommiinl- In thin criniH, the nation tuniH with thankl'idnoHH to itH Jied CroHH— for ' tiixty yearn t\ tower of s'troug'th m war aiicT'cllwiHtoiu Year ;ln and year pntjt has kept oou- tinnouHly .tvt ,^6rk, training and proparliig' 1 our citi'/onn for (urun'gotiipy, 'With our oooporatloiij'- \\".i,t1i..,o.ur 'financial ^ui^fwrti-'HjtVlH^roa'cl^ to truln.h'imcli'otlH'of-'ihousiyiulH nioro' of our, oit'r/ons 1 in 'ur- gqntly noodod oHaontial« of •first-, aid. and dlBaBter ,-i'OJior, It IM rowdy tfi provide ^oVtof Cor Iho homo'loHH and auffloiv ing, It is reacly^o.oarry'on in ov'or-ituirQft^jjl^'inoft'B'nro UH humanitari«Vf work 1'or (lie men in our armed 'forces, whorovor tlioy may be,/ Not 'nil ol' via c.a,xi, fight, Not all oi ! UH can volunteer our HOpioow. But /through our Hed OroBs eaeh one oF 118 can 'mako hi a personal tho dictator nations Through 'our $50,000,000 ;Uofl wo can pledge our nriitod .faith hi dbmocraoy, Through o'u'r money wo - l can ^pravlclo 'ail thoso .Rod Gross 'sorvioos on w h ioh i t clepdhcti Xt ' " ' '" f Naugatnck, whicsh vocont- hhinkH I'orm |0/iO A 10 rorolvod by Naug- wllhln a fosv flays, whioh IH to ho Illlncl whoso -total not lilr ^,000 svlll not ho uvullaj)lo . unll( llio ' first of next 'month,' Tho law roqulruH rolnnifl to ho (lied, by: l-Juch Individual Hltitflu Do^oinlmr fit, and total not- InooiiH) wan $1,000-or inoro, MtiOh married Individual who.'was living With bflMbimd o.r,wlfr. -pocom- ber 'ill and svhOHc Income W:IH )f2,()00 '6r in'oi'o;. ouch . Individual whom! HI-OHM hicoiile .SVUH Sjift.OOO or moro; 'uuoh- muiTlod iiouphHIvhw tngothcu 1 havlnp; a. oornhliHul 'gronH Incomu of Jj»r» f (KK» or more; oach . marrloil couplo living " tofcolhcM- having » n»U Inoomu of "WW or ho . I-Jiuskinlllor orohoHtni, who hnon playing at the local "Y" ware the -main aLtraotlou at tho flarroll tlujalnr In Walerhury last night. 'l'h<',v pi'o.MonUul their 'innslHul not. Inaludlng vooal and 'Oi'chostrul ,H(ih}«tloiiH ai|d ooi'jtot ,HOlo., A pkw.s- 'hig I'ealura was thu H'nng and flanro by Miss Kthel UiuvUrnlllor. vyill play at the. local "Y" o'n Haturduy, ,1. HYAN • "Both of my: opponents. In this oloollon .ui'tr Hhtl-liihor. I3otb have voted on at' Joust . onn '•• occasion uKulnat organl'/.ed labor. Both may, If uloolod betray tho cause' of -labor for a political- appointment,"-"They nro both- politicians and owe Uiolr nominations to self-'seeking political bosses. Thoymay vote against .Uifjoi: at the slightest hint from bosses. Pfiromlse, as God is my Judge, lo never vote, 'against a single measure, which ^vbultl 1 In. any way harm the cause of labor, Mm working num and women of 'my dlMlrlct'," . . • • , , l ,'My HlTlllutlQus wjlh" the' Gbn- netjllcut Labor department prove thai I have .boon and still, am", a mighty, good IVIe.nd of. labor.'-'•"•' ".There.aro,' evon' nosv In congrcsH, .who. ,are i unfriendly labor, and -they : wlli .nH.oinpl. to tho I.H.SIIU ;0f war ami national I'onsiJ .lo.i'Qb. labor of HS :hard won rlgbl.s. \\'e inusl . not; wo -c-an not take from labor, Its' right to .bargain, its rjght to arbitrate and .Its> right to strike!,, If .str.iko they 'must," "If, I urn elector! to Iho- congress, my first- consideration: will be"for the boys-lir our iu:me,d I will inako ovury ciffort lo have them paid a.hlghui, 1 wage'tlum'.fhuy now receive,," . . ••.-.•' 1 ".If I. run -el.ucf.ed ' I, 'prornlso'U'alLli- •fully, to introduce an amendment to tho Social .Security act. 16 allow for every American cltlxcn to receive a monthly 'pension of Jjtt'iO after they rOach (iU year of ag;e and with less than $300 aiuuia! Inm.'ino tharoafter.. NVo musl. .eliminate UHJ .present Htatu Hy.ste.m, hocutiso'll IH not doing Urn Job wu Intended It to do. If we bring ihu pun.slon .plan under one goveriujientul -agtwy- if/ would save' IbouHand.H upon thousand.S;Of dollai-s itliat' are no\v "gobbled;-up.-by, high : patd polUlciann .who.-try = lo '-administer iho'act. " • " UH, inake our American people' Hocuro and' •coin't'oi-tablo In Ih'olr 'HUa-down-of life. Lot us make-pur pension lasys so ihnl thore will, bo no r(!d' tape, no embarrassing (iucs« lions .and no .snooping invesli- gators,! 1 -..'.'...-.., . . . - Newport, R. T n - Tss-o '\vere; hos'piUilixp'd'; to-, day . with I'nju'rifjrs, .sol'fei'ed^-in . a . n , 'automobile accident' tbat r c6 ; s't 'the' life of Pv." George 'Puskaiv/i^.^of (H(\/fl. Sodgdwiclc:;ayehu'c, ...Bronx;), New York' In -his city's :(lrst;. ; ;su'cb fatality'In 059 days.' ••••-••"• .^.'•:.•'• V/.: -. .-• Pvt: Walter :K. 'Wllbralram;. 22, : .'of< !0o 11 i ngs wood, N. J., ; su ffcrcd; ,a ; pos-; si bio .sku 1! fi;ncj,u re, , and'- •Pvi/.i rj-d,s-! cph W. Brown, '27,. oj;,; (i073rFirst' a-venuo) -Nov-Yoj^-^sustained' a broken jft\y and' other•injurijes.;|,-^. ; :;j^l The acViclenr'bccuiTCd .hist 'nfyii.t' when, police said, Wnbraharn's ca.r skidded on an. icy.'roac'l rtn'd'stn.ick a tree. -All three were . in embers .oT battery 0, JOtb .Coast, Ai'ti'l]cry;- •". i NO LAW AGAINST I ON DEFENSE WORK Hartford',. .e ifeonViQ ne; cpnclu'd ing' 1 session .0 f . jo.V ,:37tliv.'aii)Vul.i] ..conventi ''' Cqnn.,--- ' .'lariV :!;").— (UP) State 'Grange 'hold i Is I h ree- . , .onvention today- afiG'r''i:o'electing':her]nan K, JVOH 'uw '''" •• Go.y. Robprt. A, : lTui'loy, who. spola? Uo- tlie^pOO -d^lefen}|.cR' last- night, .'.toid •lhism'.;'that '',it : ' Will"' take work, 'Work! '•ami ; nio'rc 1 "work; .;,samfjcc, toil and 1 :blood^'/WG/ar.e^f^/l)iMng. this war 'to. a- successfu^rpn'rl. 11 - • '. . The • governor • said; "the whole outlook ...for, r ,yasl, numbers of our peojifo', Glianged' on Docen'iber 7 whun ; 'the -Japanese .dropped ' tUelr' 'boiiil':)S;i:on -Pearl/Hai'boi- .-'find • an iii- •cretlulous,' •AnTcrican • people v rcalixed that /their Country was. in rnoi't.'il. danger;/'••-./.••' :;-./; V.:/° •••"•'•'•... . ; , k 'Tb'day'.•'-'.. he,-s'akl 1 , 1 -'''We faco a ro- sponsibjiity,,greater than - ; an-y c%'or faced./bf|f6ro by any people in the 'hip lqry-v,o C'-' tlie , w.o r I d .'.'/..'.-'• ( . , Tlfe;'.'con\ f ention :reol(? ; c(;eij Francis : B.'/Ro'b(3'i;'ts.,'' -"VVolher^nold, 1 'as ,state ovorseer, .and /Georg'c B. Higbcc, us..]je(ituror.-}i WIllJGINU.i /'Climb ridge, Mass., ,l,m. i-r..- (UP)-- Threc .Harvard oarsmen announced ..Loday'.that, tjipy .would' .join : .the na- tion's' .armed . forces; after mid-year •pxariiin'n,lions., ' •_ . . .' § ' -. '... /.Paul. -Pen.noyor, varsity 'oarsman, will sign the, navy, iilr corps if ,thV Harvard'.ROTC grants, him.-ft TO lease ..from . liis ..commission.- Bill Rothschild . expects •• to get a ensign's-' coinmis'sion, and' 'Richard McAdoo wi.ll join the army', All are taking exf.ra courses to complete degree, requirements, Hartford, Jan,.. -..^ • tlons of the Special ..Qoinrnittoe. 6'nj Radii I Discrlrni'na'tiph. set • u'f) '.by the,: Manufaotuvfii's' . Assbclatiqn;: a'-year' ago • provod sound,' and "were'-recent-, ly conHrmed by -therSecretaries of tl i c' N n vy / a n 11 th'e A rliiy' ;a n r'l' th e'" U. S. Attorney. General, -pirectpr • of •) the U. S,. ISmployrnorH- Sciwi.ce Lo;pn T :- ard .1, Malonny stated"- todivy. According 'ta . Mr. Maloney, • .i-eports now .re.cnIvod froni, the Army,; Na'\>'y '"u| Denartmenh of .TusticV .'confirm-; the findings of tho local committed; in pmphaslxIriK tho; fact-that.-/.thorn- Is .no law against the ernployiimnr of aliens on doferise work',.:;'-.ox cop I; work- of a ' corilldehtial nature : dr' aeronautical contracts and branding Indiscrlinlnntc- firing because o,f'-. n "foreign sounding •name," as cruel, nnd unjust. . ' , ... "There have been actual/instances' jomo Lo my'attention' wboro citi-' 7,ons of Ganadii and Great Britain! iave. been discriminated /against. On/ •ho ground 'tliey ;Avpno' 1 "alffins" ;ind lot porniit.fqrl to work on- defense! contracts. Other 'races hava-,suffered, ivon' moro 'severely; 11 ' Mr. Maloney aid, "and these practices have'cor- octly been cpndenined by .Attorney ii;iiern.l tt.luuio, Nvi.'io. has 'pointed out-. that, 'names ! suoh '.'as.yMucllci?, Rossini, Tlasmussun anrl' > Wagner wore, on t)ie casualty lists' .of Peni '., Harbor. Sonie of ,tiVe men discharg-pd'' In some strilas ' have'-'actlially been ; the -fathnrs/of rndn, in-. tJVc/armed services;"'; .. '.'-,.• -... - ; ••/ . ,-.'••• ' ' "P. w'o , i'e c o m'm o n d a M q n s ' • w e r • e mndp 'to . LbP^ToJan'-Co' of the, U. S.' House" of .Representatives to invostigato • Defense Migration lasf. ..year, 'at a. public, hearing at-, the State CupltqV 1 . : Mr./-Malpne.y. said, .; u 11.. was. reconinrcndccl . that- rtlici^ De- ; .jpartments ; 'of, War i/an'd Navy ..clear up 'the .sll,un;l'16.n rcgardln'g-^thfi /om- I ploy men I, of al!ens",and "advise, ,1-iist- iwlio may ' be ornployed ; .'and ' who jmiiy'-not bo employed,' tbat;\lbeso •departments fieyiso, a, unifdrm and •simple form' for sc6uring' the ret,Qn- Itloniof allo'uH and that the two d'e- ipartments be ' Urged to' expedite ac-; MJon on. applications, already 'in their jhnmlH." At tho same' time It was iirged, "Tliat Gonnpcticut-omploycrs !uUIIJ40 tp '-tlic.Jirllost-extent our 'own of ,labor/ami'.'that discrim- , AUTO ACCIDENT .Co'nry... Jan. 15—(UP)— .„,__. ;-5r>, b'f.'.229 East 118Lh street,/; New iYork;•- GILyy was 'killed ;last M iiight :: . >vheiv : a'n automobile in wh'icb'-'he/ ''riding., skidded. into a ti)'6ev'."" Police, .hold ;tbc drivCL-, of the,H'pal!/;: l i^i':'i''ratik. S/ Adumo, 28, of '"3Q 1 '' JDas!. : 'f)(jl,h' street, .Now York, on \a charge,' of operating.a motor vc- as- to'.cause death. TODEFENDNEW Now Haven,.Conn., ,)an.- s . v—(UP) —Fire department, emergency units! .lsil.iV yeslorday rescued three, persons .who foil thin ice in- l.o .the Quinnipiac river... . Those saved, ware. Joseph Avery, 1-i, his brother, Orrin, 25,. and .lo- .sfipli Dnmnip, J3. . The younger. A very fcJ) .in first, and in trying, to Kelj) him Dcmaio dropped into the water; Then Orrin Avcry, rushing to help the two boys floundc.rhig in the .water, also dropped though'the ice. , EIGHT HURT IN AT PLAI . •',?^.. ; :'T'iJ<3'; 'WENT-DOWN Boston; ;,!a'n.; :i5—.(lJP)—Th.e Maritime' As.soci/itio.n 'revealed today thai the; ';lG9-toh:y; 'tug Turecamo" l^oy.s, bound- ;fronT:v'New ' -York l;o : Iceland, saiik'-.No.yehihor :17 with loss of nil hands'. . Information 'received here did: hof/spccify'.oaufso 'b'f the sinking or'how many'-were aboard. ... , Boston, Jnn;-..i.j. : — (UP)— -lolinny Shkor of ; Boston will defend his nnwly -anriuired ' New E n A' 1 a'n d 'heavyweight title ' when he faces Bill :AVc!lnj3er^ ! pf. Chelsea In. a :12- r.ound : bout' at. Boston"Garden .next AVednesday, Promoter .Rip Valenti announced 'today.. ...'. '-.'''• .• ' , Shkor, former .''.Baltimore.- Md,, youth, was named champion Mnn- .'day .by the,-New England' Boxing GorhiTiission to .succ'dc.d Natie Mann of tiamden, -Co'nn., who is now' In the Coast Guard. WAR IN EUROPE A YEAR AGO, JAN. 15,1941 0- '—. : — ; ' c 0 "'• 13y United .Press , U...K,.Navy, .asks money:.,and authority to build 280 aux'ilinry craft. . First U. S, soldiers leave for New^ foundland,. ,)«'ip»nesn admiral confers with Jndo-China air force officials. S.lj 1 (]era!d C'nmplio)!-- appointed minister to U. S.\ TIIOSK I»)VS IN IJLUI2 • . East .Mnrtford, Conn., ,l;ip ^ (UP)~Bight, persons were i n j Uf , .several .reported seriously, 'in 'explosion today ,at the Uniio,) \ orafl, plant. ' •Tlin explosion occurred as v ors were 'making an installation a dust col lector, system for a nijj chlne.usc.fl to. spray, mollon inum on engine sylinders. '•Tbe.rc was "IVo" evhlonee of tage., M ;i. company statement The injured-workmen wore to St. FrancisVliospital- at, The explosion occurred partmont, i(5, -wliere cylinder our •Choosing'Women^s Clothes Women should choose thpjr clothes .-to -meet their particular activities, .such as action-back and action- sleeve dressos for free arm and shoul'der rnpvement, say clothing specialists. . - .,..,....•• . , : \Ve have a spot'down deep in hearts," ' For-tho -fc'.llovw who dress- ; in blue, Who arc ever ready to do their part, And to sei ; ve the way'they do. l^i'om dawn until sunset, From every distant shore, Kvery- dnf-y. is I'eadily mi 1 -!,,. With grins ami smiles galore. And vis oui 1 sailors' 'protect our sod, It thrills us thftr and' thru, Because we know that only God, . fiould orenfe those.boys in blue. DEFENSE WORK 01 SUNDAY LEGAL, SAYi .-.Hartford, Conn., Jan. I - •AUornoy' Genoral Prnncls A, Issued an opinion today, the, oonl.ontjo.n-, of GONVUMIOI- J.ll'nV R' ,wrts'' : not ; a' violation of law for : dofonso plants to oporad Sunday,.- ,. "Manufacturers in.-this stnlo/' Pallotti, ; "wbo aro engaged in production of nintcrinis or ar mont.s no,ce.ssar>* for the pvosocn of tbp vv'.ar.. and tho dafenso. of o«J country, are engaged in work np.coKSlty, and such work Is not ^ hJbited -by our Sunday law. "Such work cannot, due lo war emergency and of our n;Ulo»& dejonse, be . considered hi vlolalioi of the statutes, but on the conti'(tr.i is- in accordance therewith." . hiring;.practices .spect- to racpV.-'natidnality 'and' phy- •s I on r ha n d I ca"p. b e' a b a ii cl o n e d.'' 1SDEMANDED NATIONS PRODftiON IS They again get vaiu'lnah'd and the ohan(5o ol' smallpox" Is the-ad- V!MU ol 1 Iho looal hoallh ollUier. At th.o pro,8(iiit thiio thora urn about. 40 lialloiUs h| Iho Isolation hospital lii Hrl(lg«\|»orl, vlnllrns of smallpox, Jy wont over tho top in tho annual Rod Cross membership drive, is asked to contribute to tho ornorgonoy war JCuml, Our quota is $20,000, A. sum slightly, .ovor $5,000 remains to bo raised, All our citi'/ens who have not yot done so are requested to contribute, Tlioso who subscribed are '.asked, to give an additional amount, if possible, Wo fool' certain that a prompt and gonorons rosponso will be made, to this urgent appeal, Naugatuck h a s neve r failed to -roach its goal in any war-tiino otTort, 'It must not and, WQ believe, will not; Pail this, timo, . . 1 Our 'Rod Gross is tlie beacon I ight of service and human i I y, Only onr clol lars can koop U burning -brightly! -And give quickly! - v Oivo ' Boston, Jti.n,,.:15— (UP)~The M,or- podpJng 'of the' tanker Norness'-^vas expqctod loday'/to spur have a 2'( -hour army guard waterfront, area's to •Boston, ,Ian. ''•^(lJl b )--Effects of l,ho nation's ship ; '. : 'j3rodii'ctloh pro- Kiwn worn folt-Hhrou^liout ; Now today aA:6iui' slilp was con 1 !,, anotlioi 1 '' was .to bo (a.unuhodvaiul .wbrnon Wura named as sponsors for ?,|tl.irao '/warships.' '• -M'hoi (.Instroyqi 1 .. J<'.prrost, launchoci last .lunn;. Avas;'p1^btu.l -In. commission at 13o.s'to.ti'-'Navy ^Yard ,\vitli i/ln'u!,. rionidi.v.Morlo A'atr .Mc.Lro :of WjiHhhifc'ton,'^, C., 1 as obm'niandcr. i Tho Navy .aiinouiu'-od IhapUi'c sub- (narlno Uorririg. will bo-huihohotl at 1'orl.smoutli^ N,.,:1I M tomorrow: .and' wUI ho sj)onsoi!o.d by .tlic ,-wlfo of lUiar-Ad'mlr'al! Liny:. Sppai 1 , ' chief.' of tlip Huruaii -of .Supp'llbs and' Ac- noun IH. '.'.' •'..'•' ',.';• ' . • Mrs.' Garluton r}.. liLitoh.lns ,of 510 J jiyoniuVGoYb'iwrfoV Gajll',- will.sponsor: tho dostroycv ''Hutohins when li IH' hiun'ohdcrivorb'-Mnijoh"!. '<:' : , "Tho.ship was .nainocl .in honor of Mrs. 'Hiitch'ljVs'".' '.husband', "a naval Mout.onant, who was-' 1 awardpcl tho Moda 1. • o f' •' 11 o n o r 1 . p'os'tii u hi o usl y- .fo r- u (!\'(,{'aordl;nat'y . .horbism', 1 : .'•' affor . a (i o 111 s 16 h "o r' t\v'o, • s(»a p fi\ nos • cli'ir i ng' a laol.loal mahcuvpr qlT.-tbG .southern Clallfoi'nta', iln'i-cmaincd at the uontrols of. li.lfi-; badly-damaged ship to allow Jilst'oVow to oscapo by parachutes, • "••"$ ' •'.."'> Tho Navy also .'announced that Mrs.. William • K, Oorry, -wife -of. the mayor;'.-of- •'Afonl.polloiv- : vt M - would sponsor.tho IO,000-'ton. : oruisiDr Mont-.- pcsller whan .It'i.s-Itumohcii at, Cam-. don, N.' .,].,. Kobrimry ;1'5. Another sponsor solcolcd was Miss' Gall,Nell-son of noston who will cnristrn tbo dostroyor M«oKon^Io--,pn'.'Junc 'Jst at Sun •'.Podi'o',' CaH.C.'. '''•'•*': : - .;. ; . ' ' '-.. -n ^ -^~ •*• -^- - -*--- > • ' ' . ~ •••••:,•'" " •'•'•••' '.' ' , '- '; Barker House 1 -Rolli • :•.'' : .' Parker House rolls, originnted in; the Parker house- in Boston/" . The enemy, is "close at^hano,,Tor- ino rJ'-Mhyoi*' iiphn K. Fit^gorUn yoslorday .at a'' meeting 'li^ivy pwncrs. of waterfront propprty asked federal protection for ' "vuinehiblc" a rente.-.' • '•/ : './.'. ,> ' , . v )',' -! Mfinagor Frank' S. l^avis , of ."the iVfarH-ime Association -.said J'ailure .to guarVi land^uppro'ao.hcsjVw^not' con-; .si.stcnt wi th rigid' gqye'rn'nietU :rcgu- l'n tlons covcri'ng Avn'ter. appr'o'ftGhps: to piers; • ,. ,-- '".•,•'•.•..'•.;.•'.•";' •r^^-'^^-'S i "W.bat pubjic-;,o'fn61ftl9'feojn'e to s.t'and up 'to :ci i itioJsm; ; tb'al 1 'f.iyill result If wo .haye ';anotlicr- : .Pear.l Harbor h ere ?';'/'He':; asked. •'• : '^:/j:-^^'- l . Other defense . mcasure^^ifJpslon wcro .spoodocl up'"coi!rclden;t l ;\yri'iiviiS-:' ports' of tho sJiiklri'g of. tlie : vN,oiMri3ss.;' Social .agendas; revealed ••'.thn't^'Planfi' are being completed :'for-. ; eyaQuat.ion 0 f: c h i I d ro n, sh o u Id:';. j,h a t • ,'pr 6:v e :'.n ear • ossary, and 'the: city- ; bponb'cl; dlstrl-; bu lion centers whore : citizens .may obtain sand- for 'use 'in 'fighting: i'n-y. d'cMul'iary-. bomb fires .in', c'fiso .'of an- : air raid.. •'.- •:,-.•; V :•?: -.'..;.-0,:.-,;'/:.' .,• ; Gov. Lcvcrei4 ; 'Sa'lton|5J:al^^.^a''n-' wl i i I'o, ordered ! an ; jnjye^Ugatipn^j,o ; determine who.thor;-ii- v ia\v. "fanning" Sunday truck deliveries should •; be 1 if ted,.for ihe .cluiniUonV^tai.; speed up SEND EXHIBITION Iiti The Lobby of See nOBLORT.-TAYr.OlV LANA vrnnsiDoiM,'al,loiVvQf/v.Ual.-defon9e'.Vm rials.:.- -' ; •.^.•^l : ^'i-^'^^^^. '•' Hartford,: Gonny^an,/ J5~-(UR)-— A p_oi}tibn ,.of',the !eslat6;.6fVtlic ; ::lat6; GoK ; dlarenpC'S. \yadsworth,;.Middle- t'owri ; ,| amounting :to;;.2G,7 ''acresj;;.wfus. accepted by. Uie SLa{.e today' ^o.r' !p'ark' pu'rpolsos. ,;Tho|^AV^arki'/lqcatcd Jn Mkldlctown anclI'.jj^rclclloflqlfi^iwlll.-'lie. knq>vn as'Wiidswonth Parfctan'idi'nvi11. 'Ko lilfe tWblftlv.^lar^est' : of>th'cV.SUtG's 50 parks; -,/ / '. .>' .'':!"-'- : . • ; .;v ,i [^-i .'\ •'' 'i /Was-Itihe ! Charles Cui;rier'6_ r ..__.._ „ 'Ore,,! stepped; in: frontj{of>,ain;:iiuto^ mobileland was -knocked' to :the paVe-' mcnt; 1 ; He got up, walked/oyer, to the driver and 'apologetically'offered; to pay for the/wihdshii TJ " ' s '' ' : %v broken by the Impact, FOR PHOTOS POINTED i » . • .. • • • • -..- - - ..' • • • • •clod for best picture printed in roto^or.^iiows section : i;o,f'','li : je' NiCWS.'- \$2. 'for second bes ( t,/ Pictures' w.hVh.iii^..•honoVnfohi : mentipn,./each.'gct 'one pair of guest iulmisKi6ns \to;.'Loew's 'Poll/ at LOEWS POM ill Caitier^i Enthusiasts Willllmoy '""• '•/.'•'''' V ' .....' '•'-. '•' : ;: '-'" : ''/. . : . ."• ••.;: '.-.-' . ;'• '*- " • • • •.•..;• >. •/ '.'./^ >,* : ..±'; :';//.*' ; ' : . *'.' is .-•X : ^;- -X -H/•'''• --- ; ../viv^-^-' : |||;:: : : ; .-. " EASY-TO-FOLliOW KlIILESf \ • " : -"-.-' v-'Vlv-AII prints must., bo accompanied-- by a-coup'bn. clipped 'from. Ti-k . s nioy ,bfj "any siv.c, but should, be ^IniigQ, and sharp enough': ./OlYd .. • , •;' 3~Pict.urey .may have been -made witli. any .type- of camera 'qh'any. .•lype':Of:.'lllmV' find printed. 'on. 'any type 1 of paper: : '' :.-.. '-".-•.- ; vi^-Ai,r prints shall.bc judged Vby' a •comniil,tce;.'wJVpsevdnciHion:sliall /be; -final. : 5/-;> v.-'-:. ' : .;!'. ..' ' ./. :,•' • • '.' ; -,'V. '••' - - : ' ....':" . • : y-'^-^rh^rc ;8lin'li .be- four^olassincalio'ns in the ; cQntest :'• .';.- - ,';;. ^V;.;.;;\X(^"*^ n|lo ,'' ma , 1 ' I 101 1'i'a'ls 'ol adull's " ". ...... ' B'^- ';'V' : > ',(l>) J Tj.nTdrmftl porhails o! children ;';•; '.'".y$l /(;(>).-^-AninVal v; ;.spo) 1 and hobby pictures 1 t ' - ^.'G^AH^.priiHs .shalK l/ecomc ihe pioperi/y of the Daih News and ''" '''' '- ( arnod ' ... . . ; £ ^^EiiLrjuy^ the negahvpq of all piclurep subnuKod and :nYu'st; i lJui;n^.sliS'tJrqiH..;to Ihe News upon request ' Si'!:^ 1 *!;^^^^'^ 1 - 0 :^ 'l-healer and snaj) yotii* fa\orito slais "in aclioii" '''' >M0 «*• «JI I I || M-\* ••';'."'-;' '"^A^v;-''^^^;./: 1 ,: Poti your camera to good usej 'En jo^Slid thri\\ of Avin-, I' a prize.'at.'this enjoyable' Ii6,b))yy- whijch may 'lea^ you-into even'higher awardsj'-if you develop specia\ •Any. typQ/of.-camera-; wi.Ll/do; ; Any type of film and Look/oycr your best/pictures and send some of them in. 'Plan to take 'good pictures' during- the coming season, perhaps on your vacation trip. Or you get the best picture in youi 1 own back-yard. Head tho rules*and- decide to win a prize and grand prize for the betft' of all. : 4 Cditest is open now. T?ictu»w*itaill be printed after Ihe close of the contest. All winning'photos will ' je clipplayed in the lobby bf

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