Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on January 14, 1942 · Page 4
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 4

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 14, 1942
Page 4
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ftk 1 -*fc NAUGATXJOX DAILY •Jvi^- 1942 Page Four (Kxoop't*-.. OMII'I NAUOATUGK NE COMPANY, ING. at 11 .North Main Stroot, UOATUaK, UONNKGTiaUT NAUOA COUNTY, SEAT; ft WEDNESDAY, JANUARY Stewart From Other Newspapers Aimirloan history «» l1 tUtempIs l-o return Hntorocl aa Hommd-oUuw mni- tor ftttho Pont omoo, ill Nuugu- luok, Gonooolloul. HAM'H S, PASIIO J'l'OHldOlll s, Kdltoi 1 b Iho .mov..inon|« up In tlnio; ror llioi-o l» :iii«:• affairs ..of men wliloli lo -uoro and bettor garlKot^ ^ ^ Ino, »0 Ucu^ofoHm* PUi'/u," Mow York 01 ty 14«l 'OhoHtnut Slroot, Pliliadolplila, Pa, 12 North Michigan Avoiuio, UUlqago, HI. Tho .John Jvt; Bwimiioy- ^o,,< lloud, - BcWorlal . Ollloo"-: • • - • • • > •• • « i ,- f.f*- 1 month ti rnonllifl 1 your .. • ,7S ' 1 Tho UnKod Prcw» nan Ih.o ox- clUHlvn i-lKlU to MO I'ov, ..I'ppubll- imllon In any KM'ni, all no.wq ells- jmtolum oroclUritl to Hi In paper, It (tnlHO oNoUiHlvuly unlltled to WHO for i-opiiblliuUkm All Iho looal 01 IIOWH -iUHhoc horoln, \*tfb t..i i Danger .01 €ojxiplaconcy OUH warnn that all. tlio Amorlcan pooplo must quickly oomo-to a'fu'llroaUmtiou of tho fact t'Hat our nation is at war with onomios who wook to destroy. ( oiu; clomoc- ruoy, thorn arc many porwons in tliiH country'\v1io-ttppoar to bo Kivit^ : l)Utlittlo.orno thought t6 > .'tho'-HoriousnpHa of tlio clangorous, situatioli with which -our country ia ^HMot-Blinpllcr Ufa, at any Hum iho Kftdgot-pHmpoi'od oNlsi- 111111 sv'i're loading toiliiy. And U ^.MK lo.ljo vory awkward. limifclno 1.1 u> I'uiiililmg lllltUM1 H «,flor Iho Joyful olTlolonuy of /Ipplng.t-'nilnk ol 1 going tin- old-t'aHhlonod • win IH jlkiily lo HUD at any mo- mo.ilaml.oimh n vyl".""^ (l - a Iho mHHlyt'ful purlorinnnoo on « onmk wliloli not only .opons ou.n but UwolH Its ilimgeroiiH in Lho snino motion I • • • • • You have only to'look In it L c- ulnrc wlndws to bo.oouHiime.d with wo do' Lho uomplox niantory o^dotall which our own Ingcm- .,!!(/ him irlvoil UH. MatOIHJH, bOi^>> LH oluunHlng maLerialH-wlmt ifin ourthdicl our grandparents do rom tlio OL-U of. dry cleansing f-, K' oil- dovlcos, cvoryth ,i«- IUH boon Improved boyorul Aladdins, droain- w can go back 'If w< to. it will bo difficult. It i.»r won't Improve our Hauls u bit, not ^l!d.H,,OH.tlom, Hut "'o.^^ of human--luituro to clium ; Is uHtonlslilng. Terrifying Ki-wiL thing for us Htcadfantly to-our aim, Af or ,1,.. (llinrclilll -Buys) 1 wove tho life out of 1 ! LhoHo who turned, our human Ingenuity to uiich ovll usos, wo shall return lo bur marvolous -things" wl h ro- no wod unthualusm and • (lot [,0110) clearer vision. ".'. • TIIK DUKI'VS (Nation) On neonmbor .11, the Huke-ofWo-- pJJtoun'V ' W*™ii .HnUigonlHl,- died,. Among his nrlyllQgoH.wus.-tlie right lo- I'ciimln In •.Iho-.proscnocj ol' .the KiMKoi'Spn.urwIlh his hat on, when Lli.urV wan a,'King, of Spain. GERARD IDIlli ' Wa liliwjr. ""—Jv, . • .; •••, i ••.•.'.• '-I i.i'l-'il b'ecauWVorco);.;>Keyj.;W,ould ; be > ... -v. •• ::L"'ja'.*>/i: Vu-n-ffV.'.TVift time .fac- s: Joe Martin Sees Plenty of Work For Republicans Nazis Meet 'General Winter y Central Press Columnist CONGRESSMAN JOSEPH^ W. f. Massachuset'ts, chair- .Joseph Martin us SUPPORT THE ; GOVERNMENT WITH DOLLARS Wiir Nmul.s Mon'oy! - : , - ' V- • •It >vlll (">«l money-- lo (loro»». ,lnj)nn. Vpuv ( oil you' (o"liolp-now, liuy Dnfonsu HoiHls•»«' hlnrnps. todnyi lluy .thorn every dny, If 1 . oi !oi\n, 'IJut buy lliom on n for ; tp 'oonos.; /; bVhnd, and 'rejoiced :in .th.o. r\ame of. Mr.A : CKri8tophor ; Lau'd;^ KG; s^t.- at ' IVlX** 1 ' Wit* ^ W VWf* •'*"" * — -- - ' . , y • •» •• . I his big desk• frowning portclnto.valy at the cut-i?U3^; inkwell .before.-rnisr ing his at Mr. Blaydes- ; Stcele. rind vSir: ;Joljn :i , jrlcr.edith. ; "JHp ; 'cleAred; his ;throat: ; .delicately;, cbugheci 'Boie^ril'y,. afid . decl.ared: ".This'''is apftp l,a, singulai'ly disturbing .'.factor.; Singularly ,dl»v turbing," ho 'added an after-, .thpiight ,in\ca!5c;,they had ,not:.hoa] hlm.'thbnrst'time., :;.,'„;;_. ; . •• "Yea. But what .aro \v^o, goin^,19 do i»bbut it?"asked.,Yycs pr,omptlx.. '•0o/'''gasped .tho/ColamarS^c-, rlvIUJWJ '; iBl/w*""/^" • , V •••*'••, '"'• ', •ist'ci»*s- :| s 1 ccretai'.y. : .hopeTQSsly: > ..;,*'.;., ) •;'• -i Sir '• Jolih-' 1 allowed "-himself /a.^grin ! •Of .-^dpd'« coiiii'adOship^and .;;.the. -otliLr, o . Wave-hinv £x • vacant smile. in yep!:;,, - } ;>- "'is.-^ora^ali-Q^ti'rig;;: f-the.;^wpr]wj *SSStitaifor';theff :ffJi9 ;«^T .tor^is,;alV^ri:,OU^; side, .provided we ^•^iV'DvIi'n.-o'f ; Sultii^ii/^ust extend. Ki ? ; st-ay^. in^his: .pbtintry; and his : .'do so,;shoUld be an- T^lg^^tt^*^ r ^^Sas^k« feel that no thought shojuld be devoted at present to .the state ; of disorganization < he belie,v e s tlie country will,find itself ', in after the -war. •Looking into the future distracts our at- t e n t i o n from the immediate business of Hck- iriz the : Axis; according to some reasoners, who favor concentration on it to the extent of ceasing to cerebrate on any .other subject. joe -Martin, outlining his ideas, just before the current congressional session's opening, unqualifiedly waived all politics so far-as a maximum war effort's concerned but he didn't:seem to consider that the slightest mental activity. relative' to anything else necessarily detracts f rom it; ! : ... '• ' -. . In -a way', his. argument is a11-; outer -than the proclaimed all-out-erg' argument is. Their demand's for every cent that the admimstra-. :tibn wants,.to win-the^emocracies ftc-hf -Okay* agrees Joe, but let s make sure that the billions that the administration asks for are, all of 'em, for, that particular purpose. The all-outers take if for granted that.they arev Joe advocates a bit of investigation, if he notes • an iteni that^ looks a trifle doubtful to him. And, if his doubt's confirmed, his view is that that item ought to be. scratched /out, as such, with a corresponding one added.onto the military appropriations total. There can't be much objection to an attitude . like, that T «*>ept ; f rom boosters , for .the-items that Joe wants scratched out. .The unadul- teraiea "inilitary; all-outers, should like'it! .-V." : swathed in during tho bitter :- Moscow. from a British sour«| '.'A Naai. gun creil honuis attempts to warm it •need .duririffjts. retreat from thj ffEMS FROM'THE NEWS' 20 YEARS AGO ojiaj-gc ; oi' 'his. brother, Lucius TjJ linson.. Mrs... Miftbaor F. Sbcu ! - J has been employed in 3Mc ibr a'number-.of yours, and WilHij Sivxaucr, the wal.chnia)vcr, will us.' om'pl o yes of M r, Tomtt hru think thnt^tUoir:..aiuiy r.ou- tine Hh<)iiUKc&itwiGa'H usual and thai- 'lU^y^f^oH ou ihdir rmrt Ai'feifticoiH^ary. Uu- \* \ L v 3 *• 1. [_-' * * v K vf \ j( • ', . • w • ' « *<• •' V i V" IO.SH tlioy olujii^vW] 0 ^' tl ^ l< ttulo toward 'Ihtf^ orxn-ato to Jli'6'-fullqat : -.,Q.xtpnt 1 •••••-"•'• -^-vt'lioy Tor. with tho may havo thoii VT , Tho worfjt'outftnytliat tlio Uuitod. StiitoH,.inuHL oyor- corno in the,.ihorttlvs "ali.oacl in oomplac!'oiioy, ;; 'l^i V ° c l/or liMoyri li, Odium o I' .I/ho OPM'H divuMion of' oouti'aol cliatriliui.ion-tnUl.,,tho i 'U.nit6cl StatoH ooni'01' : o(:;ma.yoi'8 not at noooHHai-y'-to -Jvoop tho ' 1 pooplo in atnlo ol 1 lloiuls cost n.H -Illl-lo n.s 818,75,, Slump 1 * oonio n.s low n.s V>. . oonls, Dofonso -Hoiula-iuul Stumps mm !><> bmi.nlit -«t » n h»»^«-»V lrt ' . ofllcoH, und.Stninn-s onu nlso | H5 pin'chn.sml \\i mini! sloi'oH and, n-oin ' yotir nnu'spnpoi' onrrlor . llO.Vi '• • t /riHv-.Nnti{i«tnt>k Dully N«w.«; ,,,. ( , rs nil Amui'Hmns to .snppoi-i- your (/ovui'iiiuont with youi- UoI- ; n«i'J<, ' . . •• ..!. •" ' ' y — ~' '• tho fact.that wo ai'G'iir.a waj whioli demands .groat ^ personal saoriiksoa, Tlioso who •hriagino tlla,t thoy aro im : muiVo 1'i'om 'tho daiigcv.s whicli- threaten us aro )ly living 1 in iv IHO, At i'.'lio mayors' convention )onald M. NoJ«on, executive liroctor'-oF-tlio supply priori- tio.B and allpcatibha boavcl; looiarod 'that the' nation's prodnotivo swiuA 1 i'do rotary as though the. of -anything, wna .tjultc- outside, his province— a^,.. ( in:dqe,d, : it', usually was* i j ' ' • : • •• ' ' •'!•'••'•« • • Yves was bpening! his .mouth when Sir Johifma'dc. a little gesture- waving him 1 "to'.- silancc "and .said quickly, "Mr, Laud, Mr, Blaydesr e and hiaibrpthor ?ir,e r natu rally ' f- ''Ca;l th rop"l6oked ..m' honedQon;;soa.., Would 1 bp,made /later-; on, .-.when... h waa': : du'e. b'ack ; -ihV.Ki^ .own .country.., : ' '' .was,-that.of -a , 'Across'.was scrawled : i-ii, , a'tVxidus that'.ithis. unfortunate af fair should, be-qloardd up' as. quickly be' Becauao it is.not a \rnnt-- as possible, Becauao naid, but ponui tu>fc >o n Ho continuod: "You koop l>oforo';youv b ( munitioH .;'t II.IH ^larin^' truth — pyory plane dolivorod ahead .of aplip'dulo ovory tank'addod'to our output, , will llvo«. B may KHVO "jiuivko'rq.uo Amorioai ig- that nation or- AVOI-BO, yoi ) t pa ra- ter of qrdinary ; 'thoft^but:also one of, internationalv importance, , ; tlicy thought; thing was to 800)5 nn'interview with you-since your department has : the handling-of. af: fairs'dealing, with Sulung-u, .1 necci hardly point but,that any disturb-. ancc in Sulungu: ; would be bound to !;Thank;y6u;-Ldrd ; ^alth;r^,^;sai ; d; 'McYedith';. back/ his" "face-. -„ ,.,.., ..,.., .,. sionlesa. ",It-vyas yery land of • -'''Nbt'-at -dl.l);''"-.croa;kdd' the; or. Now' Til "snow you in;'.'.; ; "Ah, : Sir' John; ( /J ! vva3' t 'they:J .Minister's ' "-'-"-•'—••• again the;';c6untry,;;'i vunuuu ; .v,,™..'d^tentidn^ld: be ItoAIsuh^^Kana^B^^f?^' -':'••••.<• •-'• •'"• "•"_JjJ'^Jwi -lltTciVlnmn nn VflS- n'ccxl'-f orv ^^^M^>f^::rfp'y atf 0ffice : •: sOme;^feet,a'r;rangcm'ent with, tbe - wore hc V o,with;- Sir . MlaicKto .explain -th'e. -pst nof very' long -since -you Herr. .liit- 'aoilitioB' must ul] war output -"{'I: 1 wo aro to , Already Uio^roat conNio in ho^inninK'I'O afl'oct tho livoa of; all tho yoaroit 'Bocausc oF dol'onso rnatorlHla wo «ro no long qr ablo to purcltaBO many urtl- which hQvqtpt'ofo wore our PriooH of .food, and other nocoa- oP life are.'rapidly ria- Mon aro being drafted to Iho armod'foroos'ot 1 tlio Un itod Statoa, /.Provident HooHOvelt has issued a call for all-out production of materials for defense, -All of those happenings should immodiaitol. iak tho onomy.- M - Ho said [.hg Uniiod Slates is, at war 1 ( with an ciiomy v who has' won tlio first, inning 1 ," and that wo are pledged to tho most Herculean effort any -nation has over boon asked i,o exert, "None of-us," he .stated, "yet is fully aware as to what is ahead of us if we are to coino out victorious in this light," Tho call for all-out defense production and personal sacrifices comes from men who aro in a position to know whereof they speak, It is a warning- we must hood, From now on wo must pub aside all thoughts of our own pleas- rdnct OTV the Kjnpire's vital --un tcrcsts in the island, • Sulungu; .aa you know,.is a-po't'ontial submarine. base." ' • ,'.. ' ••: .- • . '* .<'.'• Secretary -Laud listened wit.h Booming appreciation, then- cleared hia throat delicately, couphed -\yitn; Bo'lcmnity, and said, "Indubitably,; Sir John!" . , ..'._.. . :. Yves fidgeted but once more Mer-,, cdlth caught'hia cyp .arid he re-; maincd silent. : Prescntlyj after 6uf-: flciont interval-iri which to choose proclgo. words 'to; fit the •occasion,, Laud-informed''.them 'that 1 he had* decided to tako^-a decidedly -grave! view of the-unfortunate occurrenco } nnd.that he would request an inter-, view with tho'PMno. Minister. .. Twenty mlnutca later, Moroclitn and Yvos werb waiting in a small room off tho hall of No. 10 Downing; Street, Secretary -Laud had been, ahown" straightaway into the'Cab-! inot Room 'whore 'the Prime Mm-; ister was awaiting him, ; loavmg his, t\yo' companions ;to cool their heels ( . * until summoned.' , ' '., • •.': ..'. i 'Meredith looked up as-a tall, .fair- -. h'ai'rc'd, young man camo into the: rdom, saying, "The Prime.-Ministerj won't keep you long." , .'• ; _: I ,"' said Meredith.; ^'Ry- aren't you Lord '.ler's Wotan. Brigade:"';. j-J< . -"Not' so •.-very''long,, sir;.:; , ., Meredith • aclclingy^'May. ; lj present '»4 J. ' Dl X l T\rtnt5_'. < ^f.OI^1n-?.. •". ' '"•.'•' ' .• • '. • Mr.-'Bla'y.des- i;^]tizen.';; , .. . .f.«But.good heavens, sir 1 ".-. ' " - delay, any assist' deman'd as -a feiilar,; Sir. { in. so promises t,n be one of !.no; mosl/ intprcsting basUcUKiil con-- U3S.LS staged before a Nauga u K audience iliis .winl-cr is slaled lo lake place .some' limo in February )3p|,\vccn ciulntcls I'cpre.schlnig tli.u Nftugaiuoic- and' .Union G.l.y coni : lies '-of Ui.e Naugul-uck; i<; .Do- •l,nicnl. At'the las I>qM.lH5. it ; Fire Dftpuvlmeni: a \v"'" Thai 'lire peojYlc of Nuugalucki going I,o- be^strong.'ln their sumyi ofMitJlr new "c.onnnunity, liousciii V. M .0. A. funding, on •,Chun Blr«el/,'--way "apparent i'rom IJu-Sii encouraging '.sliiv!,-\of UKV "' sliip 'campajgiv .t^day. At. • luncheon -lircl.':reports, of- -Uie (]a'y\s^eahvaBS -'shoSvecl Mini u or /jOr) ; mem))eVs 'had-been sccuh inoludlng - 25 •juntors, 10 \n\w\§ ate."-imimbei's,- 1 18V--seniors, " ' J pai- Tyd3 'I?a'y desteee,uung . iiiip'o'i'tantl" •'«> /" * '••'•-. . •„ ' . .. ; . ^vferowa ..-.ipi.'ithe' 'Premier's brow ; ' : -'--' ; ' - . ieeiri'e.d«Vto? : ifidrease. IT J. *. »* • *-' k c-* JF .*••**" "^, • i _, • «-k * .""How d'y.oxi do?"- said, the .Prime, Ministen "I knbw your brother very well. .•.Well/gchtlemen," he. wention when .they \yore .seated, f'-thia.-is. a most .unfortunate: affair." . ;•;.; ;. .He brdke/off:and Mereditlvleaned : ^..,i. • «-••«, of-t.ncM riiii'etlv. May '1 forward, 'to 4_V^4.ITM-«.«I -. ( . ., ,, -O)) make a 'suggestion, sir. ,.. -;..-, • •• "Rv nil me an oV" . - • •"' .' |1 '- 1 .: •'-.•".':..-•. By all. meanc, .-A.i.uii^ou, said/Sir .JoHni^that •r vcrytihing continue.s.just as thougn th'c-'necklace had' never been- stolen at all." "••"rm-'-nrra1&^ you/! domuiM'adJtliG^rohiier;-;-^^ " Vtollr'si 1 *;"'' said, BTer cell thrl!-ifth : e ncckiaco ;had;-inot': been,.;;stojeiV 1 'it would have gone'tb-the'jewelcrB- to have, the' additional emerald added and from there-;it:would- haye:^een. vyant to •' Meredith',- "and the : of a that ;is -the 1 question.•^fJ-buying- necklace, back;;'! think'the;oifer million ; might:)d6:it. M ' ; . : v-. '«'A million!";.repeated the Pre- "A'million,'.' .said John. - — } "Biit where 'are we to:get it,' ".Well -I rather thought that tlie Ghancellorof- the .-Exchequer might •be . ;-.' r ;-' '•• "'"Have you .ever tried to. extract blooa -from'' a:-at6ne,-.Sir- John ?" ; "- teiTuptea the Premier., •. . ?•.:-*".liffAvb^ifK;- Inokod' :at ".him It's as a :wartime, all-outer -thai joe^preaches-..his, .'doctrine^o^ the maintenance 'of i a strong. G. U,.• r. That, is, he want's.,a- party/, thatll keep a sharp-,eye-.on appropna- tions,' tb^' prevent ."'social' .^formers'" ' from snooping any of those noti-niilitary' item's -in, ! af our war effort's'' expense.' : ' /' '•• . 'It's'as 'a reconstruction influence, though; . : that ;he urges, his group_ s 'continued; ^fotmidable organization af rd^urmise- that it'll be a different 1 stunt, for him ^ to increase the size of his' present .congressional minprity, at: the'', coming, election. If the war's, still raging, ; ,there can't-'but' be.'ppwerfur.popular^ob- jection to a ."change -of Jegislative| horses'- 1 in the Amidst of that kind of a •stream.V, .And if r >bef ore: then,; we've' won^sentiment's bound,, I U: sayj to be. enthusiastically., 4< pro ; the party under:whose.administra- tion victory was, scored.. ...' ( . ( ; . If, we lost,or are .losing— ; , But heck I: -That's,- a ridiculous . suggestion, of course.. ., ; It's like-.,speculating on what would happen; politically if the world an end* ,: , _ When we win, though, and start to get back to,a satisfactory normalcy, there are.liable to'be some •pretty.'-decided--differences "of opinion as to the,best way,.of doing it, At that stage'of the game, rejoicing over our 'triumph is apt to be speedily obliterated by the economic : troubles, we can. depend on; having on' our -hands;- 1 ... i How successful Leon- Henderson et al will- be . at preventing runaway inflation nobody knows. . mittee consiHtin'g; of%Ioniv.ShcrKlan v l^aymoiUl' ..Jennings' ..ami /John • linn-- loy-NVRS' appointed, to- inalce, .arrange-. nicn(s''i:or thls-contcsC. whiclvit : iy expected; Will'. •j)e" ; pl!^tV>eH i her. at, Din'-Geii) -Opera- ho use -or -at the now Y Mvf G, 'A."-Iamcs' ',)'; Grant is- )nan- nge'r • -o f ' 'ilh. o -' Nau gn. tuck ; aggVoga LI on, and- JolVir'ShQrlila'nviB- Al/ihc helnr; for the : T)VirfJ.. ward- ..-IbsBCi-s. 'J-JM?:. . circles, : N havliiy-:playc(l'--wi tli / l ., , \gridiivon. . . ., , champions 'a fp.w. years- ago, is/play- ing-rIglil/ I : -Uie:Union.'Gi|;y firemen. 'Geprgo Clii^vell and ..Jack both. of. \yhom .played tlio; ' '' boVp'iiglK : :Sii_e ; - was ;ai cou . . . . t. : game' , wlii'lQ-' wearing . khaki • '' Meredith'.looked^ :at m- \.. very Sharplyi : ^l.hci5itate;to.introduce so; Distasteful .a subject but do.'you re- ialise -that the Comtessc. de Vassig- Shac'. is-.': . wellv that she is.extremely . v. _•_!.'.i' .:^. .o ' Prince •during-- tlie Wor'Jd'-waiV are. out,-1.01. •llie"lcfl, 1 euftiHl 1 -pb.sH.IoiY f: : l while-Tom;. my,'.ChlsXycl-l t h-as b,eun,'cQ.nUir (n.-.-wXe^ practices luikl .so far. VKriU'V.Mpfei |,o. cage the ball from'., a J.I. Bangles- oJ 1 live .hi'gli Kchqb] [.he-^n.tctv J^>hii .Connell and' Bill ••Follows,' arc out : for the. rorwanJ; positions.- .\; :0f- tj , iri/monVfrig,;;for, Ja« ^o'hvlllc, F1{C, AVhcre.Jshej will" 1 * the .romalniief' ( of-\tijci-; interested -in Satsui?"- sent • to t)1e PAJace- ' . yearly,' investiture by HisiM.ajcs 1 «n r .nnui'sc." "ri'oddod -the ' Pr . iM.ajcsty. '01;.course, ime WJ. . ,uuu^. o«-,. . ••-";- i , , .. . . . Minister; .•:"But;-that ;^not-.^ako a certain Prince .,,.. . ,Japanese ?'' -ask.e.d .the iMjnister. quietly./:; v.>;v : !-i .•:.'. "".'• • •' i'', ! A«An^'"emincnt--- : .- Japanese . noble- 'nodded, Merisditlv; n tho way, throp-Y" ' ' ' :..'-. •/. -'"Yesi" ' "• ' ' • ' • • • •' : "Peter Thatcher was talking-to, mo • about" you-'on tho telephone this! morning," Sir John informed rum, 1 and 'saw 1 that the young peer Hushed: to -the roots of His hair. ... , "Oh f Peter! Nice follow! 1 .' mur-j .mured the so-called "Pussy,"r a wk-. wardly, • . .- • "• :••','• v 'vV; . \-»^^&* , "Sorry to appear so inquisitive/ ; wont on Meredith inexorably, " "True,"'.•acknowledged-'.Sir ; John, "But; the ^procedure' should^b^;ad" liered to as closely as,po^ible.,:Let 'meclarify. wha't-I:- l papers' infbr.niCtlieir..reader & every, voar a 3 -to-.the-rpas.on,fpr:the,Dwan of Sulunpu's y.isit to this-,country: and so, if-His : 'Highness-ia;;r"*--^ c'eivod. at tho Palace,;-.there., considerable comment.: I gostthafthe D\van:go;tc ., . though to -receive the augmented lung'u, : .''asi ' doubtless-you Su- \vill. be *•• l • o *" ' ' "I <•* ;h'in]ahg," :sir, prqvic}es; ; a,. base tor .nava'r operations ;\vhich might safe-, {guard'.tho'whole.of ,the:Indian Ocean 'ifi,;certain eventualities:"' • - • ':.:'.'i«v"tniinnpsp nniblem'a noti'leman!!' stressed. know you; .th is .a t'tac h m c n t o n countess is ;. . ;..;: -the-Prcmier/ciuietly;;^didn^t kn Ithat.-'Tell.-imei'Vhe.went pm/Vdo > '•:, i .-'in- - 4.»i'J~'.'' '•'-:. f liic n f (-nPllTYlPllt. of :her- tempera. to',- : say/ But. the> affair. uroa and unite to accomplish tho g'ront and patriotic task which lies before us—tho decisive (loi'cwt of who would destroy our government and take from us the freedom that is our birth-' right and 'which shall be the birthrdght of generations' to I'd be. very glad if you could toll me; something about a Miss Bailey whom Peter said you knew in' Pnris." : • . •-• • "Miss Bailey," repeated the other; throwing a huntecV glance over his shoulder towards the Cabinet Room, "I say, Sir John,' I say, would, you mind not saying anything about necklace and . should ''be 'issued'' to. the; e(fect:i the" : invcstiture : had;•been.;;carried^ through as:usual,.V ;. •;. ; ''^/"^k ix Tlie Prime Minister looked•clpubt^ 'ful - u r don't' ; very; well, .see^nej commented.: at iength,: "IT— 1 "^ could asfc"His.Majesby;-to,.^.. v . .. ._ r .. to .such ;,V .to such; a-strange,plan,; Sl ^kSt"we :: could;' 1 .said .Meredith, frowning,' "let, the .•press.dra^it^ 'oSviivconclusions,,from : .tnc yi^irj.-jOr;- thVDwan to Buckingham>palace r - r 1^ \vell around her around Meredith shook, hia haad. His face was quite impassive. Not ,an incipient grin marred his lack'of expression. "I won'.t,'" he .assured the other. •.-.':..•.:•:./;•" '".'•''-'J •. '.i;.' 1 "'-',,' VGoshl" CalthrOp\said .boyishly, mopping his brow. "If the old man over heard about . . .Phew! Fact sions tho Dwan ^lunch'qs. withAThcir^ Majesties 'after •.--•.the: ; '.'investitur^ That luncheon, I would-suggest; sir;, *mitst take : plac'e. -]f N:o : untruth-.nqed;;' can 'bo allowednto-draw .its b.wh ; elusions. ••.•.Tho;'iCact 1 :;Jhatv those -vcoh»jv cl usi on s: wi 11 ; V be : -tentj rel y ;;erv6neQUs!; has.-'nothing •to.tjdtf^th'^iiSj.v.-^Kf «- t | TheVe feTl a;;shOrt• silericq: : broken^ Mere'dith Vngiiih: si)eakih:v ; ^If. by .Meredith , le^roOm in which' ifatef.ui' : decisioris had; been • : ;J,6hn, watched the. rs^bea-tiWg a tattoo' . So Much Junk—1 » The : fact remains/that -guns, explosives, tanks, warcraft and mili- i tary planes are uneconomic . com- .rriodities to;prbduce.'. While they're I being manufactured they' give an i impression of 'prosperity, but it'* an' impression 'that doesn't prevail 'on, into succeeding- periods of ;peace. Producing r ern, in the long •run', is the same thing as producing- ' nothing • of' any ordinary., use. •TheyJll be mere junk ultimately, land' we'll be : desperately shy. on : the normal necessities of life, . . ;If history means anything, that's ,the equivalent of crashes, depressions,. miscellaneous hard '/times 'arid such. • .Trying to, head . 'em off in advance looks ,to ; ^me like, trying to influence,. the. 'weather...or- something; of the sort. I. question that ir, .can be done, by L/eon Henderson •or/anyone else. My hunch is that ;ittsimply has 1 to .wear off by de- Agrees, to the tune of years. /It's a process of rebuilding, back ;to plenty—to plenty of stuff that has some human' utility, . 1 When that '.jtlme< comes, maybe !Joe .Martin'.can get in his work, ( but I wonder if .he can do it at the next :'cong ressib'hal' election or ;even* the first 1 election after that. .The ensuing depression isn't likely to .have hit us, that,; Yeah, I'm a •• ••..-' _ ;—»'« » ' Fi-od .and- K.; -T. Cliurch-. . , |,o .Vcri.V :unl "Sii'die Moifu'sk! . 'ami; Adam :uiul-.Bridge/. i 3 clki' a -.fntMn con- sisl-ing ol' 2-acres of land .located at Mlcrtoiv - PnrrnB. • 'Papers ' in 'the li-onsabUon wcrc-nied' iri the- office of the town clerk.this m'orning. .; 'Xctna lodge,' No: 3.1, Shepherds.: ol : : Bethlehem,'-installed 'Its newly elected officers at its meeting -held Sal.-; ill-clay night.. Officers installed were, us follows: .Oomnionder, Marguret: Morris; vice commander, .Kathleen Dullard; Marshal, Thomas Cullnanc;. accountiinlv A. L. Carrington; tr.eas--; urer, /,!rimes Fox';: scribe, ' Mar.tin Lynn; chaplain, Ellen ;Lucas;--mistress .of ceremonies, Agot- bock-.wood-; pas!, commander, Everett Donovan; outside -guard, Margaret Gormloy; inside guard, William Krddel.. ; : ; .. ."-...' . .- •' • ' ..'- v : -(UP)' • Atlorii' Hall of '.- '. ~^ . - ,: '. . .' i i • i \ \ t • Korni'cr ' 'SI-ulC'. Assistant, AI ' GCiJeral^J-l: • ivogc.^'.! o'ncsV' New •roi' ! ii^-i:b'dnfyviJo'6iinie chairman ; 6xa«ulo'Yc"cominru^"of the ASSRII^ : of.'iVjnl.J,u^ llol ' 1)t j :< Joncs^\vas' ; 'cleoted at tho' ann Of ' the ' Trial" .lustiws 1. . "'Gov.VHvirJey asked; 1 •f-hn'ok." nn.-loftn!'' police'*! duyj;a : n{i' iVjght^O^vile speed H»^ FAG TOG The ownership, ; Naugatuck's oldest stores changed hands today when C. ,!!.- Tomiinson of -Ansonia. became propi'ietor ; of • Ple:*~ pout's .lewelry , store in the,.Nc,ary bullilirig . on .Mapje. and ' Ghiirch streets. For the past 18 years, 1C. -.1. Pierpont--has. been' in i-he' jewelry business' in 'NaugatuckV-bcing at one time-, located 1 .in- the ' For about '13. years his.'store lias heon'..located in the Neary buildlgg. Mr.. Pi'orpont • intends .to., -go to Bradenfowj], Kin., w'liere he will're- side permanently and_ where' 1 .he has, a large* orange grove.-Mr. Tomljn- son,,the new proprietor,-is the owner, of a large jewelry store iri.A.n- sonia. Jlis store here will, be in • Nathaniel Eaton WM tho collcgc/iiiciad; in'the-United He" wap- appointed master or pitj fcssor of Harvard 1 In 1637,W dismissed after two years, to succeeded by Rev. Henry Dun-l stcr, the first college executively the ur S, \ to, beir the .title «| president, !,.'.- ; •• '• -,.--.': *'.*.'*''. ; The 'Artist Rembrandt's car) 1 '! cst;' piece,,.,of •• pain ting' is in ,«,.,^.,. 0 — . Stuttgart ,Gkllery. ;it,is algnrt. Webster block;. , "ancl dated/1627, and Its subjcctii] St. Paul in-Prison. • . '"••-•• • *•'.•* * •, ' , When-:a liquid la- flt 'to , it; Is; called ."potable;"- from twl Latin po'tarc, meaning, to dritiKj '-: ..;• / ; - . t '..* .. *• * ... '- * It takes four and one-half to go by steamer from Los Afj gelcs to Havyaii. on^tKe^table^^^.;''';.;-;' ;'-••• -•••;•"•;• tpre^eritly^tHej' old ; man who held. ' n, ,his' his hands' ;.'''would, you get.Sir in the tele- ^\^C;:^'(-ToV;.bb'f'continued).',' ; _' : •y'voSi 1 ';'•". -p.;..,'. •CopyrlBht'by Pr*ncii .OeririJ ', -' . - 1 r-] ^' •-'iKJ-.»itkii*»/1'k» Tf InW V««lnr«i Kvnfllrifa. :Ia Economic Motives Economic motives -drive people into fascism and •communism only to-a limited extent, says one noted, authority. As a, whole the origina* tors of such doctrines are harmlesst philosophers'really;interested in hu>. man -wolfare. It is ; the practical leaders who are always: ambitious and ruthless men who,climb to power by. appealing to the egotism and con-ceit:,of:the masses YOU'RE TELLING ME! K that has jarred 'i . ^ ^ lOqse every buck tooth in the Japanese empire is the discovery that old Uncle -Samuel is the fastest guy on the draw the world ever saw. ; j . j • , • • The' Mikado, we learn, spends a lot of (time in a temple containing his long-dead ancestors. Must be planning to visit 'em soon. ,>-•'•• ; j ! Women's dresses may soon be fashioned from milk. That how defunct "Straight From Paris* 1 label's successor probably will be' "Strictly Grade A/' 3et Mussolini is;,plenty, jeal-;; By WILLIAM RITT—r— Central Prws Writer .. ; ; ous,, .Until ,'the Nazi flop bcforij Rostov and Moscow, the Axisre-j treating/department was under his sole'management. Moths, we read, dislike colored 'suits. .Thai's too because most men do, too. ' i I' ! !. A newspaper stftge* a cont«** v^to find it* most faithful reader. The contest is over—as soon •» the editor looks into s mirror. Dad thinks he's as great » hero as t any.of the famous \^ r ' riors of-ancient times. At lewu none of those old boys had w. get out of the warm sheets the furnace at 6 a, m, mako ovoryono cogn'r/ant of conic

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