Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on January 15, 1942 · Page 2
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 2

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 15, 1942
Page 2
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TT AUQATUCK DAILY 1TEWS, THURSDAY, JANUARiT 15, 1942 IOCAL DEALERS lEPOKTBOOSTIN LIQUOR SALES N'afi«al.iirk H»[Uf> Hlcufl a MllKht lull, nrur or IrH'.nwH* in null within lh«» futlirn II.H miHtnmor* my In bcl'Mi'o Hi" prir.cM lifrcomo lilliUIVf! rlUM M> tho taklnK nvrr many dlnUHm-loB for detvns'- al- hfH'l-itflo IN nxpoof.r-d, hfJ morn than Nvo ytvir* 1 n U In HlOCHKfl. I'HtH'M il flOffM'Wtmt, an'd tin: 'f.S|K!(' to No DRIVER FINED IN LOCAL John nimku.H or rihcrry slrool extension was fined ¥10 and costs of *fj by Jwltffi Marlln f*. Calno in Uin borough court Wednesday on twin* round guilty of a charge of speeding. Ife was arrented by State Trooper Anton Nelson of the Bethany llfUTftCk'H. I'KAHf* 1IAIUIOU pnrf.sinhulh, N, If.; .Jan. I5--(UI')-- Flrsf, submarine Uumohofl at. .PortH- mmitlt N'nvy Yard »lneo the U. S. drelar/Ulon ot svar, tho W. S. S. •lljjt'- rliiK *l''d doU-n the way* tndny. f lim wlt'v of Honr-Adrnlral Hay Spear, 1 chid 1 or I-he luirnfui of Supplies and ArcomtlM, WrihlilntfVon. svan spnnaoiyi LAKCE HBGISrrnATION ' ' !j There were, 47 pupils enrolled)!"! tho class for conversational•'Sp?m- ish'vheld Wednesday evening at tlic hlA'h .school, Mr. Gorinain Ciincr ltf : s 'hoteh chosen ..'as instructor of tho clrijiH Sessions"'are held cad h w^.ck and after next Wednesday, no;more registrations will be accepted.-..- \\ •• A safe-driving .class-.-.will-ho-.prim nixed In the nqar future £m'd':AvHI continue: for-, eight lessons/. Wi.en l,ho course Is'completed tlie r ;i'esull Is -ufiulvalent- tp'n test for a ,di,'ivqrs licenser, In.. the : bourse .|ust;:.fiorn- plolod JO received certificates: ,An.y- •ono Internsterf In joining the class asked lo--contact-Mrs.--Gertrado; MEATS— FISH — GROCERIES — FRUITS AND VEGETABLES USUAL VALUES! AT YOUR FRIENDLY FULTON MARKET ,• QUALITY MEATS £ PORK LOINS SHOULDERS . ' i (i . FRESH!, Rib Half for Roasting !can Fresh Short Shank "CERTIFIED 1 mvr-*m+* m mm^^nm CHICKENS m ' pH ^^(^^ pPI B^BBPB ^^^^^W ^V ^W ^^^^^ FRESH Quality —Ice racked—- Fresh—Ice Packed "Certified" or Golden West 3 to 3& Ib av£, "CERTIFIED" \Vholc or Shank'.Half Ib Ib II) Ib -CHOICE HEAVY STEER BEEF- FllKStl RIB BEEF For flolllnff Ib FUKSH CUT CHOPPED MEAT Ib BONEtESS CHUCK ROAST Ib FRU ITS & VEGETABLES Tree Ripened Florida Oranges Ncvins Indian Rivet'Grapefruit Fancy Macintosh Apples New Texas Spinach Now Texas Cabbage , , New Texas Broccoli • • « • 2 doz. 39c ... 5for25c . . , 4lbs.25c 3 Ib. peck25c /.,... Ib. 5c ,. bunch 15c = GROCERIES 's Tomato JuiceS 28 "Sealed" Evap. Milk 3 Red Wing Catsup ^_- _ x __ M BBMM • HI AB PURE TOIVIAT.O Ohio Blue-Tip Matches 6 25 BABY FOODS 3'""" 20c CHOPPED FOODS -,'ToV Chlldron ii'l.lltl Tina SNO-SHKBN CAKE FLOUR STOCK-UP! •irSrCBACKERS.-2'i ,TOIJA' TIMK IIOI-LESS f* i POP CORN 2 t BEEr STEW 80 ". -« WKIiSfON'S "CKUTIFIED" -^ DEVILED HAM 2 t SOK'r AIlvSOItUF.NT ^ WALDORF TissueG r &QV'f AS OLD UNKN f* SCOTTISSUE 3 • For Use In the Kiiolion ^ SCOTtOWELS 3> Ib - PRUDENCE- COUNF.n l BEEF HASH Portion •Tin-. — .—. MAYONNAISE OCE AN.; SPRAY'..'., — Whole — CRANBERRY SAUCE Reg, 17c Glass Jar LIBBY'S —• CUSTARD —'• PUMPKIN Lgc. Tins Marllgan or Edwin G. Mil lei- Urne' ill Is; \vcclv. •. • ..• . . ._;-,.. mooting .;oC ' •ATTEND ] ':'Tlic 'lhe> Amci'iean logipn and . , ' (OK wna" 'liekl -'iast: 1 night '|n ' WaLer- •biu-y. Tfidsc \vl.ib attenderr Xt-om : NaugatiVck"'.' AVOI-O : ' M.V. ; aad''; Mrs.' Thomas- Cunnourl, Mr.' ;and "M^s. lUdwarrl Gurber, Mrs. Alice .'Robinson • -.iVri-H. Mfiry Brodcur-,; / Mi'B;vKd.] Li ' . , . Lasvloiv -ViMi'S/;-' >Idi'garet;:;Miixwel!, nna^-NOlrlo, Mlas -AUoe^p ' Anna^-, cho'n; /Commander •.•'.••Krcdtv -Ti-cstpail-, Svdncy : Ba>'lls-an(l,:'Tl.iomas talari. were enjoyed after tho mcctini -TONIGHT"' McG'ovdnv will m- ICdwarH McGbvonv will be staJJpd aa -•president pt. Svea. lodge, 0 ol 1 V., fit a .mop Ling this ••event rig ut Pythian hall; Mrs. Helen War- rnn, district'deputy of, Watcrbury will be the installing-officer. . ' ANNOUNCED Mrs. Kmily Ootlibowski of: Lines* 'street, Union City, has. an„„„, tlic engagement of. her daughter, Miss Mary Gotlibbwski to Francis Sl'e'ponaltis, son 1 of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph SLepohailis of Waterbury. ' , ..-•'.-. DHOTHEIUIOOI) Arthur Pearson of./•:&!. Oroyc strtvet will-he host at.,,thji Brother^; hood meeting to be holrVytbis cve?^ ning at 8 o'clock. . '•;•"' & ,. .... . ....'-<-.> v ^.- Mr. and Mrs. Harry N. Anderson of Medford, Mnss., announce the Pjigage.ment of (.heir daughter, Miss Tifii Viola .Anderson, to Horace Nelson drover .of Somervillc, Mass., and Naug/iluolc, . Mr 'Orovoiv the son -of tho late Mr,, and Mrs. Nelson H. Grover, is a 'graduate 'fowl, Mass. of Tufts college; Mccl- MVSS noiiRirrs; HOSTESS A meeting of the "Nnugyettes" \vas liold recently at the home of Miss Dorothy Roberts: of 157 •-Park avenue. Plans for on excursion to New York were discussed. After the business meeting, a luncheon was served. Those present were: Caro- FULTO* MARKETS SOAP SALE IT FLOATS IVORY SOAP Medium Size for < IT FlO A-T.S-;"' PURE Large Size IVORY FLAKES on IVORY Med. • ' '6.i;G"B:$T,i»/rB CRIS ':Rita Lillian' Gniclzdov/ski,-.vPeg-.C;u.r,tin,- Phyllis Beblnian, ••• :a-n<t^ Dorothy Roberts. Mi^- 3^t^ y? R^fi : f and^;Gcil - Cayan- aagli or \yaferbury were guests 1 for ho . evening, . f ,..: .....'..• INSipA LJL.-,, pFflCEJRS "-T\tV.'» .;!/,»!•'*• iSrarYi I tv'- ' 1 \yaterbury in" "cider'' Fellow^ Tiail, Watcrb ury, Wedncs'day evening. G .., NAME OiUlTTEI> The Highlanders',was Inadvertently.; onHtledMinathc ; .card • ol^ thanks piiblishetl'^yest.erday!-'-in,< The 1 News and-,.-signed;/Ph'e Het'lioringtbhi Fani- -•••''• .^-' • ':'-.- ".: Mrs. Rosalie Travers of Hill street is ai.-dclegaCe from Rock Rim- rnori grange"at the convention, being held''in. Hartford this week. SEIgVSE STAlVIPSv.'SOLD "• .* Tli'o sale c# -defense > stamps. = was started in all .the public schools today and will : continue for the, duration o!' the war, superintendent H, E; Ghittcnclen- announced today, Eitieniy Meriae<e (GonUnueil':'fr6m;P .... 'TO/ ... .'raises.-.0. Lambert-.has re* turned-• to l3ais.L : Norwalte, .after .visiting his parents', Mi 1 , arid Mrs. George Lambert of Golden Mill street. • : • 0 'dbed riled' 1 In'.the town'-cleric, Raymond. J. ":i, of j\n- sed a lot UVb J. HV St. dcrsi on YALE PROFESSOR FUNEitW New Ifaven, Conn., Jan. :!!).—(UP) —Fime^li services, will, be -held late today for' Harry Ward'/Foote,, Yale Pi'of'essor ,,of -,,-Pliyslcal 'Chemistry; who flie'd at' Now Haven • hospital afl;or. ; a shOTl;;111 ness.-••, "'Prof, Fo6te', who was A7, ; h'ad been a*mom'lM}r> o'f l|ic : ..Yalc faculty slnc.e His •graduation' 'from .tlic Shcfneld Soicrxt! Ho iSchopl) jri .-18.95: -In -. 103i 'he p'oi'l'tictecV- a""ilVermostat for'main- taining; constant low temporaturo. The device varied only two bnc- hunr.lref.lths" of a degree.. He served the government dur r ing the -first world war as a chem- iczil investigator, and was a member of the American Chemical Society and a fellow of the .Royal Geographic Society. ITis widow, the' former Martha JenJdns, Brookll'nc, Mass., Annie L/ siirigciv »!,-. widow of .George,- died this • morn ins- at •'the- Danbury 1 ; HoapiUU-: after vTohg illness.. Mrs- Sanger^wa touary 31, I860 -in Plainvillc, . For' rnariy years .she, was -.a resident o : f : Nau^atuclv 'ami for the past •i 9" years had Jived, in Washington, Conn.,- where ' she managed the Survivors arc two sons, Hutchins ot -Pittsburgh, Penn., and Edwin J., of Wcllcslcy, Mass. _. • • . The funeral will be ]ield':Satm'day, January ; "17,'at Stv; John's Kpiscopal diurchT'-Washington at ^' p-.m.-. \ylth ; Rcv' -RlbYd-"' Tonkins -'of Washing ton, assisted Dy-'Rcy. -Sherrod Soulo of Hartford olYlciating: ' .Burial, will be in .Washington •cemetery. Funeral of Rl'lss -Thompson q^lic funeral o'f Miss Hilda Thompson, (58, of .IS • nookwcll avenue, vvho died suddenly Monday nlgnt Ql a heart attack, was held this. alter- noon/at 2::30 from the Salem Lutheran Church with ;n:ev,; 'William n. tfL'c-ndb'cr'g, • pastorj officiating. Bur al was at' tils convenience of the farnity. ^ Tho : IIofTman Tuneral- , or ftlrs. Helen 1-iunv.iv). Hoffnian, widow of Otto HoTfnian, whq died.• Monday night at her h'o'me, :130.-Cliff street was held this afternoon .at'-2 o'clock from th6 Aldchson •fimcraMiome, 201 Meadow Street, witir Rev. Craig Whitsilt of Hartford,-.former- pastor of the United church,. Beacon Falls, offi- cialing. , , . Tlie pallbearers were Robert Sanford, • Ralph, Baslow; .John llawUins, S'r • John Hawkins", '.lr., Milton Smith, Fred- Smith,'-Clarence- Nich- -pis and iiairry- Smlthausler. : A delegation from' the Eastern Star was composed of the following- Mrs. Raymond Carlson, Worthy Matron ; Mrs. Robert 1 fous'tiknecht, Mrs. Kenneth Shelley and Mra. Noble Allen. • ' . .., Columbian Rebnkah lodge was represented by Mrs. Tonia Anderson, Noble Grand; Mrs. Lillian .Johnson, Mrs. Ruth Barratt, Mrs. Nettie Anderson, Mrs., Lorcllu. Newman .and Miss Eleanor Johnson. Interment wns in 'Hillside cemetery.- • '. '• , K. OF C.CAP.D PARTY A card -party sponsored by Ojeda .Council, , K.; of C. -will' be held Tuesday evening, January 27, in K. of C. hall:'Refreshments will be served. The public is invited to attend. Players are asked to bring their 'own cards. . PC Tl!c Navy revealed that. the.sub- marine, .presumably Gcrrnan though it'could have been Italian, vi^ed. t>p , leal -Axis ; "slieak" -Strategy,: attack'-. iiig-.-by-night, without liit th'e' Norn ess;-wilh- three t-o.tjj^ does yet it did not sink her foi, 3?oSff)i awash,.she still.was anoat oarly today. ' • ' Rear Admiral Edward G Kalbfus, commandant, of i the ...Naval operat- baso here, reported to that the--vessel was "DO '--" and 1 'probably beyond HOE-exact-location was not revealed, but Shtf was torpcaocd vQ ihilc's soiftncnst of Moninuk Point, on the tip of Long Island, and approximately 150' miles from -Nc York 'City, at 'i':30'. a.m • There was no secret that the navy had anticipated enemy- submarine, action along eastern coast, particularly In winter months when heavy wcalhei reduces" submarine activity in north Atlantic. A -week -alter many and Italy .declared -"" the United Statcsvqn Dec. wore reports tiiat enemy submarine had been sighted off this coos., but refused to'commcnti Ycterday, \vheiv the:; torpedoing of the -'Nbrness* became .known, tno navx department in"-Washington warned.that the submarine, menace had increasef]' and -ordered; merchant ships to take ^suitable...precaution*. It was the second attack with m a few do.ys. : off-the coast of the 'north 'American- continent... A 10,000- ton mcrchnnlshlp was torpedoed previously 100 .miles, off '-Novfl ScoUQ. with a loss of OJ Jives. The loss of the Norncss recalled German submarine activity off the" coast from May to; • September- in JDJ8 the last year of the World war. One came, to-.the surface off Hhode Island and lobbcd ; a few shell? into a town.'Others-attacked- merchant ships and schooners in coastwise trade. .On June 2, dOi8,=. one s»b- •marine sank six ships off-the .New Jersey coast. . Japanese submarines menaced the Paoinc coast during, the llrsl. two woks' of x rhe war. Ai> army bomber blasted one to hits and tlienv have been no reports of_ submarines being active there since. The 1 Nornos was- almost a new ship, having been completed in 1930 in Hamburg, Germany. Erling D. Naess, president of the Tanker cor< poratlon, her owners, said in New York that her master was Captain Harald Hansen, a Norwegian. He,is •not at liberty to disclose her port of destination or from, whence she *' lad sailed. The company is owned yy 1 American, British, and Norwegian interests: "• - '; ; .-. Last .JXovem.ber-. tlip, tanker, aground onHhb" ntud>flats in u> New York ba'yVwirUe loadod \viM oil cargo- from••'; 'G\i racao. Dutch \J Indies,'took'n fleet of lu refloat her. The tanker's crew wore s^ggj ed at. the naval station iior< Admiral' Kalbfus -refused to 11 the press: to Interview (ho sc ATTENTION! S SMOKE 'SHOP \vill Sunday. papers. ,H: your 4874. SPECIAL ELECTIO) WARNING The. legal voters" 1 of tho, and "Borough . of • Nauwtui.. hereby warned and notlilo-rt 1 there 'will be an- election held the Electors and FrciMW-n of Town and.-Borough of on Tuesday. January 20, W2 in| severa.l wards, viz: First Ward, In the Cour .. the Town Hall Building, '-tt'J Clij street.;'. .-•.--. . Second-Ward, in lioodyenp's: 32ncl ANNUAL f hrilling Values • Buy Now and Save •Silvery .fur...-in stock is-sharply J'u'ced .for this event: Never our 32 ye^rs of business have •i off el-ed ; such. outstanding f ur Most garments were imade;^right in our own- y^orlo- ^. . assuring -;you of work-m'ariship*-. quality ling, and the'-gjuai> every PrilligMabel, SAVINGS ON r* SAVINGS OF AH Prices A*e included for your cloth coat MAINi,; , M ST,.^ -. '. v ESTATSLISHED V1910 Third 'Weird,- in "Bridge Slrcol,. Union City. For the purpose or voting Voting MrfMiino for th« Unltad Staled ReproscntaUvc--'! tlie' flfUV Cohw^Hional Connecticut now vacant. Said clcclon -will ho held Voting: MaxMilnc will be 051 (VOO' o'clock- In tbo forenoon Vh'nin open: continuously until- o'clock in the nflcrnoon on dny. .-.-'•' , , Dated nt j»?auffal.»cU |,liIs-- J-Uh day of. January, Leo .1. Warden' of the To\\i| Borough of NuugiUui Attest: . Raymond ,1. PI, Tpwn Clerk of Niuifi Ml . 4 »'» MISER r in*.—rub throat,chest,nndL with Vicks VapoRub at bcdtj/i TMIM—spread a thick Jaycf VapoRub on the chest and co\\ ^idi a warmed doth, RIGHT AWAY, VapoRub „ . work—loosens. phlegm-ca> muscular soreness or tightness! helps clear upper air -passnr relieves coughing^ Brlngs^\v< ful comfort and invites restful sleep.; ^••^^•PV^^^^V • •-* W ' V< " "^ *•» ** •—•+-- -~ — -r - Closing Days of Our January Clearance Sale 'BLAHKEtS-:-— SHEETS — TOWELS -^ ITNDEJ WEAR — DRESSES — HO.USEv GOATS"— ai many other items too numerous to mention, .sellii at reduced prices/ BUY NOW !! ! ! -OQO- To Bent Far Sale 'O HEN T — Two -fiii'm'sliiod rooms with uso of kitchen. . Apply 70 Melbourne court anytime Ij'cforc 8 P .in. . Jrir>-d3^ TO' lUCNT— Second floor in •'"'building', SS.Cbilrob :slrecL..Suil- ' able for small business;^ or spccjalty sb\p'p. Rent ' $30.00 mori llily., J. W. ' Bowman, ' telephone Nuugfttuck ' -'jGOG. 1-42-UG. for either" male -or pbonc 2705.- room female. Tele- 1-lO^dO l?0li JRENT—Five -rooms and sewing room. Now home. Avail-able -FelK " ruary. IsL; •' Tclcpliono 'o&jf). • , ': . \ , 1-10-tf. Wanted ANTEi)— share furnished aparlnvenl w il h . ])reseiH young- lady • occupanl,;,- Bpfer-' eiices. Call r -in ,pcrson'-at-.=G la'dir avenue'• »:30 p. m: OAnMEN'S, Custoiii Tailor. shortened,' GO cents; dresses shor- - ieued ( 30 ^ cents;; ; Top^,\- coals and '.' overcoats •• ^iG.50 ' r up. s Plione 4957 ' 147 South' Maiiv'strec't, Naugatuck. 9-24 tf USE IT QUICKLY STI)I!:\VAY.K$; bmSisWAVS, ETC. WE DEfilVErt . GRAIN & FUEr; 'CO: V COAL - COKE - FL'Et OILS FOIt -SAI^K—5-ro'oni house, prbvcnicnts, /i'c<ir B' 1 '^ • modni-n' gi'Ocory ; wljicli Is-"-:doing ft good '.-• bii6incss. Entire property in] ; >: conditio.n. Low price for Vihto sale/ properly must lie 'to-be apprriciaterl. Apply ^! Urbclis, Olive - Oormnn sir Naughliiolc:.; ~1^i SALE' - — 10 fooni, 'I bouse,, all. improvements, condition: Price $4900. hcacoiV'-VttUij'—12 . room, 2 ft house, fill.-•inVproveinnnls. ^ licat,. Jn,,-gob/l condition. Ccf lyVlOcatCfJ^Pricc only $i,000.'i ..--• ley/'Tel' 5-7 CnUllCU STREET Metial Ceilitige f> Gutters; leaders, TiRwinff; ! and Furnace .\Vprk.. ti i JAMES BAKER ! , Teicphoric 25t>J» 2« Kradlcy gk, Na^igatuckv Conn. uio-toom A^la-ro^m': 3-Mmlly hoii«c,Ml ow- street- $S;500, ,A;G-room i; • , i > • j o ' O Trt 11111V ; on.. Mdftdby; 'slreci, $^2,000.- :rbdm';3-famny Mouse on \ slrceV 97;80b. A 7-room i' house . aiiir gaVngr; on UK street in town, $7,IX)0. If you: : to :buy, buIIU or sell, sec Labrlola, -your realtor, i« street or-Tel. 3458. SPECIAL RENTAL OFFER New Rciniiiffton I'oria $3.00 per mo;-* 2 ni ROSE «fc MORTON, 4t Lcftvcnwortli SU Phone.4-4134 War/and Peace Since 1469 B. C. there 3J90 yeart of pe*ce and 3 of war. BKMElMUCh

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