Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois on May 27, 1963 · 64
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Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois · 64

Chicago, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, May 27, 1963
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20 - Section 2 CiiiwltfV iUlNlAl, HiaI 2V, lboo snquestionobly ... one of Chicago's three finest restaurants specializing in PRIME RIBS OF BEEF at its pampered, palatable best. carefully selected Aged Prime Steaks... Farm-Fresh Chicken... ' Barbecued Baby Back Ribs . Succulent Seafood... impeccable service . . . legant decor ... Luncheon Dinner Supper never a Parking Worry... Doorman and free adjacent garage parking for 3 hours I '7TTv' : I iin 7 NIGHTS A WEEK! MONDAYS, TOO! HOME OF THE SINGING WAITERS The Only Entertainment of its Kind in Chicago Famous tor German Cuisine New Featuring Sauerbraten Ideal for your Wedding Pvt. Party Banquet, etc. firm rL.7r.f 627 W. Melrose Phone Wellington 5-2000 Viewer Left Wondering About 'Hud' "HUD" Directed by Martin Ritt; screenplay by Irving . Ravetch end Harriet Frank, Jr., from a novel "Horsemen, Pass By" by Lorry McMurtry; produced by Martin Ritt and Irvino Ravetch; in Ponavision, released by Paramount Pictures at the Chicago theater. THE CAST Hud Bannon Paul Newman Homer Bannon Melwn Douglas Alma Patricia Neal Lon Bannon Brandon Do Wild BY MAE TINEE A liar, lecher and a lout the utter antithesis of his gentle, honorable old father "Hud" seems to enjoy breaking all the rules, and does it with a fiendish zest and consistency. It seems as tho he would rather be caught dead than suspected of decency and one of the reasons for this picture's power, in addition to some superior performances, is that it provides no easy answers. Played in smoldering, shattering fashion rby Paul Newman, Hud's almost psychopathic personality leaves the viewer wondering. Is he ridden by guilt for the death of his brother? Is he being masochistic in his derisive, brutal treatment of his father, a sad old man who hides his scars behind a courtly manner? Is he trying to prove something when he behaves shamefully in front of the young nephew who openly adores him? The only obvious facet of his character is that he is for one or many reasons, a lost soul, joylessly and relentlessly going downhill, and Newman's interpretation of him is powerful. Melvyn Douglas adds another distinguished performance to a long list. He handles a moving role as a heartbroken old man with the perfect touch of the true professional. Brandon De Wilde, at the other end of the scale, is a young pro, playing a youth who i sees tne two people ne loves j most in the world go to pieces I before his eyes, and portraying innocence ana vuineramuty without the slightest trace of mawkishness. Pat Neal, as the only woman in this unhappy home of three generations of Bannon men, gives her role bite and validity. While this is a story of bitterness and failure and frustration, with some crude situations and blunt language, it has a completely realistic ring to it, and carries enormous impact. Director Martin Ritt deserves credit for presenting an uncompromising story with economical effectiveness. Oak Brook Polo Club Setting for Theodore A. Mohlmans will give at home on June 6 for exhibitors, guests, and committee tUtll Horse, bflOW dinner June 7 at the club; a Scenic Oak Brook Polo Club Horse Show grounds will be the setting June 5 thru 9 for the 20th annual Oak Brook Hounds Horse show, benefiting the Du Page County Easter Seal Treatment center for crippled children and adults. Among frivolous sidelights will be a cocktail party the barbecue and dance June 8, and a cocktail party Sunday following the show. There will be a bake sale on the grounds conducted by the Elmhurst and Downers Grove guild for the Easter Seal center, a chapter of the Illinois Association for the Crippled, Inc., located in Villa Park. MOTION PICTURES DOWNTOWN MOTION PICTURES DOWNTOWN IMYWiJOD ADVANCE EKGAGEEBIT head of lt normal release dato Mftf f Hi i. te.1 ar mmJ awfnS MB fill life co-starring HERBERT MARSHALL GLADYS COOPER '' JOHN HUSTON Screenplay h ANTHONY VEIllER Produced b EDWARD LEWIS Joel Production A Urtrrersal Release StartsWEDmSDAY 73e lr 5 Great Stars Challenge You to Cuess ths Disguised Roles thef Play! Open 8:45 a.a. last "Hud"! 10:10 p.m. PAUL flEViMAH sliUflT PANA VISION f aiumouni taigas iaelvyn DOUGLAS PATRICIA NEAL BRANDON ds WILDE MtMff!): v THE FIRS) eBaaaaM'aBaaaaeeaafaalia1- am ur. r n m i . Open 9 ant last Feature US-m. THE FIRST JAMES BONO FILM ADVENTURE! IAN FLEMING'S TECHNICOLOR wit'joeiVriisis Open 8:45 a.m. Last Feature 10:15 p.m. A REAL HEART-TUQGER ...bring an extra hanky I JUDY GARLAND DIRK BOGARDE "I COULD GO ON Singing" i JAIK KlUbMAN TECHNICOLOR PANAVISICN I turn UNITED ARTISTS Open 9 a.m. last feature 10.W pn. LAST 2 DAYS! 6 IYIAKLUN bKANDU "The UGLY AMERICAN" AMUSEMENTS AMUSEMENTS i. THRU THURSDAY 12 Noon to 10:30 P.M Colictort.-Dealer-Perong DON'T MISS IT ALL IXHIIITS fOI H ADMISSION $1.00 OPENS FBI., MAY 31 10 DAYS ONLY IN PERSON! v C 2srf 41 DOB lEUimnT In "Tho Golden Fleecina I His Theatrical Debut) also Starring BRIGID BAZLEN -e 0...- B Affir no Kw Mall BOX OFFICE OPEN DAILY 12 te 6 P.M. Phone AU 7-1234 LI 4-6200 Ran. Marshall Field t Company. 3rd Floor MELODY TOP MUSICAL THE4TRE CONGRESS EXPRESSWAY AT WOLF RD- EXIT-HILLSIDE THE CHEZ SHOW 638 S. WABASH presents A PARISIAN REYUE eaiuring VEIIUS STAR Tne Heareny Body' THE CHEZ ADORABLES 'America's Mast, teoutifuf All Girt Rru MO COVER, ADMISSION J NORTH NORTH M-G-M PETER fi:xh JJLtE fc:;oa. ivnn i liXSSURYiflK I a mm- I i Pil STARTSw.- , W XT X Wednesday Tke KOUIRC LO A K N E A RX MICHIGAN i UPTOWN Broadway-Lawrence NORTOVN 6320 N. WHtern Open i :45 Last 2 Faat. 8:13 "LOVE IS A BALL" plus "COME FLY WITH ME Cocktails and dinner from 5 p.m. -CONDITIONED A E 8:30 MATS. I SAT. 2 P.M. LAST 3 WEEKS! . JULIA SCOn TOM MEADE McKAY HELMORE m JEAN KERRi with LARRY GATES GALE GLADSTONE SEATS ORXBY MAIL- U0W! Box Ote. Op. 10 a.a. to 9 p.m. (Ex. Sun.) EVES.: (Men. thr TlHirt.) $4.95. 4.50. 4.00. 1.50. 2.50. (Frl. 4 Sat. S5.50. S 00. 4.50. 4.00. 2.75. MATS. Wed. Sat 4.i0. 4.00. 1.S0. 1.00. 2.50. Appearing t 1 J Jackio f.lsssn ' ma verrrry funnnnny fellow plus songstress SALLY JOKES Air-Conditioned GALA OPENING) TONITE 8:30 Air-Conditioned 111 CIYIO THEATRE f TONIGHT 3 Wed. Sat. at 2 P.M. THE THREEPENNY OPERA with ROBERT R0UNSEVILLE as "Mack the Knife" LAST WEEK CLOSES SAT. BROAOWArS SMASH MUSICAL ROBERT MOLLY WEEDE PICON TERRY SAUNDERS TOMMY BALL jlH1 EVES, at Sn (Mse. tttra Thurt.) 15.95 5.50. 5.00. 4.50. 3.00. 2.50 (Fri. & Sat. $8.60, 6.00. 5.50, 4.50. S.50. 2.50. MATS, a: 2:00 (Wei). Ic Sat.) $4.95. 4.50, 3.85, 2.20 for home delivery of the Tribune, dial 222-3772 Tomorrow 8:30 '"mw FOTirni iiiii;;iT MAT. SL1 3 P.M. mm tutor out DOWNSTA6El Axeme eocicTAm B Opn 1 :30 Feature at 2:05. 4:40. 7:15 and 9:50 r er- ACADEMY -JO KILL A n MOCKINGBIRD WINNER! Ah Gregory pfc- Only Area Engagement Special Poplar Prices! RIVJJ2HA Breairway-Lawrence On. 130 T.Tl Last 2 Features 9:10 wbkcwolp IN A GIRLS DORMITORY" plui "CORRIDORS OF BLOOD"- HOWARD 1621 Howard St. Op. 6 KM) 7, " . Last. 2 Features 8:2 UATS Or WINE AND ROSES" plus "THE MIRACLE WORKER" PLAZA 308 W. North Ave. FlUda P ta r-ir inn AO KB ..tbi.1!" ..D.ay PETER SELLERS. - T1'.AL D ERROR" at 7:00 & 10:09 P.M. ....u.?Jean Gal"ri an Martina Carel in "COUNTERFEITERS OF PARIS" at :30 "2 A 2 I E" OPENS FRIDAY EXFOit OF RAW 'tUWAN EMOTIONS! "HO EXIT"WS TOWN "a at 2000 N. Clark Willi Tonieht at ' The devil-may-care M? charmpr GfiDUTA rJWXJLLLO. mil t LOEEN ini-Te,!ki'" PARKINS 33 t. Cedar 4 Hours Spe v-urreni at unoice-' lime I AlfCCinC 4730 N. Sheridan Open 6:00 LHiCOlUC "THE DISEMBODIED" "Snake Woman" "Dr. Blood's Coffin" r-i ELr-w-ir H fire r ;W lOVE IS A BALL'S IV. NEWBERRY ;. j "i j yj 1 .r.cncmo isth part soe CHicRtotnuoirsm Week TRIQUUr au:.Li . , ... DAVID fi LISA" ! I 9 A r S3 01 VITTORIO GASSMAN Mon.-Fri. at 5:50. 7:55, 10:00 MOTIOTJ PZCTUnES DOWNTOWN MOTION PICTURES DOWNTOWN THAT STUNNED THE WORLD! Samuel Bronston . PftfSENTS CHARLTON r nn t, . 1ST0N f "'"'X. :.,,.rfaf:.:: ij aainrt R.0RAROESOS JOMIBCLMO WHUTANOeS UOGOBI KMNEtlml RIRTKOT PKJllTO &MSELUIS JACQUESSERNAS MOT . .DIMITRI TKIVIKW NICHOLAS RAY '"SAMUEL BRONSTON KraaraffAll&Dra mPHILIP YORDAN-BERNARO GORDON .70MMSUeiECHNWTECHNICOL0t Sforfc WEDNESDAY, MAY 29 at 8:75 p.m. RESERVED SEATS NIGHTS at 1:15 (SUN. at 8:00) zi. BALC. S2.SO $2.20 ...... $3.50 $2.50 MATINEES at 2:30 P.M. WED.. SAT., SUN. a HOLS 32.50 $1.79 SUNDAY THRU THURSDAY. FRIDAY a SATURDAY Box Office Open Daily, 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.. Sunday, noon to 9 p.m. MICHAEL TODD 170 N. DEARBORN ,nr. Randolph - phone CE 6-0290 WINNER OF 7 ACADEMY AWARDS I , ;'wa88as; '. ' - -ft Early Curtain TONIGHT at 7:00 Columbia Pictures presents THE SAM SPIEGEL- DAVID LEAN Prerjrjcffon of TtCMJcrxoR- Boa office open daily 1 0 o.m. fo 9 fxaa, Sunday 1 1 a.m. to A p.m. ForTheater Parties Call CE 6-029O VALET PARKING. 6 hrs. S1.00 ' Dearborn-Lake Garage SUPER RUMVOON 70 ' t iv i i?: 1 NORTHWEST SOUTH GATEWAY CONGRESS 52I6 W. Lawrenca 2I35 Milwaukee Ave. OPEN 1 :00 P.M. OPEN I :I5 P.M. FREE PARKING! BOTH IN COLOR I "IOVE IS A BALL" Glenn Ford Plus "COME FLY WITH ME" 4050 Milwaukee Ave. Open 1 :45 Feature 2:25-4:55-7:25-10:00 ACADEMY & TO KILL A . AWARD KMOCKINGE'dD WINNER!. GREGORY PECK Only Area Eniagemant Special Popular Prices! WILL nOGGRS 5635 W. Belmont! - lln.n t V li .. diamond HEAD" Charlton Heston Pius "OPERATION BIKINI" IrlM.ii Bblh A Kedne Open 1:30 2-4:30-7 A 8:25 ACADEMY I AWARD WINNER!, "TO KILL A (mockingbird . GREGORY PECK 63rd A Kedzle Open 5:30 ops in norror A Terror! 'WEREW0LFGSL DORMITORY Boris Karloff CORRIDORS OF BLOOD 63rd A Western Open S:OD 4.. Di.m CI. 1 Hon. i .... LOVE IS A BALL" Huah O'Bnan "COME FLY WITH Me-" L 11111 4743 W. Belmont Ope 6:00 Last Shows 9:00 wtKtwOLr IN A GIRLS' DORMITORY Plus 'CORRIDORS OF BLOOD" m j Glenn Ford "LOVE IS A BALL" "COME FLY WITH ME" D. Hart WEST D 4110 W. Madison Open 1 :45 Features 2:15-4:45-7:20-9:50 ACADEMY p -TO KILL A . AWARD HMOCKINGBIRD WINNER! A GREGORY PECK Only Area Engagement Spec. Popular Prices! 5TflTR MI4 W. Madison Open l:4S Last Show 8:10 Glenn Ford "LOVE IS A BALL" 6 Hugh O' Brian TOME FLY WITH ME' r"T'lT Tir 3535 W. Roosevelt Rd. Op. 1 :30 Last Show 8:20 "Dft. BLOOD'S COFFIN" SNKE WOMEN" "TERROR OF THE BLOOD HUNTERS" "Battle Beyond Sun" Op. I "BABY JANE" reui Days ORSON r-i.l WELLES GL0BF CLARK-NORTH Open at 6 " 2 DARING and ADULT WOMEN! orni Lnt OF LOVE" ieanne Msrsau 'LIAISONS DANGEREUSES- DEVON "LONG DAY'S JOURNEY into NiGfiT" 8225 North Broadway Open 7:00 Feature 7:30 and 9:45 LAKE SHflRP ENCL- PKa- 0 Centi p OnunC 3l75Bdway. 85-10:00 Cennie Franeis "FOLLOW THE BOYS" 8:25 GUI! n . 717 w- Sheridas Rd. UUii.U 849-0117 rin.. t-.r. ,k.S.IJrEAR AT MARIENBAO" 7 A 9:55 SHOOT THE PIANO PLAYER" at B:ll Ia5f!in 6746 North Sheridan Road ' 0neri6:45 Feature at 7:00 and 90 iWIUallJ fulAPi" Kooerc r-resion W W Shirl.v Inn.. ADELPHI. 7070 Ner,n Clark Open 6:45 Feature at 7-30. l-n .COURTSHIP OF EDDIE'S FATHER" RALfJfiRAI M0 Sheridaa Road UT.7iy..n- 8-8-10:05. Park Free -uuwianiP Or EDDIE'S FATHER" ESYH P1AWR Trl'l eV Error1 8:50-9:55 Un I IH I.l Mil it 'Counterf'ters Paris1 8:15 r..usio BOX 3733 South port "Diamond Head" A "Tarn Bulba" NORTHWEST Exclusive Ennagement Spec. Popular Prices ACADEMY ( AWARD WINNER.'. I "TO KILL A J lYIUCKINGBIRD K GREGORY PECK at 1:25-4:10-6:55-8:30 Plus "MYSTERIES OF THE DEEP" NORTH bcree" k OPEW 7.UU GLENN FORD "LOVE IS A BALL" DOLORES HART COME FLY WITH ME' BORIS KARLOFF "THE RAVEN- TAB HUNTER -OPERATION BIKINI" RfiPlfllC 5825 Div. Op. 5:30. Park Free! HUbMlL "Come Fly With Me" at 8:00 iv. nepourn "Loni l.i.-.nii Into 5:35 Day's " Night" 9:45 Hepburn R. Richardson MARSHALL SQ. 'Corridors of Blood' "WEREWOLF IN A GIRLS' DORMITORY" BYRD 4730 W. Madison "COME FLY WITH ME" "LOVE IS A BALL" IRfDCDIHI Open Noon 2329 Madison lintrCiilMI. "THE CAT BURGLAR" "WEREWOLF IN A filRIS' nnMITDRV" A Boris Karloff "CORRIDORS OF BLOOD" CTIB A GARTER Op. 8 A.M. "lee Palace" w I Hit Madison-Halsted Robert Rvan Bombers B52" Natalie Wood, Karl Maiden 4 STAR I, Female Fiends" 2. "Trouble 16" 3. V'This Rebel Age" SOUTH A I AFffl Charlton Heston. George Chakiris MkHiflW unilUfllin urinn 3139 W. Chicago uimwnu- nSAU "LOVE IS A BALL" Glena FORD Hope LANGE fiRYTA! 2705 w- Nertn ,:3 unlOIML "CORRIDORS OF Hi nnn" "MONOLITH MONSTERS" A "WEREWOLF IN A GIRLS' DORMITORY" 8 Features Mil ennn G",nn Fwd "courtship liil.rUriU OF EDDIE'S FATHER" 6 05 10:05 A "DAYS OF WINE A ROSES" 8:00 bUltlliiUUUnCi "Days of Wine A Roses" "Dark at the Tep of the Stairs'' D. MeGuira AVftU 3327 Fullertoq CA 7-2119 MIUH Greek Films English Titles Eliai of 6th" K. Hatzmchristos. also Shorts DJITIfl 6008 Irving Park " Ooen 1:30 rHIIU "UNDERWATER CITY" CHARLTON HESTON "DIAMOND HEAD' OAK OPEN "27TH DAY' "CAT BURGLAR" "WHEN THE CLOCK STRIKES" IRVIMfi Charlton Heston. George Chaklrit 111 Villi "D I A MnN n UElnx 6:30-9:40 glue "UNDERWATER CITY'- 8:20 9 fJRAH 4SMIIw. "COURTSHIP OF LUUAH EDDIE'S FATHER" A "JUMBO" CMQDCCC 6drd and Halsted Op. I0:3U ClilrnCaO "Werewolf In a Girls' Dormitory' and "The "Corridors of Blood" B. Karloff Cat Girl" Triple Herrer Show rflU'MPRP'l 2nd-Comm. Op. 11:15 ilUr.liilCriU I. 3 Stooges Comedy Marlon Brando "ONE-EYED JACKS" Victor Mature "SAMPSON A DELILAH" LEX 162 E. 63rd St. Op. 12:30 "BARABBAS" 'SNAKE WOMAN" A "HIRED GUN" Rory Calhoun MOTION PICTURES DOWNTOWN 1.0P3 bans that most elusive of all species.. an Ekbcrg! fr4 HARRY SALTZMAff w ALBERT R. BROCCOLI Bob Hope Anita EKbeig i F 7' J ' 'J 13 II L Httun mi ueittD CTJ MtTtsrs L AMERICAN PREMIERE Starts WEDNESDAY WOODS Theatre pwn BRIGITTt B1RD0T . MilFlEASE,Kl)IKO'j! Positively 8a One Under 17 Admitted TITILLATINS! RIOTOUS! N0T TONITE, HENRY! 1V1D COLOOf 1 ST SHOWINC kTl I op world 4,oM-nm;;,hw r 1 MOTION PICTUMS DOWNTOWN TONIGHT AT 8:30 P.M. - METSO GOLDWTN HATER - S"' TUCHWwCOCOel adt. oxoFFtcc ortH tmvfL ie a m. to r m . tU.. HOOW TO P m m Phpoe ST 2 82JO IvXcVZCICTXXIS Open 9 a.m. Feat. 9:05, II :U0. 12:55. 2:50. 4:45. 6:45. 6:30. 10:15 TII3YGLLCUJ eananv Starring PAT BOONE, BARBARA EDEN STEVE FORREST APUITS ONir I my. . Ut-MaCC. STARR 5ack jo Hature - nta Calar : N4rvtf N'on our in tm Htuti vMKED HILLS' .Open A.M. THC HCTUM TMCY SHAK Of IN WHISrcRS ii:?. rjaiconif Bfe 5 J aMBL 9 SMtLLIT WINTfcHS TR FALK jVO OMf VNOtH If ADMITTCOi OpM 1:45 jh. 1 I Sh 10 '1H 88 BBa l fH rtO(j lie trrtOW0 VMciuc'uti; a j dTVM?, a.i-.......J.a fJTr'1,1- rr SOUTHWEST 6 00 PI ARIf Clk.-MdtR. 'DESERT WARRIOR UL.MniV "ROMMEL'S TREASURE" (Tues. "Purple Hills" A "Colossus of Rhodei") SOUTH RAMfiVA 35,h Hoisted Glenn Ford nHKIUVH "LOVE IS A BALL" uoioree Hart "COME FLY WITH ME" SOUTHEAST SB OUTDOOR ftSMS'-.ja ' Special Showing! "TO KILL A . MOCKINGBIRD" at 8:30 ft 11:30 EXTRA ... IN COLOR! "LAND OF LONG WHITE CLOUD" SUBURBAN PI -NORTHWEST- mm GLENN FORD 1 HOPE LANGE LOve,sa -r BaiL P'-'-'Sr PDrrnov Briir d To Kill a F v- mwuuiiguii u ia l VTJCCIel iVo J fi tt.iA$TtrpAcrJj 14. 65rh.Aihlaa4 a -zaoo Free Parkief GREGORY PECK . . "To Kill a Mockingbird" at 1:30-3:40-8-8:05-10:10 T1"JPTT Exclusive Southeast FI T PU,,T2ER f" Novel ... "To Kill a 7llt.JtfT.ry r ea4M ad Af.lrinnhip.i' at 1-3:15-5:35-7:50-10:10 lilililiMIco 'LOVE IS A BALL" f Color! at 2:00-8:00-10:00 2150 E. 71 COMB FIT WITH MB' HY 3-1 121 Color! at 4:10-8:10 li'iiejiiyijyiiiaii auaMpweaaejeeeiwei 79th-Stony 79th-Halsted GLENN FORD - "LOVE IS A BALL" At: 4:25 and 8:20-DOLORES HART COME FLY WITH ME" At: 2:15. 6:15 and 10:10 79th-Ahland "COURTSHIP OF EDDIE'S FATHER" 6. Chakiris "Diamond Head" ! 79th-Rhodes George Chakiris "DIAMOND HEAD" Alan I Ladd "13 WEST STREET" 346th-S. Pkwy. "WEREWOLF IN A GIRLS' DORMITORY" "CORRIDORS of BLOOD" mm an 13 ..iiJJL JilH wfiV (JIM ACAOEMY AWARD WINNER GREGORY PECK To Kill a o IN P'"5 WCf mo SPACi) .i VENICE ' of the EAST Gsrm , Hope Ford -Lange lxve,Sa lit tim StrttMNs lhtWrn FLIGHT THAT E GLENN FORD LOVE IS A BALL DOLORES HART COME FLY WITH ME H?nj.iijn; TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD' DISNEY 5 SOLIATH II" iir. mnwu an urnnr r a H"?J w.J ajj.i.inafl -PARK RDG- 5-UNIT SHOW GREGORY PECK I "TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD' 2 'Bob Hope vs 3 'Rd Skellon' 4 WALT DISNEY S "GOLIATH 11" 5 "MAGOO Cartoon FESTIVAL" ACADIM1 AW AM WIHHtHI TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD" atooar ncc I "wondmi or CHic.eo- I Jjrjeoyjrspues" j.iijjritiia-l SUBURBAN -EVANSTON- Pwr aatabon 8 Kate V GRaanktcif 5-40 nuw iimts: KAadalgilt e.S30O (jV;l!-i iJ 2 features 6 MS mJ&mimmhi-mr BOTH in COL0R1 Clean Ford "LOVE IS A BALL" piu "COME FLY WITH ME" 'WEREWOLF IN A GIRLS' DORMITORY1 plus "CORRIDORS OF BLOOD" Open 1 :30 P.M. Last 2 Feetures 9:10 BOTH FIRST RUN J 817 Chirago Ave. peter Sellers Richard Attenbornuoh "TRIAL AND. ERROR" Feet 6:90-8-40-10:20 EVANST0N P.A.1.KJ.5 ATll n!r;'. ..urence narvey iinnnu a TflDU6:30 Simone 8lgnorat nUUI THE I Ul J.5S "SattirriflV M i nht A ftunrfaw UapmiImii'I .an Night 4 Sundny -f"ORTH- T U A X It it) -4r Sheridan Road Wilmette AL 1-8900 tolnn Ford Hope Langs "LOVE IS A BALL" at: 6:00-800-10:00 G I, e tv r II I? 630 Vernon Gleneoe Vt 5.0805 Dolores Hart Hugh O'Brian "COME FLY WITH ME" et: 7:00 & 9:30 "LOVE IS A IIAAIIP W 188 a I gptaa 8:30 bumc rLi nun Hit" -DES plaizves DESPL'NES Love I. a Ball" 6:20-10 Tnmn Flv With M." u-os mi: rKU2PCT PROSPECT "Love Is a Ball"':'' -ARLINGTON HEIGHTS ARLINGTON 'ta "cZrffi- '? "COURTSHIP OF EDDIE'S FATHER" Plus uoiorea nan "UUiHt f LY WITH ME" Color WEST H V4 ! IJLIillLMiMN oiue unoaa m n t-m "Love Is a Ball" "Come Fly With Me". mmomm hlohih "RACER" "Torpedo Run" "Curse of Frankenstein" "Speed Way" mm T l.:il mm hmXi Mockingbird f JeffU. I GREGORY PECK iSSPtSTO KILL A . J , Vmockingbird" WINNERICREGORY PECK Open I P.M. At: 1:40. 4:50. 7:45. 10:10 gireJW! ttAaleVi .i-..-,.rArr.t To kill a Mockingbird I at 1:00, 3J0, 5:30, 8:00, 10:10 i parking a aiatlnea dally VFrnna A.aaafl iut West of Eden. h.1w.a. niindn. A I .U..r..l, u. Tonight at 8:30-7:50-10:10 p.m. . ROBMO A E8aW" ACADEMY "TO KILL A AWARD M MOCKINGBIRD WINNER! A GREGORY PECK SKOKIE "DIAMOND HEAD" upen 9iau r.m. unariion Heston at70eV6:40 V2E r:A Cnekhov's Cannes Winner 6:45 "LADY WITH A in thf nnr." At u:M Chahrol s Venice Winner "LEDA" Sts. Thur. Mat. 'Long Day's Journ. into Night' DEERPATH 'LOVE IS A BALL GLENN FORD HOPE LANflC HIGHLAND PARX- ALCY0N X" "Diamond Head" LISEKTYVILLE- njfj;vin "YOUNG LIONS" L..'rrf. y. Jj 'PPYTOKI PLACE" EXCLUSIVE SHOWING! rmmn "cen- iiM i nun" raiTTTITFnTHE RAVEN" "White Stallions" Causae Gr. Nr. bird Open 1:30 Feet. 2:05 4:40-:ia.a:ao p.m ACADEMY l AWARD WINNER! 1 TO KILL A J MOCKINGBIRD GREGORY PECK Eiel. Area Engagement 6 pee. Popular Prices GLENN FORD "LOVE IS A BALL DOLORES HART 'COME FLY WITH ME' ft.dq.ri 8 HMnmentei.'. bbmb m n BVMuW limrW 'OKLAHOMA CTATC 1 10th A Miehlgan. Both in Color "LOVE IS A BALL" "COME FLY WITH ME" at 6:00 A 9:55 79th A Enhaage ES 5-3042 Charlton Heston. Gee. Chakiris "DIAMOND HEAD" "fx" CHELTEN RTJCJ1T. 47tti-S. Pkwy. Op. ISO 8 Hits! "Shake. Rattle A Roll" "Twist Around the Cloek" Plus "Pete Kelly' Blues" I. f er.JI 1 Open 1:30 a.m. - - -1 hi" .ill ha f Last 2 Feats. 9:10 WEREWOLF IN A GIRLS DORMITORY plus "CORRIDORS OF BLOOD" rIAD a 95th it Cleere GArdea 4-0041 UUilAL Hugh O'BRIAN at 80. 10:18 "COME FLY WITH ME" Pius Glenn FORO Shirley JONES at 8:20 "COURTSHIP OF EDDIE'S FATHER" Friday: Roek Hudson Liz Taylor "GIANT" Open 7:uu Slart Dusk Phone 231.3150 -LUVt is A BALL and "COME FLY WITH ME" -OAK PARK- I IRTRTV 7:S0 Charltoa Heetea "I One Show Sophia Larea " E L C I D " ,N colou LA GRANGE AlfC Park Freei Colorl Glenn FORO hank "LOVE IS A BALI" 7:90. R -In. 10 pius uoiores Hart "COME FLY WITH ME' I APf AR Jack LEMMON Lee REM UH Id Mil "DAYS OF WINE A R0S At 8:50-7:55-10- -Park Free ICK ES" Aeros. St.! OLYMPIC 6136 W. Cermak Sneeial Popular Prices A.CY"T0 KILL A WARD piOCKINGBIRD WINKER! A GREGORY PECK at 2:00-4:35-7:15-9:58 BERWYN Open 1 :45 Features 2:1 5-4:45-7. 15-9:50 P.H. 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FRANKLIN PARK nnCC "Samson A 7 Miracles" Open 6:00 IIU4C "Mirixla n White Ctillinn" Disney's I'liiabiBui nunc oiaiiiuuj GLEN ELLTN n CM "LOVE 18 A BALL" 8:30 ULLrl 'COME FLY WITH ME' 6:35-10:20 &OMBARD nil DATE OiMey's "Legentl of Lotto" UU rfltSC C. Heston 'DIAMOND HEAD' -LYONS- VnilC "BILLY BUDO' blUila OF WINE AND ROSES' 7:00: -ELMHUF.ST- DAVS ' 9:00 YfttIV Open 1:00 "LOVE IS A BALL' lUlllV "MIRACLE of White STALLIONS' HINSDALE -IXINSDAIE- at 7:00. 8:40 A 10-00 Disaey'a "Sea af F lubber" Only Area Eng. oemant Spec. PsDul.r Prioeel Fealurel 2 :Uu-4 :35-7 :IQ-9 :45 P.M. r F3i'LT l.itaj 15 Open l.4j AWARD kAIOCKINCSinO WINNER! A GREGORY PECK Only Area Engagement Spec. Popular Prioeel CRAYSLAKE- CLUE ISLAKD- LYIIIC ,?9h '' 88S-8IB6 ""aw Dm. I -Oft U -. k , Glenn Forel "LOVt IS i'liil" 6 Hugh O'Brian 'COME FLY WITH Mr LOVE IS A BALL" WHEATOM "COME FLY WITH MI"

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