The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on December 3, 1940 · Page 14
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 14

Bakersfield, California
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Tuesday, December 3, 1940
Page 14
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THE BAKERSFIELp CALIFORNIA, TUESDAY, DECEMBER S, 194. L STREET STOCKS SLIP ON ,w KERN COUNTY RECORDS AND VITAL STATISTICS n .. . i ' .' (Up to Neon Today) .1 - -*- DOCUMENTS RECORDED CHARLES N. SHOMATC, Recorder De«d» 1039*—H. A. Weferling and xrifej S03P3— r,. C. Beeby and wife to Cor- Trust D*ed« grant t.o H. A. MVferlinp and wife i block SI. Tehacliapi; lots SO, SI and; 32, block 31: portions lots 17, IS, 19 and 20. block SO: lots 21 and 22.1 block 50. all in 1'riii.c.hapi: also one- i rom-.tfc interest ir. Tehacliapi Supply 20401 uoration of Anierica trustees for Bank of America National Trust ;uid Pavinss Association. fJOOO, lot 331. Highland Manor, Tract No. 1090. Assijrns rents. Ross Hampson to Corporation of America trustees for Bank of America National Trust and Savings Association, S1700, lot 5, block 6. Oildale Annex, together with thares of water stock. Assigiii rents. to trustees for Kern County Alutu.H Building and Loan Association, J200U, lot 5. and r>' rtion lot 4. folnrk 21. Kern: interest in lots 7 to 16 inclusive, block 31, Tehacliapi. and lots 1 to 4 inclusive, block 4'.', Pauly's Addition. 80396 — Henry H. Froese and wife , grant to Wesley Harbin, portion 1 50403— A. O. Rupttgers and wife I<r\V*4 section 13, 2SI-27. Uakersfield Abstract Company tr $0396 — Philip T. Dennis and wife grant to Glen E. Covey ai>d wife as joint tenants portion lot 1!>. all lot 20, Week 151, Kern. SJS.76. JO",9S — W. S. Taylor and w ife and E. J. Cannon grant to G. C. Heeby an •wife a.« joint tenants lot 131, 1-UK'l) land Msuior. Tract No. H*0. SJ3.S5 30400 — Thf?te Kent and husband jrran to C. Ross Hamj>snn lot 6, block. 6 Oildale Annex. SJ2.20. 60416— Hattie C. Anderson grants t Arlene D. Millhotlin and Hattle (1 Anderson as joint tenants SEVi sec tion 2«. 11-S. Sf.65. J841R — Bank of America Nations Trust and Savings Associatio KfSMts to Edward Hohffld lots and 4, block 27S, Bakersfield SI1S1. 50. 80419 — Sarah C. Hockett Brants t Cecil T. Roberts and wife .is join tenants lots 27 toad 2£, block 1, Ken Boulevard Heights. Sf.&o. 30427 — Alfred Andersen and wife gran to Waiter H. Rhodes and wife a: joint .tenants lot 9, block S, Home crest. SJ.5S. 3012$ — H. E. Davis and wife grant . . Jleroed Garcia and wife as join tenants lot 5, block B. Tucker Sub division, Arvin. SJ1.10. 80429— Sarah C. Hoekett grants to Luther H. grown and wife as joint tenants portion lots 41 and 42, block 1, Kern Boulevard Heights. SJ.55. 30432 — Casa Loma Acres, Incorporated, grants to F. W. Van Osde and wife as joint tenants lot 4, tract No. 1124. J0435 — Mary E. Geisler and Fanny V Btxlcr trant to S. E. Moyer and wise as joint tenants lot 10, tract No. 1075. 30*36 — Egland Lumber Company grant? tfl Arthur P. Aston and wife as joint tenants lot 7, block F, Scofield Park, tract No. 1159. S$.55. 30439 — Eugene V. Walton and wife grant to Fred J. Chabot and wife as joint tenants portion lot 1, Roberts Ranch Subdivision. S$. 55. 30442 — Verna L. Bennett, administra- trix of estate of Mary Brown, deceased, grants to Henrietta B. Ferris, for J1850, all rights in lot 21, tract No. 1023. Pursuant to order, Superior Court, Kern county. SS1.CS. 30443 — Henrietta B. Ferris grants to Claude S. Yeatts and wife as joint tenants lot 21. tract No. 1029. SI2.20. 30446 — Schwartz Lumber Company, Incorporated, grants to W. P. Fuller & Company lot 11, tract No. 109S. S?.55. 80449 — El Cinco Gun Club grants to H. A. Bardeen, Francis Molton and C. C. Simpson, trustees under trust, SWVi section 5, 26-23, and portion KW% section 8, 26-23, together -with right* of way. J0451 — James E. Gatewood and wife § rant to Frank N. de los Reyes W% section 1, 25-3S. S$.65. 10453 — Pacific Oil and Gas Development Corporation grants to Edward D. Bowrlng and wife as joint tenants lot 29, tract No. 1147. S$.55. 40454 — Same grants to Cornelia Cress N% lot 5, tract No. 1174. SJ.55. 10455 — Same grants to David K. T,ener and wife as joint tenants NH lot 27 and lot 2S. tract No. 1147. SJ1.10. !045f — Same grants to Arthur F. P. Westing N% lot 2. tract No. 1174. St. 55. 30461— Olive Lindsay grants to William Jones and wife lot 19, block D, tract No. 1044. 10462 — William Jones and wife grant to Olive Lindsay and Nell Easter Clack as joint tenants lot 19, block D, tract No. 1044. 10463 — Frazier Mountain Park and Fisheries Company grants to William C. Harberger and Frank N. Towne lot 12. Mock 4. tract No. 1, Frazier Mountain Park. S!.5p. 80464 — Frazier Mountain Park and .Fisheries Company grants to Ella J. Towne and Ruth M. Herberger lot 4. block 5. tract No. 1, Frazier Mountain Park. SS.50. J0465— Frank N. Towne and William C. Herberger et al grant to William C. Herberger and wife as joint tenants lot 12. block 4. lot 4. block 5, both in Frazier Mountain Park Tract No. 1. J046S— M. B. McFarland and wife grant to M. B. McFarland and wife as joint tenants lot 1. Mock 1. Alia Sierra TrHrt No. 1 and lot G, block 12. McFarland. 10474 — Howard P. Burdette and wife grant to Edward J. McMnhon and wife as joint tenants lot 3! rind E'/4 lot 31. block *!. Taft Heights Addition. cxceutine minerals. PJ2.7S. . . . lot 6 and portion lot 4, block 21, Alia Vista Tract. Assigns rents. 20420— Cecil T. Roberts and wi/e to E. T. Kruse et al trustees for the San Francisco Bank, J1S50. lots 27 and 28, block 1. Kern Boulevard 31eights. Assigns rents. 30421— Cecil T. Roberts and wife to Bakersfield Abstract Company. trustees for Ken Mynatt and wife as joint tenants, J1370.90, lots 27 and 2S. block 1, Kern Boulevard Heights. 20426— Thurlow L. Patterson and wife to Bakersfield Abstract Company, trustee for First Federal Savings and Loan Association of Bakersfield, $1700. lots 12 and 13, Alberta Trait. Assigns rents. 304SO— Luther H. Brown and wife to K. T. et al, trustees for The San Francisco Bank, $1700, portion lots 41 and 42, block I, Kern Boulevard Heights. Assigns rents. 30431— Luther H. Brown and wife to Title Insurance and Trust Company, trustee for Ken Mynatt and wife as joint tenants, $391.95, portion lots 41 and 42, block I, Kern Boulevard Heights. Assigns rents. 30433— F. W. Van Osdel and wife to Bakersfield Mortgage Company, trustee for Olive M. Chubb, $1800, lot 4, tract No. 1124. Assigns rents. 30434— F. AV. Van Ogdel and wife to Bakersfield Mortgage Company, trustee for Howard Nichols and wife as joint tenants, $1000, lot 4, tract No. 1124. Assigns rente. 30437 — Arthur P. Aston and wife to E. T. Kruse et al, trustees for The San Francisco Bank, $17SO, lot 7, block F, Scofield Park, tract No. 1159. Assigns rents. 30435— Arthur P. Aston and wife to Bakersfield Abstract Company, trustee for Egland Lumber Company, $300, lot 7, block F. Scofield Park, tract No. 1159. 30444— Claude S. Teatts and wife to Bakersfield Abstract Company, trustee for Henrietta B. Ferris, J1SOO, lot 21. tract No. 1029. 30445 — Edward E. Alvcrson and wife to Bakersfieid Abstract Company, trustee for Orloff Investment Company, $1262.24. lot 35, Highland Manor, tract No. 1090. 0476 — Lee A. Galland and wife to Corporation of America, trustee for Bank of America National Trust and Savings Association. $4300, W% lot 23 and E% lot 22, tract No. 1113. Assigns rents. ;0479— Frank M. Knight and wife to Corporation of America, trustee for Bnnk of America National Trust and Savings Association, $1100, lots 11, 13, 14, block 45, Ford Townsite. Assigns rents. Cowriy Clerk's Office It. J. VEOM, Clorfc Now Suite 35776—-Re application of ArtlAir D. Smith, etc., et al, petition to compromise claim of Wilfred Smith for amount of $276. Brfttan & Maek, attorneys for petitioner. 35777—F. J. Tebcau vs. J. R. Huffman et al. action to foreclose mechanic';? lien in amount of 1167.34 and costs, on lot 3. block }29. Kern. 3B77S—Delores Morrow vs. Everett Morrow, action for divorce. Vivienno Goldberp, attorney for plaintiff. 35779—Edna Hobhs vs. Cecil Hobbs, action for divorce; extreme cruelty. Dorris & Flehurty, attorneys lor plaintiff. 357SO—The City .of Bakersfield vs. See Yet Hongr et al, action to quiet title to portion lot 5, block 232. Bakers- fi.eld. Walter Osborn et al, attorneys for plaintiff. PUIS FEE" Probates 7278—Estate of John Vovacevioh, deceased, petition for special letters of administration. lener W. Nielsen, attorney for petitioner. Intentions to Wed Tracey Morgran Erivin, 21. and Vivian B. Hancock, 17, both of AVasco. Alfred Moultrie. 2fi, M r asco, and Dora Lee Diilard. IB. Shatter. New Business Licenses M. O. Brandon. Cottonwood Road, second-hand furniture and secondhand clothing. Ralph Kephart, Kern county, peddling John H. Armstrong, Taft, motor hotel. 'R. C. Smales & Sons, south of Delano on U9 Highway, restaurant. Isabel Smith, Wasco. cafe. Notices 30413— J. IX Sanders flies affidavit of birth of Wlliinm Wiley Sanders, born February 28, J002, at Sallisaw, Indian Territory, now Oklahoma. 30414— Eve Derby Stockton and Ann Derby TIpton file notice of non- responsibility for labor or materials of NK14; S\V>4 of 8W4, of on of , or 6W% of Releases 0-111—BaUersfield Production Credit Association releases to Hugh A. Smith et al livestock and crops on portion section 2, 28-29, 24, 32 and 34, 27-29 and 20. 29, 30, 31 and 32, 27-30. 0412—Same releases to same livestock in Kern and San Bernardino counties. 1045.5—United Slates Internal. Revenue releases Irene Morgan from tax lien in amount of $26.39 for federal insurance, January to June, 1937. 0-171—Christ Handel and AV. C. Handel releases to David J. Unruh personal property. 0472—San Jonquln Cotton Oil Company release to H. H. Voth crops, etc., on SE'/i section 26. 27-24. 0477—-Raymond Reynier, by attorneys, releases J. P. Reynier from judgment in amount of J1074, etc., ...JSii ol of NE',4, excepting portion thereof, all in section S3, 30-2U. 30448—Department of Public Works, etc., files notice of completion of contract for furnishing oil hauling, etc., on state hlghjvay in Kern county. Completed November 2G, 1940, by Oilfields Trucking Company. 30459—The Pacific Telephone and Telegraph Company files notice Of completion of building on lots 1, 2, 3 and 4, block 230, Baker Homestead Tract. Completed November 25, 1940, by Trewhitt, Shields and Fisher. Incorporated. 304B9—J. D. Murphy and wife file no- ice of intention to sell to H. C. Buzzell stock in trade, etc., in cafe and cocktail business located at Walnut and Highway No. C, Rosamond. Sale to be consummated December 20, Reconveyances rendered June 10. 1940. Court. Kern county. Superior 2041 K. Hfurhln and wife et al grant to ISP A. nallanrl and wife BP Orders and Decrees 0404—Estate of Fred Uhl, Sr., deceased, order settling account and report of execution and distributing estate to Estate of Nellie Gregg Uhl, deceased, property out of county, etc. Superior Court, Tulare county. 0405—Estate of Nellie Gregc Uhl, deceased, order Bett)...g account, etc., and distributing estate to Kenneth C. Uh), one-half thereof and to Fred Uhl, Jr., one-half thereof; personal property and property out of county, etc. Superior Court, Tulare county. 0441—Estate of Mnry Brown deceased, order confirming sale to Henrietta B. Ferriss for J1350. of lot 21, tract N... 1029. Superior Court, county. 3047K--Estate of Harriet Knight Ger- property, county. joint tPiianifi KM- lot 22 and WV4 lot 23. tract No. 1113. Oleander Terrace Extension. Stl.10. 804S1—Tipton Mathewg and wife grant to James frump arid wife us joint tenants lots Zf. 29 and 3ft. block B, Sou in Gate Gardens subdivision. S$.53. 80482—Olcn JI 'Hir-kr-y anil wife prnnt to Odis T... Hush suirt wife as joint ^ t }',~^tenant:? l"t 1'.*, bl'X-k 9. Unnieertst tract. Kf.Mi. 30485—W. D. Linn prantp 1" TCzin sotti and Mari«- Thucsa rtarsMt I. as joint tenants port inn lilork I!' 1 -, I3ak- ersfk-ld. reservinc lift- estate. S04RS—W. P. Linn grants tn llnrr.M r Ivinn and wife HS joint tcr; lots 4 and r,. Work T.'f. Baki-rsfii-ld, re- Bervlng life tstate. 80487—Paine Brunts tn Marie Theresa Barsottl s,n'l Harold r. I.inn at- .i'>iiit tpiiarits lot r,. l,l<.r>k 57. Frazier Mountain Park Tract N'>. 1, reserving life estate. ber. deceased, decree diKlributing estate to Frank M. Knight, lot 11, block 35, Jot 14. block 35, Ford; lot 2G, block 14. and lot 27, block 14. McKiltrlck, together with personal "— Superior Court. Kern Judgments S. Cf.le vs. Estate nf M. R. I'rad... ilcceaM-d. tt a], inilt;- ini'iil uiiivtlnir title in plaintiff to .'"t 2!', block 61, Delano. .Superior Court. Kern nmnty. Mechanics' Liens 30397—Corporation of America, trustees, reconvey to W. B. Taylor and wife lot 131, Highland Manor, Tract No. 1090. 30402—Corporation of Anierica, trustees, reconvey to Thela Kent and husband lot 14, block 4, Oildali Annex; Jot 5, block 6, Oildale Annex. 30425—Bakersfield Abstract Company, trustee, reconveys to Thurlow L Patterson and wife lots 12 and 13, Alberta Tract. 30440—Fred C. Cromer et al, trustees, reconvey to C, K. Holt and Lyda O. Holt lot 19, block C, Primavera Park. 304GG—Corporation of America, trustee, reconveys to Julietta Geger portion W'/4 lot 2G, section 8, 30-2S. 30473—L. D. Bachelder et al, trustees, reconvey to Howard P. Burdette and wife lot 82 and K',4 lot 31, block 2, Taft Heights Addition. Oil Instruments 30406—Eva Mitchell et al lease tp Santa Mora Oil Company for term of 20 years one-eighth royalty, NW of SW"/i and SE'4 of SW»i section 3, 2S-20; 30-day drilling clause re portion NW',i section 10. 28-20. 30452—Minnie R. Edwards leases to A. E. Wright for term of 20 years, one-eighth royalty, C-year drilling clause, portion W'/fc of NWV4 section 34. 27-26. 30460—Richfield Oil Corporation quitclaims to Philo L. .Tewett and Edith M. Jewett, lots 9, 12 and 16, section IS, 29-27, to terminate interest iji lease. 80467—Henry C. Neufeld and wife, W. D. Powell and wife, J. H. Maurer and wife. E. B. Stringham and wife. H. Midgley and wife and Margaret B. lletz make agreement with Union Oil Company of California whereby lense covering N% of NEM, W". of SW'..', of NEV,. and SE'/i of (United Press Leased Wire) W ASHINGTON. Bee. 3. —Repre- sentativ.e £arl BInshaw (R-CaI}f.), said in a House /speech today thaj: the ''cost plus fixed fee" control system was responsible for troubles in defense industries. "The Vultee strike fe over Nit the problem it preaeiito in not solved," he MI id. "The attorney general has rightly condemned the {Communist interest in promoting such strikes in defense industries and we her* join him heartily in that condemnation. Vet condemnation does not solve • problem. "This problem extends in many directions but the tap ropt is the 'cost plus' contract, an evil considered to be necessary in these times. "The cost-plug contract leads labor to believe that increased \vages are of little consequence to the manufacturer, and the manufacturer meantime knows that most all of his profit will be taxed away from him as execs* profits. "For the good of alj and in th« best interest of our government and Its budget, I earnestly propose that both labor and industry consider sharing the pjus in the cost-plus rather than raising the cost." Kern Will Receive New Congressman (Continued From Page One) populations and a stable House membership of 435. Two /Systems Available If Congress so chooses, it may reject that method and order ^apportionment based oij another complicated method, known as the equal portions system. The results would be virtually the same as in the census bureau method except that Michigan would be eliminated from the gainers' column and Arkansas from the losers'. Of the states which will lose representation, only Kansas, Nebraska and Oklahoma actually dropped in population during; the last decade. Three other states which lost numerically will not lose representation. They are Vermont, with only one congressman, and North and South Dakota, which have two congressmen each. California, the largest gainer, also increased its population the most, final figures showed. During the decade ended April 1, 1940, the popula- "I Am" Judge in Cult Swindle Case Warns Jurors (U*ittd Pnss Leased Win) TOS ANGELES, Dec. 3.—Proepec- *-t tive jurorg at the trial of nine persons of the "I Am" cult today received a warning from Federal Judge Leon R. Yankwlch that they were not summoned "to investigate anyone's religious beliefs." The judge pointed out that the bill of rights forbids persecution of persona because of their religious convictions. "But," he added, "religion cannot be uied as a cloak to cover violations of the law and certain law* of the United States prohibit the doing of certain acts." Judge Yankwich spent most of the morning reading charges contained in the 19-count indictment accusing the nine defendants of a $3,000,000 mail swindle. The small courtroom was filled to capacity when the trial opened. Many of the white-garbed followers of the "I Am" movement took notes as Judge Yankwlch began questioning prospective jurors. He eliminated several immediately after they said they had read about the case and heard it referred to in radio broadcasts, thus forming positive opinions. The nine persons on trial are all self-styled "divine messengers" of the movement which the government accuses of operating as a "charity" organization, when, federal attorneys charge, its actual purpose was to defraud persons who contributed millions to the cult. FEW PREFERRED? W CLIMB OH SL( DAY IN Ml CHton Futures ton futures advanced ii* sympathy with tli« strength at Livtrp«»l and under fmarovstf trad* and spot (Asiociated Preti Ltaud Wire) CAN FRANCIBCO, Dec. 3.—The ^ idling stock market provided no. thrills today. Preferred stocks of Soundview Pulp, Emporium and Langendorf Bakeries rose % -point, while California Cotton lost as much. The long-quiet American Hawaiian Steamship shares sold at 40, up 5% from the last sale. Transamerlc^ was unchanged at 4% and Southern Pacific, Standard Oil and a few others sagged slightly. Stock- Crown Zellerbach pfd..,. Dl Giorgio Fruit pfd P. O. & E. 6% first pfd. Southern Pacific Standard Oil California,. Transamerica hout* demcrjd- A geod portion of the fcuylfifl eonUrtd in March and represented prico fiftinf partly SMintt rocont talos to ftuMia. Short covering In December wao notice•bid while htdilna wi floctlitf tho continued -holding movement and small spot ••)«• Futures olosod § to I higher. WISH OFFENSIVE PUNS CUT FOOD tion of California increased 1,230,136—from 6,677,251 to 6,907,387. The increase was partly traceable to the large number of refugees from the "dust bowl" states, all of which lost population. The -otfteiritertEs which -increased their representation also recorded population gains, ranging from 63,688 for Arizona to 429, 203 for Florida. The congressional representation of Texas, however, will remain unchanged, despite a rise of more than 500,000 in population. The final population figures showed few changes from the preliminary enumeration released last September. The overall figure for the United States was fixed at 131,669,275, a rise of 8,894,229 or 7.2 per cent over the 1930 total of 122,774,048. Preliminary estimates had set the 1940 figure at 131,409,881, a gain of almost exactly 7 per cent. (Associated Press Leased Wire) 1ONDON, Dec. 3.—Lord Woolton, i-i food minister, warned Britons that more shipping would be diverted from food importation to military purposes, but announced today a Christmas "gift" of increased sugar and tea rations for the week of December 16. He said the nation had undertaken the offensive to settle "old scores" with Italy which would "mean a drain of the country's shipping facilities." Except for a limited quantity of oranges, the food ministry said, no more cargoes of fresh or tinned fruit will be brought to Britain for the time being except loadings already NW'4 and of NW% section 3Q, 2X-25. is modified as to extension of time of drilling- to November 10, 1943, etc. Declarations of Trust 30450—E. A. Bardeen, Francis Moulton and o. C. Simpson as trustees declare that El Clnco Gun Club has gmnted to them, to ho held as trust state, all rights in SW'i section 5 and portion XWH section S. all In 2<i-23, together with rights of way and personal property, including pumping; plants, etc. Electrical Permits Mrs. Ruth Emerson, $S5. install flx- Lis Pendens 30407—F. J. T<-!-.oau man et al tion to fort" 1- lot 3, hl'jrk Court. Kc-r:i i CMJ2—The <"Hv Yet H"HK .-: of action to lot 5. Unrk TK-rior Court. .1. R. Huff- nf ]M-n'li-!;ry of ;if- it.*•'').;; nicV 'ii-n i-11 '. Kern. £ui.,rnur 304011—r-urtis A. lli,-k.« claims lien In amount of JIlG.fiS for );ilior and ma- t-rials 01) lot 2U, lil'irk I'", Scofield I'iiii;. fhark-s F. amith and Anna M. Smith, owners. ;uj)iO—Curtis A. Hi.-Us claim!-- llc-n In : T , „ ,.,, ... . „ ,, ui.iount of t3?,.;',4 ff.r lahor niul Leta M - Silver, $45, install fixtures, 430 OrcRon street, same contractor. WelP's Department Store. Jfi55 install outlets, etc.. 1412 West Nine- lures, 2711 Chester J^anc, C. E. Giraud, c.ontraptor. Slandard Oil Company, $600, Install fixtures, 1200 Golden State avenue, same contractor. n loi C. Tntct No. lnfiS. li,'Jph J. McCulluiwrl! ui al, owpurs. 0447— Kglsiml Lumber Company f.-ljiinis Ik-fi in amount of |i!i0.59 for rua- s on IMS 17 i»rnl 1 S, block 37 " • -- .. teenth street, Sam I'Mngerhut, contractor. .'i I lif .1 '" t- Mt.itt I't'. flij 3'iury Addition ilr. and Mrs j' H p - Sears, $423, install outlets, etc., Klch.-irds, owners. ' | -217 Elm street, game contractor. "" — • ! Jlnplc Pharmacy. $160, install fixtures, 1017 Baker street, same contractor. Morgan's Pharmacy, $175, install fixtures, 1527 F street, same con- IN APPRECIATION <"uniy. Plumbing Permits C. E. Reynolds, J410. plurnbirp. lOfin Chestt-r Place, F. J. Tebeau, r.on- tractor. Karnc. S85, ga« pipe 3000 Chester Place, sarnft contractor. ^p wish to express our gratitude to our many friends and friends of our U'loved hushand and father f<ir the beautiful flf.ral offerings, tek-grains, .•ards, rnat,Kes and other hlndnessuB extended during our rtcent uorrow (SlKned) MH.S. ELLEN KOVACEV1CH ^^•D FAMILY, MR. ANU MRS. JAMES TR1NO AND FAMILY. Flickinger-Digier CHAPEL Why be content with less than i the best — when prices here ' are as low as any in the city. 1 ; | TELEPHONE 97 Chester Avenue at Thirteenth < J. C. Fliekimtr Frank Differ Ambulance Service UNION CEMETERY Furnishes MONUMENTS FLOWKK CONTAINERS GKAVK .MAliKKKS at Lowest Prices Monumental Display at Cemetery Entrance Office Within the Grounds I'HONE 2237 tractor. Bakuiafield Ciarage, SHOO, install fixtures (flue), 1701 Twentieth street, same contractor. Kern County Land Company, $685, install fixtures (flue), KilS West Nineteenth street, same contractor. Chlcapo College of Beauty. $190, install fixtures (flue), 1709 Chester avenue, same contractor. Weill's Department Store, $140, alter wirinfi, etc., 1407 Jap Alley, same contractor. E. M. Elliott. S!(5, install motor, 1214 \Vi'.>-t Niii'-ieenUi street, .vamo contractor. GCOI-KB H. Wilbur, $150, install fixtures (flue), 1101 Niles street, same contractor. Economy Drug Company, $150, install fixtures (flue). 1320 West Nineteenth street, same contiactor. Capital Company (Southern Hoten, $76, install fixtures (flue), 1907 Chester avenue, t-iime contractor. Building Permits Mrs. Rosa Nunez, $200. screen porch, ,'iOO Dolores, day work. Same, $200. screen porch, 600 Dolores, day work. A. H. Karpe. $2000, addition to grain elevator, 810 East Truxlun avenue, Western Pipe contractor. & .Steel Company, Influenza Cases Increase in Kern (Continued From Page One) closed yesterday to remain closed for the entire week, and the Elk Hills School in Tupman reported its first severe attendance drop yesterday when "one-fourth of the total enrollment" was absent. In Mojave, "nearly every house in one blocU has been hit by the influenza," which is reported to have been "especially heavy" during the past week. .Southern California was today "feeling the brunt of the scourge for the first time, with schools closed and half empty." In Los Angeles, every substitute school teacher was called into duty to replace the 703 instructors ill with influenza. At Santa Barbara, schools closed after the absence rate hit 53 per cent. The state department of public health recognized the severity of the epidemic when it called for daily reports from afl health departments to replace normal weekly statements. Guests Will Aid in Welcome to Minister When members of the Rosedale Community Church welcome a new pastor, the Reverend and Mrs. Claude Hunt of Gresham, Wasfj., to their community tomorrow night, special guests will be the Reverend O. C. Harms, president of the California Evangelistic Association, and Mr. and Mrs. Ray Welch of Long Beach. The present Rosedale pastor and, his wife, the Reverend and Mrs. J. S. Watkins, are retiring it was reported. arranged. The Christmas ration of sugar will be increased from 8 to 12 ounces and of tea from 2 to 4 ounces. "We have to carry our forces ^^oyerseas—arid overseas is the proper place for Britain to be at war," Woolton said yesterday in a speech at Manchester. "As we are going to lose a part of our food ships to take part in this offensive, I cannot afford to bring you any longer those things which are not essential for prosecution of the war. "Does that matter? We have a standard of life that the rest of Europe lias envied, but now we are going into the offensive." He said the British had "been much too patient for much too long even before the war started in submitting to the blustering bounce of the Italian pseudo-dictator. There is every reason for hope that before long we shall find purselves settling old scores and to that end we have mobilized the whole resources of the country." ' Sam Lynn Passes in New York City (Continued From Page Ont) the distinction of being champion bowler of the state. In addition to his family, Mr. Lynn was loved by hundreds of residents throughout the county, including many children. He believed in developing the youth of Kern county and contributed to many worthwhile movements to advance children's interests. Noted in Club* He belonged to many fraternal organizations, including Elks Lodge No. 266, F. O. K., Aerie No. 93, and Bakersfield Lodge No. 224, F. & A. M. He was a charter member of the Bakersfield Lions Club and was a member of Stockdale Country Club. Mr. Lynn is survived by his wife, Mrs. Odelia Lynn, Bakersfield; his daughters, Dorothy Taber, Bakers: field, and Mrs. John Henry Smith, Jr., of Tucson, Ariz. Mrs. Smith is the former Georgia Bern ice Lynn, of Bakersfield. His grandson, Harold Taber, Jr., Bakersfield; his sister, Mrs. Nora Roberts, of Celina, Tenn.; his brothers, Joe Lynn, of Hollister, and Davis Lynn, Redwood City, and numerous nieces and nephews in Hoi- lister and in Celina, Tenn. Funeral services will be held at 2 p. m. Tuesday under the direction of the Payne & Son chapel. Place of services has not been determined. December, 10.1}; Jenuary, 10.04; March, 10.1*: May, 10.07; July, O.M; October, Middling opet, 10.14, nominal. Sport Cotton Ouotetions are opproximete and reflect the f.o.b. gIn yard prfcee fer the •akerefleld-Tulare-Freeno territory, and are kaeed en Information reported to the •akerefield office for queUtiee equal to the official grade and etaple etandarde. Quotations represent the number of polnte on or off New York Merch futures which cloeed at 10.00 on December 2. 1MO. WHITE AND EXTRA WHITE I 1-32 I M* I 3.32 I |.| I I-J2 •trM aiiMiiiti Mffl Mtff 2>tW MM 4*«n Mltfsllitf 7e«ff Meff 4(tlf Ittff Men etrlrt Uw MIMIInf I7«tff Illtff Metff iWtff MtH IREND FALLS OFF MOUNHNG TAXES,' BRITISH PLIGHT' Election in March to Set^Pass Site (Continued From Page Nine) Optlpns 30483—Wm. R. T.opham and vife grant to Sarnuel Laelienrnalcr option to purchase for J1009 SV4 of SEVi of SW'4 sect Ion fl, 31-30. reserving one-half minerals, on or before June 1| 1J41, 30484—Eda Hurst grants to Samuel Lachenmaier option to purchase for »7000, SWVi section 9. 81-30, excepting portion thereof, on or before June 1, 1941. N«w City National Shirt Shop, 1427 Nineteenth street, men's furn|shlpK8. Glenn Q. Kennett, P. O. Box 496, painting contractor. Bacon & Foley, Route No. 4, Box 159, plagtering contractor. W. P. Allen.. i04 Brighton Way, Highland Manor, hardwood floor*. William Wilcoxen. 1015 Pearl fctreet, brick contractor. R. S. Gilbert & Company, 205 East Moneta, plastering. Leg Amputation Fatal for Actor HOLLYWOOD, Dec. 3.—C. Henry Gordon, widely known movie character actor, died suddenly today at Hollywood Hospital from the effects of a leg amputation. The operation was necessitated yesterday because of the presence of a blood clot. Gordon, whose real name was Henry Racke, was 57. He has been on the stage and in the movies since he was a young man, after completing his education In Switzerland; He was born in New York City. Ht« recent pictures include "Return of the Cisco Kid," "City in Darkness" and "Trapped in the Sky." Mrs. Gordon survives. Twentieth Century studio said Gordon became ill recently at a nearby desert resort and was brought here to a hospital. Foreclosure Action Goes to Kern Court Suit to foreclose a mechanic's lien, sought by Harry Binns, doing business as Binns Plumbing Company, against Earl Irby, Hugh Curran anfl Nellie Curran, went to trial today before Superior Judge Pat R. Parker. Binns asked judgment for $133.10 against Earl Irby for labor and plumbing equipment used and foreclosure of a l|en on lots 19 to 22 Of block 27 in the Keith Addition. Claflin & Chain were attorneys for thp plaintiff and Cdlvin H. Corjron, Jr., represented the defendants. believed that traffic should be diverted to H street in order- that an overload of fast traffic on Chester avenue be averted. Freal A. Nlghbert. the city manager's brother, stated, "I believe that Chester avenue i» the logical place for a subway." He urged that traffic stop signs be erected on Chester to eliminate speeding. W. F. Bray, a resident of H street, advised the council to locate the subway at Chester avenue unless plans call for widening of H street south of the tracks. If widened, he favored H street for a subway site. F. W. Kampe came out strongly for the Chester avenue subway location. "Re-route Impossible" Larry King announced, "It is as impossible to re-route traffic from Chester to H street—with an H street subway—as it is to re-route the flight of birds from north to south." He contended that his business, the Hayward Lumber company, would be materially injured by an H street subway. At this point a woman in the audience arose and said., "I hope the noise of local ax-grinding doesn't do pakersfield out of its underpasses." Bill Willis told the council, "Chester avenue in the spot for the subway, but tot the people vote on the location." Agreeing with Mr. Willis, Mayor George E. Wilson said, "I would not vote for either place that has been recommended." He apparently referred tp H street and the Twenty- sixth street overpass. He favored a popular vote on the locations. City Clerk Vance Van Riper Informed the council that the location election and a bond election could not come on the same ballot. The council, in open session without a vote taken, agreed to lay the propositions over until the public can vote on the matters. Britain Gets Air Photography Flare WASHINGTON, Dec. 3. — The United states Army Air Corps hap released to Qreat Britain its so-called magnesium "flash bomb" for making night pictures from planes. Thej device is expected to aid the I^oyal Air Fprce in obtaining clear night pictures of enemy targets. "PTOOOE" IN HOLDUP REPENTS SAN BE3RNARDINO, Dec. 3. (U. P.) A jevVelry salesman admitted to th« officers that he had staged severaj robberies, in each of. which he was the "victim." In one of the holdups, he readily admitted "stooges" directed by him took jewelry valued at 11080. British Cannonade Egypt Border Spot (Associated Press Leaved Wire) CAIRO, Egypt, Dec, 3.—The British African command reported today its artillery had resumed pounding of Italian forces dislodged from Ga1|abat, border station straddling the frontier between Ethiopia and the Anglo-Egyptian Sudan. The British said they were concentrating their f(re pn the Fascist lines established immediately east of Gal- labat, which has changed hands several times. Amplifying previous reports of a clash the night of Nqvember 30 in the Sudan area around Kassala, Coday's communique said the Italians left 11 dead. In a subsequent engagement it reported Italian motpr- cycllsts were ambushed, resulting in the capture of three prisoners, seven motorcycles and a quantity of equipment including machine guns, rifles and ammunition. Atkinson Choice Is News to Governor SACRAMENTO, Dec. 3.— Governor Culbert Olson said today he has heard the state fish and game commission is "inclined" tpward appoint* meqt of Assemblyman Maurice Atkinson, as its executive officer put he has received no word that the appointment actually has been made. The governor added ht did not '(attempt to tell the commission whom it should appoint." (Associated Prt*s Leased Wire) TOS ANGELES, Dec. 3.—The trend •L J was lower in light trading on the Los Angeles Stock Exchange today. One issue advanced, three declined and three were unchanged on an early turnover of 1600 shares. 11 a. m. quotations: Stock— Last MenaseO Mfg 2% Pacific Finance 11 Richfield Oil 9'i Signal Oil & Gaci 2(1 M, Southern Pacific g',4 Poultry, Butter, Eggs LOS ANGELES, Dec. 3. (U. P.)— Butttr . Extras, ZiVic. Prime firsts. 83"/ic. Standards. 33c. Undergrade*, 31%c. Candled Eggi ' Large—Clean extras;—33'/£c; light dirty extras, 31c; clean standards, 29c; light dirty standards, 28c; checks, 30o. Medium—Extras. 30V£c; light dirty extras, 29c; clean standards, 27c; light dirty standards, 25c; checks, 25c. Small—Extras, 26Hc; light dirty extras, 24c. Catte count. 27c. Processed large extras, 32c. Poultry Prices Hens, Leghorng, 2% to 3% Ibs., 13c. Hens, Legliorns, over 3'/i and up to 4 Ibs., 14c. Hens, Leghorns, over 4 Ibs. and up, 16c. Hens, colored, 4 to 5^4 Ibs., 21c. Hens, colored, over 5V& lb». and up, 21c, Broilers, 1V4 and un to 1% Ibs., 15c. Broilers, over 17i and up to 2% Ibs., 16c. Fryers, Leghorns, over 214 and up to 3 Ibs., IBc. Fryers, colored. 2V, and up to 3',* Ibs., 17c. Fryers, colored, over J<4 and up to 4 1 A Ibs.. 19c. Roasters, 'colored, over 4% Ibs. and up, 20c. Stags, colored, 14c. Old roosters, colored, lie. Old roosters. Leghorn*. 9c. Ducklings, Pekln, over 5 Ibs. and pp, 19c. Ducklings, under 6 Ibs., 18c. Old ducks, white Pekln, 80. Geese, 15c. YounK torn turkeys. 14 Ibs, and under 20 Ibs., 13c. Young torn turkeys, 20 lb». and up 12c. Younc hen turkeys, 9 Ibs. and under 11 Ibs., 17c. Young hen turkeys, 11 Ibs. and up, 16c. ) Old hen turkeys, lie. Old torn turkeys. He. Capons. 6 to 8 Ibs., 24c. Capons, over 8 Ibs. and up, 24c. Rabbits, No. 1 white 3% to 4V4 Ibs.. 13c. Babbits, mixed colors, 3Vi to 4% Ibs.. 12c. Rabbits, woolly, 6c. Rabbits, Ko. 1 pld, 5c. Los Angolos Livestock LOS ANQELES, Dec. 3. (A. P.)— Hogs, salable, 500; mostly steady; ionic bids 10®15c lower; medium to choice 1«5-215 Ib. weights, $fi.65@7; top, $7; sows, $5®6.50. Cattle, salable, 600; fully steady; medium light fed steers, $8.75@>o.25; few to $9.50; few common steers, $7.50; stockerg and feeders, $7.25® 8.25; heavy heifers, $8.10; cows, $6ijj) 7.25; canners and cutters, $4®5.75; bulls, $0@7; some held higher; feeder bulls, $6.25. Calves, salable, 300; steady; few vealers, $11 down; slaughter calves, $7.50@9; common down to $6; few Cockers, $9@9.50. Sheep, salable, 50; steady; few medium Iambs, ?8®8.85; medium to good 109-135 Ib, wooled ewes, $4.25@4.50. Qovornifiont Bonds NEW YORK, Dec. 3. (A. P.)—The closing prices of bonds on the New York Stock Exchange. Trpacury 3Us, 45-43, 108.18. 31/i.s, 40-44, 109.15. 3Vis, 46-44, reg. 109.12. 2%s, 47-45, 110.2. 3%sr 56-46, llg.ll. 4'Is, 52-47, 122.10. 2'^s, 48, 110.13. 2s, 50-48, 106.15. 3s, 55-51, 113.B. 2'/is, 56-54, 105'.23. 2%s, 60-55, liq.81. 2%s, 65-60, 11043. Home Ownert Loan Z'/tS, 44-42, 10343. Los Ang«l«s Cash Grain LOS ANGELES), Dec. 3. (A. P.)— (Prices quoted are cwt, field run, in carlots only.) California barley, sacked, 46 pounds, No. 1 bright western $1.15(5)1.17%. California barley, racked, 44 pounds, No. 2 bright western n.15. California yellow milo, No. 2, sacked California wheat, sacked, No. 1 soft and hard white $1.57V4@1.60. No. 2 yellow corn, bulk $1.55(2)1.57. Los Angojos Produce LOS ANGELES, Dec. 3. (A. P.)_ Bunched vegetables, crate, green onions,* $1.50®2.40. Lettuce: Dry pack Ouadalupe and Santa Maria 4s, $1.25® 1.35; few best (Associate^ Press Leased N EW YORK, Dec. 3.—There was a notable absence of selling pressure in today's stock market but many leaders were permitted to drift to slightly lower levels. The proceedings were sluggish from tho start and at the close minor declines predominated. Transfers of around 450,000 shares were the smallest for a full session in about six weeks. In brokerage offices excuses for the indifferent action of the list were numerous and varied. Among these was a little more pessimism over the outlook for the British as the Nazis took further toll of shipping and English industrial centers. Almost as important from a bearish standpoint, it was said, was the prospect for mounting taxes next year. Additional offerings to adjust accounts for year-end incomes tax statements were evident but switching to other stocks helped offset this Influence to some extent. 0 U 8T4 Now York Close Purnjfhcd by J. A. Houlo A Co. Member New York stock Exchange NEW YORK, Dec. 3.— Stock— Final Close Railroads Atchison ir,V4 Baltimore & Ohio 11% Chesapeake & Ohio 42% Erie "J Great Northern pfd 2B% Illinois Central 7 Missouri Pacific 3/16 New York Central i:i?i Northern Pacific 8'/j Pennsylvania 21^i Southern Pacific SU Union Pacific ,... 78% Industrial* American' Can •«..•.-.. 87',4 American Tel. & Tel. .........166'A Borden ' 20'/ Caterpillar Tractor 48T Cities Service 5^. Columbia Gas 4% Consolidated Edison ,. 22 Continental Can :i7}i. Corn Products 42'1 > 1 Curtlss-Wright 8% First National Stores 43 ''ta Fox Films 5% • General Electric 33 General Foods 34 Hecker Products 7T4 Goodyear Tire & Rubber 17 International Harvester uHi International Tel. & Tel iy. Johns-Manville 61 Montgomery Ward 37% North American ig'i Pacific Gas Electric 27'k Pacific Light 37 * Phelps Dodge 33.14 Radio Corporation 4% Safeway Stores 44' Sears, Roebuck 7--,^; Southern Calif. Edison 2G-% U. S. Rubber 23->i Union Carbide & Carbon . 7' United Aircraft 4-> •Warner Brothers .11.4 Western Union -20?. Westlnghouse Electric 104 Wpolworth *, 32.% J. C. Penney '. gs Transamerica 5 National Power * 7 Cluett Peabody 1^... 3374 Metali American Smelting 45 Anaconda Bethlehem Steel International Nickel Kennecott Copper .. Republic Seel United States Steel h ( » a Vanadium Steel .'.... . 33 Homestake Alining 40% Cerro de Pasco ,,, 33 Tobacco and Sugar American Su(tar ISH American Tobacco "A" «9-r t American Tobacco "B" 70'i Cuban American Sugar .. Great Western Sugar .. R. J. Reynolds "B" oils Atlantic Refining- .• i->\L Consolidated "Iff Mexican Seaboard '!. 14'i Phillips Pete ; . 3«iJ Shell Union "" in.ii Standard Oil of Calif. ...".' i7r.J Standard Oil of N. J '.", 33(4 Socony Vacuum .. si/ Texas Company . Tide Water Assd, _. , Motprt Chrysler 78^General Motors 49^ Hudson 41* Packard Motors 01* Studebaker ',', 7» Timken Roller Bearing"!!!!!!! 4g Equipments American Car Foundry ocu American Locomotive' 15ff Bnldvyin Lopomotive '. IKE— General Tank •>7W s.W 337! :)4i.I 20% 3 Pullman "'.'.'.'.'.'.['.""*" 26 Stptvfirf _"\V>a ,.>IA*. .... *" 54 '/* Stewart-Warner Chicago Llvostock CHICAGO, Dec. 3. (A P )_s,,., h°f?«. 24,000; strong to lOc higher lop . $6.30, bulk goocj and choice 210-330 Ib J butchers, $6.15@U.30: well-finis'hpril 180-200 Ib. lights, $G@C.2oT some 150- \tn ^ , un< lerweights, $5.fiO@6; good 360-500 Ib. packing sows, $5.40@5.75; few lighter weights to $5.85. Salable cattle 9000; calves, 1500- general killing quality medium to good; bulk steers $9.75@13.50; short load choice and primes 1200 Ib averages $15.10; very )Utl e above $14, however; few loads turning at $14.25® 14.65; most yearlings going at H3.50 heifers dull, others steady- E hest found $12; with bulk at $10.50 down to JS.50; canner, cutter and common beef cows steady; beef cows, 10@15c lower; selling very slow to cutter grades; bulls and vealers steady £> e -, l Ki; y Sf^f 6 0 ' fe r ln K s to ?T.35 and slow replacement market Salable sheep 6000; opening slow scattered^early sales and most bids on £*• «'^ mcb8 , and Darlings weak to mostly 15c lower; few early sales cood tp choice native lambs, $9.25- odf lot ?,r,r." d ° W ," . l o° » 7 L_ ask '"5 steady 'or 9 ' 40 on to hoice P H ro « 'K ce fed western lambs; deck good to choice around 92 Ib. fed yearlings $8- few fat ewea up to $4.50. Dried Fruits Apricots: Nqrthern standard 11^ chojce _14>/,c, extra choice 15< $1,50, 5a 90c mostly »1.60. crate; Lompoc 4s Tomatoes: Lugs., $l<g>2. Bar fijvfr NEW YORK, Dec. 3. (A. P.)—Bar silver 34&c, unchanged. ' ' * British War Costs Reach New Figures (Attociate* Prett Leond Wire) LONDON, Pec. 3.—Last week's British war expenditures rose to the record figure of i90,133,»6Q (roughly |3pQ,D36,006.) The previous week expenditures were £72,350,000 ($289,400,000.) the tptal to date for the financial year, starting April 1, is £2,149,918 499 (about $9,600,000,000.) Peaches': Standard yell6ws C 6c, choidte ?J? c i.? xtr ^^ ch °l ce 6 %c, fancy 7s. extra fancy gc. 30-... 60-70, ] 90-100, tyncy 7s, 20-30, 50-60, Lp« Angotes Hay B.)- val- Imperlal U. S. No. 2 leafy lower San U., g NQ. 2, >12.DO@13. No. 1 barley Jiay, $17@1J. No. 1 oat hay, I19C80. • Mttais Marktl unchaned.

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