Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on January 13, 1942 · Page 1
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 1

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 13, 1942
Page 1
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fjfll^^ '•'Hij Ivi^''-; ; ".' ; '":;':V:V'jjM;'t$$$$$^ •;' '•> IS. NAVY IS SNOT IDLE, SECY. C KNOX DECLARES .Ian, 12— (in 1 ) 'V Of N'«vy I 1 ' rank Knox said lo- ay Umt' l-ho U. S. Navy Is not idh llmt It -will Hl-rlUe "where ant n.wo ore I'otuly, not before." Uio ojicnlnK session -01 avijirmv-fluy mnollng of tho Unlled HI-'nloH Gbnl'dreiuro of Mayors, Knps that Ihuro would bo "other " IniHlrliiH Ihe, "Severn IOSMDH at .Pearl, Harbor, Tin.' lft«< UiilUid. Sla-ten and lU'lllwli H,i;h nuld,.ls to.havo "ol'leellvu n'K stronglh lit a.ll tho sens, all KH»>, • ' ,., . ; >J ( (' ,Wf)uUr not be IVunk wll.h you, , 'Mr 'I Ind you to believe flint oiU: .c-xriot favoraljlo, tlra- of l,rlumphan! naval Altim-loaa', 'full-HAuIn naval miMOK^ »(orlt« lu.'thd I'aolllo In the near in- tti'tfo;'' Tftn Vlonie/ilM of dlslatioe, of tlrfio;' and l-ho ueoeMHiirlly svlde dis- l-i'IbuM 0 '^ 01 ' flllr IIHVnl rm<(M)H I"' 0 " oH»lQ., ( vvl»at I know you all wlsl; inn to/- 'MiiffMwil- 1 ' early, oonoliwlvo show- (lo'Wi^'wtth llio .lapatHiHu imvy. -".nut you know (hat. by this I ilnoUMwti to Imply Mini tlu> PH- floot IH Ullo.anfl you will bcai 1 - H- iitiin and again ; • vvhon and t'rrn *!'(n Oijy" ,nuyat dlstunceM and spce«ls In or ulrplanoa, (l(\nojinoc(l Uio "foul trcauh- of Japan who "(iliosr lo start h'oforn tlio rurcM'fo'H bell bad imj Wllllo her "devious srm- l'(! Htlll In WfiAhlMKlon, ti.-IN l. M)'\v dtd not want lo at all." 1-Mit be (/rCrv/ip f p our.grent nn»'iny, Oi before all ol.h- defeated •{IrsL It Is nol ;..l.l.-i.'t not Italy, • '••• ' IH '•Klirnr 'and Hitler's Na/ls, " Oormany. It l« U^" 1 ' NV|1 y, That done, the whole Avlll c.ollaiirto. The lln- f; o .Minor's Malellllos will •In • modern, -jilslnry IHIM u no'! ohvloiisly ormiiiiltlod wi- a's Whoti .lapan WUM lly Gormany to Hlmulr 1 ' svur lijifih l.h<i Amor[i ponpU'H, ,lh<.' two '» ni/iko war In all •-ify^jljioi 1 . .tlio' Ui'Hhir iNiipli 1 "' npr [,)f^'{'Anu)ii,l/'«in. '.r.o|iul)llu., go ; to' war r,-'.'Vr>r. Uioiii, U- Is n'lways a lusl v?'IAVi^| r .'^!krN\'|Mii,',svlH;n oii<'0;.oii^ 'M(l''''AViM'i I'H'.V both luivo n ,,.,,Ui?('(>r- Wlhnlnw Iholr" synrs.' 1 Thl* oit^vy Kf-lmjrtp'oxo'i.'p.tloiir 1 - • . - ^Bjfctfy;..:.'...' ...^.. : —•—• —" tv^CLinclbersh, in ' -V^ ..:•)••-, • / • •. O • • , ,. •'.•..<'.•'""•:•'.!.:.: ANTI-SEMFIIC WAR EMERGENCY FORES.ARMY CHARGES DENIED BY HENRY FORD Now York, Jan. 12—(UP)—Nonry Koril, who has boon accuser! for yours of hdng (in antl-suinll.tJ, calti- Korluully dunlml tho ohargos'today uiul nssullod "unlagonlsin ugalnsl my Jewish I'ullow cILI/ons." , Kohl's alatnnnnlH wore contalnod In a loltor ilalcd Jun. 7 to Slgmund LIvlngMlon of Ghlutigo, rounder and national ohai'nna ol. I ho Anll-Uu- famallon LoaHiic- of • irnul .-Lrrith, Juwlsh fralt-rnal orgunlxatlon.. '-The was madr puh'llc huro.: > lelUji 1 followotl'n meullng be- Koi'd and lUclmrd K. Gul.- nuLlonal dlrot'-tor of Uio Anil- lallon loagiKJ, GutsLlulL mot ut tho Invllal-lon of Harry 11. lionnolt, Kui'd'H personal ..dlmHor, who Inld him Kord was ."Indignant 1 , ul the (inll-siMiiUlo «!uu'grs.. v • Ford's Idler said anli-somUlsm. was "pi'nvnNMjl 11 and was "-weakening oiii 1 imllniuil morale/ 1 adding: "I do not HiibsfU'lbo lo or support, illrm-tly or indlroclly, any agitation wlilr.h would promnto antagonism.'' aguinsl, my fellow t'.iLl'/oiiH/ 1 Kord inwd- cltl/.ous Lo .rofralu from aiding anj; anti-Jesvlsli movf!- nicnl find oxjiroHsod Ills ;'sln(5ui:o hopo" Lltal. "nosv In this, country anil Ihrougtinut Uio woi'iM v.'hoir this war Is'llnlsliiid, liatrc-d of tin? ,luw and hut rod against any ..other racial -or rt-llglous group, shall oimsc for nil l.line.." 'fird's Inllnr roiuillod his, Metier lo Hut lalo Louts Marshall In 1 ( .J'27 wlmn u .$1,000,000 IIhoi 'suit was pomllnK aKuinsl the.' Industrialist. Al thai lime Kord smighl "fnrglvoness for I ho harm I have, mifulonliniial- ly e.ninmlll.eir to Jews In .a sorlos of al'tUili-H his inuga/.lno, lliu Uuar- brtrn Articles Inlerprotod by ninny us antl-Henilllc, e.onllimoil jiflor ' I'J27, howevor, In I lie. hcarhnni Imlopnn- dont under Ihe title "The. FUND HERE HITS TOTAL <)F $16l6 * • v • . . Ailclltlonnl .contiMbuMoiis . to -the in to National'-NVai.. IVMIV.. O ^..-., ,.. ,.,y.... . iN'atiKatiick -of tf.'H-'lOO us .announcor) |»y -iN'orman Wood today bring ;the lota I' donated In lho : . borough '- dato to' $.ia,r)59.L>5. ' . - • '.' . Thn new ..subscribers follow: •, Provlo'unly ncknowludged , «1tiO,24f> niehanl K. Walsli .' " ' ' r ' " A Hugh Hurns ..'...,. Mrs. ,los. T. llolmoB: Donald Mary '15. Hraxls ..;..-.. Mr. and Mrs. Krunk .liakcr. .' fu>rl,rii(lo -Siilllvan/ 1 ','..,.... .'• • •• Kleanor .Sultlvan-',.>........ .-•••: Mrs. • Mary Siilllvan ;.,......;; A. L. 'Onnrlull .. ...'.•.....; George I 1 ".' lloJl' .',.•-'.•• •->/• • • Mr. anil Mrs.'M. /ru'ininui'^llo Mr. and. Mrs. P. Maclinlcs. .> !•;.; Carlson ........'....-?.-. • • • Mr. and Mrs.' W... J.Cannon 'rcsi-csa 13. Daly' .,...>....".... Mr. and Mrs.; llnnry' Krnll. . Wlix.a'fjoth . G, Ncar'y' .......... Mr. 'ahrl Mrs. Pbtrukaitis .'-.' Mr. ivnrl Mrs. Ki" Phillips -,..' .00 ,00 .00 ,00 .00 :00 .00 .00 .00 .00 ,00. .00 ,00 ,00 ,00 ,00 ,00 .00 ,00 of.llii! nf iminoorucy, which has UK- l-'ord us an anU-sumile, suld ....(.(•!• was "line," hut au'dod ! 'H. won't go fur. enough until 'he! slopH Llio publication of Ills ' fosv,'." . K'nox •U''ic mayors LiViLli'in. liopml - In. lojop from enemy; • H'n . . . _ ( .||,s rr!C(!nl.,pl('.(lKn ; lo,Kof!p tin. 1 cnciny froin thnsc, shoi'os ,arul' to Ihl?i hfUilo to- him on .'his George, 11. Gronln —'.,,.,.. Mr. Hivrl Mi's'/T; 1C.'.-Dowlins'. 'Juinns \'l.)unn ' l ••• ••• Thomas Hiil.Ulowich '.-'.,;.... G, S. Austin ..........,' •'• Mrs. I 1 ', A. -Squires ' v '.. Mr. .and Mrs..- J,. Haytkwich Mr, ami Mrs, Mortolrnoycr.. Mr.'Hinl Mrs. J. llobblali. ... W. It.- Kelly ' Mrs. \V-. II. Paul •.;.-. PoLcr J. l''olcy ;,....' • 2.00 200'.00 - 10.00 . . :j.oo .- a.oo ••.•1,00 25.00 ' 5'.00 '5.00 '9,00 10.00 2.00 1.00 5,00 Tola! to dal.o ...',,,.., .5510,559.25 AUTO ACCIDENTS ' i',y- IIiii(,{jf.i:- Pi'css , •'; Aiitnmohllo acctdi'-iHs. 1 'clHhnpil-'.tlio livt!H''.of three: n.yhn' : In .Connecticut ov'.cr '.*llu)' W(!bkVencl,! ; t!'compilation slibworl tbrld'y::'' •-.?" '''.-' •" '•,'"' J' •.••••''.- NVHIIam-'.l.' hpdgc., M', •M-i(ldlel.QWii, find Isiulnro • Kiltir.lpt'n,', •./&>' JJii'i'li'am,- wen;. /In'jured -fa'lalt.v: -when'' th,olr •an-tnniobUo-.sLruck 'a.;Lreo- at Gull• 'Gaorgn. 'K. '-.'Jo We 11-,- '70.. North - .G.u i.l- roi-d, was, ' injtire'd,.-fa tally .. when si,ruck'' tiy'' a car- .\yhilo, brdsriliig- a s'lr'u'ol" tit'-'West Haven.-. x '. ', /J 1 Washington ; ' ' : GiViliaii 'Tin Ear' > '' V'' :? ' '* '> ".'^ /M, C« I', Phoneplutto (vlpht) chnta with n roportor as ho nvriyos in , U Ui roportod ho went to tho capital to discuss with war olllclala hla proposed return to duty In tho-«rmy air corps, Mi rWlgncd hla commlaalon na colonel In the air corps reserve. Dr, Donald A, Wilbur,.ol jRcnsse- lacr Polytechnic Institute, Troy, N. Y., is shown testing, a,sound detector hastily constructed'-'in tho Institute's physics laboratory to determine how cd'ucbivcly such cheaply-built devices might be adopted throughout the country by'air. raid spotters. Tho detector can 'pick up tho aoumKoi! bombers from-five to . . ten miles awav. ....... . Normandie Loses Her Name •i-m» n/»intUY(jr//in?K?/(? is-pcolod olt tho side of tho tflnut. luxury lincv at her' New York pier as..worUmcn refit Uu> flC'l'/,ocJ.V(Ji<«ol for war work- Tho line:: wilt bo ronamud the Lafayette :\ml will be the world's Uirgo'&t • ,-i •-.. • , . *uwul unxillui'V slu'u, ' - . . •: '•-..i Hartford, ,Conn M • Jan; VIS Pro!'. Wesley A. Stu.rges'. ,o| Yale jaw school today Wa's-';.riained : chairman of a special state alofense council committee which' >ViU' have*, charge of all consumer pro'bicnis,^including studies of 'prices, -cost OT'llvipg and other allied- matters',-" '•••^ \. '..-.•' ProL'. SturgC9;;plahned;,tq set up consumer 'sc'hobls':'throughout th« s la to to eci ucatc the, ID ub I f q .'-"on varP ous problems. '' '."•• , ; . Named to. assist";Prb"f.; St urges on the committee are: [Secretary, .of State Mrs. Chase ,-Going; Wood- hoiiHo; State. Dairy, and. Food Gom- lYiissfoner James B.'/Loweil;.' Mrs. GhrlHtinc Book,,. head ".of the . minimum wage -division .o'f. .the .State Labor department-;: ' 1 - L. Klocker'of the state.police; Samuel •Simonovit/, of the State .mU.k-acl- ministrator's office;;', Bciijamin P. Slorrs,. of the 'Depa'r.tmcn'i. of "Agri; cuiturc;' , Mrs. ' ', James- ' Rowland Angcl'i;'- 1-lamden;. Pro;f.- : Raymond BroHsloT, University of ''Gonnecticut; William G 1 . • Gc'lehtanp.V New'- Haven ; Mrs. Sidney •Davidson;. ;New ,Haven; Gharles F,r!edrnan',• .'Palrflel'd; -Hari % y L. Nalr 1 , I-iartfor-d-;.;]oseph;T. Rourke, New Haven; a ; ndW..Noi;man-Watts,. Now . 'Haven. , .""';, /;''.: .;' ;•. .;• ". ':••• ON USED TIRES Washington, Jan:'-' 12, •••".. . Wldbsproncr profiteering', 'at. motor.-; Ists' expense will be 'halted by. the governm'cnt's decision ; to 111 x .P.rlqcs; on I'Qtreadod 'and'.''usecl : tliies, price /lclals- said- today/ •,-' l . ; : ', '••.•'•.• The office;. oT • pi-loci' 1 administration' an i d so m c .; . cl un I oijs -'b p os ted : pr i cos . on SQobncl-hnnfl and"r^trdadecl tjros .as. nujoh' ''h's 100' "per" cont ; fd,lTowlhg' the' 0PM 'order 'banning '.sales'., pf 1 ''. ncSv. tiros and "tubes 1 i'- Some.Ttires •: -\ylirph • normally i'sojcl •'-'fo'r ^3-.95'-;^verc ..miirl, to have' cost' motorlsts'-~ u overhight". —about. $7.' ; "•'/.•'.' ':'/•'•• f| 'V <.'.*; ^ : \':Pi' i (so- iicl m 1 11 Is Ira lor ',,'keori ' Henderson issued- 'an omcr'gqhcy '.'.price' schedule on- "reti-eadablo'-' ;tlrc •- car-r- onssps 'and retreads '\YliIcJivare':,used. I'or , passenger' "cars,; . liruqKs, "buses, agricultural' ,imprements,'..indusirkt'.l machines, fiuHoroyclcs /and , : bther common vehiplos. . ..'• . ; • •. ' : •• .'• • ' •-;.'', The .schedule !wili not- be cffectivo until' Monday; Jan. 1 19," as the.- OPA 1 is prln ting th'ousarids., of ;,tlie ^sched-' ulos , w.hich >Vill be posted' by.', all sel-lers of retr'ca'dcd ; ; \ or : r.ecappocl tires, 1 or -shops whore' 'that, work 'is ' ' .HcndcrHon i said : ,a;.. price -'. ceiling oyor. : used' .tiro i prices •• wj.ll ; . bq "'. imV posed ;by tliV.goverhment ' ; !'in :< the very.' near fii lure. 1 '." ;• ' ' '"•'•,•'''.• "''•'••• "The. . pubjic -. -must be" : :.i)P.otected fr o m e x p 1 o i tat'I oh', "v'J-f en clcrson 1 ' sa t rt In va ; stateme!'H;-,ac.c.onipan'ying, tfio price le..;. "Your . ; government has- been /compelled • to- •' susjpeiYd sa-lcs o'f.- tires •, to ordinar.y -, civil users : in ; order ' 'that,.-, our.- 'armed foi'ces/ntay/ have 'adequate, supplies. .. "Prolitoerhig f;in ; ^lhese- •' i .tircS; / already' has reached •'serious "prOpor- tion's, a oonditipn,..that,-,canpot,. and will, not •be;,a'l)bwcd:'t'o'^cpntinue.- ' , ''.Your govei-ni^eitt' '.canifpt'/permj t price to-- cletermip-:;WJib^. : can ' afford and 'who cannot' /affbr'd : '/to- buy\sec- oncl-hand iire^s in'-. the; time 1 of Avar.'' AH tire carcass 'p'ri'cps r "accoptabje j'or retroadin'g'' or 'recapping were sot at $i;50 for passc.rigeiv-'cars.' Hero are tho prices - to . talcc effoct /after 8 a.-'m. 'Jan.- '10 for .liaving- retreading or recapping 4 :' T'. 1 - ';.';•;' -.' ''•'•='..>'••'•.• ' (Two Grades) :!' • -, ' ' - ' '• '' ' ' ' B 0.00 x Hi fl.25 x Ifi 0.50 x 10 7.00 x :ll) 5.25 x 17 5.50 X .17 If you rocnppofl given fo A, tho most Gnmol'buck ..or. $7; 10 $7.50 $8.9. r ) U55.55 • • ' •• •- "'A ' ' -.31. 7.50 •' ' •' .V8.25 $ 8.70 •' '> , $10,35 ..... ' .•'$,-(V,55 - -•' !J5 -7.10 l $6.05 need n new'-reli'cacied or tire,, add .,^1,50,' -to the price .your si/c. either in./'grade; expensive,, ;i .gracl'e ; 'pf grade- B; the .second ' most expensive TO WILL RESIdN S00N Hartford, Conn., Jan, -.12—(UP)— -Jtimos 13; MLU'phy,.. exocutiivo secretary to Governor- Robert A. •lurlcy -since .January, JO|J, wijl resign at the end, of the month' preparatory to assuming .his. pl'aco on, ,ho bench as a superior••court-.,iuclgo,- itate'cnplLol'sources;sald today. . Murphy's nomination as a'superior jonrl. Judge ,-:\vns confirmed..-'by ' the- mi -general 'assembly, ,-j; His., el'^lil.-. year Judgcship 'term .-.will, start in Apr'iJ, but ho wl'll\ lake, a Plqrirla /acfil.lon• b.oforo'. Iircn'. .':,., ; • ,,. ,' .. .. John F. Robinson', in'\mombcr of Uio Chosiiire .Academy ' faculty, wns lining mentioned, as a possible successor ns.'-nidc to-Govei-nor Hurley. Robinson last, year was;, a candklal.e; or stain : . finance commissioner. Tie s a former-., prpsi^ont,-'ol'i t;he Con- nocllout Young••.^'bmo'crals,';•.-.'. 'Cops' &• BeHhbiMW ' ;•" v--. Because the largest:;hotel In Burlington, N. J,, .has no night cleric,' policemen do .-bell hop duties {for the hotel ; alter midnight/land .it Is okeh with Capt, George W; Bowley. In addition to acting, as a .ijellhop/ the coppers also deliver 'message* after telegraph offices are . closfed. "It .is all -a" matter of courtesy;"';th« captain says;-."'.'and' is ^'something that every small; town .polictman, should be required-io;dp," i; "..;.- ' 'New Yo;rk, ;; Jan.-j2-(UP)-Heavy- ,.'eight Champion Joe -Louis .passed 1 his-vphysical ; ,examination .at. tf'ort Jay f.Governor's...island, today ''and .wi.V iVccomo- a p'r 1 va te '-at- Gam p U p. ton;- ph'-Lond .l.slanu, Wednesday. "Louis .passed- 'his mental and physical'', tests :okay, n Major Joseph Ou'ittner; publicity director at Fort Jay announced; "He is free to "do as he ; - pleases -until •, next Wednesday w lion he will, be'inducted into the 'arm'y'lat- Gamp Upton." Accompanied by Co-Manager Julia'n•'•> ; --Black,'..' Promoter, ' Mi k e . Jacobs . and. 5 ! -nearly. ' 50.' reporters, •photographers .and ncwsreel men, Louis-'caught an- 8:50-a. in. ferry to;;. v Fprt;- •Jay;; Governor's island, dt- rebtlyv across . f r'onv. the • Sl.ntue of Libe'r-t/yi'-l'The: .Champion was dress' e'd 'iriVa : .iari-tpla'i.d suit, brown shoes and.; a/brown overcoat. . The photographers" tried, to -get Joe;: to!.' sm i Je . ..for . th em ; „ b u t he 'couldn'tirnake it. • , • .A'.Gee,. 'tiiis:;seems like .the. middle of,-; the, inigtVti". . the , champion, said. . :.Black- .laughed, at Joe's remark and:,-;saidr : : : tliat: when- -Louis was dressing' ; he : . had! said, ."Julian, this •getting.nip'so-early is-going'to be thd!;.:l,ough'est "tiling alJout lighting this-'war.',' •• •'• .-• ,'•• •''-. ' ' ' . "AW-hfon-j-tho.'. ferry -arrived at Governor te-'.'lsl.aYid, Louis ;was /met by Gpl'/' rrAClay .Supplcc and.ivr.aj. -Jo-- sppV.Quittner. vyho. put him in an. automobile'; arid-' escorted him .'to tli'e:.,'reglst'rtttipn .'office.- There were ab'qu t''.''.2001 "other draftees',.'on the ferry and'-lHcy. had to \valk Lo the registration'', office.' . :• ; : Gaptj \j6sepii 1 '•.•:•• Lama him -. rcgiah tcrcd'" Louis' .- and.. 'plae'ccl a rod around • IiiS;:,nock. ; - '; •'•''. vNexj/Louis-;was.--l4kcn to .the ad- min"is'traU6h^ -bunding • where, he wast int ; orvic\Ved '.;!,on his--.-personal recordvby•"• P.-v-t A : Abe -Taubmdn,- He gave','!JoeV'LPu's' Barrow as his nahieVand'whcfi.Basked' . What his occupation,., was, .replied: ..'* • "••"FJglitingr— Let's gel,''.! at those Japs.''!!;''(,.','\. ;':/.'•••-:• L = ',- .;, '.-'- • :.-'.' 'Then- came, ijouls', physical . % ex- a'h/inatiori '-by 'Chief Me.d.ical ;6ffir- ,cei: M.anua.1 .Scham. ^ . ,"'• .!' • . .; :. ; Lpuis, ; Aypai'lng /.trousers,'..shorts; shoes .'ancr.Sspx',' weighed' 220 pounds but i a ' Drpound , ^allowance . was made!.'..for.'his..cjot,fiing ; and 'he was • before, e x;'^1); after'.expansion. •" :,' r rti'C'bferk. r .w)>o )examined, Louis Nyas,;'mpro^.'nqv-ydus''. : l|ia r n• the cham: •pjp'h f'wfip, 1 "appearedI !t'o, : - tal^e Uio iyroc'ecidj^lgs'.''/^!!.!}; .his, usual, um- ruffie'ic]. !jb''aihi.)y! a.l,ni!psj/'bo"rdering-- oh l>pj;ed(ira.-' .\Th e'-.; n)ipd I! . exa'm'l n'a-. lipn';,; ; >v ) tts\v | .repeated 1 'five 'tinies, 1 . .-''for :.. , .( :lt,:lp.pfc'..!Tv : puis^'a'ri : -'ij.p.ur and•• fifty. five}-' ;rriinu IBB, ... to-, 'go .through : the •p.nilre'ijEpuVlnc. .Th'q- usual 'time 'for an vor'dina.ry,'••'• draftee •• is about -J2 ' '' ' ' hies ''j:!' Taddock,.-fbi'mcr. • cham-' plp,n/ afid)'the\miin ,1'rpm. Svhom '.Louis. ' won. ;li is.- ti-tle,. .showed.'. u p. to wish Joe'lu'cjkj in^hjs .ncw,'vQnture. • • ' ••• ' • ./•r^o'LJjVT.^efV, ' WHc--. .adniin,Istratip'n, 'bui1c!ing!' v at. :fb";n5 ; a ; m-, 'to take the- fert'yi- -'back!' 'New York . wi th .his ilTe, is free 1 to:do .as he ., / __ .,.-,itit' 9 . a. • m,,'^Wednesday \yhen he'll' re'port .to Gamp Upton, •L'. I.; to-'tie : -,sworn 1 into the' ranks. GRADUAL LIVING .Bosj-on, .Tan. ,12.' — (UP)—Rising "prices,;, re'duoecl. -supplies of many goods, and ; stiffer. taxes will exert a •,,three-pronged squeeze on living sta'ridards of. 'the average-' American consurnei;,-'"during- 1942, ; united Busi- nqss.vSeuvlc.e-reported. today. • .v'The<;,SQry.loc said Mie ..uptrend in living costs lias acceleratpd sharply ifr-recent months-' as. 'retail , pridbs, lULVC-'-refiectecl more /tully .the 'in- orpascs.Jn -manufaol.'uf'oXs'- 'fnatorial, w'age : :';a'nd : 'Uix costs. -The average'.of (iyjn'g -is '40. p'ei; cent above a ,,y,ear 'ngp^ancl' has risen -almost -5 p ; er'.:oent ;/ 'in.-lha.•• past' 1 'four mpnths. Fp ( o'd! andViii.otliing are 1 sliowlng the greatest pr.lcV rise,• ac'coi-ding to th.e service."''-. !•' •..''..' -•: ' " : " ' 'A 'continued ' 'but .' more '-gracluril; living .costs during J9/i2 was' '•'' forrichst,' -"although . liigh'er \\jagcs. 1 ' and. overtime pay .will soften the: u'n.pact/Ori defense woi-kcrs, 1 and ffi'iinVcrs will"•'boritinub -to bcnedt '-record' :'aas-h 'income. San Diego, Gal., Jan. ,i2-(U ••Followers of Judge -Joseph-. Franklin 'Rutherford, .leader of the Jchovas Witness soo!,, planned today to ^ •tablish a'slirine at Ihe sprawling Spanish-style "House .of Prophets in-which he died. .' • Although Buthcrford wonted U •be buried'"after sunrise and before Sunset" on the day of his death, burial plans were delayed' while the sect sought legal authority to place his body in a crypt at .his house. Rutherford died Thursday a the age of 72, but his death was not revealed until Saturday., nigh It •••Given, the 20-room,; two-story stucco house In 1030, he accepted II •"hi trust" and- filed a deed assorting that it would be.held "until the arrival of the prophets who are to return in perfect human form and rule justly." . .He-surrounded .the. house w palm trees':-and olive'.trees "so these princes of the universe ( feel at home ..when they'arrive., .. ..Authorities; ..granted. - .permission for temporary'entombment of;Buth- crfdrd's-body .at the mansion, but •legal : requirements, .'thwarted, h s wish-that his death 1 'escape pubic notice. The city planning commission will make aJlmll decision after a pub lie 'hear ing Jan. -24, Rutherford's .sect .claimed membership of-2,000,000-In 36 ooun tries. It" grew out of the Russellitos, which was led by Charles- Hayes Russell'.- Wherr Russell died; Rutherford, an attorney, became lender and named it, "Jehovah's witness The sect attracted attention ith that wil because or its anti-war stand and its religious objections to , children saluting the flag, in school, Many of 'the Witnesses declared themselves- conscientious objectors after-passage of'the'selective service h\\y, Rutherford served nine months- in - the federal, prison .at Atlanta,- OR.,- during the, first World war for urging-his countrymen to refuse.-to-light, , : . -- -' : . ' .-Rutherford 'was. the- author ,of 17 b'ooks and many*religious tracts. Al •though-" he was critically ill,; he worked-, until'';last ,week dictating 'pamphlets:.- ; ': .;;'•• ..".."! GR0TONAMED • Hartford, Conn.V ..Tan. 12.—(UP)— 'State •• Defense . 'Administrator- Col. .'Samuo'l. ; 'H. Fisher 'today .;appointed a .state-, housing, ' of .three .'members to -coordinaJ.e (iqtlvities- '6i public and. private .housing" agencies!' ••••-.•"•'••.• - \ '•. ." V-'. ..'• .* •••':'. v ' • Members of;- tlie- coihmittce ..were Ru'sscU'.H.' Alipn', executive sccre- •tary---o'f -the Hartford ho'uslng"auth- ority ;- Henry •• T, Kncclancl,-, Mart.'ford,- Connecticut chairman . of -the national: •.coiiinilttec . on - housing emor'gcncy, -.and" Sonald - Sammis, SU'iitCord-, president of .the FairHcld county., planning;' .aBsociatipn.-- -,' • -.. : -. -' " ' 4»» ' •' ^PREDICTED •.Boston;,Jnn. 12.—(UP)— James M, L a ri d i s, : ,, n e w ] y.-a'p p o i n te d national' nxec'utiyc. of -t'hc ofTlce 'of Civilian Defense,: b.elloves that .t.lrc rationing is..-"pnly ; :'a.' small beginning" of- a program which may ' bring early* nestriotipns: on , normal food consumption/, , • ' ' •••••' Prior, -to\: leaving his position as New'"'En gland .regional, civilian do-- fonsp.;.director, fjarulis .(.old an American 1? -Jewish '•'• Congress yost.ordny th'at''"'..It. ; '/\ynn't 'Ho, long .before tho nbrmotj'f ports we '.hove .been getting wl|r nbt,' ; be/ there." .Landis; .urged i-oiVt'civiltnn'-.coppnrnUon against Ti o - l ciBa'd 1 y'•' peri 1' we" are"'i n* ^^:..^. HAS Hartford, Conn;, Jan: .12,—(UP)— Dr. 'Walter K) Scars; ^ow Haven, today became president of the Gon- necticut Optomctrlc Society, succeeding Dr. D.' W. Parkc, Meriden. Others eloctorl. at tho '351,11 annual convention • of the society Sunday Included: • • ' '• ' •Dr.'-S. K. Bragdon, Now Haven, first vico-prcHidcnt; Dr.' L 1 . 13. Gar-' storisen,- Bridgcp'ort, 1 second vfc'e- preslrlnntj-nnd Dr. Franklin A. Warren, Watcrbury, third vice-president. .-•'-. ' . Hard Blows Struck Against Axis Today '(Continued from Page.One) !,ackerl .the U. : S. naval station at 'TOtuila, iir'.tlic Sam'oan. Islands, but dicj little •cUimngr?.; : ; ' . - . Tl,ie heavy, and sprQading blows struck-by the' .i-apancsc In the 'Pa- 'cillc .war were designed primarily as.nivattempt to break up allied communications .lilies' and frustrate American reinforcements, which' Australian, officials said worn en route -.In 1 -' sufllcient ;strungtlr J,o face any enemy ; (,hre'at. ' , • Japan's -prime Immediate military objective still was Singapore, which the', .cncm'y is trying to .envelope from three sides but the-big -push against American 'forces on HtiLnan peninsula and the attack of so<j.- borne forces .on the Dutch Wast Indies represented^ primarily an effort to protect the Japanese flank wn'rt to strike at United States communications lines, which normally would pass north of'Australia and' .thus come within easy range if.'the oncmy can establish.-bases on the Dutch islands. '" • Tlic Dutch, were expecting, the ut- "tack and it was ' indicated that Dutch defense forces on land , as well as, the Duleh naval ami -air 'force we're fighting strongly, but it- did ,not appear .likely that Japanese gains, could ,:be: prevented' at- important points such .as Tarakan. ' Radio Bal-aVia repeatedly said that; all-measures had boon taken-to des- I, r o y. o i I; w ells h n 11 v p 1 n n f .s o n Ta r a k n n .so -l.hnt tliny, would, be .of ;ho" use l.o!. loast-.. six' months and it was added, thai, the Hutch gar^isq'i'i' thorn might bo able •(.o hold out' much" longer than gen-, orally expected abroad. Success..or failure in stemming The sale's on—our annual January clean up o£ men's, young men's, boy s and childr ens suits and topcoats. Not everything in our stock is included—many times we couldn't replace for anywhere near our former cost—but—there's balance of lines—one of this, two or three of that—and so on, which in a stock as large as ours, means a pretty large, wide, interesting choice of worthwhile savings. •the Japanese < attempt, to . sweep westward through the tiast Indies islands toward-Singapore—about 000 miles away—will-depend upon the •ability of Gen.',Sir Archibald Wave! to-distribute allied fight-ing strength {xl, the most, threatened points until -reinforcements can arrive from 'America, . His "greatest .immediate danger te .on the Malaya Peninsula, but n strong defense also must be oJierea on the Dutch islands to. keep important resources out of enemy bands us long as possible. Singapore, already has been partly nulllUcd as a naval base but it-remains a vital Key- Co the All-led defense • plan in the entire area and, with strong counter-blows Jjitfiri H might be the deciding factor in- the Pacific war • - On' the Ru.ssirtn front, the-Red army still was railing'forward and the 'capture, of .Lyudi.noyo, 40: miles 'north of Brynsk,-in the'southwest Moscow front, was regarded in London as of .spectacular..importance. •, '. The Russian 'advance meant- that, the southern; arm.'- of a Red army •pincers had ..penetrated the "second winter defense-line's" set up by the Germans in an effort to stabilise th.r •front' and tjiousands to protect 'hundreds of of Axis ' troops .west of in'the Mozhaisk Moscow, especially sector. • ; • • ' .., ; '."These troops ;arc threatened with cneircltmient.iiv. the Red army pln- fl'crs, which is seeking to v closo on the Vyazma sector, about JM mi'lcs ? 6ld Fashioned Snfjnr and Molasses ' Cookies Hm-mils Whipped Cvcum Puffs • dip Ortkes Honey Dippeil DounhmUs Danish ,Pas!ry Whole YVIienl. Brood Old tfn.shiomul Hoim>, Made' Hyc Brcnd Kuhn's City Bakery HAPLK ST. TEL. 3078 — FOR SALE — Brick Building and lot on Woodbine Street, Suitable for Small Manufacturing Business Naugatuck Insurance Agency, Inc. Room 9 Neary BIdg. Phone 2080 west of Moscow, or even on Si Icnsk. If Uio northern arm, ing soutliward.from Uio Volga waters, makes similar progrcss'd Germans may- face their defeat of.the war. On other sectors of the front, the Red. army was rejiori indirectly to have rc-c.aplnroii lava in the Crimea and to IIHYCI vanced 12 miles, re-taliIHR 30 lages, in thu Maloyaroslavets i t.or of the Moscow front. On tho north, tho Russian an Fisherman's Peninsula, where number of enemy positions taken in an effort to roltovc to the big northorn port' Murmansk-and .to press on Io\\t4 i'ot.samo, on,tho, Finnish ooasj. .. Reports received in Lowlbn tinned, to indicate thai Ilicrc froublo, in t-ho Nasii high coining hut these lacked 'oonflrmalion. report was that'Gen. K/cM-.Mft AVilhcJm .Ke'itcJ, chief of Ui« \\ command, was "Ml'—prcsumaWj a result of Hitler's action. In over the supremo command. .. In' North Africa, British conlftj their . pressure Axis fo on ; tbe --Tripolitaniu border Halfaya (on the Egyptian frontiti but there was no important dial] : in'positions. .' • Great Oak Farm OXFOKD HOAD MILK —CREAM EGOS — CHOCOLATE MILK POULTRY Daily Delivery to All Parts of Naugutuck Telephone 5049 OUR SERVICE Mortgage Loans Collateral Loans Pass Book Loans School Saving's Christmas Club Vacation Club Travelers' Checks WE SELL DEFENSE BONDS Naugatuck Savings Bank The Old-Time''*'Mutual"! MOTORISTS!!! BRING YOUR TIRES HERE TO BE RE-TREADED The Naugatuck Fuel Co. 87 Church Street Tel. 2219 FORD — MERCU RY — LINCOLN

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