Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois on March 12, 1962 · 42
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Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois · 42

Chicago, Illinois
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Monday, March 12, 1962
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PART 3- 'PAGE 10 F CHICAGO DAILY TKIBUNE; MPS DAY, MAKC1I 1 1 196:! Star of TV Gives 1 ips on Hair Care BY ARLENE DAIIL T WAS OBVIOUS as we 'lunched together at the Brown Derby, why Cara Williams, co-star of CBS-TVs "Pete and Gladys,' recently was named as I BREND A STARR Reporter Let's. Be Beautiful one of the "Ten Best Coiffured Women." She was selected for this honor by the Helene Curtis Guild of Professional Beauticians, along with such other notables as Princess Margaret, Jacqueline Kennedy, and Dinah Shore. Her short red hair, natural in curl and color, shone like a bright new penny as we chatted over salads. "I hate a 'set' look," Cara began, ."so I comb or brush my hair whenever I have a chance. I never use lacquers. "Most women think the face ends at the hairline. That's wrong! To have a clear complexion it's most important to keep the scalp and hair clean! Girls that think they have a complexion problem often have a hair problem instead. Dirty hair or an unhealthy scalp, so close to the- face, can affect the skin. Uses Mild Shampoo "For this reason, I use a medicated shampoo every third washing. My preparation is a prescription, but it probably 75 eminent bran $uj?6bom, mm MATUEW MIBS.STUDIES TUB REPOZT CSI MISSY FZITCHARD AUSS JONES, CHECK MY CALBSPAZ. J WANT TO TAKE THIS PAVENT AS Soon AS POSSIBLE. Meanwhile: bzenpa a'esatths pe- ' - but already I'm WWiyfm L PAZTMENT OF VITAL STATISTICS jFJ&lp I'M HOPING !UtJ'7y iy?vyi'fhyD(Dvot;NoTiC ) urn. its sm about rxk oh.ves.i 600Df ) Pi ( V ( THAT I DIDN'T WEEKS NOCi), AN) YOU HAVEN T N0TICEO IT f'J ft llfiSieHfr.J I SEND rU A 5AlDANVTHlN650IftSJU5T RlWAW. f -7. y ( VALENTINE THfSVEAJa ttJONDERlNfi IF VOU HAD NOTICED... u X fW V I 'l U . J Cara Williams can be purchased at any pharmacy. Otherwise, every week I use a mild liquid shampoo, and no rinse. "Also, because a girl can never be too careful where her complexion is concerned, I wear a medicated pancake type make-up. Every girl should experiment to find the right cosmetics fqr her individual hair and skin condition, but I think an excellent soap or cleanser and astringent are vital for anyone." Set Very Loosely I complimented Cara on her casual but near Baby Doll coiffure. "Have you always worn your hair short?" I inquired. "It used to be longer, but I think long hair is outdated unless it's worn up in a modified Beehive and that style is too sophisticated for me. "My hair now is about 3 inches long, and seems to suit my type and my roundish-oval face. It's set very loosely, and worn without much variation for all occasions even for the show," Cara replied as she briskly gulped her coffee and prepared to return to the filming of her role as "Gladys." Goren on Bridge By Charles Goren ANSWERS TO BRIDGE QUIZ Q. l As South, the dealer, you hold: A9 8 6 4 2 VQ 7 4A 10 4 2 A J What is your opening bid? A. Pass. While this hand ostensibly contains 13 points, enough for an optional opening, flaws are present In the form of the' unguarded queen of hearts and the A-J doubleton in clubs. There is the further consideration that no convenient rebid wiU be available if partner responds with two hearts over a one spade opening. Discre tion, therefore, dictates a pass. Q. 2 As South you hold: AK V6 3 KQ J4 3 2 K0 4 3 Your partner opens with two no trump. What is your re sponse? A. Four clubs. This Is the type of holding that calls for the use of Gerber. All of your problems can be solved by ascertaining the number of partner's aces. If he responds with four diamonds, snowing all four,vyou can confidently bid seven no trump and be prepared to spread your hand after the lead. Q. 3 As South you hold: V73 VAQ642 AQ1097 AK The bidding has proceeded: South West North East 1 Pass 1 A Pass 2 Pass 3 Pass What do you bid now? A. Partner's three diamond bid is highly constructive since your rebid was not forcing on responder. Game aspirations should therefore be entertained and our choice Is for a bid of four diamonds. If re sponder happens to have a hand containing three small hearts, he will have the opportunity to try four hearts over four diamonds. A bid of three hearts over three diamonds is not our choice because partner might be Induced to raise to four on some hands containing only two trumps. Q. 4 As South you hold: AK 3 V9 8 7 A 10 9 6 5 J 9 2 The bidding has proceeded: North East South West Pass 1 NT Pass Pass Double Pass ? What do you bid now? A. You have splendid defense against a no trump contract and should pass. We have not lost sight of partner's previous pass, but In view of the fact that he was willing to double the no trump bid he must be just under an opening bid himself. This means that West wiU show up with a practically trickless dummy and East wiU have to oper ate completely from his own hand. Looking at Hollywood Jerry Lewis Lands on Moon in 'Astronuts Q. 5-7-Both vulnerable and as South you hold: AKQ 10 7 V 7 AJ 6 3 2 K 6 3 The bidding has proceeded: East South 1 A ? What do you bid? A. Pass. Don't crowd a feUow who might be working for you. Give him plenty of elbow space. Any action by you that tends to impede the opposition is bound to prove to your material detriment. Q. 6 As South you hold: AA632 VK43 AKQ9 5A6 The bidding has proceeded: East South West North 1 A Double Pass 1 V Pass ? What do you bid now? A. Inasmuch as partner has been forced to bid and may have only BY HEDDA HOLLYWOOD, March 11-Lt. CoL John H. Glenn was-the first American to orbit the earth, but Jerry Lewis is going to beat him to the moon. He has writers working like little beavers on a story called "Astronuts" and in it, thru a series of mistakes, Jerry will be the first man shot to the moon. "And when I get thru up there," Lewis says, "I have a feeling the government won't even want to go." . . . Vincente Minnelli has had several talks with Alan Lerner about directing "My Fair Lady," which won't roll for at least a year. It win be made in England where they don't have to build castlesthey've got 'em. Also Ascot where the race scenes will be shot. . . . Bette Davis will be very upset when she learns that the man who bought the movie rights to "Night of the Iguana" wants Nancy Kwan for Bette's role. . . . Michael Wilding had a tough week. He lost wife No. 3 and the role of Sandra Dee's father in "If a Man Answers." Mike answered the call but remained in the role only five days. SAMUEL BRONSTON and his wife visited me before returning to New York. He's still hoping that Katharine Hepburn will play the empress of China in "55 Days at Peking." "It's one of the greatest roles ever written," Sam says. "I was able to buy 100 of the empress beautiful costumes for $42,000. They're in perfect condition, and will be used In the film." I suggested if he missed on Hepburn, scant value, a JuiSp Is not In order. The best strategy calls for a bid of only two diamonds. If partners has any values he should make a further bid. If he happens to rebid hearts you may then go on to game in that suit. One should be reluctant to give an immediate raise with only Uhree trumps where partner has been forced to bid. Q. 7 As South you hold: A AKQJ 6VAK5 AJ97A4 The bidding has- proceeded: South West North Eas,t 2 V Pass 2 NT 3 A WTiat do you bid now? A. A forcing pass is indicated at this point. Your opening two bid was slightly shaded. Partner should be given the opportunity to double three clubs if he finds it to his taste. Furthermore, he might be able to bid three no trump which could conceivably be the only safe game contract. In any event partner is obliged to act. Q. 8 As South you hold: AJ 10 6 4 V 3 4K 8 5 2 AQ J 7 3 The bidding has proceeded: South West North East Pass Pass 1 Double What do you bid now? A. With this mediocre hand we recommend no action whatsoever. It is good policy to make it easy for the opponents to take this proposition off your hands. The fear that one heart doubled would be left in is unfounded. It rarely happens and then you must presume that partner can take care of himself. CARROLL RIGHTER'S MONDAY, MARCH 12 GENERAL TENDENCIES: This is a day to take no chances where your health is concerned, so get plenty of rest. ARIES Birthdays from March 21 to April 19J Be most diplomatic with those who are vital to your business or personal interests. TAURUS April 20 to May 20 Zip your purse others may be under the Impression that you have far more to spend than is actually the case. GEMINI May 21 to June 21 Do nothing that will take away from the fine reputation you now enjoy. MOON CHILDREN June 22 to July 21 J Be very sure you are not critical of others today, but rather make it a point to be of service and help w herever most needed. I.EO July 22 to Aug. 21 Steer clear of that argument between a pal and a higher-up. VIRGO Aug. 22 to Sept. 22 Be sure you know what your position is with partners and with higher-ups as well. LIBRA (Sept. 23 to Oct. 22 New ideas and plans are fine today, but take care you do not neglect some task that Is of importance, too. HOROSCOPE SCORPIO Oct. 23 to Nov. 21 Giving in to your desire for pleasure is fine, so long as you are not extravagant. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22 to Dec. 21 It is very important now that you come thru with any commitments made tot associates. CAPRICORN Dec. 22 to Jan. 20 By cleverly palliating any arguments at home and then planning your time wisely, you find that much can be accompUshed. AQUARIUS Jan. 21 to Feb. 19 Fine day for enjoying yourself, but take care you do not waste time going over what has already been discussed. PISCES Feb. 20 to March 20 Be sure you understand what it is that close ties desire of you and see to It that it is obtained for them quickly and gladly. IF YOUR CHILD IS BORN MARCH 12: -This chart Is excellent for any work In a personal advisory capacity or in the medical field, preferably, that connected with mental health. Corroll Ristrtur'i Forecast for vow siin for Awil it now reoa. For row copy xnt mr birtMate end 50 cent to Corroll Rishtor Forecast, Box 121, Hollywood 28, Col. Distributed br McNought Syndlcote, Inc. Answer to Saturday's Word Game SINECURE scree screen scene 'seen seer sere secure serin seric seine sine sire siren since sincere sneer suer sure sucre icer insecure insure incur inure nicer niece nurse ecru ensue erne esne cere censure censer cerise cruise cruse cms cries curse cures ursine urine user reis resin reins rescue risen rice rinse runes ruse ruins Look for Another Word Ham In Next Saturday's Tribune Set 'Cabinet' Concert by Marian Anderson Washington, March 11 Uft Contralto Marian Anderson will sing in the state department auditorium March 22, in the third of the President's cabinet series of cultural events begun last May, Atty. Gen. Robert F. Kennedy announced today. Equestrian Party The Town and Country Equestrian association will explain its role in promoting horsemanship at a luncheon April 2 in the Merchants and Manufacturers club. HOPPER he should try for Garbo. Someday she'll surprise a producer and say yes maybe. WALTER CHIARI came to town to visit Minna Wallis and read some scripts. Ava Gardner left Hollywood the night he arrived. . , . Hope Lange and her brother-in-law bought the- rights to the novel, "Walk Egypt," which she'll make as an independent picture next year. It's about a nice southern family. . . . Al Hart, president of National City bank, and banker to the stars, didn't wait for the government to tell him how to build a bomb shelter. When he planned his building six years ago, he designed one five stories down that can house 800 persons. Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby,' Dean Martin, and a dozen stars have rented space in his building. IT ISN'T EASY to surprise anyone here, but Tony Martin planned a .birthday party' for his wife, Cyd Charisse, and with the help of Bunny and Johnny Green managed to keep it a secret. ... He told Cyd he'd invited some friends for dinner at Romanoff's. They sat down with the Jack Bennys and other pals and ordered dinner. Mike Romanoff came to the table and said, "Before you eat, come upstairs and see the new room I've done." When Cyd walked in, 85 people were singing "Happy Birthday." ( PaU"1 un MV. fStA ) .f tt$- HO PAYMENTS 90 BATS ,; I ) SOFA $39 -nusfAitic- CHAIR f .ofo flMll Cr N,w tpringi raplocod now burUp cotton com. ) 1 Ftm Pkkoa on Bttirtry brie whoro ncry. Tho finost of hand tailoring I Cialta arairtM m all Wari. " fabrics. Chicago's largait factory making J tantaia Qim 40 yaart la ar awn furntfuro and plastic. "T. CALL FOR FREE ESTIMATE I AKY ' 1 by J4-H0u phoni siivici jyrn,r MBIftlMP """" "2m V tiPUnitTtPiNK rn - MCTOr 7 wisr south oooooooooooooooooo CERTIFIED SURVEY SHOWS: Q I $H Green Stamps WORTH .MOKEg than any other stamp plan o o in Chicago-bar hone! 0 you can get more gifts for fewer stamps with ' Q S&H GREEN STAMPS q O O 0 WLa ...'a. J Voitr aWrcfcoiaff fc N iVJ r lock lor thh & S&HGr.M 0 VJ git I GRE6N I 1 iUIMll kl v rill L J i F - J o o o SHOULD WOMEN ATTEMPTTO LOOK YOUNGER? It's Up to You, But You Certainly Cant In fact, jonH look uracil Eke yowr face iuid ctnally bea lifted. Tboee lines around jor eyes and mouth will be so beautifully plumped up from be neath youTl look Tears younger. The seem k 2ND DEBUT, neither cream nor lotion, but a greaseleaa emulsion containing tb nrvly discoTtred natural skin ingredient, CEF oOaTiaa ingredient takes water into tb eiia to not orr Tift" it, but to oneklr relieve dry-new. Deed nightly before rctir-ing and in daytime trader makenrp. Excellent result in a few dr or roar moner back. 2ND DEBUT with CEF 600 ia S3 and SI at our cos metie counters. (Prices plus tax.) Get It Today At STINEWAY The first cream peroxide for hair Helena Rubinstein'slSpeciai Cream Peroxide So rich! So luscious and better for your hair! Something wonderful's hap pened to peroxide, and Helena Rubinstein made it happen. It took the first lady of beauty science, world renowned for her superb skin creams, to come up with the first cream peroxide! New Special Cream Peroxide! You'll notice the difference the minute you open the bottle. Special Cream Peroxide is a rich, ivory colored cream that won't run or drip a ordinary peroxides do. The thick cream base has a luxurious, conditioning action. You'll feel the difference the minute it touches your hair. How luscious! And how different this rich cream makes your hair feeL The: silkiness! The softness! Special Cream Peroxide actually helps prevent hair from drying even in strong sun or harsh winds! YouTl lore the difference the minute you see the results! ' Use Special Cream Peroxide alone for a softer, blonder look you've never before known in any peroxide. Use it with any tint or bleach, if you wish, for a softer, silkier finish. With Helena Rubinstein's S - .ft V V. i-' '"" 1 to W " . ? i new Crowning Color Cream Hair Tint or Turn Light Cream Hair Lightener you'll get double conditioning action, double lustre, double softness. Available at all Next time ask for Helena Rubinstein's Special Cream Peroxide. You'll never use any other peroxide again. Only 1.00 plus tax at your favorite cosmetic counter! f it I ' r ; x , t ll ' v f -4 - Htm t S 4 : it : 4 - i! I 'I E .jt;wiiwwl'!iW!ysy .:::-:: 1 ' r You'll even hear the difference! Because of its unique stability, Special Cream Peroxide (20 volume Peroxide) can be stored and used again. Notice the top doesn't "pop" when the bottle is opened. EC3QDS) xKSGJjd Thru the Looking Glass New Colors in Make-Up Are Sunny BY ELEANOR N ANGLE COLOR FOR CITY wear, so widely advocated now and so widely adopted by women of fashion, will make every woman more aware of the necessity for color coordination in make-up. All except the most meticulous of us and the professional models are inclined to be .too automatic in the choice and the application of shades. This is a trap of casualness that will have to be avoided with costume color that's either on the pale or the potent side. Charles of the Ritz has developed a make-up that's a de lightful companion to all this color for country and town a look they've named "Sunny Face." It's stunning on a red head, bright and fresh on a blonde, and dashing on a brunette. It's in perfect key with the cheerful colors we'll be wearing, especially the powdery blues, shell pinks, and the lemon yellows. Strongest color accent in a sunny face is the lipstick Sunny Red which is a flash of azalea, a lovely color. For the eyes, a cool, pastel shade called Sunny Aqua, in a shadow that is to be shaded from the lash line right up to the brows. A brand new effect is achieved when over this you draw, quite close to the lashes of the upper lid, a shimmering liner called Sunny Copper. This, as you can visualize, gives a shimmer and an unbelievably interesting color effect. 0 anc n Jmatit beauty aalena OUR BIG SALE! Better Permanenis SAVE Vi AND MORE w" 4 f X $35 Permanent NOW 16.95 $25 Permanent NOW 12.50 $20 Permanent NOW 10.00 $15 Permanent NOW 7.50 Every wave complete with shampoo,, shape cut, and style set. A $1 deposit will hold the permanent of your choice until March 24th. EXTRA BOM'S! Rayotto Hair Nutrient Conditioning Treatment included with all permanent. For Appointment Phone ANdover 3-7394 101 N. w;b;th, CScaqo Phone 654-0)00 Oabroclt Center Phone Villaqe 8-1233 1 133 Lola St., Oak Park LANE BRYANT il cy I q "f- ... FKAXCES' E.V.VE1S XEW LIPSTICK, FREE with -our purchase of five dollars or more of Frances Denny preparations . . . this week and next. A 3.50 value, receive yours free with the "Beauty Break" kit or other, fine Frances Denney cosmetics. The specially priced, specially planned beauty kit contains five preparations designed to take care of even' skin need: Crystal Qear Cleanser, Mild JSkin Lo- "p tion, Viva Super Masque, Multi- Layer Moisturizer and Medic Hand Cream. 5. SO Cosmetics, first floor, State; also at Edens and Woodmar plus 10 federal tax CALL Stat 1-2000 or Enterprise "4747 (toll-free from most suburbs) after 9 .-00 A. M. or write Carsons, Box AA, O O O C O o o o o o o o o o o o oo Chicago 90, 111.

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