Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois on March 19, 1963 · 30
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Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois · 30

Chicago, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 19, 1963
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2 - Section 2 CHICAGO TRIUUNE, TUESDAY, MARCH 19, 1963 AmrimiTis nnnur.iATisr.1 , pains? r:ov-Tnr dclciu mm. No other medicine in all the world is faster, safer, more effective for the relief of nagging, moderate pains of arthritis, rheumatism or muscular aches, whenever they occur, than DOLCIN tablets. And here's your chance to prove what DOLCIN can do for you without RISKING A SINGLE PENNY. You get a FREE $2.49 bottle of DOLCIN when you buy the 200-tablet size in this "special offer" package. Use the tablets in the FREE bottle. Then if you dont get fast relief return the unopened 200-size to us and get your money back. You have nothing to lose but your pains. LOOK rOK THIS "SPECIAL OFFER" AT TOUR ORUQ STORE TODATI WEIGHT WATCHERS! A COMPLETE LINE 5? LOW CALORIE FOODS Available at Miss Ogle's Betrothal Announced BY JUDITH CASS Mrs. ana: Mrs. Paul E. Ogle of Elmwood Park have announced . the engagement of their daughter, Judith Ann, to Austin Jump, son of Herbert F. Jump of Kenilworth and the late Mrs. Jump. The wedding will take place next fall, following Miss Ogle's graduation in June from the University of THEY WERE THERE Jpt-VSM''iV.rtt.'ie ffit v. :J.vwJ.x-v.v.-y,v.v.-.t-.;.yi w.v.yefrw tjwiey Attar 4t upt " j - MM mII Ills A SHOCKING REPORT A 15-year-old bobbysoxer. A Seattle schoolmarm. The daughter of a top government official. These are 3 of the 250,000 women who will have illegitimate babies this year. In a special report, the Post tells why illegitimacy is on the rise. How this problem is taking money out of your pocket And that a surprising percentage of unwed mothers come from the right side of the tracks: Don't miss the March 23 Saturday Evening Post It's on sale today. America's most quoted magazine It w aMMfriiii mm I Mrs. Arnold Perry (from left), Mrs. Harvey W. Server, and Mrs. Delbert W. Coleman attend benefit opening of Danny Kaye show last night in the Opera house. Mrs. Irwin R. Ware (left) and Mrs. Sidney I. Greene at benefit Service club of Mount Sinai hospital held to spark fall drive, for $100,000 for cancer research at hospital. Benefit Chairman Mrs. Lester Stone (left) arrives at performance with her son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Kent J. Gerber. A review of the show is on psge 1. Miss Ogle left and Mrs. Smith. Colorado and Mr. Jump's completion of a tour of duty with the coast guard. He was graduated from the University of Colorado, and is stationed in the San Francisco area. Smith-Slaughter Mr. and Mrs. Grady Alan Smith will live in Iowa City, where they were recently married in tae chapel of St Thomas More church. Mr. Smith is an instructor in the speech and drama school of the University of Iowa, and his bride, the former Virginia Vaiden Slaughter, is a student in the school. They met while working in the school's repertory theater last summer. The bride is a daughter of Mrs. Dorothy Brown Slaughter of Evanston, and Mr. Smith's parents are. the O'Neill Gray Smiths of St Louis. Walker-Siebert Announcement has been made of the engagement of Miss Karen Ann .Walker, daughter of State Rep. Jack E. Walker of Lansing, 111., and Mrs. Sczudlo Walker of Baltimore avenue, to George E. Slebert, son of George W. Sie-bert of Harvey and the late Mrs. Siebert. Miss Walker attended the University of Wisconsin, and Mr. Siebert attends Thornton Junior college in Harvey. The wedding will take place April 27. Naima.nMa.lis The Irwin Hunce Naimans of North Central Park avenue have announced the engagement of their daughter, Carol Rae, to Steven Jo Malis, son of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Malis of North St Louis avenue. Miss Ei4daiLaa0h "" 3Br I V Krochs & Brentanos The most books on the most subjects Hedda Hopper tells all in her new explosive book about Hollywood 1 II I I I 1 1 $4.95 1 1 n THE WHOLE TRUTH AND NOTHING BUT by Hedda Hopper Hedda Hopper has known three generations of Hollywood. Now she has decided to tell all the. inner secrets, hidden fears, and behind-the-ecene stories of Hollywood. From the days of the "flickers" to TV shows like "Ben Casey , she has assembled an illustrious cast that includes Marlon Brando ... Judy Garland . . . John Barrymore . . . Robert Walker . . . Ed Sullivan . . . Walter Winchell . . . Elvis Pres-ley . . . Frank Sinatra . . . Grace Kelly . . . Elizabeth Taylor . . . and many, many more. FREE GIFT WRAPPING AND DELIVERY Get your copy of The Whole Truth and Nothing Bat at any of the K&B stores, or 6rder by telephone or maii Illinois residents add 4 tax. Free delivery in Chicago and suburbs. Elsewhere, please add 15c per book mailing charge. A service charge of 25c will be added to COD.'s. Krochs & Brentanos THE WORLD'S LARGEST BOOKSTORE 29 South Wabash Avenue DEarborn 2-7500 534 N. Michigan Ave., 63 E. Randolph St, 16 S. La Salle St. 1723 Sherman Avenue, Evanston North MalL Old Orchard 103S Lake Street. Oak Park Oakbrook Center Naiman attended the University of Illinois and will be graduated from Chicago Teachers college in ApriL Her fiance, a mathematics teacher at Waller High school, was graduated from Northern Illinois university. Rosenwald-Zenk The Robert Rosenwalds of Western Springs have announced the engagement of their daughter, Jane, to Joe Zenk, son of the Ernst Zenks of West Bend, Wis. Miss Ro-senwald is a senior at the University of Wisconsin, from which her fiance was graduated. The wedding will take place June 15 in All Saints Episcopal church, Western Springs. Winthrop-Loundy The Marvin Winthrops of Chicago have announced the engagement of their daughter, Donna, to Richard Loundy, son of the Mason Loundys of Wil-mette. Miss Winthrop was graduated from the University of Michigan and took a master's in language pathology at Northwestern university. Mr. Loundy was graduated from the University of Wisconsin and the Northwestern, university law school. The wedding will take place April 7. Illinois Pupils Enter Work in 2 Ar Contests Grade and high school pupils thruout the state are putting the finishing touches on their entries in two art contests being sponsored by the Illinois Federation of Women's Clubs. Mrs. Hugh L. Cole of Pleasant avenue is state art chairman for the group. The grade school contest is open to seventh and eighth" grade pupils. District winners in the Chicago area will be given scholarships for two semesters of study at the Art' Institute and those living downstate will be given paintings by well-known Illinois artists for display in their schools. Illinois winners of the high school contest will be awarded scholarships for $200 to the schools of their choice. EnnrJDA STARR Reporter 0OCTOR-MSS 6TAFR REALLY PIP SEE A GIRCSHEAD IMA& Of MYTABLE Ik! A POOL OFBLPOPf COFJFE5SIU& A p NO JUST A tfZJ&, WHAT MISS PIDtfT KUOVJ WAS THAT TH& HEAP" CAME OFF THIS "PUMMyAVP me "sloop" FROM TWS , CATSUP BOTTte! 9 m 5 WssKkm (vn Y7? ( 3C ) I I w nc. wis s iu Ml I KtALLf dOT 7HAT I -Looking at Hollywood- Role in 'Paris 1900' Is David Niven s Newest BY HEDDA HOPPER HOLLYWOOD, March 18 David Niven continues picture hopping. He signed with Sam Bronston to star in "Paris 1900" which takes him well into 1964, what with "King of the Mountain" and "Circus'? next up. Niven is one actor who doesn't price himself out of jobs. Has no set salary: "I make each deal on different terms. If I'm not too mad about going to work, I just explain I'm on holiday. If they want to pay for my vacation, I'm theirs." The Nivens have been vacationing in Gstaad, Switzerland, with Grace and Prince Rainier as house guests. The Rainiers decided to skip Gstaad this season and try Villars, but beat it back to their old stamping ground. Niven and his partner Charles ' Boyer will be here this spring to film some new host spots for the summer re runs of their Four Star theater. Boyer leaves his play "Lord Pengo".in mid-April; returns to Broadway in Terence Ratti-gan's "Man and Boy," which will have a London tryout before its New York opening. at Paramount doing her first picture, too. The TV spec the two girls did together, "Julie and Carol at Carnegie Hall," gets another airing in June. ... My favorite comic, Pat Buttram, called to tell me that while I was gone he landed the role of a Texas tycoon in "Twilight of Honor," Dick Chamberlain's picture. That means he's running big in all mediums, with a daily radio show, eight TV visits with Ed Sullivan, a bid to play Will Rogers on stage. About the only thing left is a traveling medicine show and he could do that, too. Pat's becoming so famous he'll have to think up some new-type jokes to replace his favorite openers at testimon'al dinners. He usually surveys all the big name comics and says, "I'm the only one on the dais I've never heard of," or "You notice everyone gets an introduction I get an explanation." David Niven Todays Horoscope TUESDAY, MARCH 19 WALT. DISNEY snagged London: stage star David Tom-linson for a leading role in "Mary Poppins." Sayg he's the British Fred MacMurray. Walt's shelling out a bundle on this adventure-fantasy; it will have the highest budget of any picture he's made, except his cartoon features. Julie Andrews, playing the title role, said she felt as tho she'd never left home when she walked into the English cottage husband Tony Walton rented near the Disney studio. She'll spend most of the summer working in the picture, and is already discussing offers to return to Broadway in the fall and wow 'em again as she did in "My Fair Lady." ONE OF THE first calls Julie made when she got her 3-month-old daughter Emma Kate adjusted to the new time schedule was to her chum Carol Burnett, who's across town E :-:-:-:o:v:v:-:v:ssv;:'f -: jJ. iiii-i"' :--; T,ox-:-:o!Tx?xl:-: M MsM t&e uorEiiig girl: Ms $a! 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I C T f MEL W. Harrfc C IMI tmmm r tmt 1907 M ib Mini Rwm BTm-.TmAtm Ztmytrnk tmmms CvpmtiM 111 WEST MONROE" STREET CHICAGO 80 "r'y-rt,g GENERAL TENDENCIES: Key If Illusion. This means situations are not what they appear on the surface. ARIES Birthdays March 21 to April 19: UtiUze natural ability to perceive future trends. Exercise authority. Make decisions. TAURUS April 20 to May 20: Ask yourself questions. Get answers. Hake sure they are frank, truthful, even if truth hurts. GEMINI May 21 to June 21: You can handle added responsibility today. Especially in connection with budget, purchases, sales. CANCER June 22 to 'July 21: Surprise elements work, out in your favor. Means strive to complete projects. LEO July 22 to Auc. 21: Don't expect quick, sensational gains. Key is steady progress. Express yourself In, original manner. VIRGO Aug. 22 to Sept. 22: Day to "heal" emotional wounds. Means be with those who are sensitive. Offer hand of friendship. LIBRA Sept. 23 to Oct. 22: Solid backing is indicated which enhances financial standing. Key Is willingness to expand, try new methods. SCORPIO Oct. 23 to Not. 21: Attend to details In connection with projected journey. Strength appears in "your corner. SAGITTARIUS Nov. 22 to Dec. 21: Set example for others in bringing about orderliness. Temptation is to let thirgs "sUde." Overcome it. CAPRICORN Dee. 22 to Jan. 20: Aura of mystery, romance, Intrigue surrounds you. AQUARIUS Jan. 21 to Feb. 19: Private matters demand attention. Be discreet In discussion concerning associate. PISCES Feb. 20 to March 20: Maintain self-confidence, especially in dealings with members of opposite sex. IF TODAY IS YOUR BIRTHDAY. You are a combination of "soft appeal" and "hard" determination. The year promises Important new contacts. Sydney Omarr . BRUCE 1 Erect 5-f.;nut3 Wax Remover really takes of? old floor wax without rubbing even in corners. Pour and spread. ."Wait 5 minutes while Bruce does the hard work for you. Then just wipe up the old wax. It really works. Makes linoleum, tile or any non-wood floor clean as new. N9W 'dirt-proof floor waxl Once old wax is removed,, use JJruce . Self -Polishing Wax. New diamond-hard finish seals out the dirt, seals in the shine. Won't turn yellow. 3JlDJ li UkivA By KAY LORINC Experience, Dear Teacher Luncheon conversation the other day turned to practical ways of teaching children thru experience. Mrs. Wheeler Tracy of Evanston recalled her concern about interest V Mrs. Trecr of the Tracy's son, Art,, in smoking when he was 12. Mr. Tracy bought - i - (2 "i 1 a coupie OI Dig - ( j b 1 a c k cigars I and invited Art to have a ' smoke with him before breakfast Art thought h i s cigar was great, ate a hearty breakfast afterward. Years later finds Art still smoking. His father has given up the habit. Martha Crane of WLS recalled when she and her husband, Raymond Carls, hit on what they thought a sure-fire means of quenching avid interest of their two sons, then 8 and 4, in slot machines of a neighborhood hamburger cafe. Mr. Caris gave each boy two nickels, quite a treasure to the youngsters, to squander in the machines. One son hit the jackpot with his second nickel. The other wound up six nickels ahead. Mr. Caris delayed his lecture about folly of gambling. Then there was the Kenil worth mother who consulted a psychiatrist about her daughter's smoking at a tender age. The doctor suggested giving the little girl some cigarets stuffed with horsehair, a feat that required tearing apart some second hand furniture. The child thoroly enjoyed the new kind of cigarets which disturbed her digestion not atr all. Around the City The well groomed, middle aged man striding along Michigan avenue singing April showers in a low key with gestures, oblivious to the rest of the world. . . . The flower vendor at Lake Shore drive and Ohio street selling brilliant yellow jonquils during rush hour to motorists as they came to a halt at the stoplight. . . . Green sprouts breaking from an abandoned soot-covered crocus bulb dropped into a paper cup on an outside ledge of Hamburger Haven, an infinitesimal snack shop of Michigan avenue's lower level. ... A career girl mending her ripped hem with Scotch tape. Fashion Shows This Week Wednesday Informal modeling of Herbert Levy fashions, 11 a. m. to 4 p. m., fourth floor, Carson Plrle Scott & Co.; repeated Thursday. 10:30 a. m. to 3:30 p. m. and 4:30 to 7:30 p. m. Luncheon showing, Drske Oak-Brook hotel, presented by Bonwit Teller. Luncheon showing, 13:30 p. m , Cafe Bonaparte. Sheraton-Black-stone hotel. Personal appearance by Leslie James, millinery designer thruout the day, French room. Marshall Field 4c Company. Luncheon showings of millinery collection. 11:43 a. m., 13:30, and 1:18 p. m.. 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